Brede Hangeland, at 29 is he too old? Gourcuff isn’t though!

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Brede Hangeland is a big lump, and I do think we need a big lump, but at 29 years of age does he represent good value? I’m not so sure, if you think that apart from our famous trio of Bould, Keown and Adams, most centre backs have had it at 32, so he will give us what, 3 years? Then we’ll be complaining that he’s past it or too slow.

We are sweating on Campbell, Gallas is off and surely Silvestre must go and our kids are too young, you wouldn’t have thought it was that tough to find a centre back would you!

I think that Johan and Vermaelen will form a top partnership, but it won’t go through a season and we do need four, we gave Campbell his big break and now he’s dithering over a move to another Notts County, Celtic.

If Sol stays, then we only need 1 centre back, if he goes, we need two. I would like a big guy, I quite like Cahill, but is he big enough?

What I don’t want though is another French centreback, we have enough French players and I want Gourcuff, so Gourcuff can replace Silvestre and Gallas which will restore the balance of nationalities in the side. Yes I know that Gourcuff is a midfielder, I’m just talking balance.

I read with interest that Merida, who has now been pictured in an Athletico Madrid shirt (because he plays for them) said ‘Wenger looked after me and my family since I arrived in London’

So that’s what I mean by how much is the true cost of us buying these young kids, we have a few out in Spain as we can’t bring them in to Britain, so we have to pay for all that, and over 3 years I’m sure that adds up, the other team only pays their salaries, we bring players like Merida in and pay for them and their families, I bet we did that with Denilson as well as his family, so is it a false economy?

We have Vela in Spain for three years, we bring him to England and Wenger announces him as a new signing, and he doesn’t play, and when he does he’s disappointing.

Ian Wright is imploring Fabio Capello to play Theo up front, in his best position, but as David Beckham is giving him crossing lessons, I’m not sure Fabio will listen, either way we may benefit from Theo playing for England this summer, I have always rated Theo, so good luck son, I wish you well!

I just hope Beckham has time to spend with Theo after the world cup bid, visiting the troops in Afghanistan, his trip to advise the Pope and his one man quest to end all worldwide famine.

I think we’ll start to see the signings bit happen on Tuesday, June 1st, because I truly believe that Arsene has promised Cesc some big names, we don’t want Cesc to give us one more year, we want him to stay, if it was one more year, I would prefer to take the cash and the players that go with the cash and move on.

Did I say I wanted Gourcuff?

Have a great day Grovers, Tuesday is not far away!

P.S. I have a pair of season tickets that someone is desperate to loan out for the season, e-mail pedro(at) for info!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    ha ha, is there a player out there that would honestly choose not to go to the World Cup!?!?

  2. goonerT1m

    are we 100% sure they still owe us?…how come we can’t owe a few clubs, like the others. Arsenal FC are so special that they can’t owe for a few players!

  3. tonyadamsisgod

    You know the World Cup is around the corner when Honda start pushing out the full version of their advert!! Gets the fans pumped!

  4. RobbingVanPersie

    Happy Bithday to Arshavin

    Hopefully he should have a nice rest and come into the season on fire.

  5. sixx pac

    Oh my god. ‘ my hands will be with me till i die and they are the hands of a cheat’. Wat an asshole

  6. Gooby

    I am a bit sad that loads of star players will not be in South Africa in two weeks ๐Ÿ™

    arshavin(and all russian)
    croatia team
    lass diarra

    you can’t have everything in life can you ๐Ÿ™

  7. Stu

    Djourou and Nasri stars players? HA!!

    Most of those players arent going though because of either injury of mental managers..

  8. Stu

    Apparently Abou Diaby came off the bench to set up the winner for France in their last match. Nasri is a fat ponce..

  9. Stu

    We should give Sagna no 2 for next season because he seems to be a decent crosser for France. Its gotta be the number that makes the difference ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. tonyadamsisgod

    That will be Diaby’s last positive contribution for about another 5 games then……….then he’ll be injured for the 5 after that…..

  11. eboue

    who here has been on red london today the site by randy osae he made an article about the all time premier league table and cause no one commented on it today he started to rage on the comments hahahha.

