Chump of the year on hold and will we invest in youth again? This time it may make sense!

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Ok Chump of the year has been put on hold as with the Cesc will he or won’t he, and the Wenger will he or won’t he issues still to be sorted, we may well have two new contenders pending. So we are going to see what develops.

We are being linked with three young kids, the new Cesc, the new Pires and the new Henry, Gai Assulin is a Barca Israeli that could go on a free, the chavs are also sniffing, Eden Hazard could go for big money but the Mancs are in there as well, finally the new Henry is supposed to be French under 21 Anthony Modeste and he will be cheap, so do these kids makes sense?

I think that Hazard and Assulin do, but not so sure about Modeste, I don’t know him. What about Wilshere though, our very own superkid? I expect if we didn’t have him, we would be after him, I would be tempted to draft him in, he didn’t do too well when he had his chances last season, but he was bench warming, when he went to Bolton, he came good, and for that reason I would put him ahead of the pack we are interested in.

The Mancs have signed Carlos Vela’s mate, how I’m not sure, as everyone seems to be signing players and the window hasn’t opened yet, maybe Wenger will surprise us all and start and finish early in June, I hope so, at least that way we’ll get to see some of them in the world cup, like he did all those years ago with Rosicky.

I really, truly believe that the reason the Cesc thing is in Wenger’s hands is because Cesc has been told that we will be signing the top players we need for Cesc to win the Premier league, so if that’s true then Cesc will be a contender for Champ of the year, if we don’t then I also believe that Cesc will go, we will take £40mil and 2 or 3 players in exchange, with Assulin being one of them.

I would love to see Gourcuff joining us, with or without Cesc, he’s tall, strong and has a wicked shot, I would like to see a big centre back in there as opposed to another athlete, a winger that can cross the ball for Chamakh, competition for Song and a keeper, I would take anyone as we have no one, Green, Hart, Frey or Buffon, would do it but not Schwarzer, he’s a bit too old, but he is still better than what we have, so needs must.

I know we keep speculating a lot, but that’s what we do in the summer, if we get them, we can start dribbling and frothing at the mouth and enjoy the next 2 months.

We need to get rid of the dead wood though and I would put Denilson, Eboue, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski and now as Campbell has been talking to Celtic, Campbell in that box.

There are a bunch of younger ones that I would also clear out and lower the wage bill as well. Yes Eboue has had an Ok season, but we need better, yes Denilson may have his Flamini season next term but he has had way too many chances, it’s time to get tough Arsene, you owe us.

It’s not the fact we have won nothing, it’s the fact that we don’t compete when it counts, it’s also the chasing pack, look what happened to Liverpool, that could be us next term, we know that the spuds and the northern chavs will spend big, we know that the Mancs and the chavs will and we know the big clubs in Europe will, people may point to Madrid for their spending and lack of success this season, but you know that La Liga is always between those two, sometimes you have to spend to keep up, it’s no different in business.

Finally boss, please don’t keep telling us that this team is still young and has great mental strength, there is not a trophy for that, and if you think we have great mental strength then remember the Blackburn, Wigan, United, Chelsea and Barca games, because I do.

Injuries happen every year, it’s the job of the coach to see we have adequate cover, we don’t, so let’s make that a priority.

So that’s my list, Le Chump is up to Arsenal, come on Arsene, make us make you and Cesc joint Le Champs and we can have a summer of positive posts!

Have a great Friday grovers, next week it should all start to take shape!

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  1. Pedro

    GMR, that’s a shame… but I know plenty of people who were thinking the same this summer.

    I know we’re only a few weeks past the seasons end, but I have no confidence Wenger is going to satisfy the squad with the players we so clearly need.

  2. finestcuts

    From the main post:

    “We need to get rid of the dead wood though and I would put Denilson, Eboue, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski and now as Campbell has been talking to Celtic, Campbell in that box.”


    Absolutely, we are lacking quality in all those positions. Replacing all of those players with top quality would be part of the key to winning the title. You need a strong squad you can realy on, these guys need to leave and be replaced by top quality players. So Wenger do the right thing, we have a minimum of 7 players to buy!

