JC looking good / Theo Verdict / Cesc Nokia 7110 similarities

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So after Geoff’s emotive plea for a bit of management from Arsenal’s highly paid team of specialists, finally it came.

‘Yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.’

The statement went onto say that we weren’t considering any type of counter proposal either. So basically, there it is… Cesc is staying.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Cesc meeting with Wenger went amicably. There were no tantrums or strops. So one would imagine that Wenger laid down the law and told Cesc he wasn’t leaving unless Arsenal received £89million (Graham Hunter) and that he should stay because bench warming is for girls… and an offer of £35million indicates that’s what they see him as.

If Cesc really wants to leave, I feel for him… I truly do. When I was 18 years old I was desperate to buy my first mobile phone. The nokia 7110 was the answer to all my dreams, it had WAP functionality, a cool snap down answer thingy and most importantly, the eagerly anticipated sequel to snake… snake 2.

Bad ass...

In my haste to acquire the said phone, I signed myself into the worst 2 year contract you could imagine. After my second phone bill wiped out my £132 monthly salary from the One Stop convenience store I rang up the phone company to cancel the contract. They turned to me and said,

‘You owe us 22 months worth of line rental if you want to do that.’

Yep, I signed the deal, I had to stick it out. Why should it be any different for Cesc? He liked our WAP gadgetry and roll menu application when he signed the deal… he can bloody well stick it out despite someone waving a shiny iphone in his face.

The only downer on this whole episode is Cesc’s motivation. If he truly believed he was going to leave and my source has it wrong, how will that affect his attitude next season? If your wife said you couldn’t leave her for Megan Fox… would you take the bins out when she asked you to?

Good on Arsenal anyway, that statement was the best thing I’ve read on the official site since reading about Mr Clubb and Mr Levell… you remember… how their names sounds like Club Level?! Wasn’t that funny eh? Crazy times at Arsenal Web HQ…

Maybe next time, Arsenal could quell the speculation early? That’d be nice wouldn’t it. Far more productive than sending a world of Gooners into a blind panic for two weeks.

Now we can crack on with our summer, sign some top class players and make sure next summer Cesc decides he can’t possibly leave because we’re treble winners and any other club would be a step down.

I’d still be very wary of Barcelona’s public humiliation though.They are now 2-0 down to the Madridstas in the battle for the summer… I hope they’re not planning some crazy double swoop for Almunia and Denilson. A revenge attack like that would be most unwelcome and for some Gooners, more hard to stomach than losing Cesc, Paddy and Henry in some mega cheese induced nightmare…

Pray to the footballing gods they leave us be…

There are mixed rumours concerning Joe Cole today. The Metro said he’s signed up, the Mirror said Joe Cole hasn’t spoken to anyone and intends not to until after the World Cup. Not that it matters if Joe Cole has spoken to Arsenal, it’s hardly going to stop negotiations, Adebayor’s agents did a pretty good job sealing the City deal without speaking to the player until he arrived back in the country.

If I was Joe’s agent, I’d be signing him up now… a month is a long time for the English version of Rosicky to go without picking up a nasty injury.

That said, I’m of the opinion Cole’s agents will be speaking to people right now… I’m more inclined to believe Harry Redknapp when he says a deal has probably been struck than a journo… after all, Harry has probably enquired. It’s amazing how the same people who slag off the media suck up to journalists on twitter and hang off their every word… like some how they’re not part of the media if they’ve got a twitter account?

My thoughts on Theo won’t be new to many of you. I’ve been hugely disappointed with his contribution over the last few seasons. I can’t stand the excuses. How low have we sunk when Gooners are blaming Stuart Pearce for picking him in a competition he had every right to pick him for? Surely Theo was thankful for the opportunity… after all, he only played 29 games (His record) the season before.

I’m not going to beat Theo up over this, but I think it shows that Wenger can’t fool everyone. Our wing wizard needs to take this opportunity to refocus his career and work harder than ever to prove critics like me wrong. I’m desperate for him to prove himself a world-class player and he should take strength from the fact that Aaron Lennon used to get similar flak and he’s turned things around.

