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Just before I kick off proceedings, I had an e-mail from Newsnow yesterday regarding a complaint about misleading headline over the weekend. Apparently someone read Sundays headline and thought we really were going to buy two of the most valuable players in the world.

My Grandma who recently wrote a letter of complaint the to the council about the closing of the local haberdashery she doesn’t use has a message for that person…

‘Get a life’

I can guess the type who’d do that but I wouldn’t want to make any accusations about how obvious it is that one of our blog stalkers has been playing dirty. Even if it was shameless hit seeking, our advertising partner is a CHARITY!

Onto something more exciting! Yep… the review of the man they like to call Aliko Dangote (If he does buy our shares, we can cocknify his name to Dan the Goat… conglomeroat sic (he owns one). Has a real Lock Stock feel to it, don’t you think?).

The previously unknown 261st richest man in the world exploded into the mindset of Gooners world-wide over the weekend when it emerged the Nigerian businessman had been identified by Blackstone as a candidate to gobble up Lady Nina’s shares.

So, what do we know about the Nigerian football fanatic?

Well, we know he’s not interested in buying Lady Nina’s shares for £15k a pop. When I heard this was what she was asking for the shares, I said to myself out loud whilst feeding the fish,

‘If he’s an astute business man, surely he’d tell lady Nina where to go with an asking price like that?’

… and sure enough he did.

Still, it’s interesting to know that he is actually an Arsenal fan as well as an enterprising business man. He started off his business after securing a loan from his Uncle in 1977, from there he began trading building materials, he then incorporated 2 companies in 1981 which he eventually rolled into one conglomerate known as the Dangote Group.

This group is like Unilever on speed, they deal in food, packaging, logistics, textiles, iron plus his latest interest… oil and gas.

He is the Golden boy of Nigerian business and he sounds like quite a good guy. He has an active interest in supporting the people. He trains young Nigerians within his business and supports groups that keep the youngsters out of crime… very noble in a country that has many social problems. He is currently employing 12,000 people, expected to rise to 24,000 inside a year.

He is all about keeping his fortune within the Country and developing his nation… This quote was interesting,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put heads together and work.”

If Wenger was a business mogul, he’d say something like this,

“If you give me today $5 billion, I will not invest any abroad, I will also not invest any at home. Lets put our heads together and create some mental strength and some spirit.”

Seems farcical to think that after saying something like that he’d want to invest in the vainest of billionaire play things especially if he’s built a reputation on being a man of the people.

Owning a London football club whilst a chunk of your country sits in poverty might work for Russian Oligarchs, but judging by the noises coming out of Nigeria… probably not there.

In Africa, like many other countries, where there is money, corruption is usually not far away. Like I’ve said before, sticking a cowboy hat on and saying yee haa doesn’t mean you’ve earned your crust without treading on a few peoples toes.

Dangote has faced his fair share of allegations that I believe he has been cleared of. Still, it’s worth reporting on them because no one gave Usmanov the benefit of the doubt despite being retrospectively cleared of a rape charges.

The trouble I’ve found with digging out information on Dangote is that most of the text isn’t in a decent format so it’s hard to tell what is propaganda and what is genuine reporting. Still, if you’re interested in reading about the darker side of Dan the Goat, click here , here and here.

So, little chance of him hoovering up the shares… and probably a good thing really. The last thing we need is another billionaire vying for our beloved club, especially as he, like Kroenke, doesn’t appear to have the cash to run our club any better than we can already. I think he’s worth £1.8billion. That’s Randy Lerner cash… in billionaire terms, he’s making the tea (probably in the literal sense judging by his portfolio).

It looks like Barcelona could be ready to make a move for our second choice right back and first class Joker, Emmanuel Eboue. Yep, he’s looking to secure a move to become Barcelona’s second choice right back. I can see the logic, if you’re going to sit on a bench, best make it a warm one eh?! If he moves, I won’t shed a tear… unless of course it’s a tear of laughter because he gives his exit press conference in that tiger suite. Go on Eboue…  do it, think of your legacy!

Seriously, I’ve appreciated his effort over the last year, but when you’re 26 and still not first choice, it’s time to weigh up your options and think about yourself.

