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Just before I kick off proceedings, I had an e-mail from Newsnow yesterday regarding a complaint about misleading headline over the weekend. Apparently someone read Sundays headline and thought we really were going to buy two of the most valuable players in the world.

My Grandma who recently wrote a letter of complaint the to the council about the closing of the local haberdashery she doesn’t use has a message for that person…

‘Get a life’

I can guess the type who’d do that but I wouldn’t want to make any accusations about how obvious it is that one of our blog stalkers has been playing dirty. Even if it was shameless hit seeking, our advertising partner is a CHARITY!

Onto something more exciting! Yep… the review of the man they like to call Aliko Dangote (If he does buy our shares, we can cocknify his name to Dan the Goat… conglomeroat sic (he owns one). Has a real Lock Stock feel to it, don’t you think?).

The previously unknown 261st richest man in the world exploded into the mindset of Gooners world-wide over the weekend when it emerged the Nigerian businessman had been identified by Blackstone as a candidate to gobble up Lady Nina’s shares.

So, what do we know about the Nigerian football fanatic?

Well, we know he’s not interested in buying Lady Nina’s shares for £15k a pop. When I heard this was what she was asking for the shares, I said to myself out loud whilst feeding the fish,

‘If he’s an astute business man, surely he’d tell lady Nina where to go with an asking price like that?’

… and sure enough he did.

Still, it’s interesting to know that he is actually an Arsenal fan as well as an enterprising business man. He started off his business after securing a loan from his Uncle in 1977, from there he began trading building materials, he then incorporated 2 companies in 1981 which he eventually rolled into one conglomerate known as the Dangote Group.

This group is like Unilever on speed, they deal in food, packaging, logistics, textiles, iron plus his latest interest… oil and gas.

He is the Golden boy of Nigerian business and he sounds like quite a good guy. He has an active interest in supporting the people. He trains young Nigerians within his business and supports groups that keep the youngsters out of crime… very noble in a country that has many social problems. He is currently employing 12,000 people, expected to rise to 24,000 inside a year.

He is all about keeping his fortune within the Country and developing his nation… This quote was interesting,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put heads together and work.”

If Wenger was a business mogul, he’d say something like this,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will also not invest any at home. Lets put our heads together and create some mental strength and some spirit.”

Seems farcical to think that after saying something like that he’d want to invest in the vainest of billionaire play things especially if he’s built a reputation on being a man of the people.

Owning a London football club whilst a chunk of your country sits in poverty might work for Russian Oligarchs, but judging by the noises coming out of Nigeria… probably not there.

In Africa, like many other countries, where there is money, corruption is usually not far away. Like I’ve said before, sticking a cowboy hat on and saying yee haa doesn’t mean you’ve earned your crust without treading on a few peoples toes.

Dangote has faced his fair share of allegations that I believe he has been cleared of. Still, it’s worth reporting on them because no one gave Usmanov the benefit of the doubt despite being retrospectively cleared of a rape charges.

The trouble I’ve found with digging out information on Dangote is that most of the text isn’t in a decent format so it’s hard to tell what is propaganda and what is genuine reporting. Still, if you’re interested in reading about the darker side of Dan the Goat, click here , here and here.

So, little chance of him hoovering up the shares… and probably a good thing really. The last thing we need is another billionaire vying for our beloved club, especially as he, like Kroenke, doesn’t appear to have the cash to run our club any better than we can already. I think he’s worth £1.8billion. That’s Randy Lerner cash… in billionaire terms, he’s making the tea (probably in the literal sense judging by his portfolio).

It looks like Barcelona could be ready to make a move for our second choice right back and first class Joker, Emmanuel Eboue. Yep, he’s looking to secure a move to become Barcelona’s second choice right back. I can see the logic, if you’re going to sit on a bench, best make it a warm one eh?! If he moves, I won’t shed a tear… unless of course it’s a tear of laughter because he gives his exit press conference in that tiger suite. Go on Eboue…  do it, think of your legacy!

Seriously, I’ve appreciated his effort over the last year, but when you’re 26 and still not first choice, it’s time to weigh up your options and think about yourself.

