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You can take it or leave it, but after 3 years of blogging and sorting people out with tickets you build a nice little network of contacts. I know some good people that give me little snippets every now and then. One of those contacts spoke with me last night. He’s not involved in the Cesc deal but works in agent circles. According to what he’s been hearing, Cesc is aware that he is tied down to a massive contract and in a David Villa style show of… err… loyalty? He is fully accepting that if Barca don’t bid what we want for him, we wont let him go.

So basically we don’t have a sulky brat player on our hands. Which is good news because that means we’ll get the best deal. Cesc wont hand in a transfer request because if he does, he’ll lose out on his 10% cut. Barcelona wont be able to afford him if he doesn’t ask to leave because there is NO WAY WE’LL SELL OUR STAR MAN FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN £50million.

Yep, I stuck that in bold because I was cyber shouting.

That Bally-gay article read well until he mentioned the £30million price tag. That’s when I knew he was up to no good. I’ve no doubt Cesc would go if he got the chance, but never, ever for a price that is a mere £6million more than Ade went for.

I’ve been thinking about how this deal could benefit us, if I didn’t, I’d be self harming.

Firstly we could use the swap deal mechanism. If Barca are skint when it comes to purchasing Cesc, let’s get a couple of players in exchange. There is no way they’ll be able to buy Cesc any other way. They’ve probably spent £200mill+ over 3 seasons, the mad bankers in Spain have to step in at some point.

I propose firstly we sign Yaya Toure. He’s big, powerful and a winner. He can play the Arsenal game and he’s an imposing figure. One of the best in the business at underpinning a fancy team. No one would bully us with him in the middle and he’s at the right age to give us the best of his career.

I’d also request Chygrynskiy as part of the deal. He was part of the Europa Cup winning Shaktar team and he cost Barca the princely sum of £28million last year. He has pace, tonnes of aggression and more importantly, he is 6ft3. The giant Ukrainian is in his mid-twenties and he’d make a superb partner for crowd favourite Tommy V.

So right there you’ve just addressed two very weak areas of the team. I’d argue that you’ve improved the team even with the main man leaving.

Right, now comes this tricky part that could have me labelled an AKB. Could we go into next season without recruiting a cesc-placement?

Aaron Ramsey for me will be a far more dynamic player than Cesc. He tears around the pitch with more venom than our Spaniard ever has and he was beginning to look the real deal before he was Shawcrossed. His break was in the middle of his leg so I can’t imagine we’ll get Eduardo like ramifications with pace. As for the mental side… again, I think Rambo is a different beast. He’ll be back and he’ll be meaner than ever. It wont take long for him to start scoring goals and he certainly has the range of passing to match Cesc in the near future.

Then we have Jack Wilshere. I know, I know, he’s very young. However, he turned into a bit of a superstar towards the end of his tenure at Bolton. He’s added more power to his game and he looks to me like a real fighter. He has more vision than the oracle and he has that magic we all love in a player! I’m not suggesting he takes on the role of central midfielder, but if you had a midfield of Yaya, Rambo and Jack… you’d have far more creativity than Diaby, Denilson and Song. Instead of buying one superstar, you’re limiting the loss of Cesc by adding two lots of creativity at 60% of his level.

My last suggestion for the role of playmaker is Arshavin. His engine was clearly produced in the same factory as the famed Lada, but I think that has more to do with motivation than anything. Could our lazy Russian recapture his magic played down the middle. If all the attention was on him and he was the star of the show, could he match Cesc? Well, I’ll leave that for you guys to decide!

The one thing I don’t think I could handle is Wenger suggesting Nasri, Denilson and Diaby will be ready to take over the reigns. Diaby can’t find consistency and has never set to Premiership alight with assists. Nasri has shown glimpses of his ability but for me he lacks hunger where it counts… on the pitch. Not that it’s lacking off the pitch if you catch my drift!

Denilson? Don’t make me laugh…

Failing that there are three names I’d imagine are under consideration.

