We upped our offer for Koscieny, offered Coquelin and Traore, are after Remy and Richards and Cesc will be easy, whew, what a day!

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I want to apologise for appearing to be talking about the same old thing again, you see we are in a window, the buzzards from Barca are circling around our captain and if the Titanic went down this week and all I talked about was how much a second hand Gimp suit cost in Amsterdam (where Pedro is) you would all want to know why! So I am going to try and address the real current issues, and these are those.

Let’s deal with Cesc first, well I’m already bored with this saga, if Arsenal have said no chance, then we ought to be reporting Barca to the relevant authorities.

Forget the fact they have now bid for him, the amount is laughable, these flat track bullies from the Spanish SPL think they can offer what they want and we have to accept it, it’s time to offer them the same amount for Messi, they will have to say, ‘you have to be kidding, he’s worth 3 times that’ then we can say, ‘so you think that Cesc is only worth a third what Messi is do you?’ Then that will tell Cesc how much they think he’s worth, in fairness Cesc should object to what they are doing, he has been an Arsenal player longer than he was a Barca one, he must have some sort of loyalty, I think he has, and this is all Barca paper talk.

They must be proud of themselves, unsettling their Spanish starlet before the world cup, chumps.

Project youth was started around Cesc, it almost worked, Cesc asking for a move has proved that it hasn’t, he can’t keep waiting, we now have the money and we have the squad, time to mix it up a bit and show Cesc why he needs go nowhere else to realise his ambition. Let’s go into the new season with real belief we can win some trophies, have a clear out and bring in some top players, stop shopping in Primark boss, we are the Arsenal.

As far as Ian Wright is concerned, wasn’t he the same bloke who advised his son to join the chavs? Hmmm, we’ll listen to him then, won’t we!

I have no idea who Koscieny is, but if we wanted £80mil for Cesc, and we offered £4mil for him, then it doesn’t say a lot does it? Why are we always buying bargain basement? I hope the proposed swap deal is merely a loan because I think Coquelin is one for the future, I really do and would hate to see him go.

Richards is back on the radar and I think he would be a good buy, strong and pacy and an Arsenal fan. Remy I don’t know, but anyone who wants to join us has to be a good shout, we will need to lose a striker though, and that would probably be Eduardo.

I still think we need a big lump at the back, a Zing for Vermaelen’s Zang. If we are serious about Cole, we need to do a take it or leave it deal now, if he has a good world cup, his stock will go up, if he gets injured the reverse will happen, I would take him, but now.

We also need to show Cesc the direction we are taking so I would also buy Gourcuff, Cesc if he stays will get injured, and Gourcuff will offer us some height and trickery we haven’t had since Hleb went. And, by all accounts he wants to come.

Maybe now is the time to make a bid for Pepe Reina, that would please Cesc and I’m sure it would please the fans, whoever goes in there will needs funds, they are already £30mil down with no ECL plus the Rafa pay off of £6mil.

I don’t think we are far away from world domination but we do need to act soon as the Northern chavs and the spuds will buy, Liverpool will have the impetus of a new manager and no doubt some funds.

Gerrard is too old and too injury prone, so not for me, Torres is too injury prone as well, maybe Ireland would be a good bet, but I want some height in there so Gourcuff is my choice, plus a DM, a centre back and a keeper, another forward would just be a bonus.

One last word on Cesc, if he went he would have two games a year than count for anything, the rest would be like playing Carling Cup matches, if he stays and we promise him a move next season, that would be a massive cop out, if he stays, he should be around for at least 4 years, if not, then let him go, but let him go for the £35mil plus at least 2 players, maybe Assulin and that big old centre back that can’t get a game, I sure don’t want anyone else, Bojan is a little on the short side.

As far as YaYa is concerned, I don’t want him, I only want people that want us. Arsenal, time to step up to the plate, the players deserve better, the fans deserve better, and if you let Cesc go, then the flood gates will open and Robin will be next, or God forbid, Denilson and Almunia, it’s time to act like a big team, because we are.


Barcelona are a big team in a small insignificant league in a country about to go tits up, Arsenal are a big team in the worlds biggest, best and richest capital, it’s time to start acting like that.

