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You can take it or leave it, but after 3 years of blogging and sorting people out with tickets you build a nice little network of contacts. I know some good people that give me little snippets every now and then. One of those contacts spoke with me last night. He’s not involved in the Cesc deal but works in agent circles. According to what he’s been hearing, Cesc is aware that he is tied down to a massive contract and in a David Villa style show of… err… loyalty? He is fully accepting that if Barca don’t bid what we want for him, we wont let him go.

So basically we don’t have a sulky brat player on our hands. Which is good news because that means we’ll get the best deal. Cesc wont hand in a transfer request because if he does, he’ll lose out on his 10% cut. Barcelona wont be able to afford him if he doesn’t ask to leave because there is NO WAY WE’LL SELL OUR STAR MAN FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN £50million.

Yep, I stuck that in bold because I was cyber shouting.

That Bally-gay article read well until he mentioned the £30million price tag. That’s when I knew he was up to no good. I’ve no doubt Cesc would go if he got the chance, but never, ever for a price that is a mere £6million more than Ade went for.

I’ve been thinking about how this deal could benefit us, if I didn’t, I’d be self harming.

Firstly we could use the swap deal mechanism. If Barca are skint when it comes to purchasing Cesc, let’s get a couple of players in exchange. There is no way they’ll be able to buy Cesc any other way. They’ve probably spent £200mill+ over 3 seasons, the mad bankers in Spain have to step in at some point.

I propose firstly we sign Yaya Toure. He’s big, powerful and a winner. He can play the Arsenal game and he’s an imposing figure. One of the best in the business at underpinning a fancy team. No one would bully us with him in the middle and he’s at the right age to give us the best of his career.

I’d also request Chygrynskiy as part of the deal. He was part of the Europa Cup winning Shaktar team and he cost Barca the princely sum of £28million last year. He has pace, tonnes of aggression and more importantly, he is 6ft3. The giant Ukrainian is in his mid-twenties and he’d make a superb partner for crowd favourite Tommy V.

So right there you’ve just addressed two very weak areas of the team. I’d argue that you’ve improved the team even with the main man leaving.

Right, now comes this tricky part that could have me labelled an AKB. Could we go into next season without recruiting a cesc-placement?

Aaron Ramsey for me will be a far more dynamic player than Cesc. He tears around the pitch with more venom than our Spaniard ever has and he was beginning to look the real deal before he was Shawcrossed. His break was in the middle of his leg so I can’t imagine we’ll get Eduardo like ramifications with pace. As for the mental side… again, I think Rambo is a different beast. He’ll be back and he’ll be meaner than ever. It wont take long for him to start scoring goals and he certainly has the range of passing to match Cesc in the near future.

Then we have Jack Wilshere. I know, I know, he’s very young. However, he turned into a bit of a superstar towards the end of his tenure at Bolton. He’s added more power to his game and he looks to me like a real fighter. He has more vision than the oracle and he has that magic we all love in a player! I’m not suggesting he takes on the role of central midfielder, but if you had a midfield of Yaya, Rambo and Jack… you’d have far more creativity than Diaby, Denilson and Song. Instead of buying one superstar, you’re limiting the loss of Cesc by adding two lots of creativity at 60% of his level.

My last suggestion for the role of playmaker is Arshavin. His engine was clearly produced in the same factory as the famed Lada, but I think that has more to do with motivation than anything. Could our lazy Russian recapture his magic played down the middle. If all the attention was on him and he was the star of the show, could he match Cesc? Well, I’ll leave that for you guys to decide!

The one thing I don’t think I could handle is Wenger suggesting Nasri, Denilson and Diaby will be ready to take over the reigns. Diaby can’t find consistency and has never set to Premiership alight with assists. Nasri has shown glimpses of his ability but for me he lacks hunger where it counts… on the pitch. Not that it’s lacking off the pitch if you catch my drift!

Denilson? Don’t make me laugh…

Failing that there are three names I’d imagine are under consideration.

Gourcuff, the ex-Milan creative midfielder. He is  a truly wonderful talent who has the lot. He is a big chap at 6ft1, he can shoot and his passing range is close to Cesc’s. He’s available for £22million but we’d have to be quick as Manchester City are circling. If Wenger has an inkling Cesc will be off, let’s act now instead waiting until every other club has done their shopping.

Then there’s Arteta.

Cue groan

Well, the Spaniard would be available, he’s a crock and he’s had previous success in the Premiership. In his prime for Everton he managed 9 goals and 13 assists. That’s a pretty good record! His appearance stats have a RvP like familiarity… he averages around 30 games a year which would be a big risk considering the problems the rest of our players suffer. Still, his signing wouldn’t be the end of the world even though he is a bit old at 28.

Finally, with my boldest suggestion of the post… Kaka!

Yep, for me, if we’re going to replace, let’s replace with unadulterated world class talent! Is there a more complete footballer sitting on the bench anywhere in the world? I think not… The guy is a dream to watch, he’s a good Christian boy and I heard he’d vote Tory if he got the chance. Seriously though, he would add more samba to our style with his ability to run with the ball, his goals and skill of bringing the best out of his team mates. Not to mention he likes us…

“Arsenal and Manchester United are different from the other English teams.”