Gourcuff, the ex-Milan creative midfielder. He is  a truly wonderful talent who has the lot. He is a big chap at 6ft1, he can shoot and his passing range is close to Cesc’s. He’s available for £22million but we’d have to be quick as Manchester City are circling. If Wenger has an inkling Cesc will be off, let’s act now instead waiting until every other club has done their shopping.

Then there’s Arteta.

Cue groan

Well, the Spaniard would be available, he’s a crock and he’s had previous success in the Premiership. In his prime for Everton he managed 9 goals and 13 assists. That’s a pretty good record! His appearance stats have a RvP like familiarity… he averages around 30 games a year which would be a big risk considering the problems the rest of our players suffer. Still, his signing wouldn’t be the end of the world even though he is a bit old at 28.

Finally, with my boldest suggestion of the post… Kaka!

Yep, for me, if we’re going to replace, let’s replace with unadulterated world class talent! Is there a more complete footballer sitting on the bench anywhere in the world? I think not… The guy is a dream to watch, he’s a good Christian boy and I heard he’d vote Tory if he got the chance. Seriously though, he would add more samba to our style with his ability to run with the ball, his goals and skill of bringing the best out of his team mates. Not to mention he likes us…

“Arsenal and Manchester United are different from the other English teams.”

Manchester United and Arsenal are more agile. They let other teams play and they play too,

Oh don’t Kaka, you big flirt!

Arsene, if there was even a hint that we could do a player (Denilson) plus cash deal for this man, you should do it! He’s on a downer at his club and we know how Madrid like to dump world-class players for a greatly reduced fees!

Chuck him in with the new keeper we’re due to sign and jeez… we’re looking like one hell of a team!

Our style of play could remain, but the attitude and strength in depth would improve.

Could Cesc leaving be good for Arsenal in the long term? Why not let us know in the comments!

Le Chump of the year is announced tomorrow… Have a great day!

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  1. Stu

    Sol shouldnt be a starter. He might be good enough but not reliable enough fitness wise to be a starting CB for a club that play a high line and up to 60 games a season.

  2. Kreshnik

    remember though that King Sheikhs are not that rich in the first place because they are fans. Obviously the PR crap helps because they don’t expect straight money back but publicity instead, but hard cash going and not coming back is a bit hard to swallow, ESPECIALLY for the rich.

  3. Stu

    Kreshnik, some of these shieks are so rich they just buy a club so they can play Football Manager in real life. A couple of hundred million isnt much to them when they are multi billionaires.

  4. SFOGooner

    more worrying than cesc leaving is the fact that other targets don’t seem interested in coming to arsenal.

    yaya,arteta and now lloris have said they are not interested ..

    it could be wages or the lack of trophies or both ..

  5. choy

    Yaya is probably hurt that wenger rejected him a couple of years ago.. so thats why he is still so bitter!

  6. nishanth

    Chamakh was supposed to be in london like 3 days back.How long does it take for us to complete a signing

  7. patthegooner

    Got to admit, since the initial mass media frenzy

    I get more and more positive that Cesc will stay as each hour passes.

    The revelation about their debt today is shocking. They simply can’t afford him unless it is on the cheap.

  8. patthegooner

    Dont think we will see it until the 1st June when the window officially opens and his contract ends with Bordeaux Nishanth

  9. Stu

    Yeah ptg. I dont know why the club dont just say we’ve signed him…if in fact we have.

    It annoying how we always play by the rules and generally let other teams walk all over us without complaint.

  10. nishanth

    But most of the other clubs revveal their signings before the window opens.Who knows we might have already signed buffon!!

  11. Stu

    If we wait until after the window officially opens to tell about our signings and the selling club dont then we will look like planks for waiting so long.

  12. Marko

    Yes to Yaya even though his agent seems like a bollocks, no to Crygrynski cause I think a Zapata, Kjaar or maybe Subotic to be better. Hell no to Arshavin replacing Cesc sometimes he gives the ball away too much. Ramsey is the man to eventually replace him. Even though I think he’ll stay cause the whole story is all on the back of some spanish hack’s words I think Dzagoev, Diego, Mesut Ozil and Yoann Gourcuff all have the similar guile and creativity of Fabregas, they also contribute with 10-15 goals and 10-15 assists a season too like Fab.

