Brede Hangeland, at 29 is he too old? Gourcuff isn’t though!

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Brede Hangeland is a big lump, and I do think we need a big lump, but at 29 years of age does he represent good value? I’m not so sure, if you think that apart from our famous trio of Bould, Keown and Adams, most centre backs have had it at 32, so he will give us what, 3 years? Then we’ll be complaining that he’s past it or too slow.

We are sweating on Campbell, Gallas is off and surely Silvestre must go and our kids are too young, you wouldn’t have thought it was that tough to find a centre back would you!

I think that Johan and Vermaelen will form a top partnership, but it won’t go through a season and we do need four, we gave Campbell his big break and now he’s dithering over a move to another Notts County, Celtic.

If Sol stays, then we only need 1 centre back, if he goes, we need two. I would like a big guy, I quite like Cahill, but is he big enough?

What I don’t want though is another French centreback, we have enough French players and I want Gourcuff, so Gourcuff can replace Silvestre and Gallas which will restore the balance of nationalities in the side. Yes I know that Gourcuff is a midfielder, I’m just talking balance.

I read with interest that Merida, who has now been pictured in an Athletico Madrid shirt (because he plays for them) said ‘Wenger looked after me and my family since I arrived in London’

So that’s what I mean by how much is the true cost of us buying these young kids, we have a few out in Spain as we can’t bring them in to Britain, so we have to pay for all that, and over 3 years I’m sure that adds up, the other team only pays their salaries, we bring players like Merida in and pay for them and their families, I bet we did that with Denilson as well as his family, so is it a false economy?

We have Vela in Spain for three years, we bring him to England and Wenger announces him as a new signing, and he doesn’t play, and when he does he’s disappointing.

Ian Wright is imploring Fabio Capello to play Theo up front, in his best position, but as David Beckham is giving him crossing lessons, I’m not sure Fabio will listen, either way we may benefit from Theo playing for England this summer, I have always rated Theo, so good luck son, I wish you well!

I just hope Beckham has time to spend with Theo after the world cup bid, visiting the troops in Afghanistan, his trip to advise the Pope and his one man quest to end all worldwide famine.

I think we’ll start to see the signings bit happen on Tuesday, June 1st, because I truly believe that Arsene has promised Cesc some big names, we don’t want Cesc to give us one more year, we want him to stay, if it was one more year, I would prefer to take the cash and the players that go with the cash and move on.

Did I say I wanted Gourcuff?

Have a great day Grovers, Tuesday is not far away!

P.S. I have a pair of season tickets that someone is desperate to loan out for the season, e-mail pedro(at) for info!

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  1. Jimbo

    Gourcuff will be in excess of €20m.

    There is NO WAY we’re even interested in this guy.

    Wenger will go for a budget option, if at all, to go with his budget idea of football.

  2. Lurch LeRouge

    Red nose will revoke his tittle if VB is honored. Boot will be on the other chin then. Lol.

  3. Cesc

    Barca have said they are not gonna pay over the Market value for cesc and the price arsenal are lukin is too much lol when are they ever gonna be quiet

  4. Dutchman

    SUGA, i like green, and no, he is not a top keeper but he is a good stand-in for sznesny,who will be our new number 1 in about 1/2 years time.But green will be our new keeper, we have signed him. MARK MY WORDS!!
    No, i have no sources but QOS had a source and i did think the same.

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    AW must at some at some point start spending €20 mil. It’s just a matter of time inflation wise. If he was ever going to do it, now is the time or we can defo say adios to cesc. Why would we want Melo when he didn’t want us? We need a team of arsenalistas not mercs.

  6. Stu

    Yeah i dont want Melo either, or any player that doesnt really want to be here. Same goes for Cesc. Great player but if he really wants out then we should take the money (60m at least) and say good riddence.

  7. Lurch LeRouge

    Catch you later gentlemen.

    Notice how speculation on Stephen Ireland has gone very quiet? I do like his engine…

  8. Gooby

    Green is always gonna better than the two we have . although i am a bit unsure because he never played in a top club before.

    i reckon chesney is our long term keeper

  9. angeausarsenal

    Jimbo, with all due respect Schwarzer was one of the best keepers in the EPL (if not the best)last season

  10. Stu

    Green plays for a midtable team (at best) with a shite defence. Schwarzer plays for a mid table team with supposedly a great defence (thats just as shite as ours). Really we shouldnt be after either of them based on the clubs they play for.

