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You can take it or leave it, but after 3 years of blogging and sorting people out with tickets you build a nice little network of contacts. I know some good people that give me little snippets every now and then. One of those contacts spoke with me last night. He’s not involved in the Cesc deal but works in agent circles. According to what he’s been hearing, Cesc is aware that he is tied down to a massive contract and in a David Villa style show of… err… loyalty? He is fully accepting that if Barca don’t bid what we want for him, we wont let him go.

So basically we don’t have a sulky brat player on our hands. Which is good news because that means we’ll get the best deal. Cesc wont hand in a transfer request because if he does, he’ll lose out on his 10% cut. Barcelona wont be able to afford him if he doesn’t ask to leave because there is NO WAY WE’LL SELL OUR STAR MAN FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN £50million.

Yep, I stuck that in bold because I was cyber shouting.

That Bally-gay article read well until he mentioned the £30million price tag. That’s when I knew he was up to no good. I’ve no doubt Cesc would go if he got the chance, but never, ever for a price that is a mere £6million more than Ade went for.

I’ve been thinking about how this deal could benefit us, if I didn’t, I’d be self harming.

Firstly we could use the swap deal mechanism. If Barca are skint when it comes to purchasing Cesc, let’s get a couple of players in exchange. There is no way they’ll be able to buy Cesc any other way. They’ve probably spent £200mill+ over 3 seasons, the mad bankers in Spain have to step in at some point.

I propose firstly we sign Yaya Toure. He’s big, powerful and a winner. He can play the Arsenal game and he’s an imposing figure. One of the best in the business at underpinning a fancy team. No one would bully us with him in the middle and he’s at the right age to give us the best of his career.

I’d also request Chygrynskiy as part of the deal. He was part of the Europa Cup winning Shaktar team and he cost Barca the princely sum of £28million last year. He has pace, tonnes of aggression and more importantly, he is 6ft3. The giant Ukrainian is in his mid-twenties and he’d make a superb partner for crowd favourite Tommy V.

So right there you’ve just addressed two very weak areas of the team. I’d argue that you’ve improved the team even with the main man leaving.

Right, now comes this tricky part that could have me labelled an AKB. Could we go into next season without recruiting a cesc-placement?

Aaron Ramsey for me will be a far more dynamic player than Cesc. He tears around the pitch with more venom than our Spaniard ever has and he was beginning to look the real deal before he was Shawcrossed. His break was in the middle of his leg so I can’t imagine we’ll get Eduardo like ramifications with pace. As for the mental side… again, I think Rambo is a different beast. He’ll be back and he’ll be meaner than ever. It wont take long for him to start scoring goals and he certainly has the range of passing to match Cesc in the near future.

Then we have Jack Wilshere. I know, I know, he’s very young. However, he turned into a bit of a superstar towards the end of his tenure at Bolton. He’s added more power to his game and he looks to me like a real fighter. He has more vision than the oracle and he has that magic we all love in a player! I’m not suggesting he takes on the role of central midfielder, but if you had a midfield of Yaya, Rambo and Jack… you’d have far more creativity than Diaby, Denilson and Song. Instead of buying one superstar, you’re limiting the loss of Cesc by adding two lots of creativity at 60% of his level.

My last suggestion for the role of playmaker is Arshavin. His engine was clearly produced in the same factory as the famed Lada, but I think that has more to do with motivation than anything. Could our lazy Russian recapture his magic played down the middle. If all the attention was on him and he was the star of the show, could he match Cesc? Well, I’ll leave that for you guys to decide!

The one thing I don’t think I could handle is Wenger suggesting Nasri, Denilson and Diaby will be ready to take over the reigns. Diaby can’t find consistency and has never set to Premiership alight with assists. Nasri has shown glimpses of his ability but for me he lacks hunger where it counts… on the pitch. Not that it’s lacking off the pitch if you catch my drift!

Denilson? Don’t make me laugh…

Failing that there are three names I’d imagine are under consideration.

Gourcuff, the ex-Milan creative midfielder. He is  a truly wonderful talent who has the lot. He is a big chap at 6ft1, he can shoot and his passing range is close to Cesc’s. He’s available for £22million but we’d have to be quick as Manchester City are circling. If Wenger has an inkling Cesc will be off, let’s act now instead waiting until every other club has done their shopping.

Then there’s Arteta.

Cue groan

Well, the Spaniard would be available, he’s a crock and he’s had previous success in the Premiership. In his prime for Everton he managed 9 goals and 13 assists. That’s a pretty good record! His appearance stats have a RvP like familiarity… he averages around 30 games a year which would be a big risk considering the problems the rest of our players suffer. Still, his signing wouldn’t be the end of the world even though he is a bit old at 28.

