Chump of the year on hold and will we invest in youth again? This time it may make sense!

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Ok Chump of the year has been put on hold as with the Cesc will he or won’t he, and the Wenger will he or won’t he issues still to be sorted, we may well have two new contenders pending. So we are going to see what develops.

We are being linked with three young kids, the new Cesc, the new Pires and the new Henry, Gai Assulin is a Barca Israeli that could go on a free, the chavs are also sniffing, Eden Hazard could go for big money but the Mancs are in there as well, finally the new Henry is supposed to be French under 21 Anthony Modeste and he will be cheap, so do these kids makes sense?

I think that Hazard and Assulin do, but not so sure about Modeste, I don’t know him. What about Wilshere though, our very own superkid? I expect if we didn’t have him, we would be after him, I would be tempted to draft him in, he didn’t do too well when he had his chances last season, but he was bench warming, when he went to Bolton, he came good, and for that reason I would put him ahead of the pack we are interested in.

The Mancs have signed Carlos Vela’s mate, how I’m not sure, as everyone seems to be signing players and the window hasn’t opened yet, maybe Wenger will surprise us all and start and finish early in June, I hope so, at least that way we’ll get to see some of them in the world cup, like he did all those years ago with Rosicky.

I really, truly believe that the reason the Cesc thing is in Wenger’s hands is because Cesc has been told that we will be signing the top players we need for Cesc to win the Premier league, so if that’s true then Cesc will be a contender for Champ of the year, if we don’t then I also believe that Cesc will go, we will take Β£40mil and 2 or 3 players in exchange, with Assulin being one of them.

I would love to see Gourcuff joining us, with or without Cesc, he’s tall, strong and has a wicked shot, I would like to see a big centre back in there as opposed to another athlete, a winger that can cross the ball for Chamakh, competition for Song and a keeper, I would take anyone as we have no one, Green, Hart, Frey or Buffon, would do it but not Schwarzer, he’s a bit too old, but he is still better than what we have, so needs must.

I know we keep speculating a lot, but that’s what we do in the summer, if we get them, we can start dribbling and frothing at the mouth and enjoy the next 2 months.

We need to get rid of the dead wood though and I would put Denilson, Eboue, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski and now as Campbell has been talking to Celtic, Campbell in that box.

There are a bunch of younger ones that I would also clear out and lower the wage bill as well. Yes Eboue has had an Ok season, but we need better, yes Denilson may have his Flamini season next term but he has had way too many chances, it’s time to get tough Arsene, you owe us.

It’s not the fact we have won nothing, it’s the fact that we don’t compete when it counts, it’s also the chasing pack, look what happened to Liverpool, that could be us next term, we know that the spuds and the northern chavs will spend big, we know that the Mancs and the chavs will and we know the big clubs in Europe will, people may point to Madrid for their spending and lack of success this season, but you know that La Liga is always between those two, sometimes you have to spend to keep up, it’s no different in business.

Finally boss, please don’t keep telling us that this team is still young and has great mental strength, there is not a trophy for that, and if you think we have great mental strength then remember the Blackburn, Wigan, United, Chelsea and Barca games, because I do.

Injuries happen every year, it’s the job of the coach to see we have adequate cover, we don’t, so let’s make that a priority.

So that’s my list, Le Chump is up to Arsenal, come on Arsene, make us make you and Cesc joint Le Champs and we can have a summer of positive posts!

Have a great Friday grovers, next week it should all start to take shape!

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  1. Keyser

    All this talk about ambition, right now unless we buy Messi and probably several others we couldn’t match Barca, and they in turn are competing with what Madrid are doing right now.

    We’re talking about signing Scott Parker and Brede Hangelaand and Fabregas is thinking about playing with Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, Messi, most of the mates he left behind in the country of his birth and the team he joined us from.

    There’s not much of an argument here, Fabregas was always going to go back, the question is WHEN, if we’d won something with him as our Captain he’d probably have left even earlier.

    Why do people make out as if it’s Arsenal’s fault that we should cater everything we do towards Cesc fucking Fabregas, the grass is always greener somewhere else, good luck to him if he goes.

