JC looking good / Theo Verdict / Cesc Nokia 7110 similarities

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So after Geoff’s emotive plea for a bit of management from Arsenal’s highly paid team of specialists, finally it came.

‘Yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.’

The statement went onto say that we weren’t considering any type of counter proposal either. So basically, there it is… Cesc is staying.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Cesc meeting with Wenger went amicably. There were no tantrums or strops. So one would imagine that Wenger laid down the law and told Cesc he wasn’t leaving unless Arsenal received £89million (Graham Hunter) and that he should stay because bench warming is for girls… and an offer of £35million indicates that’s what they see him as.

If Cesc really wants to leave, I feel for him… I truly do. When I was 18 years old I was desperate to buy my first mobile phone. The nokia 7110 was the answer to all my dreams, it had WAP functionality, a cool snap down answer thingy and most importantly, the eagerly anticipated sequel to snake… snake 2.

Bad ass...

In my haste to acquire the said phone, I signed myself into the worst 2 year contract you could imagine. After my second phone bill wiped out my £132 monthly salary from the One Stop convenience store I rang up the phone company to cancel the contract. They turned to me and said,

‘You owe us 22 months worth of line rental if you want to do that.’

Yep, I signed the deal, I had to stick it out. Why should it be any different for Cesc? He liked our WAP gadgetry and roll menu application when he signed the deal… he can bloody well stick it out despite someone waving a shiny iphone in his face.

The only downer on this whole episode is Cesc’s motivation. If he truly believed he was going to leave and my source has it wrong, how will that affect his attitude next season? If your wife said you couldn’t leave her for Megan Fox… would you take the bins out when she asked you to?

Good on Arsenal anyway, that statement was the best thing I’ve read on the official site since reading about Mr Clubb and Mr Levell… you remember… how their names sounds like Club Level?! Wasn’t that funny eh? Crazy times at Arsenal Web HQ…

Maybe next time, Arsenal could quell the speculation early? That’d be nice wouldn’t it. Far more productive than sending a world of Gooners into a blind panic for two weeks.

Now we can crack on with our summer, sign some top class players and make sure next summer Cesc decides he can’t possibly leave because we’re treble winners and any other club would be a step down.

I’d still be very wary of Barcelona’s public humiliation though.They are now 2-0 down to the Madridstas in the battle for the summer… I hope they’re not planning some crazy double swoop for Almunia and Denilson. A revenge attack like that would be most unwelcome and for some Gooners, more hard to stomach than losing Cesc, Paddy and Henry in some mega cheese induced nightmare…

Pray to the footballing gods they leave us be…

There are mixed rumours concerning Joe Cole today. The Metro said he’s signed up, the Mirror said Joe Cole hasn’t spoken to anyone and intends not to until after the World Cup. Not that it matters if Joe Cole has spoken to Arsenal, it’s hardly going to stop negotiations, Adebayor’s agents did a pretty good job sealing the City deal without speaking to the player until he arrived back in the country.

If I was Joe’s agent, I’d be signing him up now… a month is a long time for the English version of Rosicky to go without picking up a nasty injury.

That said, I’m of the opinion Cole’s agents will be speaking to people right now… I’m more inclined to believe Harry Redknapp when he says a deal has probably been struck than a journo… after all, Harry has probably enquired. It’s amazing how the same people who slag off the media suck up to journalists on twitter and hang off their every word… like some how they’re not part of the media if they’ve got a twitter account?

My thoughts on Theo won’t be new to many of you. I’ve been hugely disappointed with his contribution over the last few seasons. I can’t stand the excuses. How low have we sunk when Gooners are blaming Stuart Pearce for picking him in a competition he had every right to pick him for? Surely Theo was thankful for the opportunity… after all, he only played 29 games (His record) the season before.

I’m not going to beat Theo up over this, but I think it shows that Wenger can’t fool everyone. Our wing wizard needs to take this opportunity to refocus his career and work harder than ever to prove critics like me wrong. I’m desperate for him to prove himself a world-class player and he should take strength from the fact that Aaron Lennon used to get similar flak and he’s turned things around.

If that little turd can do it, so can you Theo!

I’m in Amsterdam over the weekend, I’m on a pro bono scouting mission for Arsenal.  I’ll mostly be checking out Dutch right back sensation Gregory van der Wiel. The young Ajax right back is available this summer for the tiny sum of around £4million according to some in the press.

He just landed young player of the year in Holland and can play at centre back as well. He’s a good defender and he can cross a ball unlike our current right back. With Eboue possibly looking to move on and Sagna talking in a slutty manner about Inter Milan, Van Der Wiel could be a terrific option for the Gooners. His idol as a kid was Robin Van Persie but he dreams of becoming as good as Daniel Alves,

“We do have the same style, we both play the whole right flank. Creating combinations, taking a man on, crossing the ball in and scoring. I feel much better on the flank than centrally. My ambitions are open.