Finally, with my boldest suggestion of the post… Kaka!

Yep, for me, if we’re going to replace, let’s replace with unadulterated world class talent! Is there a more complete footballer sitting on the bench anywhere in the world? I think not… The guy is a dream to watch, he’s a good Christian boy and I heard he’d vote Tory if he got the chance. Seriously though, he would add more samba to our style with his ability to run with the ball, his goals and skill of bringing the best out of his team mates. Not to mention he likes us…

“Arsenal and Manchester United are different from the other English teams.”

Manchester United and Arsenal are more agile. They let other teams play and they play too,

Oh don’t Kaka, you big flirt!

Arsene, if there was even a hint that we could do a player (Denilson) plus cash deal for this man, you should do it! He’s on a downer at his club and we know how Madrid like to dump world-class players for a greatly reduced fees!

Chuck him in with the new keeper we’re due to sign and jeez… we’re looking like one hell of a team!

Our style of play could remain, but the attitude and strength in depth would improve.

Could Cesc leaving be good for Arsenal in the long term? Why not let us know in the comments!

Le Chump of the year is announced tomorrow… Have a great day!

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  1. rob green

    Great post
    We wouldn’t be able to do any swap deals as there isn’t any Barcelona players who would want to play for arsenal. I still respect and cesc but do we really want to keep him when his heart is with barca if he doesn’t go now it will be at the end of next season!!

  2. bnsb

    as there isn’t any Barcelona players who would want to play for arsenal.

    Playing for Arsenal is better than warming bench.

  3. Nicky Distance

    Do you think Yaya would be up for giving his heart and soul to Arsenal? I don’t know but I kind of doubt it. I do however totally trust Chygrynskiy. Seen him play a few times and was impressed.

  4. Matt

    Of course there’s the very real possibility of cesc leaving and wenger signing nobody. Going on recent past, he would relish the challenge even more.

    imagine if he won something with a load of youngsters, only bringing in one player on a free and after losing his captain. I think wengers ego is too big to miss such an opportunity!

  5. rob green

    We don’t know if ramsey will ever be the same

    Wilshire will be quality but Im sick of keep having to wait for players to come through and become good. That’s all us fans seem to do!! Year in year out!!

  6. gnarleygeorge9


    Your words are written like a manager in waiting. Wenger is a manager who is pig headed & beyond seeing the wood for the trees. But you make so much sense 🙂

  7. gambon

    If we do sell we need to spend serious money (£100m), if we dont sell we still need to spend £50m.

    Toure doesnt want to join so thats a no go. The ukranian may be a good option, but wenger literally hates defenders so i cant see that happening, he would rather sign a congolese nobody for £200k, Mobongo Kakapo anyone?

    I think the best we could do would be to change the focus of creativity from the middle to the flanks.

    Playing a continental number 10 is pretty much unheard of over here, and it hasnt worked for wenger, so lets go back to the 4-2-3-1 that was so successful.

    2 Athletes infront of the back 4. Arshavin behind Robin, and some class in the wide positions.

    We would need to buy 2 wide players, 1 for each side, in the Pires mould.

    My choices would be Hazard & Ozil.

  8. Jay20h

    Yaya will never join us, his agent has confirmed it and its one of the most over-used stories in the media.

    Still think Cesc swil leave, but it will be for £40-£45m. Cant see a player + cash swap deal, although would like 1 or 2 of their lot.

    Chygrynskiy, Bojan, Marquez, Keita…

  9. gambon

    * Oh, and Ramsey & Wilshere in the middle at this point, no way.

    We would have the same problems, play well against the shit teams and crumble against the class teams.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Before I go can I say this.

    The Arsenal is a club that finished 3rd in the PL, with no real ambition to make the necessary moves to go that extra bit, coz it might mean spending. Cesc wants out, & other potential signings see that as a signal that The Arsenal is now a go zone coz they don’t have ambition.

  11. bnsb

    play well against the shit teams and crumble against the class teams.

    We crumbled against shit teams too in the second half of campaign, blame injuries or whatever, and that was the problem. Many a game we won scoring in the last or extra added minutes.

    It would be a real real improvement if we consistently win against so called shit teams. Attrition amongst the top four or top 7 next year will be unpredictable and exciting.

  12. Darrenchallis

    The only way we will get Yaya in a swap deal is if we valued Cesc at £30mill and Yaya back at £20mill and got the difference. Because his agent wants his cut of the £20 mill. The agent said Yaya wants to come to Arsenal and then when it became possible as put of a swap deal he back tracked.