Other snippets include a £14million bid for Gary Cahill which would work nicely for us. A battled hardened defender more interested in clean sheets than sulking on the half way line when things don’t go his way. PHW has also come out to deny there have been any offers for our Spanish Maestro. You’ve got to love Barca haven’t you?

‘Err, how about £30mill becuase we’re a bit strapped?’

How about no?

As the bores are out in force this summer trying to dig out Le Grove and its un-Christian negativity, I thought I’d leave the realists with something to smile about with this quote from James B Duke who is a Professor of Behavioural Economics at Duke University.

‘Depressed people tend to show a smaller optimism bias and a more accurate perception of reality’

So George Graham, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Charlie George, the club level phone operator, Andrey Arshavin, Dennis Bergkamp and Piers Morgan may all be a bit miserable when it comes to the Arsenal… but the harsh reality is, they’re probably going to be right.

We’re in good company Grovers!

I’m off to to listen to my Smiths CD with a very depressed, yet smug look on my face.

A bit like this…

Seriously, it's the best I could do...

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Stu

    Not watching closely. Just have the France-Denmark match on because its the only football i can find. u23 eh? Thought i would know more of the players in that case but dont recognise any of them (apart from Afobe for england of course).

  2. Keyser

    Suga3 – Players hold almost all of the power nowadays, how quick did he start going on about how he could be getting better money elsewhere ?!

    I don’t think there are many bully managers left, Fergie had to beg Ronaldo to stay, Tevez left and he couldn’t do anything about it.

    Barry, Tevez, Adebayor could’ve all played Champions League football last season if they wanted, not one of them chose to.

  3. Keyser

    Stu – Thats a differet tournament, I think thats the under-17 World Cup or something in Lichtenstein.

  4. Stu

    Whats the different tournament. This match is on livescore as the toulon tournament. Denmark just got through to the final.

  5. Keyser

    Suga3 – It doesn’t matter nowadays, Tevez (though he’s already won the Champions League) and Adebayor both left for the money mate.

    It’s like Adebayor, he scored 30 goals in 08 and then started comparing himself to Henry, how much time can you say ‘Shut the fuck up and play’ or ‘here’s a fat new contract’ before it’s just best to let them leave.

    To be fair he hasn’t really been missed.

  6. SUGA3


    I’d dump the fucker into reserves while still on 30K instead of tripling his wages – tripling his wages was a shit piece of management, really – two birds, one stone: 60K per week in the pocket and the rest of ponces disciplined…

  7. Gooby


    i see it, it is clear. Bendy needs more time to develop, while ade was better second choice behind RvP.
    we hate him but let’s not kid ourselfs

  8. Keyser

    Suga3 – It doesn’t work dude, unless you offer more than any other club around can, or a near enough equivalent, players just up and leave, he scored 30 goals for us, no club in World football can say you’re only worth 30k a week, because they’ll probably be 19 others clubs in the premiership alone that will say we’ll give you 40-50-60 or more.

    Thats just the way it is, look at some of the wages West Ham were paying or even Portsmouth. We gave him a new contract, he kept pushing for more we got another year from him and we got a pretty decent transfer fee.

  9. Stu

    Second choice behind VP…on 80k a week. Not that smart is it. How long do you think it would have taken for Ade to complain and say Henry wouldnt be made sit on the bench (because he thinks he is as good as Henry).

    Bendtner is the better option. More productive per game, better for the team and most importantly, Bendtner isnt a cunt.

  10. Gooby


    what’s the point of making players better if we are not keeping them?

    bendy will turn into a classy forward in the two comming seasons and then we sell him and count on a younger player.

    that’s how it is working now, and the initial project was to develop a team of young fine talents and keep them together.

    that’s the reason i am complaining. you think bendy is a better player now fine, than you think we were right to sell him because we had better choices and i respect your opinion mate.

  11. David

    Fuck sake…how the fuck do you want me to stop talking about Bendtner and everytime I come on here he’s been talked about like the second of Pele!

  12. SUGA3


    if a player is under a relatively small money contract, club can afford to dump him to the stiffs and it’s not like he is going anywhere, is it?

    sometimes discipline is more important than money…

  13. David

    Gooby that bastard is a disgrace to the shirt.