Manchester United and Arsenal are more agile. They let other teams play and they play too,

Oh don’t Kaka, you big flirt!

Arsene, if there was even a hint that we could do a player (Denilson) plus cash deal for this man, you should do it! He’s on a downer at his club and we know how Madrid like to dump world-class players for a greatly reduced fees!

Chuck him in with the new keeper we’re due to sign and jeez… we’re looking like one hell of a team!

Our style of play could remain, but the attitude and strength in depth would improve.

Could Cesc leaving be good for Arsenal in the long term? Why not let us know in the comments!

Le Chump of the year is announced tomorrow… Have a great day!

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  1. darrenchallis

    Walcott could be the new Micheal Owen, he may be needed in the World Cup, up front. If he plays there Wenger may no be able to ignore him in that position. Hang on a minute what am I saying, he could score 15 goals and Wenger would switch him to right back.

  2. RT.Z

    Real Madrid fear being gazumped by Premiership clubs for Valencia winger David Silva.

    The Daily Mail says Real want to rush through a deal for Silva because of fears that Manchester City and Arsenal will enter the race for the Valencia midfielder.

    The Bernabeu giants believe they are close to a £17million deal and want the business wrapped up in the next few days to prevent them being usurped by interest from the Barclays Premier League.

    It has been speculated that Manchester United will renew their interest, while Liverpool were also keen to do a deal last year, but Madrid’s biggest fears come from moneybags City and an Arsenal side that are looking at potential successors to Cesc Fabregas.

  3. RT.Z

    Real Madrid midfielder Rafael van der Vaart admits Robin van Persie has attempted to get him to Arsenal.

    Van der Vaart insists he wants to remain in Madrid, despite his admiration for the Gunners.

    “Robin van Persie is a good friend of mine, both on and off the pitch. We keep in touch all the time. However, we had an argument during our time with Holland under-21. We were both fighting for the playmaker role,” said Van der Vaart to NUsport.

    “He’s really eager to play in the same team as me now though and even asked Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to sign me. I’m kind of proud that a big player such as Robin did something like that.

    “I seriously considered leaving Real Madrid for Arsenal. They’re a great club with some exciting players. Nevertheless, my situation at Madrid then changed and I stayed at Real instead.

    “It’d still be fun to play together with Robin at club level, but that will only happen if he comes to Madrid,” joked Van der Vaart.

  4. KM

    I’d like to ask …how many of u think :

    Walcott will be better in a 4-4-2 as striker?

    Walcott will improve slowly as the RF in this formation?

    Walcott is shite & is destined for failure?

  5. RT.Z

    Arsenal last night hit back at Barcelona as they battle to cling on to their talismanic skipper Cesc Fabregas.

    The Premier League club said Fabregas is going nowhere unless the Spanish giants stump up a fee in the region of the £80million that lured Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid from Manchester United.

    Barcelona had hoped to unveil both Fabregas and David Villa at the Nou Camp tomorrow and believe they have agreed terms with the Arsenal player.

    His club, however, remain in no mood to do business despite the 23-year-old telling Arsene Wenger on Tuesday that he wants to quit the Emirates to go back to his boyhood team.

  6. KM

    For me Walcott,Diaby,Denilson & Bendtner are enigma’s, sometimes they produce moments of magic but then 85% of the time they are awful

  7. choy


    Walcott, Vela, Eddie are kinda lost in this 433 system.

    They need to be playing up top, with a big striker.

    I also think Nasri, Arsh, Rosicky have been the victims of not being able to play in their natural position.

    Diaby and Denilson to an extent as well.

  8. RT.Z

    We Should Sign The following:

    David Silva = £17 million
    Van Der Vaart = £10 million
    Joe Hart = £8 million
    Kjaer = £10 million
    Cahill = £10 mullion
    Lionel Messi = £100

  9. darrenchallis

    Walcott knows were the goal is, but on the wing he is a one trick pony. He has to be sat on the shoulder of the last defender and with passes threaded through by RVP /Cesc/Ashavin or Chamack holding the ball up or knocking the ball down for him. Otherwise forget it and sell him to Juve.

  10. Dutchman

    But i hate it that wenger has sadi that we will make the signings befoe the WC and then no one has signed yet! Even chamakh isn’t confirmed! It’s ridiculous, arsenal is making me crazy, first tell that we will make signings before the WC and then….
    Wenger won’t make the signings which we need, he will be to stubborn, and we end with only chamakh!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!

  11. Dutchman

    Oh and if that happens, then we will finish outside of the top four!! Wenger said that he will make defensive changes but nothing changed!!! FUCK WENGER!!