If that little turd can do it, so can you Theo!

I’m in Amsterdam over the weekend, I’m on a pro bono scouting mission for Arsenal.  I’ll mostly be checking out Dutch right back sensation Gregory van der Wiel. The young Ajax right back is available this summer for the tiny sum of around £4million according to some in the press.

He just landed young player of the year in Holland and can play at centre back as well. He’s a good defender and he can cross a ball unlike our current right back. With Eboue possibly looking to move on and Sagna talking in a slutty manner about Inter Milan, Van Der Wiel could be a terrific option for the Gooners. His idol as a kid was Robin Van Persie but he dreams of becoming as good as Daniel Alves,

“We do have the same style, we both play the whole right flank. Creating combinations, taking a man on, crossing the ball in and scoring. I feel much better on the flank than centrally. My ambitions are open.

I’ll let you know how I get on, in the mean time,  if anyone knows any good strip clubs, bars or coffee shops museums or places of great historical interest, please let me know in the comments section.

See you in the comments section!

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  1. gambon


    A colleague of mine says Koscielny is a very good player. Apparantley very quick, and a vermaelen like leap, strong tackler etc.

    Id like him as a squad option, not convinced hes the man to partner TV.

  2. Keyser

    How tall is he gambon ? I swear there’s been conflicting reports of his size, hope we sign him up, so we can have that French grit and passion in our team again and get back to winning things.

  3. gambon


    Ive read 6.1, and he looks that, he definately isnt short, or a rodney trotter like beanpole.

  4. RT.Z


    Richards Pepe Vermaelen Clichy


    Gourcuff Nasri

    Cole V.Persie Arshavin



  5. Keyser

    As long as he’s more imposing then Vermaelen so he can deal with the bigger of the centre-forwards he shouldn’t be too bad.

    Chamakh, Van Persie, Bendtner, Diaby, Song, Djourou, thats quite a lot of sizeful players for corners and set pieces.

  6. Keyser

    I think we should go all out and Sign the The Undertaker as defensive coach, we could have him as mascot aswell, we should definetly go for a more WWF theme before kick-off.

    I think he’d be perfect as mascot, we could have him carry off Gunnersauraus in a casket after he’d applied the tombstone piledriver, all on his debut, he could powerslam people we didn’t like..

  7. A

    Micah Richards right back?!

    Why would we get someone in who’s nowhere near as good as Eboue or Sagna?!

  8. Keyser

    The Undertaker is far more scary than the Bogeyman and has greater mobility than the Great Khali.

    We need to do this properly or it’ll look childish and silly.

  9. A

    Why’s that matter RT?!

    Richards should be nowhere near our team, he isn’t good enough, and home grown thing doesn’t matter to us really

  10. Thierry Henry is god


    We don’t want another Vermy.

    We want a tempered lad with his head straight, who can read the game and cover. That way Vermy can be the extravagant, attacking and tackling defender he is with some good cover.

  11. Thierry Henry is god

    Another thing, I spoke with some friends of mine who are United fans, and one of them told me that they just barely meet the new 25 over 21 rule that will be introduced next season. So in order for them to buy a Gerrard, Gourcuff, JC or the like they have to sell, and I’m pretty sure they won’t sell any of their attacking midfielders over 21, so they’re pretty much off the list.

  12. Dutchman

    I think that soll will leave and that koscienly is only a back-up, then we will sign zapata or something.
    People, i don’t think that the cole rumour is rubbish.
    I really think he will be an arsenal player. And i think that he has signed a contract at arsenal but it’s not official yet, but DDM said that tomorrow is the day there could be something what makes us happy.

  13. RT.Z

    Wenger always insists on buying youngsters, and talks about making stars, so why doesn’t he sign these

    Drogba (Wenger said he could of)
    C.Ronaldo (Same as above)

  14. Keyser

    Virgil ? That’s just a waste, but Papa Shango, I’m sure could offer great medical advice and the sychronised dancing with Ebway would be awesome.