    The premier league had a good laugh at the Burnley debacle but we’ve known how shite he is for years!

    And in comparrison to Ade.

    Bendtner has never, will never, and can never be better than 30 goals in a season.

  14. zeus


    Oh and Ade IS better than Bendtner. Ade vs Villareal is the kind of goal that Bendtner could NEVER score.

    Bendtner will = Iaquinta st some stage, he won’t surpass that level though.

  15. David

    Who gives a shite

    Did Ade play with a World Class Manager, with World Class like Fabregas and with World Class training like Bendtner at 21?

    Or are you trying to compare the development of the two or what?


    Gooby we’ve talked about the manager to death.

    Cesc is probably walking because he saw January as the time to strengthen and Wenger said naaa.

    Why Strengthen when we have Bendtner.

  16. Stu

    I agree Zeus. Bendtners touch will never be so bad that he has to attempt a bicycle kick to have a shot.


    bendtner will never be of the quality to start week in week out, but is a good squadie for next year
    eduardo and vela out before bentdner

  18. David

    Its a shame about Vela.

    If only he got as many chances as Bendy did he’d be some kind of player now.


    david he aint got the physique or more importantly the desire to play over here, let him go to spain and he will carve out a decent career for himself

    id lose vela and eduardo and and for an xtra 12 mil bid for benzema

  20. David

    Chelsea are looking to add, Torres, Yaya, Aguerro and then sign Anelka on a new contract.

    Not to talk about their defence is ridiculous the likes of Zhirkov being the 3rd choice left back.

    We had better wake up and stop relying on the likes of bendtner.

    Maybe we would be able to keep our star players and win something for once.


    agreed david
    in an ideal world id ship out over 10 of our first team squad and have them replaced with better players, well be lucky to get 2 more signings

  22. Stu

    Well he would miss sitters if he was involved. He is just so anonymous whenever he starts. This season its as though all he can do is chip the keeper or score when the match is of no importance.


    vela is the kind of guy that will score u the 3rd or 4th goal, especially at home to the likes of newcastle, wba and fulham, but come stamford bridge in a crucial game he will go back into his shell and turn invisible as he did at ewood park and every other game apart from carling cups


    guys reading these comments remind me of the reason why we aint good enough

    were debating as to his worse bendtner or vela

    what has happened to our club

    neither are good enough for a club with ambitions to win trophies, but then again maybe that is what we now are

  25. Stu

    They are both better than Aliadiere though Mark. It just so happens that VP is injured a lot and Henry or Bergkamp never got injured so our back ups werent important when we used to win things.

    If we were still winning things then Bendtner vs Vela wouldnt even be a thought.

  26. alex

    Bendy is the 3rd highest goalscorer at the club, FACT!


  27. Stu

    Not to me David. But to Wenger it is so his players probably feel the same and dont feel any pressure in the cups.

  28. zeus


    Ade’s bicycle kick was just brilliant stop hating. I con only hope that Bendtner has a bad touch as this.


    stu aliadier was behind bergkamp, henry, wiltord, kanu, and reyes for some part

    bendtner and vela are our back ups behind the most injury prone forward in the universe and eduardo who last year played like a championship player

    thats the difference

  30. finestcuts

    Fabregas going is like dropping Napalm on project youth. It sets an example to other up and coming players that when you get to your peak that chasing big money moves from clubs like Barcelona and milan is the done thing to do. It happens every season. It’s like the club is in perma transition because of this. Hleb and Flamini leaving were big blows, especially Flamini.

    We’re never going to compete with the wage structures of the biggest paying clubs, so why should players not leave.

    In this kind of situation we need to think one season at a time, we’re big enough to do so. So the past five years have been focusing on stabilising the finances. It’s been successful, the club recorded record profits and the Highbury Square debt is gone.

    we need player who are ready to put in a world class performance this Saturday, not in 3-5 seasons. I’m all for keeping a youth academy, there’s no reason to waste first team spaces on developing players. Send them out on loan, like Jack Wilshere. And we need to be sending players trying out for first team places out to top leagues, not the Championship. Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, the Bundesliga….

    Keep on with the lower league loans for players who are fresh out of the academy and a pro football noobs, but once they’ve had a successful season, send them to high level leagues.

