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Just before I kick off proceedings, I had an e-mail from Newsnow yesterday regarding a complaint about misleading headline over the weekend. Apparently someone read Sundays headline and thought we really were going to buy two of the most valuable players in the world.

My Grandma who recently wrote a letter of complaint the to the council about the closing of the local haberdashery she doesn’t use has a message for that person…

‘Get a life’

I can guess the type who’d do that but I wouldn’t want to make any accusations about how obvious it is that one of our blog stalkers has been playing dirty. Even if it was shameless hit seeking, our advertising partner is a CHARITY!

Onto something more exciting! Yep… the review of the man they like to call Aliko Dangote (If he does buy our shares, we can cocknify his name to Dan the Goat… conglomeroat sic (he owns one). Has a real Lock Stock feel to it, don’t you think?).

The previously unknown 261st richest man in the world exploded into the mindset of Gooners world-wide over the weekend when it emerged the Nigerian businessman had been identified by Blackstone as a candidate to gobble up Lady Nina’s shares.

So, what do we know about the Nigerian football fanatic?

Well, we know he’s not interested in buying Lady Nina’s shares for £15k a pop. When I heard this was what she was asking for the shares, I said to myself out loud whilst feeding the fish,

‘If he’s an astute business man, surely he’d tell lady Nina where to go with an asking price like that?’

… and sure enough he did.

Still, it’s interesting to know that he is actually an Arsenal fan as well as an enterprising business man. He started off his business after securing a loan from his Uncle in 1977, from there he began trading building materials, he then incorporated 2 companies in 1981 which he eventually rolled into one conglomerate known as the Dangote Group.

This group is like Unilever on speed, they deal in food, packaging, logistics, textiles, iron plus his latest interest… oil and gas.

He is the Golden boy of Nigerian business and he sounds like quite a good guy. He has an active interest in supporting the people. He trains young Nigerians within his business and supports groups that keep the youngsters out of crime… very noble in a country that has many social problems. He is currently employing 12,000 people, expected to rise to 24,000 inside a year.

He is all about keeping his fortune within the Country and developing his nation… This quote was interesting,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put heads together and work.”

If Wenger was a business mogul, he’d say something like this,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will also not invest any at home. Lets put our heads together and create some mental strength and some spirit.”

Seems farcical to think that after saying something like that he’d want to invest in the vainest of billionaire play things especially if he’s built a reputation on being a man of the people.

Owning a London football club whilst a chunk of your country sits in poverty might work for Russian Oligarchs, but judging by the noises coming out of Nigeria… probably not there.

In Africa, like many other countries, where there is money, corruption is usually not far away. Like I’ve said before, sticking a cowboy hat on and saying yee haa doesn’t mean you’ve earned your crust without treading on a few peoples toes.

Dangote has faced his fair share of allegations that I believe he has been cleared of. Still, it’s worth reporting on them because no one gave Usmanov the benefit of the doubt despite being retrospectively cleared of a rape charges.

The trouble I’ve found with digging out information on Dangote is that most of the text isn’t in a decent format so it’s hard to tell what is propaganda and what is genuine reporting. Still, if you’re interested in reading about the darker side of Dan the Goat, click here , here and here.

So, little chance of him hoovering up the shares… and probably a good thing really. The last thing we need is another billionaire vying for our beloved club, especially as he, like Kroenke, doesn’t appear to have the cash to run our club any better than we can already. I think he’s worth £1.8billion. That’s Randy Lerner cash… in billionaire terms, he’s making the tea (probably in the literal sense judging by his portfolio).

It looks like Barcelona could be ready to make a move for our second choice right back and first class Joker, Emmanuel Eboue. Yep, he’s looking to secure a move to become Barcelona’s second choice right back. I can see the logic, if you’re going to sit on a bench, best make it a warm one eh?! If he moves, I won’t shed a tear… unless of course it’s a tear of laughter because he gives his exit press conference in that tiger suite. Go on Eboue…  do it, think of your legacy!