  15. A

    THIG there’s no over 25 thing – it’s homegrown, and both gerrard and joe cole are homegrown players so that would be a reason they WOULD sign them, not wouldn’t….

  16. Keyser

    How great would that be, on a cold winters night, home game to Blackburn, lights go out, bells toll, and then the Undertaker and Papa Shango are standing over Sam Allardyce’s mortified body.

  17. A

    sorry i meant over 21 thing, not over 25.

    Utd are fine for that, they need 8 homegrown players – Brown, Ferdinand, Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Carrick, Evans, Neville

  18. Thierry Henry is god


    Alright, I thought you could have a maximum of 25 players over 21 in your squad aswell as the eight homegrown rule.

  19. A

    Ah yeah you do THIG, perhaps I misunderstood.

    Yeah 25 players over 21, are utd really stuggling just in terms of numbers?! Hadn’t counted up squads like that, just counted up home grown before.

  20. Thierry Henry is god


    If you think of it, you will realize that just with the first team and reserves etc the numbers tend to add up.

    United certainly don’t have any problems with their homegrowns, but apparently they most sell an over 21 to buy one according to my friend.

  21. gambon

    Yeah keyser

    Maybe when they announce the team at the emirates, it could go something like;

    “Number 1, weighing in at 212lbs, Manuel ‘The Clown’ Moooonia!…….Number 8, Weighing 443 lbs, Samir ‘Tugboat’ NAAAAASSSSSRRRRRIIIIIIII”

  22. A

    Yeah I guess so THIG,
    looking at their squad,








    Those are what I can count as over 21, so three spaces I guess, already signed Hernandez?

    They don’t have much space to work with….

  23. Thierry Henry is god



    Edwin van der Sar 70-10-29
    Tomasz Kuszczak 82-03-23
    Ben Amos 90-04-10


    Gary Neville 75-02-18
    Rio Ferdinand 78-11-07
    Wes Brown 79-10-13
    Nemanja Vidic 81-10-21
    Fabio Da Silva 90-07-09
    Rafael Da Silva 90-07-09
    John Oshea 81-04-30
    Jonathan Evans 88-01-02
    Ritchie De Laet 88-11-28
    Corry Evans 90-07-30
    Craig Cathcart 89-02-06
    Chris Smalling 89-11-22


    Owen Hargreaves 81-01-20
    ANDERSON Luis Oliveira 88-04-13
    Ryan Giggs 73-11-29
    Ji-Sung Park 81-02-25
    Zoran Tosic 87-04-28
    Michael Carrick 81-07-28
    Luis NANI Cunha 86-11-17
    Paul Scholes 74-11-16
    Darren Fletcher 84-02-01
    Antonio Valencia 85-08-04
    Gabriel Obertan 89-02-26
    Darron Gibson 87-10-25
    Tom Cleverley 89-08-12
    David Gray 88-05-04


    Michael Owen 79-12-14
    Dimitar Berbatov 81-01-30
    Wayne Rooney 85-10-24
    Daniel Welbeck 90-11-26
    Federico Macheda 91-08-22
    Mame Biram Diouf 87-12-17
    Javier Hernandez 88-06-01

    25-26 players who will be over 21 by next season

  24. A








    That’s 21, their squad really is small, they’re so lucky with injuries in terms of the numbers they get!