Other snippets include a £14million bid for Gary Cahill which would work nicely for us. A battled hardened defender more interested in clean sheets than sulking on the half way line when things don’t go his way. PHW has also come out to deny there have been any offers for our Spanish Maestro. You’ve got to love Barca haven’t you?

‘Err, how about £30mill becuase we’re a bit strapped?’

How about no?

As the bores are out in force this summer trying to dig out Le Grove and its un-Christian negativity, I thought I’d leave the realists with something to smile about with this quote from James B Duke who is a Professor of Behavioural Economics at Duke University.

‘Depressed people tend to show a smaller optimism bias and a more accurate perception of reality’

So George Graham, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Charlie George, the club level phone operator, Andrey Arshavin, Dennis Bergkamp and Piers Morgan may all be a bit miserable when it comes to the Arsenal… but the harsh reality is, they’re probably going to be right.

We’re in good company Grovers!

I’m off to to listen to my Smiths CD with a very depressed, yet smug look on my face.

A bit like this…

Seriously, it's the best I could do...

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Master P

    Grimandi, lok at the players cesc had around him. We could afford to give him playing time amongst the likes of PV4, DB10, RP7 and TH14.

    Could Barca have done that for him back then? Yes – they did it for Messi,Bojan and to a lesser extent, Dos Santos.
    If they could get in to the team back then, so could Cesc.

    Money never guarantees loyalty Im afraid.

  2. Gunners The Stunners

    The way England played last night, they were lucky to get 3 goal in 3 shots on target. Mexico being the underdogs played much better. They could have easily won the game 3 or maybe 4-0. Mexico will play some really good football in the WC which is good on the eye and I for one will be watching them.

    On the other hand, England don’t stand a chance to even get to the semi’s. They’re bunch of cocky bastards from ManU and Chelsea who take more pride to play for their clubs than country. They will embarrass the nation once again in South Africa.

  3. Grimandi

    Master P,

    You have to take SOL out of that list coz any decent human would pick us over the scum!

  4. charliegeorge


    Probably would have been a better player, and a 10000% much more decorated one. Probably would have longevity on his side as well, seeing how the so-called “sports scientist” keeps running him into the ground, whilst at the same time carrying 4 or 5 players on his back.

  5. Master P

    GTS….with you there. England will get raped at the World Cup.

    Simply not good enough to compete with the likees of Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Holland…. I could go on!

  6. charliegeorge

    A road map to an empty trophy cabinet (bar an F.A. cup medal, of course, but that doesn’t count any more, does it?), and countless injuries due to his overexertions. Why? Because he’s had to carry so many pricks it isn’t funny. Who was it? Talking Heads:

    We’re on a ride to nowhere, come on inside
    Taking that ride to nowhere, we’ll take that ride
    Maybe you wonder where you are, I don’t care
    Here is where time is on our side, take you there
    Take you there.

    Road map, indeed!

  7. This is England

    Its going to be really hard getting behind England in the World cup.Can you imagine speaking about this current squad in the same breath as Moore,Hurst,Charlton,Banks Etc.

  8. Wenger the liar

    Re: Cesc.

    If you want to know whats more important to a players development – the years upto the age of 15 or the years after, you only have to look at Walcott who started playing at 15.

    Case closed.

    I thank you.

  9. Wenger the liar

    Charlie George –

    Great article posted by you earlier. My feelings summed up 100% by that.

  10. chippy

    This Is England,
    Mate had that discussion on here the other day i actually dont know if i want us to win it for that exact reason, Imagine cunts like Terry and Cole being talked about in the same breath as Moore and Banks it leaves a nasty taste as most of the current drop are no good shit bag cunt of the highest order, Players like Scholes i could quite happily support but slags like Terry no thanks,

  11. chippy

    Exactly mate it surely isnt that hard to get the price you want if the Buying club wants him that badly they will pay the market rate, If he was on the open market City and even Madrid wouldnt bat an eyelid at spending 60-80 million on him going by what theyve recently payed for sub standard B class Players, Cesc is defo an A+ rating and so his price should reflect that fact,

  12. Wenger the liar

    Next seasons team:







    RVP will be in the treatment room and Arshavin will fall out with the genius.

    any advances on this line up?

