We upped our offer for Koscieny, offered Coquelin and Traore, are after Remy and Richards and Cesc will be easy, whew, what a day!

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I want to apologise for appearing to be talking about the same old thing again, you see we are in a window, the buzzards from Barca are circling around our captain and if the Titanic went down this week and all I talked about was how much a second hand Gimp suit cost in Amsterdam (where Pedro is) you would all want to know why! So I am going to try and address the real current issues, and these are those.

Let’s deal with Cesc first, well I’m already bored with this saga, if Arsenal have said no chance, then we ought to be reporting Barca to the relevant authorities.

Forget the fact they have now bid for him, the amount is laughable, these flat track bullies from the Spanish SPL think they can offer what they want and we have to accept it, it’s time to offer them the same amount for Messi, they will have to say, ‘you have to be kidding, he’s worth 3 times that’ then we can say, ‘so you think that Cesc is only worth a third what Messi is do you?’ Then that will tell Cesc how much they think he’s worth, in fairness Cesc should object to what they are doing, he has been an Arsenal player longer than he was a Barca one, he must have some sort of loyalty, I think he has, and this is all Barca paper talk.

They must be proud of themselves, unsettling their Spanish starlet before the world cup, chumps.

Project youth was started around Cesc, it almost worked, Cesc asking for a move has proved that it hasn’t, he can’t keep waiting, we now have the money and we have the squad, time to mix it up a bit and show Cesc why he needs go nowhere else to realise his ambition. Let’s go into the new season with real belief we can win some trophies, have a clear out and bring in some top players, stop shopping in Primark boss, we are the Arsenal.

As far as Ian Wright is concerned, wasn’t he the same bloke who advised his son to join the chavs? Hmmm, we’ll listen to him then, won’t we!

I have no idea who Koscieny is, but if we wanted £80mil for Cesc, and we offered £4mil for him, then it doesn’t say a lot does it? Why are we always buying bargain basement? I hope the proposed swap deal is merely a loan because I think Coquelin is one for the future, I really do and would hate to see him go.

Richards is back on the radar and I think he would be a good buy, strong and pacy and an Arsenal fan. Remy I don’t know, but anyone who wants to join us has to be a good shout, we will need to lose a striker though, and that would probably be Eduardo.

I still think we need a big lump at the back, a Zing for Vermaelen’s Zang. If we are serious about Cole, we need to do a take it or leave it deal now, if he has a good world cup, his stock will go up, if he gets injured the reverse will happen, I would take him, but now.

We also need to show Cesc the direction we are taking so I would also buy Gourcuff, Cesc if he stays will get injured, and Gourcuff will offer us some height and trickery we haven’t had since Hleb went. And, by all accounts he wants to come.

Maybe now is the time to make a bid for Pepe Reina, that would please Cesc and I’m sure it would please the fans, whoever goes in there will needs funds, they are already £30mil down with no ECL plus the Rafa pay off of £6mil.

I don’t think we are far away from world domination but we do need to act soon as the Northern chavs and the spuds will buy, Liverpool will have the impetus of a new manager and no doubt some funds.

Gerrard is too old and too injury prone, so not for me, Torres is too injury prone as well, maybe Ireland would be a good bet, but I want some height in there so Gourcuff is my choice, plus a DM, a centre back and a keeper, another forward would just be a bonus.

One last word on Cesc, if he went he would have two games a year than count for anything, the rest would be like playing Carling Cup matches, if he stays and we promise him a move next season, that would be a massive cop out, if he stays, he should be around for at least 4 years, if not, then let him go, but let him go for the £35mil plus at least 2 players, maybe Assulin and that big old centre back that can’t get a game, I sure don’t want anyone else, Bojan is a little on the short side.

As far as YaYa is concerned, I don’t want him, I only want people that want us. Arsenal, time to step up to the plate, the players deserve better, the fans deserve better, and if you let Cesc go, then the flood gates will open and Robin will be next, or God forbid, Denilson and Almunia, it’s time to act like a big team, because we are.


Barcelona are a big team in a small insignificant league in a country about to go tits up, Arsenal are a big team in the worlds biggest, best and richest capital, it’s time to start acting like that.

