Duo aim to bring quadruple to Arsenal

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I’m writing this post whilst travelling through Lyon as a favour to the boss. We’ve heard Hugo Lloris had a house party last night and Toulalon was there. We’re going to knock on the door armed with a some gaffer tape and a roll of mafia carpet.

We should be stopping in Barcelona for lunch… we’ve had a tip off from Thierry that Yaya and Messi will be trying on suits at the local tailors. We’ll have them in the back of the van in no time.

We understand that having it away with people is illegal but we figure it’s the only way we’re going to get them back to the Arsenal.

 Never again question who Le Grove support.

Today will be a short one as we’re in transit and it is difficult to get online but we’ll do our best during the course of the day and we’ll make up for it with a bumper post tomorrow!

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  1. Maciek

    Dutchman, Cesc will stay.

    For one more year.

    And if we fail again, he will go.

    And then the revolution will start.

    And we could be either in heaven or in BIG trouble.

    Wenger is deluded. He is past his prime.

  2. Maciek

    Gambon, it’s a nice line up, but do You rate Hazard that much.

    Is he really THAT good.

    He is just a kid. ANd we have enough of kids.

    Just my opinion mate, nothing against You.

    Take care!

  3. gambon


    Hazard is the next Ribery for me, and actually better than Ribery at 19 yo.

    I think he will be a superstar.

  4. Dutchman

    I’am so jealous that we can’t or don’t buy big players like higain,tevez,alonso,chiellini. Every day i see again that city or even tottenham has interest in Luis fabiano,higain or di maria.And we don’t buy one single topplayer!! And I’am pissed of with the lies from whole arsenal, what is going on??
    I’am so damn sure that we have loads of money but….
    Where is it?

  5. Stu

    We couldnt afford those players at the time of their most recent moved Dutchman (apart from Chiellini who i dont rate anymore).

    Higuain, Tevez and Alonso would all cost a good 30m if we were to bid now.

    We can afford to buy good players now but this is the first summer imo. We had money last season but not enough to bid for a superstar.

  6. zeus


    I copied and paste the comment made by cartford. I’m not defensive about the Cesc ‘saga’. Its just annoying that some of you talk about for the entire day.

    Mr X who has absolutely no affiliation to FC Barca whatsoever says ‘barca will make a bid’ and then everyone is in fits. All because some cunt says something on radio or tv.

    How about we not talk about the issue until LaPorta makes an official bid.

    Thank God for the upcoming WC to keep us all distracted.


    I know what your saying, but my point still stands. I don’t like the Brazilians so I’m glad that he is their coach but in the 4 years that he has been there they have won things, without style and panache yes, but they have won.

  7. Stu

    Brazil win things because they are solid in defence. You dont win things anymore with a leaky defence and Dunga knows this.


    every one has forget that we need Rayan Babel he is could be next henry , what about Eden Hazard?
    we must sign him he is more important that walcoat, and even arshavin

  9. Stu

    David, we just have to hope that playing football is more important to him than just picking up a medal without playing much.

  10. David

    He is playing football Stu

    It looks like yaya is playing with busquets…and even funnier hes playin the xavi role

  11. Stu

    He isnt a starter anymore though. He only has 25 starts this season out of probably more than 50 games. He is only being used to rotate with other players. He is going to leave this summer. We might as well be the club he leaves for.

  12. Kreshnik

    I have no clue what the fuck convinced Pep to go and get Ibra. Their attack is fucking unstoppable with Messi, Pedro and Bojan, un-fucking-stoppable. It’s not like height helped them with Inter either, in fact the moment Bojan went on they started penetrating.
    I would take Yaya any-fuckin-day

  13. leon

    i would not be suprised if wenger went for david james he is extremly experienced and will be looking fto fabianki more time who i do think can come good in the future,but i dont there is much future in almunia ,i feel that position that has been overlooked is left back position i have no dought if wenger picks a good enough offer for clichy he will accept as his constond defensive blonders over the past few years is very worrying to me.i realy dont see vela is going play next season he cant be target man the fact is i realy dont see him as good enough to play for this team niether him or thoe

  14. gambon

    Realistically the only clubs he can play for are Us, Utd, Chelsea, Spurs, City, Inter, AC or Bayern.