Seriously, I’ve appreciated his effort over the last year, but when you’re 26 and still not first choice, it’s time to weigh up your options and think about yourself.

Other snippets include a £14million bid for Gary Cahill which would work nicely for us. A battled hardened defender more interested in clean sheets than sulking on the half way line when things don’t go his way. PHW has also come out to deny there have been any offers for our Spanish Maestro. You’ve got to love Barca haven’t you?

‘Err, how about £30mill becuase we’re a bit strapped?’

How about no?

As the bores are out in force this summer trying to dig out Le Grove and its un-Christian negativity, I thought I’d leave the realists with something to smile about with this quote from James B Duke who is a Professor of Behavioural Economics at Duke University.

‘Depressed people tend to show a smaller optimism bias and a more accurate perception of reality’

So George Graham, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Charlie George, the club level phone operator, Andrey Arshavin, Dennis Bergkamp and Piers Morgan may all be a bit miserable when it comes to the Arsenal… but the harsh reality is, they’re probably going to be right.

We’re in good company Grovers!

I’m off to to listen to my Smiths CD with a very depressed, yet smug look on my face.

A bit like this…

Seriously, it's the best I could do...

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. darrenchallis

    gambon he will probably have to pay more that he gets for a substandard replacement like Arteta.


    30 mil would maybe get u gourcuff who is a top player but still unproven compared to cesc, i can see another poundstrecher moment coming here
    joe cole – free transfer

  3. A

    I’d be very happy if we signed Joe Cole, but I just don’t see it happening. He wouldn’t be first choice, and if he was happy sitting on the bench he would’ve stayed at chelsea.

    He’ll end up at Spuds I reckon

  4. darrenchallis


    That’s the point wenger is not going to spend the 30 Mill as he will feel he’s being had over for Gourcuff.

  5. A

    Gourcuff wouldn’t cost £30 mil so that wouldn’t be an issue.

    It really would be ridiculous if Milner went for £30 mil and we didn’t get at least £50 for Cesc


    i know challis he wont spend that, thats our problem cause we know that by losing cesc we wont be getting a replacement as good as he is, and considering with him IN our team we were still lacking quality can you imagine what it could be like this year with him not there

  7. darrenchallis

    Wenger is no good at the poker game that is transfer deals. Dein was a businessman/negotiator he knew the score. Wenger can’t bluff and just sticks, he will not go all in and hates that everyone knows his stake.

  8. gambon

    I think Gourcuff would be £22m ish.

    We should sign both Gourcuff & Hazard with the Cesc money.

    And a GK, CB, DM and possibly another CB regardless.

  9. darrenchallis

    Mark Gooner You just used the word that Arsenal will lack without Cesc “imagination”, no creativity just dull sideways passing and aimless crossing or hoofing the ball for Walcott to chase until Denilson gives the ball away.

  10. zeus


    Spot on. How anyone could say they feel comfortable replacing Fab4 with Ramsey at this stage is quite unbelievable. He is good, but not that good.


    gambon where would u play hazard and in what formation

    i havent really seen the boy play, but ive heard he do what walcott can do but with the ball at his feet so he must be good

  12. finestcuts

    Cesc will prob be sold for 40-50 million euros + Yaya Toure….we’ve needed a defensive midfielder.

    So will Arshavin be our new playmaker….or Diaby?

    Hopefully we’ll get Arteta then we’ll have 4 to choose from; Arteta, Arshavin, Diaby and Denilson (!).


    bear in mind arshavin cannot play left win, as its a huge waste of our soon to be most creative player, we need to play to arshavins strengths

  14. gambon




    I wouldnt expect him to be a starter all the time, but hes certainly far better than Theo, and destined for greatness.

  15. gambon


    Yaya isnt interested in us.

    Also Arteta is a long way off the quality we need. We need one very good player, not the choice of 4.

  16. Arsenal Tom

    A… where do you think the 15 goals and 15 assists he provided to help us scrape into 3rd will come from then mate?