  11. Geoff

    I don’t understand why we are bidding for centre back Laurent Koscielny. We have offered £4.2mil and they want £6.7mil.

    Wenger won’t pay over the odds so what, are we after a player in an important position that is only worth £4.2mil.

    Here we go again, bargain basement fucking Wenger. I bet that will impress Cesc.

    The Mancs paid £28mil for Ferdinand, what 10 years ago?

    Who the fuck is Laurent Koscielny anyway? Another French unknown.

  12. darrenchallis

    Geoff. it once again shows Wenger understands as much about defending as I do about particle physics. He keeps with the cheap and cheerful and just got lucky with Vermalen all though he was Ajax captain and not that cheap really. Not having a World class CB and GK LOSES you the PL thats a fact and we have proved it in the last three seasons.

  13. Gooby

    he is a Fench defender with polish origins.

    Lorient did very well this season, finishing 7th while they have one of the smallest budget of the league , and he largely contributed in their success. But only last year he was playing for a Ligue 2 team (Tours) so still unproved at the top level and huge risk.

    i don’t know what’s going on in Le Gaffer’s mind but i am starting to feel that he won’t be bringing star players after all

  14. Gooby

    Stu- let me correct, he still doesn’t have the polish passport and will obtain it shortly in order to be eligible for Poland because he doesn’t stand a chance with the amount of talent in France. Mexès is not even selected FFS, but that’s because the fench coach is a twat

  15. Geoff

    Darren, to true, Gooby we should be looking for the best, Zapata, Chelleini etc or someone like Sackho, a big bastard with talent.

  16. mike__

    top post geoff.

    when i read about the Koscielny rumour my first reaction was why the hell are we after a leyton orient player? then i read it again and realised my mistake lol.

    oh one more thing not that i am trying to defend denilson or anything like that but i do remember watching a video of him at gilbertos house with baptista playing music and singing brazilian songs.
    and him mentioning how much he appreciates gilberto as he always had him over for dinner making him feel like family as he was over here on his own.

  17. goonerT1m

    LOL gambon!….lets face it any players, slightly older slower, or a risk of the ACN would be better than we have. he needs to get a move on though. why do arsenal have such a problem signing players these days?..i thought the stadium, the training ground and having the best manager in the world would mean we could sign anyone…clearly not…..i bet PHW has been at the drinks cabinet with myles palmer this morning, o jolly rotten fellow that terry enry isn’t he old chap..!

  18. SUGA3


    not true – like Gooby said he is yet to obtain Polish passport and he is wanted for PL national team ahead of Euro 2012…

    the thing that worries me is that Lorient shipped 42 goals in 38 games, but on the other hand, they only scored 54, so it should tell you that they do less attacking than Arse…

  19. Gooby

    Lorient conceded 42 goals this season in 38 games and the 9th best defence of the league while Auxere have the best defence with only 29 goals conceded

  20. mike__

    also by my math we were in a position to spend 30 mill on players last summer which went un spent so that combined with this summers kitty there is absolutely no reason we should be looking for bargain basement deals.

    and thats not even taking into account the toure and adebaywhore money as well.

  21. SUGA3


    we have problems signing players because we got shot of DD who is a extremely influential figure in European footy – Gazidis and this new fella Laws are nowhere near him…

  22. Stu

    Well we needn’t worry because have Koscielny on their transfer rumours page so no chance of him signing now…hopefully.

  23. Gooby

    Yes indeed Geoff, we should be going for the best.

    in fact sakho is a fine player still young though and error prone, but i don’t think we can judge him yet considering the fact that he is surrounded by a bunch a clowns at PSG (joke of a club really)

  24. Stu

    And sakho is left footed and apparently had an awful season. He aint gonna displace Vermaelen so no point even thinking about signing him.

  25. Gooby

    yep Stu but it was a very good season for them as a low standard club with limited finances. Lorient coach is Chritian Gourcuff, he make his team play very good football a bit like us. and yes he is the player’s father 🙂

  26. goonerT1m

    according to the manager his phone never stops ringing with players wanting to join arsenal, what a joke, they really think we are all mugs…….i think there is a good chance his only desire is to pay off ALL the stadium debt before he retires so he can hand over to another manager with no debt. it seems to be all he lives for, screw the trophies and the fans, we all get mugged off in the process.

