Chump of the year on hold and will we invest in youth again? This time it may make sense!

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Ok Chump of the year has been put on hold as with the Cesc will he or won’t he, and the Wenger will he or won’t he issues still to be sorted, we may well have two new contenders pending. So we are going to see what develops.

We are being linked with three young kids, the new Cesc, the new Pires and the new Henry, Gai Assulin is a Barca Israeli that could go on a free, the chavs are also sniffing, Eden Hazard could go for big money but the Mancs are in there as well, finally the new Henry is supposed to be French under 21 Anthony Modeste and he will be cheap, so do these kids makes sense?

I think that Hazard and Assulin do, but not so sure about Modeste, I don’t know him. What about Wilshere though, our very own superkid? I expect if we didn’t have him, we would be after him, I would be tempted to draft him in, he didn’t do too well when he had his chances last season, but he was bench warming, when he went to Bolton, he came good, and for that reason I would put him ahead of the pack we are interested in.

The Mancs have signed Carlos Vela’s mate, how I’m not sure, as everyone seems to be signing players and the window hasn’t opened yet, maybe Wenger will surprise us all and start and finish early in June, I hope so, at least that way we’ll get to see some of them in the world cup, like he did all those years ago with Rosicky.

I really, truly believe that the reason the Cesc thing is in Wenger’s hands is because Cesc has been told that we will be signing the top players we need for Cesc to win the Premier league, so if that’s true then Cesc will be a contender for Champ of the year, if we don’t then I also believe that Cesc will go, we will take £40mil and 2 or 3 players in exchange, with Assulin being one of them.

I would love to see Gourcuff joining us, with or without Cesc, he’s tall, strong and has a wicked shot, I would like to see a big centre back in there as opposed to another athlete, a winger that can cross the ball for Chamakh, competition for Song and a keeper, I would take anyone as we have no one, Green, Hart, Frey or Buffon, would do it but not Schwarzer, he’s a bit too old, but he is still better than what we have, so needs must.

I know we keep speculating a lot, but that’s what we do in the summer, if we get them, we can start dribbling and frothing at the mouth and enjoy the next 2 months.

We need to get rid of the dead wood though and I would put Denilson, Eboue, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski and now as Campbell has been talking to Celtic, Campbell in that box.

There are a bunch of younger ones that I would also clear out and lower the wage bill as well. Yes Eboue has had an Ok season, but we need better, yes Denilson may have his Flamini season next term but he has had way too many chances, it’s time to get tough Arsene, you owe us.

It’s not the fact we have won nothing, it’s the fact that we don’t compete when it counts, it’s also the chasing pack, look what happened to Liverpool, that could be us next term, we know that the spuds and the northern chavs will spend big, we know that the Mancs and the chavs will and we know the big clubs in Europe will, people may point to Madrid for their spending and lack of success this season, but you know that La Liga is always between those two, sometimes you have to spend to keep up, it’s no different in business.

Finally boss, please don’t keep telling us that this team is still young and has great mental strength, there is not a trophy for that, and if you think we have great mental strength then remember the Blackburn, Wigan, United, Chelsea and Barca games, because I do.

Injuries happen every year, it’s the job of the coach to see we have adequate cover, we don’t, so let’s make that a priority.

So that’s my list, Le Chump is up to Arsenal, come on Arsene, make us make you and Cesc joint Le Champs and we can have a summer of positive posts!

Have a great Friday grovers, next week it should all start to take shape!

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  1. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    May 28, 2010 at 12:22
    Sabeel – I can’t speak for you, but not once has the promise of new signings affected whether i’d renew my season ticket or not.


    The betrayal and lieing every summer which is mention,is Not just about renewing tickets…it is about which is more important than that…

    it is about
    “betrayal of Hope” that fans get from hearing those lies

    “betrayal of the trust” that fans put in there heart,the trust created after hearing those lies.

    investing in Arsenal FC is not Just season is more about passion,love,and trust that gets betrayed time and time again by those lies in summer…

    wenger and the club are the biggest traitor than fabregas..