  17. darrenchallis

    gambon yes exactly those players, but you are dreaming because its not going to happen. The second the rumor hits about Cesc suddenly all potential targets are linked with other clubs and that prices Arsene out of the market. Gourcuff value £22 Mill to Arsene £25 MILL and he runs away instead of saying 23 mill and thats it or Dein would have said fine done have him delivered by Saturday.

  18. A

    neither finest, neither are close to being able to do what cesc did. Nasri, Rosicky and Wilshere are the men to fill that roll is noone came in

  19. A

    We scraped into third did we AT?

    That’s funny, I thought we were right up there until the end when we collapsed into third


    sagna mertasacker vermaelen clichy

    gourcuff song toure

    rvp arshavin


    that 11 is realistic we could get gourcuff and toure for cesc and spash out on mertascker and buffon for 25-30

    that is a team of strong, leaders plus 6 players over 6ft like the good old days

  21. finestcuts

    Who’s gonna be captain when Cesc goes? I’d give the armband to Vermaelen, he’s already captained Ajax and is captain of the Belgian national team.

  22. A

    Cesc doesn’t want to leave Arsenal, he wants to join Barca.

    If other clubs came in for him he’d tell them to fuck off because he’s staying with us

  23. finestcuts

    Well the only other kind of playmaker Wenger would buy is an up and coming talent. Rambo was meant to fill in for Cesc, we’ll now have to get a slightly more advanced version of Rambo.

  24. Arsenal Tom

    A… well before we kicked off on the last day we still could have lost it so its not like we had it wrapped up early doors did we??

    anyway…. where do you think the 15 goals and 15 assists he provided to help us scrape into 3rd will come from then mate?

  25. gambon

    Theres absolutely no way we can replace Cesc with a young up & comer.

    It would have to be someone that can deliver immediately.

  26. A

    Well firstly we didn’t scrape into third, and with Cesc not in there someone else would take the corners, someone else would take the penalties and free kicks, and someone else would be playing the creative midfield role.

    We wouldn’t find one player as good as Cesc, but if certain players stay fit, even with him gone we could well be a fair bit stronger next season overall

  27. Arsenal Tom

    stronger how? we’ll loose our best player, one of only 3 or 4 with genuine passion for the club, our captain and face of the club…

    seperate i know but how the fuck are gazidis and his band of merry men supposed to build us into a brand when we have no recognisable image

  28. Queen of Suburbia

    I seem to recall that my ex was sold to Oxford but didn’t want to go – didn’t get given the choice.

    As far as i’m aware, if we sell his contract to Real Madrid he’s a real madrid player.

  29. A

    Stronger because we’ll hopefully have a new keeper, Vermy has had a year to adapt to the prem, we’ll have a new centre back alongside him, Song has continued to improve the whole time and will be even better next season, Chamakh has come in, and VP, Nasri, Rosicky, Theo, Bendtner, Vela should all play a much bigger part than they did last season.

    There is no way that every one of them can have the same ridiculous luck with injuries.

  30. freduardo

    i am furious at how this transfer seems to be unfurling. Barcelona’s staff, players all having a say, the ridiculous price being mentioned all along with the air of inevitability that surrounds the whole thing. man i am annoyed, i’m always annoyed when a quality player looks like leaving, but we usually get what they are worth. if he goes for anything less than £50 million i will be very disappointed.
    however i cannot blame cesc for wanting to leave with the way the team has gone backwards since he broke into the first team.

  31. A

    QOS you don’t sell a player’s contract. The player has to sign a contract with the club.

    He’d rather stay with us than go to Madrid, or anyone else, so that isn’t an issue.

    If Barca don’t stump up the cash, then that’s that, he remains a gooner next season

  32. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t recall exactly how it came about A – we’d split up by then…but i do know he didn’t want to go but was basically told “you’ve been sold now go talk to them about your terms.

    The point being he didn’t have a choice. If Arsenal sell to Real then he’ll probably go there, might as well get a payrise and go back to Spain rather than stay at Arsenal and be persona non grata!