  13. bnsb


    For a good player it would be pinnacle of his carrier to come to Arsenal and take Fabregas place when given chance.Many a decent player would “bite your arm off” to play for Arsenal.

  14. swinner

    rambo and jacky boy would have far more fight than the current dross. Spend the cesc money on a top keeper, centre half and def midfielder and i’d be happy.

  15. RockyPires


    Looks strong to me. Add Nasri,Theo,Ramsey later and quiet a strong team, as I keep saying we will have to go with a different approach without Cesc which maybe more physical, certainly love to see Song and Yaya line up in midfield and lets see Fletcher/MAlouda try bully us then.

  16. Darrenchallis

    The only players Wenger will go after are 1st those on a free, 2nd Ones that are not in the CL otherwise he has no bargaining chips. And the other clubs concerned would expect big money knowing we have it, and that is why he has not spend the Ade/Toure money.

    Maureen would buy eg Rodwell, Buffon, and paid £15 mill, 20 mill in a heart beat because he is ambitious and not a penny pincher or worried about the board and share price etc.

  17. rob green

    years ago young players at arsenal improved quickly and made it into the first as they had players to learn from and look up to etc. Who can wilshire learn form and look up to?

  18. Geoff

    Great post Pedro, for me though if Cesc has asked to break his contract, then I don’t want him anymore.

    I would stick the disloyal sod in the stiffs for a season, let him know what a contract is.

    Wenger should fall on his sword, even his captain thinks he’ll win nothing.

  19. stonroy

    The sad thing is you know full well that Cesc was privy to information regarding our transfer targets and now we know full well that they will be ordinary by his response.

  20. bnsb

    I would stick the disloyal sod in the stiffs for a season, let him know what a contract is.

    Even better play him for 20 minutes or less if he sulks and substitute him 🙂

  21. slimshady

    Cesc isn’t leaving, Dear Lord, you guys give Sky cn*ts (Balague) that much credibility?? FFS, Fab is in Spain doing charity rounds!!

    That aside, why oh why do you consider Yaya better than A.Song?? Diaby, Denilson… Nasri, I understand, but Song?? Come on, really!

  22. RockyPires

    Sweinsteiger has won all there is to win in Germany perhaps he would like a change, Van Der Vaart is another option ut not the same calibre as Kaka/Gourcruff, think Kaka would be serious in the no.10 hole with AA supporting from left and Theo on the right but dont see it happening.

    Gourcruff has turned us down twice, when he left Rennes to join Milan he had a tour of the Emirates and when he left Meelan to go to Bordeaux we apllied for his loan/poart of proposed Ade deal so perhaps it will be third time lucky as regards Yohann

  23. John A

    First Reyes, then Merida, now Cesc. Why the fuck is Almunia the only Spaniard not to get homesick !

  24. rob green

    i am sick of tired of wenger playing a youngster week in week out for years on end until he starts improving!!

  25. gambon

    If Cesc goes the team should bebuilt aroung Arshavin playing as a second striker, in the DB10 role.

    He scores and assists roughly the same as Cesc, and would thrive in the middle.

  26. Darrenchallis

    stonroy: that is a sad state, it is showing us that as window opens, we have nothing to look forward to all summer. You can not even live in hope, unless some one kidnaps Kaka and leaves him on our doorstep. our only hope is a swift take over early doors and a new big fat Russia broom and Dein flying on the back of it throwing cash all over Europe.

  27. Big Dave

    Forget Yaya please, the player does not want to come to us the cunt

    End of. Move on

    The Ukraine defender which thet spent 25mill and hardly plays then Yes. Sure I read 2 yr ago that AW was said to have liked him.

    Gurcoff a BIG defo for me

    question is Can Arsenal attract top players to the club anymore ?

  28. Jay20h

    Kaka is not going to be joining us, Wenger will not spend that big, even with the money for cesc (if he leaves) Gourcuff? Cant see Arsene pulling that one off.

    If our captain does depart for Barcelona, Wenger will find some unknown young lad and give a chance.

    Diaby, Denilson – Both will stay and continue to ruin our lives.

  29. henry14

    What about Van der Vaart replacing cesc? He’s up for about 10-12m and from what i have seen of him a great player?

    Although i haven’t seen a lot.

    Plays with Robin for Holland…..

  30. gambon


    Gourcuff only turned us down once, when he went to Milan. Im sure we could get him if we wanted.

