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You can take it or leave it, but after 3 years of blogging and sorting people out with tickets you build a nice little network of contacts. I know some good people that give me little snippets every now and then. One of those contacts spoke with me last night. He’s not involved in the Cesc deal but works in agent circles. According to what he’s been hearing, Cesc is aware that he is tied down to a massive contract and in a David Villa style show of… err… loyalty? He is fully accepting that if Barca don’t bid what we want for him, we wont let him go.

So basically we don’t have a sulky brat player on our hands. Which is good news because that means we’ll get the best deal. Cesc wont hand in a transfer request because if he does, he’ll lose out on his 10% cut. Barcelona wont be able to afford him if he doesn’t ask to leave because there is NO WAY WE’LL SELL OUR STAR MAN FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN £50million.

Yep, I stuck that in bold because I was cyber shouting.

That Bally-gay article read well until he mentioned the £30million price tag. That’s when I knew he was up to no good. I’ve no doubt Cesc would go if he got the chance, but never, ever for a price that is a mere £6million more than Ade went for.

I’ve been thinking about how this deal could benefit us, if I didn’t, I’d be self harming.

Firstly we could use the swap deal mechanism. If Barca are skint when it comes to purchasing Cesc, let’s get a couple of players in exchange. There is no way they’ll be able to buy Cesc any other way. They’ve probably spent £200mill+ over 3 seasons, the mad bankers in Spain have to step in at some point.

I propose firstly we sign Yaya Toure. He’s big, powerful and a winner. He can play the Arsenal game and he’s an imposing figure. One of the best in the business at underpinning a fancy team. No one would bully us with him in the middle and he’s at the right age to give us the best of his career.

I’d also request Chygrynskiy as part of the deal. He was part of the Europa Cup winning Shaktar team and he cost Barca the princely sum of £28million last year. He has pace, tonnes of aggression and more importantly, he is 6ft3. The giant Ukrainian is in his mid-twenties and he’d make a superb partner for crowd favourite Tommy V.

So right there you’ve just addressed two very weak areas of the team. I’d argue that you’ve improved the team even with the main man leaving.

Right, now comes this tricky part that could have me labelled an AKB. Could we go into next season without recruiting a cesc-placement?

Aaron Ramsey for me will be a far more dynamic player than Cesc. He tears around the pitch with more venom than our Spaniard ever has and he was beginning to look the real deal before he was Shawcrossed. His break was in the middle of his leg so I can’t imagine we’ll get Eduardo like ramifications with pace. As for the mental side… again, I think Rambo is a different beast. He’ll be back and he’ll be meaner than ever. It wont take long for him to start scoring goals and he certainly has the range of passing to match Cesc in the near future.

Then we have Jack Wilshere. I know, I know, he’s very young. However, he turned into a bit of a superstar towards the end of his tenure at Bolton. He’s added more power to his game and he looks to me like a real fighter. He has more vision than the oracle and he has that magic we all love in a player! I’m not suggesting he takes on the role of central midfielder, but if you had a midfield of Yaya, Rambo and Jack… you’d have far more creativity than Diaby, Denilson and Song. Instead of buying one superstar, you’re limiting the loss of Cesc by adding two lots of creativity at 60% of his level.

My last suggestion for the role of playmaker is Arshavin. His engine was clearly produced in the same factory as the famed Lada, but I think that has more to do with motivation than anything. Could our lazy Russian recapture his magic played down the middle. If all the attention was on him and he was the star of the show, could he match Cesc? Well, I’ll leave that for you guys to decide!

The one thing I don’t think I could handle is Wenger suggesting Nasri, Denilson and Diaby will be ready to take over the reigns. Diaby can’t find consistency and has never set to Premiership alight with assists. Nasri has shown glimpses of his ability but for me he lacks hunger where it counts… on the pitch. Not that it’s lacking off the pitch if you catch my drift!

Denilson? Don’t make me laugh…

Failing that there are three names I’d imagine are under consideration.

Gourcuff, the ex-Milan creative midfielder. He is  a truly wonderful talent who has the lot. He is a big chap at 6ft1, he can shoot and his passing range is close to Cesc’s. He’s available for £22million but we’d have to be quick as Manchester City are circling. If Wenger has an inkling Cesc will be off, let’s act now instead waiting until every other club has done their shopping.

Then there’s Arteta.

