JC looking good / Theo Verdict / Cesc Nokia 7110 similarities

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So after Geoff’s emotive plea for a bit of management from Arsenal’s highly paid team of specialists, finally it came.

‘Yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.’

The statement went onto say that we weren’t considering any type of counter proposal either. So basically, there it is… Cesc is staying.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Cesc meeting with Wenger went amicably. There were no tantrums or strops. So one would imagine that Wenger laid down the law and told Cesc he wasn’t leaving unless Arsenal received £89million (Graham Hunter) and that he should stay because bench warming is for girls… and an offer of £35million indicates that’s what they see him as.

If Cesc really wants to leave, I feel for him… I truly do. When I was 18 years old I was desperate to buy my first mobile phone. The nokia 7110 was the answer to all my dreams, it had WAP functionality, a cool snap down answer thingy and most importantly, the eagerly anticipated sequel to snake… snake 2.

Bad ass...

In my haste to acquire the said phone, I signed myself into the worst 2 year contract you could imagine. After my second phone bill wiped out my £132 monthly salary from the One Stop convenience store I rang up the phone company to cancel the contract. They turned to me and said,

‘You owe us 22 months worth of line rental if you want to do that.’

Yep, I signed the deal, I had to stick it out. Why should it be any different for Cesc? He liked our WAP gadgetry and roll menu application when he signed the deal… he can bloody well stick it out despite someone waving a shiny iphone in his face.

The only downer on this whole episode is Cesc’s motivation. If he truly believed he was going to leave and my source has it wrong, how will that affect his attitude next season? If your wife said you couldn’t leave her for Megan Fox… would you take the bins out when she asked you to?

Good on Arsenal anyway, that statement was the best thing I’ve read on the official site since reading about Mr Clubb and Mr Levell… you remember… how their names sounds like Club Level?! Wasn’t that funny eh? Crazy times at Arsenal Web HQ…

Maybe next time, Arsenal could quell the speculation early? That’d be nice wouldn’t it. Far more productive than sending a world of Gooners into a blind panic for two weeks.

Now we can crack on with our summer, sign some top class players and make sure next summer Cesc decides he can’t possibly leave because we’re treble winners and any other club would be a step down.

I’d still be very wary of Barcelona’s public humiliation though.They are now 2-0 down to the Madridstas in the battle for the summer… I hope they’re not planning some crazy double swoop for Almunia and Denilson. A revenge attack like that would be most unwelcome and for some Gooners, more hard to stomach than losing Cesc, Paddy and Henry in some mega cheese induced nightmare…

Pray to the footballing gods they leave us be…

There are mixed rumours concerning Joe Cole today. The Metro said he’s signed up, the Mirror said Joe Cole hasn’t spoken to anyone and intends not to until after the World Cup. Not that it matters if Joe Cole has spoken to Arsenal, it’s hardly going to stop negotiations, Adebayor’s agents did a pretty good job sealing the City deal without speaking to the player until he arrived back in the country.

If I was Joe’s agent, I’d be signing him up now… a month is a long time for the English version of Rosicky to go without picking up a nasty injury.

That said, I’m of the opinion Cole’s agents will be speaking to people right now… I’m more inclined to believe Harry Redknapp when he says a deal has probably been struck than a journo… after all, Harry has probably enquired. It’s amazing how the same people who slag off the media suck up to journalists on twitter and hang off their every word… like some how they’re not part of the media if they’ve got a twitter account?

My thoughts on Theo won’t be new to many of you. I’ve been hugely disappointed with his contribution over the last few seasons. I can’t stand the excuses. How low have we sunk when Gooners are blaming Stuart Pearce for picking him in a competition he had every right to pick him for? Surely Theo was thankful for the opportunity… after all, he only played 29 games (His record) the season before.

I’m not going to beat Theo up over this, but I think it shows that Wenger can’t fool everyone. Our wing wizard needs to take this opportunity to refocus his career and work harder than ever to prove critics like me wrong. I’m desperate for him to prove himself a world-class player and he should take strength from the fact that Aaron Lennon used to get similar flak and he’s turned things around.

If that little turd can do it, so can you Theo!

I’m in Amsterdam over the weekend, I’m on a pro bono scouting mission for Arsenal.  I’ll mostly be checking out Dutch right back sensation Gregory van der Wiel. The young Ajax right back is available this summer for the tiny sum of around £4million according to some in the press.

He just landed young player of the year in Holland and can play at centre back as well. He’s a good defender and he can cross a ball unlike our current right back. With Eboue possibly looking to move on and Sagna talking in a slutty manner about Inter Milan, Van Der Wiel could be a terrific option for the Gooners. His idol as a kid was Robin Van Persie but he dreams of becoming as good as Daniel Alves,

“We do have the same style, we both play the whole right flank. Creating combinations, taking a man on, crossing the ball in and scoring. I feel much better on the flank than centrally. My ambitions are open.