  33. Arsenal Tom

    A… my problem is that there will be no leader in the midfield… we needed someone to do the job between cesc and song. now we need a replacement for cesc and i cant see wenger putting 2 new players into a 3 man midfield.

    the CB and GK i expect as a bare minimum. if cesc goes someone will have to come in.

    i cant see the injury problems changing too much either to be honest… injury prone players get inured allot… nothing can be done about that

  34. choy

    Another disgruntled player if he stays!

    That too he’s the fackin captain!

    I hope IG and AW are racking their brains and trying to come up with a solution rather than sitting on their arses!

  35. gambon


    What on earth has that got to do with it?

    Players dont have their contract sold to another team, just as a persons labour cant be owned by a company or individual.

    Go ask your lawyer friend if its possible for an individual to be owned by another company.

    Slavery was abolished a long time ago.

  36. Queen of Suburbia

    Cesc doesn’t hold all the cards in this.

    By declaring for Barca he has been incredibly unproffessional, we may choose to punish him. The club may invite the highest bidder to come and make Cesc an offer at that point his options may be reserve football until he’s 26 (and can buy himself out) or a move to say Real Madrid who would be prepared to give him a better deal than his current one.

    He may choose to dig his heels in for Barca, but at that point his advisors would probably be telling him to go where he’s wanted rather than where he’s not.

  37. Gooby

    if you say cesc can go it’s like saying we are a youth academy, and don’t want him to go i want us to benefit from this years of developing the players.

    how are we going to compete if we sell our top players and replace them with youth and sell them again. FFS. we should hold onto what we make.

    and don’t tell me that cesc doesn’t owe us, in fact we made him the player he is not barca. i can’t stand this shite.

  38. choy

    Qos.. the player has all the power!

    We can’t punish the player!

    You want the highest paid player banished to the reserves! He can run down his contract and leave on a free!

  39. Queen of Suburbia

    HAHAHAHAHA Gambon – LOL!

    Nobody is talking about slavery, just that players get sold to clubs all the time, often not because they want to be, at that point the choice they have is play somewhere they are wanted or rot somewhere they are not.

    It’s choice so nobody’s liberty is at stake, but its a very strange kind of choice!

  40. Gooby

    “The biggest things in life have been achieved by people who, at the start, we would have judged crazy. And yet if they had not had these crazy ideas the world would have been more stupid.”

    by mon ami, me wenger

  41. choy

    We’re losing him Qos .. to Barca, a contract hardly means anything these days.

    If a player wants to leave, he most certainly will, especially at Arsenal, we have never managed to keep hold of players who wanted out.

    The maximum we can hope for is a decent transfer fee!

  42. SongtheGreat

    who could imagine ?? that cesc-feck was a hell lot more of a traitor than Ade was….

    one thing is for certain in this messy farce….cesc is dead as an Arsenal player…

    i would rather play denilson, than ever see cesc-feck wearing an Arsenal shirt again.

    furthermore wenger needs to go NOW…

  43. zeus

    A says:
    May 25, 2010 at 17:56
    Cesc doesn’t want to leave Arsenal, he wants to join Barca.

    Now youre just splitting hairs.


  44. David

    “At the moment he has a contract with Arsenal. I get the feeling the English club don’t want to sell him but in the end will allow Cesc to leave.”


    Well….were fucked.

  45. Pat

    At least Ade talked. Cesc is being a coward and not revealing the truth. Cowardly cunt, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. If you were going to leave, then don’t fucking say you’re happy here and you might even stay here till the end of your career(cause he did say ‘why not’ when he was asked earlier this season).

    Cunt. He better not throw a fit if we don’t sell him. How does he feel when they’re making a 30 million offer. Thats a slap in the face to AFC and Cesc.

  46. Pat

    Cesc Fabregas ‘500% sure’ he wants Barcelona move despite Arsene Wenger’s attempts to keep captain at Arsenal – report

    His value won’t decline in a season. Keep him no matter what. Arsenal have ALL the power at this point. 5 year contract means they can place whatever price they want on him to be honest. The best midfielder in the PL, possibly the world(barring the cunt Xavi).

