Chump of the year on hold and will we invest in youth again? This time it may make sense!

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Ok Chump of the year has been put on hold as with the Cesc will he or won’t he, and the Wenger will he or won’t he issues still to be sorted, we may well have two new contenders pending. So we are going to see what develops.

We are being linked with three young kids, the new Cesc, the new Pires and the new Henry, Gai Assulin is a Barca Israeli that could go on a free, the chavs are also sniffing, Eden Hazard could go for big money but the Mancs are in there as well, finally the new Henry is supposed to be French under 21 Anthony Modeste and he will be cheap, so do these kids makes sense?

I think that Hazard and Assulin do, but not so sure about Modeste, I don’t know him. What about Wilshere though, our very own superkid? I expect if we didn’t have him, we would be after him, I would be tempted to draft him in, he didn’t do too well when he had his chances last season, but he was bench warming, when he went to Bolton, he came good, and for that reason I would put him ahead of the pack we are interested in.

The Mancs have signed Carlos Vela’s mate, how I’m not sure, as everyone seems to be signing players and the window hasn’t opened yet, maybe Wenger will surprise us all and start and finish early in June, I hope so, at least that way we’ll get to see some of them in the world cup, like he did all those years ago with Rosicky.

I really, truly believe that the reason the Cesc thing is in Wenger’s hands is because Cesc has been told that we will be signing the top players we need for Cesc to win the Premier league, so if that’s true then Cesc will be a contender for Champ of the year, if we don’t then I also believe that Cesc will go, we will take Β£40mil and 2 or 3 players in exchange, with Assulin being one of them.

I would love to see Gourcuff joining us, with or without Cesc, he’s tall, strong and has a wicked shot, I would like to see a big centre back in there as opposed to another athlete, a winger that can cross the ball for Chamakh, competition for Song and a keeper, I would take anyone as we have no one, Green, Hart, Frey or Buffon, would do it but not Schwarzer, he’s a bit too old, but he is still better than what we have, so needs must.

I know we keep speculating a lot, but that’s what we do in the summer, if we get them, we can start dribbling and frothing at the mouth and enjoy the next 2 months.

We need to get rid of the dead wood though and I would put Denilson, Eboue, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski and now as Campbell has been talking to Celtic, Campbell in that box.

There are a bunch of younger ones that I would also clear out and lower the wage bill as well. Yes Eboue has had an Ok season, but we need better, yes Denilson may have his Flamini season next term but he has had way too many chances, it’s time to get tough Arsene, you owe us.

It’s not the fact we have won nothing, it’s the fact that we don’t compete when it counts, it’s also the chasing pack, look what happened to Liverpool, that could be us next term, we know that the spuds and the northern chavs will spend big, we know that the Mancs and the chavs will and we know the big clubs in Europe will, people may point to Madrid for their spending and lack of success this season, but you know that La Liga is always between those two, sometimes you have to spend to keep up, it’s no different in business.

Finally boss, please don’t keep telling us that this team is still young and has great mental strength, there is not a trophy for that, and if you think we have great mental strength then remember the Blackburn, Wigan, United, Chelsea and Barca games, because I do.

Injuries happen every year, it’s the job of the coach to see we have adequate cover, we don’t, so let’s make that a priority.

So that’s my list, Le Chump is up to Arsenal, come on Arsene, make us make you and Cesc joint Le Champs and we can have a summer of positive posts!

Have a great Friday grovers, next week it should all start to take shape!

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  1. bnsb

    We need to get rid of the dead wood though and I would put Denilson, Eboue, Silvestre, Gallas, Almunia, Fabianski and now as Campbell has been talking to Celtic, Campbell in that box.

    Funny isnt it? On one hand we want to clear dead wood on other hand someone terms it as exodus from a sinking ship

  2. Rohan

    Maybe not a steal per se, but a good buy none the less. Along with vermaelen, our CB situation will be sorted for years to come. I would like to see a taller CB ( Mertesacker anyone?? ) come in too if Gallas, Silvester and Senderos are all to leave.

  3. Rohan

    So here’s my list for the summer:
    Van der Vaart

    Asking for too much????

  4. Teerex

    I see we’re back to knocking Eboue again? He’s had a solid season IMHO and I’d rather have him instead of Sagna. Sagna had a poor season but you don’t see anyone asking for his head!

  5. henry14

    Cesc off – Van der Vaart and Hazard for me to come in.

    If we can get 2 CD’s and a goalie as well i think we’ll be stronger than with Cesc.

