We upped our offer for Koscieny, offered Coquelin and Traore, are after Remy and Richards and Cesc will be easy, whew, what a day!

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I want to apologise for appearing to be talking about the same old thing again, you see we are in a window, the buzzards from Barca are circling around our captain and if the Titanic went down this week and all I talked about was how much a second hand Gimp suit cost in Amsterdam (where Pedro is) you would all want to know why! So I am going to try and address the real current issues, and these are those.

Let’s deal with Cesc first, well I’m already bored with this saga, if Arsenal have said no chance, then we ought to be reporting Barca to the relevant authorities.

Forget the fact they have now bid for him, the amount is laughable, these flat track bullies from the Spanish SPL think they can offer what they want and we have to accept it, it’s time to offer them the same amount for Messi, they will have to say, ‘you have to be kidding, he’s worth 3 times that’ then we can say, ‘so you think that Cesc is only worth a third what Messi is do you?’ Then that will tell Cesc how much they think he’s worth, in fairness Cesc should object to what they are doing, he has been an Arsenal player longer than he was a Barca one, he must have some sort of loyalty, I think he has, and this is all Barca paper talk.

They must be proud of themselves, unsettling their Spanish starlet before the world cup, chumps.

Project youth was started around Cesc, it almost worked, Cesc asking for a move has proved that it hasn’t, he can’t keep waiting, we now have the money and we have the squad, time to mix it up a bit and show Cesc why he needs go nowhere else to realise his ambition. Let’s go into the new season with real belief we can win some trophies, have a clear out and bring in some top players, stop shopping in Primark boss, we are the Arsenal.

As far as Ian Wright is concerned, wasn’t he the same bloke who advised his son to join the chavs? Hmmm, we’ll listen to him then, won’t we!

I have no idea who Koscieny is, but if we wanted £80mil for Cesc, and we offered £4mil for him, then it doesn’t say a lot does it? Why are we always buying bargain basement? I hope the proposed swap deal is merely a loan because I think Coquelin is one for the future, I really do and would hate to see him go.

Richards is back on the radar and I think he would be a good buy, strong and pacy and an Arsenal fan. Remy I don’t know, but anyone who wants to join us has to be a good shout, we will need to lose a striker though, and that would probably be Eduardo.

I still think we need a big lump at the back, a Zing for Vermaelen’s Zang. If we are serious about Cole, we need to do a take it or leave it deal now, if he has a good world cup, his stock will go up, if he gets injured the reverse will happen, I would take him, but now.

We also need to show Cesc the direction we are taking so I would also buy Gourcuff, Cesc if he stays will get injured, and Gourcuff will offer us some height and trickery we haven’t had since Hleb went. And, by all accounts he wants to come.

Maybe now is the time to make a bid for Pepe Reina, that would please Cesc and I’m sure it would please the fans, whoever goes in there will needs funds, they are already £30mil down with no ECL plus the Rafa pay off of £6mil.

I don’t think we are far away from world domination but we do need to act soon as the Northern chavs and the spuds will buy, Liverpool will have the impetus of a new manager and no doubt some funds.

Gerrard is too old and too injury prone, so not for me, Torres is too injury prone as well, maybe Ireland would be a good bet, but I want some height in there so Gourcuff is my choice, plus a DM, a centre back and a keeper, another forward would just be a bonus.

One last word on Cesc, if he went he would have two games a year than count for anything, the rest would be like playing Carling Cup matches, if he stays and we promise him a move next season, that would be a massive cop out, if he stays, he should be around for at least 4 years, if not, then let him go, but let him go for the £35mil plus at least 2 players, maybe Assulin and that big old centre back that can’t get a game, I sure don’t want anyone else, Bojan is a little on the short side.

As far as YaYa is concerned, I don’t want him, I only want people that want us. Arsenal, time to step up to the plate, the players deserve better, the fans deserve better, and if you let Cesc go, then the flood gates will open and Robin will be next, or God forbid, Denilson and Almunia, it’s time to act like a big team, because we are.