Oh and by the way, it’s free if you wear it at the Banana bar near the canals, the gimp suit that is!

Have a great day Grovers, it’s Friday and maybe today we’ll see some movement.

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  1. gambon

    -Get rid of Eboue & sign Richards or Der Wiel

    -Get rid of Walcott & sign Remy.

    -Add a GK, world class CB, world class DM.

    -Sign Joe Cole

    -Win the league.

    -Easy game

  2. Mark C

    This french CB is only 6 foot 1.

    We need a monster – 6 foot 3 plus.

    He has only really had one season so I am not sure how good he is. If he was that good he would be in the French team, or Polish team.

    Hangerland at 6 foot 5 for me all day thanks

  3. chippy

    Cheers for the reply on the last post it makes sense now 🙂

    As its Friday ill give that Gin a go but again why the fuck would you want to add Veg to a drink its beyond me 🙂

  4. Doublegooner

    Time for the club to change & now stamp their mark, to show the players, the fans & other all the other teams we now mean business & can’t be fucked about.

  5. RockyPires

    Morning all Geoff I must say your very Pedroesque in your blog today, thought it was the Pedders himself untill I seen that it was in fact yourself.

    Yaya agent is a cu~t, he was on about playing under Wenger earlier in the season to attract intrest then the Chavs come a knocking and he’s all theirs.

    Still if he signed for us would be top signing.

    Richards is good but only good, prfer better centrehalf but under tution from Sol and alongside Verm we may just see the best of Richards.

  6. Simo

    Geoff good post as usual but your dreaming!

    Wenger will not sign anyone you watch he will say he tried and they were all too expensive!

    They will end up giving in on Cesc and it will be too late in August to replace him or Shity will have bought every player we are linked with!

  7. Geoff

    Samir, he’s at the age where he wants a trophy, when he was learning he didn’t care!

    Rohan I feel positive today!

    Rocky, he copies my witty style!

  8. dutchmater10

    Is this Remy any good? I’ve not seen much of him. Joe Cole is a no for me. JW is going to be 3x the player Cole is. We need to stick him in the side this coming season, playing him against the bottom half teams and bed him in. He proved at Bolton that he is ready. Joe Cole will only get in his way!

  9. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, whats the big news that could be happening today!? enough of all this cock teasing lets have it!?

  10. Dan

    I failed my driving test. The guy asked me “what do you do at a red light?” I said, I don’t know… look around, listen to the radio…. HAPPY FRIDAY 😀

  11. Mark C

    2 inches in a defender is the difference between winning a header and not.

    We dont want our CB’s getting over powered by the likes of Davies from Bolton or Drogba.

    A bit of extra height and power is required.

  12. dutchmaster10

    Is this Remy any good? I’ve not seen much of him. Joe Cole is a no for me. JW is going to be 3x the player Cole is. We need to stick him in the side this coming season, playing him against the bottom half teams and bed him in. He proved at Bolton that he is ready. Joe Cole will only get in his way!

  13. MattK

    Agree with what your saying with the Fab negotiations but would we want to take more Barca youth? Will they not turn out the same way and just want to move back. I love Fabs and everything and hope that he stays but this is getting annoying now. UEFA may be a good, or the only way to go. Agree with Gourcuff as well. Love the bloke he’s quality, not bad either for near £21 million either but we would have to buy him now otherwise we will probably get some stiff copetition from him. Probably from them lot in Spain!

  14. terry

    i love this post…
    get joe cole…. 2 def (one should be world class and Koscieny as back up) … a striker (remy)…. gourcuff and a def mid
    then let cecs decide if hw wants to stay or no..

    sell eddy and denielson

    if cecs stay sell rocisky and if he leaves keep rocisky and make him play in the center of the midfield

  15. Nathan

    Don’t lie you KNOW you would love Torres at Arsenal. That would be a 40-goal striker considering all the service he would get.

  16. Gunneroo

    Well done sixx pac!!!!

    Is it physically possible to connect Australia to England via all the world’s tug-boats??? God knows our weather is now the same.

    Just send FAB4 on a loan to barca to get them out of his system, he’ll win a trophy with them and that’ll mean he’ll stay with us alot longer cause he has already achieved what he wanted with them. Anyone???