  2. SUGA3

    yeah, whatever, keep deluding yourselves – top players have top ambitions, simples…

    if we were to compete, he would stay, but seeing us shitting ourselves all over again, he must have thought ‘fuck that, no way I’m going to win anything with these muppets’

  3. sixx pac

    Ha ha. So predictable. I know ur always here whenever there is an argument. Hey how do u do smileys.

  4. Keyser

    Suga3 – Shitting ourselves ? You go on like that all the time, it’s not Ultimate Fighter dude.

    How are people deluding themselves ? All teams compete, just others give you a better chance.

  5. Stu

    I was reading back through the comments and just happened to see that comment in time. And im not always here during arguments, how dare you!

  6. choy

    Theo Walcott was withdrawn from the first part of yesterday’s full practice match to concentrate on his crossing from the right. As the coaching team fed him, the Arsenal winger was asked to either take a touch and cross for the waiting Peter Crouch or strike the ball first time.
    Not one of his 11 attempts found its way on to Crouch’s head. Perhaps he’s struggling with the aerodynamic adidas Jabulani World Cup match ball.

  7. SUGA3


    we shat ourselves against Wigan, no? Wigan, for fuck’s sake…

    we did not put up any fight against Barca either – yes, we came back from 0:2, but it was same old story anyway: miracle in the first leg, mashed and embarrassed in the second…

    and how exactly is crumbling in the ‘easiest run in’ competing?

  8. SUGA3


    I haven’t written anything for a bit and when I did it did not show either – I created the page with hyperlinks and all that, but either I did not do it right, or NN decided against publishing it…

  9. Stu

    Theo is shite. Read that Beckham told him to cross into space and its not your fault if noone gets on the end of them because all you’re expected to do is cross to a certain area.

    Theo obviously took it the wrong way and decided he never needs to pick someone out because it wont be his fault.

    For fuck sake crossing cant be that difficult, especially for someone who claims to be a professional footballer.

  10. SUGA3

    and yes, it is like Ultimate Fighter – I would love to see the great ‘mental strength’ OGL is referring to all the time…

  11. choy

    Theo himself doesn’t know what he is!

    A strker or a winger?

    He started off as a Striker and unfortunately he’s been converted.. so he’s having to learn being a winger!

    Must be quite tough!

  12. eastcamp

    What strikes me in the ‘Arsenal pledge’ video is that whatever a player says, it has nothing to do with Arsenal. It’s all about their own personal goals: trophies, scoring five in a match, etc…
    The current players don’t give a f… where they play. It’s only their own personal goals that count.

  13. Keyser

    Suga3 – No, we just played rubbish, it’s like everything that goes wrong, your answers ‘oh, they shat themselves, look wait, pause it, look you can see skidmarks on his shorts’..

    “we did not put up any fight against Barca either – yes, we came back from 0:2, but it was same old story anyway:”

    So basically, us coming back from 2-0 down and Fabregas playing on with a broken leg isn’t putting up fight, by the second leg we had about 5 more players out than we had at the start of the first leg ffs.

    If your idea of not competing is losing out to Barcelona, who have THE BEST player in World football playing for them, then you’re never going to be happy.

  14. SUGA3


    we came out uninterested in the second half against Wigan and when they scored, we crumbled…

    as for Barca – in both games, they were constantly running, hustling and closing us down, we just stood there with mouths wide open and the proverbial skidmarks on the shorts…

    2:2 in the first leg is commendable, as much as it was undeserved…

    but don’t get me started on Chav and ManYoo games…

  15. JJ

    Of course Cesc has always wanted to go home but a few quality signings and a few more “conversations” with Wenger may just convince him to stay for another year.

  16. Keyser

    Suga3 – ..and now it’s undeserved ? They were on their last legs in the second half at home, and by the time we got our equaliser they couldn’t run past the halfway line, and what happens Fabregas can’t keep going because he’s broken his leg and we’ve used all our subs.

    Using the Barca games as an example is silly, the Wigan games you have a point, but by then we were on our last legs, we didn’t have much of a chance and for a team without it’s best players we just don’t have enough experience of grinding out these results because we simply haven’t won titles before.