Barcelona are a big team in a small insignificant league in a country about to go tits up, Arsenal are a big team in the worlds biggest, best and richest capital, it’s time to start acting like that.

Oh and by the way, it’s free if you wear it at the Banana bar near the canals, the gimp suit that is!

Have a great day Grovers, it’s Friday and maybe today we’ll see some movement.

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  1. A

    A schwarzer as a top class keeper?! sorry?!

    good prem keeper, similar to green, but older.

    We need a good keeper, but vds is no longer world class, and neither is cech post injury. They’re not in the buffon/casillas league nowadays, so a good keeper would make a difference. You just have to not have a shit one!

  2. incesc

    seaman 27

    green 30

    hart 23

    Seaman was pretty much in the middle of the 2 when he joined, age wise

    Rob green isnt really world class but hart could become world class imo.

    Maybe we should just see who plays and does best in the world cup.

    We are going bargain basement again in all other areas so we should be able to fork out on a good keeper

  3. darrenchallis

    A. Seaman was a different animal all together, he had concentration beyond his years. He was very calm and trusted. Hart is like Seaman but too young at the moment for the pressure of Arsenal keeper, he is just not ready. We have Chesney waiting in the Wings, we need another Lehman type keeper in the mean time.

  4. incesc

    kolciensy as well

    what an underwhelmng player to be linked with. Is he better than Gallas?

    i doubt it.

  5. Dan

    Boy says to his mum “is it wrong to have a willy?” she says “no why do you ask?” the boy replies “because dad is in the bathroom sweatin like mad trying to pull his off”

  6. Thierry Henry is god


    I agree, we’re supposed to have shitloads of cash to buy quality, yet we don’t spend anything more than what’s absolutely necesary.

    I’m hoping for the best, but I fear we’ll have another rather bleak summer.

  7. Walking Wounded

    AW may have made the signings before the world cup but they could be announced after the world cup.

    If we have made the signings of players at the world cup, such as Joe Cole, Joe Hart, Gourcuff Yaya, etc we do not lose or gain anything by waiting until the WC is over before telling the world, and the players probably would only want to focus on the WC and not have the press all over them and distracting them, hence why Chamakh (Morocco) no WC and an Arsenal player now.

  8. incesc


    if hart is too young then chesney surely wont be ready for 6-7 years…

    fuck the future, lets get an amazing keeper and when chesney is ready let them fight it out.

  9. A

    I agre darren – we need someone who has experience, not someone who’s never played in any big pressure games, so it would be his first experience of them, and he could drumble under the pressure easily.

  10. Thierry Henry is god


    Listen to it ‘Hart could become world class’

    That has been the story of our lives for too long mate.

    What if he crumbles under the weight of expectation when he becomes first keeper in a big club?

    I’m a fan of him, but at the same time he is very young, and the odds are against him that he’ll be the next English Casillas.

  11. incesc

    Rob green hardly comes with lots of experience of top level games does he?

    30 and never playeed in the champions league.

  12. incesc


    if wenger finds another lehmann i will be a happy man, although arsenal fans gave him stick when he first arrived…

  13. Jaguar

    Who is this shit player remy. Do we ever get linked to players who are not freebies and francophonic shit players whom no other clubs want

  14. iceman

    Getting a keeper is a top priority. Hart is quality – but young, Green looked amazing for England but isn’t always so. I’d like us to do a Barca and unsettle Reina and court him with CL promise. He’s quality, the perfect age and maybe, just may be enough to make Cesc stay.

  15. Thierry Henry is god


    It’s always about Wenger finding diamonds in scrapyard.. Does get a little tiresome.

    Of course I’ll be happy if it turns out that way. Problem is the usual… Might as well go to hell.

    Proven talent is just that, proven. Why should it be so difficult for Wenger to accept that, instead of being so fucking mysterious with his choices all the time.

