JC looking good / Theo Verdict / Cesc Nokia 7110 similarities

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So after Geoff’s emotive plea for a bit of management from Arsenal’s highly paid team of specialists, finally it came.

‘Yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.’

The statement went onto say that we weren’t considering any type of counter proposal either. So basically, there it is… Cesc is staying.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Cesc meeting with Wenger went amicably. There were no tantrums or strops. So one would imagine that Wenger laid down the law and told Cesc he wasn’t leaving unless Arsenal received £89million (Graham Hunter) and that he should stay because bench warming is for girls… and an offer of £35million indicates that’s what they see him as.

If Cesc really wants to leave, I feel for him… I truly do. When I was 18 years old I was desperate to buy my first mobile phone. The nokia 7110 was the answer to all my dreams, it had WAP functionality, a cool snap down answer thingy and most importantly, the eagerly anticipated sequel to snake… snake 2.

Bad ass...

In my haste to acquire the said phone, I signed myself into the worst 2 year contract you could imagine. After my second phone bill wiped out my £132 monthly salary from the One Stop convenience store I rang up the phone company to cancel the contract. They turned to me and said,

‘You owe us 22 months worth of line rental if you want to do that.’

Yep, I signed the deal, I had to stick it out. Why should it be any different for Cesc? He liked our WAP gadgetry and roll menu application when he signed the deal… he can bloody well stick it out despite someone waving a shiny iphone in his face.

The only downer on this whole episode is Cesc’s motivation. If he truly believed he was going to leave and my source has it wrong, how will that affect his attitude next season? If your wife said you couldn’t leave her for Megan Fox… would you take the bins out when she asked you to?

Good on Arsenal anyway, that statement was the best thing I’ve read on the official site since reading about Mr Clubb and Mr Levell… you remember… how their names sounds like Club Level?! Wasn’t that funny eh? Crazy times at Arsenal Web HQ…

Maybe next time, Arsenal could quell the speculation early? That’d be nice wouldn’t it. Far more productive than sending a world of Gooners into a blind panic for two weeks.

Now we can crack on with our summer, sign some top class players and make sure next summer Cesc decides he can’t possibly leave because we’re treble winners and any other club would be a step down.

I’d still be very wary of Barcelona’s public humiliation though.They are now 2-0 down to the Madridstas in the battle for the summer… I hope they’re not planning some crazy double swoop for Almunia and Denilson. A revenge attack like that would be most unwelcome and for some Gooners, more hard to stomach than losing Cesc, Paddy and Henry in some mega cheese induced nightmare…

Pray to the footballing gods they leave us be…

There are mixed rumours concerning Joe Cole today. The Metro said he’s signed up, the Mirror said Joe Cole hasn’t spoken to anyone and intends not to until after the World Cup. Not that it matters if Joe Cole has spoken to Arsenal, it’s hardly going to stop negotiations, Adebayor’s agents did a pretty good job sealing the City deal without speaking to the player until he arrived back in the country.

If I was Joe’s agent, I’d be signing him up now… a month is a long time for the English version of Rosicky to go without picking up a nasty injury.

That said, I’m of the opinion Cole’s agents will be speaking to people right now… I’m more inclined to believe Harry Redknapp when he says a deal has probably been struck than a journo… after all, Harry has probably enquired. It’s amazing how the same people who slag off the media suck up to journalists on twitter and hang off their every word… like some how they’re not part of the media if they’ve got a twitter account?

My thoughts on Theo won’t be new to many of you. I’ve been hugely disappointed with his contribution over the last few seasons. I can’t stand the excuses. How low have we sunk when Gooners are blaming Stuart Pearce for picking him in a competition he had every right to pick him for? Surely Theo was thankful for the opportunity… after all, he only played 29 games (His record) the season before.