  27. Geoff

    He played in the Emirates cup and was awesome against Rangers, so what if he’s left footed, so is Campbell and so is Vermaelen, besides he’s far better than Silvestre and bigger than Gallas.

    Henry had a shit season with Juve, that means nothing.

  28. Stu

    lol Geoff, campbell isnt left footed.
    2 lefties shouldnt play together. It makes things awkward and good teams would take advantage of it.

  29. mike__

    we need amongst other talents a defender who dominates aerially and relishes a physical challenge. i dont think we have excluding sol a single player who can match the oppo teams biggest threat for set pieces.

    we are lacking balance at the back.

    sol was good with toure because one thrived on the physical & aerial battle and one had the pace to mop up any knock on’s or through balls etc. its the same reason gallas & terry was the chav’s best defense as they conceded less when those two played, they complemented each others playing style.
    vermaelen loves his forward runs so we need a player who gets nosebleeds when he gets the halfway line.

  30. SongtheGreat


    i’d go for Hangeland….but im not sure we’ll get him…proven quality…and besides that a real professional…a top player on and off the field..

  31. jamie m

    @ Geoff, you make some excellent points but the only thing that really matters to gunners fans the world over is Cesc, and i knew when that idiot peter h. wanker said that about fab wenger was gonna have to do some real damage limitation and i think he quoted barca a price of 70 million .

  32. SongtheGreat


    i think Hangeland-Vermaelen would be superb…then again im convinced that Song sooner or later will end up as a top CB…given time…dont know cant stop thinking about Baresi whenever i think about Song as a CB 😉

  33. SongtheGreat

    and i must admit the more i think of cesc leaving the better i feel….i think it will be a blessing…and maybe then we can get back to a real midfield ..not just relying on one player…

  34. Stu

    If we signed Hangeland we would have to definately focus more on defending. Drop the defensive line back about 10 yards and make sure the fullbacks can defend (which one of them cant). The system would need a big chance to suit Hangeland imo.

  35. SongtheGreat

    agreed Stu..

    we would have to keep the team more compact…much like we have always done when Graham was in charge and the years with Adams-Keown…

  36. Stu

    But GG isnt in charge anymore. We are completely opposite to then. Hangeland would look awful in our defence imo.

  37. SongtheGreat

    then Stu ..get rid of cesc…and get back a well balanced midfield…rember wiltord-vieira-silva-edu/petit….no cesc like player there mate..

    but of course than we would have to splash some cash ?..and further more give RvP the role Bergkamp used to have….

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    jimbo you moan about everyone & everything but you never give an alternative, so we can tell you, you have no %^%$(( idea. That, in my world is called a gutless prick!!!!!

  39. SongtheGreat do have a point ..but im not sure that Hangeland would be a disaster…and surely no worse than Campbell…silvestre ….and Gallas ..hmm we are better off without him…

  40. SongtheGreat

    and well if we doesnt want to change our style..well Song Vermaelen…it would take some time however giving Song the experience as a CB….but i think it would be awesome…

  41. A

    Gallas is much quicker than hangeland…. It would be interesting to see how hangeland did if there was any truth in the rumours. But I don’t think there will be. Certainly no way we’d change shape and system to fit him in tho!

  42. Stu

    Hangeland and Campbell arent comparable imo.

    Sol is a beast, an athlete first imo and its thanks to this he’s had such a great career. He is still one of the fastest players at the club, coming second behind Theo in the speed trials i think.

    Hangelands strengths are reading the play and intercepting any attempted through balls and he is able to do this because Fulham deny space and play very compact.

  43. SongtheGreat

    A the problem is, it seems that our defending this year made it quite clear that there is no shape or system to it ?…

  44. Paulinho

    At least with Hangeland we might be somewhat more comfortable defending in our penalty area, which may I remind people, is how we give up most of our stupid goals in games ; completely panicking when we have to soak up a bit of pressure. Forget all this high line bullshit.

  45. A

    True stu, and with how deep fulhams defence sits basically the entire game is played in front of them, whereas with us the centre backs have to cop with all the space behind them etc

  46. SongtheGreat


    its about time Arshavin started to get down and dirty..if not..sell him…or play Diaby..

  47. darrenchallis

    Campbell even now shows he still has it in every game. and we had him when he was at the height of his powers. He may not be able to recover as quick, but he is ten times better than What England have in reserve at the World Cup. Wenger give him a good contract for another year, he derserves it!