  6. A

    Asking for way too much Rohan, no way we’d sign that many players!

    Take hazard and vdv out of that though and you never know.

  7. henry14

    If it’s true that Hill-wood and Cesc have fallen out over his comments, then really someone has to get the stupid old ignorant cunt to step down.

    Hill-wood is a dinosaur that nobody wants anywhere near the club anymore, he causes more harm than good and actually does NOTHING constructive.

  8. Gooby

    we need to sign kaejr he is rather cheap. same price as verms’.

    let’s get him and frey and we will be fine if cesc doesn’t go.

    A DM too won’t hurt us


    little exclusive

    in a restaurant last nite and pat rice was in there with his family, i waited till he got a bit drunk and i managed to have a good 5 minute chat with him
    he told me that we wenger will get at least 3 more signings and that sol should be signing new 1 year deal next week, also said he wasnt sure what bout the cesc situation, he talked openly about how bad the season ended and that this summer is the first for years where wenger has been given a good budget to sign players from, he was a top man

  10. Pedro

    Geoff, top posting!

    I’ve heard lots of good things about this Assulin kid… I’ve not seen a video yet.

    I hope we do all our business before the world cup, because after it… we’ll struggle to bed players in.

    I’m still not sure Cesc will leave… I can’t see where he’d fit into Barca’s formation. He seems like an indulgent buy for the Catalans… no real use?

  11. henry14

    Assulain sounds likes another Dos Santos to me.

    If he was that good he would be in the first team, pedro, Jeffren etc.. all managed it this season.

    I would rather Hazard and Van Der Vaart. Van der vaart and van persie – they could form a dangerous partnership for us.

  12. gambon

    I think Assulin is the last thing we need.

    Hes a younger Cesc, but we already have Wilshere, Ramsey, Aneke, Ozyakup.

    Lets not forget we had merida, who left because he couldnt get a game in that position.

    We need to spend our money on 26 year olds, not keep on wasting it on kids.

  13. A

    henry14 Pedro and jeffren have just broken through to barca’s squad at 22, Assulin has just turned 19….

  14. Teerex

    Another “exclusive”

    I ran into Wenger on the tube this morning and he said he would sell Cesc and buy Ronaldo, Kaka, Dzeko, Casillas and another defender!

  15. Queen of Suburbia

    The mirror article was interesting – if PHW was the tipping point for Cesc wanting to leave then you have to question whether the man has sufficient judgement for the role.

  16. Teerex

    If Cesc wants to leave just because of PHW’s comments then he’s just fishing for flimsy excuses. He should shut up and leave quietly for Barca!

  17. gambon

    Lol, once i read that someone had read Pat Rice i couldve predicted every other word that was written.

  18. Arsenal Tom

    exactly gambon… if thats why he’s off he needs to grow a pair… the story is just shit stirring

  19. gambon


    I agree, but if a senile old chairmen talking shit is enough to drive him out you can be sure he wont stay long at Barca, were the board are far more involved & outspoken.

    I think its just the papers making mischief.

  20. samir masri

    I personally think that cesc should fuck right off to spain.cos we don’t need cry babies who want to go back home.And I think that the real reason why cesc wants to go home is that he is very Horny that he can’t even to get back home.Cos the girls in spain are milicious.and the other day I caught watching spanish porn.And I have to say that spanish girls are the real reason why boys like cesc wank before eating.And I personally think that cesc is a sore loser!

  21. Pedro

    QoS, I said this on twitter earlier…

    Cesc leaving because of a PHW comment is like me leaving my GF for Megen Fox because her grandad said my roast potatoes were soft.

    That story is a load of rubbish.

    Not to mention the fact it claims PHW said Cesc was going no where… well, I’m pretty sure I read that PHW said he didn’t know where Cesc was going to be next season.

    The fact is, no one pays any attention to Hillwood. You don’t leave Arsenal because of that doddery old fart…

  22. The Enlightener

    I dont know why but i can only post a comment twice or thrice a day,after then anything i try to post will not come on.Yesterday i could only post once,i tried to post later but it wouldnt come on,why is that ? I love your site and will like to contribute a lot so help me to sort it out if the problem is from your end.

  23. Rohan

    Cheers Geoff. i’ll be happy with half of that.
    Say what you want, but it really is a joy to see Diaby skipping past players like he did there. I really hope he comes good. There was this period this season around january where he was absolutely on top of his game and looked like a top top player.