  12. SongtheGreat

    doesnt anyone else get it…we have won zip(well on cup)with cesc in the team,and what do we do…we give the rest of the players the blame,its not that easy…with cesc we have become a one man team…everything circles around him…heey no surprise we’re seem abit lost without him in some games…
    get rid of cesc and lets be a TEAM again…
    lets get the balance back…

  13. NiXKiX

    I think Bendtner will be a more consistent permormer at the top level than theo.. I think Theo is going the joe cole way..minus the trix… and minus the intellegence… minus.. oh well…

  14. A

    choy with eduardo i agree.

    For me though Theo and Vela are two of the reasons for the change in system. They’re neither forwards in 4-4-2, nor wingers. 4-3-3 allows them to play as wide forwards, which will suit them down to a tee, if they ever manage to stay fit for a sustained period of time!

  15. Walking Wounded

    I am amazed that Ayling was out of contract at such a young age.

    That is a bit careless, as he had potential. I agree that he was never going to be a superstar but a solid simple defender.

    Good luck to the lad.

  16. SongtheGreat

    KM spot on…4-4-2

    and the playmaker role should be given to Rvp…and lets get a firm and balanced midfield….like in the good (old)days..

  17. KM


    I feel the same way too hence why i think if Cesc does go to Barca we need to play Wally as a striker with RvP/Chamakh or Arshavin feeding him throughballs

  18. darrenchallis

    Theo has a better first touch that Ade ever did and for that matter Bentner. He has the pace not to worry about the line on offsides. He can finish, but can not dribble or cross all that great. That sounds like a striker to me and he’s ten times better than the spud strikers England have. I really hope he gets a chance.

  19. zeus

    I’d also request Chygrynskiy as part of the deal. He was part of the Europa Cup winning Shaktar team and he cost Barca the princely sum of £28million last year. He has pace, tonnes of aggression and more importantly, he is 6ft3. The giant Ukrainian is in his mid-twenties and he’d make a superb partner for crowd favourite Tommy V.

    Chy-fucking-grynskiy. What have you been smoking. He is the perfect example of how shit barca are with money.

  20. KM


    my team would be :

    ——Arshavin (Walcott)
    Ozil—-Yaya/Melo——Nasri(chamakh)Hazard 😉

  21. SongtheGreat

    Geoff….something must have happened with that ayling situation…either the lad has done something stupid which i doubt…or wenger is clearing out…and a new CB is on his way…

  22. A

    Trouble with ayling was that he was never going to be that great, so after getting his first pro contract, there was no point in extending it really….

    He’s another connolly.

    Bartley is far better, and Miquel, Boateng coming through behind him there was no point offering him a new contract really….

  23. Walking Wounded

    Theo does get into good crossing positions an awful lot, but he was always crossing aimlessly, but hold on…

    Who was ever in there to bury the chances?

    Now imagine Chamakh, who from what (limited) footage I have seen, knows how to play as a Centre Forward and will be in more useful positions.

    It is the same fro Clichy and Sagna, I admit a good 50% of their crosses are wasted, but the remainder there is often only one person to aim at, who is often waiting for scraps rather than attacking the ball.

    A striker like Chamakh might blossom at Arsenal, and make better players of Sagna, Walcott, CLichy, Eboue etc.

  24. Trevor

    Dutchman, we haven’t signed anyone yet because the international transfer window isn’t open yet.

    Well, obviously there could be other reasons too but that is kind of a sticking point.

    In other news. I certainly haven’t given up on Theo either.

  25. darrenchallis

    KM. Cesc is one of the best at putting balls through to strikers ( and he hasn’t left yet) , the only trouble is without RVP there was no one to finish them off. And Bentner well the least said about how many chances he had the better.

  26. Walking Wounded

    When is the INternational Transfer WIndow open then, Trev?

    I need to book the day off of work and get hopelessly excited at all the rumours.

  27. Pedro

    T-Buzz, got your funnies e-mail the other day… I’ve retired the funnies for a bit!

    It’ll be back in the summer!

    QoS, a dozen more assists? Nik B is clinical as they come… can’t believe you’d insinuate such a thing!

  28. SD-London

    I do appreciate how the Arsenal board is managing the club in making sure we are self sufficient. But i just noticed an oversight and i think it might have cost us many trophies, at least 3 in the past 5years.
    My point; The board should have given Wenger at least £50million like 4years ago(after dissolving the invicibles)to strengthen the team with world class players with good contracts added.Then no need to buy anybody for the next 4years(now).
    We have gone 5years without a trophy and Wenger will have to spend now, whether he likes it or not, therefore Arsenal making profit or not wouldn’t have affected the need to spend up to £50million anyways(4years ago).
    We might still have Henry,Flamini,Hleb,and maybe 4 other world class players added and Song,Walcott , Ramsey, Diaby,Gibson,Wilshire will be learning the trade and seizing their opportunities when it comes (which is the way it should have being anyways).
    I think Wenger and the board got it wrong in setting priorities.

  29. Pedro

    Theo needs to work on his final ball, his decision making and he needs to learn how to take the ball around someone with more skill than knock and run really fast.

  30. SD-London

    I do appreciate how the Arsenal board is managing the club in making sure we are self sufficient. But i just noticed an oversight and i think it might have cost us many trophies, at least 3 in the past 5years.