Cue groan

Well, the Spaniard would be available, he’s a crock and he’s had previous success in the Premiership. In his prime for Everton he managed 9 goals and 13 assists. That’s a pretty good record! His appearance stats have a RvP like familiarity… he averages around 30 games a year which would be a big risk considering the problems the rest of our players suffer. Still, his signing wouldn’t be the end of the world even though he is a bit old at 28.

Finally, with my boldest suggestion of the post… Kaka!

Yep, for me, if we’re going to replace, let’s replace with unadulterated world class talent! Is there a more complete footballer sitting on the bench anywhere in the world? I think not… The guy is a dream to watch, he’s a good Christian boy and I heard he’d vote Tory if he got the chance. Seriously though, he would add more samba to our style with his ability to run with the ball, his goals and skill of bringing the best out of his team mates. Not to mention he likes us…

“Arsenal and Manchester United are different from the other English teams.”

Manchester United and Arsenal are more agile. They let other teams play and they play too,

Oh don’t Kaka, you big flirt!

Arsene, if there was even a hint that we could do a player (Denilson) plus cash deal for this man, you should do it! He’s on a downer at his club and we know how Madrid like to dump world-class players for a greatly reduced fees!

Chuck him in with the new keeper we’re due to sign and jeez… we’re looking like one hell of a team!

Our style of play could remain, but the attitude and strength in depth would improve.

Could Cesc leaving be good for Arsenal in the long term? Why not let us know in the comments!

Le Chump of the year is announced tomorrow… Have a great day!

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  1. Stu

    Who knows mayank. Neither are commanding. Its really a question of which is worse. A keeper who cant catch a ball or a keeper who refuses to try catch one.

  2. Stu

    Ended up back at the comments for june 5th or 6th of last summer and some my comments were odd to say the least. It i didnt know any better i’d say i had a sugar rush or something. I was like a 5 year old who’d broken into a case of pepsi..madness!

    There was also a mass debate about Vermaelens height…fantastic stuff!

  3. Keyser

    When you think about the Champions League final on Saturday, you have to think that Ribery is one of the dopiest footballers around for missing it.

  4. gambon

    I dont think Cesc will go public in his desire to leave, too much repect for Wenger.

    TBH if we can get £80m its impossible to say no.

    With £120m, Wenger, if he goes back to his old ways, can easily create the best team in the country.

    Or alternatively the board & Wenger will divvy it up.

  5. Keyser

    I think it’s pretty dayum difficult to go back to the old ways, but if he can pick up some shrewd buys then we’re rolling.

    Ideally Fabregas stays and we blood in his replacement for next year, add a couple of quality players and return to the days of violence where we saw red every week.

  6. incesc

    didnt cesc already say he wanted to go to barcelona?

    what do they want him to do?

    hold a press conference on the pitch at the emirates stating his desire to leave.

  7. goonermichael

    If cesc really does want to go he should put in a transfer request. Otherwise he doesn’t want to go enough to lose his 10%.

  8. Keyser

    He’s said his usual ‘of course I’d like to join one day’, and he wants his future sorted before the World Cup starts.

    They want him to force the move, put pressure on the club.

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    Just reading article provided by Keyser. It is as obvious as Spain being an economic basket case, that Barcelona want their cake & eat it. The laws of supply & demand are that if you want something so much, you have to pay a premium. In a situation like this, its obvious the player is wanting to break his contract, so it is The Arsenal’s right to demand 80 million pounds. Just pay your dues Barcelona or fuck off 😈 The going rate is what The Club has stated, & if you don’t pay then the boy stays, will be stripped of the Captaincy & treated like Adebayor.

    Barcelonely have played on Cescs emotions for years now; they are the evil party in all this, they have caused the situation even before le Gaffer went all scroogy.

  10. Keyser

    It could be everyone’s ideal situation, where he knows he’s going to leave at some point, he wants the ckub to give him the best chance possible for him tow in something before he leaves.

    If I was him, I’d want to go back with medals.

  11. Keyser

    gnarleygeorge9 – It’s the MO of all of these supposed big teams, or how it usually plays out, same with Ronaldo the year before.

  12. Stu

    Fuck sake Choy! AND to make it worse Milner is going for 30m pounds and Braca are only offering 30m euro for Fabregas!! Sick to fuck of it!

  13. colonel mustard

    heard some fairly reliable info that Wegner is spitting about Cesc approach and will do everything to keep Cesc or make barca pay through the nose.