  17. Geoff

    Matt it’s a good point, but we’ll have the same with everyone we buy young, this kid is from Israel, so maybe he’ll want to finish his career in Tel Aviv, I can live with that!

    Dutch, Cole is on the left and Jack is on the right.

  18. E4 Paul

    It amazes me how many blogs/websites lack any knowledge of the game. Goal.com write a complete bollox of a post, probably based on a 2 year old story where according to the Barcelona Blog suggested Fabregas could move for next to nothing.


    It is quite clear this is nonsense yet even respected sites like the BBC have picked up on this “revelation” and have passed it off as authentic and as fact. No one does any research anymore or even considers the facts but if they did they would realise that as Fabregas signed a new contract recently he would therefore not be able to invoke the Webster ruling for this and other reasons.

  19. wardo

    Geoff, good post.

    I 100% agree with your views bout Cesc. Stay around for at least 4 yrs or just go……hope he stays.

    Also, I understand what you are saying bout Arsenal asking to buy him for £30mil etc etc but, the main point here is Messi does not want to come to Arsenal. Whereas, most players Barca chase want to go there…

    If Arsenal were to buy the right players now and win the EPL and FA CUP and ECL 3 times a peice over the next 5 – 6 years, then all the very young football players would be watching Arsenal and thinking what a great club with great history and tradition…….then in 10 years time, they would want to join us from other clubs over the likes of Barca etc…..

  20. samir masri

    Well I think that cesc should leave if he really wants to.But know its seems as though cesc will move back to barca.and I think that it will be very sad seeing cesc leaving.But that was the same with Thiery Henry when he decided to leave us and join Barca.And Henry went their and won what he wanted.And Know it cesc wants to follow thiery henry’s Foot-Step.

  21. finestcuts

    We need a defender ASAP. If we get Koscielny in at 8 or 9 million that’s around what we paid for Vermaelen.

    Meaningour frontline could be:

    Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou, Nordveit.

    Since Koscielny is for sale and should be around the 10 million we can afford, Djourou would be fighting for a place, so would Nordveit. Nordveit has been on loan and can be 4th choice backup this season.

  22. A

    I wouldn’t say asap finest, but we do need at least one, if not two, before pre season starts.

    I’d rather someone with a higher pedigree than kos though

  23. Brian

    Morning yáll,

    I dont mind Cesc going or staying. What i do know is that i definitely dont want him as captain anymore. The Verminator should be given the armband or Robin should. We cant have a captain who desires to play for another team. Thats like having a wife who wants to sleep with or get married to someone else!

    For me, a captain should ooze 100% of the club. He is the second assistant to the coach!

  24. Walking Wounded


    4 inches – 6 inches. What 2 inches?

    You ask any lady what they prefer.

    This Lorient Centre Half struck me as good business, before they started the “Arsenal have some money, we want more” auction, as long as he was third choice. But now he seems very expensive.

    I’m still confused as to if Joe Cole would be a good player for us? Certainly a good player, and for free it would be good business, but he always seems to need to beat a player two or three times to get passed them, but maybe him keeping the ball and slowing up the play before a good delivery, thus we have one of our strikers in the right position.

    Theo is still a good player and we need his pace. Without him, we look a very slow attacking side, so lets get off of his back and support him like we should , as he is an English player in the Arsenal side, and he certainly isn’t lazy.

  25. terry

    Nordveit is a young talanted def but not yet ready for first team at arsenal……
    the guys needs some time or he will end up screwing his carrer

  26. Bigsix

    I am also tired with Cesc nagging stories. I think better to hear from da horses mouth and let him go if he wants to in exchange of CHYKRYSKIY + our Henry plus cash.Wud hve prefed Diakhate than Richards.
    Am sure Wenger can MAKE another CESC as we dont believe in buying big name stars but making them

  27. Gunneroo

    Guys i think im getting suspended from uni…

    My professor gave me a scenario, where i had to use my discretion and arrest one of the many people in the scenario who i felt committed the biggest crime. When my proffessor asked me who I’d arrest, I replied “The one in the spud jersey”. Needless to say he wasnt too impressed.

  28. Arsenal Tom

    no news on the sol man? bartley supposed to be pretty decent to, will probably play early FA cup and carling cup games

  29. GoonerJohn

    Good morning grovers.