    My point; The board should have given Wenger at least £50million like 4years ago(after dissolving the invisibles)to strengthen the team with world class players with good contracts added.Then no need to buy anybody for the next 4years(now).

    We have gone 5years without a trophy and Wenger will have to spend now, whether he likes it or not, therefore Arsenal making profit or not wouldn’t have affected the need to spend up to £50million anyways(4years ago).

    We might still have Henry,Flamini,Hleb,and maybe 4 other world class players added and Song,Walcott , Ramsey, Diaby,Gibson,Wilshire will be learning the trade and seizing their opportunities when it comes (which is the way it should have being anyways).

    I think Wenger and the board got it wrong in setting priorities.

  31. Trevor

    Theo’s pass for Cesc’s 2nd against Villa was awesome (hopes I recall it right and it was him). And that game when he set up 4 or 5 goals for NB52 who decided not to score any of them for a laugh.

    It doesn’t sound like much admittedly but there is definitely more than just the pace.

  32. Walking Wounded

    Assuming the money was there then SD! There are more press stories on the comings and goings within the CIA then there are factual ones about Arsenal’s transfer funding and policies over the last 5 or so years.

    Bloody hell guys I don’t have that many days available!!!

  33. gambon

    Theo will be the worst player in South Africa if he goes. He was out of his depth in the U21 champs last year.

    Bendtner no doubt needs to improve, but he has a pretty decent record for a striker whos just turned 22.

  34. choy

    Theo will be fine, he’s not going to be lionel messi, but he will be a pretty useful player.

    Our Attack is fine,

    I am more worried about Song’s replacement/backup, a CB or two and a goalkeeper!

  35. Arse&Nose

    Anyone going to the emirates cup?

    I can’t bring myself to buy a ticket as it will just ease the pressure on the board and Wenger to buy.

  36. Walking Wounded

    We should all go and show the team the fans are ready for the new season and that we are behind the players!

    With this post today, it seems the performances towards the end of last season are fading away from memory. A lot more relaxed.

    The board and Wenger however are not to be allowed to forget, so if they fail to invest, adequately, we should set up our own Manure Newton Heath protest, so we go along and support the team but show our dissaffection towards the board.

  37. chippy

    Ive been naughty and stolen this of the Online Gooner but im sure they wont mind,
    These figures are fucking scary and i will say Wengers done a remarkable job in keeping us where we are taking these into account, Now thats not defending him because hes had money recently and should have fucking spent some But the board should be asked where the Fuck is all the money going and gone ?

    No wonder we are gradually getting worse where the fuck is the investment in the side ?

    Being Out spent by Fucking Burnley ! says it all how much are there season tickets ???

    Net Spend 04 – 09………Purchased……Sold…………. Nett

    1 Manchester City £292,750,000 £71,900,000…£220,850,000
    2 Chelsea…………£267,950,000 £123,300,000 £144,650,000
    3 Liverpool………..£247,730,000 £134,080,000 £113,650,000
    4 Tottenham ……..£259,000,000 £162,250,000 £96,750,000
    5 Aston Villa………£130,200,000 £37,255,000…£92,945,000
    6 Sunderland……..£105,080,000 £30,400,00… £74,680,000
    7 Stoke City………..£39,100,000 £10,095,000 £29,005,000
    8 Manchester United £188,650,000 £161,050,000 £27,600,000
    9 Everton…………..£102,100,500 £78,200,000 £23,900,500
    10 West Ham……….£94,145,000 £71,325,000 £22,820,000
    11 Hull……………….£22,415,000 £2,975,000.£19,440,000
    12 Fulham…………..£59,925,000 £40,725,000 £19,200,000
    15 Birmingham City £60,800,000 £41,825,000 £18,975,000
    14 Bolton…………….£42,400,000 £26,300,000 £16,100,000
    15 Wolves……………£22,075,000 £15,575,000 £6,500,000
    16 Burnley…………..£10,505,000 £8,625,000 £1,880,000
    17 Blackburn Rovers£49,052,000 £57,290,000 -£8,238,000
    18 Wigan ……………£57,850,000 £66,250,000 -£8,400,000
    19 Portsmouth……..£92,200,000 £107,240,000 -£15,040,000
    20 Arsenal………….£112,050,000 £138,320,000 -£26,270,000

  38. Rohan

    haha, I loved Dave T’s story earlier about it all being a super plan/cover by Wenger. If it were true, it would be the stuff of legends.

  39. chippy

    The Yids in the last 5 years alone have spent 120 million pound more than us and that is with a smaller ground many less corporate tickets and no Champions league football !!!!

  40. Walking Wounded

    Bringing up my favourite hobby.

    You’ve got to laugh at Liverpool.

    Net Spend of £113,650,000.

    NO wonder they are in debt and crippled!

  41. Queen of Suburbia

    chippy – the investment has been in the stadium and in the youth development programme i would suggest.

    A really intering comparison would be the wages and transfers spendinging (in and out) of all the clubs over the last 5 years….