  14. Gooby

    colonel mustard says:
    May 20, 2010 at 23:51
    heard some fairly reliable info that Wegner is spitting about Cesc approach and will do everything to keep Cesc or make barca pay through the nose.

    that’s more likely from that old greedy french granpa. although he may make it easy for them as for Henry(or he wanted to sell in the first place)

    so if cesc is leaving let’s make it harder for them and we’d rather put them in debts. CUNTS

  15. gambon

    Lets sell him for £70m and not spend a penny of it.

    Then we can all celebrate some big profits next year, cant wait for the parade.

  16. Stu

    Yeah wtf has happened to us that the best players dont want to join us anymore.

    We need great players to win things, but to win thing we need great players first.

    I think we should just sort the defence out first and worry about big names second.

  17. Stu

    It does indeed Gambon. Whats more sickening is that other players are basically making fun of our lack of success. I mean we go on and on and on and on and on and on about it on here. Criticising the club and team to no end but when someone from outside the club says it its fucking awful and i just want to fight someone.

    I love Arsenal to death…i’ll have no badmouthing of my club! Im shaving Xavis head if we ever meet..then i’d like to see the prick try to waste a tub of brylcreem styling his shiny dome.

  18. Jimbo

    What I don’t understand is this – Wenger cannot convince either his players, or the fans, that he is capable of making Arsenal competitive.

    How on earth is this idiot’s position still tenable?

  19. richard

    I never thought that a post season could be this much fun, particularly after the previous year with Ronaldo’s, On, then Off, then sold saga with Real Madrid. My arsenal mates rammed it down my throat and the Arsenal blogs were full of daily digs at United fans and I have to admit, as much as I attempted to be cool and calm it was a gut wrenching summer. But what a difference a year makes. I’m having the time of my life. Enjoy Gents!

  20. charliegeorge


    Because there happens to be a collection of idiots above him! Their prime motivation in life is making squillions, despite some of them being one foot from the grave. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Fans get their rocks off one way, which is the right way, and they get their rocks off admiring a pristine balance sheet. If that’s the case, FINE! But businesses, from time to time, need INVESTMENT. And a football club does this buy entering the transfer market, NOT the FLEA market. All this manager has contrived in doing is to divide club loyalties, piss off his best players, flip the bird to former greats who have the club’s interest close to their hearts. It’s a cut and dried case of committing football club suicide. And for what? Delusions of personal grandeur. Well he can stuff that notion in his personal kit bag and fuck the fuck off!!

  21. ethangunner

    How on earth is this idiot’s position still tenable?
    because he does what any patsy would do …

    everything hill-wood says !

  22. ethangunner

    in fact all wenger has to do is ensure top 4 in the EPL .

    do that at AFC and you have a job for life , oh that and not spend a cent transfer wise …

    those 2 boxes ticked for another season means wengers job is secure !

  23. ethangunner

    selling cesc will and some others like dudu – etc …(gallas) …

    and he will have the 70 mil they initially talked about ..

    if we get 50 for cesc . (and if you can get 80- for ronaldo you should get 50-60 for cesc )

    it makes you wonder how long wenger has really known about cesc being dissatisfied ..

    (i would say prior to christmas)

    fuck i mean if i could see on the pitch he looked pissed off , how long has wenger REALLY KNOWN ?????

  24. ethangunner

    at seasons end it went from 70 mil to 30 .. to spend ..

    makes you wonder if the 40 mil diff wasnt taking the sale of cesc into consideration ..

    knowing hill-wood anything is possible once wenger told him he was off .. or even thinking about leaving ..

  25. charliegeorge


    Depends on how the deal’s structured. Might include players, will probably include installments, a la C. Ronaldo (20m p.a. I think).

  26. stevesai69

    l would be truely happy with the following if Cesc leaves and we get what we want in return

    NEW GK


  27. crc

    Cesc is not leaving
    He never was
    He never said he wants to leave

    the reason he said” i want my future sorted” was bring the transfer rumors to the brink, so he can prove to us/media that a deal to barca is NOT happening this summer.

    therefor ending further transfer spec during the WC

    imagine all the stories we would hear about cesc and his mates in SA tryin to talk him into a move, if he had not done this.

    so to the ppl payin out on him or contemplating whos gonna replace him, u are wasting your time, hes staying

  28. sixx pac

    Okay this is getting fro bad to fucking worse. How this not fucking tapping up. Arsene grow some balls and report the fucking cunts to Uefa. Criminal? Its fucking criminal to want him for less than 70 mil. I agree with Geoff. Stick him in the reserves let him see criminal

  29. sixx pac

    Okay this is getting from bad to fucking worse. Arsene grow some fucking balls and report them to Uefa. How is this not tapping up. I agree with Geoff. Stick him in reserve and let him see criminal. Nobody is bigger than the Arsenal

  30. ethangunner

    sixx pac says:
    May 21, 2010 at 03:48

    Okay this is getting from bad to fucking worse. Arsene grow some fucking balls
    i thought you loved the man ?
    i thought you didnt like anyone talking badly of him !

    your a fucking hypocritical prick 6-twat.