I’ll let you know how I get on, in the mean time,  if anyone knows any good strip clubs, bars or coffee shops museums or places of great historical interest, please let me know in the comments section.

See you in the comments section!

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  1. zeus

    Vela scores?With the right foot? Typical. No pressure and not for Arsenal and he does that. Bet you he does little at the WC.

  2. Gooby

    David chamakh is a Morrocan, what does it matter if he was born in France?

    rio mavuba was born on a boat what does it make him?

  3. David

    How many top English talents are there Keyser?

    If there were many just oozing class im sure there would be more overseas.

    Because the best players want to play for the best clubs. Simple As.

    As Arsenal continue to win nothing our best players will continue to move on to better clubs.

    As it stands your best player for England is the only decent striker in the squad.

    God knows who the second best player is in a team filled to the brim of absolute cunts…

    The fact still remains that Gerrald wants out to Madrid and the fact that he’s leaving his boyhood club to greener pastures solidifies the argument.

  4. Keyser

    David – Gerrard’s 30 now, he’s been there his whole career and he hasn’t even left yet, I’m guessing he’s been pretty loyal to Liverpool.

  5. David

    So why would he want to leave now as opposed to last season or the season before that?

    Do you think it has anything to do with just missing out on the PL last season or the fact that they finished 7th? Or is he half spanish?

  6. Keyser

    David – He’s been linked with moves away from Anfield pretty much his whole career, it hasn’t suddenly happened this year. He hasn’t even left yet.

  7. David

    Really? Where was he linked to?

    I doubt Gerrard was linked with a move anywhere when he won the CL or when he just missed out in the EPL

  8. Mayank

    David even if Chamakh made the choice and it wasn’t a culture thing do you think he’s not good enough for France?

    English players rarely leave England, that’s a fact.

  9. Mayank

    The Cesc saga is very funny, no-one wants to miss out on the action. From every journalist to ex-player. Everyone wants to comment on the comments and non-comments made by the 3 parties involved.

  10. David

    And Spanish players rarely leave spain, Italians? Ditto.

    Germans….the list continues.

    We’re not talking bout nationality here.

    We’re talking bout the top talent.

    And regardless of nationality the top talents want to play in the top clubs.

    How many dutch players play in the dutch league?

    Do they love their country any less?

  11. Mayank

    Yes but there’s a difference between playing for a side that’s nothing in Europe and one going through a rough patch. I’m sure if we become just another top half team we’ll attract a different class of players but surely this isn’t the case right now> Moreover most players would think the reason for the financial strain are obvious and temporary.

  12. David

    We are still doing things on the cheap.

    Joe Cole —- Free.

    Chamakh —–Free.

    What suggests that the financial restraints are temporary?

  13. Mayank

    Getting good players for free isn’t really a bad thing is it? Sol was free.

    We’ll always be prudent, at least as long as we a have a board. But we’ll have a squad big enough to last the season and good enough to compete.

  14. gambon

    Well said Geoff.

    Wenger puts the development of his babies before the club, which is professional negligence.

  15. Keyser

    Yeah it’s shocking the way he’s treated Fabregas, thats a fucking laugh and a half.

    Has Ian Wright turned up..

  16. David

    Thats an agreable statement.

    But it doesnt answer the question.

    What makes you think the financial constraints are temporary?

    You think if we parted with 5m -6m for Chamakh in January it wouldve made much of a difference?

  17. Keyser

    David – You could argue it either way though and thats the point, if we’d spent 5-6 million on Chamkah in January can you say without doubt that would have been enough ?!

  18. David

    Its also laughable that Wenger can sacrifice fabregas in a supposed “must win” against Aston Villa but Van Piersie warms the bench against Spurs.

  19. David

    Ok…let me put it another way….

    Is it financial constraints? Or is it our obsession with doing things on the cheap?

  20. Confidentgoner

    Who else is watching Ozil of germany strut his stuff against Boznia? He is really good! Why, we have two players that can replace Cesc: Gorcuff and Ozil!

  21. Mayank

    David it’s a question no-one here can answer. Evidence points another way though. A £150m investment hardly goes amiss does it?

    If I was Wenger and obsessed with some crazy policy, I’d have implemented it straight away. We were 12th under Rioch, expectation must’ve been lower. Competition was lesser as well.

  22. RT.Z

    Yaya Toure closer to Manchester City switch as midfielder’s agent demands talks with Barcelona

    Yaya Toure’s agent is set for showdown talks with Barcelona amid reports that the player has all but agreed a move to Manchester City.

