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Just before I kick off proceedings, I had an e-mail from Newsnow yesterday regarding a complaint about misleading headline over the weekend. Apparently someone read Sundays headline and thought we really were going to buy two of the most valuable players in the world.

My Grandma who recently wrote a letter of complaint the to the council about the closing of the local haberdashery she doesn’t use has a message for that person…

‘Get a life’

I can guess the type who’d do that but I wouldn’t want to make any accusations about how obvious it is that one of our blog stalkers has been playing dirty. Even if it was shameless hit seeking, our advertising partner is a CHARITY!

Onto something more exciting! Yep… the review of the man they like to call Aliko Dangote (If he does buy our shares, we can cocknify his name to Dan the Goat… conglomeroat sic (he owns one). Has a real Lock Stock feel to it, don’t you think?).

The previously unknown 261st richest man in the world exploded into the mindset of Gooners world-wide over the weekend when it emerged the Nigerian businessman had been identified by Blackstone as a candidate to gobble up Lady Nina’s shares.

So, what do we know about the Nigerian football fanatic?

Well, we know he’s not interested in buying Lady Nina’s shares for £15k a pop. When I heard this was what she was asking for the shares, I said to myself out loud whilst feeding the fish,

‘If he’s an astute business man, surely he’d tell lady Nina where to go with an asking price like that?’

… and sure enough he did.

Still, it’s interesting to know that he is actually an Arsenal fan as well as an enterprising business man. He started off his business after securing a loan from his Uncle in 1977, from there he began trading building materials, he then incorporated 2 companies in 1981 which he eventually rolled into one conglomerate known as the Dangote Group.

This group is like Unilever on speed, they deal in food, packaging, logistics, textiles, iron plus his latest interest… oil and gas.

He is the Golden boy of Nigerian business and he sounds like quite a good guy. He has an active interest in supporting the people. He trains young Nigerians within his business and supports groups that keep the youngsters out of crime… very noble in a country that has many social problems. He is currently employing 12,000 people, expected to rise to 24,000 inside a year.

He is all about keeping his fortune within the Country and developing his nation… This quote was interesting,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put heads together and work.”

If Wenger was a business mogul, he’d say something like this,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will also not invest any at home. Lets put our heads together and create some mental strength and some spirit.”

Seems farcical to think that after saying something like that he’d want to invest in the vainest of billionaire play things especially if he’s built a reputation on being a man of the people.

Owning a London football club whilst a chunk of your country sits in poverty might work for Russian Oligarchs, but judging by the noises coming out of Nigeria… probably not there.

In Africa, like many other countries, where there is money, corruption is usually not far away. Like I’ve said before, sticking a cowboy hat on and saying yee haa doesn’t mean you’ve earned your crust without treading on a few peoples toes.

Dangote has faced his fair share of allegations that I believe he has been cleared of. Still, it’s worth reporting on them because no one gave Usmanov the benefit of the doubt despite being retrospectively cleared of a rape charges.

The trouble I’ve found with digging out information on Dangote is that most of the text isn’t in a decent format so it’s hard to tell what is propaganda and what is genuine reporting. Still, if you’re interested in reading about the darker side of Dan the Goat, click here , here and here.

So, little chance of him hoovering up the shares… and probably a good thing really. The last thing we need is another billionaire vying for our beloved club, especially as he, like Kroenke, doesn’t appear to have the cash to run our club any better than we can already. I think he’s worth £1.8billion. That’s Randy Lerner cash… in billionaire terms, he’s making the tea (probably in the literal sense judging by his portfolio).

It looks like Barcelona could be ready to make a move for our second choice right back and first class Joker, Emmanuel Eboue. Yep, he’s looking to secure a move to become Barcelona’s second choice right back. I can see the logic, if you’re going to sit on a bench, best make it a warm one eh?! If he moves, I won’t shed a tear… unless of course it’s a tear of laughter because he gives his exit press conference in that tiger suite. Go on Eboue…  do it, think of your legacy!