  13. Pat

    Out of all the names listed as Cesc’s replacement, I am shocked no one has mentioned Marek Hamsik. He’d be my #1 choice, easily ahead of Gourcuff.

    Speed, dribbling, playmaking, defending, he has it all. Very complete midfielder

  14. Big Dave

    This is the latest news coming out of Spain

    Barca will not go over the 30 mil mark for Cesc.

    So that’s that then, deadlock situation.

    Will stay for one more year

  15. Dom

    loving what you said about ramsey. i wonder when he’ll score his next arsenal goal. will be a ‘coming of age’ moment and i think he might get the confidence to go into overdrive and improve massively towards the end of next season

  16. 78692

    Arsenal Transfer Prospect: 5 Midfielders that Could Replace Cesc Fabregas

    by Callum D’Souza Written on May 20, 2010

    With the inevitable departure of Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas to his boyhood team Barcelona, manager Arsene Wenger will be eager to find a quality, suitable replacement for his irreplaceable midfielder.

    When Fabregas does officially depart the Emirates, the Gunners are set to receive a hefty amount ranging from £35-50 million. This will enable Wenger to have a firm grip on the transfer market and allow him to get what he wants.

    There are many talented midfielders around Europe who could mitigate the loss of Fabregas, and who could cost under £20 million.

    1. Yoann Gourcuff-Bordeaux £15-25 million

    The immensely talented midfielder had another strong season with French giants Bordeaux, and is emerging as the favourite to replace the Arsenal captain. The 23 year old is fast and ambidextrous, with an incisive passing game and impressive vision.

    Similar to Arsenal starlet Samir Nasri, the Frenchman can be played along the midfield or as a winger and second striker. Many clubs are chasing the former AC Milan playmaker, but with Arsenal set to have cash to spend, Yoann Gourcuff looks the best replacement for “Cesc.”

    2. Marek Hamsik-Napoli £15-25 million

    Marek Hamsik is almost like Napoli’s equivalent of a Cesc Fabregas. The Slovakian has all the tricks of the trade and is a born playmaker. Blessed with speed and quick feet, the 22 year old is a real handful in attack. Hamsik would be an adequate replacement for Fabregas as the former Brescia man boasts good creativity and passing.

    Napoli are keen to keep their Slovakian dynamo, but if a suitable cost is evident the Italian giants may reconsider.

    3. Yaya Toure-Barcelona (Included in Fabregas deal possibly)

    Regarded as the man Wenger would most like to replace his Spanish playmaker with. The brother of former Arsenal captain Kolo Toure, is who Wenger eyes as the potential replacement.

    Toure boast tremendous strength and defensive traits as well as having a solid creative side which involves neat, simple passing and strong ball play. However, reports suggest the Ivorian is not keen to transfer to the Emirates and desires to stay at Camp Nou.

    4. Mikel Arteta-Everton £12-20 million

    The Everton playmaker is also another valid option to replace Fabregas, and one Wenger is highly keen on. For 5 years now the Spaniard has been an inaugural part of the Everton attack, conjuring up moments of brilliance as well as delicate balls and touches. However for a bizarre reason the 28 year old has failed to represent for his home country Spain.

    Arteta would be a strong option as he would fill the void left with his footballing wits and ability to be a handy goalscorer would aid the Arsenal team.

    5. Diego-Juventus £15-22 million

    The Portuguese sensation has not had a memorable début season with Italian giants Juventus, and with the Le Zebre failing to qualify for a spot in European duties next season, Diego could eye up a move to Arsenal were he has an opportunity to play in the best league in the world and play Champions League football.

    The 25 year old is a born goalscorer as well as a deadly playmaker. Although the former Werder Bremen midfielder showed glimpses of his talent whilst with Juventus, the footballing world has seen what Diego is capable of and what he could bring to Arsenal.