  2. Pedro

    Big Dave, whose getting on Fiszmans back… he lives in Switzerland!

    Sorry… but there is no way he hasn’t had money to spend for 5 years.

    Like in business, if you don’t spend your budget, it goes elsewhere… but it was a pre-requisite of the banks that we maintain a competitive team.

    Do you think they’d have loaned us the money if we said we’d be outspent by 19 other prem clubs for 5 years?

    No way… it was Wengers choice not to spend… at least for the past 3 years.

  3. Queen of Suburbia

    A – you can’t believe that for one second.

    Life isn’t a childrens cartoon, sometimes people do and say selfish things.

    You really think that Cescs advisors had not anticipated that somebody from the press might contact members of his family, and briefed them accordingly? Behave!

  4. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    May 28, 2010 at 12:36
    Sabeel that 10.43 comment is only true in some cases.

    Plenty of footballers are motivated by money, at least as much as they are by glory!

    yes Thats true,but the reason i put it in becaouse Fabregas IS one of those Good attitude players,who cares more about trophies than money,and that is the reason he wants to move on…

    and we he would have stayed if we win trophies,and we dont win trophies because wenger and club dont correct there isnt it fabregas getting royally traited/betrayed along with fans…

  5. Pedro

    A, though I agree with what you’re saying in principle… this whole, ‘I didn’t know what the sports radio show was trying to get me to say’ rubbish kind of devalues your point.

  6. Queen of Suburbia

    Sabeel – we’re talking about Fabregas, why try to make it about Wenger?

    You’re having a discussion with yourself if you’re trying to make the point that we feel let down by lack of transfer activity – nobody disagrees!

  7. bnsb


    No way… it was Wengers choice not to spend… at least for the past 3 years.

    We were reportedly so close to many deals and money never arrived at the last minute. Who do you blame – Manager or Board?

    Someone posted earlier today quoting Winterburn (I think), this is the first year Wengers been given money to spend.

    “I choose to believe him”

  8. Wenger the liar

    Speaking in the Sun, Rodallega said: ‘I don’t know if I’ll stay at Wigan but I do know Arsenal have made an offer for me.’

    Super Super class

  9. A

    QOS sometimes they do, and sometimes people are just genuine and honest….

    Not EVERYONE in this world is cynical and being sneaky in EVERYTHING that they do!

    Pedro it’s nothing to do with not knowing what they wanted him to say, and he had no problem saying it, but because that was what he genuinly felt, and what he genuinly knew, not because he’d been somehow instructed to spin things one way

  10. goonerkitt

    When the plans for ashburton were proposed most fans expected somewhere between 3-5 years of transition. The time has now come to start competing seriously both on and off the field. We have a plethora of staff who should be renegotiating deals to expand our fanbase and sponsorship to increase our revenue streams. Our debt has been significantly reduced and of all the champions league clubs we are probably in the best position financialy and structuraly to go forward and dominate. All we really need is a few top players and maybe a marqee signing that will appeal to the floating foreign fans. If wenger can produce another great team like he has before we can hopefully go forward and achieve the goals that we have all been crying out for. I feel that in 10 years time we can look back at this period and say that wenger did a good job keeping this club in a position where we could compete and get close. Maybe, just maybe our golden period is about to start. This could all have been part of a masterplan. It could also just as easily be the beginning of the end but that’s football for you, a lot of once great teams have fallen by the wayside but we are still here.

  11. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    what i am trying to make u understand is the reason behind the fabregas actions,the reason being betrayal from wenger and club because of making initiallly the false promises to him…

  12. Pedro

    Bnsb, I could dig you out comments where people have said that every year for the last 3.

    Don’t you remember last summers ‘Arsene’s warchest’ stories.

    I believe Wenger sets the value of the player… not the board.

  13. Pedro

    A, when millions of pounds rest on how a PR battle is played out… people are coerced into saying whatever helps.

    To think that this isn’t one of those situations is naive.