    I’d like Szczesny playing in a top league this season. All credit to Brentford for giving him a chance and doing a great job with him but we need to see him in action in a top league.

    I think this has been the major problem for Fabianski, he’s hardly had any games, he’s become rusty and he really needs a full season. Instead he’s been dropped in at the deep end and hasn’t managed to swim. If he had a successful spell on loan in a top league he could slot straight in and of course if his loan spell was unsuccessful, sell him on and bring in a new candidate.

  31. Jaguar

    I dont understand why you hate Bendtner more than that retard Diaby,David. Diaby is complete shite.

  32. km

    imo Vela has the skill/finish but need more experience/gametime…..he’s a quick thinker. However Bendtner is a donkey…i really think he’s related to Heskey

  33. David


    Since we are showing goals from clowns i thought id show some quality goals instead of free headers and tap ins

  34. Pat

    Can’t believe people believe Ade is better than Bendtner. He’s so shit, always has been, always will be. When Ade scored 30, our midfield was probably the best in the league in terms of creating chances. I haven’t seen us create as much for a long time, and Ade missed a lot more than Nick does. Not to mention he was always offside and missing sitters or crucial chances to win the game. Brum come to mind as does the LPool games in the CL.

    Ade was absolute shit against Villareal. He got a lucky goal (prove me wrong, when has he done similar?) One of the worst performances from an Arsenal forward in the last decade ffs!

  35. SincerelyCynical

    Have to agree, Bendtner has to go. Love the way he misses 3 sitters a game, fumbles one in from 2.5 yards with a minute to go and is hailed as “one of those real poachers of the game we’ve been so sorely missing”…fuck me gently?!!!

  36. Stu

    Bendtner has 34 goals for arsenal in the last 3 seasons. Heskey has a grand total of 14 in the last 3 years.

    Heskeys best goalscoring season was 13 goals. Bendtners best so far is 15 (18 for club an country).

    Now tell me which is better?


    adebayor is on another level to bendtner

    lets not get carried away

    even this year where people were saying ade has been shit and bendtner has been good

    adebayor has still outscored him
    i hate the cunt, but on the pitch he won us big games and had a presence and an aura about him on the pitch that bendtner has yet to show

  38. Pat

    And some people still can’t fathom the definition of injury prone. The injuries RVP has had have absolutely nothing to do with being injury prone. They have nothing to do with how fragile a player’s body is. They are unlucky/freak injuries that kept him out for long periods.

    He doesn’t get muscle injuries that often, only in 1 season though I can’t recall which one. When was his last muscle injury?

    Adebayor scored 6 goals against Derby County. 6 of 30 and all were easy goals. David, Ade was shit. Bendtner’s no better, but I think he’ll be better than Ade can ever dream of being. Ade is a pussy, he got bullied by stronger players. Bendtner doesn’t get bullied and thats exactly why he’s a better CF. Both are useless finishers, but Nick is the better player.

  39. Keyser

    If Chelsea add Aguero, Torres and Yaya, then who’s left that we could add that would make us better than them ?! Heh.

  40. David

    When has Ade scored something similar?

    Well it isnt a bycicle kick but it was an outstanding volley.

  41. Pat

    Ade has an aura? hahahaa

    David, can’t recall Nick missing chances against LPool. He got in the way of a goal, but was that his fault when it happens so quickly? He was covering the back post in case the cross got there, but someone got a touch to it and Cesc redirected it where Nick was.

    Ade scored a header, but with LPool’s zonal marking Timmy cahill scores headers for fun. I won’t even credit THAT goal to Ade cause it was all Theo in the 86th minute. The cunt Ade missed a sitter before that, a real sitter. Didn’t even get it on target after an absolutely beautiful pass from Hleb.

  42. Keyser

    David – We could’ve used him in January, we could’ve used Van Persie a whole lot more mate, I used to defend Adebayor all the time, his 30 goals he scored for us were good enough to make him one of the best in the league despite what others say he was an important player, he just wasn’t anywhere near as important as he thought he was.

    ..since then he’s stamped on Van Persie’s face and been in general a bit of a dick, so forget him, last season we missed Van Persie and Bendtner for large parts and scored more goals then we did in any year Adebayor was at the club, good luck to him, but he won’t be missed.