    There is a slight chance Fabregas may not depart the Emirates and will continue to perform for Arsenal in 2010/2011, but if the inevitable does occur, these 5 are emerging as the best replacements.

  17. zeus

    Arsenal have def. fallen down the pecking order when it comes to top class players. Only kids see us as first choice now and ‘lesser’ footballers trying to use us as stepping stones to make their moves to Barca and Real and AC Milan.

    Don’t think we can do much about it an even Ronaldo left when Utd was winning for fun.

    The only prevention method is to hope for a strong crop of British talent. British ballers tend to be xenophobic/very apprehensive about going to play abroad. In recent times only Hargreaves comes to mind.

  18. CanGunn444

    Hargreaves doesn’t count as he was born in Canada, grew up there and signed a contract with Bayern as a teen, once he established himself in Germany, England came calling… But otherwise I agree, Ramsey, Wilshere, JET, Lansbury, Afobe, Aneke and all will be less tempted by Barca and Madrid then Spanish or Portuguese players…

  19. CanGunn444

    Gambon- I agree, Gourcouff would be my preferred choice if, and to me, that’s still a massive IF, Arsenal let Cesc leave… Gourcouff has the size and experience to be successful in the PL…

  20. kumbi

    agreed. the moment wenger knows cesc is exiting, stage left, we should buy. and buy quality. cue gourcuff.. and other such wishlist candidates. i’d hate another flamini-lassana-gilberto arsenal moment.

    arshavin has been far from my mind, in that he hasn’t seemed too bothered.. 4-3-3 or whatever you could pin it on – however, his central participation in attack sounds appealing.

    what if nasri had no fecking option but to shine at CM, and wenger stopped jerking around, shoving him in the wings?

  21. lukeechong

    i hearing to many players but no leaders. i dont want a swap deal unless the player that is leaving wants to join us. ibramhimovic is good striker and i would go for him plus 50 million. but we dont need a striker. I wish for Kaka but he going no were.

    I believe if were going to buy let buy leaders and winners. yaya tour good but he is no leader. i would Like to see Di Rossi or the midfield pair of Valisco and Mouthino of sporting lisbon. Leaders that will no what to do when things are not going right. Even Gago, or Guti. ok i KNO GUTI…., but who are we kigding? that we can atract big players easily, with no david dein it hard to persude any high calibre player to move especially wen wenger has not signed a contract.

  22. goonermichael

    Barca are basically saying they want Cesc but they can’t afford to pay what he’s worth. They sound like Wenger. Can we call them senile old cunts than? (I will anyway the classless dago shitheads)

  23. gambon


    You can call them senile, but not LeSenile, thats reserved for a french mug we all know & love.

  24. goonermichael

    Webb is doing the CL final. What a fucking joke the man is an imbecile with man united poster on his bedroom wall. The cunt

  25. gambon


    Im not sure. The way i see it he has said he wants to go, we have slapped an £80m price tag on him, which is fair enough. He will be allowed to go if Barca meet that, but i cant see them doing that.

    I think realistically he’ll go there for £40-50m next summer.

    But i really wouldnt be surprised if he left late after the WC.

  26. 78692

    The Top 9 men who could replace Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal

    With Barcelona circling around Cesc Fabregas like a starving vulture , manager Arsene Wenger – despite his public protestations that his captain will be going nowhere – is surely eyeing up possible replacements for the Spanish superstar.