    Remember, this is the player who was calculated enough to move from Barca at 15… 7-8 years on, he’s not going to have changed.

  14. bnsb

    I believe Wenger sets the value of the player… not the board.

    Precisely, Wenger sets value, money does not arrive, uh oh!

  15. darrenchallis

    Pedro. I agree you only have to look at the signings Wenger has made and the amounts he has spent ie f**K all. If you look at the Dein signings, they smacked of negotiation but at any realistic cost. Wenger hates spending the money full stop and to be honest it should not be his responsibility after all the manager bungs and dodgy dealings managers should just set targets and allow Chief Execs to go and negotiate the price and wages.

  16. insidealbania

    A – I cant believe that deep down you believe what you are writing.
    If they were genuine and honest guys they wouldn’t have agents or PR people telling them when to fart and how to swindle the club you are playing for every season.
    The planet we live on is not the same as the one these football superstars are on.

  17. Queen of Suburbia

    I thought Gazidis remit is to negotiate transfers now? Wasn’t that one of the things he was brought into do?

    Wenger just says I want X and Gazidis is there to make it so?

  18. bnsb

    I thought Gazidis remit is to negotiate transfers now? Wasn’t that one of the things he was brought into do?

    Wenger just says I want X and Gazidis is there to make it so?

    Good argument there. When Arsha came in here, there were days wasted on argument that he was Gazidis signing and Wenger did not want him!

  19. darrenchallis

    QoS thats what we are debating, who sets the pricethe for a player is it Wenger because that should not be the case. I would rather have a passionate fan doing negotiation like Dein than Gazidis the Wenger/Board yes man who is on profit share ( maybe).

  20. samir masri

    Yeah wenger never really wanted to sign arsharvin.but what a great signing he turn out to be.But I Think gazidis is more of winner than arsene himself.

  21. Pedro

    Darren, I totally agree. Wenger hates to think he’s getting anything other than an amazing deal.

    If your bonus was related to getting deals like that… then why would you pay what you deem to be over the odds?

    I believe a guy called Dick Laws has been brought in to oversee transfers.

  22. christian

    I know that real life and wengers principles will see at most 3 signings. Stilla one can hope?

    My list:
    Out: Denilson, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski, Campbell, Vela, Eduardo, Rocisky
    In: Chamakh, Kjaer, Sakho/Mexes/Subotic, Mbia/a good and strong DM, Gourcuff/Toni Kroos, a good Goalie, a left winger

    So my team would be this:
    G: new guy/Sczecny
    D:Sagna, new guy, TV5, Glichy SUBS: Eboue,new guy, Djorou, Gibbs
    DM: Song SUBS: new guy
    Midfield: Gourcuff, Cesc Subs: Diaby, Ramsey
    Attack: Van Persie, Chamakh, Arshavin SUBS: Walcott, Bendner, new guy

  23. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t think it is Wenger darren – I’m pretty sure thats Gazidis’s role.

    Wenger did it for a time after Dein got whacked by Fizman but one of the key Gazidis selling points on his CV was that all US transfers in MLS had to cross his desk, so he knew the ins and outs as it were.

  24. darrenchallis

    I would want the job, me I would have paid £20 Million for Alonso and then said look how much Barry went for now it has turned into a steal. Wenger probably though Gazidis paid too much for Ashavin! Wenger has spent money in the past and has chased great players, but he see’s his own team with rose tinted specs and will not justify buying certain players because they will hamper his favourites.

  25. Stu

    Isnt Gazidis more of a money man than a football man though. How else would he evaluate one of our players worth if not consulting Wenger?

  26. ArsenalKenya

    “Keown knows a thing or two about defending after winning three titles under Arsène Wenger and the former Gunner likes what he’s seen of Vermaelen so far.

    “He’s been outstanding, without doubt, and it’s [only] his first year,” Keown told Arsenal TV Online.

    “What I’d like to see him now do is grow, I’d like to see him become a leader, I’d like to see him become more vocal. It’s difficult watching from the sidelines but I get the feeling he is still feeling his way into the team.