  17. SUGA3

    Cesc said not so long ago that he will not leave before he wins trophies with us – why the change?

    being disillusioned with our inability to compete, methinks…

  18. JJ

    @Choy – Was that NOUGHTS AND CROSSES extract for real? It doesn’t surprise me. Theo recently said that people don’t seem to understand how hard it is to cross the ball when at speed. That is why he just tries to put the ball into an area… Umm Theo, maybe you should slow down then…

  19. SUGA3


    check out the stats – still thinking draw was a fair result?

    as for Wigan, the blame also lies with the manager – seeing that we are playing lethargically as if we wanted the game to end, nothing else – old cliche goes: game is 90 minutes long…

    a saying goes: it’s not just in and out, you gotta screw…

    why no reaction from the bench? why wait to introduce RvP until it was too late?

  20. Keyser

    Stu – Political reasons ? I can understand that, halted my burgeoning career to.

    I don’t think it’s crossing thats hard, it’s doing it at that level, with that pressure, playing against players of that ability.

    I bet everyone thinks they could do what these footballers do, and they’ve all probably done it playing for whatever team they do, in games with their mates, just don’t think it’s fair to apply that to what Walcott has to deal with.

  21. choy

    Yep JJ.. the entire article is on Daily Mail,

    What went out in the training camp in Austria yesterday I think.

  22. choy

    JJ.. I just think he needs practice, practice and more pratice.

    Its not easy but its not impossible either.

  23. Gooby

    Theo is hopeless, he should work quietly without coming out in the media.

    on the other hand, it is either you have talent or you don’t…

  24. SUGA3


    other top footballers don’t have problems crossing the ball, no?

    Theo is just raw pace, he has no footballing brain whatsoever: given the time to think, he will inevitably make the wrong decision – sad but true…

    any fullback with pace keeps him quiet with ease, ‘TJ’ is nothing more than an impact player against tired legs…

  25. choy

    Of course he has talent!

    Its making use of that talent, he’s having difficulty with.

    Everyone doesn’t turn world class at 21

  26. SUGA3

    someone on here compared ‘TJ’ to Vauxhall Nova with a rocket engine: fast as fuck but utterly pointless (exact quote) – sums him up really…

  27. ethangunner

    While Fabregas will not publicly criticise the Gunners over their stance, Arsenal risk alienating their star midfielder should they stand firm on the astronomic asking price.

    The Spain international revealed his desire to return to Catalonia at a meeting with Arsene Wenger last week and believes his boss to be sympathetic towards his wish to leave.

    Meanwhile Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed that should Wenger decide to cash in on Fabregas, all proceeds would be reinvested into the squad.

    Fabregas would leave a giant hole in the Arsenal side and a top class replacement would not come cheap. But Hill-Wood insisted that the club would not hesitate to splash the cash if need be.

    He said: ‘Our transfer policy is to give the manager a budget which includes the ability to use all the money from player sales.


    which includes the ability to use ‘all’ the money from player sales.

    ALL !!!! ALL!!!!!!


  28. Keyser

    Suga3 – We don’t even know if he will leave, or what his motives were, if Barca had phoned him up and said ‘You know what mate, Madrid are making us feel a bit anxious, we’ve finally signed Villa, we need you to’, what’s his reaction going to be ?!

    Or if he wants to put pressure on the board to sign players, knowing he’s leaving soon anyway, maybe he just wants to give himself the best shot he could possibly get before he leaves.

    It still doesn’t mean that Barcelona as they are now aren’t probably the most attractive destination for any player to go to.

    Forget the stats, because at some point in the future you’ll probably be saying they don’t matter it’s results that count.

    You’re usuing the Wigan game as some sort of barometer for our season, we finished 3rd, the Wigan game isn’t a fair reflection of that, or you could say shit like we only lost by a goal, Chelsea lost by 2, we must be better than them.

    It’s one game, any team can have an off game, we flopped that day, any number of reasons could have contributed to it.

