We are about to 16% owned by a billionaire from Nigeria, that’ll learn ’em.

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Mr Dangote logging on for his daily dose of Le Grove

When I first started supporting Arsenal, we were owned by Dennis Hill-Wood, a proper English gent, a war hero and a good and honest man. Boy how things have changed.

The Bracewell-Smiths have been replaced and the sensible Hill-Woods are long gone, we now have his gaff strewn son, who owns a handful of shares, we have an American that doesn’t really support Arsenal and an Usbek, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, now it seems we are about to get a Nigerian billionaire, well it finally looks like Arsenal football club will be rewarded for their prudence, imagine the board meetings!

I know nothing of this chap and am making no comment about his character because I don’t know anything about him, but what a mixture we will be, how on earth will that lot agree on anything???

All the money that Usmanov and Kroenke have, why didn’t they buy Nina’s shares? You really have to question them letting 16% go to another billionaire, what a buggers muddle. Financial prudence is now about to be replaced with expensive and explosive bun fights and what will happen next is anyones guess, if someone can find a positive in that lot I’d like to hear it.

A woman’s scorn eh Nina!

The Cesc Fabregas show

It seems now that the Cesc deal won’t happen as Barcelona have no money, there’s a surprise, we are now being linked with about a 1,000 players as you would expect, but here’s my take on who we should and who we shouldn’t buy.

Keepers – Hart, Buffon, Schwarzer or no-one, I would prefer Hart as I think he will be England’s next number one, my guess, no one.

Defenders – Chiellini, Cahill, Sackho, Mertesacker, Hangeland and Taylor, I would take any of them as I think they are all better than no one and with Gallas and Silvestre sure to go we need someone. My guess, we’ll sign one.

Midfielders – Gourcuff, Melo, Silva and Arteta, well he seems to rate Melo and we do need another DM and I rate Gourcoff and Silva, me I’d have all 3 and get shot of Denilson, Arteta is 28 and a crock, leave well alone. My guess, we’ll sign one.

So as long as we sign 4 of the above I think we’ll keep Cesc and be a real threat next year, clear out the deadwood and keep the young players we know will make it. It’s time to get it right on the pitch Arsene, with the arrival of Mr Dangote to the Arsenal, I don’t think we will be the same ‘Bank of England’ club anymore, but I think the era of winning nothing will not be rewarded with new contracts either, maybe this is a good thing for us the supporters, either way, if this chap buys Nina’s shares, things won’t ever be the same again.

Have a great day Grovers, the next couple of months promise to be a roller coaster ride.

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  1. SUGA3

    as for that Ajax thing: PV got schooled by them as they just had their day and that is what we do: on our day, we can make any team look like muppets, but it is nowhere near consistent enough to offer a real challenge…

  2. SUGA3

    Reyes wasn’t the most popular player in the team, was he?

    brilliant player though – shame the TH clique looked down on the illiterate Spanish gypo…

  3. incesc

    wasnt it just henry who hated reyes.

    Titi was going through that god complex stage when reyes arrived

  4. SUGA3


    think of the senior squad back then – all Henry’s chums, Reyes would hang out with the likes of Hleb and Cesc – met them a few times in nightclubs…

  5. incesc


    you should stick up for your team mates on the pitch whether you like them or not.

    i guess thats a different argument.

    I see fabregas is training for spain, so hes not on holiday on a small island with no phone or internet access unaware of all the bullshit like i hoped.

  6. Stu

    The way Reyes was kicked around at OT was nothing short of disgraceful. United were just sheer thugs that day and to top it all off won by cheating. Disgusting tactics by a disgusting club.

  7. SUGA3

    second that Mark, Nasri has a good few goals in him, but he did not exactly set the league on fire this season, did he?

    let us hope it is merely a case of ‘second season syndrome’ and that same goes for AA…

    a digression:

    Stevie Me said they ‘got into Mexico’s faces and stopped them playing’ in the second half – fuck me, someone tell this idiot it was just a friendly…

  8. incesc

    nasri can be sublime at times, (ususally in the champions league) but he didnt have the character when it really mattered and he was thrust into the main spotlight due to cescs injury. In all honesty he had to play midfield vs the best passing team in the world and and arsene didnt really set us up to stop them. I think the barce game demoralised a lot of our players.

  9. zeus

    Can I just say that Sergio Aguero just from a goalscoring point of view is better than EVERY forward we have at the club. (That was not meant to slag of our players, just giving the guy a compliment)

    In terms of overall contribution only RVP is better than him. If we really aren’t gonna be arsed on the defensive side, might as well get a forward that will allow us to outscore the opposition.