  31. ethangunner

    why worry about the sale price anyhow ?!?!?!?

    ok we will get 40 – 50 ..

    you think wenger will spend that much ?

    so most of you want an extra 15 mil past 35 mil ..

    is that 15 mil for hill-wood ?

    because you can bet your bottom dollar what ever cesc is sold for you will be lucky if wenger spends half of it ..

    do the deal quickly and get in the players prior to the WC .

  32. ethangunner

    Reports suggest that Spanish giants Barcelona will make an offer for Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas on Monday but it will not be in excess of £30million.

    Barcelona are confident they can land the deal before the World Cup so will begin their full blown pursuit of their former player next week.

    It is believed that the Catalan club will put forward a list of players to Arsenal who they can take in a trade deal so they do not have to pay a massive total for the 23-year old.

  33. ethangunner

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has broken his silence on Barcelona’s pursuit of Cesc Fabregas.

    Wenger last night confirmed that the club had no intention of letting their skipper go.

    Club chairman Peter Hill-Wood warned: “We are not remotely interested in selling him.”

    And Wenger backed him up last night, saying: “The chairman told you the story.”

  34. sixx pac

    So if you love ur wife Ethan does that mean you cant critique her when she does wrong. Arsene is a great coach but he is a bit too soft and civil.

  35. ethangunner

    you obviously know fuck all about women to start with , but that aside !

    i dont talk bad about my current wife !

    only you have talked about my wife .. & badly ..you low life scum !

    and if i remember i was saying the same thing about wenger ,when you defended him thru out the season , get some balls .. play the right players who have talent , not your favorites !

    your a scummy cunt 6 – twat ..
    best you ignore me in future ..

    because things will get ugly ..

  36. sixx pac

    been a fan for twelve years ethan. Since i was eight. What else do you wanna know. Have i ever been to a game? No. Never been to england. Lived in New Jersey for 2 yrs. I live in jamaica. Grew up in a family of man u fans. First game i saw was 98 fa cup semi’s vs utd where we lost

  37. ethangunner

    ive never NOT PAID off a BET in my life and have no affinity to talk, and banter pub style… with a total cunt like you who RUNS HIS FUCKING MOUTH .. then cant back it up honorably !

    you were 100% wrong on every call this season ..
    your a dumb fuck with a big mouth ..

  38. sixx pac

    must be confusing me with someone else. Have i said something abt ur wife? Hurt ur feelings?

    Ur telling me to avoid u. Really? U jump on everything i say. I bet when u come on here u press Ctrl + F and type my name to see if i’ve commented. Sad state ur in really.

  39. sixx pac

    wrong on every call? hmm. Lets see. U didnt know me at the start of the season cause i just started commenting in January. ur obviously confusing me for someone else. I pity u ethan. Go to ur wife, plz, u cunt. Enjoying ur sex tourism

  40. Ja_Gunner

    Ethan why the quarelling…calm down, we all want the same thing..which is for Arsenal to start winning again..

    If we can get a CB,Box-Box MF, a keeper we will be fine..Although I am scared that Wenger will put Fabianksi between the sticks…if he does that I swear i wont watch most of the games…

    If he really rates Fabianski he should send him out on loan and make him iron out his mitakes there..not with us who are trying to win something

  41. ethangunner

    sixx pac says:
    May 17, 2010 at 09:01

    didnt have to find a 100 quid ethan. She was way cheaper. She likes Blacks but she is afraid because of all the bruisings she got the first time

  42. ethangunner

    dont make a fucking bet then prick if you have no honor in you !


    cock sucker !

  43. sixx pac

    still on about the bet that never was. Ur gonna hurt me all the way from Thailand.

    Seems ur the one thats hurting dude. Ur not looking really good here. And u call me a twat. I honestly thought u were stronger.