I’m not going to beat Theo up over this, but I think it shows that Wenger can’t fool everyone. Our wing wizard needs to take this opportunity to refocus his career and work harder than ever to prove critics like me wrong. I’m desperate for him to prove himself a world-class player and he should take strength from the fact that Aaron Lennon used to get similar flak and he’s turned things around.

If that little turd can do it, so can you Theo!

I’m in Amsterdam over the weekend, I’m on a pro bono scouting mission for Arsenal.  I’ll mostly be checking out Dutch right back sensation Gregory van der Wiel. The young Ajax right back is available this summer for the tiny sum of around £4million according to some in the press.

He just landed young player of the year in Holland and can play at centre back as well. He’s a good defender and he can cross a ball unlike our current right back. With Eboue possibly looking to move on and Sagna talking in a slutty manner about Inter Milan, Van Der Wiel could be a terrific option for the Gooners. His idol as a kid was Robin Van Persie but he dreams of becoming as good as Daniel Alves,

“We do have the same style, we both play the whole right flank. Creating combinations, taking a man on, crossing the ball in and scoring. I feel much better on the flank than centrally. My ambitions are open.

I’ll let you know how I get on, in the mean time,  if anyone knows any good strip clubs, bars or coffee shops museums or places of great historical interest, please let me know in the comments section.

See you in the comments section!

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  1. Stevie

    Morning all.

    So Arsenal say Cesc isnt for sale at any price, lets just wait an see what amount they get bullied into accepting.

    Or will Wenger just give Cesc a pay increase to stay and honour his existing contract?

    Nice to see the story finally made it on to Arsenal.com – Only a few days behind Flappy’s greatest save………

  2. Mark C

    Enjoy the dam.

    Any news on dross leaving us?

    Cant we start a rumour that some club in Spain is after Almunia, or a french club is after denilson?

    Denilson to Monaco for 5 mill !!!

    Almunia to Getafe for 2 mill !!

    Eduardo to Lyon for 8 mill.

  3. Jay20h

    Fuck Off Barca!! ScummersBid for Gerrard, sign up Joey Cole and we could be looking good in the middle of the park!

    Oh And I feel for Inter fans a little.. They have just lost Maureen, now Rafa is rumoured to be lined up!!

  4. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Good post…

    Theo was rubbish for the U21s last summer too, here in Sweden. Didnt score once, if I recall.

    If I was Joe Cole, I would wait until after the World Cup – if he wins it then he can ask for higher wages, better appearance fee’s, marketing image money etc…

  5. Gunner UNIT

    Fuck off Barca
    Arsenal 10/10
    Sagna Subotic Vermaelen Clichy
    fabregas Gourcuff
    V.Persie Chamack Arshavin

    Beat That

  6. GoonerGod

    AMSTERDAM – Try the Three Sisters Pub… Nice selection of beers and great steak house. It’s in the main square. Quite close to a nightclub (Escape), if it’s still open.
    Leidseplein 2
    Amsterdam 1017

    Oh, and up the Gunners. Bring in Joe Hart, Micah Richards and Gerrard.

  7. chippy

    Banana Bar my Friend just remember to duck when she shots out the flying projectile 😉

    Also take in some Northern Lights but not to many ! And of course a cake or two,

    Make sure you also visit Leidseplein square its a damn (pun) site better than the red light district as thats the locals area, Top nightlife and bars and no Africans grabbing you every 2 minutes trying to sell you coca or Es !!

    Fucking great Country is Holland love the place and the people,

  8. Rohan

    van der Wiel is a rich man’s Eboue. Don’t know how good he is defensively though. Atleast he can cross the ball though…

  9. Duke

    Morning, Pedro go to Abraxas like Master P mentioned, then walk down to Grey Area coffee shop. The pancake corner to watch some sports and have amazing Dutch pancakes. Then keep walking down the same street where the pancake corner is to go to the whisky bar. When it gets a bit later on the same street is an amazing Jazz bar, you can’t miss it, there is a big saxophone on the wall and some music notes and shit like that, you will see it. After that when the time hits around 11-12 head back to the main station and walk to the 11th floor for some club music. It plays some minimal and shit, I am not a big fan, but the club is great, on the 11th floor with the view of centre Amsterdam, also it won’t cost you more than 10 Euro to enter and beer there is like 2.50…

    Hope that was a little of help…

  10. gambon

    Lol Pedro

    I did exactly the same thing with the 7110.