Seriously, I’ve appreciated his effort over the last year, but when you’re 26 and still not first choice, it’s time to weigh up your options and think about yourself.

Other snippets include a £14million bid for Gary Cahill which would work nicely for us. A battled hardened defender more interested in clean sheets than sulking on the half way line when things don’t go his way. PHW has also come out to deny there have been any offers for our Spanish Maestro. You’ve got to love Barca haven’t you?

‘Err, how about £30mill becuase we’re a bit strapped?’

How about no?

As the bores are out in force this summer trying to dig out Le Grove and its un-Christian negativity, I thought I’d leave the realists with something to smile about with this quote from James B Duke who is a Professor of Behavioural Economics at Duke University.

‘Depressed people tend to show a smaller optimism bias and a more accurate perception of reality’

So George Graham, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Charlie George, the club level phone operator, Andrey Arshavin, Dennis Bergkamp and Piers Morgan may all be a bit miserable when it comes to the Arsenal… but the harsh reality is, they’re probably going to be right.

We’re in good company Grovers!

I’m off to to listen to my Smiths CD with a very depressed, yet smug look on my face.

A bit like this…

Seriously, it's the best I could do...

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Pedro

    Slick Rick, you keep changing your name and e-mail address… so wordpress blocks you. Settle on a name and keep it!

  2. Rocky89

    I agree Pedro.

    Cesc was though, or at least had the potential to be world class, I am not sure other than RVP we have or will have players that justify that status.

  3. rtist

    now his f*kin dad is whining to the media? Get the f*k outta this club and go run with your little f*kin catalans…what a joke!..this guy is under contract..under contract!…but now he’s nervous and daddy is kickin in with the whining?…
    As for Wenger?…bit naive,no?..to think that this kid would wanna stay once his skills had been honed in the toughest league in football.
    I’d kill my dad if he went to the press and whined about his poor little son and how the big bad world needs to shape-shift just for him…what a f*kin joke this whole episode has become; just cut him loose and let’s get on with the Van Persie era.

  4. Pedro

    Rocky, with the right partner Vermaelen would be world class, with the right work ethic Arshavin is world class and I’d say RvP is definitely world class.

    We need some additional world class players though… I’m not sure you can win the league with 3 in your team.

  5. Stu

    Theirry leaving would be totally different to Cesc leaving imo. Henry was past his prime, Cesc is yet to reach his. Henry was getting to be bad for the team because everything had to go through him or he gave you the look. Also, when Henry left we still had a fantastic midfield and Ade hit a 6month patch where he was scoring freely. If Cesc leaves out midfield would be shite and we have even less experience in the team.

  6. Paulinho

    Fabregas probably had that attitude two years ago, and before last season as well, but he knows the squad isnt good enough to win the league or champions league, so what’s the point of wasting another year?

    Unfortunately for a player of Fabregas’talent, football is a team sport, and there’s a limit to what he can do when the players around you aren’t good enough.

  7. gambon

    You cant win anything without a world class 30 goal striker, and we aint got that.

    Going back Drogba, Rooney, Ronaldo, Henry, Van Nistelrooy have been so improtant in their teams winning the league.

    You also cant win the league without a strong defence, ours is a joke.

    There is so much we need to work on that next season is almost certainly a write off.

  8. Keyser

    gambon – He wouldn’t get on it if he didn’t have a chance, and he’s still try his heart out, Grand National winner at his 15th attempt, same with Dettori and the Derby, and both Arsenal fans to boot.

  9. geoff

    Ha, ha, I couldn’t stop myself after reading through the comment! Catch you’ll later. Keyser I was kidding!

  10. chippy


    Fuck me weve lowered our sights over the last few years !!!

    Irelands Heads more fucked up than the Irish Economy,

    Milners had one decent season,

    And Green in my views no better than what weve got which goes to show how highly i rate him,

  11. gambon


    If McCoy had ridden a donkey every year for 7 years then he was offered a thoroughbred raised on the Currah, im sure he would rather ride the horse.

