We are arguing about a rumour so let put forward our list, the window is now officially open.

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Yesterday saw a lot of debate on Le Grove about who we are linked with and the why or why they would or wouldn’t be great signings.

Maureen was installed as Madrid coach yesterday and says he will only be signing 2 or 3 players, after all they bought last term! That’s the spirit, maybe our manager will take note.

It seems to me that most people wanted Gourcuff as a Cesc replacement, most people would have Joe Cole as a Rosicky replacement, the jury is out on defenders, nearly everyone thinks Theo is rubbish (except me) and everyone thinks our keepers need replacing, so here’s a list Mr Wenger and a reason for the list.

Keepers – Fabianski and Almunia are not what we need, too error prone and we can’t afford that again.

Contenders, Hart and Buffon, me I’d take Hart.

Full backs – Sagna is a poor crosser but a good defender, Eboue has had his moments and he is wanted by others, he isn’t the future, so we should sell him whilst we can rake in some cash. Let go out and buy Van Der Weil.

Centre back is a tough one, Cahill, Giorgio Chiellini, Hangeland, the list goes on, I would get Cahill as he has EPL experience, if not then Chiellini as he is a beast, ask Robin! I would keep Campbell as well, if not then we need two centre backs.

Defensive midfield – Song is not enough and Eastmond is still a little young, Melo and Toulalon are contenders, I like Toulalon, but maybe we could swap Eboue plus cash and get a good deal on Melo.

Midfield – Gourcuff has always been a player I admire, he is talented but a few have said he goes missing in games, so does Cesc, say no more, I would buy Gourcuff and keep Cesc.

Wingers – We definitely need a winger, one that can cross the ball otherwise why buy Chamakh? Eden Hazard would fit the bill and maybe sign Joe Cole on a free, I doubt he would go to the Spuds if he had a choice, but I would keep Rosicky and bring Wilshere back. So Hazard for me and if possible bring Cole in, him and Rosicky can take it in turns to be injured.

Up top – for me Bendtner and Eduardo need replacing, Bendtner because he has got a big mouth and he isn’t that great, Eduardo though I love him, he has lost a bit and sentiment shouldn’t come into football, I would bring in a goalscorer, Dzeko would be ideal, but he would cost, I believe the Rodallega rumour could be true and to be honest, after watching Nikki struggle last year and to hear his comments, I would have a punt. Even if the comments aren’t true I don’t think Bendtner’s touch is that great, at the same age RVP was oozing talent and confidence.

So there you have it, my list for Arsene to ponder over. Unless of course the wheels are already in motion, and I suspect they are.

  • Joe Hart
  • Van Der Weill
  • Cahill or Chiellini
  • Hazard
  • Melo or Toulalon
  • Cole
  • Gourcuff
  • Dzeko or Rodallega

Pick the bones out of that, I’m not saying sign them all, but they are my contenders.

We could sell Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski, Bendtner, Traore, Vela, Eduardo, Denilson as well as a shed load from the reserves that will never make it. Add that to our big budget and we don’t have to sell Cesc, if however Cesc won’t be staying until at least the end of his contract, then sell him and make that forward Dzeko.

What do you think eh? Too much to ask for. Have a hopeful day grovers, today the games begin!

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  1. Pedro

    Geoff, if he’s no good out wide with that pace, what makes you think he’ll be any better in the middle?

    He’s far too one dimensional to play central.

  2. Gooby

    of course Geoff, mon ami changed his ways a lot since the emirates move.


    mon ami likes to put players on the wing before moving them to central positions. ala diaby, fabregas, bendtner. i think walcott will be nothing more than a squad player

  3. ethangunner

    Pedro says:
    June 2, 2010 at 08:55

    Geoff, if he’s no good out wide with that pace, what makes you think he’ll be any better in the middle?
    but dont you think considering we bought him as a striker we should at least give him a year in the position ..

    nik B had enough time to make anything his ..
    and if rvp is a productive as Nik B , your living his delusion too 🙂

  4. ethangunner

    the wing clearly isnt working for him ..

    if theo had the same opportunity nik B had in
    front of goal (CF) , im sure we would be witnessing a different theo !