    Luckily i lost interest just before I signed up to a similar deal, and got one of them tiny Motorola flip phones.

  11. Mayank

    Nokias kick ass! iPhone wished it was a 7110. Bloody thing breaks down if you sneeze while talking. With a Nokia you can talk, sneeze and ward off sexual predators at the same time!

  12. chippy

    Defo not tasty mate more like dangerous !! We were meant to catch the flying object but no word of a lie all ducked as it came hurtling towards us it hit the mirror behind us cracking it 🙂 Wouldnt go in the place again but its one of them places you must go if youve never been !! Your also get a strangely written postcard from the gaff to which is a giggle !

    When ever we go out our meeting point is old Suzis bar bit of a shithole but good atmosphere

  13. Rohan

    Screw Gerrard. He’s over. It’s not worth paying 20 million for him.
    Agger is a crock. We have enough of them.
    The only Pool player I’d take is Fernando Torres and maybe Skrtel.

  14. Gunneroo

    It would be a real shame if barca take Denilson and almuniafrom us 😉
    On VDW, he seems good but he looks like he gets bullied outwide, a problem i can’t recall sagna having.

  15. omar

    I wonder if all the people who criticize walcott know how difficult it is to play at ure best when u have had so many injuries. He missed 4 months last season and about 4 months this season… Well I guess people who don’t play competitive sport will never know how tough it is to be at ure best when u have been out for long peeriods

  16. Carlos

    Dare I say that Gregory van der Wiel looks like a young ashley cole at highbury. Could do with a skillful wing back definitely, one who can actually cross a ball.

  17. chippy

    Gregory van der Wiel is worth alot more than 4million id expect him to go for double that, Still would be a good signing but again we really really need a keeper and some centre halfs !!

  18. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, glad to see arsenal be so firm… and theres no way we go back on this now, if we do we will officially be the bitch of every club in the world.

    anyone got more info on what Fridays possible good news might be?

  19. dennisdamenace

    Reina and Torres, the rest of ’em can fuck off down the shitta with the rest of the shithouse club when RBS wind them up……;;

  20. stonroy

    Pedro you always crack me up with your similes, they truly are a thing of pleasure. In regards to Amsterdam all I can say is if the weather is nice and warm and you want to be around beautiful woman sipping on some good drinks go to Strand West Beaches.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    Very good post Pedro, I reckon Geoff is bang on with his rants, well 99 out of 100 😉

    Its a funny thing really. I can always tell whose posted before I get to the bottom of the post. Pedro is techno savy, quite up with the latest, & Geoff is in your/Arsenal’s face. Its like Vince Noir & Howard Moon sort of.

  22. Duke

    The Park is always nice Pedro, can have a kick around with some skilful Dutch boys and see some girlies in bikinis, they also all talk good English, so no problem to pull them with that delightful cockney accent 😉

  23. BOOZY

    WENGER WOULD BE NUTS IF he doesnt include yaya toure in any fabregas deal. we are a yaya toure from winning a title. 40mil + yaya = good deal.
    AS for theo, i think he is a big game player, though people may think otherwise, only problem is he wont learn any lesson from this.
    He would be the first in the training camp for the next qualifiers after the world cup, i dont know were all this country loyalty has gotten him to.
    Jamie carragher did not participate in a single qualifying game, but he is the plane.
    if i were walcott, i would ditch the national team, and concentrate on my club career.