  44. David


    Ethan..its just funny when you cuss someone out and youre avatar looks like a Taliban man on there.

  45. sixx pac

    Resorting to name calling. very macho. Can i have a rain cheque on that bruising. I must say i am very tender in that area. Anyways im off to bed. I have work in the morning. Nice talking to ya

  46. ethangunner


    yes thats my son 🙂
    the taliban leader 🙂

    hiding from the sun in the back seat 🙂

    with his arsenal jersey on 🙂

  47. ethangunner

    i was driving looking at the road and told him if he’s hot put his sunnys on 🙂

    the rest is photo history ..

  48. ethangunner


    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is ready to push on with attempts to land Barcelona starlet Bojan despite the La Liga club’s attempts at unsettling Emirates skipper Cesc Fabregas. The north London side have been linked with a move for the young Spanish international for some time and the Gunners believe that this summer may be their best hope of luring the 19 year old to the club.

    Pepe Guardiola has turned to the youthful members of this squad this season and has seen the likes of Perdo and Sergio Busquets cement their places in the Nou Camp first team, however Bojan has found his time in the first team limited this season to just 16 starts in all competitions and as David Villa arrives at the Catalan giants he could find it increasingly hard to force his way into the starting eleven.

    The £14m valued teenager has previously made positive noises about the constant speculation linking him with a move to Arsenal and now could be the time for the youngster to attempt a new challenge as he looks to become more of a presence in the Spanish national team picture.

  49. ethangunner

    yes sweet DDM !

    looks like the old boy is on the look out ..

    there are more rumors flying around than BETS ON WINNING THE LEAGUE 🙂

  50. Gooby

    He said: “It is criminal for a player of Cesc’s quality not to be winning the biggest prizes in football. He really has no choice but to leave. He is making the right decision and I hope the Arsenal fans wish him well.”


  51. Gooby

    Xavi is the biggest cunt out there. WTF is this comment about us??? he needs to be reported and shut up his big mouth

  52. ethangunner

    you also have the mbia and melo rumors in full swing ..

    sounds like arsene paid his phone bill after all ..

    he maybe looked thru those 217 messages from 2 years ago 🙂

  53. Gooby

    mbia is a fine player.

    talking about the french league moussa sissokho is a very good player, capoue, gonalon, toulalan, m’villa all are

  54. ethangunner

    they were even talking about the X man U rossi !

    he wouldnt be bad either ..

    pato .. would be GREAT ! …

    cesc for pato .. not too bad ..

    providing we got 30 mil also 🙂

  55. ethangunner

    mbia is a great player .. but he will go missing again for the ACN ..

    maybe the french born options are the best …..

    oh an English 🙂

  56. bnsb

    Good morning!

    Everyone seems to have forgotten we need a goal keeper, a new CB and may be another new DM.

    Its true talking Cesc diverts attention from real issues 🙂

  57. ethangunner


    Click here to follow us on Twitter!
    Click here for our special Transfer Centre!
    Click here for more football headlines!

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta has reiterated Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a future at the Nou Camp despite the impending arrival of David Villa.

    Ibrahimovic joined Barca last summer in a deal that saw Inter Milan get 46 million euros plus Samuel Eto’o (valued at 20 million euros) in exchange for the giant Swede, but the former Ajax and Juventus hitman has had a mixed first season with the Catalan giants.

    so its ok for barca to hold on to who they want isnt it ?!!?

    CUNTZ !

  58. ethangunner


    Click here to follow us on Twitter!
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    Click here for more football headlines!

    Former Arsenal winger Perry Groves believes the club’s failure to win a trophy in the last five years has persuaded Cesc Fabregas to leave.

    The Spain international has emerged as Barcelona’s next major transfer target after the 23-year-old said he would welcome a move back to the club he left for the Gunners seven years ago.

    Groves is convinced a lack of silverware at the Emirates Stadium – the last trophy they won was the FA Cup in 2005 – has played a major factor in Fabregas’ decision.

    “I don’t think it is a real surprise as it seemed if Arsenal didn’t win anything this year he would probably want to leave,” Groves said.

    “He is coming to the peak of his career, he is very influential in European football, but he has not won anything for five years.

    “With Cesc it is not about being greedy or money but ambition. It is all about trophies.

  59. ethangunner



    Yaya Toure’s agent insists his client has no intention of joining Arsenal and is not being lined up as a replacement for Cesc Fabregas.