  16. A

    Well not champs league, but some 360 games in the league as well as ten england caps.

    Compared to Hart who’s made 80 or so prem appearances in his career and a couple of friendlies for England

  17. darrenchallis

    incesc. and if we sign a keeper in his mid thirties then that will allow Chesney to come in gradually and not be thrown. I agree about Green he has limited experience for his age. A keeper is one of the most specialist and important roles on the field so they need to be right, it is also one of the most physiological positions and confidence is the key to performance.

  18. MC29

    What arsenal should do is make a counter offer of messi plus 5million. Barcalona’s will straight away say ‘are you fuckin mad? Hes our best player and hes not for sale’
    then Arsenal would say ‘cesc is our best player and hes not for sale, so fuck off you cheeky bastards’

    anyone agree?

  19. iceman

    Darenchallis is bang on. psychologically we have two keepers who just can’t handle pressure and therefore getted psyched out before the game has started. That’s why we need someone like Reina, who has a massive ego and believes he’s the only one on the pitch.

  20. darrenchallis

    Pepe Reina for me has the experience and that counts for a lot, he is also supremely confident. he is younger than Green I think but look at the games he has played in and the top four / title scraps he has been involved in.

  21. darrenchallis

    Look at Lehman he told us Almunia was shit years ago and he was an International keeper. He was arrogant hot headed and a complete nutter sometimes, but was he beaten by daisy cutters or did he come out a flat at air?

  22. incesc

    reina would be awesome darren.

    but it aint going to happen imo.

    if wenger had any balls he would put in a 25 million bid and test the broke bindippers.

  23. Thierry Henry is god


    Take the game against Blackburn, perfect example of a game where you need someone who won’t get bullied and who knows how to shake off the pressure. Flappy failed miserably in that game!


    Reina recently signed a new long term contract with the scousers I believe.

  24. Big Dave

    ENGLAND/ ARSENAL, Boruc in the viewfinder
    09:01| Redazione TMW | read 223
    Artur Boruc (30) could be able to be part of Arsenal team. Celtic goalie has been approached to Gunners several times, but seemed that this could be the right one. His contract expire next season and also Sevilla offered 3 million euros to Celtic.

  25. David

    7 more days to go before the events in South Africa kick off.

    Do you honestly see us making a signing before then?

    2% of your time doing transfers is problematic.

  26. darrenchallis

    Anyway theres no point in signing a decent keeper if he doen’t get a quality CB they are both interlinked the CB feed off the confidence of the GK and it works the other way too.Look at That as the triangle of a solid defense any weaknesses will be exploited. We had it with George Graham’s teams and we had it with the Invincibles.

  27. incesc

    anyway, we wont sign a keeper.

    whenever the fans are desperate for wenger to strenghen a position that is clearly lacking wenger just basically says fuck you and sticks with what he has.

    Almunia has been awfull since he came into the team in 2005 i think it was.

    I remember watching him vs man u in the pub with my mate and being absolutely astounded at how shit he was and how he cost us the game.

    Its clear he has been shit for 5 years…

    why would wenger change it now.

  28. Thierry Henry is god


    Arsenal is slowly becoming the recreational club for Polish rejec.. erhm, the Polish national team.

  29. darrenchallis

    Thierry Henry is God. Cesc Fabregas has a long term contract at Arsenal, I rest my case. I was only using him as an example of what is required. Any keeper with experience of PL CL, Europe in general would do. An experienced confident keeper, not a flapper or a has been no2 keeper or a kid with no experience.

  30. darrenchallis

    The fact is we are being linked with every keeper in Europe so there’s no smoke without fire. Almunia must realise his days are numbered as No1 and he will have to settle for no2 or fuck off. He probably thinks he’s the nuts because he saw of Lehman but he’s not he is one of thouse who are to blame for the decline of the last five years, he is just not a PL or CL winning keeper.