  25. A

    We are






    Van Persie

    22 as well

  26. Thierry Henry is god

    By comparison;


    Manuel Almunia 77-05-19
    Lukasz Fabianski 85-04-18
    Vito Mannone 88-03-02


    Bacary Sagna 83-02-14
    Thomas Vermaelen 85-11-14
    Phillipe Senderos 85-02-14
    William Gallas 77-08-17
    Mikael Silvestre 77-08-09
    Johan Djourou 87-01-18
    Gael Clichy 85-07-26
    Kieran Gibbs 89-09-26
    Armand Traore 89-10-08
    Sol Campbell 74-09-18


    Abou Diaby 86-05-11
    Francesc Fábregas 87-05-04
    Tomas Rosicky 80-10-04
    Samir Nasri 87-06-26
    Neves Denilson 88-02-16
    Aaron Ramsey 90-12-26
    Alexandre Song 87-09-09
    Jack Wilshere 92-01-01
    Andrey Arshavin 81-05-29
    Emmanuel Eboué 83-06-04


    Eduardo da Silva 83-02-25
    Robin van Persie 83-08-06
    Carlos Vela 89-03-01
    Theo Walcott 89-03-16
    Marouane Chamakh 84-01-10
    Nicklas Bendtner 88-01-16

    We’re in the same situation, having 25 players over 21 in the squad.

    The big difference for us though is that we have a good lot of dead wood that can be shipped out.

  27. Thierry Henry is god


    I’m just counting our potential player material. So give or take a couple of players of course!

  28. Gooby

    Randall, gilbert, barazite will be over priced with the new role
    And i thibk it could bring some cash to the arsenal
    Along with the rest of the failures

  29. Stu

    Surely Vela wouldnt count because although he was technically an arsenal player he wasnt training under an english club for 3 years before his 21st birthday.

  30. Stu

    Afternoon Gooby..

    Gambon, very much agreed. If we go back to a 4-4-2, which wont happen, then Theo would definately be behind VP, Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela and Eduardo for a spot in the front 2.

  31. A

    Gooby Gilbert is leaving on a free.

    Randall will never be an arsenal player, but i really don’t know what’s going on with barazite. He could go somewhere like fulham and be pretty useful, but doubt he’ll make it with us. Always liked him but never had a look in – i’d imagine there would be something behind the scenes. Derby fans didn’t like his attitude I remember

  32. vica

    on a more realistic approach!!


  33. Geoff

    Dutchman, that’s over a month old, interesting to think that he thinks Denilson is mucg improved this season. He’s blind then right?

  34. Stu

    Who are the dippers gonna get as manager now? Its not like they can afford a good one or even give money to a shite one.

  35. A

    gambon u21 players can still count as home grown, and be included in the 25 if you want them to be.

    Stu he didn’t, he said that it may be better to buy from the Domestic market now, with the Euro and rich European clubs raising the price of buying abroad.

    Not English players as such

  36. Stu

    Denilson, Diaby and Song are anything but young. 22,24 and 22. Youth is not an excuse for them anymore. Especially as they all have about 100 appearances each…maybe even more.

  37. Keyser

    Has Benitez officially gone ? They need a high profile manager now, or players like Torres and Gerrard are going to want to move.

  38. A

    Stu just because they’ve played doesn’t mean age doesn’t matter anymore! 22 is still young even if you’ve played a fair bit, and Diaby’s development was very much stunted early on, so he will still improve a hell of a lot.

    Their age is a reason not to write them off, but not an excuse if they’re not good enough and first team players

  39. Stu

    Whatever Keyser. You’re just annoyed because you have no favourite players. Also, i rarely if ever cite youth as an excuse or defence of Bendtner anymore. I did in the past, when he WAS young, but not now.

  40. Keyser

    It’s not soo much that their young and have played soo many games together, it’s that they’re all beinmg asked to improve alongside each other, I’d say.

    If Bendtner was being fed balls by Bergkamp, or Denilson/ Diaby or Song had Vieira alongside them, they’d improve a whole lot quicker than they have.

    At the same time you can’t go on like their shite, because they’re obviously not or we’d have ended up a lot further down the table than we have done, they’ve done well, consdering how many players we’ve had out over the past couple of season, to drag us up into 4th and 3rd.

  41. gambon


    My point is Vela for example doesnt need to be included. You can have unlimited U21s so may aswell count him as that.

  42. Stu

    Thats basically what i mean A. Any mistakes or such cant be blamed on their age because they are a good age now and have decent experience.