  47. Chippy

    I agree with QOS to a point, Loads of players are sold without wanting to leave it happens all the time, Its as clear as day tho that Barca have nowhere near the required funds needed to buy Cesc at this present time they will have to sell to buy,

    I’ll give you another nailed on certainty Arsenal will not sell him before season ticket renewals are all in,

  48. zeus


    STFU! We have a ‘shit’ side and season on season we seem to just stagnate. Yes last season was an improvement but we were always clawing back, first from 11, then 8, to get back in the race.

    He has to decide what is best for him. To this point he has not said anything in public or play media games like the whore did.

    What goes around comes around. The same way we get talented players at 14-15 and take them from their home town clubs is the same way ‘the big boys’ come and take our players when they finally come good.

    Some will stay and some won’t. End off.

  49. SongtheGreat

    still Choy…ambitions doesnt give you a free ride to be an asshole mate….

    look at the facts…signed an improved contract 4/5 MONTHS ??? ago….ambition eh ??.accepted a suitcase full on moneeeehhh ?? ambition eh ??…standing in front of some of Our proudest Gooners proclaiming I love Arsenal ?? ambition eh??…

    as far as his conduct as a CAPTAIN ?? oh my oh my….not difficult to understand why we didnt have any steel…eh..with a Man like cesc-feck leading us…

    nope mate…cesc is no more than a sorry excuse for a man…..

    there is a great word to describe bois like him TRAITOR….

  50. Pat

    Barca steal young players too, so thats not really a good argument. They may say Iniesta is their own, he isn’t. He’s just like Cesc to us. I forgot who they nabbed him from, possibly Bilbao.

  51. choy

    STG.. you can blame Cesc all you like.

    I think any other player would’ve done the same thing.

    Stay at Arsenal for what?

  52. SongtheGreat

    and zeus……

    keep your love for that sorry excuse….i just hope that most Gooners see him for what he really is…a brilliant player with no honor…or respect…

  53. patthegooner

    Does anyone else get a horrible feeling that Cesc will join Barca on August the 31st leaving us fuck all time to replace him???

  54. SongtheGreat

    oh really choy…

    so the Bergkamp’s..the Adam’s…i could go on and on…would just have loved to do the same ????

    im telling you cesc-feck makes Adebayor look like an Angel and a perfect team player..

  55. Pat

    Cesc is different to other players. He claimed to love Arsenal, others didn’t. He’s 22 years old, maybe 23. He can give us a year or 2 more, quite comfortably. He’d rather sit on the bench at Barca? He’s won’t start ahead of Xavi and Iniesta is much more dynamic than Cesc as is Keita(his replacement in midfield), which is what makes their midfield special.

    Iniesta played on the wing more this season, but with Pedro’s emergence, along with Villa joining, he will drop back to midfield where he is most effective. This has also been the first time he’s really had injury problems.

  56. patthegooner

    Also whilst I dont want Cesc to go, he should lose the captaincy. I was never really that impressed with him having it anyway, but then are not too many leaders in that team.

    I would give it to Vermaelen.

  57. zeus

    So when Ade came out in public a couple of years ago he was a cunt, now he was ‘BRAVE’.

    Fab4 at least has enough respect to keep the matter as it should be, one between his manger and himself and now he is a ‘cowardly cunt’.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Xavi said it is a travesty that someone of Cesc’s quality isn’t winning trophies.

    Xavi is a cunt yes, but I challenge any of you to say his statement was not true.

  58. SongtheGreat


    lets hope not….i know its abit childish but i would rather let cesc see his contract out…..and i wouldnt play him thats for sure…

    either way we should have the money to find a replacement..

    and maybe those whores from barca could pay off Henry and Hleb first…they still owe us like 15-16M….

  59. Big Dave

    If Dein was around none of this shit would be going on, and he would sort out transfer targets, what does Ivan do for us again?

  60. Gooby

    xavi shoud shut up

    cesc should shut up

    it’s between the two clubs

    if any offer is accepted then cesc can open his mouth and talk.