    (i know nothing about horse racing so that may not make sense)

  12. Keyser

    gambon – It doesn’t really, think the horse is far more important than the jockey, McCoy’s probably relates more to the manager, I think.

  13. Wonderboy

    I’m with Rtist, the Van Persie era has a nice ring to it. Then buy Snjeider and get this summer started.

  14. Rocky89

    If we Wenger is really serious about winning he will fork out for Hart, Melo, a top Midfielder and 2 really top defenders (CD and maybe a right back).

    I would even add a striker as I think Arshavin will become disallusioned as Cesc leaves. His play was poor enough already.

  15. choy

    Chippy.. well thats better than what we have :mrgreen:

    Green > Pat Rice > Almunia > Fabianski

    Ireland is better than Denilson and Rosicky. He maybe better than Nasri, thats debatable!

  16. chippy

    choy, Exactly thats my point for all those that keep telling me we are an improving side i say its bollocks if players of the Calibre of Green,Milner and Ireland would be an improvement we are Fucked !!!!

  17. Wenger the liar

    West ham fans that I speak to say the same thing “he doesnt come for crosses”

    Has David James sorted out his future yet?

    I am fucking telling you, its James or Almunia come the new season

    Fact! 😉

  18. chippy

    Greens a liability the only reason some Arsenal fans want him is due to the fact hes played well a couple of times against us, This season alone hes made almost as many Fuck ups as the spanish poodle walker its just that its not reported on as much cos hes at West Ham,

    Irelands a Lying Twat thats got billy big bollocks syndrome,

  19. rtist

    Have a feeling Van Persie, at 26-27, is gonna be studs up…and will take this team by the throat..like a captain should..none of this: I dream of returning to Holland to play with my friends from pre-school..my daddy says big mean arsenal need to let me go now..
    Sneijder!…I f*ckin wish!..

  20. Rohan

    imo Van der Vaart could be as good if not better than Sneijder when played in the right team. Him, Gourcuff and Song in a midfield 3 would be absolutely lethal.

  21. Rohan

    I’d also like Affellay. Nasri with pace and without the fat. Having said that, I’m a huge fan of Samir and think he’ll become a legend.

  22. Arse&Nose

    What is it about Arsenal players under Wenger?
    They are the most disloyal selfish cunt-suckers in world football.

    Vieira, Henry, Hleb, Flamini, Cesc, and now VELA!

    We never hear this shit coming from Liverpool/Chelsea or Man utd players, why always Arsenal!!!

    We are loyal to the players and they consistently fuck us over. I fell used, don’t you?

  23. Wenger the liar

    Last year we * justified selling Ade by saying it would help Vela.

    Last season Vela started one game.

    End of the year Vela is talking about leaving.

    * We means the genius Arsene.

  24. choy

    A&N .. not really.

    Ronaldo left, Drogba has wanted out for a long time, but they manage to keep him, Gerrard wants out but can’t due to some crazy scousers!

    But Arsenal let their players leave as soon as they wish to!

  25. rtist

    Denilson needs to be introduced to a set of weights and a barber…lose the hair-helmet, grow a beard..somethin..

  26. Rohan

    The Dutch this year if they get their act together could be absolutely awesome. The like of van Persie, Sneijder Robben Van der Vaart are at their peaks while van Bronckhorst, van Bommel, van der Wiel have also had great seasons….
    Oranje for me at the World Cup. Have supported them since I can remember.


    let vela leave who gives a shit
    another lightweight who wont make it
    just another theo without the hype

  28. tomb

    Denilson for captain- he will be gone next year.Then put Diaby up for the job- believe me its a poison chalice.