    So who might be on that list? Football Spy runs it’s eye over the runners and riders…

    1) Mikel Arteta (Everton)
    Wenger is a known admirer of the Everton star, who has developed into one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League. The 28-year-old has been at Goodison for six years and is a firm crowd favourite and manager David Moyes is keen to sign him to a new extended contract. At 28, however, Arteta knows his next deal will be the most important one of his career and he could be tempted by a switch to north London and the lure of Champions League football.
    Chances of it happening: 6 (out of 10)

    2) Lassana Diarra (Real Madrid)
    The French midfielder won over the Real Madrid fans in the second half of this season after initially being viewed as ‘Lassana who?’ when he first arrived in Spain from Portsmouth in December 2008. Such is the constant state of flux at the Bernabeu, however, that who knows whether he has a long-term future, especially as there is sure to be another change of manager in the summer with Jose Mourinho arriving. Diarra originally left Arsenal for Portsmouth in January 2008 because he was frustrated by a lack of first-team football. That would not be an issue this time around.
    Chances of it happening: 6

    3) Marek Hamsik (Napoli)
    The Slovakian playmaker is already on the most-wanted list of a number of Europe’s leading clubs. Hamsik, who prefers to play in the hole behind the front men, has modelled himself on Czech schemer Pavel Nedved and shares the former Juventus man’s eye for goal and for the subtle killer pass. One potential stumbling block is the fact that his value to likely to rocket if he impresses for his country in South Africa this summer and Wenger would be reluctant to meet Napoli’s expected £30million asking price.
    10 things you need to know about Marek Hamsik
    Chances of it happening: 4

    4) Stephen Ireland (Manchester City)
    City’s Player of the Year in 2008-09, his stock fell immeasurably over the course of the past campaign as he found himself out of favour under Roberto Mancini. Has been linked in the past with Liverpool and Arsenal and both are likely to be casting covetous glances towards Eastlands this summer.
    Chances of it happening: 7

    5) Felipe Melo (Juventus)
    Wenger is a known long-term admirer of the Brazilian holding midfielder and tried to sign him from Fiorentina back in 2008. Melo joined Juventus instead – in a whopping €25million deal that also saw Marco Marchionni go the other way – but has struggled to make an impression in Turin, to the extent that Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano voted him the worst player of 2009. That said, national coach Dunga still named Melo in his 23-man squad for the forthcoming World Cup (no messing around with provisional 30s for the Brazilians), and his travails this season mean Melo – and Juve – would be well-disposed to a move. Arsene, get your chequebook out…
    Chances of it happening: 9

    6) Mark Noble (West Ham)
    The Canning Town-born 23-year-old is a Hammer through and through but, after a season of turmoil at Upton Park, he might be open to the idea of a move. Co-chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold have already announced that every player, except Scott Parker, is available for transfer so that’s hardly likely to fill Noble with confidence. Having played 20 times for England at Under-21 level, he knows his chance of breaking into Fabio Capello’s senior squad would be massively improved if he were playing on a bigger stage at the Emirates week-in, week-out.
    Chances of it happening: 7

    7) Mesut Ozil (Werder Bremen)
    The left-sided midfielder was the star of Germany’s European Under-21 winning side last summer and has now broken in to Joachim Loew’s starting team. Quick, intelligent and with an eye for goal, the Werder Bremen man gave a glittering display in the crunch win over Russia in Moscow in October that sealed Germany’s place in this summer’s finals. Just like Hamsik, however, Wenger may find he is out of his price range if he impresses in South Africa.
    Arsenal transfer target Mesut Ozil: 10 things you need to know plus video of him in action
    Chances of it happening: 4

    8) Yaya Toure (Barcelona)
    Stories have suggested that the Ivory Coast star will be used as a makeweight in the deal to take Fabregas to the Nou Camp, even though he is not a like-for-like replacement. Toure is more of a holding midfielder, more effective breaking up opponents’ play than creating openings at the other end. His agent also insists there is no chance of a move to London for his client, stating firmly: ‘Toure is not Cesc, and nor is he going to replace him. He will not be going to Arsenal.” There, that told us.
    Chances of it happening: 3

    9) Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
    Given his naturally parsimonious nature, Wenger may decide to trouser all of the £30/£40/£50million (delete as applicable) that Barca will eventually be forced to cough up for their former trainee and choose to promote from within. The precocious Wilshere has all the tools to do the job – except the experience, of course – and proved during a loan spell at Bolton this season that he’s got the mental and physical toughness to cope with the demands of the Premier League. Don’t rule it out.
    Chances of it happening: 8


  27. goonermichael

    Although it’s only speculation that he wants to leave he hasn’t come out and denied it like he usually does.