    Chelsea were thought to be the midfielder’s preferred destination, but radio reports in Catalonia say the Ivory Coast international will instead team up with his brother Kolo at Eastlands if the clubs can agree a fee.

    City are believed to be prepared to offer a better salary than Chelsea, who are trying to keep wages under control in their bid to become financially self sufficient.

    Arsenal were also interested and would have considered a part-exchange as part of Barcelona’s plan to sign Cesc Fabregas, but the Barca outcast is cool on going to the Emirates Stadium. Manchester United have also been linked.

    Pep Guardiola does not want to lose the midfielder, but cannot guarantee him first-team football and will reluctantly sanction his sale for the right price.

    Toure’s agent Dimitri Selcuk is due at the Nou Camp for talks with technical secretary Txiki Begiristain before the weekend to thrash out a price which the Spanish champions would find acceptable.

    City boss Roberto Mancini has been keen to sign a holding midfielder since the winter, when bids for Real Madrid’s Fernando Gago and Parma’s McDonald Mariga failed.


  23. David

    Well Mayank

    As they say the evidence is in the pudding.

    Wenger didnt start off with a crazy policy in Monaco either.

  24. TinTin

    will Essien come back the same player though his been nearly as injury prone as rosicky in the last couple of years!!

  25. Keyser

    David – What are you on about ? What sort of pudding is it ?!

    What do people know of what went on at Monaco ?!

  26. Mayank

    The Monaco thing is one that confuses me does any one has confirmed details about the situation there. Or is it just a stick that everyone uses to beat Wenger with.

  27. Mayank

    So Wenger is just a man who likes to first razzle dazzle the fans into thinking they have the best team in the world and then suck the life out of them? You’re giving Wenger too much credit if you think he can really control the fate of a team to that extent.

  28. David

    Stick to beat Wenger with?


    Wow 5th and 12th is some distance Mayank.

    Your argument loses some credibility. I was starting to think Wenger was really the shinning light in our darkest era….taking us from 12th to 2nd…is much different from taking us from 5th to 2nd.

    Why was Wenger sacked then?

  29. gambon


    I would say he tries to win things initially, but once he feels secure & unsackable he cant help trying his mental project.

    A bit like frankenstein. If you let your room out to him he would probably be a great lodger for a few years, but you know sooner or later he’ll be exhuming bodies.

  30. TinTin

    can’t see joe cole going to liverpool apart from the fact they’re in the shiter i think he’d sooner stay in london if theres a offer on the table

  31. Mayank

    We were 12th a few years ago under Graham, in the PL’s first year.

    The point is not if I know why he left Monaco but if the people who mention it do…

  32. 78692

    Jim Jones (Arsenal) says…
    Just seen Steven Taylor at Arsenal Training ground and he is completing a deal worth about £6 million. Medical tomorrow

  33. KM

    Yaya to City? They’v already got Boateng as CB…to add to their squad…they are going to really threaten the top imo…if Mancini can get his act 2gether

  34. timao

    Jim Jones??? didn’t he die in an organised massacre in s.america, something to do with an unwanted mobile phone contract wasn’t it?

  35. David

    Whatever the reason Mayank

    The facts are clear

    Despite the fact that he was succesful at Monaco and Arsenal. This is not the first time he has embarked on a project youth before.

    He has said it many many times about his policy and beliefs and sees himself as a Johan Cryuff type of manager.

  36. Mayank

    Gambon, if you were following Arsenal at the end of Graham’s era where we’d finished below spuds, Wimbeldon et al. Had your manager sacked for a scam and with no real hope of silverware you’d accept a ‘project youth’ that guaranteed 3rd-4th? Never mind the league was way weaker then and we’d be up higher.

  37. RT.Z

    Juventus star Giorgio Chiellini is rumoured to be unhappy with his current deal sparking speculation that he could move to Arsenal

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has been linked in the past but would face competition for the signature of the 25 -year-old versatile Italian defender with Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger also thought to be keen and , as ever, Manchester City are also linked. The Juventus star is hoping to negotiate a new bumper contract at Juve and he will be hoping an eye catching World Cup with Italy will lead to a new deal or possibly a lucrative move.


  38. timao

    if you wanna be the best,
    if you wanna beat the rest
    oh oh oh speculation’s what you need!

    anyone who remembers watching Liam Brady must remember that one!

  39. gambon


    We arent guaranteed 3rd or 4th, we are being caught by those behind us.

    In 1993 we had no money whatsoever, now we have £130m in the bank, theres a big difference.

    Back then we spent all the money we had on players, now we dont spend a penny.

  40. Mayank

    Tony Adams even considered moving from Arsenal at that point!

    That’s all for tonight from me, catch you all later.