  13. charliegeorge


    Not sure which one you are referring to but thanks. Honestly I am sick to death of these sycophants who put Basil before the good of the club.Signing Ribery would “kill” Randall. This sham of a man is on the biggest power trip in the history of club football, palpably unjustifiably, blatantly detrimental to keeping players of the ilk of Fabregas, and wickedly contradictory to what a new stadium and its benefits would bring. What is instructive is one word he used in his “experiment” speech: anticipated. He “anticipated” a lack of funds, which has never been the case. It was his imprimatur and raison d’etre to roll the dice at the club’s ultimate expense. No one has picked him up on that. It’s about time someone did. That’s a disingenuous claim at best, fraudulent at worst.

  14. A

    charliegeorge wenger sold vieira because keeping him would’ve killed cesc – it works both ways.

    You’ve got absolutely no idea how much money he has had at his disposal over the last few years, noone does, so to call it fraudulent, or anything like that is just plain silly….

    gotta say I hope Frey does come in, would certainly do me.

  15. Wenger the liar

    As long as we keep the axis of evil together:


    We will be ok!

    What really makes me laugh is that people think that if we sell Cesc Arsene will start buying players. As I have said many times before, what Charlie George was just saying also, our lack of transfer activity has nothing to do with a lack of cash it is purely 100% down to the arrogance and stubborness of Arsene trying to prove that he can do it with his wanky kids.

  16. Wenger the liar

    A –

    I have seen Eboue and Sendeross given run outs in midfield under Wenger. Are you seriously telling me that PV could not adapt his game to become the holding midfielder?

    It winds me up that people say we sold PV because of Cesc, its bollox.

  17. A

    Eboue is a very good utility player WTL, and Senderos played dm in pre season.

    No I don’t think he could have, or would have wanted to – they played together a good few times, and it never worked, which is why Vieira was sold.

    It was tried and failed.

  18. charliegeorge


    So Fiszman, Edelman and PHW are equally abhorrent liars? Actually, I already knew that. That axis of evil are just covering for each other.

  19. A

    Yeah Rohan, he is a bit of a fatty, and an actual genuine fatty rather than like Nasri.

    Big old boy though, remember seeing him live and thought he looked a bit short, but I guess it was just because he looked pretty round

  20. SlickRick

    PHW the worst, wish he’d just refrain from talking football, his comments could of helped cescs decision to leave

  21. John A

    I can’t believe Wenger has found no-one better than Clown, Flappy, Silvestre, Denilson & Diaby.

    It’s not as if he would have had to spend much for an improvement on those muppets !

    Seriously,we all know he’s had the money to spend. We’re not asking him to put us in debt but £7M for example would have secured the services of Shay Given. Instead we are left with Clown & Flappy !

    I love Cesc and if he stayed another year, I’d back him 100%, but the fact of the matter is that Wenger has fucked up big time. It’s too late to change us into a winning team in the space of a year, so I can understand why Cesc wants out now rather than next year when we all expected him to go anyway.

    So, I say good luck Cesc if you go and thanks for everything. Just make sure that those greasy mofuckers pay up more than £50M or tell them to do one !

  22. Wenger the liar

    A –

    Cesc was lightweight for 2 whole seasons, it didnt work with anyone.

    In relation to PV and Henry I dont think we got bad deals from either, the Cesc situation is totally different though.

    The only thing I would say about PV and Henry is that we should have brought in someone to give us an edge the season PV left and fill the gap his presence had. The TH year we brought in Eduardo (jesus). We let arguable the best player in the history of the club go and we brought in a crozillian, you know why? because wenger didnt have the balls to pay £25m for Torres.

    Mans got no balls!

  23. charliegeorge


    I don’t buy that. ManU don’t sell players like Giggs just because it kills Fletcher. They enhance. It’s just Monaco revisited.

  24. chippy

    Paddy like Henry Pires and Freddie were sold for the simple reason of cutting the wage bill and bringing in some cash before their transfer value dropped any further it had nowt to do with making way for players in my view, And had everything to do with cost cutting,

  25. Master P

    WTL….that team has all of the hallmarks for AW to say ‘we overachived’ once again.

    except that next season, we will NOT finish 3rd with a team like that.