  31. rob green

    There are a lof of stories out there saying yaya toure wouldn’t go to arsenal

    players agent:

    “Toure is not Cesc and nor is he going to replace him,” said Dimitri Seluk.

    “He will not go to Arsenal.”

  32. henry14

    yaya makes me laugh, his agent talks as if he wouldn’t come to us because we aren’t big enough…..

    Totally forgetting that Wenger actually rejected signing him before he went to olympiakos!!!!

    I do rate him but he pisses me off – thinks he’s better than he is. He’s not world class

  33. henry14

    Gourcuff is good but he’s playing in france, i don’t think he’s 25m player.

    I would rather have James Milner for that sort of money!

  34. A

    No thanks gambon, arshavin does not score and assist the same as cesc at all, his influence comes and goes in games, no way he’s close to cesc’s level in terms of being able to deliver consistently.

    Cesc got 15 goals and 13 assists in 26 starts, one sub.
    Arshavin got 10 goals and 1 assist in 25 starts, 5 sub.

    Arshavin is too greedy on the ball to be near to cesc’s level too, as well as the inconsistency.

    We need to bring someone in IF cesc goes, but I reckon he won’t go this year

  35. Pedro

    Slim, Yaya is a far more accomplished player than Alex Song!

    Jeez… look at the guys trophy cabinet!

    As for the Cesc story… where is the denial from Arsenal that always follows these types of rumours?

    No where… time to accept there is truth in the stories this time.

  36. bnsb

    I dont understand this;

    Nasri not in national squad – not world class

    Diaby is in national squad – still not world class 🙂

  37. Darrenchallis

    We will keep Cesc but only for one more year, if they have any sense they will agree to sign Yaya now as part of the agreement off setting the money until next summer. This will allow Cesc to leave next summer having won the PL, CL and both cups with the Arsenal.

  38. henry14

    Gambon – he’s the only available DM at the level of money we would spend – which makes him better than he is for me.

    I do think he’s good but he’s very arrogant.

  39. A

    henry14 gourcuff is a far better player than milner imo, milner is just a bit more defensive and more of a fighter, but nowhere near the ability.

  40. eduardo

    Have we actually had a reliable quote from Cesc of AW yet? I read a good atricle of Barcelona Blog and they pointed out this has all come from Guilleme Balluege or whatver his name is. Some dopey Spainish cunt that lives in Barca and seems to think his finger is on teh pulse of Spainish football….Arsehole…

    I honesly think that is Cesc really wants to go now then he must be mad

  41. Pedro

    Henry, only Essien is better in the world.

    Yaya is an immense player.

    Would suit us down to the ground.

  42. henry14

    In all honesty with the new reports, i think what will happen is this:

    Cesc will stay 1 more year, Arsenal will spend about 30M on players to strengthen the team.

    We will then not win anything next season, Cesc will leave for £40M and that will balance the books.

    You can see it coming a mile off.

    Barca can’t afford him this year and they need a left back badly.

  43. raj

    just get helb (im crying here) and yaya. that would be enough plus loads of cash to buy defender and winger

    my team would be

    sagna hangleand tv clichy

    song yaya
    rvp ars

  44. Darrenchallis

    bnsb, Arsenal can but Wenger can’t. if you were a world class player would you come to Arsenal and paly under a manager who drops you for Denilson and pays kids as much us you.

  45. Julian

    Love it! Yeah, lets get Kaka. Or if Cesc does go …

    …How about getting rid of Rosicky and Denilson and putting Joe Cole in the center of the park? We still need a big strong combatitive CM though and I dont think Yaya is the man. I dont think he likes us or Wenger or both? A midfield of Arsh, Cole, Rambo, Jackie Boy, Walcott, Nasri, Diaby, Song and AN OTHER TOUGH UGLY BASTARD would rock I think.

  46. henry14

    A – which is exactly what we need in the Arsenal team.

    Do we really need another french touch player?

    I would rather have him the Narsi – but we need some steel in the team, English players that are proven in the prem.

  47. bnsb

    Arshavin is too greedy on the ball to be near to cesc’s level too, as well as the inconsistency.

    An injury free Arshavin is a real world class finisher and as a striker selfishness is advantageous to a degree.

  48. Pedro

    A, Milner has fitness on his side, Prem experience and a pretty impressive stats record to boot.

    I wouldn’t have him to replace Cesc, but I think he’s a top player.

  49. Mark C

    What about Gerrard for AFC?

    He wants to go – he would be a good fit, and I believe he could bring on Ramsey and Wilshire.