  41. David

    Worth noting that both times he failed and the fact that Fabregas wants out is a strong indication that its failing as well too.

  42. Mayank

    We’ve always had high attendances. Moreover, you’d rather we spent ourselves dry and finished between 5th to 10th than what has gone down in the past 5 season. Especially knowing the reason as to why it’s gone that way?

  43. timao

    David – i have lost count of the number of times Cesc has publicly committed his future to Arsenal. I don’t recall him once saying anything indicating he wants out. What are you on about?

  44. choy

    I thought wenger left monaco due to match fixing scandals in the league?

    Not his team but the other teams?

  45. timao

    apparently bayern wanted wenger but monaco refused to release him – then binned him after bayern appointed someone else, so he ended up in japan, according to wiki anyway

  46. Dutchman

    Haha, i have send that bullshit rumour.co.uk a message about cole 100% coming to arsenal and green and taylor too, and that they would not be the only one. There are some more signings after the WC. HAHA
    I said that i knew RvP’s brother.

  47. Jaguar

    Wenger is a deluded man,who is obsessed with his success. After guiding a team of quality professionals to success, he thinks that he can do the same with his favourite shit love children.After a few years,its likely that he will be more (in)famous for his trophyless years and favouritism than his past success.

  48. timao

    wenger has already achieved more than most football managers and his best years are ahead with the culmination of the emirates project and the drip feed of world class players from the academy. he is Arsenal’s most successful manager. show some respect.

  49. Arsene Nose Best

    wengers finished at arsenal,this summer will prove when we sign noone,chamakh is a shit signing aswell.

  50. Jaguar

    So would you like him to be our manager for the next ten years even if we dont win anything.Past success can never be used as an excuse.

  51. zeus

    If Yaya goes to City I will lose all respect for him. A club of little history with johnny come lately fans with deep pockets. And he chooses them over a CL club. Farcical. Mercenary.

  52. choy

    Gooby.. fantastic vid..

    what a player.. what a first touch!

    When is he coming back to Arsenal to train the strikers?!

  53. Stu

    Anyone know how Bergy is going at Ajax? Last i hear he was coaching the kids. I hope he is our manager one day….a successful one of course.


    03-04 we witnessed some amazing football by amazing players just saying the names viera, pires, bergkamp and theirry henry says it all


    i met dennis a few times towards the end of his career and i asked him everytime about would he like to manage arsenal one day and he would always say he would love to and that would be his aim if he went down the coaching route as he has

  56. Stu

    Even better Mark. We want him here and he wants to be here. Wonder what he will do about the flying though? Sleeping pill maybe?


    only when were old men will we fully appreciate what players the likes of dennis and theirry were, thierry especially, even in a team packed with world class players he stood out, by far the greatest player i have ever seen

    for 4-5 years he was the best by far and the most consistent player in that team


    from vieira to denilson
    from thierry to bentdner
    from pires to nasri

    from invincibles to invisibiles

  59. Arsene Nose Best

    i fucking appreciate them now,it’s like we are a completely different club these days.

  60. Arsene Nose Best

    sums it all up,we won’t never see the likes of football with the clowns we have nowadays

  61. Stu

    Its not fact though Jaguar. Calling someone a retard on a regular basis is an insult, whether they hear about it or not.


    we are completely different now adays
    it was always going to be a decline from the standard we set then, but the decline has been much bigger then any gooner would have thought of

    i got an email from the club yesterday and on the front page was a picture of eboue, denilson and eduardo

    say no more

  63. A

    Wenger is much less a spastic than those who call him spastics, imo….

    Yaya to City then, not a massive surprise. Barca are gonna sell half their squad to fund a move for Cesc, then get told to fuck off!


    yaya is good signing for city
    i would have loved to have seen him here, but after the fiasco with kolo it was always unlikely, add to the fact we like to do our shopping in poundstretcher its hardly suprising to see him sign elsewhere

    a midfield of yaya song gourcuff would have been top class

  65. Stu

    Yeah Jaguar, and im sure he had nothing to do with what we were before he turned us into a “joke”.

    I dunno A, i think if they get enough money Cesc will be sold.

  66. A

    Yeah stu/jaguar, to be fair i could see it happening maybe, though i’m still not sure they’ll offer that much even if they sell yaya and ibra.

    yeah agree mark, yaya would’ve been awesome but when kolo was flogged that was the end of any chance of it. very annoying


    even more annoying when u think that we chose eboue over yaya from beveren, i was at underhill and saw yaya play in a trial period, it has worked out a bad move

    why does aboue get such support from the crowd, it makes wenger think we are happy with that quality of player

    there are much worse players in our squad but he is still not good enough to play for a team with aspirations of winning the league