  43. David


    Ade gets bullied?


    He played as the loan striker in a 4-5-1 for a full season and despite gettin injured still managed to score more goals than bendtner.

    Youre having a laff here.

  44. alex

    LOL tap-ins and free headers? its called movement and anticipation


  45. David


    Your still not making any sense.

    Ade scored the goal that shouldve sent us into the Semi’s if not for Ryan diving and Kolo fuckup.

    Bendtner stopped a sure goal on the line…he went to the ball it wasnt played to him.

    Just leave the fucking ball to go into the net…no the thick idiot stopped a sure goal on the line.

    And he’s supposed to be a forward with Zero awarness like that?

    Never liked him since.

  46. Pat

    Thats not similar to his Villareal goal, David. Two completely different techniques and Spuds goal was a lot easier.

    Ade missed much more sitters than Nick ever has. We had a stretch in 07/08 where we drew 5 in a row and lost 1 or something, Ade was doing fuck all except missing sitters. Wigan, Boro, Brum, United, and a few others where Ade was absolute shit where the matches started to matter.

    In the business end of the season this year, it was Nick saving our ass time and time again which shows the difference in character and bottle between the 2.

  47. David


    The Stamp on RVP is appalling.

    Now that you’ve brought that back to memory i cant be arsed to defend the cunt again.

    And he deserves every bit of vitriol that comes his way for that.

  48. alex

    I posted this last time but i’ll post it again

    Nicklas Bendtner – Since taking over the CF spot from Arshavin in RVP’s absence, his record stands as follows:


    1-0 vs Liverpool – smart layoff to Rosicky to cross for Diaby’s winning goal

    1-2 vs Porto – N/A

    2-0 vs Sunderland – opening goal

    3-1 vs Stoke – equalising goal against Arsenal’s bogey team; won the penalty which turned out to be the winning goal

    3-1 vs Burnley – set up Walcott’s winning goal (granted he did miss a few sitters!)

    5-0 vs Porto – scored the all-important first 2 goals, sealed the hattrick at the end with a cooly-taken penalty

    2-1 vs Hull – set up the opening goal for Arshavin and grabbed a stoppage time winner

    2-0 vs West Ham – set up the opening goal for Denilson

    1-1 vs Birmingham – N/A

    2-2 vs Barcelona – played a measured defence-splitting pass to Walcott to give Arsenal hope; sealed the comeback by winning the header in the buildup to Fabregas’ penalty

    1-0 vs Wolves – BIG, BIG winner in the 4th minute of stoppage time

    1-4 vs Barcelona – scored the opening goal to put Arsenal ahead on aggregate before the team collapsed


    scored bullet headers, volleys tap ins and one on ones
    he wasnt perfect by any means, but to say bendtner is better is very premature

    ades was 25mil player last summer, if milan had the money they would have paid that for him aswell
    if bendtner was sold tomorrow he wouldnt go for over 12 mil and that is with this summers ridiculos inflated prices

  50. Stu

    Cant take away from the strike for the goal against the spuds but i can criticise his touch. If his touch wasnt so bad and the ball hadnt bounced off his foot then he never would have scored that goal.

  51. Stu

    Bendtner would go for a lot more than 12m imo. Closeer to 20 because there would be a fw clubs after him. Mourinho apparently wanted him at Chelsea just after his loan at Brum. Bayern have also been rumoured to want him..cant remember when though.

  52. David

    Really Pat?

    Where was Nikk when we lost to Blackburn? Wigan? Birmingham?

    Nikk “saved” us on 2 occasions. There were about 11 games we needed to win.

    Not taking anything away from what he did but it was far from enough and I cant see how that justifies that he is a better player for saving us on 2 of 11 occasions?



