We upped our offer for Koscieny, offered Coquelin and Traore, are after Remy and Richards and Cesc will be easy, whew, what a day!

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I want to apologise for appearing to be talking about the same old thing again, you see we are in a window, the buzzards from Barca are circling around our captain and if the Titanic went down this week and all I talked about was how much a second hand Gimp suit cost in Amsterdam (where Pedro is) you would all want to know why! So I am going to try and address the real current issues, and these are those.

Let’s deal with Cesc first, well I’m already bored with this saga, if Arsenal have said no chance, then we ought to be reporting Barca to the relevant authorities.

Forget the fact they have now bid for him, the amount is laughable, these flat track bullies from the Spanish SPL think they can offer what they want and we have to accept it, it’s time to offer them the same amount for Messi, they will have to say, ‘you have to be kidding, he’s worth 3 times that’ then we can say, ‘so you think that Cesc is only worth a third what Messi is do you?’ Then that will tell Cesc how much they think he’s worth, in fairness Cesc should object to what they are doing, he has been an Arsenal player longer than he was a Barca one, he must have some sort of loyalty, I think he has, and this is all Barca paper talk.

They must be proud of themselves, unsettling their Spanish starlet before the world cup, chumps.

Project youth was started around Cesc, it almost worked, Cesc asking for a move has proved that it hasn’t, he can’t keep waiting, we now have the money and we have the squad, time to mix it up a bit and show Cesc why he needs go nowhere else to realise his ambition. Let’s go into the new season with real belief we can win some trophies, have a clear out and bring in some top players, stop shopping in Primark boss, we are the Arsenal.

As far as Ian Wright is concerned, wasn’t he the same bloke who advised his son to join the chavs? Hmmm, we’ll listen to him then, won’t we!

I have no idea who Koscieny is, but if we wanted £80mil for Cesc, and we offered £4mil for him, then it doesn’t say a lot does it? Why are we always buying bargain basement? I hope the proposed swap deal is merely a loan because I think Coquelin is one for the future, I really do and would hate to see him go.

Richards is back on the radar and I think he would be a good buy, strong and pacy and an Arsenal fan. Remy I don’t know, but anyone who wants to join us has to be a good shout, we will need to lose a striker though, and that would probably be Eduardo.

I still think we need a big lump at the back, a Zing for Vermaelen’s Zang. If we are serious about Cole, we need to do a take it or leave it deal now, if he has a good world cup, his stock will go up, if he gets injured the reverse will happen, I would take him, but now.

We also need to show Cesc the direction we are taking so I would also buy Gourcuff, Cesc if he stays will get injured, and Gourcuff will offer us some height and trickery we haven’t had since Hleb went. And, by all accounts he wants to come.

Maybe now is the time to make a bid for Pepe Reina, that would please Cesc and I’m sure it would please the fans, whoever goes in there will needs funds, they are already £30mil down with no ECL plus the Rafa pay off of £6mil.

I don’t think we are far away from world domination but we do need to act soon as the Northern chavs and the spuds will buy, Liverpool will have the impetus of a new manager and no doubt some funds.

Gerrard is too old and too injury prone, so not for me, Torres is too injury prone as well, maybe Ireland would be a good bet, but I want some height in there so Gourcuff is my choice, plus a DM, a centre back and a keeper, another forward would just be a bonus.

One last word on Cesc, if he went he would have two games a year than count for anything, the rest would be like playing Carling Cup matches, if he stays and we promise him a move next season, that would be a massive cop out, if he stays, he should be around for at least 4 years, if not, then let him go, but let him go for the £35mil plus at least 2 players, maybe Assulin and that big old centre back that can’t get a game, I sure don’t want anyone else, Bojan is a little on the short side.

As far as YaYa is concerned, I don’t want him, I only want people that want us. Arsenal, time to step up to the plate, the players deserve better, the fans deserve better, and if you let Cesc go, then the flood gates will open and Robin will be next, or God forbid, Denilson and Almunia, it’s time to act like a big team, because we are.


Barcelona are a big team in a small insignificant league in a country about to go tits up, Arsenal are a big team in the worlds biggest, best and richest capital, it’s time to start acting like that.

Oh and by the way, it’s free if you wear it at the Banana bar near the canals, the gimp suit that is!

Have a great day Grovers, it’s Friday and maybe today we’ll see some movement.

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  1. SUGA3


    how the fuck Domenech is still their coach is beyond me – he is rumoured to have dropped Bobby for being a Scorpio…

  2. Stu

    Its only France. A player shouldnt be judged based on international football. The true test is consistency in club football.

  3. Stu

    4days is plenty reggie..Definately enough to make an offer, have it refused and make another offer that will be accepted.

  4. Stu

    Rio out could be a blessing in disguise. He has had a shit season. 12 starts in the league or something pathetic like that…if only there was a good back up.