  24. Alan Skirton

    Re Amsterdam: Suggest you have a Rijstafel at Sama Sebos Indonesian Restaurant. You will need to book. If theres no tables, you can eat tasty stuff at the bar.
    AmsterdamArenA is civilised; you can take your beer to your seat.
    The Karpershoek bar opposite Central Station is typical Amsterdam, but not sleazy. If you want sleazy, you’ll have no trouble finding it.

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    Hart (£16m)

    Sagna – Cahill (£14m) – Vermaelen – Gibbs

    Nasri – Gerrard (£25m) – Joe Cole (free)

    – Arshavin –

    Chamakh – RvP

    Sell Fabregas for around £50m and that little lot above is more than possible!!

  26. Arsenal Tom

    Campbell held initial talks but is waiting to discover if the Hoops will hand their permanent manager’s job to Lennon after an impressive spell as interim boss.

    “I’m just waiting for Celtic to settle the situation with Neil,” the 35-year-old told the Scottish Sun.

    “When we last spoke, he was waiting to see if he was getting the job. I’d have to make a trip to Glasgow and have a look around, see what’s happening. I will keep my options open.

    “I’m not going to rush into anything.”

    Campbell, who is out of contract at Arsenal, has previously stated he would prefer to sign a new deal with the Gunners.

    He added: “I am happy to wait and give Neil a chance and I will show respect to Arsenal and Celtic.”

  27. VanGooner

    If you’re going to Amsterdam make sure to check out the Buldog coffee shop… Legendary place! 🙂

  28. A

    taig that team wouldn’t get top four, completely unbalanced, and cahill isn’t good enough to start for a big side

  29. E4 Paul

    I think Wrighty’s heart is in the right place but he does talk a lot of shit. I suppose he just wants Arsenal to be back up there with the best and is getting frustrated like some of us are.

  30. GoonerT1m

    the banana club pedro…not that i would know……FFS arsene sign gcrouf/ cole & a CB, GK…pepe reina???sell diaby and denilson. make us happy, PLEASE.

  31. Rohan

    Gerrard is not worth 25 million. He’s done for now. I’d rather get Hamsik and Gourcuff. Anyway I expect Cesc to stay now.

  32. GoonerT1m

    whats happened to wrighty, he sounded like a proper mug on talk shiite yesterday, he’s loosing his grip on reality, adrian durum is a proper c*nt as well, they think they know everything, cocks the lot of em.

  33. GoonerT1m

    e4, i agree we all want to see arsenal back up there but they were basically saying sell cesc for 29 mill. WTF?

  34. Arsenal Tom

    wrighty just gets carried away, he doesn’t know what wenger and cesc spoke about but gets sucked in by the media bullshit.

  35. wan

    Think eboue should start at RB ahead of sagna. on the overlapping runs, his crosses should give chamahk something to jump/run for. Unlike sagna’s ‘im going to get the first defender’ crosses.

  36. Craig

    Pedro you lucky bastard, i was in Dam last week, go to a little place called quite simply The Coffe Shop, its just behind the red light district located on a corner, you will see it. Its small and sells an awesome array of all things dutch. Heine lager museum is worth a trip. If you wanna go to the Grasshopper (head from central station towards dam square, can’t miss it) thats a good place to catch up with local talent!!!!

    Just because Arsenal released that statement doesn’t mean we get to keep Cesc, however it does mean Barca will have to pay shit loads to get him.

    have a great day

  37. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All. Had a few days off and am well rested.

    As an Arsenal fan, I am happy that Theo is not going to the WC because he can have a rest and a full pre-season and it will be a wake up call, but for England I think it is a mistake, as he is one of the few players, who, off of the bench can win a match on his own.

    He is very inconsistent, but England always lack pace and their squad does now.

    Anyway, it’s been many years since I went to Amsterdam, but the Banana (bar) museum is worth a visit. I never knew all the different uses for a banana!!!!

  38. Duke

    Pedro, do not go to places like Bulldog and Grasshopper they are made to rip off English tourists, they are way overprices and their product is not as good.