  29. Stu

    I sort of agree Keyser. I agree that the pressure of top level football cant be understood unless you have actually played at that level but given that he is a full international, playing for one of the biggest teams in the world (and an attacking one at that) and getting more money a week than a lot get a year i think its more than fair that we expect him to be able to cross a ball.

    You can cite pressure as a reason but its his job, he practices every day (or at least should do), has people telling him how to do it (surely) and has a perfect sufrace almost every week to play on. He has no excuse as far as im concerned…not after 4 years at arsenal not being able to make the right decision in the final third.

    Out of interest what were your reasons for stopping playing?

  30. ethangunner

    Drifter says:
    May 28, 2010 at 19:04

    dont get this 😈 but i love wenger. He is sexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyy
    whats your real name ?

    cesc ?? ??

  31. Gooby

    hope you’re right about him choy

    but i am talking about turning into world class, like we all hoped for.

    robben was already rocking euro 2004 at 19
    ribΓ©ry was already showing the talent with metz at 20
    C.ronaldo showed he has what it takes early
    messi, do we need to talk about him?
    fabregas same
    thierry henry won the WC at 19 scoring twice
    rooney was already a star in euro 2004

    well i hope theo turns into a classy player who can make things happen and win games but he is being a bit late. hope he gets selected by capello and delivers and good tournament in Africa so he can gain the confidence he needs

  32. JJ

    I agree. Walcott just needs practice and more practice but a decent period without injury would help too.

    Wenger needs to have have Theo and the wing-back practice crosses until they can’t walk anymore. With Chamakh, we need to improve the supply otherwise we will waste a major weapon.

  33. Gooby

    ethangunner says:
    May 28, 2010 at 19:07
    Drifter says:
    May 28, 2010 at 19:04

    dont get this but i love wenger. He is sexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyy
    whats your real name ?

    cesc ?? ??


    no, denilson i guess

  34. SUGA3


    as far as stats are concerned, I tend to say they don’t ALWAYS tell the whole story, but this time they paint a fair and reflective picture: 0 corners means Valdes did not have a difficult save to make, possession stats tell you what it was like – Barca fighting for every ball, us just letting them whizz by…

    and I could just go on…

    I only laugh at stats ‘proving’ that Denilson is the best DM in the league…

  35. Stu

    I dont think stats should be used to back up the quality of a defender simply because stats arent taken on what a player doesnt do, only on what the do do. If a defender gets beat there is no record but if they make a tackle and win the ball its recorded. Thats hardly fair..

    Denilson may have a high number of interceptions but where are the stats for the number of times someone runs past him or he fails to pick up a midfield runner? Exactly!

  36. SUGA3

    yes, we finished third, but only just and 11 points off the top with the easiest run in of all the contenders – I am not happy with that as I expected us to fight until the last game…

    injuries are not an excuse – we shold have enough on the bench to beat Blackburn, Wigan or Brum – that would be 8 points more and if we finished 3 point off the top, you would not hear me complaining…

  37. Stu

    Also, defending is a team activity and a good defender can have a shit record if his team dont work well together (like us) or vice versa (Hughes having a great record for fulham 2 seasons ago)

  38. Keyser

    Stu – They can be understood, if you ever played in any cup final, or even had your girlfriend standing on the touchline once in a while your mentality changes, obviously you can say you’ve dealt with that or it has no effect on you, but multiply every little thing that affects your game to the umpteenth degree and it’s the differences that seperate the top footballers from the mediocre.

    He can put in a cross, just like Clichy and Sagna can, don’t do the exaggeration thing, I remember at least twice he put in pinpoint crosses for Adebayor, it’s just the situation and his strengths that change.

    Remember the one he put on Adebayors head, at home to Milan, that he missed from like 2 yards out.

    Theo’s 21, he’s spent time out with injuries and when people talk about him they say he’s got 4 years of premiership experience now he should be far better.

    Aaron Lennon’s older than him, probably played more games and he still can’t cross to save his life.

    He needs players around him to bring him through, watch when he actually gets a good through ball, like Fabregas for him against Villereal last year, or Bendtners for him against Barcelona.

  39. Stu

    Not beating brum away was more frustrating because of the shit late goal we conceded. In terms of their overall home record, while not being a good result, it wasnt awful because a lot of teams struggled to beat Brum at St.Andrews.