    No fucking chance.

  26. Nirmit

    i seriously hope that arsenal.com come out wit some clarification soon… it is gettin really pathetic… i mean i wld reali want cesc to stay but if he wanna go thn let him go.. v shld get 80 MIL for him… and wenger will keep tat money in the bank account never to use it.. nd thn next season v wil again come 3rd.. WHN WILL WENGER WAKE UP.. ITS HIGH TIME NOW…

    If Cesc Goes to Barca – i wld reali reali hope Real Madrid wins all cups for comin season.. more over cesc will not even get in the 1st team of barca..

  27. ryan

    master p i think you’re harsh to mention song as one of the bad players who can’t compete with cesc.

    as a dm, song has been one of the best in the country over the past 18 months and has been constantly improving. he might not be as good in his position as cesc is in his, but i promise you if cesc is unhappy with the standard of his fellow midfielders it won’t be song who he will feel has let him down. on the contrary without song in the team we usually look defensively MUCH worse and virtually can’t play without him. take cesc out the team and you could put arshavin in his place and put nasri or rosicky on the wing in his place. sure we don’t have anyone quite as good as cesc, but we wouldn’t be much worse if we did that. and in fact i’m sure cesc will be very disappointed with our lazy russian for only putting in 10 odd really good performances all season. even the most biased of song haters would be an idiot to say arshavin has had a better season than song. in fact song is one of the few players who has challenged fabregas for player of the season along with the verminator.

  28. chippy

    So Fiszman, Edelman and PHW are equally abhorrent liars?

    Yep in the case of the 2nd cunt he done more to damage my love of Arsenal than i thought possible he was a class A Cunt that thought all football fans were beneath him, Wanker of the highest level.

  29. Master P

    Nirmit…why are you hating on Cesc like that?

    You should look nearer to Wenger for the root of the problem

  30. Keyser

    Yeah, but they sell players like Beckham and Van Nistlerooy, or Stam, ooh how could we forget Ronaldo.

    Fuck me, it’s one thing moaning about sycophants, but how can you go on to do the complete opposite.

  31. Master P

    ryan, however much song has improved, he is not good enough to be cescs first choice partner in midfield.


    De Rossi? Yes. Mascherano? Yes. Flamini? Yes.
    Diarra? Yes. Song? No no no!!

  32. Wenger the liar

    Chippy –

    100% right.

    Whats funny is that when Arsene says “this team over achieves” does he not realize that what he is really saying is “this team is shit and I knew it was shit before the season started”

    Arsenal should challange for the league every year. In order to go beyond the expectation of the fans we should win the league and CL.

    This is Arsenal, the best and biggest club who charge the most money for entry, who are based in the best city in Europe, in the biggest league in Euroep, in the most important football continent in the world.

    Fucking Wenger has the fans thinking like we are Norwich.

  33. charliegeorge


    And one more thing .. this “killing” bullshit is partly why we’re in this abyss. I have never heard another manager use that crappy expression – not in any sporting code. Like I said, Monaco revisited.

  34. Nirmit

    Master P – I dont hate Cesc… i reali love him.. but its jus tat he shld come out nd be clear of wat r his intentions.. v fans r in dark abt wats happening…

  35. charliegeorge


    You sycophant. They buy better players. We just buy Denilson. It must be feeding time at the zoo!

  36. Keyser

    Is this really Monaco revisited ? Do people even know what happened at Monaco, where’s ‘Lauren’ when you need her.

  37. Keyser

    charliegeorge – Heh, hit a nerve eh, have I insulted you ?!

    If you’ve got a point try to get it across without spitting your dummy out, otherwise you end up looking like a bit of a muppet.

  38. Keyser

    Who have they bought thats better than Ronaldo ? Or a better striker than Van Nistlerooy ? Considering they already had Rooney when he was there.

    Why are people trying to create their own little bullshit cult on here.

  39. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    My expectations are what the players should have as expectations. Unfortunately when your manager tells you that winning isnt everything the players expectations drop – aim for the gutter and youre sure to end up there.