    We need two defenders imo.
    Gallas out.
    Koscielny and Kjaer in. Kjaer has a release clause of 12 millions, come on wenger !!

  30. finestcuts

    Sure A, but they will cost twice as much, like 15 million. Jagielka, Koscielny and Cahill = No defensive problems.

    Jagielka + Vermaelen would be an excellent defensive partnership.

  31. gunnergetcha

    what i want to know is why cesc has not come out and talked publicly about all this barca shit and told us fans his thoughts? fuck off i say if you dont want to stay at the club youve been at the longest in your career, the club that made you the star you are and the coach who actually believed in you enough to build a team around you.

    also sixx you might need to ask any barca fan about those two inches 😉

  32. Simon

    I agree with the ‘I don’t want Toure’ bit, especially if the stories are true. Whats the point in getting a player who wants to go to any club bar Arsenal…?

  33. Brian

    I have never cared about the La Liga but now that Maureen is over there I will. I will be praying that he does a double and we get the champions failure to which he should get the treble with Real Madrid and we win at least the Premier league. Then we will see who will have the last laugh.

  34. GoonerJohn

    Sol is ‘seriously considering’ a move to celtic.
    I think we could end up with Gallas, Silvestre and Sol leaving. Then we would have to sign two defenders ( + Nordviet and Djourou )

  35. GoonerJohn

    toure doesn’t want to come, fuck him. We don’t want him.
    He can go to city for the cash and play the Europa league 😀

  36. A

    Not sure about that finest – Jagielka is a trier, and a good player, but wouldn’t compliment Vermy as first choice centre back. He’s smaller than Vermy, and far from a commanding centre back, or a leader/organiser.

    I’d rather we signed one quality, experienced centre back, who would compliment Vermy, than two or three decent centre backs

  37. Arsenal Tom

    sol needs to stay big time, ive heard after the wigan game he went crazy at the team for about half an hour with wengers ok telling what a crock of shit it was

  38. samir masri


    Don’t you think ten years is a long wait?

    But I Expect us To win something withing the next 2 years or so.

  39. jaygooner

    E4 Paul; Agree entirely. Arsenal FC arent stupid, the new contract Cesc signed has a 2009 start date, so even IF and its a huge IF, Cesc were to go down the Webster route, no lawyer worth his his salt would touch it as a case that could be won. Rubbish story continuing the frankly nauseating tactics Barcacuntulunya and their media lackeys are employing.

  40. GoonerJohn


    Walcott for Remy. What’s the problem?
    When will you people stop talking about walcott like he’s the next English legend? It’s been 4 years, how much good games has he played for us? I think he’s just an overrated winger who doesn’t understand the game and never will. He doesn’t deserve to be playing for us. He’s 21 now, we should give him one more season maybe, or send him out on loan and decide wether to keep him or not next year.

  41. terry

    we are the team that need the maximum signings this season specially if cecs leaves

    wenger has got a busy summer this season

  42. GoonerJohn

    Still one week to go before the WC starts, it should get interesting now, assuming wenger didn’t lie to us when he said he will sign before the WC

  43. darrenchallis

    Great post… Cesc needs to give us one more season and one more push for silverware he owes that much and Wenger needs to spend the next fews months and indeed the next year preparing for life without Cesc if that is the case and they can’t persuade him to stay. He needs to sign all of the above players and ship out the dead wood, its good to see we are being linked with some big strong players. Ballagay was on talkshite this morning prattling on about Yaya not coming to Arsenal because Wenger wanted hin to play at CB, where does this guy get this bollocks from, if he is not joining us it becuase of cash plain and simple.

  44. Simo

    What Walcott needs is playing time! stick him in the reserves as a striker and let him build some confidence or put him on loan for 3 months!

  45. wardo


    Read my post again…..I said win 9 trophies in the next 5-6 years.

    Then in 10 years time, all the footie players would want to play for Arsenal.

    Basically, players want to play for Real Madrid / Barca because of the historic success……..for Arsenal to have the same influence, we need to win consistant trophies over the next 6 years…

  46. Simo

    If Cesc was Adebayor we would be baying for his blood by now!
    Pedro explained it best yesterday in terms of contracts and if he wishes to leave he should be made to pay all the cash back we gave him a year ago to sign the long term contract

  47. Bernard Baines

    This is on sky sports transfer centre with the beautiful Arsenal badge next to it. . . .. . . .