  3. GMR

    Choy – We couldn’t sign yaya when we got Kolo because of the work permit issues. Kolo was already an international player, Yaya wasn’t. The trouble was Yaya got impatient & went after the money, rather than waiting. He’s had a good career so far anyway so I don’t understand the attitude towards Arsenal.

  4. Pedro

    Cheers Argie!

    I’m going to coerce Geoff into doing one for next season. Trouble is, we’ve got to think of a format that hasn’t been done before…

  5. darrenchallis

    Webster: exactly we are being bullied by Barca so lets do a bit ourselves. ManU bullied Everton with Rooney, here’s the money now we want to talk to the player, do not give us this bullshit we will only deal for £30 Mill. Here £15 Mill West Ham snap our F**King hand off Gold and lets offer the player CL football and give a good salary to a player that may be worthy of it.

    Now lets bully all the lesser teals, we have CL football Hangeland has had a taste of Europe now lets offer him the Golden Goose FFS. AW needs to learn to flirt with the media about certain players, court the right questions.

  6. choy

    Being passed up by Arsenal. Yaya wanted to join his brother Kolo at the Gunners, his brother wanted him there, but Arsene Wenger had an initial bid rejected by Olympiakos and never returned with a second offer.

  7. argie gooner

    Pedro – you just need to keep it the same as your website, something which is totally original. You seem like a funny pair of geezers, you know a load about arsenal so why not just let it flow out in audio? Really don’t think you’d need to do much besides get a few beers in and parlez.

  8. GMR

    Pedro – To be honest I can’t even be bothered to blame Wenger for anything thats wrong any longer. At the end of the day he’s just another employee, it all starts & ends with the board. Anyone with ambition for the actual team gets booted from the board & whilst people will argue all day long that building a new stadium showed how ambitious we are, but I see nothing other than a board that was happy to do that because it will eventually increase the money they get. Whilst they don’t take share dividends, they still all earn a salary from the club, PHW got £50000 or so last year for doing what exactly?? Others on the board earn far more than that.

    How is Arsene’s budget only 35 million this summer?? Thats just the remainder of the Toure & Ade money. Are we seriously expected to believe that in a whole year the club only managed to break even. Wengers budget should be 60-65 million at the least.

  9. Pedro

    Argie, people seem to be quite into the other blog sites podcast and Alan Davies version…

    If we did one, it’d just be two blokes chatting about football. Not a comedy sketch!

    Still, that might appeal?

  10. Stu

    Arsenal Action have done podcasts in the past and they werent particularly funny but still enjoyable. As long as the topic generates some sort of debate i think it would be a success.

  11. Arsenal Tom

    ped… a little weekly review of the weeks goings on, transfers & transfer rumours, what ex players have been saying plus there the whole takeover talk… plenty to keep you 2 gassing for a while!

  12. darrenchallis

    Pedro. I would rather listen to two old blokes talking about football than some on Talkshite talking shite and not knowing anything about football.

  13. Pedro

    Darren, no problem… I can take it.

    I’ll have a think about it… whatever we did, we’d want involvement from the Grovers somehow.

    Maybe a blogger guest chat every week?

  14. Arsenal Tom

    ped… a bit shy is he? could get guest people on there from the blog!?

    im sure a nice little jaguar “senile french retard” rant once a week would keep spirits up!

  15. argie gooner

    The Alan Davies one is reasoanble in terms of comedy value Pedro – but it doesn’t hold up in terms of insight.

    Plus it’s a bit elitist for me…

    You guys ARE amusing (witty articles show up here) and added to that you know your stuff re football. Which is the mix that would best suit me and probably quite a few others.

  16. darrenchallis

    Your blog’s are a statement of your opinions, a podcast has more feeling and an element of debate and the ability to add comment.

  17. Arsene Nose Best

    errrr pat where have i put my cheque book pat i seemed to of misplaced it,pat it’s it’s under your bed arsene you silly old french cunt a.w oh yes and he laughs.

  18. Pedro

    Thanks for the positive thoughts on podcast idea guys. I wasn’t really sure if there was a market for it on here.

    I’ll put some ideas together over the summer and see if we can get something done for the start of the season… or maybe before if it was surrounding transfers.