  5. Pat

    Lloris is fucking shit. Countless times he fucks up. Where did all the good goalkeepers go? Not many out there.

    Diego Lopez

    are all the good keepers who rarely make mistakes

  6. Pat

    No I’m not. I’ve seen a lot of him this season. We don’t need another mistake prone keeper. He can stay in France. Plenty better out there. You see his most recent mistake today?

    Don’t give me the bullshit that the ball swerves. If he was a class keeper, that would never go in

  7. Gooby

    it was deflected, and it’s not bullshit. you’ve seen a lot? so i guess you watched lyon in the CL.

  8. Big Dave

    By the way, that Fabregas leaving on Webster clause story is non-starter. Clause has already fallen down legally. Clubs no longer rely on it

    On twitter

  9. sixx pac

    For all u people asking for the ‘ Big news’ from DDM, read yesterday’s post. There will be a meeting today where Wenger will decide if He wants Cole or not. All personal terms have been agreed according to DDM’s source.

  10. sixx pac

    You guys are all so silly. At first u wanted given. Then u changed ur minds. Then it was Hart. Then it was Akinfeev. Then Lloris. Guys all keepers make mistakes.

  11. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta is still optimistic of convincing Arsenal to release Cesc Fabregas.

    The Spanish giants were turned down earlier this week when they offered a bid for the 23-year-old Gunners captain, who has long been linked with a return to Camp Nou after plying his trade there as a youngster.

    Fabregas is contracted at the Emirates until 2015 but last month revealed his desire to return to Barca, and the club seem keen to make his dream a reality after reportedly submitting a written offer of €35million (around £29m) to the London club on Tuesday.
    Next step

    “It’s a price that we consider to be his market value. Arsenal have rejected it. Now the sporting director (Txiki Begiristain) must decide what should be the next step,” said Laporta.

    “We are in negotiations and we’ll see how they turn out. At times, these operations are resolved at one speed, and others at another.

    “We have to do everything we can to convince them (Arsenal) that the best thing for all is to reach an agreement,” Laporta said in Spanish daily AS.

    The Barca president remains hopeful of bringing the Spanish international to the club, but admits the Gunners will be reluctant to relinquish their star midfielder.

    “The club have full confidence that Arsenal will end up understanding the situation,” Laporta told the club’s official website.

    Ideally, Laporta would like to “have the transfer closed as soon as possible, before the start of the World Cup”.

    He added: “But it will be difficult because Arsenal are entitled to stand firm and that must be respected.”

    Laporta also shrugged off the idea that Fabregas could invoke FIFA’s Article 17 rule to force his departure from Arsenal.

    Article 17 regards compensation for breach of contract.

    “I’m not sure if Cesc will take this course, but we want to find an agreement by talking with Arsenal,” said Laporta.

    “We respect Arsenal a lot, we must have in-depth dialogue and follow this path.”

    How the **** is 29m his market value?

    And how will barcelona convince us letting him go for cheap is the best option for all parties?

    We need to report these cunts to fifa!!

    They talk about our club like we’re some annoying 3rd party getting in the way…

    Either cough up the 50m w/ no player exchanges or fuck off… It really is that simple Barca!

  12. zeus

    What a horrendous mistake from Lloris. Geese, Almunia and flappy written all over that howler.

    Either way I’m for Frey. If we get that Lorient defender who is a young 24, I at least hope we get someone who is ‘been there and done that’ up in his 30s.

  13. sixx pac

    Well it is the Market value. Barca is the only team in for Cesc so they are determining the market value.

  14. Stu

    Silvestre has been there and done that…but he is still fucking shit! 😀

    Sixx Pac, i get the feeling that one of Jags parents had an affair with someone who spoke french and thats the route of his hatred.

  15. Stu

    Real were the only team in for Ronaldo but still had to pay 80m for him depsite him wanting to leave.

  16. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    We missed a trick with Given I reckon, but if he came back after that france travesty it would have made for some interesting banter at the training ground..

    Hart isn’t good enough, neither is green.. Lloris is too expensive for the fact he just happens to play for Lyon..

    Buffon would be ideal and at 31, the perfect no.1 for the club, supporters & for szchesney and mannone to learn from..

    Neuer is too young imo and boruc, after what he said about us after that celtic game? FFS! you’ve got to be kidding!

    If we’re going to pay 9m+ for this twat for Lorient, we might aswell pay kjaer’s release fee for 12m.. Serie A and international experience for the paltry difference of 3m seems much more feesible.. 9m+ for some unknown schmuck, who happens to speak french (again :roll:) makes no sense whatsoever…

    We certainly do need more of an english backbone in the dressing room and i would definantly be alot happier if we bought in g.cahill and j.cole.. Because, at the moment gibbs and theo are kids lost in the wilderness!!