    When GG ran the club I expected to compete every year. Even when we didnt we usually had good cup runs – back when the cups meant something. For five years now I have known we would win fuck all and havent been proved wrong by the genius yet.

  40. chippy

    Yep carnt argue with any of this,

    This is Arsenal, the best and biggest club who charge the most money for entry, who are based in the best city in Europe, in the biggest league in Euroep, in the most important football continent in the world.

    Fucking Wenger has the fans thinking like we are Norwich.

    Remember seeing the other day people saying we should have no right to expect us to be ale to compete with the likes of Bayern what bollocks they charge a tiny tiny percentage of what Arsenal do and the TV rights of the german league is nothing compared to what premier league sides get we should expect nothing less than to be able to compete with the likes of Bayern, Yes chelsea and Man city and Barca and Real are a law into themselves and we cannot compete but we get out spent by the likes of Sunderland !!

  41. slimshady

    AW is too full of himself nowadays, just saw on arsenal.com him describing transfers as only 2% of what his job involves.

    Really?? Can you get any more dismissive than that??

  42. Keyser

    Pedro – Yeah, recently anyone thats got a differing opinion that’s remotely positive is called a twat and told to fuck off to ACLF, you get people starting off posts with sycophant this or that and instead of any meaningful discussion you’ve just got people trading insults.

    You haven’t noticed anything ?!

  43. Pedro

    I don’t really see people getting told to fuck off to ACLF.

    People disagree… typically in the summer, it gets more heated.

    Pretty similar to every other year though.

    We should all talk nicely to each other.

    You can’t tell me you don’t have an aggressive tone to your posts sometimes.

  44. Keyser

    WTL – No mate, we had a conversation last week or sometime, where you said it was just a moniker and what you had to say wasn’t biased in any way, that you could see what Wenger had got right aswell as what he’d got wrong ?!

    It’s like talking about George Graham, if we’d finished 10th or 12th any season in today’s league where we would be as a club ?!

  45. Wenger the liar

    Slim Shady –

    the other 98% involves:

    49% teaching Walcott to remember the ball when running.

    49% trying to show Denilson what a pass to a team mate involves.

  46. Keyser

    Pedro – Heh, agressive tone ? have you seen some of the shite people post on here without being moderated.

  47. Grimandi

    Excuse me guys, I hope I’m not offending anyone.

    I would like to make a point please.


    I Just wanted to say how wonderful it would be to keep Cesc and buy James Milner.

    Thank you.

  48. Pedro

    Keyser, you do come on here sometimes with a chip on your shoulder.

    Not saying you’re the only one…

  49. Keyser

    charliegeorge – I don’t know whether you’re a troll or not, if you’re just a bit thick and can’t help yourself with what you write, I’ve got nothing against you.

    You seem new, so maybe I’ve got you wrong.

  50. Pedro

    Grimandi, no offence taken. I think Milner is a top player.

    Not sure I’d fork out £30mill for his services though…

  51. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    Yes I can see what he has got right – the accounts.

    What people forget is that only the winner qualified for the champions league in GGs day and that was right at the end. If GG had the benifit of having so much extra income compared to his rivals we can only speculate how he would have done.

    I can say for a fact that Senderos would not have been given 5 fucking seasons before he realized he was a shit or even better he may have actually made a man out of him!

    Keyser –

    when we discuss things dont get upset with me (I know your earlier post wasnt relating to me) its only different points of view.

  52. Grimandi


    I think we should be in for a player like Milner, I dont think we ever tried to replace Parlour.

  53. Keyser

    Pedro – Agressive tone, chip on my shoulder, and I’ve probably been banned more times than people who wish tumours on others.

  54. Pedro

    Keyser, I wasn’t there for that and I removed the comment.

    Don’t pretend like those sort of comments are the norm.

    Plus, you’re blogging here and I don’t think I’ve ever banned you?