  10. Stu

    Whats that Gambon? Im talking about the 2-0 that ended our unbeaten run. What happened at Villa Park? (apart from it being windy as fuck and the ginger fucker scoring..right?)

  11. ethangunner

    E12 GUNNER says:
    May 24, 2010 at 20:02

    The tight arse club!!
    i was at one of them just the other night 🙂
    plenty of tight …..


  12. zeus

    Unconfirmed reports on goal.com is that Angel di Maria has signed for Real Madrid for 40m euros.

    1. I hope its not true because he will get next to no playing time.

    2. This is exactly why Mourinho can’t be successful at Madrid; they just buy all the attacking talent they want and then the manager has o make it work. Adding to the fact that Jose is very pragmatic, I see this turning out to be an EPIC fail.

  13. ethangunner


    im sure the moanin’ho knows very well the setup @ real, if he cant get control of the hire and fire im sure he wont entertain the appointment ..

    unless he has CONTROL ….

  14. ethangunner

    someone who would be good for REAL is wenger ..

    he could do what you ask him of above , hell im sure he’s doing the same thing here more or less ..right now , as the board obviously wont let him buy kaka or alike ..

  15. zeus


    He won’t get that privilege I”m afraid. The Prezi runs things and thats final. The just bought di Maria (unconfirmed) and I’m positive he wouldn’t have been on a Jose list of transfers in had he already been installed as manager.

  16. ethangunner

    Barcelona targeting Arsenal’s Emmanuel Eboue – report
    24 May 2010 18:58:00

    Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has set his sights on signing Arsenal’s Emmanuel Eboue in the summer, according to the Daily Mail.

    The Spanish giants have only one right-back on the books at the Nou Camp, with centre-back Carles Puyol having to cover for Dani Alves when he is unavailable.

    Eboue has proved since the arrival of Bacary Sagna that he can play in midfield when needed, which could also be a factor in Guardiola’s reported interest.

    According to reports in Spain, Schalke’s Rafinha, Cristian Ansaldi of Rubin Kazan and Osasuna defender Cesar Azpilicueta are also on Barcelona’s shortlist as cover for Dani Alves.

    Eboue has also been linked with a move to Roma and was thought to be the subject of a bid from the Italian side in the January transfer window.

    However, if a move to Barcelona was to materialise, it would probably take place later in the summer as Eboue is set to play in the World Cup with the Ivory Coast.

  17. ethangunner

    di maria isnt a bad player ..
    but i do concur , i can see jose fight tooth and nail
    if he isnt in control .

    concur totally doomed to failure …

    wenger however the yes man .. NO !

  18. zeus

    This is my futile attempt at a campaign to bring Aguero to Arsenal. (Its late, no one’s on anyway)

  19. zeus


    Its Abromovich buying Shevchenko to the 10th degree all over again.


    BENZEMA IS THE FUTURE SO HE MUST PLAY AS WELL. Where does the pragmatic players fit in?

  20. ethangunner

    BENZEMA IS THE FUTURE SO HE MUST PLAY AS WELL. Where does the pragmatic players fit in?
    theres going to be a diarra in every team ..
    wenger needs to identify those who didnt get a chance who have the ability and bid on them ..

    because AFC doesnt have the abundance of talent that others top clubs have in reserve ..

    song might of improved but he still isnt up to scratch V’s top shelf opposition .

    he fucked it at man U – the chev’s and barca ..

    woeful games the lot of them really .

    once wenger realizes they are still not the finished article the better ..

    the DM spot is a tough position .. you have to be so
    consistent or your left to look like a fool ..

    i know its unforgiving . its like clichy can play good for 89 minutes and do 1 fuck up a game and be castrated for it .

    song to me is similar .. or even worse .. as he seems always 2 steps behind .

  21. ethangunner

    people complain about theo – jack – vela …

    but lets face it .. they have had fuck all chance to shine .. playing well is about playing every week to get used to conditions not given 1 start every 4 months and 3 minutes at the end of each match we are winning .

    you need to play theo jack and vela as much as athe marmites then you can compare apples to apples !

    and i tell you jack – vela – and theo are California peaches compared to the marmites .

    problem is if wenger lets them all shine they will all fuck off anyhoooooo

  22. ethangunner

    theo was plagued by injury and juring his abscence the whole team dynamic has changed ..

    no ade to feed , the play is more intelligent ..

    think about it people !

    theo has raw talent at at his age he is hardly pushing 24 …

    if he remains fit , and is played regularly expect big things from him , if he isnt played regularly DONT ..

    but my point is its all down to wenger who plays , and this is the issue i have with wenger …

  23. ethangunner

    there wont be a bid , theres a list of players from wenger to choose from !

    its not like cesc costs say … 100 quid 🙂
    and they hand it over…. deal done …

    its more like 50 quid plus pick a player or 2 ….

    im sure AFC have got something in writing … but are now trying to work on cesc staying!!! as 30 mil is a pittance ..

    and other than yaya who wont come because he is an Arsenal hater , wenger probably isnt interested in the others on offer …

    id take bojan myself .. but maybe wenger is done with young spanish boys 🙂

  24. ethangunner

    we will only find out the situation when all is resolved ! you know the score with the clubs hush hush attitude .

