Brede Hangeland, at 29 is he too old? Gourcuff isn’t though!

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Brede Hangeland is a big lump, and I do think we need a big lump, but at 29 years of age does he represent good value? I’m not so sure, if you think that apart from our famous trio of Bould, Keown and Adams, most centre backs have had it at 32, so he will give us what, 3 years? Then we’ll be complaining that he’s past it or too slow.

We are sweating on Campbell, Gallas is off and surely Silvestre must go and our kids are too young, you wouldn’t have thought it was that tough to find a centre back would you!

I think that Johan and Vermaelen will form a top partnership, but it won’t go through a season and we do need four, we gave Campbell his big break and now he’s dithering over a move to another Notts County, Celtic.

If Sol stays, then we only need 1 centre back, if he goes, we need two. I would like a big guy, I quite like Cahill, but is he big enough?

What I don’t want though is another French centreback, we have enough French players and I want Gourcuff, so Gourcuff can replace Silvestre and Gallas which will restore the balance of nationalities in the side. Yes I know that Gourcuff is a midfielder, I’m just talking balance.

I read with interest that Merida, who has now been pictured in an Athletico Madrid shirt (because he plays for them) said ‘Wenger looked after me and my family since I arrived in London’

So that’s what I mean by how much is the true cost of us buying these young kids, we have a few out in Spain as we can’t bring them in to Britain, so we have to pay for all that, and over 3 years I’m sure that adds up, the other team only pays their salaries, we bring players like Merida in and pay for them and their families, I bet we did that with Denilson as well as his family, so is it a false economy?

We have Vela in Spain for three years, we bring him to England and Wenger announces him as a new signing, and he doesn’t play, and when he does he’s disappointing.

Ian Wright is imploring Fabio Capello to play Theo up front, in his best position, but as David Beckham is giving him crossing lessons, I’m not sure Fabio will listen, either way we may benefit from Theo playing for England this summer, I have always rated Theo, so good luck son, I wish you well!

I just hope Beckham has time to spend with Theo after the world cup bid, visiting the troops in Afghanistan, his trip to advise the Pope and his one man quest to end all worldwide famine.

I think we’ll start to see the signings bit happen on Tuesday, June 1st, because I truly believe that Arsene has promised Cesc some big names, we don’t want Cesc to give us one more year, we want him to stay, if it was one more year, I would prefer to take the cash and the players that go with the cash and move on.

Did I say I wanted Gourcuff?

Have a great day Grovers, Tuesday is not far away!

P.S. I have a pair of season tickets that someone is desperate to loan out for the season, e-mail pedro(at) for info!

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  1. bnsb

    I have always rated Theo, so good luck son, I wish you well!

    HAha, Even the bear has his soft spots.

  2. Pedro

    Geoff, I believe we have creative differences this morning!

    I think Hangeland could be a superb move especially with all the experience leaving us!

    I like the Gourcuff plan… I just put a video in the post of his silky skills!

  3. Pedro

    £1250 each.

    ‘Basically they are in what will now be called “the north bank”; they’re a third to half way up the upper tier, almost exactly between the goal and the corner flag to the left of the nearest goal as you look at it (roughly north east?)’

  4. Geoff

    Pedro, it was more a question, I just can’t see Wenger paying £10mil for a 29 year old, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed though if you get my drift, we need someone.

    Nice video clip though and the number 10 shirt would be free, Gooby, so did Henry.

  5. Pedro

    Gooby, he won’t be over priced if we get 60mill for Cesc.

    Geoff, I agree… can’t see it happening. I’ve been hearing good things about this Senegalise defender. Very similar to TV apparently.

  6. Gooby


    Wenger will want (if we get £60M) to put some in the bank to pay off the debts.

    plus he never values player prices based on the money we got because
    everybody will double the price if it was the case.

    ont his matter i think if we sold cesc, we won’t know the fee

  7. MickyDidIt89

    A Senegalese defender no-one’s heard of, eh? Now that sounds far more likely. As far as the Hangeland ‘value for money’ thing, although I agree that is not the Wenger way, personally I don’t give a shit if we spend £15m on a player with only 2 years left, if that player helps to complete a winning jigsaw NOW.