    I said i never liked him since. I didnt neccesarily make up my mind…but he’s given me plenty of material since 3 years ago

  53. Stu

    He was injured against both Blackburn, got an assist against Wigan and we didnt lose to birmingham…would have won if not for ALmunia though.


    does anyone on here think nasri has had a good arsenal career, take away that united game and has he won us a game

    he has been a poor buy so far, its last chance saloon for him, diaby, walcott and eduardo in my eyes

    i would rather pienaar, milner, joe cole, arteta, hleb, gourcuff, modric and stephen ireland to him at the moment

  55. Pat

    Nick was already there David. You have obviously never played football as an offensive player. He was making a far post run and anticipating the ball. The ball fell to Cesc and he shot it and Nick was there already. It happens really fast and he couldn’t get out of the way. I’ve seen Raul, CR do it this season alone. Its nothing new.

    And you’re seriously like the commentators in the PL. City might have a 4-5-1 on paper, but everyone knows its a very offensive team.

    Funny how you credit Ade with that goal against LPool. IOts a simple tap in under no pressure. You’re being a hypocrite here. He missed an absolute sitter earlier. The miss of the match!

    And yes Ade gets bullied. Every strong CB got the better of him. Campbell at Pompey, Distin, Vidic, Terry, Carragher, the list is endless.

  56. David


    Love what you’ve done there but forgive me when i say Arsenal FC play more than those games youve mentioned.

  57. Pat

    Nick contributed a lot more since he came back from injury than Ade ever did in the business end of the season.

    Ade was never a 25 million player MG. City prices do not reflect actual cost. He was 15 million tops. If he was actually worth 25 million and any good, Milan would have bought him.

    Speaking of Milan, I really like Boriello.

    RE Nasri, thats why I’m a bit hesitant on Gourcuff. Nasri was just as impressive when I watched him with L’OM.

  58. David


    wtf Are you talking about im being a hipocrite for stating a fact?

    Ade scored the goal that shouldve sent us into the CL semis

    That is a fact.

    That like saying that im a hypocrite for not calling bentner shite because he missed 120 sitter but then scored the winning goal against Hull city.

    Youre having a laff with yourself.

    Ive played footy my whole life and all Bendy had to do was jump over the ball with the goal that rubbish is inexcusable and is WORSE THAN ANY MISS!

  59. Pat

    David, those games he listed were when Bendtner actually played CF after coming back from injury.

    I don’t get the hype around Milner either. He is such a 1 dimensional player. Good enough for City, VIlla, and Everton. Not the top 3 + liverpool.

  60. David

    Pat says:
    May 25, 2010 at 23:26
    Nick was already there David. You have obviously never played football as an offensive player. He was making a far post run and anticipating the ball.

    Watch the video and stop hallucinating


    david i think the ball on the line incident is a bit harsh, but im with u on the argument on who is better

  62. Pat

    David, so what if Ade scored the fucking goal? He missed sitters that would make the Babel penalty irrelevant.

    Nick’s going for the ball, jumps, comes down. Cesc connects with the ball and as it gets around Reina Nick lands and is regaining his balance. All this within a second and right when he regains it the ball hits him when he’s trying to get out of the way. Take into account he was turning around to face the ball(rapid motion of the head so the proprioception is lost and the mechanoreceptors take that little bit of time to inform the brain of the position of the body) so the obvious neural delay there. We’re talking seconds David. Take into account he actually attempts to jump right when he regains his balance + the shot was scuffed and bounced off the ground and hit him.

  63. David

    Pat says:
    May 25, 2010 at 23:40
    David, so what if Ade scored the fucking goal? He missed sitters that would make the Babel penalty irrelevant.


    Actually Pat youre the one being the hiprocrite

    Why dont i hear you slagging bendnter for his misses even though he scored the winner against Hull and Wolves?

    Surely if he scored the sitters that he missed earlier in the game we wouldnt have had to wait till the 99th minute now would we?

  64. David

    Why dont you slagg off Nasri for missing a sitter that wouldve made the Almunia fuck up irrelevant?

  65. David

    Why dont you slagg off Arshavin for missing the sitters in the big games that wouldve made fuck ups from players like Denilson irrelevant?

    Are you catching on? Or do i need to continue to point out the idiocy in your argument?

  66. Pat

    Because he doesn’t do it regularly. Bendtner had 1 game where he missed sitters this season, against Burnley.

    Ade, on the other hand, missed sitters in every game and thats not an exaggeration.

  67. David

    Bendtner has had only 1 game where he missed sitters.