  50. steve

    players come players go Arsenal ARE ALLWAYS THERE cecs is a great player, maybe a hinderance to us as maybe terry h was in the end maybe we should have more than 1 great player then you don’t depend on them, also we could go the mourinho with power players Wenger is’nt a mug he knows whats what shame some time tacticly he is shit

  51. Queen of Suburbia

    Of course we can sign top stars, We’re one of the richest clubs in the world, we play in the champions league (and always do quite well), we’re based in the greatest city on earth

    And lest we forget, we signed Arshavin one of the worlds top players just last year.

  52. gambon


    I think youre using the time frame that best suits your argument there.

    Look at last season. Arshavin scored more than cesc despite playing much less games. He has a record of 1 assist in every 3 games throughout his career.

    This year he was injured for long periods, played upfront on his own, which is retarded.

    If you’d put DB10 on the flank we wouldnt remember him with the same fondness.

  53. henry14

    Pedro – I can see why people think that, but i am not sure personally.

    He’s clearly not rated that highly at Barca, if he was Essiens level they would keep him.

    I think Maschrano, Essien, Di-Rossi, Cambiasso, thiago motta etc..etc.. are better players

  54. Big Dave

    I can tell you this, Yaya is a greedy fucker and will end up where whoever crosses his palm with silver the most

  55. Pedro

    Henry14… think of the Barca mindset…

    Yaya… who costs a fortune if he plays over 60% of the games… or Busquests, who is a home grown Spaniard.

    They will always go for the Spaniard!

    I don’t think that is any reflection on Yaya.

  56. iceman

    Top post. I agree (those some don’t) that Rambo was looking as good if not better than Cesc. He is aggressive and cocky – traits needed to succeed in the league. Young Jack too – although small – possesses that priceless quality of aggression and swagger – he reminds me of Gazza. I do think though that both would need an experienced head to steady things. I know Scott Parker has had injuries, but he has the bollocks for a fight, something that sadly Denilson and Diaby lack in bucket loads. As for Arsenal in general, I just wish that the ‘anti Arsenal’ cancer in the media would back off. The relentless hatred is now laughable. As for us without Cesc – I think he is a world star, but sadly always knew that he would go back – if not now then next year. But we are Arsenal, the team who changed football, gave the Invincibles, changed the way teams train and eat, introduced sparkling one-touch football for everyone to marvel at. We will survive, no doubt and come back stronger and better.

  57. henry14

    Pedro – true.

    He just comes across like big dave just said – bit of a mercenary etc…

    Still he’s better than what we have and without a doubt he would improve the side.

    If Cesc does go then we would be mad not to include him in the deal, 40M and Yaya would be very good business.

  58. A

    pedro/henry14 i agree, and i’d love milner, but in the diaby role, not the cesc role. Certainly wouldn’t have him to replace cesc, what we need there is someone with touch, vision, amazing passing, and an ability to run the game, ie cesc!

    gambon what do you mean using the time frame that suits me best?!

    arshavin has had one full season at the club, and that’s all we have to go on….

    It’s not accurate judging someone when they arrive halfway through the season, and fresh etc. You can’t judge people either positively or negatively in that respect, as alot of the time their effectiveness in future seasons isn’t anything like the same

  59. choy

    morning all

    so its diaby denilson at the anc’s eh?

    ancs are also consecutive for the next two years or so i believe!

  60. Thierry Henry is god

    I do believe that Rambo has the ability to become better for us than Cesc, and I think he will manage to surpass the challenges of his rehab, and most of all the mental challenges, but if against all odds Rambo doen’t manage to become the player he once was (like Eduardo) then we can wait for nothing. Yaya Toure would be a good option that could be played both in the Song role and in the Support role. And here’s where I think that the idea of no replacement could work perfectly well, Nasri was good in the ‘Cesc’ possition as long as he had Song cleaning up behind him, but when he was force to drop a notch he suddenly disappeared completely games, so Wenger needs to show sensitivity and realize that we probably would do fine with a physically stronger midfield if we are to play Nasri as the playmaker.

    No comes the problem of the ACN, it would fuck us up completely if we had a midfield based on Yaya and Song.

  61. A

    henry14 essien is the only player i’d have over yaya in the world in that position, motta and cambiasso aren’t fit to clean his boots imo, and mascherano is quality but not better.

    Doesn’t look like we’re gonna get him though…. 🙁

  62. henry14

    A- he wouldn’t be my choice no, i just think if your going to drop £25M on a player i would rather he was someone like Milner, than a player like Gourcuff.

    We have too many of these types of players in my view.