  42. Walking Wounded

    that’s before the Scouse have spent the wages that they have. I mean Gerrard must be on a massive salary to afford a lawyer who got him off of that assault charge!!!!

  43. Gunners The Stunners

    When will the FA announce 2010-11 EPL fixtures? Does anyone know?

    Last season, it was announced on 19th June but this year is World Cup year. Don’t know if they will do it during the WC or either before or after.

  44. RayGooner

    To be realistic when it comes to new players you can only look at each season (with Wenger as manager) how many of the new players he bought that went straight into the first team on a regular basis (and really made an impact) in their first season…

    Patrick Vieira

    Nicolas Anelka
    Marc Overmars
    Emmanuel Petit

    Fredrik Ljungberg
    Nwankwo Kanu

    Thierry Henry

    Robert Pirès
    Sylvain Wiltord

    Sol Campbell

    Gilberto Silva
    Kolo Touré

    Jens Lehmann
    José Antonio Reyes

    Robin van Persie

    Alexander Hleb
    Emmanuel Adebayor

    William Gallas
    Tomás Rosický

    Bacary Sagna

    Samir Nasri
    Andrei Arshavin

    Thomas Vermaelen
    Sol Campbell

    Never more than 3 players each season and often only 1 or 2…

    To hope that we’ll get more than 3 players that will have an impact to the first team is just wishful thinking i’m affraid…

    Chamakh is done, and i think he will have a great impact…
    Other than him, i think maybe just 1 or 2 more (A GK and a CB)…
    Nothing more than that…
    Of course we might get a few youngsters that might come good and make an impact 2 or 3 years from now, but that’s not we need…

  45. Walking Wounded

    The Spuds are backed by an anonymous Sugar Daddy!

    But I heard from a decent source that Chelsea are not in such a good financial position as everyone thinks with Abrahmovic.

    The company that is Chelsea FC has no debt.
    The company that is Chelsea Holdings PLC owe the Russian £700 million plus.

    Now I’m no businessman or accounts guru, but that strikes me that he will want it back at some point to have run the club in that way. Chelsea, look at Portsmouth. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  46. zeus

    Full Argentine WC squad.

    Full Argentina squad: Sergio Romero (AZ Alkmaar), Mariano Andujar (Catania), Diego Pozo (Colon); Nicolas Burdisso (Roma), Martin Demichelis (Bayern Munich), Walter Samuel (Inter Milan), Gabriel Heinze (Marseille), Nicolas Otamendi (Velez Sarsfield), Clemente Rodriguez (Estudiantes), Ariel Garca (Colon); Javier Mascherano (Liverpool), Juan Sebastian Veron (Estudiantes), Maximiliano Rodriguez (Liverpool), Mario Bolatti (Fiorentina), Angel Di Maria (Benfica), Jonas Gutierrez (Newcastle), Javier Pastore (Palermo); Sergio Aguero (Atlético Madrid), Diego Milito (Internazionale), Martin Palermo (Boca Juniors), Carlos Tevez (Manchester City), Gonzalo Higuain (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (Barcelona).

  47. chippy

    I see what your saying and im no genius with Figures but something strikes me as not quite right with what is happening,

  48. Walking Wounded


    Where’s Edu, Eboue, Walcott, Baptista?

    I think your parameters that you set do not necessarily reflect the point you are making.

    Toure was only a squad player when he started.

    Buying too many players massively affects the current dynamic of the team, but that is what we do need.

    The mortar is good but some of the bricks are crumbling and need replacing.

  49. RayGooner

    If you buy 7 or 8 players it is almost certain that at least half of them won’t be successful, and many of them won’t even get enough starts to have a chance of success…

    And it’s that thing about getting all the new players to be able to play with each other…it’s like a lottery…

    The only reason to bring in many new faces is if we lose Cesc, then we have to change somewhat our style of play, not building a team around Cesc…
    Then it requires a lot of new players to make a difference….

  50. gambon

    Walking Wounded,

    Liverpools debt has nowt to do with buying players.

    The only club in the prem with an unrealistic net spend are City.

  51. darrenchallis

    Talkshite do just that. They are the mouthpiece for every two bit agent who wants to get a few extra bidding war quid for their player.

    “Arsenal are losing Fabregas” “they are buying Milner” “no ManU are buying Milner”. Its are bollocks!

  52. Walking Wounded

    Don’t spoil my fun, I love seeing those “We are the best because of the 80s” merchants suffer.

    I agree that a lot of the debt is through them being Americanised, but they have lived above their means before that happened anyway.

  53. darrenchallis

    The day Wenger spend 24 Mill on an English player is the day my knackers are freezing in hell.

  54. Walking Wounded

    Sorry straying a bit there, Gambon, but it is the only (moral) high ground we have at the moment with the other teams

  55. RayGooner


    you are right about Touré but Eboué and Edu both were bought during January and only played a couple of games before the end of their first (half) season.
    Walcott was also bought in January but didn’t play a single game (cause of injury) in his first (half) season
    As for Baptista? Really? an impact!?
    Besides the 4 goals at Anfield what did he bring that could count as an impact to the first team?