  12. Gooby

    he is not first team for France though, as it apears they will play like us 433
    with a midfield of gourcuff-toulalan-malouda

  13. Pedro

    I reckon Diaby only manages a few good games becuase we knacker him…

    He plays 3 good games, then 3 bad, then he gets injured…

    The pattern of an unfit player being overplayed…

    Can’t believe he’s running the midfield for France!

  14. Gooby

    he is very likely to come on as a substitute Pedro as the French staff seem to like him.

    He has a very good reputation among the French in general, they compare him to vieira and lequipe recently wrote a article about him talking about how he came good after injuries and talking about his vieira-like attributes.

    they don’t watch him enough imo but i reckon that if he performed on regular basis he would be quite a player

  15. Stu

    No way will Malouda play in the midfield 3. Epecially with Dom in charge. He will probably play Toulalan and Alou Diarra behind Gourcuff. The front 3 is anyones guess though and my guess is it will be Ribery CF Malouda.

  16. Pedro

    Gooby, if he performed to the best of his capabilities, he certainly would be a player!

    It’s the lack of consistency and the fact he doesn’t understand his position.

  17. Stu

    Heard from a french guy that tha majority of the french fans want Diaby playing in one of the 2 DM roles. 1 prthadox DM and Diaby starting the attacks from deep. Go fiqure.

  18. Pedro

    Eboue, that Randy Osae is such a nerd.

    He tried to get on our site last year pretending he was from Gooner talk…

  19. Stu

    Really Gooby? Seems like a very odd position to play him in but i suppose nothing about that manager is normal.
    Especially as Malouda played left wing at the last WC.

  20. Jaguar

    Who is this new koslenny or whoever?Another fucking unknown shit French player?Why the fuck is Wenger obsessed with shit french players?And no good French player wants to join the hypocrite.

  21. Jaguar

    Wenger is another Domenech.Never pick the good player.Always going for his favourite shit players like Diaby.

  22. Gooby

    Stu says:
    May 29, 2010 at 17:24
    Really Gooby? Seems like a very odd position to play him in but i suppose nothing about that manager is normal.
    Especially as Malouda played left wing at the last WC.

    the man is surely stupid. but ribery is much of a child and refuses to play anywhere but on the left and given malouda’s season he may play in midfield on left side with only one DM (toulalan) and gourcuff the other CM.

    although i reckon that he may change his mind and put alou diarra instead returning to his borring tactics with 2 DMs

  23. Randy Osae

    Haha, ‘eboue’, if anyone “gets off to” someone, then you get off to me because you’ve come here to mention my name relentlessly even though every chooses to ignore you. Why are you so obsessed about me?

    And @Jaguar – it will be foolish to compare Diaby to Zidane.

    I did NOT compare them. I said they had similar physical styles as attacking mids.

  24. Randy Osae

    Stu – I think that ‘calm down’ person is a stalking grover…most probably ‘eboue’

    Why would he direct me here to come and read how he is “ripping” me?


  25. Rohan

    There is only one Pete Sampras people.
    Federer is a fucking machine and frankly a bit gay when proncing about in his suit after the game.

  26. Pat

    To be honest, I don’t want Hangeland. I want a lump, but a lump with speed. King from Spurs would do nicely!

  27. Stu

    I wouldnt clasify King as a lump. He is definately big enough but a lot better than just a lump-ish CB. Remember Henry saying King was one of the best he played against.

  28. incesc

    has anyone seen the henry article on ANR by myles palmer?

    i actually like ANR but that article is utter shite

  29. zeus

    Djourou and TV5 would be nothing short of a joke. TV5 needs an experienced head beside him, I point you to his cockups in ever big game we have played this season.

    Djourou is younger with even less experience than TV5 plus he has shown nothing to indicate he can become a good player yet with his suspect fitness.

  30. Stu

    No to Cetin. He got the better of Drogba at international level. Buying someone based on their international performances is a big no no…especially for Wenger.

  31. Stu

    Chiellini is left footed and is now shit (imo of course) so dont want him either. We need someone to compliment Vermaelen, not to try displace him.