I’ll let you know how I get on, in the mean time,  if anyone knows any good strip clubs, bars or coffee shops museums or places of great historical interest, please let me know in the comments section.

See you in the comments section!

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  1. A

    eboue is a good player, and most fans are happy with that quality of player.

    we didn’t sign yaya because we couldn’t get a work permit, nothing to do with choosing one over the other, yaya and eboue are very different players anyway!

    Real pity we couldn’t get the work permit though, he would’ve been quality for us.

    eboue would be a squad player for both chelsea and utd, as well as barca, who want to sign him currently, he’s very underrated as an all round footballer, and utility player

  2. Jaguar

    Mark Gooner,I think Eboue is one of the best right backs in England.But the hypocrite tinkerman doesnt want to play him there.


    he may be one of the best right backs in england if glen johnson is the pinnacle

    i know that yaya and aboue are totally different players, but it was never down to a work permit just wengers decesion

    eboue is a decent squaddie thats all
    he can run better with the ball then theo can, but who cant
    he’s end product is wank, and he is a cheat


    i dont hate eboue, he does try his best

    there are at least 5 players in our squad that need replacing ahead of him

    im just sayin in order to get back to the great days you need great players and he is not that

  5. A

    mark it was completely down to work permit, wenger wanted him, couldn’t get work permit, so had to send him packing after a couple of weeks.

    real pity.

    eboue is a squad player, and if the invincibles had had him in the squad as a squad player they would have been stronger….


    A he already had a european work permit as he was playeing at beveren in belgium

    if wenger had really wanted him at that time he would have got him

    i dont blame wenger at the time we had vieia, parlour, edu

    its like you said A its a pity seeing what a good player he has turned into

  7. Stu

    The invincibles didnt need squad players because noone ever got injured. I cant help but feel it was because of the winning feeling. Noone complains about injuries when everything is going well.

    Well…either that or the fact that most of the invincibles were over 6ft.

  8. Honest Bill

    these injuries are a joke that’s for sure. I’m so glad they are trying something new to try to combat this.. I’m actually pretty shocked that they didn’t think to implement it before.

  9. A

    Mark you don’t need a work permit to play in Belgium.

    Yaya couldn’t get a work permit, so there was no way that he could have played in England, and at that point we weren’t in a position to organise something like we did with Vela, where we signed him technically, but sent him off on loan to spain until he was able to get one.

    Wenger is not bigger than the British legal system unfortunately, so regardless of whether Wenger’s life depended on it, Yaya could never have come to England at that time!

  10. Honest Bill

    Mark Gooner. It’s too consistent a problem to be attributable to luck.

    You may be right about the smaller players though.

  11. A

    The invincibles had justin hoyte as back up right back, eboue would have made the squad stronger….

    keown was completely finished then


    A just wondering where you get your information from is it the internet

    i was quite involved with the club up untill the emirates move and i can tell you that wenger felt we wasnt desperate for that type of player at that stage

    why would we trial a guy that we know we will have problems signing

  13. A

    HB the leg breaks/impact injuries have to be put down to luck, because any player would suffer a similar fate with the same tackle on them.

    Teams going in harder on us because of the mentality that that’s how you beat us will contribute, but alot of it must be luck.

    With muscle injuries though something needs to be done, and hopefully is

  14. A

    Mark Wenger said it plain and clear in an interview. It’s on Arsenal TV online somewhere, I’d imagine you’d be able to find it.

    We’ve had a fair few players on trial over the years who we’ve then had to wait to get a work permit for, or havn’t been able to, as alot of English clubs do. Work permits are far from that easy to get in England.

  15. Stu

    I had believed the work permit reason for not signing Yaya until now. It does make sense that it would be pointless to trial a player we had no hope of getting a permit for.


    A i dont want to sound like billy big bollocks but up until 2004 i was head of commercial assets at arsenal for 11 years and had meetings monthly with wenger and members of the board
    yaya toure was not signed for no other reason other then the manager not wanting him,
    trust me part of my job entailed looking at players permits and background checks

    im still in contact with quite a few people at the club and have heard on very good authority that joe cole is done and dusted

  17. A

    mark no offence but you said just now that “he already had a european work permit as he was playeing at beveren in belgium”

    which shows a surprising lack of knowledge of the British work permit system for someone who’s job entailed looking at permits etc – i thought even most football fans knew how those worked, 75% of games in x number of years, fifa ranking etc, and all exclusive to players coming into Britain….

    I’m not saying you’re lying, just that it seems weird, along with Wenger saying a couple of years ago very clearly that he wanted yaya but couldn’t get him because of work permit

  18. A

    stu that happens often.

    you don’t know whether you’ll be able to get a work permit for a player on appeal, special talent visa it’s called now, until you apply and make a case for it, and you wouldn’t apply until you have agreed a deal to sign the player.

    The club would have thought they could have gotten one on appeal, but ultimately failed

  19. Gunneroo

    Eboue is better in attack, but sagna is better in defence.