  31. A

    incesc it was 2007 when almunia came into the side, summer of 2008 when jens left.

    he’s not been shit the whole time, he’s been average with occasional dips of shit

  32. timao

    just noticed that “Beast” made the Brazil squad! maybe I won’t stick a fiver on them after all…

  33. Thierry Henry is god


    Yeah, well.. If Cesc is sold it won’t be under 40 mil. Barca is the kind of club who spends that kind of money. Do you honestly believe that Liverpool will sell Reina for a price that Wenger would accept?

    The signs are all over the place that Wenger will do yet another summer filled with bargains here and there, which in the end will mean that we will be left emptyhanded because all the clubs we negosiate with will be so tired of Wenger’s cheap approach.

  34. Thierry Henry is god


    True, but it seems like he is more inclined to play for Poland then France.

    Which is stupid, considering that France needs good CBs and it surely would be better for his carreer to play for France.

  35. darrenchallis

    Thierry Henry is god. I know it was an example only. he will buy a bargain basement version or make a last minute offer for what is left on the table and then say ” I tried to sign Buffon” yeh but you faxed an offer of 10 Mill at the last minute. I’M SICK OF THAT! Wenger will wait until after the World Cup no one wants a player, like with Arshavin and then make an offer at the last minute. We will get all the dregs of whats left as usual.

  36. timao

    Boruc is the twat who tried to get Eduardo banned after jumping through him like two tons of flying lard

  37. Rohan

    Boruc is prone to extreme clangers too. There’s only one man for the job and he goes by the name of Gigi Buffon.

  38. Thierry Henry is god

    Read about Boruc on english Wiki, he seem to be a bit eccentric and crazy.. Maybe he does have some of the Lehmann way in him.

    And he has kept 67 clean sheets since 2006 playing for Celtic. considering how dominant Celtic are in the Scottish league, I imagine that the situation in their games is much like for Arsenal, dominating games except for some counters.

    So what the hell, why not?

  39. darrenchallis

    Almunia is another example of a player who would suit playing in Spain our goalkeepers are easily bullied in the PL, You can not imagine Lehman being pashed about or Flapping to get to a cross, he would run through walls. Watch good keepers they are strong mentally and not easily intimidated. One of the reasons why Cech is not as good as he was. At a live game, watch the keeper push people out of his way put his shoulder in and let all around know whos boss. Almunia the pink UGG boot wearing Poddle walking is not up to that.

  40. A

    Yeah but David he only came into the team in 2007/8, when he displaced Jens at the start of the season after a couple of his howlers.

    Before then he was just a sub/cup keeper, and was fine, you wouldn’t have found many people to call him shit, he was just nothingy

  41. Kunle4Fabregas

    Please i need something about english clubs and their debts. A muppet in my office said Chelsea is free of debt. Can anyone help me??

  42. Gunner4Life10

    Arsenal have reportedly submitted a bid of £2 Million for Boruc services and is now fighting against Sevilla for his services. It is said Boruc will prefer a transfer to Emirates over a transfer to Sevilla. He aint that bad is he?

  43. darrenchallis

    Lehman trained with Almunia, and he openly told the world he was shit and they then began training seperately. Im sorry but any keeper who does not get a look in for their country and not seem too bothered is not up to it.

  44. darrenchallis

    Boruc … yep true to form the cheap option I guess he couldn’t find a keeper on a free! After all the shit he said about Arsenal last summer, he’s going to be a fans favourite right.

  45. kenny smith

    GUNNER4LIFE10. He is not a bad goalkeeper but he is a complete cunt! In a rangers v celtic game he took his shirt off at the end and he was wearing a tshit that had a picture of the pope on it just to wind up the rangers fans… he was also caught shagging another bird whilst his wife was in hospital having their child. Complete wanker

  46. darrenchallis

    Kunle4Fabregas. He paid off the debt but loaded it onto the parent company I believe so the club is debt free but Chelsea are not. Basically the club still owes him £700 odd million.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    Triaud insists there have been no discussions with Arsenal and believes it is all paper talk for now.