    Incesc, that defender you’re thinking of is Pepe. I wouldnt mind him at all but not because of that kick. We need controlled aggression, not a twat thug who just goes around kicking people.

  32. Man

    Diaby was good for 3/4 of the season, his performances dipped in the last 2 or so months, otherwise he had a good season. I’m not surprised he played well for France. What Wenger needs to figure is how to get him consistently fit and playing consistently well. The first bit he sort of managed, I hope the second bit comes next season. When on form, there isn’t a more dominant player in the league…apart from Essien of course

  33. incesc

    would you not like to see him stamp on shawcrosses face or kevin davies.

    bloody kevin davies, his best mates with my missus best mates hubby. Still havent met him but its coming. not sure how to handle it.


  34. zeus


    Diaby was good for 2 months of the season. His form at the start of the season was nowhere the kind of form shown by Flamini in his final season where you would say he was a guaranteed starter.

    Diaby was just okay, before he got injured, as is normally the case, then when he came back late christmas into the new year he was a beast.

    Then he went back to being ordinary and shit by the end.

  35. incesc

    diaby is ok for the bench or as a utility player, he could come good, we shouldnt rule him out completely now.

  36. Stu

    Utility player? He cant even get consistent in his perfered position, i dont think using him in various positions would do any good.

  37. Jaguar

    I used to like Myles Palmer till he wrote that article on Henry.What a disgraceful twat!But he is always right about the hypocrite Wenger though.

  38. Gooby

    as it is boring these days let’s make a top 5 of the shittest players currently at the club and first team:

    1. the roasted chicken
    2. flapski
    3. Almunia
    4. Denilson
    5. wilcott

  39. B.B.K

    for me diaby sold us out at the end of the season,i used give him the benefit of the doubt now he just annoys me

  40. Gooby

    “We have never paid over the market price [for a player],” Laporta is quoted as saying.

    “Yes, Cesc is a player who we are interested in and Arsenal know this as well – we should come to a market price. We will do everything for him to come, but it must be at a logical price.

    “We will not pay over the odds, but we will make a special effort for him because he has made his position clear and has said that he wants to come. It’s a gesture which is appreciated and which must be noted.”

  41. Stu

    No links, dont want his cunting site getting more hits.

    “My deepest hope, at this moment, concerns Thierry Henry.

    I really hope that he says : Iโ€™m not going.

    There is still time. There is still time for him to drop out.

    Thierry Henry could call a press conference today and say, “Iโ€™ve decided to do the decent thing. I cheated the Republic of Ireland out of qualification. I handled the ball twice to get us a goal in Paris and I canโ€™t live with myself. Every day I regret what I did in that play-off game. I canโ€™t sleep at night and I will carry the guilt of that handball for the rest of my life. My hands will be with me till the day I die and my hands are the hands of a cheat.

    โ€œI canโ€™t change the result of that game, but I can say sorry. And this is my way of saying sorry. I swindled my friend Robbie Keane out of the World Cup, I did something despicable to Shay Given, Richard Dunn and all the Irish players and staff who had done so well, again, for a small country.

    “I hope that in time the Irish people, and football fans all over the world, will find it in their hearts to forgive me. I’m past it anyway, I can’t get a game for Barcelona, I’ve been a passenger at the Nou Camp in recent weeks. So I have decided to retire from international football. I don’t deserve to be there anyway. And I don’t want to be remembered as the Frenchman who cheated the Irish out of the World Cup.”

    I won’t be writing about any France game that Henry plays in. Even for five minutes.”

  42. Gooby

    lol he made the hole speech what a twat.

    it’s not like Ireland were qualified anyway. it was a draw going into extra time.

    he cheated and it wasn’t decent but life goes on

  43. Queen of Suburbia

    Palmer doen’t worry about cheating Arsenal fans out of minutes with his inane ramblings so Henry probably doesn’t need to apologise for taking advantage of Uefa’s corrupt refusal to use video technology

  44. Pat

    RVP left training with ice on his ankle. I hope he’s fit for the WC, although I guess this is good news for Arsenal.

  45. Stu

    Lets hope its bad enough to keep him out of the tournament but back well in time before pre season starts.