  24. RockyPires

    Rodellaga would be ok but for Vela loan return and EDS out I think leaving us with Captain Van Persie,NikB52,Rod,Chamakattacker.

    I think Kjaer is a possibility,he or Mexes are two refined defenders of high quality but fear them maybe a little too refined, Pape Diakte appears to be a robust centrehalf so if we got Mexes/Kjaer/Cahill with Diakte for defence we would be fine.

    If Barca/Inter bid big for Eboue,I’d sell him and buy Van Der Weil.

    I think Frey will be our Keeper, he has alot to prove as Domench wouldnt pick him and is sheer class, captain material also.

    In midfield I think M.Diaara is still worth a bid to give us strenght for those away games.
    Supplement him with Gourcruff and or Van Der Vaart/Hazard and I think were in a win win situation.

    We would have more leaders as
    Frey captain Fiorentina
    Diakate Vice captain Senegal
    Diarra Mali captain
    Van P new captain
    Van Der Vaart was captin of Hamburg.

  25. Queen of Suburbia

    Pedro – just read one of John Cross’s comments to somebody who said pretty much the same thing – and he says

    “I’m bit cynical on this one, excuses being looked for, but cesc charm offensive by arsenal may help, show some love etc “

  26. Oskar

    Simon Kjaer is quality but unfortunately he picked up a knee injury playing for Denmark against Senegal last night. Looked really bad! Maybe he is a bit of a gooner already πŸ™‚

  27. stonroy

    Morning all. I have to disagree with you Geoff; I think Green is a weak goalkeeper, I would not want him at Arsenal at all.

  28. Rohan

    To be fair, Vermaelen Arshavin Sol are all captain material. And I bet Ethan’s house Song will be Cameroon’s future captain.
    Ramsey will be Wales’ for sure..oh and I think Rosicky is the Czech one too.

  29. Rohan

    Still don’t know why inter/barca want Eboue? What do they possibly see in him?
    Keep Eboue I say, he’s a Ballon D’Or world class locker room jester.

  30. Arsenal Tom

    eboues a good attacking right back, the problem is we’ve seen him play at RM, RF, and CM so think he’s shit

  31. bnsb


    It was in response to this quote:

    “but cesc charm offensive by arsenal may help, show some love etc β€œ

  32. Rohan

    Who is Kolschitsney fella? He any good?? I’m hearing good things about this Leonardo Bonucci fella from Bari in Italy…He could be worth a punt.

  33. Gooby

    “He has always told me to deliver the ball into the space and if there is no-one there, it is not your problem. You need to just put the ball in the space and someone should get on the end of it.


    hope theo calls Henry to learn how to strike the ball properly.

  34. Pedro

    Rohan… how bloody dare you…

    The Enlightener, are you working out of an office? There should be no reason you can only post once or twice? Unless the IT gestapo are onto you!

    QoS, I heard that there is no bad blood between Arsenal and Cesc at all. So my take on this is the same as it was last week… Cesc will stay unless we get the money we’re looking for.

    Throwing Hillwood comments into the equation is weak in my opinion.

  35. Arsenal Tom

    bnsb… thats very true! a match made in heaven! the deal probably hinges on weather he can wear his tiger suit once a week to training

  36. Dublin Gunner!!!

    Morning all, geoff shame on u eboue!!!! Ledgend!!! Hey Stephen Ireland wants to leave man city, he put in a transfer request!!

  37. bnsb

    Posted this earlier:

    β€œThe rules will also forbid clubs owing money to their rivals, players and staff or the tax authorities at the end of the season”

    Not many will be able to buy recklessly, and promise to pay astronomical wages.

  38. dennisdamenace

    So, with the possibility of Fab4 staying, the question should be, who now should be captain?

  39. Rohan

    Steven Ireland is fucking mental. Decent enough player though. Dunno if he has the required pedigree to start for us though. Ramsey imo was looking quite good before his injury.
    If we’re buying a creative midfielder regardless of whether Cesc leaves or not we needn’t look beyond Gourcuff and van der Vaart.

  40. Queen of Suburbia

    I heard at the time, he was pretty pi$$ed off by those comments Pedro – like Cross says, maybe he’s letting that by known so as to deflect the blame?

    My take is exactly the same as yours – I don’t see him going. If they offered Β£80m then yes. But beyond that, i don’t think he’s for sale!

  41. Rohan

    RvP all the way DDM. He was my original choice even before Cesc was made captain. He’s vice-captain anyway. I expect Vermaelen to be upgraded to be his deputy or maybe even Sol.