  61. Pat

    At least Ade cleared it all up by talking. Cesc is being a coward and keeping quiet, letting his daddy do the talking. His dad thanked Arsenal for making him a man? We made him a great player, not a man. He’s still a child with his behavior.

  62. Big Dave

    You just hope that behind the scenes the club are doing all they can to find a replacement, altho that will be very hard to do

    Don’t want to come to 31 Aug with money in the bank and watching Denilson in the side

  63. SongtheGreat

    agreed Big Dave….that would be a disaster…and cesc is never going to be able to play for Arsenal again…i cant get over it…what a truly great Captain he has proved to be…a real caretaker ;

  64. Pat

    zeus, the funny part of that is that Barca had a moment not too long ago where they went 6 years without a trophy. Why did loud mouth Xavi stay with them?? I thought its criminal for a player of that quality to not be winning trophies? Fucking hypocrite and a cunt, Xavi is.

    RVP should be captain.

    Who is Cesc’s agent? Isn’t it the same cunt who was/is Henry’s agent?

  65. Gary C

    Normally, you can’t get Wenger off the telly. Always got something to say about everything. But now. Not a hide nor hair of him. I wonder why?

  66. Pat

    Mertesacker: “My agent helps to keep things away from me, that is why I haven’t heard of the interest,” he told BILD.

    “There are certainly clubs of interest in foreign countries, especially those who participate in the UEFA Champions League every season.

    “But being at Werder Bremen is something I enjoy and I feel at home there.

    “We have all seen that not many German players have succeeded when playing abroad. That is why I am not looking for a move.

    “I have thought about it from time to time, but I don’t think it is urgent.”


    Look at that, an agent that DOESN’T push his player to move.

  67. nishanth

    If cesc had come out and said that he wanted to leave people would have still called him a cunt.Havind said that i have lost some respect for cesc.Us fans were stupid in believing that he was going to stay inspite of us winning fuck all for 5 years

  68. Thierry Henry is god

    I think we should get Gourcuff and sell Cesc ASAP to be honest.

    In Gourcuff we’ll get a player who might become the loyal playmaker willing to give us his best years, while Cesc is becoming more and more of a lost cause.

    And if anyone of you doubt me, check tomorrow’s game between France and Costa Rica @ http://www.myp2p.eu

    France will probably play with a 4-3-3 formation with Lloris – Sagna, Gallas, Abidal, Evra – Toulalan, Malouda, Gourcuff – Henry, Anelka, Ribery

  69. David

    Chippy says:
    May 25, 2010 at 18:50
    I agree with QOS to a point, Loads of players are sold without wanting to leave it happens all the time


    Im pretty sure Ade didnt want to leave.

  70. chozzer

    Great post Pedro……
    …..but putting Piers Morgan in the same sentence as Martin Keown, Robin Van Persie, Charlie George and Dennis Bergkamp is a fucking disgrace. 🙂

  71. Chippy

    I’m pretty sure Wenger drove that egotistical cunt to Manchester 😉 Its taken that twat 25 years to crack the offside rule fuck knows how long he’d have been stuck at spaghetti junction,

  72. Pat

    I think Barca signed Villa to help convince Cesc to join. They’re best mates after all, aren’t they?

  73. SUGA3

    evening all 😉

    great job on Dan the Man, Pedro, good read as always…


    I think you may be onto something – Cesc said a few times how much he would love to see Villa at Arsenal and the latter openly said he’d like to join…

  74. Gooby

    look at carles from the jungle

    “It’s very unusual to see Cesc nervous, but all this is a bit problematic for him because we are talking daily about this topic; his fans, his manager and his teammates must all be respected,” Puyol said.

    “Cesc is a great player, a great friend and I think he’s perfect for Barcelona,” he said.

    “For me if I’d like to see him at Barça, but the fact he is under contract [at Arsenal] must be respected.”

    they think they hold the card. fucking impolite and disrespectful arrogant bastards

    pat or fuck off that’s main talking point now

  75. Stu

    Barca are the biggest cunts on the planet. Cunt players and cunt fans and anyone associated with them is a cunt…apart from Guardiola it seems.