    “I’m not going to comment on anything from the English newspapers,” he told L’Equipe. “Today, I have received no offer for Gourcuff or anybody else for that matter. We know what the English tabloids are like…

    “Fabregas was going to Barcelona, everything was done, and I just saw Wenger say that Fabregas will stay in London. I will not be drawn into this game.”

    Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror reports that Arsenal have had an £8.5 million bid for Lorient defender Laurent Koscielny rejected.

  48. A

    RT how on earth would that come to £30 mil?!

    Richards was being offered around for £5 mil last season, Green would be £3-6 mil, and Parker is not for sale supposedly, though if we spent more than £10 mil or so I wouldn’t be happy at all!

  49. kenny smith

    yeah he probably should. He is my most hated football player in the entire world. I would hate it if we signed him. He is a smug cunt

  50. Thierry Henry is god

    Damn, there was supposed to be some revelation today…

    Where is DDM when you want him to give an update!

  51. A

    ddm never said a revelation either – just said that there would be some news that would be “pretty good”

  52. darrenchallis

    I think Joe Cole had his picture taken at Arsenal and signed up before he left for England. Maybe Green did as well? And they will both be picture side by side on Arsenal.com with the Tooth Fairy (Not Ronaldinho).

  53. Thierry Henry is god


    That’s the silly season for you..

    The agent of a player spreads a rumour, which is then snapped up by a paper, and then twisted by another until suddenly it’s a fact from an certain source for the third.

    Enjoy the ride, hope for the best and fear for the worst!

  54. Arse&Nose

    Joe Cole will want the number 10 jersey.

    I think they are waiting for Gallas to leave so that Joe Cole can take his number.

    I’d give him 10 now and tell Gallas to fuck off with number 42 if he decides to stay.

  55. Thierry Henry is god


    Alright, maybe not a revelation…

    1. But so far the best we’ve had today is that a Polish unfaithful hooligan might be interested in a move.

    2. That Triaud has told that there haven’t been any offers for Gourcuff yet.

    3. That Lorient’s president does not rule out a move for Koscieny, as long as it’s for the right price.

    None of these news are very interesting IMO

  56. Thierry Henry is god

    Maybe his agent couldn’t get a reporter to listen to him, so he took matters in his own hands and rewrote Artur Boruc’s wikipedia site! Bold move!!

  57. darrenchallis

    The revelation is that Denilson has signed a new 6 year deal at £80k PW! thats their idea of good news.

  58. Geoff

    I don’t want Gallas to stay, I think he’s a surly cunt, the atmosphere since he arrived has been shit and we’ve won fuck all, co-incidence?

    That was on Wenger, he should have made a decent man captain, Gilberto, but stabbed him in it and sent him packing.

  59. Thierry Henry is god


    Amen to that.

    The season when Wenger pushed out Flamini(Even though Flamini went on a free, Wenger could have kept him if he tried.) and Gilberto was the season I lost all respect for the man.

  60. Geoff

    As far as the number 10 shirt is concerned Arshavin, Cesc and Cole if he comes will be after that, maybe even Robin.

    Ha, ha, I bet he gives it to Denilson, to make his extended, extended contract seem that much sweeter.

    Oh and to piss the fans off!

  61. darrenchallis

    Geoff. You’re spot on with that, Galla pissed everyone off and screwed up moral. I can’t see him being encouraging like Sol was. What happen to Gilberto was shameful.

  62. Geoff

    Thierry, the season before when he allowed Edu extra time after the Copa and then Edu went for a friendly with Brazil shortly after was the start of me losing respect for him, he didn’t talk to him until the 2005 cup final and sulked all season, then he tried to get Edu to sign, he stuck his fingers up and went to Valencia on a free.