  39. patthegooner

    I was a Sony Mars Bar man myself, now that was a phone. I was the 1st at work to get one, and everyone said they would never catch on!!!!

  40. Aussieaz

    How many still think cesc will be stayin? 7 weeks in spainsih squad with barca players in his ear? i just still think he will be headin hurt me to say it,

  41. Walking Wounded


    You should only listen to TalkShite with a huge pinch of salt. Wrighty is not happy that Arsenal did not want SWP, and now he is only after soundbites.

    Ginger Bollox Durham, is always anti-Arsenal and stirs up controversy.

    This thing about Arsenal fans dissassociating ourselves from England because we have supplied no players is pure spunk.

    Upson and Ashley Cole.

    I mean Chelsea are only supplying John Terry, so we are doing more for the England team then them.

  42. ArsenalKenya

    I loved that phone…but with the new i pad out things have really changed.

    Cesc knows Wenger will not allow him to leave on the cheap and may be wenger told him that he is still part of his plans and can or will only leave if he gets the right price. So the offer THAT BARCA PRESENTED WAS A COMPLETE JOKE AND WITH Cesc current valaution we ar not going to negotiate anymore.

    Now we get J Cole on a free, Hart, Cahill and Kolshiiitney…

    I hope we will be injury free nesxt season.

  43. Big Dave

    Still not 100% sure about this JC deal. was told that he was on his way to Man u. Will only believe it when it is announced on the website

  44. A

    Big Dave I’d be surprised if he went to Utd – he’s just bought a new house, got a new kid, and he and family really don’t want to go up north is what I’ve heard

  45. E4 Paul

    TalkShite is mostly a wind up station, there to generate income from calls and attract money from sponsors impressed by their audience figures. They say something stupid to wind people up, people phone in to complain/argue/agree and they make shed loads of cash. Unfortunately, Wrighty is doing his bit for the show too. Firstly as a former host and as a token angry gooner wishing to stir up a row.

  46. Pedro

    Dave, he’s a London boy with a London social network… moving up north would be a shitter for a 28 year old.

    I suspect he’s sounded Arsenal out about the move… he sees he’ll be a star and he knows he’ll get games.

    We’re the perfect club for him.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    joe coles new house (wanstead i think) is about 40 mins from london colney

    only 10 mins from yids training ground though….

  48. KM

    Morning all

    would love to go to Amsterdam 😉

    Anyway as pre usual we’r commenting on the rumours

    looks like we’r serious abt getting that CB from Lorient…which is positive news…lets hope its wrapped up b4 the world cup. They want Le Coq on loan from us…i say check them 2 more, because we need our youth/reserves to get the best experience

    The Joe Cole rumours haven’t stopped…could it be that his agent is spreading these rumours to entice others clubs – ManU/City/Villa? might be/might not be

    Lets hope Barca make a high bid asap and lets get rid of the Fabregas saga. Get the players we need signed up and lets get rid of the trash/unwanted players.

    beautiful day 😉

  49. A

    that half hour wouldn’t make any difference when choosing a club, the trek up to manchester would though

  50. A

    i think we’ve offered him a contract, and he’s said he wants to decide after the world cup.

    So if he has a wonder world cup he’ll sign for Madrid, if he flops he’ll accept the contract

    lol km he doesn’t want to go north, but i’m sure nobody would want to move to brum!

  51. Pedro

    AT, he’ll get gauranteed Champions League football with Arsenal and he know’s we’re the most likely to remain in the top 4 out of the North London clubs.

    Not to mention our superior stadium, history and training facilities.

  52. KM

    E4 Paul

    agree with u mate

    and yes they are all a bunch of bastards!
    esp. that cunt Durham 😉
    proper yobs…they’d fit right in at Hull FC

  53. Duke

    Pedro just listen to me, used to work there, if you stick to my program you will not be disappointed…

  54. Gooby

    Is the story about his new home right?