    “What I love about him is that he attacks the ball. People criticised him and said he was just five foot 11 but he proved it doesn’t matter. We need him to grow, we need him to understand his role. Once he does that he can bring the rest of the back four with him and organise that line.”

  27. Rohan

    Does anyone know if all this stuff about Wenger’s bonus is actually true or fact or is it just someone spouting his imaginative fantasies?

  28. darrenchallis

    QoS But the point is who sets the price? If Wenger says buy Arshavin but do not spend more that £8 Miilion and Gazidis spends 12 Million then Wenger gets the arse and it becomes undisclosed because it ruins his image.

    And Stu yes they did but we offered £12 mill and Im saying I would have paid £20mill if it mean’t getting him, thats what a fan would do also he went for more than even that, so it is justified in the end.

  29. ArsenalKenya

    “There are clear parallels between the roles of managers of franchised dealers and those of professional football teams. In the aftersales department, dealers should be regularly assessing their business to identify areas for improvement.” – Arsène Wenger

    The holder of a Master’s degree in Economics, Wenger developed and led one of the English Premier League’s most successful teams, and is renowned for managing talent and achieving success by nurturing strengths and addressing weaknesses.

    Similarly, in the motor industry, managers of franchised dealerships need to make regular analyses of their business’ performance to achieve success. By focusing on the minutiae of his team’s performance on pitch – number of passes made, percentage of shots on target, number of tackles missed and so on – Wenger can identify areas for improvement. It is exactly this approach that managers at franchised dealerships need to take in order to drive profits.

    Nigel Head, Castrol Franchised Workshop and OEM Marketing Manager – UK & Ireland, comments: “While the KPIs may be different, there are clear parallels between the roles of managers of franchised dealers and those of professional football teams. In the aftersales department, dealers should be regularly assessing their business to identify areas for improvement.”

    In the run-up up to the 2010 FIFA World CupTM, Castrol Professional will be bringing you a unique insight into the management principles of Arsène Wenger, through AM magazine and video interviews with Wenger in the AM e-zine and on the AM-online website.


  30. Wenger the liar

    Rohan –

    The wenger bonus thing is bollocks – just like this being the first season he has had money to spend is bollocks.

  31. samir masri


    I think almost every gooner on this blog know the real reason why weneger never wanted to approach arsharvin.And I have’nt got any source to back my Argument.

  32. Pedro

    Stu, he’s a lawyer. I thought his remit was to oversee the new sponsorship deal and to manage the property issues we were having.

  33. Stu

    Yeah QoS. I was just wondering though how does Gazidis/Law value a player that we are after and know when the other club is asking for more than the player is worth.

    At least Dein was a footballing man on the board and probably knew when the other club was asking for an unfair price…either buying or selling a player.

  34. Pedro

    Stu, this Dick Law chap is supposed to very good… he know’s exactly what is needed at the club and he’s working very hard understanding our problems behind the scenes

  35. Queen of Suburbia

    I doubt the person responsible reports to Wenger, so I can’t imagine him/her taking much flak for paying more than a Wenger evaluation.

    A bit of rumbling in the background maybe but ultimately if my job is to get you that player and I get you that player, that’s the most important thing.

    Anything else would be hugely disfunctional. And i see no evidence to say that we are THAT disfunctional.

  36. Stu

    Dick Law….great name.

    Samir Masri, i guess im the odd one out because i dont know wh Wenger didnt want Arshavin. Please enlighten me.

  37. terry

    barcs cannot afford cecs they still have to pay us the money from the sale of hendry and hleb. (12m). we should pay 10m and buy yaya from them adjust the rest of the funds.
    buy Pape Diakhate for 10m .
    buy lee van der vaart and diarra from real.(20m).
    exactly 40m and the whole team is sorted out
    arsavin van the man nikkib
    yaya song fab
    clichy vermy diakhate sagna

    we can rotate song/ yaya with diarra/diaby
    fab with van der vaart and nasri
    van the man with chamak
    nikki b with walcott
    arshavin with vela (this should happen most of the games at the 65-70minute)
    we have sol and djouru covering the defence
    we have gibbs nd eboue covering the wings
    best of all song and yaya can play cb as well
    if in case we cannot sign yaya then veloso is the next best alternative or even cana from sunderland.
    every thing is possible but its all in wengers hand

  38. Stu

    I think Vermaelens signing signaled the change in transfer negotiating. I seriously doubt if it was still Wenger doing the dealings with regards to new players that we would have paid 10m for a defender from such a weak league defensively.