  8. MickyDidIt89

    Gnarley: do Tigers Fans wear those tight shorts and fitted sleeveless tops Aus Rules styley? That is a very gay song!



    I think that you are the best person when it comes to putting things straight-Forward.And I my-myself hope that cesc does stay.and if he does’nt stay then we all can talk about finding the replacement of him.

  10. Geoff

    He’s only 6′ tall, has bad stats on corners and set pieces and will be off to the ACN every two years.

  11. insidealbania

    Has anyone thought of the scenario where Cesc will go, and we just sign one CB and promote from within. i.e business as usual?
    I have a felling that this summer will be no different from the previous ones.
    I so hope I am wrong.

  12. Rohan

    I don’t really understand the Nasri hate on here. He’s performed OK this season and will only get better. imo, he does work hard and keeps things ticking over even though he doesn’t always produce something magical. Next season will be his year. NOTE: I am not championing him as Cesc’s replacement.

    Ah well, we might as well reserve all the love for the legend that is Nicklas Bendtner. You gotta love the bloke for walking around in a hotel lobby in his underwear.

  13. Gooby

    we don’t hate nasri, it is just funny to call him the FAT POUNCE although i don’t agree he is fat and like the player a lot

  14. charliegeorge

    Agree with most of it Geoff.

    Hangeland is too old, and Arsenal do pay a lot of money to look after players who show no real loyalty in return – the one exception being Fab4, who has earned the right to do whatever the hell he feels like doing.

    Walcott, in my opinion, is not good enough for England and, if he plays, might even embarrass them, I’m sad to say. If he believes he’s earned the right to play for England, he’s kidding himself.

    Gnarly, my old chum, the Tiggers have broken their duck! Even brought a tear to my eye …. gotta love Martin, don’t you? Too bad he’s off to GSW.

  15. MickyDidIt89

    Geoff; that’s only because you didn’t like my Beckham troops visiting comment yesterday!!! Judging from your post.

  16. melvyn

    Hangeland can do a job for us and he is good in the air so as a short term stop gap I would sign him

    I read on Newsnow Arsenal that my favourite player (NOT) wants to play for Real Madrid or Barca in the future …….. best laugh I have had for ages. He has the greatest gap I have ever seen between self rated ability and real (not as in Madrid) ability – dream on Nic B

  17. nishanth

    Hangeland’s lack of pace is slightly worrying.However i think him and vermaelen can work well together.



    I Ain’t No Suck Up.But I think that Pedro’s post are good as well.And Don’t think that I’m gay.Cos I do have have a Girlfreind which I love with all my Heart.

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    Compared to The Tigers, footballers (soccer) are poooooooooooooooofs. Chamoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Pissed again!!!!!!!! Fuck I love the Tigers!!!! BANG!!!

  20. Mark c

    We need a big lump.

    I don’t think that means pace that is tv

    if we get green as a keeper a good experienced cb that talks and organises the defence we won’t be seen as a soft touch and long balls won’t be a problem.

    What we need is confidence.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    …..& while I’m here, where the shit are the Indians 😆 Gutless wimpy Indian cricketers. My Zim mates are pissed as well. Its a small world 😆 Jimose, well done, you looked laka/larney

  22. Geoff

    Micky you know how much I hate him, he’s like the unflushable turd.

    The yellow was for suggesting that Pedro’s posts are better, they clearly aren’t!

  23. GMR

    Geoff – I don’t want anymore african players either. The ACN is going to be played in 2012 & also in 2013, so although next season will be ok after that we have an ACN two years running!!

  24. RayGooner

    Hi everyone!
    Can someone please explain the new rules about “homegrown” players?…

    I just can’t seem to get my finger on it…

    I know you have to have 8 homegrown players and what i understand these homegrown players has to have played in a brittish club for 3 years before their 21st birthday…
    Then you must have 25 players total in the squad (i think)
    But what is the rule about the other 17 players?
    Can someone explain?