    Fulham, liverpool, chelsea, united, spuds and everton all drew with them.

  40. Keyser

    Suga3 – Basically for when they suit your argument then, yeah no corners Valdes barely made a save, yet they drew 2-2, think about what you’re saying here.

    So it might just have been luck that Barca let it go mentally and let us back in ? Well maybe against Wigan we were crusuing were barely troubled and we just let our concentration drop and Wigan got lucky.

  41. Stu

    They only luck we got at home to Barca was that they didnt score more because Almunia played the match of his life.

    Barca always tire towards the end of matches, obviously because of their high workrate in the frst hour or so. They usually score 3 or 4 in that first hour and then relax after they think the match is basically won. Difference is that we are always a second half/ final 15 minute team and they obviously didnt do their homework on us in that respect.

  42. SUGA3


    we both know that he did not have a save worth mentioning to make – Theo’s goal was quite lucky and the second one was a pen…

    as for Denilson’s stats, Stu got it spot on…

  43. Keyser

    Suga3 – You can twist anything to suit your argument, at the end of the day, if the roles had been reversed and Almunia had had nothing to do all game, and conceded two, you’d be having a fit.

    Same with Denilson he has good points he has bad ones, like his goal against Everton, you can’t take that away from him, it was just quality.

    Theo is the quickest player probably in the Premiership, if you can’t exploit his pace or he doesn’t get good enough through balls then it’s not his fault, we slate each of these players individually and say they’re shite, but collectively they were good enough to finish 3rd, so they must have their good points to.

  44. SUGA3


    sure I would, just like I had after the Brum game:

    and a great goal against Everton or THAT freekick does not wash off being overtaken by the bloody ref, allowing Shrekface cunt run past him or getting brushed off the ball about zillion times…

    Theo is too predictable – passing the ball back to the fullback more often than not…

    I mean, when did you last time see him:

    1) attempting to beat his man
    2) succeeding at doing so


  45. SUGA3


    I have heard of him once when there was a rumour that he will be playing for Poland, so I can’t tell…

    Lorient shipped 42 goals in 38 games, Koscielny played in 35 of these…

  46. Stu

    Koscielny is 6ft1 but not even 12 stone. For a CB thats pretty light. He could do with adding about 2 stone.

  47. Keyser

    Suga3 – That’s what I mean though with this being the highest level, you have to evolve almost every season, he doesn’t always beat his man because by now they know how quick he is, they stay two yards off him or double up.

    Most teams sit deep against us anyway, so there’s not much space to run in behind and they double up on the wings so that they can control the amount of width we get aswell.

    It’s why players like Van Persie and Fabregas are soo important for us because they are good enough or smart enough to exploit and open up the spaces for other players, it’s why Bergkamp was soo good, or why Rosicky and Hleb in previous season were soo effective.

    Walcott has to evolve every year and in the past few seasons he just hasn’t had enough game time to be able to do that.

  48. SUGA3


    Theo does not possess the same footballing intelligence RvP or Cesc do and with his pace nullified by the oppo sitting back he has no use IMO…

  49. SUGA3

    11st 8lb is more or less what I weighed back in the high school being about 6 ft tall and I did not get brushed off the ball very easily…

    then again, I never played against the like of Drogba et al…

  50. JJ

    I know Denilson is slow but did he really get overtaken by the ref in that Rooney goal? I must have missed that… Anyone got a link handy?

  51. zeus


    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Better than any joke on this so-called joke friday.

    THeo is just…………meh.

  52. Stu

    Well footballers werent exactly known for their fitness back then. The pace of play was so slow and even running with the ball was unheard of..

  53. SUGA3


    you will have to take our word for that – tried to find it, but he has to be a computer whizkid and he removed them all…

    tried a link on 101 great goals, but there is nothing but brazillian soap opera, seriously πŸ˜†

    I just said hey to Sarah Jessica Parker and she got really excited.

    She must have thought I meant hay.

  54. Pat

    Untold Arsenal has a good article about the financial fair play rules.