  17. Gooby

    Zeus go see france ukrain 2 years back frey was in goal
    And he made 2 major mistakes. Does it make him shite?

    Ffs i hate this judgements based om nothing

  18. BillikenGooner

    ” sixx pac says: Well it is the Market value. Barca is the only team in for Cesc so they are determining the market value. ”

    Well, if they stopped having everyone in their organization jumping up and down and screaming “I want it! I want it! and I want it NOW!” like spoiled brats (ala Veruca Salt), then perhaps we wouldn’t know just how dead set they were to get him and would accept their offer.

    Supply and Demand… and they are making it abundantly clear they desire a product we have.
    Gouge ’em.

  19. zeus

    Sylvestre was ‘been there and done that AND WELL PAST IT’.
    I am just imagining Wenger buying no keeper and saying we are good enough. Hahahahahaha.

  20. eastcamp

    How can you determine the market value of something that’s not for sale ? Will they call in the experts and check him like a racing horse or a house ?

  21. TinTin

    sky sports news are running that story about cesc buying out his contract, what a load of utter bollocks!! a) he’d never do that to arsenal and b) i’m pretty sure if it was possible someone would have already done it by now

  22. eastcamp

    Anyway, if Cesc wanted to stay at Arsenal, he would have told Barca to get off it by now.
    The fact they still try to come after him tells a lot about what Cesc really wants.

  23. Stu

    We should have bought Sami Hyypia when he left liverpool. I mean we already have Silvestre, Gallas and Campbell. We wouldnt want Liverpool to feel left ot.

  24. eastcamp

    Does anyone has the same feeling as me, when looking at Cesc’s pictures on the websites lately ?
    Strange but I must confess I can’t stand his face anymore…

  25. eastcamp

    For me it’s as if he has already left.
    I only want players at Arsenal who desire to play for Arsenal.

  26. Gunner4Life10

    What makes people think that Cesc wont buy out his contract. If he loves Arsenal so much he wouldnt be leaving in the first place. I’ve lost all my love for him and i hope he goes sooner rather than later .

  27. chozzer

    I did feel a bit like that when seeing him in the Korea friendly yesterday.

    Bad, I know, but if he wants to go, he’s already gone in my head.

  28. David

    I cant believe i used to shout for Lloris to come to Arsenal.

    How do you get beat like that from a freekick?

  29. SFOGooner

    I thought there was an unwritten gentleman’s agreement among top clubs, not to use webster’s ruling to buy out contracts..

    But then I read somewhere that Hleb used it ..

    Anyway that is the reason for the ridiculous long contract extensions so that when they buy out the club gets enough money ..

  30. chozzer

    Wasn’t Arshavin threatening to use the webster ruling to buy out his contract with Zenit but they thought better of it and accepted our offer because they werent sure what they’d get if it went to arbitration?

  31. TinTin

    barca don’t have any class they’d go back on a agreement in a heartbeat but can’t see cesc using it

  32. David

    Anyone else thing Gourcuff is the solution to our Cesc problems?

    At least Ozil hit the bar yesterday.

  33. TinTin

    like Gourcuff better just on the bases his tall and them germans can be funny about moving abroad. but we should buy one whether or not cesc stays having options is always healthy

  34. nigerian gunner

    its now more obvious that he wants out even at the detriment of arsenal..he could have easily told wenger about it rather than making it public which the stupid barca are taking advantage of with the prize…..even a moron like shitvestre knows he is worth 60mil pounds.i would love him to stay but my love for him is gone

  35. Pat

    No Gooby, I watch Ligue 1.

    And are you blind?!?!?! Absolutely no deflection on that goal Lloris conceded.

  36. Pat

    Cesc loves Barca, thats normal. But if we were to sign a few players I think he’d be happy to stay. He loves Arsenal, but he is a bit of a cunt since he kissed the badge and all that shit. I think he told Wenger he wants to leave if its possible, but he understands if Arsenal don’t sell him.

  37. Lou

    I’d say that LaPorta has a great future as a comedian when he steps down from being tosser-in-chief at Barcelona.

  38. nigerian gunner

    why was he fab desperate to play against them in the second leg….why that kind of emotion when he got booked…

  39. TinTin

    cesc is a winner who can blame for wanting out 5 years is too long for any top class player to go without winning anything and he won’t be the only one if we don’t change our transfer policy. arsenal need to send out a msg this summer our top players aren’t for sale and make some major moves in the transfer market

  40. zeus


    haha. Have to make bad things and turn them into jokes sometimes.

    As for Cesc’s face, not at that point yet. Getting there though. Its like hearing Walcott say ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL. After the season he has just had, during it all I just could stand to hear him speak, didn’t even want to read his quotes.