  29. Arse&Nose

    goonermichael, Vela is quoted as saying “.. having a good World Cup can open many doors, if not at Arsenal, we’ll see where.”


    the day i see denilson where the armband is the day i get arrested for killing wenger

    bad enough almunia

    but that heartless fake brazilian is another matter

  31. goonermichael

    They are all mercenaries anyway so it doesn’t suprise me. He’ll have to do better than last night though

  32. tomb

    Yaya prefers Chelsea I hear. I get the feeling that alot of players dont see Arsenal as real chalengers anymore. Where as before they were eager to come , I am wondering if all they see is a team in decline.

  33. irishgunner

    A&N – They probably do we just don’t hear about it. I thought the reason Gerrard stayed at Liverpool was because he was threatened with some broken knees?

  34. darrenchallis

    Fake Brazilian LOL produced in a factory in China, with all the right labels and costing 20% of the price but not the same quality.

  35. Wonderboy

    What about Chris Samba and Bouba Diop. Fuck it, bring back Duncan Ferguson, i’m sick of this weakness!!

  36. nishanth

    I fear that wenger will replace cesc by playing diaby or nasri in that position.It will be a really painful season if that happens


    darrenchallis spot on mate

    nishanth if that is the case be prepared for an even worse season then the last 5

  38. chippy

    Agree Nishanth but only because it will be down to Ramsey to fill it eventually so he will play a stop gap there till Ramseys fit enough to come back in, To be honest i dont mind that so much as you can see Ramsey is going to be one hell of a player and in time he may well surpass Cesc as hes got a better all round game,

  39. SongtheGreat

    well this does it for me….cesc ure a feckin looser…sod off…good riddens…still as the club buying is barca…lets send cesc to rot among the stiffs for a couple of years…or put that fecker up for sale…me personally i even prefer a sale to citeh…

    signed on 4 months ago…you got a suitcase of money fecker…cesc ure fast becoming far more of a treator that ade ever was…

    i don not want cesc and his inbreds any where near Our Arsenal….barca i will never speak about again..dead meat…

    and wenger if you donts show some balls…please just drop dead …asap…

    and it hurts to say The Arsenal isnt what it used to be…


    i hope someone in the agm in august
    asks wenger what denilson offers the team, i want to here that response, as well as asking him, how many more seasons are we going to have to give diaby, nasri and theo before we can expect some quality consistent performances, but the most important question has to be regarding project youth, is it a result of our managers stubborness or the boardrooms lack of ambition

  41. darrenchallis

    At least with Cesc there was hope, having a world class player and a National European Cup winner was something to hold on to. There was a time when we had at least four world cup winners in our first 11. We now do not even have an ACN winner.

  42. choy

    Sky Sports News sources understand that Birmingham City have agreed a fee in the region of £6million with Valencia for striker Nikola Zigic.

    Zigic, who stands at 6ft 7in, would add a different dimension to Birmingham’s attack as manager Alex McLeish plans for a push towards the European places in the new season.

  43. Franchise

    Mangoonian wont appear on the blogosphere until Arsenal wins something

    he has too many ppl waiting to tear into him 😀


    darren challis exactly, to win titles you must have world class players
    with cesc doing the off, and rvp spending 4-5 months out per season, it leaves us with only arshavin who is a top class international footballer, and he aint exactly loving life at the arsenal is he
    denilson, nasri, walcott, diaby, eduardo, vela, bendtner, almunia, fabianski, silvestre, eboue will never be world class

  45. Arse&Nose

    Before the injury Ramsay was looking like Cesc but with more Power.

    I pray he gets back to his best.

  46. Wonderboy

    I knew when Ramsey was bought that he’d be Cesc’s replacement, pity about the leg break…damn you Shawcross!

  47. Wenger the liar

    I dont think everyone appriciates how good Cesc is, but I bet they will in about two years time.

    Lets see where Cesc is in two years and his hier apparent in some peoples minds, Mr Aaron Ramsey.

  48. BillikenGooner

    Anyone else think it a bit pathetic that a 23 year old had to ask daddy to get the ball rolling again so he can ‘go home’?