  60. MickyDidIt89

    Aside from the Cesc panto, I reckon much of this summers merrygoround will be sparked by wherever Maureen lands. It was a definite goodbye tear from him at the Siro.
    Madrid maybe, with bundles of cash.

  61. Alco

    Of no please no M’Bia or Matuidi or Mavinga whatever French name they have
    I had enough of those soft whiny type

    16 Million for M’bia?!…
    Than Cesc should be 160 Million for christ sake

  62. bnsb

    16 Million for M’bia?!…
    Than Cesc should be 160 Million for christ sake

    Now Wenger will start bid for Mbia at 3 million and we go no where

  63. MickyDidIt89

    We need a new CB. 6’4″ skinhead with tattoo’s on his face. Does such a gargoyle exist?

  64. tommy

    shocking to see so many fans believing we can actually lure world class players like Kaka to Arsenal… Are u fukkin kidding me?

    -Try to understand that he havent won shite for 5 years…

    If we sell Cesc we will have fuk all left and Wenger will not be able to convinve a target that we will be up there next season…

    This year will be crash year… this year will be Wengers last at the arsenal. THANK GOD

  65. Alco

    We need a new CB. 6’4″ skinhead with tattoo’s on his face. Does such a gargoyle exist?

    Djourou can use a makeover

  66. Pedro

    QoS, that thing you mentioned about the IP addresses… a load of bollocks I can assure you.

    You can’t post on Le Grove if you keep changing your name using the same IP address.

    Untold Arsenal are telling big fat lies again… like the one about them getting quarter of a mills worth of hits a month. Pretty much impossible without newsnow.

  67. Pedro

    That IP address rule will be the same for almost all blogging platforms… it protects your site against spam…

  68. angeausarsenal

    Morning/Evening all!
    I just wish Arsenal or Cesc would make a statement so we can get on with our lives.

  69. Queen of Suburbia

    Obviously the stuff about it being a big newspaper conspiracy was a bit out there…but i must admit on one or two other sites there are definitely people posting under different names becaus you can tell by style and substance of the comments.

  70. Pedro

    QoS, I don’t know how he’d know that? His site doesn’t get loads of comments and I’m pretty sure no other site is sharing IP data with him.

    Each person on here has 1 name, 1 e-mail, maybe 2 IP addresses for home and work. It wouldn’t be possible for multiple names from 1 IP address to post comments, our askismet spam catcher would zap it.

    If you asked Yogi from ACLF, he’d tell you the same.

    I just read Untold Arsenal and I’m pretty disgusted they said we encouraged our twitter followers to abuse Cesc’s sister. Firstly, most of my followers don’t post on the site. Secondly, we’d never encourage that sort of behaviour.

    It really is pathetic behaviour for a site that likes to put itself out there as a bastion of balance and perspective.

  71. Moray

    If I remember correctly, when they were younger, we rejected both Yaya and Ibrahimovic after loan spells. so no way would either want to join Arsenal.

  72. Queen of Suburbia

    It did seem a very extreme post which is why i thought i’d ask you about it…is it not possible to track the ip’s posting on the site then?

    I didn’t see anything about Cescs sister in the main article, or references to Le-Grov, some of the comments mentioned this site, but i just put them down as bitter ex-posters!

    I ‘ll read it again, perhaps i’ve missed something, i just took it as a bit paranoid albeit with some elements that i found quite interesting…

  73. Pedro

    QoS, they’ve mentioned the site by name and made a baseless accusation.

    The whole article seems to be talking about share holders not having the right to dissent and suggest fans like Geoff and I couldn’t run the club.

    I took a PHD in running football clubs… Geoff wrote the ‘Running clubs for dummies’ book.

    We’d install Jaguar as Chairman, David as striking coach and Sabeel as futurologist.

  74. leon

    Recollect game with Porto without Сesc. You remember that Arshavin created. Here to you the answer to all your questions.
    Аrshavin very ambitious player. Believe in it and give
    to it the central supervising role. He will create a miracle. And you will forget about its bad fit. It will fly across the field. You will see a fairy tale and real magic. You take pleasure in the unforgettable moments in your life. Only add four skilled players about whom he asked. And the Arsenal becomes invincible and magic.

  75. ritesh

    OK, he is a crowd favourite but I am not losing any sleep if Cesc is going.

    He got enough time to show he could win something for us but he failed. We sold PV4 to make room for him and he did not deliver, so all the best.

    30M too little? Check out the budget deficits and debt ratios out there dude.