    My point is only, we won’t get more than, at best, 3 players that will make an impact to the first team, i’m only being realistic…i would love for it to be more, but you have to account for the players that’s already here…right?
    Players like Vermaelen, Clichy, Song, Cesc, Nasri, van Persie, Arshavin & Bendtner will have plenty of playing time…

  56. gambon


    The only reason I mentioned it is that a lot of Arsenal fans point to UTD & Liverpools debt as a reason for us to be prudent, and Leeds & Pompey as well, when in reality they have no idea what they are talking about.

    We, more than any club in the league, have the ability to spend significant money year in year out.

  57. Big Dave

    We have done well with the debt and getting in CL year after year, but on the other side of the coin, look’s like we might lose Cesc over it for not investing in the squad and we have become a selling club going sideways not forward

  58. KM

    I dnt think we need to buy another playmaker to replace Cesc IF he goes. However along with a new DM,CB,GK Imo we would need to buy a winger – whether we change formations or not. I cant bear to see Eboue playing as the makeshift winger on the Left !!!!

  59. Big Dave

    Yaya Fucking Toure

    “´Why would I go to Arsenal? . The players are leaving and it is not a team that is winning things. Also my Brother had problems there….I would like to go to Chelsea if I could play in England”

  60. goonermichael

    Ganbon earlier you did a list of clubs in debt. Our debt is different because we bought a new stadium so that is a bit unfair. The others are in debt because they are badly run.

  61. Mayank

    Whatever the reason for the debt gambon (stadium or cowboys) once you have the debt you should act accordingly, burying your head under the sand and wishing for Arabs isn’t the solution. Man U are falling in line and Chelsea will follow. Spurs and City will find out soon enough. Not sure about City though.

  62. zeus

    One of you posted this some weeks ago. Though he is talented he is young and hasn’t accomplished anything yet. Where is the 28 year old version of him.

  63. gambon


    Debt is Debt, so it doesnt really matter.

    Yes, we have debt for the right reasons, but at the end of the day its not like the bank will say “oh youve got good debt, so we’ll charge you less”.

    We borrowed £260m to build a new 60k seat stadium, Barca already have a 100k seat stadium and much more commercial money than us.

    You could say Barca can afford to borrow money cos they dont need to go build a stadium.

  64. Trevor

    “We, more than any club in the league, have the ability to spend significant money year in year out.”

    Care to explain this statement? The sugar daddy clubs can spend more than us because it doesn’t matter how they are run. And even if you disregard those, you still have manyoo who have higher turnover than us.

    If this does become true in the future thanks to the upturn in revenues brought by the new stadium, we can only thank the recent and current prudence for that.

  65. KM

    Big dave

    Is that actual quotes from Yaya?

    Earlier i stated the only clubs who would want and could pay the money for him (fee & wages) would be City/Chelsea.

    Imagine a midfield of Yaya & Essien – FUKK!!!

  66. goonermichael

    we now generate the most matchday revenue of any club in world football because of the new stadium. that revenue will obviously pay off that debt.

  67. Pat

    Due to an increased rate, United’s debt looks like it will rise by 75 million. How the hell are they going to stop this?

  68. KM

    In a way if you were a top player would you go to Arsenal with all their problems? I doubt it folks, so its a fair statement by Yaya. Wenger/board has made the club a joke

  69. Mayank

    Man City failed to buy 4th place in the season it was the easiest to get. Real ambitious these players are who go there to win trophies.

  70. Keyser

    gambon – Yeah but if we’re managing the debt well the banks are more likely to listen to us and be flexible with what we want to do.

    Also when you think about the position other clubs we’re competing with are in you can understand why we’ve gone down the routes we have.

    Just like Barcelona, who already have a 100k stadium, more commercial money and play in a league thats far more biased towards them than they are to others bar Madrid.

  71. Big Dave

    KM . See my post above.

    Like I said on tuesday, Who wants to join us knowing that we sell our top players year after year, and also end up pottless

  72. RayGooner

    Also, Gourcuff knows Chamakh better than anyone since they played together in Bordeaux (the 2 best players in that team last season)!

  73. Keyser

    KM/ Big Dave – Or he simply wants to go to the teams that pay the highest wages, he has not ties to Arsenal, Kolo’s left, if Barcelona don’t want him, why wouldn’t he court several clubs and just go to the one that pays him the most.

  74. gambon


    Yeah ill explain that.

    We are the only prem club making big profits, which means sustainable spending. We will also unlock a lot of money from property & commerical deals in the coming years.

    All the sugar daddy clubs have to get into line sooner or later due to financial regulations. Chelsea are already doing this.

    Over the next 5 years we can EASILY afford to spend £25m per season, which is £125m invested. Over the last 5 years we have spent -£5m per season.

    Therefore over the next 5 years we could invest £150m MORE than we have the last 5 years.

    Do i expect us to. No cos we have no ambition.

  75. darrenchallis

    You pay the money or you offer trophies. The Chavs can offer the chance of both, Manyoo too but Manc can only offer the cash at the moment, so its Yaya do a Barry/Ade and he says show me the money.