  49. chippy

    Defo mate he Turned that game at Stoke before his injury with a couple of crunching challenges at which point others took his lead !!

    He will be a fine player

  50. Arse&Nose

    WTL, what hurts most is that we know how good Cesc is.

    He is better than XAVI and INIESTA, he will run the BARCA team for years to come. He has the edge over the other Barca midfielders in that he gets goals from everywhere.

    We have to accept that Cesc used us to fulfil his dream.

  51. Keyser

    ManGoonian’s probably out enjoying the only bit of good weather Britain has all year.

    The weathers’ been pretty decent all week now.

  52. Cannon Man

    I’d take Milner on the basis that he’d give us more in terms of work rate than much of the current crop. I don’t think he’s worth more than £16m. We should definitely be aiming higher though. I’d have taken Green 6 years ago (we didn’t need him) never now. Thiagho Silva would probably be too expensive for the board and manager’s liking. He’s a fighter though and that’s what we’re looking for in any future purchases!

    Let’s be honest. Wenger definitely deserves some criticism for not utilising the resources he is given in the best way as well as not addressing problems that he has the resources to solve (comes with the territory) but our board consists of the some of the tightest gits in the history of humankind. Despite a great need to be cautious, they’ve – time and time again – been OVERLY cautious and have depended on Wenger’s powers of spin.

    Now Wenger doesn’t help himself at times but if we do sell Cesc and we don’t bring in reinforcement(s) of a similar calibre, do you really think Wenger would be to blame primarily? He’s an employee whose employment depends on his fulfilment of the targets set by his employers.

    As an example regarding the “ego” he’s mooted to have. The policy of bringing in young foreign (cheaper) players – who qualify as homegrown – has not been an absolute failure nor success (separate from our academy youth policy). Football management has always been continuous. When it became clear that certain players were not showing the characteristics you’d expect of Arsenal players, I think we could have arranged some hire-purchase deals with smaller clubs (or simply sold them and spent a bit more on a better value bet). Now when he said that there are things to consider other than money when replacing a young developing player, what I got from that is that he feels responsible for them leaving their countries at a relatively young age and so feels he must give them the best chance possible. Although I can understand this – remember no one who deals with Arsene on a personal level has a bad word to say about him – I think it has backfired massively in some instances. I do think this is a better explanation for his loyalty to some of the youngsters than his supposed “ego” (I’m still baffled by some older players). As long as this prevented the board having to sanction a bigger budget and targets were being met, they were never going to complain were they? Or did I miss something?!

    This is why I say I don’t disagree entirely with the policies we’ve implemented in recent years but I do feel they could and SHOULD have been implemented much better. At this juncture, there can be no more excuses after the quotes from the club regarding our improved financial position. Overall, you can’t fault the club for having gotten us to the position we now find ourselves in, but there are several things over the years that have left a sour taste in mine and many others’ mouths. As long as I feel we’ve got a REALISTIC chance of winning the Prem on 1 September 2010, I’ll have no complaints going into next season.

  53. chippy

    I appreciate how good Cesc is mate and hope he stays but Ramsey is going to be a player and a half for this club and in my view has the tools to be even better than cesc

  54. darrenchallis


    Its shameful, Denilson not in Brazil squad (no chance) Nasri (didn’t make it to WC) Walcott ( Shouldn’t be in the 23) Diaby ( Nasri if anything should be ahead of him) the rest fringe players and minor nations that will not win the WC.

    Compare Gilberto, Henry, Viera, Gallas, Petit, (WC winners) And the rest of the Invincibles for example main regular players for their countrys most of them.

  55. chippy

    Cannon Mate,
    Just call them all cunts and be done with the long posts 😉

    Only kidding mate good read and i pretty much agree, Wengers made some big mistakes over the last few years but the Board have made some bigger ones !!