Oh and by the way, it’s free if you wear it at the Banana bar near the canals, the gimp suit that is!

Have a great day Grovers, it’s Friday and maybe today we’ll see some movement.

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  1. Thierry Henry is god

    I’ve heard that VDW can be shocking when defending, a young and a bit less clownish version of Eboue.

  2. darrenchallis

    Gunneroo. I was being dramatic because I can’t see anyone deserving the numbers apart from RVP getting 10 and Cesc keeping 4. Bentner getting 10 no way and as for giving 14 the Theo well I say no more.

  3. RT.Z

    Ivory Coast have suffered a massive World Cup blow with the news star striker Didier Drogba has been injured ahead of this summer’s finals.

    Unconfirmed reports suggest the Chelsea hot-shot has fractured his right elbow – which would rule him out of Sven Goran Eriksson’s side for the finals.

    The skipper left the field clutching his right arm in the 2-0 friendly success over Japan after a seemingly innocuous clash in the 16th minute with Brazilian-born Japanese defender Marcus Tulio Tanaka.

    Erikksson said: “It’s an elbow injury but we don’t know how bad it is, we (are going) straight to the hospital.

    “I think we should get an answer before we leave.

    Very worrying
    “If it’s serious, it’s very worrying, he is our captain, one of the best strikers in the world.”

  4. Big Dave

    The joe cole story spreads like fire, just had a driver come in, who is a big gooner, lower tier who tells me his mate has it on good authority that we have signed him, I reckon that bloke must read the metro. It’s all chinese whispers at the moment

    Cole will announce anything until end of wc

  5. Master P

    “I’m not going to comment on anything from the English newspapers,” Tiraud said in L’Equipe.

    “Today, I have received no offer for Gourcuff or anybody else for that matter. We know what the English tabloids are like.

    “Fabregas was going to Barcelona, everything was done, and I just saw (Arsenal boss Arsene) Wenger say that Fabregas will stay in London. I will not be drawn into this game.”

  6. Gunneroo

    100% agree Rohan. VP over villa although he does get injured more. Why are u ppl picking hazard over nasri??? Nasri will come good. He has the ability to show up when needed.

    Lol@ geoff: ‘rather have shingles than eboue’.

  7. A

    RT Z this is drogba we’re talking about – someone probably gave him a chinese burn so he’s claiming it must be fractured….

  8. Gunneroo

    Sorry I didn’t understand before but I do now. Although, Walcott in 14 was done to give him confidence as he was being linked to TH14. Whether it worked or not is upto the individual.

  9. Kreshnik

    hello everybody,

    to be honest none of the names we are being associated with don’t really excite me, except Gourcuf and that one is the least probable to happen
    I’d have loved Buffon and Chiellini in tho but those are not even in the radar, so a pretty boring week so far 🙁

  10. A

    Kreshnik chiellini couldn’t play with vermy, so of course he isn’t on the radar

    buffon would be amazing though….

  11. Nick

    This world cup seems flat all round no excitement at all as mentioned all the best players off form or injured other then messi and hopefully his form dips from now as well

  12. A

    left footed, left sided.

    two left footed centre backs don’t play together out of choice, unbalanced etc – been through it all many times before!

  13. Rohan

    Bendtner chose 52 because that’s the number of goals he plans to score next season. I hear he’s upping to 99 in 2 years. He really is a legend.

  14. MC29

    Bendtner is number 52 for personal reasons involving him and his mother..maybe the amount of times he’s done his mother behind his fathers back 😉

  15. zee

    afternoon all. wenger talking about the dangers of the usa on arse.com – aggravates the hell out of me, has he not got more pressing matters?

  16. ethangunner

    Rohan says:
    June 4, 2010 at 14:40

    Bendtner chose 52 because that’s the number of goals he plans to score next season.
    more like the number of years youll need to play him before he will be an arsenal player 🙂

  17. A

    well people always come round to it rohan, then others come on who didn’t realise that it’s something which isn’t doable, and no manager would have two first choice left footed centre backs.

    I just feel that they should be enlightened, nice guy

  18. zee

    A – even if chiellini was right footed – would he be on the radar after the rvp incident? he’s in the doghouse with shawcross isn’t he?