    I dont think Chelsea will be buying a DM, Spurs arent a big club, City arent in the CL, Italy & Germany arent usually peoples first choice leagues.

    We should definate;y be able to get him, its just a question of ambition.

    Knowing Wenger he’ll sign a 16 year old french kid instead.

  15. zeus


    The only way we get Yaya for 10m is if thats barca’s way of saying we sell you for cheap, you sell to us for cheap.

  16. gambon

    lol Jay Simpson scored 13 goals in 43 in the championship, Bendtner scored 12 in 31 in the PL & CL.

    Theres no comparing the 2. Bendtner would score 30 in the championship, and has a much better allround game.

  17. Stu

    Not to mention that Simpson is 3 years older now than Bendtner was when he set the championship alight.

    Bendtner got 22 Goals and assists in 48 games at Brum, helping them to promotion. Simpson has 15 goals and assists in 42. Anyone know where qpr are in the table?

  18. Stu

    Anyone know of any top quality CBs that would suit our football? We all know we need at least 2 but noone ever has any suggestions apart from Cahill and Hangeland, neither of which suit us imo.

  19. leon

    stu i am not sure about names i dont we need cbs with style this team needs very athletic tough old school defenders like what the have at inter but there so many,i also think left back position needs adressing clichy is upto it has not been in good few years makes far to many defensive blonders

  20. reVELAtion

    Buffon 20m
    Cahill 8m + Wilshire & Lansbury loan
    Kjaer 10m
    Matuidi 6m
    Wellington (nom.)
    Chamackh free
    Campbell free


    Wilshire, Conquelin, Bothelo, Lansbury, Frimpong, Eastmond, Sunu, Emmanuel Thomas (Loan)

  21. reVELAtion

    gambon that’s the best we could hope for…

    i’d love to swap cahill for chiellini and matuidi for de rossi but it ain’t happening in a million years!

  22. MickyDidIt89

    Gnarley oh Gnarley,
    Oh dear oh dear. Beaten in a World Cup Final by a team from England where Cricket is about the 18th sport.
    Pretend you are Cornish, my friend!

  23. gambon


    It definately isnt too much to ask for Buffon, an international class CB, Toure & Chamakh.

    £40-45m overall, sell some dross and £30m net spend.

  24. reVELAtion

    if wenger pulled out those signings we’d have a back 5 squad consisting of





    I’d be happy with that…

  25. reVELAtion

    Buffon 20m
    Cahill 8m + Wilshire & Lansbury loan
    Kjaer 10m
    Y. Toure 12m
    Wellington (nom.)
    Chamackh free
    Campbell free


    Wilshire, Conquelin, Bothelo, Lansbury, Frimpong, Eastmond, Sunu, Emmanuel Thomas (Loan)

  26. zeus

    Did Messi really beat? Looking at his stats now he has 47 which was Ronaldo’s record.

    It also speaks volumes of Ronaldo’s ability that he could score that much when he was injured and played in less competitions and overall games than Messi has.

  27. MickyDidIt89

    Back to real sport.
    On the whole Barca thing, I feel if we start pushing for YaYa, we are going to get embroiled in the whole swapsy thing for we know who.
    Lets go for Toulalan.

  28. Gooby

    wenger has to be completely dumb if he did not notice how shite is flapianski!

    i think he realised(finally) that almunia is hopeless

  29. zeus

    HOw did we miss out on Yaya. (I don’t mean to belabor the point). He is brother to Kolo, tried out for us on more than 1 occasion. How shit must he have been/how blind must Wenger have been for him to end up at Barca for 8m.