    Don’t blame him.

    Wenger’s sulks have cost this club dear.

  63. Thierry Henry is god

    Both our examples sums up Wenger pretty well these last couple of years. The man thinks himself bigger then the club, and there are no words that can describe the loathing I feel for such attitude, and I’m reminded of it everytime he tries to be shrewd at a press conference.

    There is no doubt that he is a good manager, but we need a David Dein character behind him to reign him in properly and give him a good spanking from time to time.

  64. Simon

    I don’t wanna sound too much like Sabeel, but I agree with Geoff about Gallas…. (shit, that’s the 2nd time today!)

  65. Stu

    I hate Gallas for ruining Senderos and taking number 10. 10 should be given to top class playmakers who are gonna be at the club for years. Not Gallas…dont want Cole getting it either though. Give it to VP..

  66. darrenchallis

    Sometimes as a manger you have to rise above the pettiness and man manage. This is a skill Wenger is lacking in and those cases prove it. A good man manager would not have lost Flamini or Edu and you can not rely on your own reputation, repect works both ways.

  67. Thierry Henry is god

    Gallas is a giant sulking baby at 33 years of age..

    No wonder he has been a bad influence for the team.

  68. Rohan

    For a moment I thought you wanted to give Senderos the No.10 Stu. 😀
    Naah, I say give it to Bendtner. Inflate his ego a bit more.

  69. RT.Z

    Cesc set for Wenger talks – Daily Mirror

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is keen to hold further talks with Arsene Wenger as he looks to secure a summer switch to Barcelona. Will the Gunners be forced to sell their talisman?

    Cole set for Chelsea exit – Daily Star

    Chelsea have withdrawn their contract offer to midfielder Joe Cole with the England international stalling over his future. Where will Cole be playing his football next season

  70. darrenchallis

    I think Pat has had his time also. A good no2 would be able to iron over problems and diffuse situations. Pat is buried up Arsene arse too far to notice.

  71. Stu

    Never Rohan! Bendtner wants 9 and in fairness it would be disrespecting Bergkamps no10 giving it to anyone other than VP>

  72. Wenger the liar

    Gallas only says things that wenger should be saying.

    Gallas moans off the pitch and gives 100% on it.

    Walcott gives it billy big bollocks off te pitch and plays like a cunt on it.

    I know what I prefer.

  73. darrenchallis

    RVP is the natural no10 end of Ashavin might want it but hasn’t exactly earn’t it with loyalty, so its Robin all the way.

  74. A

    does he actually want 9 stu?

    darren how on earth do you know what pat rice’s input is?! some of the things that people just make up/assume based on precisely nothing, then treat as fact are just laughable, but i guess that’s part of football, especially with gooners!

  75. 4everarsenal

    Nothing at all is gonna happen today is it??

    Ive heard that joe cole’s gonna sign for utd,
    I think it would be crap if we missed out on him.

    Is he a gooner or a chav supporter,anyone know?

  76. Gunneroo

    Geoff how about this idea.

    If someone claims that ‘some good news is coming’ which actually doesn’t, I say ban them from the site. All these morons claiming exclusives as their best friends uncle lived nextdoor to wengers barber said so. It’s bloody annoying. Most of them who say it are probably spuds anyway!!!!

  77. Stu

    Apparently he does A. Read that he asked Eduardo for 9 last summer but obviously Eddie said no, so Bendtner somehow came up with 52 instead…cant remember his reason for it though.

  78. Stu

    DDM a spud? I highly doubt that despite not knowing him. I believe him when he mentioned the list of players wenger would let go.

  79. RT.Z

    Ok so people still think fabregas will be leaving arsenal for over £50m reality check, this just aint happening unless alisher usmanov send his men round to extort them. (thats a joke btw).

    The situation will be sold after the WC with a deal more than likely involving 35m + a player wether arsenal like it or not.

    I can’t see Gourcuff signing unless a serious injury occurs to nasri.