  48. SongtheGreat

    one could easily say A if wenger had a system in defence it failed totally….and all this negativity about Hangeland…he is far better than you give him credit for…

  49. darrenchallis

    Silvestre is like Toure without their pace they are nothing and age has not been kind to both, probably they do not train as hard as big Sol.

  50. patthegooner

    I didnt believe the Hangeland stories at all but they broke in the London Evening Standard first.

    I am not too worried about his pace. As long as his positioning is good, he can make up for pace.

    And like someone said, it is the aerial threat that still seems to fuck us up and hopefully someone like Hangeland will help to plug that.

    I am definately not against signing him, if he is to join.

  51. Cannon Man

    Does Myles Palmer (Bile Spammer) support Arsenal? If not, why the fuck is he always banging on about us/our ex-players/other shite? What he says…………………………………and nothing……………………………….are exactly……………………………….the same thing. No wonder the comments on his webs(h)ite are hidden. Cunt.

  52. Gooby

    “If Cesc can come to a market price, we will make every effort to come, but it must be a logical and market price;, when a club makes an exorbitant price, signal it wants to prevent transfer and in this sense, the club will not pay a price that is out of the market. ” Barcelona President, Joan Laporta

    fine stupid cunt, now fuck off

  53. SongtheGreat


    overated ???oh dear oh very happy your not our manager ;)

    but it was a great joke..

  54. daviddein

    i just wondering why the fuck wenger can see how stupid and useless is,he even sent senderos as a loanee for 2seasons,and why cant he see the same in denilson is beyond me..

  55. patthegooner

    The way Barca are talking, you would think that we were trying to offload Cesc….

    Fucking Arseholes

    If they want him, then they pay the going rate.

    I just hope Cesc has the sense about him to realise that they are being cunts.

  56. SongtheGreat

    Senderos was never going to make it…he struggles wherever he goes…great heart no quality…who wants to buy him ??
    and we shouldnt get our hopes up when it comes to Johan either…

  57. sixx pac

    Which is worst, PHW saying Cesc wouldnt get into Barca team or Laporta saying Cesc is not worth 30m

  58. SUGA3


    care to remember 2006 CL campaign? so he got shat on by Drogba and Torres later, name me a CB who really kept either of them in his pocket, apart from Cetin?

    Senderos was grossly mismanaged by OGL – I would like him to be given as many chances as Denilshite was…

  59. Stu

    Barca are just a bunch of cunts. They didnt worry about market price when buying Chygrynskiy, Alves, Ibra, Caceres or Keita.

    They just think that because they got Pique fairly cheap that English clubs will sell them their academy rejects back at a low price. Cunts!

  60. SongtheGreat

    disagree QoS…

    in fact he looks pretty decent against top quality…and well most premier managers agrees…one match cames tom mind ..played for the Norway last year against Germany and kept them quiet with ease..still…. opinions eh ?

  61. Gooby

    Barca talk like if cesc is a their player and we are the bad guys keeping him hostage.

    i never thought that i’d hate a club that much, well…that doesn’t included the sp*ds

  62. Stu

    Completely agree on Senderos Suga.

    In that faithful CL match against Livershit Senderos was only called into the team in the warm up when i think Gallas got injured. How anyone can expect any defender to be on form against arguably the best striker in the world at the time with no previous game time is beyond me.

  63. Stu

    Laportas comments are worse. At least PHW was kind of right. They dont want to ‘overspend’ on Cesc because he wont be a guarenteed starter.

  64. Stu

    Barca still owe us money from the Henry and Hleb sales. They should pay that off before they even consider bidding for cash please.

  65. SongtheGreat


    get real or two matches doesnt really make you a great defender now does it..Senderos is was will be will be interesting to see who gets him….if any wants him…maybe Arka Gdynia could use him ? 😉

  66. Stu

    Tbh, in hindsight i would rather have not signed Gallas and just stuck with Senderos next to Toure in defence.

  67. Stu

    One or two matches? Even though it takes 13 to get to the CL final. Count again STG. And that was just 1 season of that competition. Remember his game against Bayern at Highbury. Thats one of the best CB performances this club had seen in a long while. Since Gallas arrived Senderos had just been forgotten.

  68. Queen of Suburbia

    Yeah they can afford £50m. They make money.