  30. Stu

    Well we didnt get Yaya at the time because we had Vieira and Gilberto and apparently something to do with a work permit too. He was with 2 other clubs before joining Barca.

  31. Gooby

    lol seems like domenech is getting kicked out tomorrow.

    would be a nice ending to a stupid annoying manager

  32. Stu

    Where did you hear that Gooby? Seems strange to fire someone right before the WC and with the squad yet to be picked.

  33. Stu

    Wonder if Blanc would be taking over because rumour has it he was going to get the job next, i just assumed it would be after Domenech fails to win the WC.

  34. skandibird

    Evening all, I am a little ‘pissed’ off with the Spanish guy, is it Guilliamo (?) anyway the guy who reports on spanish games on sky sports, he is just on now on sky sports 3 claiming that Barcelona is going to announce David Villa next week, and probably after Cesc has spoken to Arsene Wenger next week La Porta hopes also to announce Cesc??? Is there any truth in this OR is he talking out his bottom??? If true, I’m cancelling my hols to Barcelona in September. And before anyone asks, NO, I do NOT want to part exchange with Yaya Toure + money!!.

  35. Stu

    I dunno. Yaya plus 60m wouldnt be too bad. Then we could buy Gourcuff and still have a good 40m left.

  36. Ja_Gunner

    Messi equalled Ronaldo’s record with 47 overall.

    But Ronaldo was more impressive because he did it 2 years younger at 20. It was his first and only season in la liga so he did it coming straight into a new league…

    Plus Barca were not the all conquering team they are now, they did not win la liga, so Ronaldo did it in a worse team.

  37. Ja_Gunner

    Well I think there was some clause in Yaya’s contract that entitled him to a bonus if he played 60% of their games….maybe this why Pep rotated him so much so they could avoid paying the bonus…

    But surely there must be some bad blood because of it I mean come on you bench me because you dont want to pay, I would be somewhat offended. I wonder if we could capitalize on that?

    If we cant get Yaya, then Melo will have to do.

    Yaya is a better all round player. Today we see that he can attack as well as defend…

    Melo seems more defensive.

  38. skandibird

    Ok Stu; but who would ‘control’ the midfield then, surely not Diaby?? God, I can’t bear it if we loose Mr Arsenal AND just a thought, is Cesc’s contract until 2014 and he recently got a pay increase back dated? Does that money then have to be ‘re-paid’ to AFC by Barcelona/Cesc?

  39. zeus


    Don’t pay gilleme balague any mind whatsoever. He has his uses, and a few good articles, but he just repeats all his so called inside info until they come to pass.

    Its not the first time he has said David Villa would leave Valencia. Go back to the past 2 summers, first it was to chelsea, then last summer it was Madrid.

    And he was all about Fabregas to barcelona from god knows when, and CR10 to Madrid 3 years before it happened.

    I guess what is giving some of you shivers down your spine is the fact that Fab4 normally comes out and shoot these stories down. Relax.

    If we win nothing next year, I will gladly fly him to barca myself, a once in a generation baller like him deserves trophies.

  40. Stu

    Yeah i completely understand your fears Skandi. I dont want Diaby attempting to control the midfield either. But if Cesc was t leave then we would surely be handsomely compensated by Barca and we can put that money to use buying someone to replace him (and keep Diaby away from the midfield).

    I dont think he will leave just yet. He has unfinished business with us imo. He wants to win something major with us before he does go and hopefully by the time he does leave (in a few years) we will already have someone to replace him.

  41. Stu

    RTZ, tats some fine locig you’ve used there. Obviously we should buy Schweinstiger to solve our defensive midfield problems.

  42. skandibird

    Stu, agree with you, have you read Guillemo’s ‘article’ on Sky Sports web site? He claims that he thinks this is the year Cesc will join Barcelona, and he ‘obviously’ (sarcastic) knows more than anyone else, maybe he has inside information from Cesc’s family/ Barcelona camp. Why can’t AFC claim we are after Messi/ Xavi/ Iniesta and who ever else they rate highly. Why do they (Barcelona FC) have the right to go around and upset everyone else on the football planet? Remember TH14; honestly it’s about time AFC stood up against these bloody bullies!!!