    “Toure agrees Prem switch
    Yaya Toure’s agent claims his client will be playing in England next season, with a deal already agreed.”

  48. Gunneroo

    When the hell did i say that he is the next english legend. I couldnt give a sh*t if he does cause im not english, so i only care about him when he puts on the red & white. Walcott has something that we need to harness and put to our advantage. It is only the mis-management of his role in the team that has hindered his ability.

  49. gambon


    Why would i be kidding?

    Walcott is useless, Capello now agrees, Keown now agrees, Eriksson now agrees. Hes possibly the most over hyped & overrated player in the history of the game.

  50. gambon

    The only thing that walcott has is pace.

    Remy is just as quick as him, but much taller, more powerful, better finisher, more creative.

  51. Geoff

    Simo, I have often said the only person who benefits from a long term contract is the player, as he gets a massive pay rise, arsenal.com were boasting they signed Ramsey to a new 6 year deal, why? He already had 3 years left on his last one, and he has a broken leg.

    If he wanted to leave, we would let him. No balls our Arsene.

  52. A

    Yep Simo, Wenger said that there would definitely be one signing before the world cup, and that’s chamakh

  53. darrenchallis

    gambon. I 100% agree with you there. That what we need this season and Walcott needs to get to the weight room if he has any future anywhere. Remy wants to come to Arsenal he is not hedging his bets and flirting elsewhere, he’s the man. Same goes for Richards he got Arsenal DNA!

  54. A

    Of course it does Turtle.

    Wenger said that there would be one definite signing before the world cup, and that was chamakh.

    He was the only definite. There may be someone else before it starts, there may not be until after

  55. Geoff

    A, he also said he wouldn’t buy after the World Cup as the prices go up, so what does that mean for us then???

  56. B.Zs.

    Great post Geoff!

    I can agree with you, the best way should be to keep our captain, and bring some quality to the team, we need to show to the world who we are!

  57. Arsene Nose Best

    what’s there to decide if everything has been agreed,did they set this deal up behind wengers back or something???????????/

  58. Gunneroo


    The only thing that they agree on is that Walcott hasnt reached his potential. Thats the fault of the people around him. Do u think beckham would have been who he is if he had Phil Brown as his manager??? I think not. If u want to rid of Walcott, how bout we get someone other than a no-name from a mediocre league!!!

    If the media would stop repeating Walcotts performance that night in Croatia, then he would be able to work on his game rather than everybody automatically thinking he was a high-profile player…even though his salary begs to differ 🙂

  59. Simo

    Pray it is a keeper! I cannot bear the thought of another season with Alumina or Flappy in goal!

    He is going to have to buy if Sol, Gallas and dolphin head all go!

  60. Arsene Nose Best

    what’s there to decide if everything has been agreed,did they set this deal up behind wengers back or something???????????/

  61. Simo

    Turtle, if a player coming back from injury is like a new signing for wenger free or not he is definitly a new signing!

  62. henry14

    Morning all,

    I think we have to come to terms with seeing Almunia for another season.

    I would put money on there not being a keeper purchased – nothing he has said or done leads me to belive he won’t be in goal next year.

    Wenger has said himself 1/2 more – he said that after the Chamkah signing – so we are looking at 2 max and they both have to be defenders really if we lose Gallas, Sylvestre and Campbell.

    I have a horrible feeling Sylvestre will get another year if Campbell signs for Celtic.

    We might get JC purely as he’s free – he said he always says he’ll do something if the deal is right on top of what he has said he’ll buy but i am still dubious this will happen.

  63. henry14

    Wenger is still convinced he can win the league with the team he has, Almunia in goal and 1/2 additions.

    He’s deluded as we all know – we’ll win nothing again next season – again as we all know.

    It just depends on how long we can stay in touching distance to be honest. This season we lasted till April, 2008/09 we were out by November but ultimatley the same season repeated.

  64. Ricardo

    Fuck Xavi – they will take that -Cesc is his replacement.