  68. Pat

    Arshavin had individual brilliance and didn’t really miss sitters in the big games. He was selfish, but those were very difficult shots to attempt. Learn what a sitter is first, then argue. Its called bad decision making, not missing sitters if we’re talking about Arshavin’s misses against Chelsea and United in the 3-0(or was it the 2-0 game?) and 3-1 losses.

  69. zeus

    Ade, Bendtner it doesn’t matter. Might as well talk about a quality forward, something we don’t have at the moment.


  70. David


    Well im not surprised you dont know what the fuck your talking about.

    You spend more time on Manc Blogs than you do Arsenal Blogs.

    Missing a sitter, missing a chance…theyre’s a fine line between the two but to say Bendy has only missed sitters in 1 game this season is truly a joke.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  71. Pat

    David, this season. Can you recall another game where he missed sitters other than Burnley?

    Nick has 9 goals and 2 assists in Europe in 25 matches. Adebayor has the same numbers but in 26 matches. Whilst Ade started almost all his games, Nick was a substitute in about half(I’m estimating here). Ade had a superb midfield supplying him with Hleb/Cesc/Flamini/Rosicky being one of the most dangerous midfield units in Europe until 2 of them got injured. Bendtner scored 5 this season alone without our most influential player playing (Cesc) and an injury ravaged squad.

  72. Pat

    David, how about you stop talking and give the evidence. Don’t just say the team name, talk about the actual chance/situation. I spend time on a variety of blogs because I talk sense and people tend to talk to me about Arsenal when they have questions. I’m a fan of football first and foremost, Arsenal come 2nd and are probably the only reason I watch the PL to be completely honest.

    You see people like Jaguar bashing Diaby constantly, when he was actually one of our best players/very efficient up until the first game against Barca, and it makes you wonder if they even watch the games.

  73. Pat

    David, any game besides Burnley. I don’t care which game. That was the only game I was yelling at my tv, so its the only bad game I remember from him this season.

  74. Stu

    Thats interesting Pat, how you are a football fan first, Arsenal second. Tbh i have no idea but im pretty sure that without Arsenal i probably wouldnt watch half as much football as i currently do.

    I have no reason to care how well other teams do so wouldnt care about anything really. Its only with Arsenal i care what happens. With every other team its just resintment (if they are successful) because its not Arsenal.

  75. zeus

    When I say forward I mean goalscoring ability. RVP is quality but hardly renowned as a top finisher.

  76. el tel

    Diaby is the worst outfield player in our team, Dennilson takes shit all round but that lazy lanky half hearted wanker is a joke player.

  77. el tel

    Football is dieing when the likes of Maureen get lauded for winning things he is to football what Geoffrey Boycott was to cricket.

  78. el tel


    Poorest free kick taker in years, I would bet Dennilson has a better average than him if checked.

  79. Stu

    Poorest and unluckiest.

    If its not smacking into the wall or into a fans face in te crowd, its smacking off the woodwork and away to safety.

  80. Pat

    Stu, I worded that a bit wrong then. I don’t like to be bias when talking with rival fans. I started watching football for the hell of it and DB10 caught my eye. So I was a fan of football before I watched Arsenal, probably cause I only had access to Serie A back then.

    Poland doesn’t interest me half as much as ARsenal. I mean, I’ll support Poland and my hometown, but I won’t shed tears over them losing big games and I won’t make dents in my walls watching my country. I think the worst in recent times was the Babel dive incident. Such a swing of emotions especially since I called my scouser friend after Theo made that run…only to hang up when the call got through and break my phone in the process.

  81. finestcuts

    I’ll have to support poland as well Pat…..hopefully they’ll put in a few good shifts before being knocked out. I get to support England as well but being a hardcore Arsenal fan it’s really a strange feeling rooting for Rooney and Gerrard…….but since it’s the World Cup why not. Will England win the World Cup? I don’t think so.

  82. Pat

    finest, Poland aren’t in the World Cup!! hahah

    Cech is fucking awful. Just did a Fabianski on a set piece and the United States lead 1-0.

  83. Pat

    Wow, everyone is being a cunt these days!