  43. gambon

    Its all so simple, 6 players in, and all the dross out.


    Der Wiel


    Almunia, Fabianski, Hoyte, Gilbert, Traore, Botelho, Randall, Barazite, Walcott, Eduardo, Simpson

  44. gambon


    With that statement you have ruined your credibility when talking about Bundesliga players.

    Westermann is the captain of Schalke.

  45. skandibird

    Zeus; sorry didn’t spot your response there, well written my friend, you have just made me feel just that little bit ‘better/safer’, and yes, your right Guillemo has his own agenda, being a typical journo. So thanks for sensible words and comment.

  46. Keyser

    Yeah Toure used to be awesome when he was at that other team, forgot who, I just think at Citeh the team doesn’t suit him.

  47. Stu

    Heiko Westermann, Schalke Captain, who finished 2nd in the Bundesliga (i think). Versatile defender and about 25-ish and about 6ft 2.

  48. RT.Z

    Sevilla striker Luis Fabiano has admitted he is likely to leave the club this summer.

    The Brazilian’s future has been the subject of speculation for some time and he has regularly been linked with a switch to England.

    After being an unused substitute in Saturday’s 3-2 victory over Almeria as Sevilla secured UEFA Champions League qualification, Fabiano will now have time to ponder what to do when the transfer window opens.

    With just a year remaining on his current deal, the 29-year-old expects Sevilla to be open to the idea of letting him go.

    Reports suggest the Primera Liga club will want around 20million euros (£17million) and Fabiano believes there is a good chance he will move on.

    “My exit is very probable because the deal is finishing,” he told Sport TV in Brazil.

    “If Sevilla want a sale there will not be any problems. Right now I do not believe it is possible to sign another deal.”

    Fabiano’s immediate focus will be the World Cup after being selected in the provisional squad.

    “I am very happy with the call from Dunga for the World Cup,” he added.


  49. gambon

    Assuming cesc goes;





  50. chozzer

    your right leg
    your right leg
    You shake it all about.
    Ooooooooooooooh the okey cokey.

  51. gambon


    Subotic is more of a beast but Westermann is quicker & much better on the ball.

    Like another vermaelen, scores the odd goal as well.

  52. Ja_Gunner

    I just saw a PL review… We had one goal in the top 10. The Cesc goal against the Spuds.

    It was at number 5..

    However the fuckers included 2 against us.

    Number 4 Rooney against us on the counter attack
    Number 2 Danny rose against us..

    The Rooney goal doesnt deserve to be in it…

    Yeah Gambon if CEsc leaves that is the perfect team





    But I really dont want Cesc to leave until we win something with him… Much like Lebron James and the Caveliers…

    He really wants to win something for Cleveland b4 he leaves..but I wonder how long he will wait.

  53. Stu

    No Gambon, i just cant wait to see the new one. Back to the white sleeves. I hope its a good fit too. Hate when shirts dont fit properly!

  54. Stu

    And anyway, it wouldnt be “toure 6”. Knowing this club it would be more likely to be “Toure 10”.

    I mean Diaby 2, Sagna 3 and Gallas 10. The only number that count for something are 1-11. We could at least have them in some kind of order.

  55. Dutchman

    I find it not so bad if cesc leaves us, but what bad is is what will wenger do with the money???

    If the team which gambon says is arsenals team next season then i hope that the cesc deal wil be announced tommorow. But the problem is that wenger won’t spend it and we will only get backwards, wenger will think that ramsey is up for the job. So cesc staying is a must!! We have to keep cesc for one more year!!( maybe two )!! And it is just so bad from a coach that he let all his topplayers go. It’s so ridiculous. All topplayers are going!! Cesc has a facking contract!! Don’t let him go, he is happy here!! Wenger tell him that! He can’t leave!!