  28. incesc

    its getting a bit sad that all the best players in world football are ending up at just 2 clubs in spain.

    barce got 99 points for fuck sake and madrid came 2nd with 96…

    bit too far isnt it.

    how the hell can the afford it

  29. Ray in SF

    I think we should get Gourcouf anyway…the Cesc thing is Barca’s ‘cunning plan’ to get Cesc early

    create a soap opera this year and at the end of summer everyone on the Arsenal side thinks it’s a great thing that Cesc is staying another year, when in fact they get Cesc two years early

    Cesc and Gourcouf in the same midfield could be quite awesome and a very nice way to transition to Cesc’s actual departure

  30. incesc

    and why are so many wankers in the press saying we are going to replace fabregas with melo or toure.

    why would we replacer our playmaker with a defensive midfielder??

  31. Pat

    John Cross:

    Think Barca will make move for Cesc soon. But #Arsenal standing firmer than firm. Admire their stance and increasingly I think they can win

  32. Stu

    Imagine if the worst happened and Cescs contract eventually ran down and just left on a free. 😯

    I want Gourcuff in regardless of whether Cesc stays or goes.

  33. incesc

    “This is the latest news coming out of Spain

    Barca will not go over the 30 mil mark for Cesc.

    So that’s that then, deadlock situation.

    Will stay for one more year”

    either that or they offer us 50 million on the last day of the transfer market and our greedy board pocke the money…

  34. Stu

    786, why do you copy and paste the whole article and the link too? Surely it should be one or the other?

  35. incesc

    Stu that would be awesome!!!

    5more years of cesc over money in arsenes pocket any day of the week.

    thats almost my dream scenario

  36. gambon

    If you look at Sandro Rosell’s statement on the debt today he’s talking about €50m for Cesc, so i dont think they ‘cant afford’ him, i think they are weighing up wether to sign him, and that decision wont be made until theres a new president in place.

    Theres no realistic way to get Gourcuff & Cesc in the same team, nor would you want to.

  37. Stu

    They are just a bunch of pricks. 65m for Ibra at 28, 35m for Villa at 28, up to 40m for Alves etc etc yet they refuse to bid over 30m for one of the best midfielders in the world and who is only 23?? And all just because they think they are entitled to bring him “home”.
    Well i’ve fucking got news for them…arsenal is his fucking home. Its where he lives, where he grew up and we took a chance on him at 16..they didnt seem too bothered about him leaving at the time. He left, he is ours…they can fuck right off.

  38. Stu

    Probably not Gambon, both are attacking midfielders. However, before this season Cesc was a CM, i dont see why we couldnt play 2 attacking CMs…if we really needed to. But probably not realistic.. DAMN!

  39. Pedro

    Stu, you are so cool now you’ve got CSS skillz.

    QoS, I hope that’s the deal… if Barca can’t afford him this year, they’ll never be able to.

  40. Stu

    Anyone here watch Juventus regularly enough to have a solid opinion on Christian Poulsen? Seems aggressive and a battler in the middle and is experienced and versatile. Anyone?

  41. zeus

    Is 50m really enough for Cesc? We should sell him 2 years before his contract ends though. The last thing we want is to lose him on a free.

    That is 6 years away though.

  42. Stu

    Not this whole glass half full or empty thing QoS. From you of all people! I thought you always looked at things in Context.

  43. Pedro

    Nor would a sane Cesc want to sit on the bench for 3 years…

    No real reason to leave imo.

    Well, bar our lack of ambition and Alex Song’s loud music.

  44. gambon


    If you read the whole rosell article he goes on to say that they are still to decide whether to spend another €50m on Cesc, so they can afford at least €50 if they want him enough.

  45. zeus


    Can only go by what people write about the players often and he seems to be one of those regularly being torn a new one by writers.

    They have done it to Melo and Diego as well so you never know.