    When exactly do they come into effect? He reckons United desperately need a new owner or they’ll have to sell big names every year. The debt generated from interest will really fuck them up.

  55. SUGA3


    with the debt they have they will defo need a proper sugardaddy or they will go down the shitter…

    I fully expect sugardaddies to find a way around it – one, there is no limit on investment into infrastructure, two, it’s enough to launch a pony company called ‘’ and make them shirt sponsor or ‘sell’ stadium naming rights to them…

  56. SUGA3

    besides, call me cynical, but as Orwell wrote, some animals are more equal than the others – can you see top competitions without ManYoo, Real and the like?

    in the ‘worst’ case scenario, they will just tell UEFA and FIFA to go fuck themselves…

  57. Mayank

    Such a bad day skipped some important work to go to a gig, band sucked, sound sucked and the beer was fucking expensive. I come on here and I read about Sarah Jessica Parker.

  58. Mayank

    Do you think overall F1 has become more exciting after Schumacher left? Or Tennis after Sampras?

  59. SUGA3


    I don’t follow tennis that much and as for F1, it became less one sided after Schumacher left…

    but you know what mean – UEFA and FIFA are powerless without the biggest clubs, as these can easily hold them over the barrel: imagine players not being allowed to go to internationals and UEFA CL becoming second rate competition…

  60. Mayank

    SUGA3 my point is there’s always someone waiting to replace the top dog. The players will simply move to those clubs. Hard decisions have to be made by the men at the top.

    It will be better for the game in the long run. It’ll also promote more imaginative football. Bar a few instances I think almost all clubs have the same way of playing. Basically buying big names attackingwise and playing defensively.

    I don’t know whether UEFA will have the balls to go through with it but I hope they do.

  61. SUGA3

    These new 3D TVs are so realistic. I fell asleep whilst watching a Liverpool game and when I woke my fucking wallet was gone.

  62. SUGA3


    it’s not realistic – this law will only widen the gap between the top clubs and the rest even further for the reasons I mentioned earlier…

  63. SUGA3

    seriously, wake me up next summer if we play Flapianski next season…

    and oh, if that happens, Szczesny will be a goner as well – he will not stomach not being picked ahead of this twat…

  64. SFOGooner

    Amidst all this fabregas saga, isn’t it suprising that Dein’s son who is fabregas’s agent makes no comment at all?

  65. Kreshnik

    really thought this was a Pedro post,

    got me tricked there Geoff

    All I want for Christmas this year is a full season fit RVP. I really wanna see what would happen in that case.

  66. choy

    SFO.. That fella doesn’t have anything to do at the moment,

    His work only begins if Arse and Barca decide to talk!

  67. SFOGooner


    I know. But Agents are usually making noise, trying to put pressure and make things happen ..

  68. zeus

    Following increased speculation linking Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure with a move away from the club, president Joan Laporta has confirmed there is interest in the Ivorian and that the Blaugrana may let him leave.

    “We intend to keep the current squad for next season, reinforced with the addition of [David] Villa which has already occurred and another player,” Laporta told Sport.

    However, when asked about Toure, he confirmed the player’s agent had informed him that the Ivorian is open to the possibility of moving on and that Barca may allow him to leave out of courtesy.

    “[We would like Toure to] continue at the club for many years, because there are few players in the world like him,” he said, before adding that Barca would listen to bids “for the appreciation we have for him.”

    Toure has been linked with a move to the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City over the past few months, where a switch to Eastlands would see him team up with older brother Kolo.

  69. zeus

    Mourinho said……….

    “Clearly, I work for me, but I also work for the club’s interests. At Chelsea, there are still technical staff and physical trainers that I left in place. The same at Inter. I want to leave my stamp on this club – with titles, yes, but also on another level.”

    Reading that I thought of our tech. staff, from the med team, physios, and defensive and GK coaches.

  70. goonerpress

    β€œ[We would like Toure to] continue at the club for many years, because there are few players in the world like him,” he said, before adding that Barca would listen to bids β€œfor the appreciation we have for him.”

    Haha look at Laporta and Barca trying to look nice. Fucking cunts.

    Haha choy, where you get that from?