    To replace nasri/diaby – i would take him in a heart beat!!!

    I’m with Gambon Hazard and Ozil would be my choice although i actually think Ramsey will be at Cesc’s level if he recovers from his injury and continues to imrpove at the rate he has been.

    Get a minder for him though!

  63. Teerex

    Nice, well-balanced post Pedro (unlike some of the rage-filled comments we’ve had on here recently). I’m actually starting to feel more positive now and optimistic for the next season if we buy well.

  64. henry14

    How the fuck can paper’s report that barca are weighing up a £70M bid for torres and only £30M for fab?

    You have to laugh at it don’t you?

  65. Thierry Henry is god


    I’m pretty sure the reason Busquets plays instead of Yaya is less due to sporting facts and more due to politics.

    Not that Yaya isn’t accepted, and I’m pretty sure Barca are greatful for what he’s achieved with them. But, I’m convinced that Laporta has cut some sort of deal with Pep that he must play as much Catalan players as possible. I mean, players that sign contracts with Barca even have in their contracts that they must learn Catalan instead of Spanish, so it’s Laporta being the Catalan nationalist and nothing else.

  66. brdgunner

    This is very upbeat. I must say I would not want Cesc to go, however, we are making progress and it does seam we need to invest elsewhere in the side. So the cash could be useful.

    I am more concerned with getting the right price rather than keeping him. This is due to having resigned to him leaving at some point for a few years now.

  67. ikon

    Agree almost 100 percent with the post.

    Dont think Cesc will be irreplaceable, contrary I think Cesc will miss Arsenal more if he leaves.

    About who can take over in the mid, Yaya Toure in front of the back 4, and Rambo and Arshavin in the middle.
    This could be a dream formation. RVP and Nasri on the wings with the option of Theo and Rosicky.
    Up front Chamakh.

    But things will be a lot better if he doesnt leave.

  68. A

    henry14 if we lose cesc then the number one priority is finding someone to do the things that noone else in our squad can do as cesc did, and gourcuff fits that far better than milner. I wouldn’t spend 25 mil on milner though, he’s good but not THAT good. There must be someone better in europe for that sort of money

    cesc isn’t a forward though choy – arshavin is…. even if not someone who is ideal as a lone forward. i’d love him to be quality next season, but he was very underwhelming this most of the time….

  69. chippy

    Im not going to even ask 🙂 !!!!!!!!

    Milner at 20-25 mill hahahaha City are fucking bonkers a 3 legged carthouse is quicker than him, yes hes a good midfielder but not for that sort of cash,

    Wenger would never sign a player he turned down if he didnt think he was worth 500k he certainly wouldnt rate him over 10mill his ego wouldnt allow it,

    Id say its pretty obvious Cesc has asked to leave but whether he goes or not who knows, I think he would be allowed if Ramsey hadnt broken his leg as he is his natural replacement,But with him out for the start of the season i reckon will try and get him to stay for one more season,

  70. tonyadamsisgod


    chippy – My mum is a sports injury therapist. Apparently his friend got pretty badly injured in a car accident and he came along to help him out as i think he is wheelchair bound.

  71. BigL

    What you forget is any new player needs time to adust. Any player that we replace Cesc with is going to take a few months to settle into the role and with our squad we’d probly be out the title again.

    Better to keep the team together and add to it rather than change it.

  72. chippy

    That clears that up then 🙂 Did she ask if Wenger had found the Arsenal chequebook this season lol?

  73. patthegooner

    Not sure what is happening with Toure, A few days ago his agent said this

    “He is happy in Barcelona but I think most clubs in Europe are interested in the services of Yaya Toure. In any case, Arsenal are interested in him and I think we can do something with the club of Arsene Wenger.”

    Yet Yesterday this:

    “Toure is not Cesc and nor is he going to replace him,”

    “He will not go to Arsenal.”

    Strange words from his Mr 10%

    From that it leads me to believe either he will not get a big enough cut as part of a player plus cash deal or Arsenal have told Barca they dont want Yaya and his Agent is saving face.

  74. tonyadamsisgod

    chippy – I asked her to ask him to pass on a message! needless to say my mum duly told me off for using such appalling language! Fucking cheek coming from a chav fan! 😀

  75. henry14

    A – i agree but the issue is that we keep buying foreign players that have no loyalty to the club.

    What we need to do is have a core of English players like Man U and Chelsea that don’t feel that playing in spain or italy is the pinnacle.

    Going out and replacing Cesc with another french or spanish player that ultimatley gives you 3/4 seasons is pointless.