  42. Rohan

    Yesterday Werder Bremen told Arsenal they were not prepared to sell Germany international Per Mertesacker, despite the defender’s admittance that he would be ‘attracted’ to a move to the Emirates.

  43. Leon

    Rohan – intelligent posts until you mentioned that Arshavin would be good captain material – he is lazy and disruptive. I personally would look to unload him this summer as he is no good for us IMO. Would love to see us go back to the 4-4-2 formation and bring if Akinfeev, Kjaer, Subotic, De Rossi and Hazard and give Wilshere his chance. But this is Wenger who has no ambition so it will be “it’s like Djourou is a fresh new signing” And I agree Hill Wood is a useless old cunt that should have fucked of years ago.

  44. stonroy

    Duly noted Geoff, I remember having this conversation with you a couple of years back about Almunia πŸ™‚

  45. bnsb

    Morning guys

    Apparently Becks is teaching boy wonder how to cross

    If yes, brings up the question, what does Monseigneur Wenger teach?

  46. SUGA3

    morning y’all πŸ˜‰

    top posting, Mr G., thanks!

    I reckon RvP should have been made captain in the first place too! the only reason he was not is probably the fact that he is hardly ever fit for the season…

    and oh, TV for vice-captain all the way! if Sol stays, it will be for one more year, TV is here for a tad longer…

    as for PHW – I have been saying all along that the senile old fart should shut his facking gob, instead of phoning Mirror hacks after hitting the bottle too early: for the last few years he did more harm than good with his blabbing…

  47. henry14

    I really don’t trust Wenger to make the signings we need….he’ll buy 3 players – but will they be the right ones?

    I mean being linked with a Defender from France, that has been playing for a shit team and cost Β£1.2M last year is NOT what we want to be hearing.

    Still trying to pinch the pennies.

    If i was Cesc i would be gone in a flash.

    I am pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear that we are in for a player nobody has heard of in France for Β£4M and Djourou is going to be first choice.

  48. Arsenal Tom

    RVP will be captain, just to keep him if nothing else.

    verm will get it in 2 years when RVP signs for barca

  49. stonroy

    I would love it if one of our African gooners ran onto the pitch at the WC at the spain game with a Cesc Fabregas jersey on and gave Xavi a crack in the skull.

  50. SUGA3


    AA is captain of Russia, which is a massive job – taking Russian mentality into the account, it’s bigger than AFC captain ever will be IMO…

  51. Arsenal Tom

    to be fair wenger cant really ‘teach’ many of our players technical things about the game like crossing or finishing because he didn’t have the ability himself.

    he just teaches passing and movement

  52. Queen of Suburbia

    Question – why did Arsenal fans not get all huffy and start begging Cesc to stay with protests outside his house and stuff like AC Milan fans did with Kaka?

    Do we not love our players as much as MIlan do, or maybe is it that we feel that players like Cesc don’t love the club as much MIlan fans think Kaka did?

  53. Walking Wounded

    I read somewhere that Assulin is available on a free transfer, so maybe worth a punt.

    If Stephen Ireland has put in a transfer request, then we should put in a bid, yes he may not be as technichally gifted as some we do have, but there is something of the Lampard’s about the way he gets in the box, and I don’t think he will ever be bullied in midfield.

    Mark Gooner – is this true, or am I falling foul of the gullible stick.

    I have a vision of THE ENLIGHTENER dressed in spandex with his pants outside his tights, and I hear a loud jarring chord when I read his posts.

  54. Rohan

    Even Messi rates Bendtner ,see.

    Lionel Messi Has this week recognised the talents of Nicklas Bendtner, after he gave Arsenal the lead infront of a stunned Camp Nou.

    Messi said . . .

    I am grateful for the praise. He seems like an interesting attacker, with only 22 years, he’s the future for them and so he was able to get the whole Camp Nou to remain silent after the early opening the scoring in the Champions League quarter-finals for Arsenal,” says Lionel Messi to BT

    With his height he is very difficult to mark, but it is thankfully not my headache. And of course you can always learn something from others. We can always, both on and off the pitch,” explains Lionel Messi.

  55. bnsb

    Should Theo be on the plane to Africa?

    No, they should put him on a boat, Why? cause Becks is teaching him ….

  56. Seb

    Re your list of people to get shot of, I wouldn’t get rid of Eboue, he is quslity backup all down the right side, and he never moans that he isn’t getting starts. If he goes, we will need another right back as backup for Sagna, so it would be counter productive.