  56. Wenger the liar

    Choy –

    By same player, I am assuming you mean the player that was behind Denilson in the pecking order when fully fit.


    ramsey would have without doubt become world class and an arsenal legend, lets hope that the injury still allows him to

    but lets not start picking holes in cesc’s game cause he is our best player by far, and can dicatate a game better then someone like kaka
    he has to go now though, hes kept silent on purpose, he wants out and i dont want anyone that is so desperate to jump ship that he would go the lengths of shitting on the fans that loved him by not coming out with the truth
    he will go onto becoming an all time great who could have another 12 years at the top and win 3-4 european cups at least, i dont blame him for wanting to leave now, for example if your boss promised you a promotion for 4-5 years and you dont get it, you would have lost faith in him just as cesc has done with wenger over his promises of this teams ability which only he can see

  58. chippy

    You can never be 100% sure on anything in life but it was a clean break which normally heals without any problems my mate was playing 3 months after a very similar break and has no problems,

    Its when a dislocation, Ligament damage or Skin breaker happens as well as the break that your in trouble,

  59. SongtheGreat

    cesc stays !!! what ?? heck i rather have ade back…that poor fellah didnt even ask for a transfer nor did he get a suitcase of money…feck he wasnt even loved….or made captain..
    nope cesc goes down in history as the most fecked up little boi in Arsenal history…
    but he fits in at barca…no respect ..no honor…

    get 80M…or let him sit his contract out…and set an example…….

    cesc you are a disgrace…

  60. chippy

    hed moved ahead of Denilson at the time of his injury and they are completly different players in any case Wenger uses Denilson in the holding role while Ramseys position is taken by Cesc,

  61. Pat

    Cesc is a cunt for not going public and hiding. His father is a cunt. Puyol, Pique, and Xavi are all cunts. Hope Spain lose as early as possible at the WC, fucking cunts.

  62. Wenger the liar

    Ramsey is a decent player however Eduardoitis seems to be spreading on this blog.

    Eduardoitis – A disease that affects the minds recollection of Arsenal fans as to the true skill and ability of a footballer before a serious injury.

  63. chippy

    Anyways good chat lads im finished for the day and im of for a beer and to enjoy the sun be back later !!!

  64. Pat

    And Cesc’s father says Arsenal should respect what Cesc wants?!?! FFS old cunt, are you serious? He should respect his fucking contract, simple as that. He knew what he was doing when he signed it. I hope we refuse to sell unless they meet our asking price, which should be at least 60 million.

  65. Wenger the liar


    Yeah he was ok, when you read some posts about him you would think he was on the verge of World Player of the Year.

  66. Stu

    Some role model Cescs father is. He is basically telling his son that he can quit whenever th going gets tough and not to honour a signed agreement Fucking prick!

  67. RockyPires

    Gallas never won a World Cup.

    Wenger said mockingly earlier in the season that he should be waiting outside Real MAdrids exit door to see who they are offloading, well I think he should.
    Mahamoud Diarra and Van Der Vaart would slot nicley into our team as would other possible departures like Gago.

  68. darrenchallis

    Cesc is gone full stop and regardless of a contract, has Arsenal over a barrel. we have two choices sell him at £30 mill or keep him until he can buy himself out of his contract or leave on a free. The fact is he only wants Barca = no other bids will be accepted. So no negotiation can be done. This is why contract are bollocks if the player wants out he will get out.

  69. gambon


    Agree about the Eduardo thing, it also happened with Rosicky.

    he was being hailed as the greatest player ever 12 months ago, now look at him.

  70. ml

    this is getting stupid now.

    xavis said cesc has no choice but to leave
    big fat head puyol has come out and talked rubbish
    cescs dad

    what next his gran , pet dog.

    rapidly losing any respect for our captain. i d let him rot in the reserves. think he should come out and say whats going on.

  71. gambon


    Letting him rot in the reserves isnt really an option. It would cost the club about £75m to do that.

  72. Wenger the liar

    Also in relation to Denilson and Ramsey:

    I am not one of these wankers that wont admit he is wrong but I cant recollect a time when Ramsey was starting ahead of Denilson.