  76. Walking Wounded

    Nice post.

    When you mentioned that Kaka piece, I had that same flutter you get when that gorgeous girl you’ve been eyeing up, smiles back at you, but that is extreme and I don’t think Wenger would ever consider that, purely on the price.

    I like the idea fo Arshavin (or Van Persie) as play maker, but you would still need two hard working solid midfielders – Song and one other we don’t own yet, and our defence would have to play deeper to create that space – which Wenger doesn’t necesarily like to do.

    I also like the idea of Chygrynskiy (I would definitely have his name on my shirt!!!!) as part of any deal, but if your source is correct, then fair play to Cesc.

    I wish Wenger and the Board would sort this out.

  77. Man

    The times I’ve seen Busquets play for Barca, they didn’t look like they were missing Yaya.

    Song isn’t any worse than Yaya, having both in the team would make us one of the most imposing teams…but looks like that ain’t gonna happen

  78. patthegooner

    Chygrynskiy would definately be my choice for a player plus cash transfer. 40 plus him would be probably be reluctantly acceptable.

  79. gambon

    I agree with that Henry

    Look at pretty much all the successful teams out there. The core of their team is fron their country.

    Also, all the top clubs buy players from within their own league, we dont.

    A spanish player will always dream of Madrid or Barca, an Italian Juve, Inter or Milan.

    Stick to English, French & Northern European, with a core of English players.

    It cant be that bad an idea, Man Utd & Chelsea have won everything in recent years doing just that.

  80. gambon

    Yaya is vastly better than Song, it isnt even close.

    Yaya is bigger, quicker, more aggressive and better going forward.

  81. crc

    Why would cesc care about the 10% sign on fee when we just gave him 3m to sign off? surely he’s not that greedy.

    Chagrynsky wears fishnet shirts….no thanks

  82. Walking Wounded

    I am not sure we need Yaya. He is too similar to Song.

    In the Barcelona team, because of their special attack, the deep lying midfielder usually has plenty of space and time to play. In the Premiership, it has always been the case against us that opposition teams “get stuck in” and there is very little time. Vieira was brilliant in the Premiership because he always turned into space and Song has shown plenty of that, without being quite as adept at it. I sense Yaya will struggle with the pace of it, that is why my player to play in the role alongside Song and should be available is Stephen Ireland.

  83. gambon


    Why are you being an accountant?

    You either want him or you dont. Assigning values to players is Arsenes problem, lets not follow him.

  84. henry14

    I wasn’t saying Milner was worth £25M – i was just pointing out that i would rather spend that sort of money on a proven prem player that can score goals, play on the wing, in the middle, battles hard, has bottle and probably won’t fuck off at the first sign of a big from Madrid.

  85. Man

    Chygrynsky has been awful for Barca this season the few times he has played. Maybe we can rejuvinate him. Thye’ve got several CBs letting him go hsouldn’t be a problem

  86. Thierry Henry is god


    And not only that, those kinds of players would be more adapted to the premier league, for every Cesc there is a good couple of Reyes or Meridas who seem to miss spanish football.

  87. henry14

    ikon – he’s 100% not shit. He’s a good player – without a doubt.

    He’s not Cesc but he’s one of the best young English talents.

    When he is playing for Man Utd and winning the league – let’s here you say he is shit.

  88. gambon

    I said all this would happen 2/3 years ago.

    You sign Cesc at 16, there was literally no way in the world he was still gonna be at Arsenal when he hit his peak.

    This is why you buy a player at 24, to get his best years.

  89. Arsenal Tom

    milner would be quality alongside cesc and song, he’s such a livewire we need someone with his energy and determination.

    scott parker would be very good for us to

  90. patthegooner

    Also I can understand that Barca are a little pissed that we got him in the first place, but I dont see why that entitles them to buy him on the cheap.

    I just wish that either Man Shitty or More interestingly Real put in a bumper bid for him. He would never go to either, but at least it would give us more bargaining power to get the price up.

  91. Man


    I think you’ve got Geoff’s lenses there. Yaya is no way better than Song let alone being vastly better

    I just don’t think Milner is worth £25M

  92. patthegooner


    Anyone would be an improvement over Denilson and Diaby.

    Hopefully the one good thing that comes out of all this is that Wenger realises that.

  93. Walking Wounded

    THis is strange Gambon – Nemesis indeed.

    I made my post after yours, having not updated the screen so I didn’t know you made the counter argument.

    I bet if we met in real life there would be a disruption in the space time continuum.