  55. Dutchman

    Cesc is gone, a father never lies about this things.
    What will arsenal do now??? Buy a replacement!!!! I really think that wenger will stick with nasri-diaby-song midfield!! If he does that, what then???
    He can’t do that and he never will do that, cesc is gone so he will buy a replacement. I say 60m for Cesc.

    gourcuff 20m
    melo 20m
    cahill 14
    green 5m
    Onuoha 8m



  56. Keyser

    WTL – See, it works both ways, he might’ve done better, he could’ve done far worse, considering one of the big reasons he left was because he wasn’t especially good with all the money that was being thrown about.

    Only the winner might have got through back then, but then the leagues far stronger now than it was back then aswell.

    I’m not upset, more annoyed that people who show intelligence and that purport to be telling people how it is and the truth can be soo blind and biased at the same time.

  57. Wenger the liar

    Dutchman –


    “Wenger will make all his signigs before the world cup”

    Thats only cause you know he has already made all his signings!

  58. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    He left because he couldnt resist catching all the money being thrown about and putting it in his pocket!

    Mate its all bollocks anyway. Arsene will be here forever and nothing gonna change whatever me or you post.

  59. Pedro

    Well, I thought Naldo was pretty good when I saw him… but then again, I also rated Mertesacker… many others don’t!

    I’ve never really seen Thiago Silva play for Milan. I don’t follow too much Italian football.

    I don’t think there are too many Milan players I like. Ronaldinho is always fun to watch, Pato is overrated at the moment and the rest are all pretty old…

  60. Keyser

    Pedro – So what, Geoff’s banned me plenty, think about it mate, you’ve got yourself a gimmick and a good line to run with, a site where people like to talk football all day every day, you should be able to take a step back and see what’s wrong with some of the things people say.

    If you choose to ignore it, thats not problem with me, it’d just make any point this blog makes a bit hollow.

  61. Pedro

    Keyser, people make up their own truth when they’re lied to.

    If the club was up front and there was a consistent PR stream from the club, the fans wouldn’t be so disgruntled.

    The truth is we’ve missed a huge opportunity to win some trophies this year despite money being available during both windows.

  62. Pedro

    Keyser, think about what you’re saying.

    Police every single comment 24 hours a day.

    A bit unrealistic wouldn’t you say?

  63. Keyser

    WTL – Heh, dude, if it gets you through the day then it’s all good. Also Wenger’s never had more money then his rivals, right now where we would be ? Because Chelsea and Citeh could definetly outspend us.

  64. Keyser

    Pedro – All I know is, if all I did was turn up whenever we won a game, and said Wenger’s the greatest, he’s the best, we’re awesome, and called anyone who disagreed with that stupid, sycophantic, or a cunt, I wouldn’t last long here.

  65. Keyser

    Actually the little’s gimps gone and now I’m spoiling the blog, I should really take a long hard look at myself.

  66. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    I dont think there is any correlation between the money we have and the amount Arsene spends. As I have several times Arsene is out to prove that he can win it his way with balanced books. He has no pressure whatsoever, PHW – Gazidis – Fiszman have all come out with the bite your hand off comment in the last couple of years (disgraceful). Jose summed it up in relation to Arsene perfectly.

    Arsene was born to manage Crewe.

  67. Dutchman

    WTL, you know that cesc is gone,don’t you??
    I know that you are negative about arsenal but here a question. The midfield of arsenal is at the moment

    This midfield is worse then wigans. I know for sure that we will get much money from the cesc sale.
    And do you think that wenger won’t make changes if cesc is gone. His project is failed when cesc is out(now he is out), wenger has the money(some people have to see that), wenger has now a budget around 40m+cesc sale(60m), that makes 100m.(i think, it will not be much less). Wenger can spend what he wants, with the cesc sale. He will surely buy some good players in midfield and defense, if he doesn’t buy, then he really has to fuck off because if we begin the season with that midfield(see above), then i don’t want to see arsenal this season. What do you think(try to be a little positive, and i know that wenger didn’t make the changes before but he never had thought that cesc will go and now he will, wenger has not had such a bad team in years)

  68. slimshady

    lol WTL.

    Dutchman, what’s with Green in there, I rate him mid-table at most. That aside, anyone else here think, like me, if we had got the mancs draw in the quarters we’d have made the final? Even though we’d have lost, still, Bayern & Lyon especially would not have been a threat IMO.