    Ive heard that there could be a deal in place with lyon involving cash + eduardo for toulalan.

    Koscielny is the no1 target at cb, with a possible 2nd being brought in with the losses os senderos, silvestre and possibly campbell.

    Joe cole would be a great signing but due to our wage structure, can we offer him the kind of wages that united and city can??

    Finally, we could be taking Gai Assulin off Barcelona. Barca take one player off us, we quite hapily take one of there brightest prospects whos been quoted as the new messi by guardiola himself.

  80. RT.Z

    Coming in will be:

    Micah Richards – 6m – Man City
    Laurent Koscielny – 8m + Coquelin – Lorient
    Joe Cole – Free – Chelsea
    Yoann Gourcuff – 16m – Bordeaux
    Marouane Chamakh – Free – Bordeaux


    William Gallas – Free
    Phillipe Senderos – Free
    Mikael Silvestre – Free
    Emmanuel Eboue – 6m
    Armand Traore – 3m
    Cesc Fabregas – 60m
    Tomas Rosicky – 5m
    Eduardo – 8m

  81. darrenchallis

    A. I love Pat but he’s overshadowed by Arsene now, he used to be vocal he used to show passion. he now just seems to sit like a relic of a bygone era. Your right I do assume, based on the above he has nothing to do with the team or in common with the team anymore apart from training. I feel sorry for him because I remember what he used to be like. And he now just seems disillusioned. I may be wrong but its just an observation.

  82. Mimi

    A baker hires a young female assistant who likes to wear very short skirts and a thong. One day a young man enters the store, glances at the assistant and then at the loaves of bread behind the counter. Noticing the length of her skirt and the location of the raisin bread, he has a brilliant idea. “I’d like some raisin bread please,” the man says politely.

    The girl nods and climbs up a ladder to reach the raisin bread, which is located on the very top shelf. The young man, standing almost directly beneath her, gets an excellent view just as he planned. Once she comes down he says he should get two loaves, as he is having company for dinner.

    As the girl retrieves the second loaf of bread, one of the other male customers notices what is going on. Thinking quickly, he requests his own loaf of raisin bread so he can continue to enjoy the view. With each trip up the ladder, the young lady seems to catch the eye of another male customer. Pretty soon, each male customer is asking for raisin bread, just to see her climb up and down.

    After many trips she is tired, irritated and thinking that she is really going to have to try the bread herself. Finally, once again atop the ladder, she stops and fumes, glaring at the men standing below. She notices an elderly man standing amongst the crowd, staring up at her. Thinking to save herself a trip, she yells at the elderly man: “Is it raisin for you, too?”

    “No,” stammers the old man: “but it’s quivering a bit!”

  83. Thierry Henry is god

    There’s no way Gourcuff is going from Bordeaux for less then his buyout clause.

    As for Koscielny, I doubt that we’ll trade Coquelin for him. To be honest, I believe the price will be around 12.5 mil for him.

  84. RT.Z

    stu, i only think its realistic coz most of them are really cheap players, and wenger will make a big profit selling sum players as well

  85. Rohan

    If we’re that desperate to land Koscielny, he must be some player. We must have scouted him and seen him play a lot of times so I’ll trust Wenger’s judgement on this one.
    Bring it on!

  86. Rohan

    Bendtner wanted 52 coz it’s the number 25 flipped backwards. ( he wanted to be the opposite of adebayor.) I just called him and he told me.

    Seriously though, didn’t he say it was a number of personal significance?

  87. darrenchallis

    RVP is the no10 any other player other than Ashavin would be disrespectful to Bergkamp. Thats why Gallas didn’t deserve it. Me I fucking reire it along with 14 and 4 most of this lot do not deserve to were the numbers.

  88. Geoff

    No one had heard of or seen Koscieny before this week any more than anyone knew Chamakh before last August.