  19. A

    lol he did an interview for arsenal magazine zee

    seriously the things that some gooners claim are ridiculous and get wound up by that wenger/the club/players do, that happen with EVERY manager, EVERY club, and EVERY player, are just silly

  20. Nick

    so it looks like numbnuts cole and kreshnik [sp] green will be our signings this summer imo i do hope yaya aint on his way to us just seems strange any other club would want to keep it quite thats more our style

  21. A

    nah zee – but because he’s not good enough to play for us and never will be, not because of what he did to ramsey

  22. zee

    A – I’d also like us to aim higher than shawcross but I’m not sure koscielny would be much better. I’d like us to go for older/more experienced – of the ilk of kjaer or mertesacker – doesn’t sound like that kind of bracket player would cost a whole heap more than koscielny will at £9m

  23. A

    zee i’ve got no idea, not heard of him before recent chat, but someone who would command £8 mil from France must be better than shawcross!

    I agree about someone older and more experienced (though kjaer is a bit young) but no idea who would be available. I want us to sign someone top top quality

  24. zee

    A – yeah kjaer still young but at least is established at international level compared to koscielny.. Mertesacker’s a giant tho at 6’6 and would give us real presence

  25. Stu

    Mertesacker is shite…imo of course.
    Kjaer is way too young to even be though of as an experienced (especially for defence). I would still like to sign him though.

    So whats the news on Rio. WHat kind of injury is it?

  26. zee

    stu – wd far rather have kjaer @ £12m than koscielny @ £9m. sounds like rio twisted his knee after tackle from heskey at end of training session

  27. Gooner4Life10

    Heskey did a number in him… Lol.
    I always knew including Big o’l Heskey would be a mistake 🙂

  28. darrenchallis

    AS I said earlier with the goal keepers we need a presence at CB an International who will not allow themselves to be intimidated. Mertesacker fits that bill, an unknown from Ligue1 does not. Everyone thought Vermelen was unknown but he wasn’t, I bet all our players knew him and RVP certainly did, he was the captain of Ajax and he stepped up to the plate, I’m not sure if this Koscielny guy is of the same mould, he is just an other Wenger cheap defender, but at the money we are hearing perhaps not so cheap, so no chance even of him coming.

  29. darrenchallis

    I think England better stop full on training, just play one touchotherwise no one will be fit, Heskey and Rooney will run over all of them. I want England to wun, but part of me wishes it was Terry.

  30. Nick

    rio out is bad for us red nose will defo be in the market now for a cb a bad knee to go with his bad back puts big question marks on him

  31. Stu

    Not necessarily Nick..
    Fergie will probably spend big, we will still be after bargain basement defenders.

    And if all else fails they have Smalling..hahahahahahahaha

  32. Gooner4Life10

    I think Rio out might be a blessing in disguise becoz he hasn’t played enough games this season. Carragher can slot in and do a job for the boys. Come on England !

  33. timao

    Heskey probably told him “How do like that for a World Cup Wind-Up”!

    good news, it’s hard supporting a team containing so many wankers so one less makes my life easier

  34. zee

    king will be in now – which i think is a mistake as you ideally want the same cb pair all the way through, which we all know he won’t be able to do

  35. jay4741

    now rios out, does capello get the option to call up another player or is it to late as hes named his 23?

  36. Nick

    g4l thats a good call but it seems everyone thinks ledley king will step up, spose that will solve the 1st half against the usa, injury prone fucker he is aswell

  37. Stu

    Its not like Rio getting injured is gonna change anything. England werent gonna win with WC anyway.

    I guess its Karma for bringing Heskey in the first place..e’s fucking shit.

  38. Gunner4Life10

    I really hope its not going to be king. he was crap against mexico, god for bid if he plays in defence.

  39. Gunner4Life10

    I think Upson is crap imo…i would rather he play that scum Dawson if he doesnt want Carragher to play as Cb.

  40. zeus

    I would stick Fabregas in the reserves for a season just so as not to sell him to them cunts.

    Why oh why don’t Madrid make a bid of 70m so we could royally fook up these barca cunts. All they know how to do is ruin careers.