    If ManC had Cl football they would be even more dangerous but all they have is the cash.

  76. Keyser

    RayGooner – Exactly, I wouldn’t say they don’t want him, it’s just they want/need other players more.

    Like Ibrahimovic is probably going to be on the ay out now aswell.

  77. Keyser

    gambon – What do you base us having no ambition on ? Maybe we’ve been making big profits so we’re in a position to not just spend 15-20 million a season which teams like Everton Spend on Fellaini, but spend 30-4 million a season which actually.. the markets just silly right now..

  78. darrenchallis

    Barca bought Ibra as a stop gap before the arrival of Villa and needed a player so the deal was done with Eto. They are still to pay off his fee, so they will need to offset him as part of a deal, or sell him. I think he will go to ManC as the PL is the only league he hasn’t played in and they will pay the money plus his huge wages.And can put up with his moods, I’m not sure how well he got on with Mancini though?

  79. Cesc

    Cesc won’t leave cause arsenal are lukin 80million for him nd he has a contract. Barca are now lukin torres for 70million but can’t see this hapenin as they on over 400 million pound debt nd they are only after buying villa. I think cesc will be happy to stay another season if wenger buys players

  80. RockyPires

    Ok talking real for a second about our options.
    Juve still owes us money from Paddy V’s deal can that be included in a Buffon/Melo deal.
    Personally I would go with Buffon.

    Roma need to sell Mexes to generate money.
    Bolton will part with Cahill, add Wilshere loan deal as sweetner.
    Kjaer s price will rise two fold unless bought prior to World Cup.
    Pape Diakate is a fine player but will be at ACn every second year, ST.Etienne were priced out of keeping him.
    Chiosrtski of Barca represents best value in a deal with Cesc.
    Van Der weil wants in but think we will hold onto Sagna/Eboue for another season.

    Yaya no longer a runner.
    Melo possible – Juve owe us money.
    Gerrard a very ambitous move but Pool would sooner sell to us than direct opposition in Chavski and Citeh.
    Gourcruff ideal replacement but costly.
    Hazard most likely.
    Hleb unlikely to return but Brca would be killing to birds with one stone.
    Arteta battle on our hands to land him.

  81. Trevor

    I don’t think anyone disputes that we seem to be financially healthy but “more than any club in the league” doesn’t sound right. You mentioned Chelsea yourself..

    Anyway, I don’t think it matters much. We aren’t about to spend wildly on general principal and the rights or wrongs of that have already been discussed to death.

  82. KM

    RayGooner @ 17.15

    tbh i dnt think we need Geourcuff…we have Nasri and Ramsey and Wilshere behind him.

    However now that Yaya is out of the picture…and i’m not so sure abt Melo…why not cast our eye to Holland/France or the Eastern european countries? Because any player over there would take the chance to play for Arsenal

  83. RockyPires

    I do think Citeh will buy Zlatan and I think this will free up Barca for another raid on us if we survive scare 101.
    Zlatan is a sulk however will be keen to team up with the man who got the best out of him in Mancini.

    Mahadoui Diarra and Vander Vaart would be two good options to help the squad, both experienced and would add to the midfield. We would still need Gourcruff to ensure options in midfield, but if Cesc goes I think theres no chance Denilson will go as AW will not want to unsettle the squad that much.

  84. Stu

    Gourcuff is miles ahead of Nasri in terms of quality and ahead of Ramsey in terms of Experience…for now. I think we should buy him because Ramsey isnt ready to take over the main playmaking role in midfield just yet (mainly due to his injury) and Nasri is just a fat ponce who just isnt good enough to play through the middle, as his 2 or so months there proved.

  85. KM

    So it looks like Chelsea are the only club Yaya will go to in England.

    The other clubs who match his ambition/demands are Inter & Bayern imo.

    U BASTARD!!!!!! 😉

  86. Stu

    Its not that we lack ambition imo. Its more that we are suffereing short term with different goals, so that in the long term we can strive while the others drown in debt.

  87. Keyser

    gambon – Stop being such a sensationalist, it definetly seemed like a trophy to Tottenham they spent half the week celebrating it, football’s about money now as much as anything, the Champions League brings it, thats just reality.

  88. Stu

    ..and that our ambition doesnt match united or chelseas who dont seem to bothered about the debt, more about just winning whatever it costs. Admirable to have success rated so far ahead of anything else but not a realistic option for us.

  89. Keyser

    Stu – I wouldn’t say it’s admirable, it’s just the position they are in, it’s like gambon pointed out, when you’ve built your stadium, or when you have that much commercial revenue coming in you don’t have to worry about anything but winning.

  90. Stu

    Maybe admirable isnt the best word but i think in terms of football its nice for them that they rate success above being…well…above not being in the shitter financially, which they are.

    They go for the trophies without thinking about the financial side, when we all know that money is just as important as trophies now…unfortunately.

    I just hope they dont get away scot free if/when uefa finally introduce the financial laws or whatever they are.