  39. Queen of Suburbia

    Samir – I heard that Wenger saved a coach load of schoolchildren this morning. I have no source for this either.

    The fact is Arshavin signed and Wenger picks him. The evidence that he was wanted by Wenger overwhelms the evidence that he was not.

  40. Rohan

    This part of that article is particularly telling Pedro:

    Brits will finally start to realize that it is private central bankers, and not puppet politicians who really control the country, and that internationalist crooks are selling Britain’s infrastructure to their offshore affiliates who will then reap the rewards from Brits being charged to use the roads they already pay for through a myriad of other taxes.

    I don’t know if anyone’s seen that documentary Zeitgeist but that’s extremely interesting too. Very revealing yet scary. I highly recommend watching it.

  41. samir masri

    At this point you can spell your managers’s name in any way that you like.But Arsene Wenger is most preditible human Being on this Earth.And to back up my argument I can Easily say that He never goes on to look for Ideas so that we can be able to atleast win a trophy next season.

  42. insidealbania

    Pedro – with regards to the link you posted, do you think the public will be aware enough to do anything to stop this kind of thing happening? I think weather we like it or not the ball began rolling a long time ago and there is little we can do to stop it.
    If you look at the US, a lot of their military activities are carried out by private firms who in a few years will have more global personnel and fire power. Moreover, due to privatisation of the water works companies, it is illegal in certain states and countries for the public to collect rain water because it belongs to the water company.

    I see the same happening in the UK although at a much slower pace.

  43. Geoff

    Interesting article Pedro, but all that is a pinprick to the £190 billion that this country pays in handouts to people who don’t want to contribute, paid by people that have no choice.

    LIKE FUCKING ME! And it is like fucking me too, well that’s what it feels like.

  44. Rohan

    Really inside? Didn’t know privatization has been taken that far especially with regard to rain water and such.

  45. Wenger the liar

    Why is Platini holding a placard saying France? we know hes French, he should hold one saying Cunt, just in case anyone is in any doubt.

  46. insidealbania

    Like I said Rohan, its only true in some countries and states.
    Coca cola is a big player as well when it comes to water privatisation and distribution. In an African country (which I have forgotten the name of now) it is cheaper to buy a bottle of coca cola than a bottle of water (bottled by coca cola), again it has something to do with them owning the water and putting selling at the price they want.

    An interesting film to for you to watch to get a better understanding of the water industry is :

  47. Geoff

    Lucky bastards inside, Coca Cola is much more expensive in England, Africans get everything, the world cup, diamonds, sunshine and now I find out, cheap Coke.

  48. samir masri


    I like Your Sence of Humour.But it could be possible for wenger to coach school children.and I think that he has already taken that responsibility of coaching school children.

  49. insidealbania

    The Hangeland rumors just won’t go away. Same with Yaya, I think its just lazy jurnos writing filler articles.

  50. Big Dave

    Basically says that the French defender who plays for that club he wants to sign for us and hopes to get it sorted asap and we stump up the right price

  51. choy

    Looks like Ade is going to get Beyonce

    AC Milan chief Galliani asks Man City about Adebayor availability

  52. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Add to that,These companies like Coca-Cola and pepsi make a fortune because they dont have to pay for water that they use to make these products

    No much investment on sources i.e water..but lot of return on the product…

    Companies like Coca-cola and Pepsi will estinguish water from planet earth….they are a big danger to the planet resources..