    Swiss ramble did a great piece looking at Barca’s finances. They have debt like most clubs but can afford the repayments quite easily.

  69. SUGA3


    you are having a laugh – it’s not ‘one or two matches’, it’s the record breaking run without conceding a single goal, remember?

    it’s all about quality defensive coaching and getting a run in the side – he is a beast for the Swiss team, watch him closely during WC…

    absolutely pisses all over that Manc cunt IMO…

    btw – Arka Gdynia – RU Polish?

  70. SongtheGreat

    Stu…Senderos was always a disaster waitin to happen… brains at all…two legs a head and thats it..we’ve tried to get rid of him for ages..any takers..nope…and those who have tried him..well..doesnt look like moyes sees any quality in Sendy either..championship players at best

  71. Stu

    Believe what you want STG, you’re probably stones as usual 😉 .

    Senderos is just a victim of Wengers defensive neglegence imo. He is a leader at the back and a great organiser. Its just a shame we arent a more defensive team. With the high line and Wengers favourites, Senderos never stood a chance imo.

  72. SongtheGreat

    No Suga3…polish girlfriend though and its a real pain in the ass 😉 why the hell does some people say Polish girls are .??…

  73. SUGA3


    no, he wasn’t – last time he got a run in the side he played quite well with Billy before Wenger shattered his confidence by dropping him in favour of malaria infested Toure who just returned from ACN where he was one of the reasons Ivory Coast did so poorly and played absolutely shite for us…

  74. SUGA3

    I know the feeling, Stu 😉

    but one always has to write with idiot-proof T&Cs and manuals…

    like: ‘cruise control is not an autopilot’


  75. Icedre218

    From what i can see of Wenger’s recent transfer dealings i think Hangeland would be spot of for how Wenger wants Arsenal to evolve. At 29 he is experienced and will be at the club for about 3 years (fou tops). This will give us time to get our young centre backs Nordtveit and Bartley up to speed. Both have had loan spells and I think Nordtveit will come back and be 4th choice providing cover in the league and start in the Carling Cup. Bartley will require another season, (maybe two) out on loan and then he will come back to fight for a place. By this time Hangeland will be nearing the end of his contract and doing the role that Sol did this season.

  76. Cannon Man


    Really! Why am I not surprised! Where’s his Chelsea News Review?!!! That idea must have been a non-starter with all their knuckle-dragging, no-opposing-thumb-having computer illiterates. He’d still have more to say about us than them.

    Typical Bile Spammer:

    “I had toast for breakfast this morning. The jam had bits. SACREBLEU! EUGH! HORRIBLE! Just like Arsenal. Last night, Robin van Persie received the ball in the box. BANG! I killed a fly. I hate flies. They remind me of French people.”

    I’d love to hear why he reviews Arsenal news and not his own team’s.

    If Mourinho’s the Special One, that mikes him the Special Cunt.

  77. Stu

    So whats happening with Wilshere? Is he going back out on loan or staying next season? Which number do ye think he will eventually have, 7 or 10?

  78. Stu

    Van Der Weil? – Song – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Ramsey – Lansbury
    Wislhere – Bendtner – vela

    Probably nevergoing to happen but what a team that could potentially be.

    *have Bendner Vela and VdW in there because not sure about what reserves we have in those positions.

  79. goonerT1m

    gambon/suga whats your latest view on the cesc saga?….never been to emirates cup as i always think we have a great chance of ..cough cough winning the epl for silver ware…

  80. gambon

    At the moment its a standoff really. They want him but they dont want to pay.

    I think it could drag on all summer.

  81. goonerT1m

    i think there will be an agreement for next summer….like the ronaldo deal…there is no way barca will pay close to what they need to, they also have no rush for him.

  82. Geoff

    Why wouldn’t PHW say publicly when Barca pay us the money they owe us from 4 years ago, we can have a sensible discussion about Cesc, until they do, why would we sell him for £100mil, we wouldn’t get it anyway?

    Stu what happened to RVP, Arshavin and Cesc? And are you suggesting we have 2 centrebacks that are both under 6′???

  83. Stu

    I tried not to include as few of our current first team as possible Geoff. Obviously i would have them there normally but this team was mostly a future team when most of them are in thir peak and im guessing Arshavin and Cesc wont be here in about 5 years..this is Arsenal after all.