  56. gambon

    Numbers next season;

    ——————– 1 Buffon

    2 Sagna—— 6 CB ——- 5 Vermaelen —— 3 Clichy

    —— 4 Song —– 10 Cesc —— 8 Toure

    – 11 Chamakh ——- 9 RVP ——- 7 Arshavin

  57. Stu

    That would be ideal Gambon but you’ve also got to consider what numbers players have. Cesc wanted 4 because pep had it. Its unlikely RVP will change number and i bet Chamakh will take no 10 and disgrace the shirt Bergkamp once graced.

  58. Wenger the liar

    We have one world class player in our team and I have seen several people claim that it wouldnt be that bad if he left.

    Before anyone says it I think RVP is world class too but the bottom line is that he has never played a full season and I do not count him because of this fact. Five fucking years of hearing “with a fit RVP” gets a little fucking boring.

  59. David

    Cannot afford to lose Fabregas.

    Absolutely no no.

    That will take this team back another 2-3 years.

    Arshavin and nasri are not enough.

  60. gambon


    I dont think anyone thinks we can afford to lose him, but if he demands a move we will have to get on with it & replace him, and for me the best replacements would be Gourcuff, Hamsik or Ozil.

  61. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    Ozil is a quality player. Gourcuff I have seen some of Hamsik I no nothing of. The first two however seem to play more of a deeper striker role, IMHO.

    Anyway, neither of the two I have seen, which you seem to agree with me on by your post, is anywhere near the level of Cesc who for me if surrounded by class players would look like Iniesta. He looks world class now surrounded by donkeys.

  62. Wenger the liar

    Thinking about it Gourcuff players deeper than ozil.

    But my second point still stands.


  63. Stu

    Frey is a fatty because he gets no excercise, being a GK. Nasri has no excuse. As a midfielder he should be one of the fittest, not fattest.

  64. zeus

    is Nasri really fat? Thought it was just an ongoing joke. Nasri is fit, just shit and uninterested most times.

  65. Stu

    Well he’s not actually fat, but for a football he probably is a little heavy. Not John Parkin heavy but he does look like he could do with losing a few pounds.

  66. Stu

    I just read his latest one thanks to you GM. Thanks btw. Anyway, half the fucking thing is about his shit life not arsenal. He should change the name of the site because it sure as shit never has much pro arsenal content.

  67. sixx pac

    Grovers what would you like more

    1: to wake up tomorrow and see a Sabeel comment

    2: to wake up to the news we have signed Gigi on a pre contract.

    Its a hard call for me

  68. sixx pac

    Grovers what would you like most

    1: to wake up tomorrow and see a Sabeel comment as number 1

    2: to wake up tomorrow to the news that Gigi has signed a pre contract

    Its a tough call

  69. David

    I think Palmer has gotten to the point were he’s tired of saying the same things over and over again for the last X years.

    And he’s right. Pro-Arsenal or not.

    The latest post is a bit of a Wank post tho…Fabregas deserves better than Wenger?

    I believe Wenger made Fabregas.


  70. ethangunner

    the only thing wenger saw was cesc talent and ability to fit into our style of play, the rest was up to cesc . .. even then it took 3 years ….

    shame jack or vela dont get the same opportunities

  71. ethangunner

    every project youth player like denilson – diaby – nik b goes thru a 2 year learning curve , whilst we suffer from playing raw players and getting poor results due to it ……

    only to sell them when other clubs ask !
    after they spent time and money coming good !…

  72. ethangunner

    is this the fruits of 5 years in the making ?!
    then why just let our good players go so easily when you just know most will be replaced by juniors only..

  73. ethangunner

    only new owners can enforce change . IMO !

    if you dont totally change all the policies you will continue to see this sort of management run until they have turned it into a money making monster ,thats debt free .

    all the while the football quality will suffer accordingly ..

    you cannot deny history ..