  25. A

    Ray basically all it is is that you can’t have more than 17 players who are not homegrown, and over 21

  26. MickyDidIt89

    Geoff: seriously, I didn’t know that and while I know what you mean by the unflushable turd, I do know that all these celeb. types like Beckham or Charlotte Church and whoever do raise morale more than politicians. Bearing in mind they only ever meet “crap hats”!

  27. GMR

    Wenger said we would announce 1 signing before the world cup & he’s already done that, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for any more before July.

    I’m not sure where people get this idea that Wenger said he would sign all the players he wanted prior to the world cup. He said he would like to get his business done early, not that he would.

  28. NiXKiX

    Has anyone been able to find a good video of the loreient chap..? Not able to find one of him playing

  29. Geoff

    GMR someone on here yesterday said he spoke to Pat Rice in a restaurant and he said Wenger would be signing 3 more and last season was not good enough, so I’m hopeful!

  30. A

    We shouldn’t avoid signing players because of the African Nations. We should have a squad to cope with it, and as it isn’t for 18 months, we should be concentrating on this season, and can worry about losing players to it next season in a years time

  31. GMR

    Geoff – Wenger is a clever man when it comes to finance, not sure about tactics, team selection & buying players. It took Birmingham 1 day to make an offer for Nikola Zigic & then sign the player including the medical & everything. It took us 10 days from the French season ending to sign Chamakh even though he was on a free & we’d had since January to arrange it all.

  32. Gooby

    and 4 who are trained by the club.

    so you have to register 8 home-grown players in england who are over 21 years old and have 4 trained at the club with those.

    the 17 other you can chose from anywhere

    and those who are under 21 don’t need to be registered in the 25 man squad.

    i think that’s it. or correct me if i am wrong

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Its ok though fellas. My state is like Spain, we are the basket case of Oz like Spain is of Europe 😆

  34. RayGooner

    Thanks A!

    I thought it was more complicated…

    So then basically if we have 8 homegrown players then we’re safe…

    At this moment, in our current squad we have 8 homegrown players:

    Mannone, Gilbert, Campbell, Djourou, Clichy, Song, Cesc & Bendtner.

    Theo & Gibbs will be 21 this year, do they count?

    If not, and if we lose Cesc, Gilbert & Campbell we’ll need to buy 3 players that is homegrown, right?

  35. GMR

    A – If we buy another 1 or 2 african players then do you really believe next summer Wenger will go out & buy 4 players to replace Chamakh, Song & another two?? Losing all those players for 2 consecutive years is stupid.

  36. A

    They don’t have to be over 21 Gooby, and you don’t have to register any who were trained by the club, just in England I believe.

    In the 25 you just need to have 8 players who are home-grown.

    Players u21 don’t need to be registered in the main squad, but can be

  37. Gooby

    we have


    who are trained at arsenal


    do not need to be registered

  38. SUGA3

    morning all 😉

    top posting Geoff, as you would say ‘incisive and well written’ 😀


    no offence to any Africans out there, but as long as this ACN nonsense continues every two years instead of four and in the middle of the season, the less Africans we sign, the better, simple as that…

  39. A

    well gilbert is definitely going, no way he’s being offered a new contract, but yeah we’re fine, we have plenty of home grown players.

    wilshere if he sticks around, lansbury too

  40. Chippy

    Beckham is a Cunt, Hangerlands to slow and the African nations cup is bollocks I love bank holiday weekends tho 😉

    All aboard the Chippy ride to oblivion 🙂

  41. A

    GMR no we won’t sign loads of players, but the squad should be able to cope.

    Signing south american players is a bigger fucker imo, constantly over the course of the season, and copa america basically cuts out a pre season for a player so he isn’t the same for that whole year.