    AFC are trying to keep cesc , and there are more variables in play than that .. the club has never came out and talked about issues whilst they are in action .

    how long have you been a fan ?

  25. Stel

    @ the end of the day there is a figure we cant say no at for cesc… prob about 45 imho.. re theo ethan how much longer do we give him 2 seasons three four? when do we make the hard decision for many on here including myself i beelieve he has had his time… ethan whwre’s ur mark?

  26. sixx pac

    I agree re theo and vela. I remeber last season when we had the run of 5 scoreless draws. When theo came back from injury the offense was re lit. He brings a spark to the side. Passion too

  27. ethangunner

    stel give him 6 months with no injuries …
    regular starts on the wing ..

    and lets see …

    he was doing ok the year prior with ade ….
    scored his hat trick with England .. then was out for a long time ..

    the whole team dynamic changed back to the hleb days of intelligent passing .. and he is playing effectively in a new setup again with limited chances …

    sure he aint the finished article either ..
    but he’s quick and he can finish …

    he needs regular games tis all ..

  28. Stel

    i didnt like hleb either mate yes he had moments of absolute jaw dropping brilliance but was frustrating most of the time… fair enuf with theo but some1 needs to tell him… maybe that’ll do it… teddy u have till the next transfer window to prove urself.. might send him an email hey lol

  29. ethangunner


    definitely agree theo NEEDS to shine this season ..

    i think he will .. if wenger puts his ill directed faith into players like theo – vela – jack – rambo – wellington , he wont go too far wrong …

  30. ethangunner

    meant to say ….

    if wenger puts his ill directed faith into players like denilson , theo – vela – jack – rambo – wellington , he wont go too far wrong …

  31. ethangunner

    wenger just needs to play his best and bench the rest ..

    sell them preferably for the chance to get 1 or 2 REAL subs …

  32. ethangunner

    wengers bench has let him down for 2 or 3 seasons now ..

    thats just as important to have players who can change a game on the bench as against, i cant play any of these 7 fools !

    he rests them at 70 minutes for fatigue reasons only , nothing tactical comes from wenger during the game , he’s a fucking spectator 99% of the time .

    another wenger fault ..

    id like to see him coach .. not manage ..
    or he needs a better no. 2 /.

  33. David

    Pedro says:
    May 24, 2010 at 11:10
    QoS, nothing wrong about the love a man has for his goat…


    Cant believe i missed the banter this morning!!

    Speaking of goats…and Fucking goats…

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    According to The Sun, Arsenal are weighing up a £14 million bid for Bolton Wanderers centre-back Gary Cahill.

    I think the key words here are “weighing up” 😉

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal have told Barcelona they can sign Cesc Fabregas – for £80 MILLION.

    The Gunners will not consider selling their midfield superstar to Barcelona until after the World Cup – even though he has already told manager Arsene Wenger he wants to rejoin his boyhood club.

    The Catalan giants were hoping for a quickie £30m deal allowing the Spanish international to concentrate on the World Cup – but Arsenal have made it clear they will not budge.

    Boss Wenger is still privately hoping to price Fabregas, 23, out of a move.

    A top Arsenal source told The Sun: “This could go all the way to August 31 and it won’t help anyone.

    “The ‘will he, won’t he’ situation could be similar to the one we had with Patrick Vieira almost every summer until he went to Juventus.

    “But of course the consequences of a late deal could be serious, particularly for Arsenal. Their planning for the season will be compromised since there will not be time to find and, more importantly, bed in a replacement.”

  36. Stel

    and apparantly… Lyon attackers Lisandro Lopez and Miralem Pjani? have a fan in Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger who reportedly may consider making a move for the pair this summer. Having seen his side miss out on silverware for the fifth straight season the Gunners manager is keen to bring in new faces to his north London squad and to that end has already snapped up Marouane Chamakh and is set to add more signings in the forthcoming transfer window.

    27 year old Lopez has had a fine first season at the Stade Gerland scoring 24 goals, including most impressively seven in the Champions League run that took the French side all the way to the Semi-Finals. Miralem Pjani? has matured into a phenomenal prospect this term. The 20 year old Bosnian has had an astounding season and is the type of adaptable player that Wenger covets.