  46. Queen of Suburbia

    Part of supporting a club is blind Gambon. It can’t be an entirely rational decision, otherwise everybody would support the most successful club.

    It’s emotion, it’s belief and yes it’s faith.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  47. 78692

    Bolton Wanderers star Gary Cahill leads Arsenal FC boss Arsene Wenger’s centre-back hunt

    by Geraldine Lagard. Published Thu 20 May 2010 20:10

    Arsenal FC boss Arsene Wenger is reportedly looking to revamp the centre of his defence with Bolton Wanderers defender Gary Cahill heading the list.

    The London Evening Standard claims William Gallas looks set to leave and Sol Campbell’s age rules him out as a long-term solution.

    It also seems that Wenger is less than convinced that Mikael Silvestre is capable of playing at the highest level.

    Along with Cahill, it is understood that Neven Subotic of Borussia Dortmund and Senegalese centre-back Pape Diakhate are also being considered.

  48. craig

    stu, i agree with you m8, barca are just a bunch disrespectful spoiled cunts, they didn’t see n e fin in cesc thats why they let him go at 16, wenger got him and turned him in to the player he is now, an they think they can just bid 30m and expect arsenal 2 sell coz they got him from them, no we saw wot they didn’t so hard fucking luck,

  49. David

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    May 20, 2010 at 15:51
    Theo missed out on at least half a dozen more assists last season thanks to Nik B.

    He gets a harsh press on here because of his salary, he’s doing ok


    Davids COTD! (Comment of the Day)

    And a surprise Winner!

  50. Morse

    pat, fuck that, Wiltshire is a legend in the making, alot worse players then him have been given a chance, ie, fatty nasri and Rocick-note

  51. Pedro

    Guys, could you take a look at Geoff’s cat in the side bar and comment on him.

    He reckons the cat has been ignored… kind of like Merida.

  52. David

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    May 20, 2010 at 21:26
    I love Nik, Pedro, i know he only misses chances occasionally to ruin Theo’s stats. For a laugh


    Naa…I have a theory.

    He’s just Shite

  53. RT.Z

    My source is tellin me that

    silvestre = possibly 1 year extension
    cambell = definite 1 year extension
    gallas = gone
    denilson = gone
    almunia = gone
    fabianksi = 1st choice keeper
    rosicky = possibly gone
    eduardo = definitely gone
    clichy = possibly gone

  54. Greg Goon

    I think we should replace pat rice with George Graham!

    In my opinion that would allow graham to concentrate on defending and let the french stubborn manager to let his foreign lads run around dancing all day at training!

    I am sorry but I am very gratefull for what wenger has done at arsenal – believe me he has brought us success, he has made us a new stadium with his business ethics, he has also brought in players for nothing and sold them for vast sums.

    Looks set to get us out of debt!

    comon 600 million down to 175 million in 4 years that is some business – do not forget that!!!

    But I do not think that in the way the game has changed wenger has not he still believes that we will score more than the opposition!!!

    Teams know how to play us we are to predictable… every game we play is a carbon copy of the game we just played lol – just different shirts!

    I dunno, wenger is one of the best managers in the game but his youth policy is not working!!!

    You need top quality players alongside youth to make it work… like the days of bergkamp, henry, pires, ljungberg… all these players teach younger players what it is to be a star!!!


  55. David

    Oh hell no…

    Dont take away my Nikki B slating liberties.

    Fuck me…I know this is a socialist society but..!!!!!

  56. RT.Z

    Wenger doesn’t believe he has the right attributes for Arsenal, thats why he is signing Melo to replace him.

  57. Big Dave

    So the chavs have identified 2-3 players . Great.

    Is it me or do some players seem to be turning us down, years ago I remember players were falling over them selves to joining us

  58. Pedro

    QoS, I’d love to… but David is too ingrained into LG society… I was looking back through the comments, there a lot of people who’ve been blogging on here for a long time!

    Choy has been on here almost every day for 2 and a bit years!

  59. gambon


    I have a sauce, and he tells me that your ‘source’ doesnt exist.