  76. Stu

    Right Pat…how do you know Villa is his best mate outside arsenal? Surely it would be Pique seeing as they basically grew up together.

  77. Pat

    idk, every time Cesc/Villa celebrate after scoring, the other is always the first one there. Also, both always wanted to be on the same team and they stated it publicly.

  78. Myy

    i dont comment that much but i do read le-grove everyday…love it…

    if we do sell cesc why not buy diego ribas(replacement for cesc) and buffon…juve still owe us money right??

    bourdoux wont be doing business with us this summer i think…so there wont be a gourcuff…

  79. Stu

    Im getting used to the idea of Cesc leaving…however much i’ll hate it. But fuck him if he does want to leave because Barca is his ‘home’. He should also remember that his ‘family’ let him leave without much of a fuss and only want him because now that he has developed into a world class talent.

    Why didnt they sue Cesc like when they sued Merida over leaving? Clearly they dont rate Fab as highly as Merida.

  80. patthegooner

    How come all these Barca Players and Board members keep coming out and saying how fucking great it would be to have Cesc at their club, but he is under contract and that must be respected.

    What Fucking part of their current behaviour is showing Arsenal Respect?????

    Arsenal should simply say we want 50m by 1st June. No Money = No Player and no more bids or bargaining. If Cesc is an Arsenal player on the 1st June then he stays for the Season.

    Not only that but I hear that they have paid for Villa in Installments. They are obviously skint and if the truth is that they still owe us for Hleb and Henry, then any deal must include those transfers being paid in full, including the Cesc one.

  81. incesc

    why are all these motherfuckers from spain like puyol and cesc dad going on about cesc wanting to go to barce like we are holding him back.

    They havent even made a bid, what do they want from us. To just give him away for free as he is nervous?

  82. patthegooner

    exactly Incesc. They want Cesc on the cheap and they are going to play that game right until the 31st August.

    I am convinced that is the day that Arsenal will admit defeat and he will be sold for peanuts and we will replace him with Denilson.

  83. Stu

    They want to cause a reaction amoung the arsenal fans. The longer this goes on the more and more Cesc will be hated because he isnt saying anything. If he is sold he is the bad guy and if he stays (against his wishes) he is still the bad guy because he wants to leave the club.

    Barca are trying to make Cesc feel unwanted here imo and trying to get him to put in a transfer request because they cant afford a happy, loyal to arsenal Cesc.

    If he wants to stay then why hasnt he just come out and say so. I know he is always quick to quash any rumours but this has been going on since Hill Wood opened his fat face and said Barca said they wouldnt bid this summer. We know he will leave eventually so every day he doesnt say he is staying for now makes it mor elikely this summer is it.

  84. Gooby

    relax fellas, if cesc goes wenger will surely get someone. at least i think he knows how important he is to our team.

    and btw. fuck barca and their catalan delirium. We are the home of football

  85. incesc

    its simple really.

    cesc: arsene let me go to barce

    wenger: NoN, you have a massive contract, unless they bid 80 million you have to stay.

    Gazidis to worlds press: ” we are arsenal and we cannot be forced to sell a player under a 5 year contract unless barcelona pay 80 million. They have a week to make us this offer or fuck off”

    this is all so boring.

    how long till the season starts?

  86. patthegooner


    What like he replaced Lehman, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Bergkamp, Vieira, Gilberto and Flamini??

    I have absolutely no conifdence in Wenger replacing Cesc whatsoever.

  87. zeus

    Barca ties Madrid for biggest cunts in my book. As someone said earlier, Barca are copying Madrid by lining up next years signing now. They simply don’t have the money.

    Even so, because of their blatant disrespect lets teach them a lesson. ’70m thank you and good night.’


    I like the idea of Mertasacker AND Gary Cahill coming in. Ideally I would want some like a 28 year old with experience but where will they come from.


  88. incesc

    yeah wenger will not replace cesc

    he absolutely will not do it.