  43. A

    I agree Keyser, or if they were playing at Bolton, or Fulham, or even Villa they’d be being praised as quality players we should be signing, but the level of expectation and comparison with ex superstars doesn’t help them at all

  44. Keyser

    Stu – No, it’s because you’ve gone back to being Stuvid. Someone who’s just as irrational as David but the polar opposite.

    My favourtie players were/are, Van Persie, Toure and Ebway, Vermaelen’s cool and Eduardo, I like all of them really.

  45. Stu

    And im clearly not irrational, whether David is irrational is irelevant. I chose to focus on the positive with some players, im not unaware of them.

  46. Stu

    Fabregas wasnt captain material in the first place. IMO he was partly given the armband for the same reason a Henry and Gallas were given it..to keep them happy/content, whichever word you prefer.

    He should be stripped of the captaincy if he stays because he cant be fully committed if he has shown interest in a move.

    Problem is that we have no other players who are stand out captains. Vermaelen and VP are really the only ones you could see it being given too.

  47. zeus

    1. Benetez officially sacked. Lets hope they don’t get someone like Rijkaard to steady the ship.


    2. Would someone shut PHW ups NOW!
    ‘Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “We have been consistent in stating that Cesc is not for sale. We rejected Barcelona’s bid and would rather they did not make another one.”

    His inferiority complex is infuriating.

    3. Cesc may lose the captaincy if he stays.

  48. Samir

    GIVE CAPTAINCY TO BIG ALMUNIA he never talks with other clubs…..LOL JOKES give it the Vermaelen 😉 He’s a good guy 🙂

  49. A

    zeus i don’t understand inferiority complex?!

    he’s been an ass with comments, what what you’ve quoted there is totally understandable, and what you’d expect anyone to say….

  50. The Letter i

    Just so you know the 89 million figure quoted by Graham Hunter was actually in Euros not in Pounds.

    So actually our asking price is closer to £74,000,000, I’d still take that tbh.

  51. Stu

    Zeus, i dont know what you see wrong with that PHW comment. I wouldnt have worded it quite like that but its a good comment, especially compared to some of his others.

  52. Dutchman

    I’am joking, i read it on football-rumour.co.uk but that’s a BULLSHITT SITE!!! Everyone is saying something else, also they see the goal.com rumour about cesc buying out his contract as realistic. They are crazy!! Fab will never buy out arsenals contract.NEVER!! I know that for sure.

  53. Stu

    There is a euro key on my laptop but whenever i try to use it all i get is $. Its just there on the 4 button laughing at me…fucking cunt!

  54. eastcamp

    Maybe we should swap keyboards ! I always need the EURO key but haven’t got one and I have a £ key but rarely use it !

  55. Dutchman

    If i have it right than this will be out new team.
    I see that mourinho wants sagna, let him go and we buy VDW
    GK(don’t know)

  56. A

    yeah stu i don’t get it at all!

    For me it seems like “Gooner syndrome” that seems to have been adopted from the Daily Mail – take something completely normal and treat it as ridiculous, outrage etc etc

  57. Geoff

    I would keep Cesc as the captain, all he said to Wenger is he wants to win trophies and project youth isn’t working, he’s right and hopefully his stance will jolt Wenger into action.

    If Wenger asks him for one more year then blows our transfer budget on giving Cesc a payrise I’ll rip him apart on here.

    I’m more pissed with Barca offering us a ridiculous £30+mil for a player of Cesc’s quality, Gazidas should counter with a £30+mil bid for Messi, just to see what they would say about such a derisory offer.

  58. Stu

    YES!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

  59. A

    Geoff that’s not what he said – what he said is that he wants to go home to Barca, nowt to do with winning trophies or telling Wenger that project youth isn’t working!

  60. Keyser

    You mean all you think he said was that, thats quality Geoff, are you trying to be the Alistair Campbell of the footballing blogosphere.

  61. Stu

    It definately has something to do with wanting to win a trophy A.
    DO you think he would want to leave for Barca if they were winning fuck all too?