    Neither are household names and are the kind of players one can imagine the Emirates boss making a move for given Arsene’s penchant for bringing in talents he can then mould into the type of ‘total football’ players he likes to fill his squad with.

    Money does not appear to be an issue as the Arsenal manager has been promised significant funds to improve his side this summer and given that the £26m pair would surely jump at the chance of a move to the Premier League perhaps this deal could well come to fruition.

  37. chozzer


    some more words/phrases for the glossary….

    in a heartbeat
    simple as
    beast of a defender

  38. Pat

    Hleb says Cesc should stay with Arsenal and not give up hope. If team can stick together, Hleb believes we can challenge till the last day.

    I wish we can have him back. Such a great footballer. I’d like to see how he’d work in our 4-3-3, something like this:

    Sagna Gallas Verm Clichy
    Cesc Song Hleb
    Chamakh RVP Arshavin

  39. Gooby

    get muntari from inter/sissoko from toulouse/de rossi from roma/toulalan from lyon. that’s the class we need

    get buffon/frey/akinfeev/lloris

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Cesc has been told a whole lot of bullshit by Barca for years now. They will stick him on the bench & isn’t guaranteed a Cup if Maureen goes to Real. & besides he ain’t going anywhere if Barca don’t pay the recommended fee.

    It was humiliating taking the whipping that they gave us in the CL quarters, now they can get a bit of their own medicine, the spanish wankers 😆

  41. Yon

    I think we will keep CESC! The problem is that I think he will suffer a low because he had his personal best season. (~19 goals… ~18 assists if I’m not mistaken).

    ———Van Persie————–

    Subs: Bendtner, Nasri, Denil, Diaby, Walcott, Djourou,

  42. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood admits he is ‘very surprised’ that the club have yet to receive an offer from Barcelona for Cesc Fabregas.

    Barca must be skint if they can’t make an offer for their golden boy. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  43. Pat

    Akinfeev is terrible. Can’t hold onto shots and flaps at corners. Rather keep the rubbish we have than add even more rubbish.

  44. ethangunner

    more like the offer came in monday morning and hill-wood knows fuck all about it 🙂

    for good reason ,

    to stop him from opening his mouth …

    well it obviously hasnt worked 🙂

  45. gnarleygeorge9

    Names! Names! Names!

    I have complete confidence in Arsene Wengers eye for talent. I just don’t have confidence in him wanting to spend on that talent 😉

  46. ethangunner

    well pat we will see soon enough , its only a matter of time before an EPL side pick him up …

  47. Gooby

    i am assuming that cesc isn’t leaving so those i would add to the squad.

    i never believed cesc is leaving.

    i off, later fellas!

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    Birthday Boy

    I won’t waste my time, I have complete confidence in Wenger. But I will say spend some cash you stingy Frenchman.

  49. ethangunner

    gooby cesc is leaving .. to be sure …

    SILENCE is golden ..

    hill-wood wouldnt be still flapping his face if he had already won !

    he is just baiting them ..for cash. in typical hill-wood we dont want the yanks money form !

  50. darrenchallis

    Cesc : Listen to your mate Hleb, he knows what it’s like to sit on the Barca bench and play in the Spanish Cup.

  51. gambon

    Hleb isnt close to good enough, and the only position he could play is in the Cesc role.

    We need an athlete in there nextto Song, not another skinny attacking midfielder.

  52. darrenchallis

    Barca saw what Real did with Ronaldo, they are trying to line up next summers signing now, they have no money. Cesc would be mad to got to Barca because as good as he is, he will be used as back up.

  53. ethangunner

    gnarleygeorge9 says:
    May 25, 2010 at 08:46

    Birthday Boy

    I won’t waste my time, I have complete confidence in Wenger. But I will say spend some cash you stingy Frenchman.
    i feel your pain , i wouldnt want to guess either mate !
    but if by some of the names being thrown about it looks like the wenger of old ..

    its amazing what the diff in talent scouting having i bit of money makes 🙂

  54. ethangunner

    gnarleygeorge9 says:
    May 25, 2010 at 08:46

    Birthday Boy

    I won’t waste my time, I have complete confidence in Wenger. But I will say spend some cash you stingy Frenchman.
    i feel your pain , i wouldnt want to guess either mate !
    but if by some of the names being thrown about it looks like the wenger of old ..

    its amazing what the diff in talent scouting having a bit of money makes 🙂

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    Cesc won’t go birthday boy, coz his little mateys won’t come up with the dosh. In otherwords, they don’t think he is worth as much as we think he is worth. Yet they taunt him. Grow up Cesc, Barca are patronising you.

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    ……….& get the money outa your back pocket Arsene, its time to show who’s boss. Stop being a stingy wimp.