    Chamakh will likely only be a squad player anyways, though we do need quality backup/competition for Song, regardless of the ANC, and whoever that is could cover in 18 months. By then Eastmond or Coquelin may be ready, 18 months is quite a long time in football

  42. Gooby

    yeah that’s it A. they can be used to fill the void.

    i think we are very well equipped for that new rule and will not suffer from it. We will able to sell our fringe youngsters for ridiculous amount of money because they will be valuable as they are HG!

  43. GMR

    Ray – I believe Gilbert’s contract is expiring this summer & Cesc will probably leave. It’s looking more likely that Campbell will go to Celtic as well once Lennon is confirmed as manager in the next 10 days. I heard yesterday that Campbell may become Lennon’s understudy whilst also continuing to play for 2 years.

  44. SUGA3


    what do you mean by ‘if he sticks around’?

    Wilshere is a shit hot talent and has more fight in him than some players (*cough* Diaby *cough, cough* Denilson) combined…

    frankly, if we were to dump Denilson for the sake of accommodating Wilshere, so be it…

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    Hey guys. Long time admirer of your community, thought i’d stop secretly peering through the fence and say hi. Great blog, keep it up. Only fear I have is that we have an amazing season and suddenly LG turns all mushi and endulges in a mass love in. I’ll take the amazing season.

  46. GMR

    A – Yet again we’d be relying on kids who barely ever play to replace the likes of Song. Next season isn’t the issue, if he makes the right signings we could be successful but then how do you defend the league title or a cup when half your first team leave?? We rely on youngsters now & look where that gets us.

  47. SUGA3


    well, I can only speak for myself but I think we would love nothing more (amazing season, that is)…

    I will wait until the end of transfer window, then I will say whether our season is going to be fantastic or not – mind you like Geoffrey, I am always right 😆

  48. A

    GMR this is 18 months time, Eastmond may force his way into the first team between now and then, Denilson may have a Song-like improvement, if not then we’ll sign someone, which we may anyways.

    It’s a long way away, a hell of a lot will have changed between now and then

  49. A

    ha cheers for the correct terminology, i’ll remember that in future

    these season tickets then, is that how much they cost usually?

  50. RayGooner

    If Cesc, Campbell & Gibbs leave we’ll only have Mannone, Djourou, Clichy, Song & Bendtner that is homegrown and has played in a brittish club for 3 years before they turned 21…

    Denìlson had already turned 18 when he came here (i think) and would not comply as homegrown…

    All the other homegrown players are still under 21…

    Doesn’t that mean we have to get 3 more homegrown players in?
    Like Cahill, Hart & Wright-Phillips (just to name an example)…

  51. GMR

    A – Yes it seems far away at present but it’ll soon come around. The youngsters may/may not step up & if they don’t then we all know he won’t sign the amount of players we need. Two ACN’s just 1 year apart is a joke & don’t forget the squads will be limited to 25 players. If you lose 4 or 5 african players then you have a problem, especially when you get injury problems like us.

  52. SUGA3


    Denilson comes short in a few departments:

    – power/muscularity, which can be improved if he hits the weights big time in the summer
    – pace, which cannot be improved well enough IMO
    – attitude, which cannot be taught, he would probably need a dedicated drill sergeant all summer at the gym to bollock it into him

    as you can see, it’s hard work…

  53. Rohan

    I think Song’s improvement was greater than the Flamster’s to be honest. Granted flump does sound better. 😀
    How about this to start of the day? Bendy’s in this one.


  54. MickyDidIt89

    Generally Grovers don’t appear to have much faith in the Chamakh fella. I have only seen youtube clips, but he does have pace and aggression. I, in my ever optimistic way, have high hopes.

  55. A

    Yeah it’ll soon come around GM, but in one and a half seasons!

    Personel will have changed loads between now and then, think about where we were one and a half seasons ago

  56. SUGA3


    I don’t understand what do African players offer that the European ones don’t? well, apart from being ‘cheaper’, maybe?

  57. gnarleygeorge9


    you were my favourite from the Adams Family.


    They are like the indian cricketers, lame/wimpy/sheila like 😆

  58. A

    nothing suga, nationality doesn’t come into it, it’s just the individual players that clubs look at regardless of where they’re from, they don’t choose africans because they’re african

  59. GMR

    A – We were in pretty much the same boat as we are now. I’d hardly say the personnel has changed that much in the past 18 months.