    Geoff isn’t shy, he just hates public speaking!

    I think we’d just do a podcast in the way we did the site, except there would be two of us debating out the points instead of one writing them down.

    Could be fun to get a Grover on over the skype… guest podding to mix in with the guest blogging! haha!

  19. Pedro

    A, I’m not to sure… BBK is metioning this ustream tech stuff?

    However, you’d have to take all the different timezones into account.

    J from Youngguns said he’d like to do a summary of the youth for us if we went ahead with it…

  20. goonerpress

    Le-Grove + U-Stream + Skype, 1 day a week = Potentially even bigger than the Friday Night Live on ATVO! Could even do your own competitions and all sorts.

  21. Pedro

    I reckon I could only get as technical as telling you when we were doing it… recording while we logged onto LG

  22. Arsenal Tom

    id love to hear jaguar on there with his “hypocrite” rantings they crack me up every time

  23. insidealbania

    We can have like a phone in (using Skype). We’ll let Jaguar take care of the ‘switch board’.

  24. Franchise

    a skpe debate would be too rowdy IMO

    a better idea is to try and get ex gooners, or some media peeps and have an open Q&A

    but that would also be hard because you can never guarantee the conduct of the callers

  25. Dutchman

    We are strongly linked with diakhete,hangeland,koscielny,rodalegga,green and melo.
    It will be great if we sign all that players.


    Personally, i love rodallega, he is such a great player, mayn guys will disagree, but he is great!

  26. Gooby

    Sabeel Indian Gunner says:
    May 28, 2010 at 13:45

    Hey Gooby

    Thanks Mate….

    Hows studies going

    fine mate 🙂 passing my exams soon and blogging doesn’t help but what can i do about it 🙂 🙂

  27. Dutchman

    Oh and do you guys think we will sign rodalega, he said that arsenal had made an offer, and made it clear that wigan will accept the bid. Then he is an arsenal player. What do you guys think, i think he is one of the players who are coming to us!

  28. argie gooner

    arseblogger is rather verbose in his casts. and there isn’t the humour that Pedro and Geoff can muster. a lighter look at things mixed with the serious stuff. just like the site.

  29. woody

    Scot Parker would be a good asset,plays with a passion,has got to be better than Eboue in midfield,something Wenger tried to my amazement?,also his English,so no falling about holding every extremity of his body every time his touched.
    Love to see Lucio,with Verm,another player who plays with passion,ok it won’t happen,but a player like him with a bit of something about him would be good.Im afraid Gallas has got to go,from the day he sat on the floor and embarrased himself,he has fell in to the category of a big weekly paycheck,for very little else,other than that miserable face.

  30. Ray in SF

    A says:
    May 28, 2010 at 10:26

    From next year clubs won’t be able to spend more than 45 mil Euros over what they earn, in a three year period, so there’s no point in a sugar daddy now – gonna be interesting what happens with city and chelsea!

    It’s a bit looser than that I think. While clubs will have to get their finances better in line, even under the new rules, a sugar daddy can still spend whatever he likes on ‘infrastructure’ without it counting…he just can’t directly service debt or supplement the transfer kitty.

    But by relieving a club of its infrastructure costs it frees up that money for transfers, wages, etc.

  31. Pedro

    Choy, someone offered us quite a lot of money to monetise the site… I think sites look horrible caked in adverts so I declined.

  32. Queen of Suburbia

    They have to break even though Ray so whilst they could spend on infrastructure etc they would in effect be loans. With a cost associated with them.

    The wages/turnover ratio must also be considered…

  33. Wenger the liar

    Pedro –

    As an aside I do a bit of domaining. Would you give me an indication of the sort of figures you were talking about for the ads?

  34. Ray in SF

    QoS, not sure. It seems like a sugar daddy could build a stadium for the club without it showing up on the ‘UEFA books’ as a loan.

  35. choy

    Nice one Pedro.

    I know it must’ve been tempting, but coming here and it being advertisement free is very relaxing!

    Thank you.

  36. Pedro

    WTL, some guy told me about £24k to start with.

    I know nothing about advertising… but this is the bloke who got the United against Malaria campaign in our side bar.

  37. David

    Sorry I know its a little late ive just seen Sabeel.I.G back on the blog and just had to do it.