    Then again maybe I should stop talking to Ketchup bottles….it gets lonely sometimes!

  60. 78692

    Maradona runs over cameraman
    Head coach runs over reporter in Buenos Aires
    Last updated: 20th May 2010

    Argentina coach Diego Maradona insulted a cameraman after accidentally running over his leg ahead of naming his final World Cup squad.

    The journalist was hit by Maradona’s car as he drove his Mini into the Argentine Football Association (AFA) training complex in Buenos Aires on Wednesday.

    The 1986 World Cup winner then shouted abuse at the cameraman for getting in the way of his car.

    “What an a**hole you are,” Maradona shouted from the car after braking, “How can you put your foot under the wheel, man?”

    Paramedics attended to the cameraman who was taken away for further treatment.

    Media at the gates of the conference were seeking comments from the Argentina boss on his selection of players in the 23-man line-up for the World Cup in South Africa this summer, which he handed to the AFA.

    Argentina will take on Nigeria, South Korea and Greece in Group A of the tournament.


    Haha the guys a legend.

  61. David

    I have to give it up to you QOS

    If you can see hope in the talentless like Denilson…its no wonder you’re convinced by project youth.

    Reading up the comments…Project Youth is not a disaster. But it will be if Cesc goes.

  62. RT.Z

    We are signing the following

    Cahill = £12 million
    Silvestre (Like a new signing possibly)
    Campbell (Like a new signing definitely)
    Felipe Melo = £14 million
    Chamakh (Oviously free)

  63. Stu

    Pedro, knower of everything, is there any way of finding out when someone made their first comment on here? I was wondering when i started on here but havent a clue where to start….

  64. Mayank

    The Cesc thing has presented a conundrum, Cesc’s departure would be a nail(final?) in the youth policy but at the same time it highlights the need for academy kids who grow up to love Arsenal more than any other club.

    Just hope Cesc stays long enough for Ramsey to take the reins.

  65. gambon


    I needed that time to find out how to do fancy writing!

    Not to mention the fact that ive just lost $800 gambling!

  66. Queen of Suburbia

    Christ i don’t remember David, i had pretty mixed views on Ade I would think.

    He was that kind of player, wasn’t he? Capable of brilliance and in equal measure massively frustrating.

  67. Pedro

    Stu says:

    2008/08/10 at 14:43
    Didnt read most of the other 100 or so comments so someone else might have suggested them but i think we need cana and chiellini. Im a new fan of Cana having watched some clips of him and he is a beast. He fights for the ball with all he’s got. He would also get the players around him motivated, rilled up for a real battle. No1 would try kick us off the park anymore because they would be too afraid of Cana.
    also, Chiellini looks to be what we’re missing. He is a big, ball-winning, no-nonsence defender. Plus he’s Italian and we all know they love to defend.
    I would love to see this line-up next season:

    Fabianski ( more commanding than Manu)


    Adebayor SUBS: johan, manu, eboue, song, Nasri/theo, vela/dudu, nikki b

  68. David


    No explanations necessary! I actually like being called a piggish racist akb! After all we are all huge racists on here arent we…and definately akb’s!

  69. choy

    Ade wasn’t naturally very talented, he did have the physical attributes though.

    His hard work made him the player we all liked.

    Once that was gone all was left was his EGO!

  70. Mayank

    I don’t know shy but Stu’s comment really made me laugh.
    Like when you see the fashion trends of yesteryear.

  71. David

    Well since i didnt know you at the time…I can definately say there are many on here that hated Ade…even right bang on until he scored the amazing bicycle kick at Villarreal…

    Just as we have our favorites…we have our not so favorites…its part of the set up.

    Denilson has Zero talent though.

  72. Queen of Suburbia

    Did anyone read the article on Untold couple of days ago? There was a suggestion that there is a group of 4 or 5 ip addresses posting anti-arsenal comments all the time in rotation?

    Have you ever noticed anything like that Pedro?

  73. Mayank

    Adebayor is probably going to make a name from himself post-thirty, when he becomes mature enough to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around him.