  60. A

    vermaelen, kolo, ade, arshavin are all first team changes in personel

    song was a joke figure, with people on here claiming that he was the worst player to ever pull on the shirt….

  61. darrenchallis

    Morning all…..Chamakh is CL addition, he is only proven on the European stage, however I beleive he has fire in his belly which is exactly what Arsenal need add that to Theo’s crossing training and we should have the makings of a team that might not just try to pass the oppo to death, they may try a final third ball and a cross, God forbid. It the defense full stop AW should be concentrating on, I really do not care which one we get of the CB we have been linked with as long as we get one or pref two.

  62. A

    and there are two summer transfer windows between now and then, looking back 18 months there was just one, and two first team players gone, two others come in, as well as song becoming a first choice dm

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    Cheers pedro.

    fairly certain cesc is staying (fat gut feeling) I just think AW’s using some heavy psyops game theory and using barcas interest to his advantage to secure some creative support for cesc behind the curtain.

    Not sure about gourcuff, too handsome and
    untested in PL could be another Nasri and we need product now if cesc goes. If cesc stays, gouruff would be perfect…. bedding in period etc…

  64. GMR

    A – Yes. we got rid of two africans & tried to get rid of Eboue. It’s hardly big changes though, we already have Song, Chamakh & Eboue. If we sign more we’ll have a problem. It’s unlikely that Song or Chamakh will have gone in 18 months, Eboue is a possibility. However, if he signs another 1 or 2 then it’s unlikely either of them will have gone either in that time. Lets be honest, none of our youngsters ever come in & really perform like happens at other clubs. It seems our youngsters are always over-rated.

    Anyway changing the subject, did anyone else see in the last week or so that American player who plays for AC Milan who has signed a 1 year extension to his contract & refused to be paid for it. He refused any wages because he hadn’t been there long & missed most of the season through injury caused whilst on international duty. Shame none of our players show that loyalty.

  65. km

    morning folks. i’m going to spend a few minutes updating you all with some football news 😉

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta admits club will listen to offers for Arsenal & Manchester City target Yaya Toure

    Yaya wants to go to Chelsea. Chelsea want Yaya. However Barca have put up a crazy price which only ManCity will pay but the player doesn’t want to go to them. this might get messy.

  66. Gooner1

    I posted this on another blog yday and I’ll post it here too:
    We should get Gourcuff regardless of if Cesc stays or goes, he’s amazing, you can count on one hand the amount of players who have better technical ability in world football and there isnt anyone in england who couldve scored the goal he did against PSG a couple of years back.

    Anyway, I wouldnt mind Diakhate (although Weneger wont want two left footed centre backs) but we need another centre back too, I personally would like us to get Naldo and Cristian Zapata, who we’ve been linked with last summer but not really this summer yet. A defensive midfielder would be good also. Yaya Toure would be perfect but he doesnt want to come to us cos we’re abit crap atm haha, maybe Veloso or Moussa Sissoko or Matuidi.

  67. GMR

    Anyone else read that prick Myles Palmer’s piece on Henry today?? What a total c**t that bloke is!!

  68. A

    tried to get rid of eboue?!

    we refused to let eboue go despite teams wanting him, never tried to get rid!

    I’d be surprised if chamakh and/or song were gone in 18 months, but i’d be equally surprised if we didn’t have more/better cover for those positions than we do currently….

    Yeah it is pretty impressive, though I think he realises that it’s a miracle he’s playing for a big team so wants to do everything to keep it going!