    Eboue is a RM, Sagna a RB.

    Who cares who AW buys, as long as they are a CB and GK we’ll understand that even he can see our problems. And lets face it, when has AW upset us with a transfer that he HAS made???

  20. Gunneroo

    Sagna and Clichy can cross, the only problem is they do it when they havent controlled the ball prioir. Look at when they have time on the ball, and their crosses are good. But when they run onto the ball and cross it with their first touch, thats when they start picking people in the crowd.

  21. ethangunner

    patthegooner says:
    June 3, 2010 at 17:56

    Its all speculation.

    none of us have any idea of what Cesc said to Arsene.
    well i think we can safely say by cesc’s reaction to the converastion , about the best he’s ever had .. arsene 🙂

    id say from the rumors based on him wanting to leave , his dad etc, we was asking wenger to leave ..

    and by the warm fuzzy feeling he had at the interview id say he thought things worked out in his favor ..

    Do not take WE WONT SELL CESC AT ANY COST , at face value .. this is just a tactic to get the VALUATION ..nothing more …

  22. ethangunner

    and if cesc really wants out now ..
    like he said if ever he would leave he would approach wenger and ask to leave , if this all blows up in his face and is made to stay , how effective a captain is he ?

    once this element has crept into his game id prefer cesc just resigns from captain even if he does remain .

    i wouldnt want someone as a captain if his heart isnt at the club .

    cesc will leave .. im sure ..
    unless barca is skint ..

    wenger doesnt want a want a way at the club , he knows keeping him on will only encourage others to leave for greener pastures ..

  23. ethangunner

    the only way wenger can savage any team morale is to sell cesc , and do his talking in the transfer market ..

    at least players like RVP – AA23 – Rosicky and co .. TV
    maybe gallas . will see some endeavor at the club ..

    keep cesc & we will fail another season .
    sell him , and make changes..& it could be just what the doctor ordered and the shake up we need to see some results next season .

  24. ethangunner

    bye bye fab2 or big al

    Arsenal have secured the availability of young keeper Emilio Damián Martínez after the Argentine was granted a work permit.

    The 17-year-old stopper signed for the Gunners following a trial last August, but has only just received the permit that makes him available for Arsenal U18s next season and higher if needed.

    Arsenal blog site Young Guns had previously revealed that Arsene Wenger had landed the Argentine U17 international, who returned to parent club Independiente following his initial signing.

    The Gunners then invited Martinez back to north London a few months back, confident that they would be able to secure the necessary paperwork for the talented teenager.

    Martinez becomes available as of July 1st, and is expected to become the number one next season for the Academy side.

  25. MickyDidIt89

    Morning all.
    WC Top Scorer. Five or six should do it, so I’m looking for a player who might bag a hatrick in group stage. Spain have Switzerland and Honduras. Who takes their pens. Alonso or Villa, and how fit is Torres (in an ungay way)?

  26. MickyDidIt89

    Assuming Joe Cole comes, and AA sticks with 4-3-3, and he goes out left, is that curtains for Theo as presumably AA will have to go right?

  27. A

    Micky Joe Cole would just go into the rotation I’d imagine. Certainly not curtains for Theo, not anyone else.

    There won’t be any guaranteed starters, even Arshavin will spend time on the bench.

    Arshavin, Nasri, Theo, Rosicky, Vela, Cole will all rotate, and eduardo too if he stays!

  28. MickyDidIt89

    And a very good morning to you too Mr Menace. So its your day for good news. Private lock-in at the Che, is it?

  29. Rohan

    I’m telling all of ye. RvP to be top scorer at 20-1 is the best bet there is…
    So is Bendy at 100/1. 🙂

  30. MickyDidIt89

    Rohan: Bendy top scorer for Denmark, yes, but I can’t see Denmark scoring five. RVP, agree.

  31. dennisdamenace

    G’day MDI89, the news is the meeting today, whether there’s an announcement i’m in the darl as much as you!

    And, unfortunately my contact is now away on his holidays, so i can’t even plug him for the outcome of said meeting today!!!!

  32. MickyDidIt89

    DDM: I know not to which meeting you refer, but if it has anything to do with the lock-in, can you take a mate?

  33. chippy

    Morning old bean still havent got that Gin yet !! Is the meeting to do with incoming transfer targets do you know?

  34. dennisdamenace

    chippy – Get ya finger out fella, Hendricks with diet tonic, lime, loads of ice and a stick of cucumber in this weather is oral stimulation 😯

    The meeting is for AW to say yes or no to signing Joe Cole. EVERYTHING else has been agreed, except whether the manager definitely wants him…..;;

  35. MickyDidIt89

    The name “Jimmy Rimmer” has more of a “ring” to it these days than it would have back then!

  36. Rohan

    Thomas Bendtner is Nicklas’ dad. Good ol’ Arsene once referred to NikkiB as Thomas. I think that’s where it all started.