    I would love to see a month of Games that Ramsey started and Denilson sat on the bench.

  73. ethangunner

    cheers lads , thanks for all that …

    trust all this shit in bangkok to trigger a curfew !
    all dressed up and no one to …

  74. darrenchallis

    £30 mill is better than nothing It sucks but the other choice is to lose the lot or a lower valuation next year. Barca have an exclusive deal and they know it.

  75. Pat

    What is Uefa doing about his obvious tapping up? Nothing.

    Cesc buying out his contract will cost a pretty penny and I don’t mind letting it run down. Somewhere, some team has to make a statement for the good of football. Let that team be Arsenal.

    Fuck right off Barca or pay 65 million minimum

  76. choy

    How the fack is the deal going to get through?

    Barca are not paying up, and we can’t let him go for 30 mill.

    I hope we just sell him and get a replacement. We can’t have him in the lineup at the start of the next season!

    30 mill + hleb + bojan + chrysgny


    when cesc leaves it will leave the yids with much better midfielders then ours

    how has that happened?
    was it anything to do with selling and allowing world class players to leave and getting their replacements from poundstretcher

    rob green is another poundstretcher signing

  78. Pat

    I don’t agree that Barca have the upper hand,simply because he has 5 years left on his contract and he’s a world class player. We have James milner going for 30 and thats enough of an argument in itself.

    Barca say the price is based on trophies and shit like that? What trophies did Dani Alves win when you paid 40 million euros for him? WHat trophies did Eto’o win with Mallorca when you paid 30 million for him? Stupid cunts hope their stadium burns to the ground.

  79. darrenchallis

    The best thing Cesc could have done for the club would be to stay, but the next best thing would be to say he wouldn’t mind going to Man C or Chelsea or anyother club, but that isn’t going to happen. So Barca are buying him now because they need cover after recent injuries and at 30 Mill he’s cheap. they are cashing in their chips right on time.

  80. Wenger the liar

    £30m is peanuts for Cesc.

    I think Wenger should fuck off regardless.

    I think Wenger should fuck off with a boot up his arse if we sell Cesc for £50m

    I think Wenger should fuck off with his bust up his arse if we only get £30m for Cesc.

  81. Pat

    Problem is there is no way in hell they’ll get him for 30 million. ALl Arsenal have to do is point to recent transfers and the prices on the market. DI Maria is going for 40, Aguero for 50. None have a contract as long as Cesc’s.

  82. darrenchallis

    Pat: Milner has been linked with us, liverpool and ManU that allows all to think they have a chance and if an offer comes in the club can say fuck you Liverpool we are talking to ManU unless you pay the £30 mill. With Cesc there are no other clubs and Barca know that.


    agree pat, if milner goes for 30 and we dont even get 40
    then wenger and the club need to come out and say what these longterm fat contracts were giving out

  84. darrenchallis

    Wenger has to do a Fergie and say to the player if those cunts don’t pay the money i’m making you sit out your contract. It is a bold gamble and potentially one that would lose the club millions. Call my bluff.

  85. gambon

    The thing is we have to get a cesc replacement before we sell him, or else we’re fucked and wont get anyone.

    If Wenger tries to sign Ozil/Hamsik/Gourcuff after we sell Cesc he will be terrified by the inflated prices.

    He will do his usual dawdling and we will be left with no-one.

  86. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    Oh ye of little faith.

    Internal solutions my friend, internal solutions.

    Have a good day, laters.


    can u imagine the uproar if we go into next season with denilson, almunia both first team starters and silvestre is still in the squad

  88. darrenchallis

    The biggest problem could be if he can buy his own contract out. Then we really are in the shit. £30 Million is all we are getting, I’m telling you. If we could get players I think that would be a better deal. £30 million is what probably a tribunal would pay out and Barca probably know that.


    quite good is not good enough, either very good or world class otherwise get them out of our club,