    Offer 20 mil. for Messi and we will chuck-in Ebay and Denilson

  65. henry14

    1 thing you can be sure about by the way is Wenger balancing the books.

    He won’t go out and spend £30M and not even that out with players out.

    I can never imagine him doing that EVER – just going out and spanking £30M and leaving it at that.

    If Fab doesn’t balance the books i can see a surpise coming.

    Maybe Arshavin off for £18M and JC on a free with the £18 coving off what he has spent on defenders.

  66. vica

    good post geoff…
    but i have to disagree with you on IW
    he’s doing the right thing..and i think he shares the view of all of us….we all know wenger is getting it all wrong with his youth policy..
    and IW’s just trying to make the same point….
    maybe he’s just frustrated of wenger’s arrogance,,,
    ..just like the rest of us…

  67. henry14

    If you were Cesc and you sat down and Wenger said – “Don’t worry Cesc i have Koshilney or whatever the fuck his name is coming in for £4M”

    What would you think?

    I would think – is this cunt for real? I am off.

    He refuses to buy established, world class, prime players.

    He will NEVER do it. He doesn’t have it in him to make a signing like that.

    Next season will be a Carbon copy of this one.

    Personally i think the best case scenario for Arsenal is to keep Cesc for 1 more year, make sure we get Champions league again next season.

    Wenger goes end of next year when his contract is up, Cesc follows for £45M and the new manager has a decent transfer kitty to bring his own team in and then we can move forward on the football side.

  68. Le Grove lol!

    Project youth hasn’t worked…
    How many guys from the youth make it anyway?!
    We need Coquelin for the future!

    Lol i mean LMAO!!!!

  69. Arse&Nose

    Big news day today!

    I’ll spend all night on newsnow pressing F5…and when nothing happens I’ll be here bitching about it tomorrow.

  70. skandibird

    Geoff Geoff; I do ”love” you…. on a Friday your post is exactly what I needed – cheering me up with positive words, no slating or slagging off, but honesty about current situation/s. I’m feeling somewhat more hopeful to-day; according to one site, Chelsea has withdrawn their contract offer to Cole so possibility of the rumour that he has agreed to join Arsenal FC? YaYa can YoYo off back to Barca as far as I am concerned, don’t want him in an Arsenal shirt. Another site claims that Arsenal are favorites to sign Robert Green?, I don’t mind that all, he is good when the defence is good. All in all if Arsene signed; Green, Konciesky, Cole and Courcuff (spelling) I would be very happy and add Cahill to that and I would be more than satisfied!

  71. henry14

    In fact thinking about it, i could see Maureen cleaning up next season, Guardiola getting canned and Wenger managing Barca.

  72. Thierry Henry is god

    Oh and by the way, someone mentioned that we needed a big chump to take care of Drogba and Davies.

    Honestly, it’s far more important to have someone that can read the game and break a situation before it goes to a man vs man between the likes of Drogba or Davies.

  73. A

    Geoff he never said he won’t buy after the world cup, he just said that prices CAN rise after the world cup, so in some circumstances it would be better to buy before.

    He would never say that he’s not going to buy after the world cup, that would be ridiculous

  74. terry

    we should sign gourcuff(21.5m), veloso(12m), flamini(7m), taylor(5m), richards(8m)
    keep cecs
    sell denileson (we cant wait till he improves…which will never happen)
    sell eddy and buy remy
    sell traore and all the wast from the reserves
    send wilshare, jet and some other players on loan
    we have 40m transfer budget …
    plus we can generate funds from sales of players …
    for one time wneger must not think about profit…

    if we buy the above players we will win the premier league next season …

    then if cecs wants to leave he can leave for 80m+..

  75. wardo

    WTF is going on here……its gone 11:10 on a friday and not once joke from DDM, BBK or Nick……..

  76. A

    terry we need a quality centre back – either richards or taylor would be fine as a sub/squad player, but neither are anywhere near ready to be a regular for a title challenging team.

    Currently the most important acquisition imo is Vermy’s partner, and we have to find the right man for that job, and not get in anyone just alright, like taylor or cahill, or not very good like richards.