  53. insidealbania

    Yes Rohan, but with many films of its genre they try to present everything as fact. It is very interesting and does have many facts, but it is always best to do one’s own research. But a very good film and highly recommended.

  54. Stu

    Jebus! That is shocking stuff Sabeel. Thats got to have given that player some sort of brain damage. 😯

  55. Stu

    Coaching kids to play football is easy as piss. Just teach them to take a touch and release the ball quickly. Kids are stupid anyway, all they do is run after the ball…all 20 of them.

  56. Stu

    lol choy, thats milans only way of scouting players. If they play well against us we buy them. Ade, Flamini, and Senderos all did well at the San siro and that summer 2 of them went there.

  57. Geoff

    Sabeel, you want to spend a winter over here mate, we get enough water to sustain the whole planet twice over!

    Here’s a thought, every fresh water river in the world empties into the oceans, every one, sea levels are rising and fresh water is depleting, so why not dam a few rivers and re channel the water from them back onto the land in the form of canals, then irrigate the land to feed the people, of grow more trees to generate more rain, or am I being too obvious?

    And if you say countries can’t afford it I’ll scream, if we can afford to pay Theo £60k a week…

  58. Geoff

    If Ade went anywhere they would have to pay him his £170k a week wages, no fuck will do that unless Man City cover it, they would if they were getting Torres. But…

  59. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Absolutely right Geoff

    It is not easy to do things which are obvious in this world,

    Goverments in your country and mine can give licenses to these companies like coke/pepsi and they eat up the water,but they dont do what you are suggesting

    at least by your method,we can get back the water through trees,as trees will get us rains…

    Politics/curruption(money from coke/pepsi co to license plants) just spoils people/politicians,else the world “could” have been a better place to live

  60. insidealbania

    Geoff, thats the point, we can afford it and the idea is not bad. But in the water companies own the water supply systems in the UK, it would have to be them that have to fork out the money and do it, not the Government. And if you take the UK as an example, Thames Water (which also operates in North America and Africa) is making enough money as it is, why should they invest their money to help the global water shortage when they can just fill their pockets? (sound familiar?)

  61. leon

    i dont thinkits much about age its about quality and i dont see vela as that good anyway he has few tricks but nothing else and will have a massive problem next season rvp bretna edardo chamakh aa risicky plus thoe all ahead of him,also its pretty clear at least 2-3 defenders gallas mixed feelings on that although a very good defender is you look at his time at the club overall it has been unsuccessful plus half team dont get aloung with hence why toure left crying on the pitch like baby was all time low for me,sole might leave and i feel troare is on his way too,i feel simpson is one his way too

  62. Geoff

    They could make them do it, just like that cunt Cable is stealing from middle England to pay for people that don’t contribute by robbing them.

    Take it off the water companies, what could they do, leave England an go somewhere else? Course they fucking wouldn’t.

    My idea would make for a better world and safeguard the future.

    Anyway Grovers, I’m off to a meeting catch you all later!

  63. GMR

    Well I don’t believe Fran Merida has signed for Atletico Madrid. Although they have pictures of him on their official website holding up his new shirt, it just can’t be true because haven’t announced it, & he’s still listed as a 1st team player!! are always the first to announce everything, we all know that!!

  64. SUGA3


    Vela should be well ahead of Eduardo on the merit – Eduardo will not be here next season, ‘cuz he is finished (all in the head)…

  65. Rohan

    lol GMR.. really need to get their act together. Oh and their Transfer Rumours section is frankly rather embarrassing.

  66. A

    GMR he’s an arsenal player until his contract expires at midnight, June 30th….

    Same as Senderos and Gallas.

  67. GMR

    A – don’t be silly. We may have to pay his wages until then but he’s signed for Madrid. If thats not the case then how can Arsenal have announced the Chamakh signing & have him listed as an Arsenal player??

  68. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Look at Pedro the infowarrior…fighting the New World Order and keeping check on us Gooners at the same time!! Keep it up mate!