  62. A

    No Stu, I don’t, but if we were winning things I think he’d still want to go there.

    If they were just winning trophies I don’t think he’d want to leave for barca either, but as they’re breaking records, and being hailed as the best club side in Spanish history, he would always want to be part of it

  63. Stu

    I doubt it A. ANd its not like he can break many other records by joining them now. They have already won everything possible in a season so the best he could hope for is equaling a record..which wont happen now that Mourinho is at Real.

  64. David

    Cesc wants to go home aye?

    Why would that be all of a sudden he wants to go home?

    You sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Barca are winning trophies and Arsenal are not?

    Pretty silly to assume it has nothing to do with that.

  65. patthegooner

    Its all speculation.

    none of us have any idea of what Cesc said to Arsene.

    Personally I think it was for a number of reasons,

    Not just because he wants to go home


    Not just because he wants to win trophies


    Not just because Project Youth has failed.

    It is probably a bit of all 3 and others.

    And again, none of us have any idea of whether or not Cesc would want to stay if he had WC players alongside him and if we were winning things. I am sure it would be a harder decision though.

  66. Keyser

    Yeah, most of it is speculation, but we do know certain things, he’s Spanish, he was born in Spain, he loves his family, most of whom were born/ and live in Spain to, I think his girlfriend is Spanish, he grew up in Catalunia, he went through Barcelona’s Academy, most of the present team there he either played with when he was at the club or has become friends with during his time in the National side.

    He’s always said he wants to go back at some point, considering he’s spent 7 years here, that points probably going to come sooner than ever.

  67. David

    How bout Cesc wants to leave because he’s not happy and couldve played with spanish mates like Alonso and Villa but Arsene stuck with Song and Denilson and will continue to until they either to decide to do a Senderos or magically become class.

    Is Joe Cole enought to convince Cesc to stay?

    Fack knows.

  68. Keyser

    I dunno, he doesn’t seem to tell us every year about how he wants to, so maybe London’s home now ?!

  69. JJ

    @Pedro – Is it a full moon? I actually agree with your entire post… for once! 🙂

    Btw – If Barca is Megan Fox, then who is Arsenal?…

  70. David

    Possibly…both his kids are English…but the fact remains that why now?

    Surely Cesc wouldve wanted to go when Barca was winning the treble?

    It makes no sense.

  71. Geoff

    Stu, you’re welcome mate!

    Keyser, ha, ha, yes, you’re right!

    Pat I know that’s what Cesc told him, trust me.

    Cesc wanting to go if confirmation that project youth has failed because it was started because of him and built around him, Cesc going is saying to Wenger he’s had enough with not winning.

    He has always said he’ll go back, but last season he accused Barca of being disrespectful, so he wasn’t planning on going anytime soon, he’s now saying he wants to go because he can see that Wenger’s intransigence in the market is costing us, and of course him.

  72. David

    Im glad Cesc did what he did. Give Arsene and the board a reality check.

    This money making hoard of shite has got to stop at some point and give the young man some proper help.

  73. patthegooner

    So why did Cesc come in the 1st place.

    I agree with your post Keyser,

    But likewise you could also add

    He is ambitious and has won nothing in 5 years, he wants to play alongside the very best yet makes do with a fair bit of chaff, and he sees no end to it. And all his mates have left, Flam, Hleb, Senderos, Merida!!! He is running out of things to stay for.

    Like I say, I think it is the whole package of what Barca can offer him including

    The team he supported his entire life
    And nigh on an entire squad full of WC players

  74. patthegooner

    I hope it is Geoff, as hopefully that is the smack in the chops that Wenger needed.

    If this happens, and I think it will eventually, then Project Youth is surely dead. or at least it should be.

  75. Honest Bill

    Joe Cole is quality, but we have enough quality on the treatment table already.

    Also Pedro, let me know if you need some good recommendations for places in Amsterdam. i know a few.