    10 mins away from the yid’s’training groud!
    Was arry having a laugh with his comments

  55. Big Dave

    If these players appear on the transfer linked site on Arsenal, does that mean they are not coming ?

    ie Cole/Gurcoff etc

  56. KM


    are we dead cert that he doesn’t want to move out of London?
    it could be paper talk…he hasn’t come out and said ‘ I WANT TO STAY IN LONDON!!’

  57. SongtheGreat

    morning All…

    Top post Pedro…good read…bring that van der wiel fellah back then…;)and yes of course have a great *trip*—..

  58. MickyDidIt89

    Your mission, to be carried out on behalf of all Grovers, is to visit every one of the above establishments, and then write monday’s post. We’ll be signing Keith Richards, Dillon from the Magic Roundabout and some weird shit Space Alien you met!

  59. A

    10 mins or 40 mins makes no difference gooby for something like that.

    big dave no that means nothing, every player that’s been rumoured in the tabloids since they started doing it has been put on there, apart from rodallega, but i’d imagine that was because yesterday they had a bigger statement to make!

    It’s just the web team trying to make the website more tabloidy for those that like transfer rumours

  60. Arsenal Tom

    ped… i agree but seemed strange to buy a place when you dont know where your gonna be playing next year?

    i saw him out on Saturday but didn’t get the chance to ask him, all my spurs mates were 100% about being a yid, but after harry’s comments it seems he’s anybodies… unless you know something your not sharing old boy? 😉

  61. A

    KM he wouldn’t say that, but it’s pretty accepted, just bought a new house and got a new kid, so relocating would be pretty annoying.

    Although either way he wouldn’t go to villa….

  62. gambon

    Dont be silly, Pedro will be spending all his time in the Bulldog, eating space cakes & in the RLD.

  63. incesc

    “Maybe next time, Arsenal could quell the speculation early? That’d be nice wouldn’t it. Far more productive than sending a world of Gooners into a blind panic for two weeks.”

    nice line 🙂 made me chuckle

  64. KM


    i’m thinking what ur thinking

    that midfield is too attack heavy…no one to sit


    we should get Parker….out of the world cup – a move to Arsenal would definately give him a lift 😉 he would be the runner in midfield alongside Song and although he’s 29(?) he would be gr8 because we need some English players in our team with a bit of grit and Parker has been brilliant at West Ham. He’d cost us abt £10m, but we could chuck some players there on loan/sell them trash on the cheap

  65. SongtheGreat

    hmmm lets see what Amsterdam known for…..coffee,great windowshopping …ajax…clogs…damned there must be more ? ;

  66. KM

    Obviously with the new rules coming in we need as may English players as possible. so getting J.Cole,Parker, an English keeper(?) and the polish CB frm Lorient would be good imo.

  67. gambon

    Parker isnt good enough, could sit on the bench i suppose.

    We need toughness, physicality, agressiveness.

  68. Pedro

    Guys, space cakes, Dutch beer and beautiful legal hookers is not what this trip is about…

    It’s about culture.

    Though I will be checking out some of the venues you’ve put out there!

    Duke, I’ve e-mailed your comment out to the people I’m going with. I’ve listed all the others as well. Where would you say we should avoid?

    People who don’t know London always say you should go to Leicester Sq for a good night out… I want to avoid going to the Leicester Sq of Amsterdam!

  69. SongtheGreat

    well Incesc….

    wenger sort of gave us a clue..when he said to cesc..leave it in my hands..

    and then Gazidis just waited for the right moment…as they say back in the States that fellah is a devil in disquise…

    still i dont think thats the end of the cesc saga….what cesc shpuld do right know is growing up..and just come out and say…honestly that he is more than happy to stay put and that he still wants to return to ***** at a later stage in his career….that would be a decent thing to do…

  70. Arsenal Tom

    A… 10- 40mins makes no difference? thats only your opinion mate… he might not fancy an hour and half drive every day?!