    Riquelme, Saviola,Rivaldo,’Dinho,etc etc etc.

  41. henry14

    Laporta is having us all on surely!

    “Fair market price” – why? Because you say so and that’s all you have left in your kitty? lol

  42. Nick

    heres the friday BIG NEWS
    Arsenal have beaten Chelsea to the signing of Dutch Under 17 international Kyle Ebecilio, according to RTV Rijnmond. The 16-year-old midfielder will join from Feyenoord on July 1st.

    Ebecilio, a strong and powerful attacking midfielder, has been strongly linked with a move to Chelsea in recent weeks, but a reported last minute move from the Gunners has seen them seal the deal, much to Feyenoord’s dismay. Kyle is the cousin of Blues defender Jeffrey Bruma

  43. Stu

    What does Laporta mean “player like him”? Clearly he thinks Cesc isnt good enough to warrant a higher price tag. A slap in the face of Cesc.

  44. Gunner4Life10

    Ik dont get people who are backing Fabregas. i think fab4 is just the same as Adebayor. Why did he come to us in the first place when he knew he would want to go back to barca? he trying to make himself good to the fans but he is kn good whatsoever and of he stays he should be stripped of the captaincy. i cant believe its the same guy who was kissing the badge against Blackburn so UNLOYAL!

  45. Nick

    g4l i know where your coming from but cesc is a great and you can see why? Ade was just a premaddona money grabbing cunt to use the technical term

  46. darrenchallis

    They are just trying to buy Cesc as cover for Xavi and Iniesta and maybe to win a vote or two, they do not need him, so thats why the stupid offer. If they really needed him they would offer £80 mill, they feel the need a striker and so have bought one for £34mill and he’s 29 year old all be it great. They see this as the right time to buy Cesc Arsenal are at a weak time and Cesc is going into the World Cup as a favourite to win it, good publicity and pressure because of the World Cup. Its all bollocks and will blow over until next summer IMO.

    I tell Cesc you either join the highest bidder Real/Man City or whoever, stay here or go to Barca for the right price, now tell them that.

  47. darrenchallis

    I feel empathy with Cesc so I will back him up. If he does want to leave its not for the money like Ade its because he’s pissed off with project youth and lets face it so are we, so can we blame him. He has given his all right to the end and won FA literally FA and it is not for want of trying on his behalf. He’s not Arshavin who moans about everything and flirts with Barca, he’s a boy who grew up at AFC.

  48. choy

    Yep.. he’s been here 6 years or so and has hardly had a sniff at a trophy.

    So i fully understand how he feels, and we as supporters would probably do the same.

    Doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the club. Look at Henry.. he wanted to win the CL and therefore left, does it mean Barca will mean more to him than Arsenal? Never.

  49. Gunner4Life10

    But he always knew that the youth project was built around him tho.Why has he started acting like totally different person and why cant he just say i want to leave so we can know and no t blame the club for what is going on behind the scenes. Anywheres i hope Le senile strenghtn the team if he leaves but i realy cant see that happening.

  50. incesc

    shit rio is out of the world cup.

    would have loved to see a peckham boy lift the world cup.

    gonna be a fucking scouser now

  51. darrenchallis

    To say he wants to leave is two things disrespectful to the club and their position and a request for a transfer which means no money, and no footballer does this unless they are stupid or desperate.

    Cesc has shown dignified silence with a stern message that he is open to leave.

    Project youth may have been built around him, but it hasn’t progressed in the same way.

    We were talking about Almunia early, he joined just after Cesc, Two players one gave us a chance of winning something, the other cost us any chance of winning anything.

  52. A

    yeah incesc but he took over as number one from jens at the start of 2007/8.

    He was nothingy before that, noone called him amazing, but noone called him shit

  53. incesc

    every fan I knew thought he was atrocious when he covered for jens. Me and my mate spent that game screaming at the telly in the pub, and every subsequent game he played that season. His positioning was diabolical and he cost us that match.

    everyone called him shit.