  76. Keyser

    The idea Project Youth is some sort of Mike Myers Evil incarnation is bollocks really, you want players who have some sense of loyalty, that will want to stick around for years and give their all for the cause, then why not bring them up through the Academy, if we bring through even 2-3 players from our Acadaemy we’re doing well.

    If they’re English than all the better, as long as they aren’t the sort of complete twats we see in the National side today. Why wouldn’t you want to see players like Ramsey, Gibbs and Wilshire make it ?!

    Players like Fabregas, Song, Diaby, Van Persie, Bendtner are stop gaps until we can have some sort of stream coming through the Academy and even then all of them want us to do well.

    All the big clubs do it, If we’re aiming to be a part of some of the biggest most illustrious clubs in history why not actually take a look at how they’ve achieved the success they have.

  77. Keyser

    PattheGooner – I think that bodes well for us, thats the new president’s man isn’t it ? He’s just getting a dig in before the new president takes over.

  78. patthegooner

    I dont think Project youth is evil

    The problem is that we got the balance wrong and continue to do so.

    Loyalty can only go so far, if you are a great player, then you want success and medals, and if the club are not delivering it, then players will move on…well at least the best players will.

  79. David


    Im pretty sure we want Ramsey, Wilshere and Gibbs to make it.

    Much in the same way we wanted Cygan, A.Cole and Matthew Connolly, Ryan Smith etc etc to make it.

  80. Ali Saljuk

    Vela just scored for Mexico against Italy , Fabianski kept a clean sheet for poland yesterday and denilson tried something called “closing the opposition down” …a good day to be a gooner 😉

  81. David

    Sorry I meant to say Justin Hoyte not Cygan…

    And i remember fuming vehemently when Wenger played Hoyte against United in the Fa cup despite the fact that he was a poor footballer.

    We throw away games for the shite players that will never make it in the end.

    So lets not act like Project Youth just started yesterday with some “exciting” prospects.

  82. Keyser

    PattheGooner – It’s not something we’re going to follow until the end of time, it’s something that was supposed to keep us competitive over the short term while we dealt with the debt we incurred.

    ..and in those few years we’ve been extremely unlucky at the same time, we haven’t fallen away like Liverpool, we just haven’t hit the heights that we could’ve.

    The best players create their own success, lets not pretend that all players care about is medals and success, money plays a huge part nowadays, yeah the last few years haven’t been great, but I’m more than happy with them if it allows us to be even more comeptitive in the future.

    Wenger got the Academy going 10 years ago, it’s starting to produce the sort of quality we’ve wanted, he tried to supplement it with youth from across the World, it hasn’t worked out as well as it could’ve but then thats life.

    We’ve had one player make the first team of the quality we want, Ashley Cole, thats in howver many years, the Premiership is supposedly even tougher and more competitive now and if we get 2-3, even 4 players coming through into the side we’re doing very well.

  83. Keyser

    David – No-one’s acting dude, playing United away at Old Trafford was always going to be tough, the idea we throw games away is rubbish aswell.

    Today’s game is about squad’s, some teams have better squads than other, you have to manage yours as best as you can and certain games take priority.

    I remember someone mentioning Inter’s squad as the sort of squad we should have, one of quality and not quantity, they’ve got something like 30 players out on loan, these things matter.

  84. kev

    theres no room for sentimentality in football. its a results based business and if players arent good enough theres no point persisting with them. get rid ASAP and give somebody else a go

  85. patthegooner

    Agree Money is part of it.

    I think we would both agree that in this case, Cesc is not leaving for Money.

    Nope, it is players like Adebayor that leave for money!!!!

    I am not against the academy, it is the balance I dont like. And Sorry you cant go along the line of keeping us competitive as that is simply not what the club are telling us and charging us for.

    I am delighted with our academy, and think it is probably the best in the PL and one of the best in the World. I agree with you that we will see more and more players breaking through from it in the coming years.

    But we are not skint, we could been a bit more ambitous without breaking the bank and who knows, we might just have won something.