  94. Man

    Winning the the league or medals wouldn’t be down to just a player it’ll more than to the squad, the sum of the parts. You can’t say Yaya has won more medals than Song so he is better… sounds a bit naive

  95. henry14

    Anyone that thinks this will shake Wenger up – is deluded.

    Nothing will change – for him, he’ll either buy 1/2 player that he was going anyway or he won’t – next season will pan out exactly we expect.

    Everyone else thinks this proves Wenger’s project youth or whatever you want to call it is dead.

    I can guarantee you Wenger isn’t thinking like that – he absolutly will not change this policy and he will stick with these players.

    £50M for Cesc wouldn’t result in 4 new players – i would bet £100K on it.

  96. Arsenal Tom

    pat… we can only hope mate! the thing is if cesc does go will wenger be willing to change 2 out of the 3 CMs? i doubt it

  97. henry14

    Ikon – it’s not about that, it’s about having that core English contingent at the heart of the team.

    Milner would improve playing for Utd and he’s been the heart beat of Villa’s side this season.

    Fergie has signed Smalling and wants Milner because he knows that these players give there all for the team and win you championships.

  98. gambon


    I dont think Wenger would abandon project youth, i think it would show to the world it is a failure though, so dead in that respect.

  99. Man

    …that’s the mistake in Cesc’ statement the fact he has somewhat narrowed the market to one team – Barca. Barca would of course try to take advantage of it by not offering £30M?

  100. henry14

    Gambon – i absolutly think it’s dead – but we both know Wenger won’t think like that.

    Nothing the man does or has done over the last 6 years points to him suddenly changing his beliefs.

    My hope is that Cesc will stay 1 more year as i have just renewed, and then both he and Wenger go next season.

    We get £50M in and a new manager that has those funds to change the squad.

    That’s best case scenario for me.

  101. Queen of Suburbia

    I disagree 100% gambon – we’ve not even started to see the real project youth yet…the one we’ve currently got is the imported version. The home grown one is 3 – 4 years away.

  102. Thierry Henry is god


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Players like Milner, or English players in general would give us so much more in terms of workrate, we need these sort of players who give everything at every game, like we had back in the day with George Graham, only problem is that Wenger would be bored with them not dancing around in training at his whim.

  103. henry14

    QOS – same applies. New manager and he can start to bring the english kids through with a team of experienced players.

    Whichever way you look at it – our squad needs a major re-work. We don’t have the quality we need through the team and we have too many average players.

    Whatever you want to call this project whatever or simply bad transfer business, Wenger won’t change it but it needs to change.

  104. A

    Song is a quality player now, and there aren’t many DMs I’d have over him, but Yaya is certainly one of them. Yaya I’d have pretty much on par with Essien. Those two and Mascherano are three DM’s that noone else is close to imo, though if Song keeps improving he’ll close the gap

  105. Jimbo

    His Catalan roots aren’t the only reason that Barca prefer Busquets to Toure – he’s a much, much more intelligent player.

    Toure is like his brother – good physical attributes, decent technique, but naive as you like, and not what we need at all.

    Oh, and he doesn’t want to come here anyway.

  106. Gbenga

    It baffles that some people will not stop using all avenue to attribute all negatives to Wenger but will never acknowledge him for his good sides. I can count on some of these as reflected and celebrated by this blog.

    1. Last season when Vermalen was signed and Tony Adams criticised the signing, the whole lots here shouted that Wenger had lost the plot (Despite the fact that none of them has ever seen Vermalen play before) and now that the much respected Seaman said Fanbiaski should be retained, i have not heard same been celebrated….Double Standard.

    2. Fabregas is leaving because wenger cannot provide him medals. Bollocks. Fabregas stayed up till this moment because of Wenger. The guy could have opted out if he considers the level of officiating, xenophobic statements even from fans,crude tackling without protections, booing of teammates etc

    3.He doesnt know what he is doing….That is laughable. How many of you know the true state of Arsenal’s account……The only difference between Chelsea and Portmouth is Abrahamovic being alive and not losing interest in the project….Man utd cannot buy Marque player for the second succesive season…That is the reality of situations nowadays. And if you care to know, Van Gaal/Mourinho were sacked at Barcelona when the team decided to do what Arsenal is doing now,ie build from within….that shows the enormity of such projects.

  107. Darrenchallis

    Cesc Goes. AW says “Welcome to project youth part two”. “I will build my team around Nasri!”
    That gonna be a big circle then.

  108. Jimbo

    If Yaya was on a par with Essien, Barca wouldn’t be playing Busquets ahead of him whenever they get a chance.

    He’s nowhere near Essien.