  54. incesc

    he cost us time and time again, much like fabianski now.

    people forget how shit he was and became happy when he went from utter shit to average at best.

    kind of like a few other players right now…

    wenger hasnt got a clue when it comes to keepers

  55. darrenchallis

    If Cesc leaves Arsenal need enough money to replace not just his playing ability but influence. This can not be done with one purchase ie Gourcuff which would cost just shy of £8mill less than is being offered for Cesc. I think it would require at least three experienced players to play in and back up the midfield area. Eg Gourcuff/Melo/Cole and that’s why Arsenal require £50 Million plus so they can look after their own position after strengthening and CL rival with their best player.

  56. incesc

    seriously A

    After you saw this


    did you really not get pissed off?

    arsenal vs man u

    a massive game?

    how did he end up our keeper? look at his positioning?

    this was in 2005

  57. incesc

    watch from 2 minutes

    People hated the guy after this, he wasnt a nothingy player, he was an atrocious keeper who alot of fans hated

  58. A

    incesc i don’t remember arsenal fans “hating” any player then, it was before the fanbase got small man syndrome and were really angry. back then i can’t remember any fan saying to me that they “hated” any arsenal player….

  59. Stu

    Almunia has always made mistakes apart from the majority of 07-08 but then again most of our squad hit their peaks that season and everything just worked.

    I remember his mistake against united in the cup. We lost to a first minute goal by Bellion, whos fault was it?

  60. incesc

    before mediocrity had ingrained itself into the midset of arsenal fans and we accepted the shitness of players like almunia.

    Almunia has always been awful, he was the worst player on the pitch that day, barely ever improved and has now captained the side.

    The stakes were pretty big in that game, our rivalry with man u wass massive back then. Im sure a lot of fans went home pretty pissed doff with almunia.

    i think you have a selective memory Mate.

    How often did the fans get on gilbertos back?

    or cygans, or stepanovs.

    its always happened at arsenal, its not a small mans thing. football is important to people.

  61. zeus

    1. Liverpool target Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp – report. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    2.Reported Arsenal target Felipe Melo: I want to stay and win trophies with Juventus. (Don’t really care)

    3.Barcelona president Joan Laporta finally admits Yaya Toure will leave and defends ‘fair’ bid for Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas.(We already know about Yaya)

  62. darrenchallis

    A. Fans do not really hate a current player but they do feel that some are not good enough or try hard enough or are just plain frustrating to watch. Almunia is all of the above on occassions and its the only sing when your winning and moan when your not syndrome more like.

    If this current team weren’t so close it wouldn’t be as frustrating as it is. A team with Almunia in it has given me many and great Arsenal game, but he personally has caused more pain, particularly recently.

  63. A

    incesc people had their favourites, and there were always scapegoats, but people never had such strong negative emotions against their own players as hatred, or at least noone i knew did.

    that is a very recent thing from my experience, and has had a negative impact on being around or speaking to gooners about the club!

  64. darrenchallis

    Cygan and Stepanov ohhhhh the horror. I have a feeling this new CB could be one of those, God Forbid.

  65. incesc

    ok maybe hate was a strong word to use although it did equate to almunia that night.

    hated the fucker.


  66. zeus


    That has to be water bag squirting or something. No one would take thier cock out for a pee on the pitch just clear in the open.

  67. incesc

    haha barthez done it more than once. He took a pee on the post in france once when the ball was up the other end


  68. Stu

    What a coincidence…Toon vs Marseilles. That was the game that thrust Drogba into the limelight and imo got his move to Chavski.

  69. Gunner4Life10

    Why does he keep on blabbing about having respect for Arsenal? Barca does not have respect whatsoever, there the lowest piece of sh*t !

  70. SUGA3

    shortly after Lewin saved that cunt’s life, he fucked off to be England physio and our fitness/injury record went down the shitter – coincidence?

  71. chozzer

    Is Fabio holding his belly in?




    Does he like to play hide the Italian sausage……..probably.


    Are England going to win the World Cup…….doubtful.


  72. alex

    ooh gallas could have scored there from Gourcuffs freekick

    france really are shite, will struggle to score like at euro 2008

  73. Rohan

    How the fuck could Domenech not take Nasri and Benzema and instead take numpties like Gignac, Govou and Valbuena. FFS!

  74. Rohan

    You know when you lack something when Diaby is the man you look to to make telling passes in midfield.