    30 Million for Toure? Is that being put out there for Man City to bite?

  69. darrenchallis

    30 Million for Yaya, that will be his agent linking him with Man City and The Chavs the bump the price up.

  70. GMR

    Yaya Toure will never join us. He has a serious attitude towards Wenger & Arsenal in general, all because he was impatient & refused to wait for us to be able to sign him. When his agent is calling Man City & Chelsea for that matter more important clubs than us it says it all about his feelings towards Arsenal.

  71. Arsenal Tom

    choy… thats what did the damage i reckon mate… bad enough he nearly got he leg smashed off, he does one little dive which gerrard and the caveman pikey rooney do every month and the poor bloke gets branded a cheat all over europe.

    in the words of mr didier drogba… its a fucking disgrace

  72. choy

    Stu.. I don’t know, but I think we should give him at least another year.

    We’ve given plenty of players time and Eddie needs to be given at least a year more.

  73. choy

    GMR.. I think it has more to do with Wenger not buying him up earlier on along with his brother Kolo.

  74. tomb

    Yaya Toure, I wouldnt give him the time of day. He has made it clear he is not interested in us, thats enough for me. Let look elsewhere , i guess the chavs will have him.

  75. Webster

    This maybe controversial but I think Scott Parker is better then Yaya Toure and he might actually give a shit

  76. choy

    Webster.. that is something I agree on.

    Parker is like the English Flamini, he would be ideal with Cesc and Song in the middle.

  77. darrenchallis

    Agreed choy. its not his ability that has gone it may be a bit of bottle and confidence. He’s still class and his return provide that. it tkes a lot longer I would guess for the bottle to return he needs to forget and that is a matter of time.

  78. Webster

    I dont want Yaya after saying he didnt want to go back to school or whatever shit he said, he mugged us off and he aint even that good

  79. tomb

    I agree, scott is english so hes going nowhere, works hard for the team and has a cracking shot on him.

  80. Webster

    Now some dickhead will say ‘but english players cost too much’, who gives a fuck? Lets get our money out we’re not Bolton for gods sake were Arsenal

  81. tomb

    Yaya is a bit arrogant and thinks it will be below him to go to us from Barca, the fact is they dont want him anymore, good luck to him.

  82. choy

    Fabregas reveals why he wants out of Arsenal

    Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas has told friends that he was offended by comments made by the club’s chairman Peter Hill when he was asked if there was any chance of the player making the Barcelona team.

    He replied : “If you want my opinion, I’m not sure he would even get in their team. Do they need him? I’m not sure that they do.”

    Fabregas claims that he was “50-50” about staying at Arsenal this summer but was really pushed over the edge by what Hill had said. In the end that influenced his decision to notify Arsene Wenger that he wanted to leave the team.

    Hill has made a habit of upsetting players including previous skipper Patrick Vieira and more recently becoming derogatory about William Gallas’ wage demands.

    The Arsenal board are fighting to keep Fabregas having already told Barcelona that they are not interested in selling him at any price.

    Fabregas still has five years left on his contract but undaunted thereby Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla insists he will be moving to the Nou Camp.

    Ingla said: “Cesc will be a Barcelona player, yes, yes. The money is not as important as his dream because he wants to return to Barcelona and it’s a dream for our fans.”

    “Arsenal are a model club and to maintain good relations we will try to agree a good price. Of course Barcelona wants to complete a quick deal. I believe that Cesc’s time at Arsenal has finished, they have benefited from him and now we hope to reach agreement.”

  83. argie gooner

    Legendary site guys – outstanding info and insight.

    Hey Pedro and Geoff – when are you guys gonna do a podcast? It would be a hoot.

  84. GMR

    Geoff/Pedro – I’ve finally bitten the bullet so to speak. I’m off on holiday for 6 weeks as of Sunday & I haven’t renewed my season ticket. It’s the first time since 1986 I won’t have had one, I just think the club has drifted away from the fans, there are no Arsenal fans on the board (Fiszman may be but business is more important than the team to him), the rest are in it for what they can get as far as I can see.

    My shares will also be up for sale as of next week. Kroenke won’t be buying them, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.