  69. Pedro

    Keyser, you’re being so over the top… no one gets called a cunt for saying positive things.

    Plus, you love it here. You wouldn’t come back otherwise. 😉

  70. Keyser

    WTL – Mourinho’s another little gimp and I wouldn’t give a Pulis for his thoughts. Even at worst if Wenger was going through with his own ideoligies, at the very worst of his quest for self glorification you couldn’t put forward the idea that we’re somehow the club with the best financial resources in the league.

    If Citeh contine how they’re spending, or Chelsea step it up, then I’m not going to blame him if we lose out.

  71. Keyser

    Pedro – Of course I like it here, don’t think I’m being too over the top, just don’t want this blog to turn into what everyone’s been preaching against.

  72. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    No and I dont either. However as someone said earlier theres a difference between being out spent Citeh and being out spent by Sunderland.

  73. gambon


    Dont you think Cesc has a right to want a trophy?

    Its been a long 5 years sibnce he held one, he has been run into the ground in recent years with nothing to show for it.

    If we were clearly improving I would have more of a problem with him wanting out,, but he’s seeing what we’re seeing…..we’re living groundhog year.

    I find it hard to believe any arsenal fan wants him to leave, but i definately think he’s doing the right thing.

  74. choy

    Gm.. As a fan it hurts that your best player chooses to leave.

    But if you were Cesc, I think you would do the same thing!

    Playing with Messi.. or playing with DenilSong..

    No brainer!

  75. Dutchman

    Of course it’s a pitty that cesc is leaving but if we know for sure that we will replace him with more worldclass players then it was not that bad but will wenger replace him and gallas etc. will he make the changes,if he buys only gourcuff the it won’t be enough for the midfield.

  76. Keyser

    WTL – Weigh it up, what’s the other side to that argument, how many other clubs have built a stadium like ours in that same time span ?!

    Also I wouldn’t really use Sunderland as an example, they’ve spent some silly money over the past few years.

    If we continue to spend less than them or like gambon said the other 19 Premier League clubs, then you’ll have a point and every year that point will get more pertinent.

  77. Stu

    Afternoon…have we signed anyone else yet? Was thinking that if we are to have our signings done before the WC then they will all have to not be playing in it because anyone that is playing in it will be with the national team training and surely unavailable for negotiations.

  78. gambon


    When i said Villa Park yesterday i meant the semi final in 2004 where Reyes was kicked all over the show.

  79. goonermichael

    I couldn’t giv a fuck. All the shit you’ve put up with as an Arsenal fan and it costs you money. Cesc is getting £110,000 a week for his inconvenience so why should I really care. Plenty of people talk about what we all spend on the club and the club pay his wages. He won’t even win anything next year unless he goes to Madrid.

  80. slimshady

    Keyser, still the least AW can do is a keeper. The other positions yeah, chavski & co. could crowd us out and I would accept it, but they’re both most likely not going keeper-hunting, neither are Madrid. Which should leave us as the chavs of the goalie market, what with everybody else being broke. & yeah I know its a sickening description that 😛 lol.

    Get. Buffon. AW.

  81. goonerT1m

    thats the great thing about the site- you can more or less say what you feel, it doesn’t always look great because its a very emotive subject. your talking about a football team we all love and spend thousands of pounds following, do you seriously expect people not to loose the plot sometimes, i believe the site is always well policed and is spot on in the way the burning issues are addressed, well done pedro & geoff keep up the good work.

  82. goonermichael

    Actually cesc has got a right to whate he wants and I’ve got a right to an opinion. If he goes than he’s dead as far as I’m concerned just like my 3 ex wives.

  83. Jaguar

    Keyser says:
    May 25, 2010 at 15:02

    WTL – Mourinho’s another little gimp and I wouldn’t give a Pulis for his thoughts. Even at worst if Wenger was going through with his own ideoligies, at the very worst of his quest for self glorification you couldn’t put forward the idea that we’re somehow the club with the best financial resources in the league.

    If Citeh contine how they’re spending, or Chelsea step it up, then I’m not going to blame him if we lose out.