    Now has anyone seen Charry?

  38. darrenchallis

    Then its pop ups and surveys etc well done for resisting. I’m in bloody marketing and advertising and I hate all that shit on blogs.

  39. Pedro

    Darren, I’m always disappointed to see the small upstart blogs covered in adverts… blogging shouldn’t be about how much money you make. Well, not in my opinion anyway…

  40. vica

    great post geof!

    i would take hazard anyday…not sure about assulin and modeste. we should buy gourcuff.
    wenger has played nasri too many times out of position..that i think he is now finding it hard to play in his natural position.

    and le Chump is surely PHW!

  41. choy

    I guess they start with the intention of doing the good thing by starting a blog and get swayed away by the lure of easy money!

    They eventually lose focus of what they started out for in the first place!

  42. woody

    QueenofSuburbia-who said anything about Diving,i merely suggested they fall over a lot,and those two Eboue And Gallas even more so when they are having a bad game.

  43. rob green

    how can AKB’s say we dont have money!!

    Hill-Wood said: “Our transfer policy is to give the manager a budget which includes the ability to use all the money from player sales.

  44. darrenchallis

    Pedro. I 100% agree with you and i’m glad your site has the class not to take the pound of flesh. They sign with a advertising exe on an exclusive contract and he then decide what fills the spaces, next thing its poker pop ups everywhere.

  45. Wenger the liar

    Pedro –

    You are a disgrace, turning down 24k for advertising – next you will be tapping up Cesc!

  46. David

    Cant say that I blame you Suga

    Not really much to talk about.

    Our one shinning light in all the darkness wants to leave us to our shite.

  47. SUGA3

    and I agree about blogs littered with adverts – I got an email offering me advertising but I have politely turned it down, saying it was not the purpose of it…

  48. JJ

    Morning all,
    Quick question: Would you consider it a successful summer if:
    a. We add a new 1st choice keeper;
    b. We add a central midfielder; and
    c. We hold on to Cesc?
    Oh, and if we can have an injury-free WC for our players (esp. RvP) that would be the cherry on top.

  49. SUGA3


    it’s hard to write about ‘nothing’ without being repetitive and having started the blog before the last transfer window, I did my fair share of wishful thinking 😉


    no, we need way more than that – 2 CBs for starters…

  50. Gooby

    a GK and a CB is the least we should get(if cesc is still he of course)
    a GK a CB and DM is what we should get, i’ll be sure we’ll something then

  51. zeus

    Morning Grovers,

    Just saw this gem from Jorge Valdano.

    He [Higuain] is under contract for three more years and has been a key man this season, he is not transferable,” Valdano told Marca

    “We do not need more forwards, we scored 102 goals this season and Benzema didn’t play much. Next season Karim is like a new signing.”


  52. Honest Bill

    Apparently, Hugo Rodallega has been quoted as saying that he knows Arenal have made a bid for him..

  53. JJ

    I did not include defenders on purpose. Assume no change to current defenders. Which means 1-year contracts for the 30+.

    Of course we all want 1 or 2 new world class defenders but I was just curious whether the minimum additions would be acceptable.

    If not, what 3 (reasonable) things would you wish for?… Bear in mind, Wenger said 1 or 2 additions still to go…

  54. goonerpress

    A it’s all over the place. Many blog’s, newspapers and now even Teamtalk are reporting it. According to John Cross it’s a ‘no-go’.

    No BBK, ain’t heard about the Joe Cole rumours mate. Is he linked with us?

  55. Arsenal Tom

    JJ… gallas is leaving mate

    verm, 35 yr old sol & fresh back from a year out JD as our CBs? cant wait!

  56. kev

    hazard yes the other two no. rodallega no kjaer no. not even sure about hazard to be honest because hes not an out and out winger – more an attacking mid and weve heaps of those. id like to see lorik cana in an arsenal shirt – hes been very good for sunderland. i wanted us to make a move for him when it was clear he was leaving marseille. id also love to see romelu lukaku come to us – hes only 16 or so but hes a beast of a forward

  57. A

    EVEN teamtalk gp?!

    still, never know. Though the rumours about him being there for a medical seem to be gibberish

  58. A

    gp with rodallega I don’t believe that at all, just sillytalk i reckon.

    hangeland you never know, but the opened talks thing i’d be surprised at. All i’ve found is talk that we want to open talks, and that’s on unreputable websites!

    wouldn’t be totally against hangeland, but not ideal, and better not take up a big proportion of transfer budget!