  91. gambon


    Should a team that have won the league 13 times, the FA Cup 10 times, the 3rd most valuable club in the world, 5th highest turnover in the world be happy finishing 3rd or 4th every year and bailing out of cups as soon as we play a good team?!!

  92. Keyser

    Stu – They do think about it, but they can afford to rate success that highly, because Abromovich isn’t worried about where his next paycheck’s coming from, you were spot on with the long term ambition thing, thats what United had from the mid-80’s, it’s why they caught everyone flat footed and why they keep on winning.

  93. Keyser

    gambon – What’s the point in listing all of that ? Who are we competing against here ? Where do we want to be ?!

    You pointed it out yourself when you talked about Barcelona’s finances you can’t say it’s a lack of ambition if we were planning for the long term, if we start spending what we earn now and start winning things because for a few years we were prudent, then whats wrong with that ?!

  94. Kreshnik

    hola all,

    Was actually thinking and talking to a friend yesterday about the same topic, zeus.

    Having a sugar daddy might seem like loads-shit of money without debt but in the end of the day, isn’t that kinda the same as debt. Wouldn’t they want their money back ?? WTF are these fans thinking ?

  95. Keyser

    Even then there are no guarantees. No matter how much money you spend, though La Liga’s trying to go against that.

  96. Pedro

    Keyser, Arsenal’s prudence in the short term could cost them in the long term. There has to be a balance…

    We’re all pretty sure Wenger had money to spend in the last two windows… he didn’t spend. That wasn’t because we’d have been bankrupted, that was bad management.

    I can’t see a situation where our prudence will pay off. There will always be a City, United and a Chelsea out there willing to spunk money like nobodies business. Surely our LT strategy isn’t to wait until the playing field is level?

  97. Pedro

    Kreshnik, there’s never going to be a day of reckoning at Chelsea or City. Why would he try and get the money back… to do that he’d have to wind the club up.

    A sugar daddy is only bad from the perspective of having a bad sugar daddy…

  98. Stu

    And the ones at liverpool…but thats case is as much down to the manager as the owners…if not more.

  99. Pedro

    Stu, those two muppets weren’t really sugar daddies in my opinion. They were chosen because of their ability to manage stadium projects… whoops!

    DIC would have been a better option.

  100. Keyser

    Pedro – In hindsight it’s bad management, because you can see the end result, there is no balance in football at the moment and everything’s judged on a scale, if we finish 5th as opposed to 3rd, we’re worse off.

    Ist is obviously where we want to be though.

    Basically you should have been campaigning for one of the rich sugar daddies to take us over from the start then.

  101. Pedro

    ManU didn’t need a Sugar daddy either… £60mill profit a year is more than enough to run a football team.

  102. Pedro

    Keyser, this isn’t a case of hindsight is it? Foresight was the issue… we all saw the problems.

    I don’t want a rich sugar daddy… I want Arsenal to open up their cheque book and to spend some money. After all that was the point of the new stadium.

  103. Stu

    If we get a sugar daddy like the others wont we be in huge debt like them and make the whole new stadium totally pointless??

  104. gambon


    Theres nothing wrong with that, but that absolutely isnt the plan.

    They built the stadium with promises of competing with UTD in order to get fans to pay for the stadium.

    Now the moneys been rolling in for a few years and not a pennys been spent.

    If the money starts to be spent ill admit i was wrong, but i fully expect that we will yet again only spend what we raise through sales, either Cesc or others.

  105. Keyser

    Pedro – You could argue either, there’s no exact science to it all, you’re taking a risk in anything you choose to do and any number of factors could affect you during the season.

    All we’re arguing here is how much of a chance we should’ve taken each year as opposed to the risk taken against the club.

    We’ve built the stadium, we’ve probably built up a sizeable bank balance, despite the debt, what’s wrong if we start spending the money now a little more freely ?!

  106. Rohan

    Who is the Spurs’ sugar daddy?
    More importantly, I want Van der Vaart in to give Nasri and Rosicky some competition. Keep Wilshere on loan for another year at Bolton. That can only help him.
    We can always call him back if the need arises with injuries and all.

  107. Keyser

    gambon – At some point we have to spend the money or the board will be outed or whatever, unless you’re saying we’re never ever going to spend any money from now on in, then I’m pretty sure youy’ll be wrong.

    Other than that if we buy 2 quality players this summer I’ll be happy, as long as we keep Cesc, I wouldn’t really want them to go and spen 100 million because I don’t think it’d be worth it.

  108. Stu

    Joe Lewis i think. Dont know how he got his money though.

    Not keen on vdv either. I suppose we could add him and Rosicky together and make 1 whole player because chances are they would miss half the season each.

  109. vaardo

    Consider Yaya Toure in: not to replace Song but to be Tommy V’s CB partner while Djourou gets sorted (via Carling & FA Cup). When we need a hard line-up for cold, midweek trip to say Brittania Stadium, how about a spine of Tommy V & Sol with Yaya & Song in the midfield with Cesc. That Would be fun to watch our lads dish out some treatment at the clogging twats from Stoke.