  46. zeus

    FFS. This is a clear indication that we can’t depend on RVP to do the business.


  47. zeus

    Brazil’s second day of training at their Randburg High School base didn’t go to plan as sparks flew between Kaka and Felipe Melo following a rash challenge from the Juventus midfielder.

    Estado de Sao Paulo reports the Juventus man went in hard on Kaka during a training match which left the Real Madrid man furious, so much so he stormed off the pitch, despite swift apologies from his team-mate.

    Tension was high as fevered temperatures increased and it took the action of Brazil’s staff and entourage to defuse the situation and restore tranquillity.

    Kaka was not impressed, and clearly shaken up by the incident having returned to training following a recent injury.

    Hehe. We just have to get Melo. 15m plus Eboue.

  48. Stu

    How dare you Pedro. They are still brilliant. The best band ever in fact.

    Dont believe what people tell you about them having gone downhill, thats just pissy ‘fans’ being babies because they hate being fans of what is now a world known band.

  49. Pedro

    Stu, sorry buddy, they sold out big time with that last album.

    That wasn’t the kings… that was watered down ballad pop… Zzzzzz…

  50. Stu

    Well dont worry..Nathan says they’re going back to their old ways for their new album…sort of.

    Wasnt them changing like that on ourpose either. It was just their record label that chose the songs to release and which to put on the album rather than them themselves who had done it before.

  51. Pedro

    Stu, I hope that’s the case!

    They sold enough records not to need to go pop…

    It’ll never go back to the first two albums… but I was a big fan of the third.

  52. Stu

    RVP is world class though. We should just make him qui international football, it would lessen his games per season by a good 10 or 15 and make him less fatigues when playing for us and thus less suseptable(sp) to injury.

  53. Stu

    Yeah i agree Pedro. I absolutely fucking hate pop music shit, and dance and rap and metal and whatever else is left besides rock. They havent gone there though…yet. If that day ever comes then its the day the world will 2012 then. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  54. Stu

    Melo can fuck off too. Dont want that prick. All he did last summer was use us to get a more lucrative deal when moving to Juve. He didnt pick us last summer so he can go fuck himself this time round.

    We are Arsenal, we are no-ones second choice!

  55. Pedro

    Stu, I don’t know if you have already, but check out Foals (Total life forever), the strange boys and a band called Peggy Sue.

    Really good albums.

  56. Stu

    Nope, never heard of any of them but will definately give them a listen. Any more good suggestions would be appreciated.

    I asked about a year back on here for band suggestions for my ipod and to my (newly found) disgust not 1 person mentioned Led Zeppelin or the stones…shocking stuff.

  57. Wonderboy

    I saw them support U2 in Dublin, can’t remember U2 at all. Fuckin’ excellent as Freddie would say.

  58. Pedro

    Stu, I think they’re givens! I don’t have to reccomend the Smiths do I? Or the Cure? Or Joy Division?

  59. Pedro

    Wonderboy, they played a small tent in Reading a few years back… I liked them for the car… went in the tent and left after 10 minutes! Too sombre…

  60. Stu

    Hold on a fucking second.
    A band called Peggy sue, has that got anything to do with ‘A boy called peggy sue’ by Johnny Cash?

  61. Pedro

    Right my last recc’s for Stu:

    Arcade Fire
    The Maccabees
    Wild Beasts
    The Horrors
    Jamie T

  62. Stu

    I dunno, recommend what you want, i havent heard of any of them. I have been cursed by shit pop music on the radio all my life. Its just constant top 40 shit that i fucking hate. I have given up listening to the radio though…apart from Ray Foley and Tony Fenton, neither of whom you are likely to have heard of.

  63. Pedro

    Well Stu… if you’ve been raised on shit pop… get some Bloc Party in your life as well. Their first album is a masterpiece in my eyes.

  64. Pedro

    Wonderboy, I loved We are scientists first album… thought the second one was a bit shite.

    They had a some motivational seminar as their support act when we saw them last…

  65. Wonderboy

    Yeah Pedro, the second never really grabbed me either. Jesus Stu, you must be getting an education tonight. You be the coolest kid on your street.