  59. patthegooner

    Rodallega I don’t believe.

    I wonder if that is the player itching for a move.

    Hangeland, not sure, it was in the Evening Standard first.

    I am not against it. I think he is a lot better than some of the names linked and most importantly experienced and PL Experienced.

    I wish we were more active at the moment. With Chamakh in the bag, I actually think Cesc would stay if he saw a Keeper, Hangeland and a decent midfield partner come in.

  60. A

    i have reservations about hangeland pat, though i wouldn’t totally be against it.

    Problem is though although he’s old, he’d got absolutely no experience of playing for a top team, and the pressures that come with that, and different balance. As well as lack of speed in a team that plays a high line.

    Cesc’s leaving has nothing to do with signings or anything like that, but not gonna get into that again!

    I do think he’s likely to stay now though as Barca won’t stump up the cash

  61. SUGA3


    Cesc leaving has something to do with the club showing fuck all ambition – if we added in the winter we would at least come closer than 11 points off the top!

    working hard, giving 100% throughout the season just to watch it crumble and fall in front of his eyes due to some players being incompetent, unmotivated ot both – would you stay?

    if we were to add and make us competitive, he would stay, simple as…

  62. JJ

    A – I disagree. If we sign 3 quality players -keeper, CB and midfielder – that would go a long wat towards keeping Cesc.

  63. A

    SUGA3 I just don’t agree.

    Cesc leaving is 100% down to seeing his boyhood team creating history, and wanting to be part of it.

    If it was a lack of ambition on our part, then he’d just want out, rather than only wanting to go to Barca, but he’d rather stay at us than go to any other club.

    However competitive we were, he’d still want to go home, unless we somehoe sabotaged Barca!

    It’s 99% to do with wanting to be part of what Barca are doing, after watching them on tv etc, maybe 1% to do with being disillusioned with us, after watching us fall apart

  64. patthegooner

    Fair one A, not worth getting into it

    All I would say is at least a few signings will make him think about it….

  65. A

    JJ that wouldn’t stop Barca being the place when he grew up, club he supported, and going into the history books as the best club side ever in spain, and one of the best ever in the world.

    Cesc doesn’t actually want to leave us because he doesn’t like us anymore, he wants to be part of Barca’s amazing side

  66. zeus


    Garay is class. But not for the PL I think. He is a classy passer out from the back, tall but strentgh is a little suspect. I think its a definate that JM will sell him.

  67. patthegooner

    Ok so we are getting back into it.

    Personally I dont think there is a single 100% reason for Cesc leaving. I think there are a number of factors

    1) Arsenal Lack of Ambition in transfers. The Great leave more often the great come in
    2) Arsenal Lack of Success
    3) Barca are flying at the moment
    4) Peter Hill CUNT Wood
    5) Not a regular in the Spain side, would going home fix this???
    6) Getting kicked to shit in the PL
    10) DENILSON

  68. patthegooner

    Oh and if Barca were all that, then why the fuck did he leave in the 1st place???

    Like I said, I think there are lots of reasons.

  69. SUGA3


    why would he want to go to Barca now? he will not be first choice there for a season or two, will he?

    it’s all about the risk/gain corelation here – if he is to risk having his legs broken by some ‘honest lad without an ounce of malice in him’, he has to have a realistic chance of having a few medals to show for it…

  70. Keyser

    Pretty simple there Pat, it was never a case of whether Barca were good enough, it was whether he was good enough for them.

    At 15 ? No, at 23 with Xavi hitting 30, Yes.

  71. sixx pac

    I agree 100% with A. Cesc wants to be a part of Barca. He didnt want to leave this year but he was encouraged

  72. Gooby

    do you guys think mexes can be bought?

    he may be looking for something fresh after so many years at roma+ he is a kind of a cunt so he won’t be bad adding a bit of character in the team