  89. RT.Z



    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy

    Song Diaby

    Van Persie

    Walcott Chamakh Arshavin


    Joe Cole

  90. Stu

    Lot of differing opinions on Bendtners choice. I remember it was something like : cirrent number+his goals and assists + the number of sitters he missed that season ::: 26+15+5+7=52

    Not completely sure on that though but it was something like that.

  91. RT.Z

    Question for you lot, who would you rather have?

    Vermaelen or Chiellini
    Fabregas or Gourcuff
    Van Persie or David Villa
    Eboue or Van Der Wiel
    Nasri or Hazard
    Walcott or Aaron Lennon
    Song or Yaya Toure
    Denilson or Felipe Melo

  92. Thierry Henry is god

    Vermaelen(Chiellini is a beast, but Vermy is the future for us.)
    Cesc(Even though I love Gourcuff, Cesc is still Cesc)
    (Haven’t seen VDW so I can’t say)
    Walcott(Cuz Lennon is same crap different name.)
    Song (The touré brothers are cunts)

  93. A

    Ah ok stu, fair dos. Not sure what number I see him as!

    darren 99% of an assistant manager’s job is behind the scenes, and on the training ground, unless you have access to that?

    RT coquelin is only going on loan to lorient, no way we’d let him go permanently. I’d say with those players we’d be a defender short, as richards would only really be sub right back – he’s an absolute liability at centre back, i’d rather keep sendy!

  94. Thierry Henry is god

    But, I have to add that considering the whole situation, I’d rather take Gourcuff now and sell Cesc.

    So I guess I change my mind there.

  95. Stu

    Melo definately wouldnt be the answer to a DM problem. He is failing at Juve because he needs to play with an anchorman so he can go after the ball. Juve expect him to just sit in fromt of the back 4 like Gilberto does.

  96. fadi

    whats wrong with short players??? messi scored 4 against us.. if u look at barcas line up messi, bojan, pedro, xavi, iniesta r all around 170 cms nd they’re the best team in the world, stop talking about huge players and start looking for actual raw talented players!

  97. A

    Stu I wouldn’t mind that though – he CAN play lone dm even if he isn’t ideal there, but someone like him as well as Song in the big games would be very good.

    Yaya would be better though obviously

  98. Thierry Henry is god


    In the hypothetical situation where we would have Melo instead of Denilson, we could at least make use of him along side with Song as anchor whenever we need to muscle up our midfield.

    But I agree that the way he has been played at Juventus is completely stupid, that is out of position and without any proper backup.

    Thinking of the Brazilian national team really makes you miss Gilberto doesn’t it?

  99. Geoff

    Van der Weil or Eboue, that must be a trick fucking question?

    I would rather have shingles than Eboue, that’s an easy one, but then you knew that right?

  100. darrenchallis

    A. and my point is 99% of the problem with Gallas was behind the scenes as well as Ade, Flamini Edu. It would be a no2’s job to sort out the players and remain there own person so they can do this between the players and manager, this is why no all no2’s make good managers. It is a bit like saying our medical staff are shit, 100% of there work is behind the scenes, but are they doing anything right well the results say different. Pat worked in his era and an other ex Arsenal pro would work in this era, they can relate to the players and the situation.

  101. Thierry Henry is god


    RVP is better then Villa in my opinion, the only problem is that RVP is too fragile to last a whole season.

  102. Rohan

    It isn’t that clear cut of a question Geoff. No one knows if van der Wiel is any good defensively and Eboue is more than decent attacking right back.
    i’d take van der Wiel but I can understand if someone chose Eboue.

  103. Gunneroo

    I had heard of Chamakh before august as he was one of the few players who has my first name.

    Retire 14, 4 and 10??? C’mon. Might aswell retire all numbers of the Invincibles and use roman numerals.

  104. Stu

    VDWeil vs Eboue doesnt make any sense. Everyone should chose vd weil because EBowie is a midfielder and we need defenders.