  71. LAzer

    Bloody good post man!! Ahhh Amsterdam…where do I begin? Well for starters….am not remembering much..

  72. Thierry Henry is god

    It’s Gourcuff’s father who is the trainer of Koscielny’s club, so Arsenal better play nice! Maybe even convince Christian Gourcuff that his son Yoann would make a great move by coming to us 🙂

  73. GoonerT1m

    i think old twitch is stiring the shiite, i rekon JC will go to the spuds, maybe twitch should go on the radio as well!

  74. Arsenal Tom

    hit as many cafes as you can have a walk around the red light district in between joints, maybe have a butchers at the skunk museum place they had huge plants with buds the size of a fist there a few years ago!

  75. mike__

    so no one thinks that there is a chance joe coles ‘people’ have let this story leak in order to make other clubs panic and up their offer for him?

  76. Walking Wounded

    Why does anybody think that anything Harry “The Don” Redknapp is true?

    The man is the biggest crook in football and speaks with a forked tongue.

  77. Supergunner07

    @ Pedro, Yes our fullbacks must up their crossing however, buying another Eboue is stupid, our fullbacks must stops goals and defend 1st rather than glorified attacking fullback.

    I am happy with way Wenger rotates the 2 fullback depending if we need to attack defensive teams or be balanced against lively teams.

  78. SongtheGreat

    Pedro..you should get a hold of the magazine Amsterdam weekly…and if your interested in concerts..theres a magazine called Uitkrant…at least you will know whats going on…well anyways have a great weekend:

  79. henry14

    Supergunner07 – we absolutley need attacking fullbacks if we persist with 4-3-3 but we need ones that can score and cross!!!

  80. A

    not a chance mike – capello has put a ban on anyone negotiating or signing for anyone until after the world cup, so he won’t be looking at any offers now

  81. Supergunner07

    henry14 says:
    June 3, 2010 at 11:13

    Supergunner07 – we absolutley need attacking fullbacks if we persist with 4-3-3 but we need ones that can score and cross!!!


    40 bloody goals conceded, do the maths. Plus we tend to play combination passing game and crossing apart from when Charmark starts

  82. henry14

    With JC – i said yesterday i think it’s rubbish – i think City myself.

    However, i am 50/50 anyway i would like him but not that bothered if he comes or not to be honest.

    This talk of him wanting to stay in London makes sense – but let’s face it that’s what everyone is basing there facts on and nobody knows if he cares if he moves to Manchester for a few years or not!!

  83. KM

    need some advice guys

    my mobile phone contract is expiring this month (like Joe Cole’s) so i was wondering which phone to look at.

    I like the N97 mini – what do u guys think? is that a good phone?

  84. henry14

    Supergunner07 – i agree mate 40 goals conceeded is a fucking disaster!

    But you can’t play 4-3-3 without attacking fullbacks so you either need better ones (which we do) or you change the system.

  85. Big Dave

    Got into the room about 7 ish, (Amsterdam) switched on the telly and boom a no hold bar blue movie appeared before my very eyes, hardcore.

    Beat watching the one show with fat lamps bird, can u imagine this country doing this at 7 pm.

  86. Supergunner07

    henry14 says:
    June 3, 2010 at 11:18

    Supergunner07 – i agree mate 40 goals conceeded is a fucking disaster!

    But you can’t play 4-3-3 without attacking fullbacks so you either need better ones (which we do) or you change the system.


    System was changed because of Cesc, as 2 DM is needed when using 442 to cover 4 players plus another fullback who are going forward.

    Sagna’s crossing isn’t bad plus Charmark will turn average cross into goals. Clichy is the concern, I would employ Gibbs on that flank when Charmark starts.

  87. KM


    sort of agree on the JC saga

    no one knows yet

    Arsenal/City/Utd are the only clubs capable of paying his wage demands. no – one else can ….

    But only Arsenal & ManU are in the champions league