  86. patthegooner

    We dont throw games, that is the wrong word. I genuinely believe that Arsene thinks he can win every game with the team that he puts out.

    However we definately dont put out teams with very good odds of winning certain games.

  87. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Yeah, I’ve said we’ve been too cautious in the past, at the same time I can see why they’re doing it, I’ve never said we’ve had no money, but can’t understand why people say ‘We’ve got money’ we should just spend it.

    It’s how much we have, thats the subject if we’re not skint, then I doubt we’ve got the most money in European football and at the end of the day we’re competing with some of the elite clubs in world football now.

    You’ve got the 25 man squad rule now and I think Uefa are bringing through other rules so clubs can’t spend beyond their means as they used to, that should help.

  88. ritesh

    If he likes his catalonia so much, why did he come to Arsenal at 17.

    He wore an Arsenal shirt but never had the team in his heart.

    Fuck off dude!….You are just a polished form of Barndoor

  89. kev

    to be fair hes been here 7 years and hes given us a lot – everyone knew he was gonna leave at some stage its not a surprise. its just a matter of squeezing every last penny out of the deal

  90. David

    Keyser the ruling excuse only came in this season so thats rubbish.

    You cant use that to justify the last 5 years.

    Also Utd away is tough thats why you play your best players.

    Cesc is not English…and you somehow suggesting that you need to be English to show sustained loyalty to a club is absolute bollocks.

    All the best players want to win End off.

    Im guessing Steven Gerrard is half Spanish thats why he wants out to Madrid?

  91. Geoff

    Keyser, the academy’s been going for years now, 12 under Wenger. Ashley Cole was from George Graham’s time, not Wenger, and I believe Wenger tried to sell him to Palace.

    I don’t mind the odd youth playing in the side, but he has gone nuts, we had Senderos in the team for 4 years, for what? Cesc was in there years before he got good enough, same with Song, Denilson, Diaby, Hoyte and Clichy.

    Having one or two in there is fine, having as many as we have is lunacy, even when the Mancs did it, half the team was tried and tested.

    Had even this year he bought a few good ones, we could have won the league and what they cost would have been paid for in prize money, but the real cost is Cesc, whatever happens he has sent his boss a message, no more.

  92. Keyser

    David – What’s rubbish and absolute bollocks ? You just want an argument now like with the Chamkah and his nationality thing.

    The season is long, and some games mean more than others, if some players aren’t fully fit, you don’t risk them for games that aren’t as important as others.

    United themselves got knocked out by Portsmouth, but I bet if that mean’t they got a better edge going into games that won them the title and the Champions League, they’re happier with that.

    In the last 5 years it hasn’t been how little we’ve spent thats been most isgnificant, but how much other teams have spent in comparison, so any ruling that tries to restrain the silly spending we’ve seen over the last few years will benefit us.

    I’m not saying you have to be English, I’m saying it seems to help if you’re born in the country, obviously it’ll vary on how well off you are in that country and what sort of life you lead, but it helps.

    I don’t know why you’ve mentioned Gerrard ? How many English players regularly go overseas ?!

  93. Geoff

    And no one takes any notice of the rules, the chavs got told they were banned from buying for 18 months, then they appealed, and got away with it.

    All those rules are going to get got around.

  94. kev

    agree with that geoff. i said that on a different forum – lads were beside themselves with excitement over these new rules – thinking wed be the only team left standing in the end and then wed dominate. HA! theres ways around everything and when you have abramovics money then theres no such thing as rules

  95. Keyser

    Geoff – We didn’t finish in the bottom half of the table, fuck that we didn’t even finish out of the top 4, if us being prudent over the short term, allows us to be more compeitive in the future, than I’m all for it.

    Because as I’m sure you know buying any of the players you asked for would simply have given us, maybe, a better chance, not a gurantee, but a better chance at winning things, because there are guarantees in football or in life.

    At the end of the day it’s about risk, you can argue we could’ve taken a bigger one, but it’s just your opinion, just like I have mine.