    Also we should buy Guy Assullin. Not because I know him too well, just because he is highly rated and I think barca would be pissed. Buy him AND KEEP Cesc to boot. Cunts.

    I’m not from England so to an extent I don’t really get the history behind the hatred and the rivalries, I just accept them as the norm, but I absolutely hate the catalan bastards its unfunny.

  41. goonermichael

    now that rio has been merked will Sol get the call up. I’m glad rio is out he’s been shit this season

  42. E4 Paul

    Laporta stated they had 2 dates to complete the deal, June 4th or the 9th. Unless some miracle happens in the next hour, it’s not happening tonight. As for the 9th, again its pay up or shut the f**k up time.

  43. incesc

    i guess no transfers are going to happen till after the world cup now, and then prices will be too high.

    Chamakh is is then!!


  44. Ja_Gunner

    I just realised something Messi scored 47 this season but 2 of those goals were in the world club cup…so therefore technically he really didnt tie Ronaldo’s record for Barca which is 47.

    Messi (45) goals in europe at the age of 22
    RONALDO (47) GOALS in europe at the age of 20

    Had it not been injuries I would say el fenomeno is the greatest ever. Forget Pele and Maradona.

  45. zeus


    Nope. Can’t agree. Modern footballers get so much protection (minus the thug mentality of the PL). Maradona and Pele, its a miracle that they can even walk today with the amount machete kicks they got.

    Certainly though after those two, Ronaldo is the g8est with Zidane a close 2nd.

  46. JJ

    @Geoff – Your comment on Cole does not make sense… Buy him now because if he has a good WC his stock will go up but if he gets injured it will go down…
    A) He is on a free so we are only talking wages; and
    B) If he gets injured we probably did the right thing by not buying him in the first place.

    You also say “Remy I don’t know, but anyone who wants to join us has to be a good shout”… Really? You don’t know me but I want to play for Arsenal… 🙂

  47. sixx pac

    As I said earlier Cesc has taken himself off the market. He doesnt wanna go anywhere else so its a closed market.

  48. Ja_Gunner

    Zeus I guess for our generation its Ronaldo then Zidane…I mean its all opinions anyway cuz evryone had their favourites….

    For instance Ronaldinho though not as prolific as Messi certainly would get the prize in my book for the best showman of our time. Ronaldinho is like a one man harlem globe trotter team.

    I cant really comment on pele and Maradona becaus ethy were b4 my time but, if i objectively compare them with each other. The title would have to go to Pele simply because he was the better over footabller, I bet he would a brilliant goal keeper as well.

    Maradona may have the better dribbler, but Pele wins in every other aspect of the game.

    In fact Pele’s dribbling and close control is very underrated just because he didnt dribble from the half line and score but you can find videos where he display just as good ball control as Maradona.

  49. jaygooner

    sorry Jay you are mistaken Cesc clearly stated he would leave it all in Wengers hands The Mighty Arsenal issued the FUCK OFF statement (pure class) so why should he say anything? He concentrates on the world cup now and is an Arsenal player END OF

  50. Jay

    Jaygoooner i use to think like that x weeks ago! At first i thought it was a nightmare what cesc disowning arsenal but i started to realise after thr siclence that our so called captian is a gooner!

  51. jaygooner

    While I am here for what its worth list of my favourites: Pele beyond doubt tops; George Best at two but didnt make a world cup; Johann Cruyff for genius; Beckenbaur wow pure class; Bergkamp that goal against Argentina; Gordon Banks for that save against Pele, astonishing and finally Ray Houghton for that goal against Italy in USA YEYYYYYYYYY

  52. jaygooner

    yeah chippy that goal against the yids on boxing day 1978 we won 5-0 at the lane and thought we would battle them all the way back up the seven sisters road. There wasnt a yid in sight denton marched up the road and we followed young skins a few mods a few battlers but denton had one rule If your scared stand by me i will look after you soooo everybody stood next to denton lol EIE

  53. MickyDidIt89

    Morning anyone.
    Here’s a thought. Wenger has repeated many times that he would only add two or maybe three players in any one season. For the moment, lets say that Chamakh and Cole are done deals, thn who would we want os the last of the three. A GK, a CB or a DM?
    The answer is all three, we know, but given one, I would say an advanced DM. By that I mean a PV4 type to play alongside Song. A tough tackling, great passer with leadership and drive. Someone proven and world class, who will also provide protection to Cesc and get the best out of him. A young Gerrard type. Any suggestions? With my practical hat on, a new GK would be worth maybe six more points a season, but then this ADM man maybe worth seven points.

  54. MickyDidIt89

    Also, was there anything in the rumours of Gallas returning to France for family reasons? A twat he certainly is, but that would leave a massive gap.

  55. MickyDidIt89

    Has Pedro taken all Grovers to Holland, or was everyone simply ripped to the tits last night?
    Later, I suppose.