  69. SUGA3

    I don’t want Diakhate because of this ACN bollocks – if we were to bring in a left footed CB, it’s Sakho all the way for me (as long as he doesn’t have a change of heart and opt to play for Senegal, that is)…

    Zapata would be the other one I’d like – this leaves us with 4 CBs:

    – Zapata and Verm being the first choice
    – Djourou and Sakho the second choice to be played against tall, physical teams

    we may not need additions in DM position: Denilson MAY improve and we have Eastmond as well…

    Schwarzer to come to play in goal for me as a stopgap for Szczesny, who is not yet a finished article (insane reflexes, but has to work on catching the ball IMO), check out the vid:


  70. Pat

    If he brings us the EPL, an FA cup or the Champions League Final I dont care if he is not ‘value for money’.

  71. Pedro

    A, that’s what they cost… he’s been made redundant and he wants to keep them. So he’s loaning them out for a year. £1270 is the exact price I think?

  72. Rohan

    jesus christ..some of those saves are better than those in Buffon’s and Casillas’ compilations!!! Second choice next season behind Buffon. 😀

  73. insidealbania

    I saw this video yesterday and the guy does look good. I really hope he stays injury free and makes it in an Arsenal shirt. GK is our weakest position at the moment.

  74. Pedro

    Someone just sent me this on twitter:


    The goal on 4:30 is supposed to be a bit tasty!

  75. Lurch LeRouge

    Aint nothin wrong with a bit of righteousness in my book SUGA3.

    Thanks GG9.

    Morticia was my childhood fancy, then Daisy Duke hit the scene in that jeep of hers.

  76. GMR

    A – Eboue was leaving last summer. For whatever reason it didn’t happen & he hasn’t had a bad season, hence why I said it was only a possibility him going now. Anyway, it’ll have to be a wait & see with regards the playing staff in 18 months, I don’t have your confidence that we’ll sign better players to cover positions.

  77. gnarleygeorge9


    re Schwarzer. Its 3 years too late. If Scrooge had have signed him for 3 milly 3 years ago, The arsenal would have won their 14th Title ;0

  78. choy

    Morning all…

    Gourcuff looks like Diaby on form

    Not sure where he’d fit in?!

    Benitez has a 5 mill kitty 😆

  79. insidealbania

    Pedro, I just checked it out and it looks interesting, keep it up. What kind of themes or subjects will it touch on? who are your audience?

  80. samir masri


    what did you mean by the word unflashable turd?

    Cos I’ve always admired your way of Posting.And I would hate it if you turn your back againts me.

  81. darrenchallis

    So it’s a straight fight over Van de Vaart between RVP and Robben in the tapping up stakes at the World Cup. My moneys on RVP he still has amean streak. And Robben’s just a tart.

  82. GMR

    Arsene & Roy Hodgson are really good friends. He is one of Arsene’s few friends inside football in this country, there is no way Arsene would tap up his player which is what that bloke is suggesting.

  83. darrenchallis

    Chesney… and he is probably one the best up and coming goalkeepers in the world. Its a shame he’s not 25 year old we need him right now, having said that he is way ahead of the others and should be no2 to a world class keeper.

  84. Lurch LeRouge


    He might have agreed terms but we mustn’t pay over the odds.

    6mil max @ 60k a week. He’s old and slower. If we revert to 442 maybe (shame) but with 433 and getting caught on the break it would make my datemuphin twitch like a rabbits nose.

  85. Geoff

    Samir I would never do that, the unflushable turd was referring to Beckham, he simply won’t go away. He’s a complete cunt. Just like that turd that won’t flush.

  86. Stu

    How about his first name though.

    He should just get his name changed to Chesney and save a lot of embarrassment for people.

  87. ddavid33

    Gourcuff is a very good player, but please remember english football is different from french football. he want be able to have sooooo much space.

  88. SUGA3


    Oi, he’s my namesake! 😀

    there are two versions of this name – Wojciech (pronounced Voy-check, more or less) is an official one, Wojtek (Voy-tek, which is easier by far) is the one used casually…

    something like William/Billy…

  89. Dutchman

    Ok, we have signed hangeland, hwne soll leaves we will sign another cheap CB, like diakhete or koscielny. When cesc goes,we will sign melo and maybe another AM. And we will sign a GK.(green is the name, he is an arsenal player)


    That’s not a bad defensive 7. Really like it.