    Denilson could do better elsewhere, and I think we would get a decent fee for him. He is just not mentally aggressive enough for our league, which is the difference between him and Gilberto. The money could be used wisely to get in a good central midfielder in the Song mould. Then Cesc (?) Nasri and Diaby can share the central attacking roles. And Gourcuff πŸ˜›

    Sol should stay, I don’t blame him for looking out for his own interests, if Arsenal had sat him down straight after the last game and said ‘look we think you’re fit enough, you have been blinding as far as the spirit of the squad goes, we want you to stay and it’s a case of dotting the i’s so be patient’ then he wouldn’t have needed to consider other offers. He is a) the perfect backup CB, and b) vital to do what Wenger doesn’t do and give the younger players a kick up the arse.

    One of Almunia / Fabianski can go imo, the other can sulk in the stiffs and learn by watching a top class keeper in action just what it takes to be in between the sticks for a Champion’s League club.

  57. Arsenal Tom

    ireland would only cost 5m or so, he has no future at city what so ever, he’d be worth a punt

  58. Rohan

    naaah, Arshavin will get the number 10. JW still needs to establish himself in the team. Maybe Gourcuff if we get him…He’s a proper No.10

  59. Queen of Suburbia

    Its just somewhere where fans could make their voices heard isn’t it?

    Might not make a difference i suppose, but image in a couple of thousand of us all turned up at the ground demanding that Cesc stays…woud it not make him think twice?

  60. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Hi Grovers…

    Good Post Geoff….

    Fabregas would be genuis of psycho warfare if he is able to pull us out of this MESS we are in at arsenal,by blackmailing wenger…a blackmail which is good for Arsenal..

  61. Arindam@KOL

    I don’t really see why people go on about Mertesacker here.

    Yes, he has his pluses : good reader of the game , good tackler , good header of the ball. But he is excruciatingly SLOW.

    He will be butchered in our system. We need pace in our CBs .
    Same for Kjaer. Wont work for us.Too slow.

    We need a younger Sol. Who wd that be ? No clue ..
    Maybe a Subotic or Diakhite.

  62. SUGA3


    it’s all about different mentality altogether – it’s hard to explain in words, but you used to live in Italy from what I remember, so you know what I am talking about…

    fans demonstrating outside Kaka’s house is somewhat the equivalent of serenades sung outside the beloved lady’s house, no?


  63. John A

    It’s gotta be the Verminator for captain with RVP as vice.

    You need someone that’s likely to play more than 20% of the games πŸ˜‰

  64. Pedro

    QoS, what a load of tripe.

    Someone in a non-operational role says something so Cesc lets down the millions of Arsenal fans who love him.

    Sorry, not buying it.

    Journo’s trying to garner hits for their stories.

  65. KM

    I think the Rodellaga interest is real because there was rumours of interest from Arsenal last season. I’d get him in and sell Bendtner & Eduardo. That would leave us with 4 strikers : RvP,Chamakh,Rod & Vela …..that is a good strikeforce imo

  66. SUGA3

    John A,

    making RvP TV’s deputy would be an insult to Mr Arsenal – if that happens, it will only mean that AW does not learn – Gilberto, anyone?

  67. Pedro

    We reckon so… Geoff’s alter ego… πŸ˜‰

    Well at least you’re alive… we feared the end of season issues pushed you over the edge.

  68. insidealbania

    Cesc wanting to leave because of the PHW comments is just a bullshit story. These guys have to earn their bread by making up stories like these.

  69. Arindam@KOL

    Bendtner , imo has a far higher ceiling that Rodallega. AW will not part with pinky NOW that he is finally getting his act together.

  70. KM

    ArsenalKenya says:
    May 28, 2010 at 09:33

    Another exclusive one..

    Wenger is just about to finalize a transfer for Robert Green and kolschiiiteney!


    AK are u sure? link/source?

  71. Arsenal Tom

    arseblog had a good view on the PHW comments upsetting cesc…

    the story was probably leaked to the journo’s to cause more friction against the current board particularly hill-wood so we would all blame him thus being more receptive to a takeover from the russian…

    just a theory

  72. A

    Nope KM – Capello has supposedly banned transfer negotiations for England players from when they met up until we’re out of the world cup, so Green certainly isn’t likely to happen yet

  73. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I wont lie,end of season did flirt me to push me over the edge…but i thought its better to share the grief with all grovers….afterall these lows will make the trophies which we gonna win in future EVEN MORE SWEET..