  77. Arsenal Tom

    simo… if we offer decent money like 10m and he wants to come he’ll leave. he knows given will be first choice, and he could be ours for the next 15 years

  78. Big Dave

    If a tinpot club like L’Oreient wont take 8.5 mill then they can fuck off and we will go elsewhere to do our work

    Yaya is a greedy fucker, who ever crosses his palm with silver gets him

  79. Arsene Nose Best

    a if players like denilson song walcott diaby can play in a team thats going for the league,richards can aswell,

  80. A

    Arsenal Tom, you mean first choice for 6 months, before he makes a couple of mistakes, confidence goes to shit, and he follows Carson/Foster/Robinson/Wright as “the next England number one for the next 15 years” to end up average at best….

    We CANNOT take a massive risk on yet another over hyped young English keeper, especially after getting our fingers burnt with Wright, and the fact that not a single one of the similarly hyped keepers has made it big.

    No more risks, no more potential – we need proven quality, and especially in that position more than any other

  81. Rocky89

    Morning all

    What’s this latest about Cesc being able to buy himself out of his contract with us for 28m? If that is true then we should let him go for as much as we can. If he really is that desparate to leave then no point in holding on to him.

    Secondly based on the AFC statement from Ivan, you would have to say it is amateur night in the Boardroom They could end up with serious egg on face. 28m is less than Barca have offered. Any thoughts?

  82. A

    ANB Song can, and Diaby can, both are far better than Richards, who’s behind onuha now as a centre back at city, and worse than both sagna and eboue at right back.

    We need a first choice centre back to partner vermy, not average english players

  83. Arsenal Tom

    no A i meant for choice for 15 years, he’s got balls allot more than bottlers like carson, and he’s not fat or a crock like robinson and foster so can play consistently.

    who would you realistically have instead?

  84. Arsene Nose Best

    joe harts no worse then both almoonia and fabianski,infact he is better then both of them.

  85. A

    Anyone AT – until he’s played three seasons you and I have absolutely no idea about his balls and his consistency. Robinson looked amazing for a couple of years, people were calling him world class before the last world cup! carson, foster and wright all had one/two seasons where they were amazing, no worse than hart was this season and last.

    Until a single hyped English keeper has made it, I don’t want us to spend any sort of big money on any of them, far too big a risk.

    I’d much rather Rob Green, who isn’t top quality, but he’s a good premier league, and experienced keeper, who isn’t going to completely go to shit, as any young and largely untested keeper could very easily.

  86. A

    Although I’d rather someone better, buffon or frey, or even try and steal reina, but i fear all those are just fantasy ideas

  87. Thierry Henry is god

    To be honest, we don’t need Joe Hart right now. We need a keeper that is 30+ that has the presence to dominate and dictate his defence and not do any howlers. That’s enough.

    I believe in Wojciech Szczęsny for the future, but for the coming 2-3 years we need someone to lead by example and get rid of Al and Flappy, and play Szczęsny as second keeper for a while under someone, like Green or James, an old fuck who knows how to scream his lungs out.

  88. Simo

    What has happened to our great club? oh for the days when we had Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Viera, Lundy

  89. darrenchallis

    ManU and the Chavs have proved in recent seasons, you do not win the PL without a International world class experienced keeper. This in the area we are lacking in and need to address, There is no point in signing Hart or even Green it would be too much pressure for them and yes they could go the way of Robinson and Wright before for us. We need a Buffon or even a Schwarzer Arsenal need a keeper who is in his mit to late 30s.

  90. A

    Yeah I agree THIG – we need someone who has experience, who will instill confidence in the defence, and help to organise it. NOT a young unproven keeper still learning his trade

  91. iceman

    I have a really bad feeling. For the past 3 months Arsenal have been linked with 100 or more players, some cheap and some overpriced. We make noises, put in stingy bids, get knocked back and it all fizzles out. Then, on the horizon appears Chamakh. Tall, fast useful in the air and FREE. We immediately make it known that he is the one we’ve been waiting for. Joe Cole’s head pops up on the same horizon and again we are heavily linked. Why? Could it be because he is FREE! Now today we’ve been tipped to take the next ‘Messi’ and surprise, surprise he’s…FREE! Now, call me an old cynic, but isn’t there a disturbing pattern emerging here? The only player we have actually bid for is that CB in France and we go and bid almost 4 million under the asking price!