    Cesc is a world class, brilliant expensive player, wenger will not go out and buy a midfielder of similar quality.

    you are insane if you think he will.

  89. zeus


    Simply put, Diego is overrated. He has his moments as we have seen at Bremen and at Juve, but as the MAIN playmaker he is lacking.

    There is a reason that Dunga didn’t call him up for the WC squad after he failed to impress 2 years ago at the Olympics. And its not because Dunga is an idiot.

  90. Gooby

    basicly he replaced pires with sicky, henry with eduardo, ljungberg ith theo, vieira with diaby (i am laughing now) but agree that silva and flamini were never replaced.

    lehmann was never replaced too

  91. patthegooner

    So Gooby

    You are comparing

    Pires to Rosicky (Pires the better player)
    Henry to Eduardo (Do I need to type it)
    Ljungberg to Theo (Again)
    Vieira to Diaby (I am laughing too)

    This is the point for me Gooby, we never replaced any of them with players of comparable quality. And that is what will happen with Cesc.

  92. Gooby

    SUGA3 says:
    May 25, 2010 at 20:30

    Cesc is an icon and a player magnet, any examples of players of the same status that will be left one he is gone?

    there are lots of players with big reputation and world class, maybe not in the same register.

    De rossi

  93. Gooby


    i know, i was going to add it in the comment. he replaced better players with average ones or some who became average for some reason or another.

    but if we don’t keep cesc we will be doing the same mistake again.

    last season wenger was talking about keeping the players together but instead he sold 2 of our proven professional(with toure being our longest serving player, imagine barca selling puyol) and the whore being better than our current ST(bar RvP of course, and yes he is better than bendy).

    he is replaceable the question is, will wenger pay enough?

  94. Stu

    It could strongly be argued that Cesc replaced Vieira. It was obviously Cescs performances in 04-05 that convinced Wenger Fabregas was more than capable at filling the void. (we all know now that Vieiras ability on the ball wasnt that we have missed)

    And it could also be argued that Song replaced Flamini…which i dont agree with because it took Song almost 2 seasons to become undisputed first choice DM.

  95. BillikenGooner

    I’m just waiting for the story about a sick auntie or cousin in Barcelona he needs to move near to for the families sake.

    The Sympathy Card has to get played at some point.

  96. SUGA3

    fuck me sideways, Ade not better than Bendy?

    now I’ve heard it all – Ade is difficult to manage, yes, but he pisses all over Bendy…

  97. SUGA3

    that is why I said he is difficult to manage – I reckon he would do well under SAF-like manager: a bully only respects a bigger bully…

  98. Keyser

    Pires/ Ljungberg – Rosicky, Hleb, Arshavin, Reyes..

    Henry/ Vieira – How would you replace either of these players ? They were both bought as players of potential and turned into world beaters.

    I don’t think we’ll see a player as good individually as Vieira was, football just has no need now.

    Thing is all of those players played in the same team, to get that sort of squad or first team together costs far more than we can afford to pay unless we’re ridiculously lucky and even then instead of there being one or two teams in World football that could afford to put together a team of that strength, there’s now 2 teams in our league that could do it within a season or two.

    Thats not even including United.

  99. Stu

    I assume you’re talking about Bendtner there Gooby because apart from the first few games of the season Adebayor does none of that.

  100. SUGA3


    when you can’t get respect, you instigate and utilise fear – Alchy’s players are fucking petrified just thinking of failure IMO…

  101. Keyser

    Suga3 – Since the mid-90’s fergueson has been in a position to do that, any player that speaks out or shows a rebelious nature ends up leaving the club because they can afford to get rid of them.

    He doesn’t really manage them, they just leave because United have been in a position to cater terms.

  102. Keyser

    I’m glad we got rid of Adebayor, and we haven’t really missed him, if Chamakh is as good in the air as he is supposed to be than we won’t have missed him at all.

  103. Stu

    Anyone know why Sunu doesnt play for the french u21 team? Or does he just play for a younger age group?