    Its the case of snowballing effect. Wenger kept on ignoring the basic needs of the team. What would be ideal?Spending 15 extra million for six years,improving the team by a large extent,or spending zilch for six years,and baulking at the need of spending 100 million after six years,in no assurance that it would return any results.

    The man is a big failure,and should step down,if he has any balls.

  84. Pedro

    Keyser, it won’t.

    When I’m by a PC, I moderate comments. I just can’t do it all the time… especially not last week when I was away.

    I’m with GM… I really couldn’t care a crap. Didn’t Arsenal fans have a right to a trophy while he was developing his skill set? He shouldn’t have signed a massive contract if he didn’t want to see it through.

  85. Keyser

    goonermichael – They’re not really dead are they ? Because that’d be a bit of suspicious co-incidence.

  86. Pedro

    The abuse has been a bit out of control over the last two weeks… I don’t like that… and the tumour comment was outrageous. I removed it and he apologised.

  87. gambon

    If cesc goes I hope he wins things starting next year.

    Id much rather Barca won than Real, and Cesc is an awesome player who deserves trophies.

    Wenger sells players who arent good enough for Arsenal, well now a player is leaving cos he’s too good for Arsenal.

    It may be the wakeup call he needed, im sure he thinks all the players buy his bullshit.

  88. Dutchman

    What an absolute bullshit you guys are saying about outspending. Not all rich teams are after the same player, we are rich too, not as rich as chelsea or city but as rich as bayern. We can easily outspend everton or tottenham. We have so much money avaible.It’s a fact. Look at what charliegeorege said, the board has so many times said that we have much money. Wenger has so many times said that we have much money. We are now told that we have more money then ever, so ,SPEND IT!!

  89. Pedro

    ‘There are certainly attractive clubs abroad. In particular, clubs that have been playing for years in the Champions League,’

    Mertesacker is a Gooner, we’re always in the Champions League.

  90. Pedro

    Gambon, gutted though I may be at the thought of losing Cesc.

    I think long term it could be a good thing.

  91. Stu

    If Cesc leaves i wont be wishing him any luck. I wont begrudge him going but i dont want Barca winning anything, whether Cesc is there or not.

  92. Keyser

    Stu – I’m with Pedro, I think you need to live your life for a few more years yet, before you hear the ways of the world and all it’s darkest whispers.

  93. Pedro

    Stu, his team finished 3rd and were 9 goals off Bayerns concede total. I’m pretty sure he formed the best partnership in the league the year prior and he’s a first choice for Germany.

  94. Stu

    I tell ye! Its too fucking hot out. Not today especially but the last few days have been unbearable…fucking sun!

  95. Rocky89

    My view for what its worth (I knoiw I am not that regular on here) is that we never should have been in a position where our best player, our talisman, one of the hardest workers on the pitch and a guy who you can clearly see loves Arsenal, has got to the stage where he completely wants out and cant be persuaded otherwise. (His Dad’s quotes today suggest this is the case.)

    IMO Wenger has completely mismanaged the Team and now we are left with “back to square one” scenario.

  96. gambon

    Dont like Mertesacker, he looks like Rodney Trotter.

    Rather sign Westermann, much better German.

    Along with Cahill, Buffon, Van Der Wiel, Melo, Gourcuff & Hazard.

    That would be an outstanding summer, and would give us the best team and maybe squad in the PL.

  97. Keyser

    If I was Fabregas I wouldn’t want to leave without winning something before I go, I’m 23, paid as much as anyone around and would want to prove that I’m good enough to be a winner no matter what challenges I face.

    The only way I’d leave is if the offer is too good to refuse and right now it could be, there’s probably only one other team in World football that could offer Fabregas the same oppurtunity, or similar, as Barcelona and they play in the same league.

  98. Pedro

    Rocky, I think we could cope.

    We did after Thierry left… we can do it again.

    However, if Cesc did leave, the squad would need a major overhaul and some quality signings.

  99. Stu

    Really Pedro, Well before this past season he was shit. Maybe he got better…doubt it though. He and Metzelder are definately the weak links in the German team..they were awful in Euro 08. Either Tasci or Boateng will displace him imo.