    Arsenal’s stance will not be helped by Vela conceding it is difficult for the club to hold on to their captain after failing to win a trophy for five years. When asked his opinion, Vela, who was in the Mexico team that lost 3-1 to England on Monday, said: “He will be going back to his country and it is good for him.
    “It is difficult for big players, they want to win trophies and play in games like the Champions League final. I’m sure he’s disappointed we have not won anything for five years.
    “Of course, it will be sad to see Cesc join Barcelona. He is the star of the Arsenal team and it is better to have him. But it is a decision for Cesc.”

  84. Morrison

    I am mexican, and trust me Vela wont be leaving europe anytime soon, he is too young, he will end up on a smaller team in england, spain, italy, or a bigger one in holland or france, but he wont be returning to mexico

  85. Morrison

    here the critics are being soo hard on him (vela) for missing the 2 sitters, that the manager Javier Aguirre had to stop them, and giving a press conference about the awful headliners vela received this morning. the press even cut him out of the final list

  86. ethangunner

    wenger will persist with VELA , morrison .

    3 years on loan ,
    only 2 years with us now at 19 ..
    1 start last season , it shows wenger never
    gave the kid a break anyhoo !

    this year should be vela’s – jack -theo’s – rambo’s year i hope ..

    and fuck them marmites off ! we will never win shit
    whilst wenger shows faith in them !

  87. zeus

    Vela needs to pull his socks up. All the talent in the world and he is still caught in this ‘child-like’ stage of his development where he can only play when the pressure is off.

    He couldn’t score in a brothel when it matters but as soon as the pressure is off and there is nothing to play for, he is scoring classy chips. If anyone is in need of a loan move to a regulation threatened side, its him.

    So I was just talking to my Barca ‘pal’ and he says that Fab4 has the ability to be better than Fab4 probably, but he is only worth 50m.hehe.

    F.U.C.K O.F.F I said. 70m cash up front, couldn’t care what Fab4 wanted or what Daddy feels his son deserves.

  88. Pat

    If I can have any keeper we’ve been linked with, I’d love to see Diego Lopez in an Arsenal #1 shirt.

  89. AA23

    I’d take Jennifer Lopez in goal over the shit we have. Her big old arse would probably save a few thinking about it.

  90. ethangunner


    vela had 1 start this season in the EPL for 1 goal ..

    to say that his chances have been limited this season is an understatement .he played more games the year prior !

    look at jack cant get a game to save himself here due to wenger ,then played regularly at bolton & he looks like a star !

    yes your right pressure for spots .. when there shouldnt be ! song-denilson-diaby are not good enough ! never was , probably never will be !

    if they were GOOD we would have won SOMETHING !

    we will loose perfectly good talent because wengers faith is misdirected ..

    wenger couldnt spot FORM if it hit him on the head !

  91. Ja_Gunner

    If we sell cesc I would play this team

    ……….Frey/new gk………



  92. ethangunner

    ok cmon JA .

    that 2nd team wouldnt win shite ! against a top shelf team .

    DUDU ? denilson diaby ? are you taking the piss ?

  93. ethangunner

    also i think youll find RVP will play on the left like he does for holland if chamakh is used .

  94. ethangunner

    im sure a few will go .. but we wont know that much until after june 1 .

    i think dudu is well gone JA ! wenger has inquired about strikers if you believe half the banter ..

    it makes me think hes on the look out for a dudu replacement .

  95. ethangunner

    or does RVP play on the right ?

    well what ever .. i think chamakh will be used more centrally .. is he better than RVP ? not from what ive seen .. but who would of guessed TH14 would flourish under wenger either ..

    time will tell .

    i think it is a smart move to let go of dudu ..
    im sure wenger will get another striker if he lets go of dudu ..
    so heres to hoping…

  96. ethangunner

    all im saying is its a bit too early to start talking formations and tactics ..

    i think clichy -eboue-dudu- al -gallas- fab2-denilson and lets not forget CESC …all have a chance of moving on

    what fallout from the others will follow could prove epic in the battle for 4th spot min . requirements .

    wenger had better let his fingers do the talking ..

  97. ethangunner

    even sagna has had the question asked.

    wenger has a fight on 2 fronts this season , get them in and stop them from leaving ..

    without having to worry who will be the new captain ..

    it has to be TV ..

    then he will be off in 18 months 🙂