Duo aim to bring quadruple to Arsenal

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I’m writing this post whilst travelling through Lyon as a favour to the boss. We’ve heard Hugo Lloris had a house party last night and Toulalon was there. We’re going to knock on the door armed with a some gaffer tape and a roll of mafia carpet.

We should be stopping in Barcelona for lunch… we’ve had a tip off from Thierry that Yaya and Messi will be trying on suits at the local tailors. We’ll have them in the back of the van in no time.

We understand that having it away with people is illegal but we figure it’s the only way we’re going to get them back to the Arsenal.

 Never again question who Le Grove support.

Today will be a short one as we’re in transit and it is difficult to get online but we’ll do our best during the course of the day and we’ll make up for it with a bumper post tomorrow!

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  1. nishanth

    George Graham-“When Arsene came to Arsenal he had great success based around players with technique, athleticism, power, intensity and aggression. So the question I’d love to ask him now is, ‘Why have you changed that philosophy?’”

  2. gambon


    Who’s getting upset? Just pointing out Mourinho is a vastly better manager than LeSenile,and made a very good point.

  3. Keyser

    Does anyone know which year we got the 4th spot in the league as a Champions League spot ? Instead of just a Uefa Cup one.

  4. incesc

    “incerdible way”

    whats so heard to understand about that?

    i dont think i would have to ask him at all, its pretty clear.

    we used to have world class players winning stuff playing great football, so it was harder for moronhole to go against us.

    now we spend years playing average young players in the hope they one day come good. And spend the entire game passing it around waiting for the opposition to get tired.

    If we go back to having great players and playing great football, we might be more of a threat to chelsea…

  5. Keyser

    gambon – You seem to be, you don’t miss an oppurtunity to aSslick him and then when he gets questioned, you get all defensive.

  6. gambon

    I hope Arsene is taking notes…

    “A football team is made of balance — I don’t believe in a crazy attacking team, I don’t believe in a crazy defensive team. My Porto had balance, my Chelsea had balance, and we have balance in this team. Football is made about balance.”

  7. Keyser

    incesc – That’d be a bit of a shit point really though, the biggest reason for that is because Abramovich has invested hundreds of millions into the Chelsea team, it wasn’t because Mourinho came along took a shit Chelsea side to the top.

  8. A

    I really want to see Mourinho tested at a club where they aren’t the richest club in the league.

    His biggest achievement imo is winning the champs league with Porto, although that was like Greece winning the Euros.

    He only manages teams where he’s got more money to spend than any of his competitors.

  9. Keyser

    Who was the incredibly fat Portugese player that Mourinho loves ?! He has long hair aswell, and a hairband.

  10. incesc

    so if chelsea are stronger why has wenger made arsenal weaker??

    your point is shit imo.

    your point makes no sense.

    mourinho had money so does ancelotti.

    Ancelotti has it easier than mourinho as we are weaker and so are liverpool and man u.

  11. goonerT1m

    i agree gambon, do you think things will change?, i think if cesc goes it will sum up the entire way the club is run…misplaced loyalties, the manager’s golden boy

  12. incesc

    inter arent the richest club in the champions league and they have knocked out chelsea and barce…

    that is some achievement if he wins it, especially being so young and already doing it with 2 teams.


  13. nishanth

    So inter reaching the UCL final beating teams like chelsea and barcelona isn’t impressive enough?

  14. Keyser

    incesc – I don’t think you know what my point is, but you want an argument right ?!

    I don’t think you understood it either way, gambon has a better idea, read his post.

  15. A

    Yeah incesc, that would be an achievement.

    Still – I’d like to see how he’d do in a league where he isn’t at the richest club

  16. incesc

    “That’d be a bit of a shit point really though, the biggest reason for that is because Abramovich has invested hundreds of millions into the Chelsea team, it wasn’t because Mourinho came along took a shit Chelsea side to the top.”

    i never said mourinho took a shit chelsea to the top.

    the whole point is he had harder rivals than ancelotti.

    what is your point? do you even know?

    i was commenting on the mourinho quotes in the times. what are you talking about?

  17. Keyser

    No-one’s saying Inter are the richest team, but they’ve spent absolutely shitloads on players over the years trying to win the Champions League, they’ve won their league for probably the 4th consecutive time, have got some of the best players in the World, are the strongest team in Italy by a mile and yet people suddenly think it’s all down to Mourinho ?!

  18. gambon

    “I went step by step. I cannot play Champions League level without two very strong central defenders. We cannot play Champions League without a specialist in set pieces, because the matches are very, very tight and sometimes you need that man to make a difference”

    Wenger clearly doesnt think a set piece specialist is needed.

    He is out of his depth up against people like Mourinho.

  19. Keyser

    incesc – He’s saying why aren’t Arsenal as good as they were in 2004, well duh, because that’s the best we have ever been, we had a team that peaked with players mostly bought on the cheap that we kept together for years.

    He knows it’s fucking tough to build a team like that in todays game, because everything revolves around money, he knows that Chelsea outspent everyone to win the league but wants people to believe it’s because of his awesome managerial skills.

    He’s denouncing the league as weaker because it makes his achievements look even better to the simpletons.

  20. incesc

    Surely the reason mourinho gets jobs managing the best players at the richest clubs is because he is a great manager who brings success…

    Hiddink and grant couldnt do it at chelsea with the most expensive squad in the world.

  21. A

    gambon vp is one of the best set piece takers around in terms of delivery into the box. Used to be at hitting direct free kicks too

  22. Keyser

    Yeah, Maniche was incredibly fat, and with the long hair and hairband combo could definetly have been a fat ponce aswell, but Mourinho loved him.

  23. Keyser

    incesc – Grant took Chelsea further in the Champions League than Mourinho did, imagine it Grant outwitted Benitez easier with a worse off Chelsea side, the only reason Mourinho left is because he knew Abramovich wasn’t going to give him any more money and knew it’d be even harder to win it.

  24. incesc

    are ok so im a simpleton

    cheers mate.


    I think we will agree to disagree.

    i know he is making himself look good with his comments but i happen to think he is right.

    Unless we go back too our philosphy of playing the game the way we did in 2004 we wont be as much as a threat to chelsea…

  25. Truth

    G’day all, I see Cesc has stated yet again, he’s happy at Arsenal.

    CESC Fabregas has said he will only leave Arsenal for Barcelona.

    But the Spain midfielder quickly distanced himself from reports claiming he has already made his mind up – and will leave Emirates the summer, preferably before next month’s World Cup.

    The Arsenal skipper said on Friday: “I’m 23 and have a long career ahead of me.

    “I have never hidden the fact that playing for Barcelona is a dream that I would like to fulfill and if I must leave Arsenal it would only be to play at Barca.

    “I haven’t decided anything. I never planned to leave Arsenal and if I haven’t left it’s because I’m very happy here and because they treat me with enormous respect.”

    Fabregas joined the Gunners in 2003 aged 16 after leaving Barca, where he had trained with their academy.

    He is currently recovering from injury but has been named in Spain’s provisional 30-man World Cup squad for South Africa.

    The Gunners’ playmaker cracked a bone in his leg during Arsenal’s 2-2 Champions League quarter-final first leg against Barcelona at the Emirates back in March.

  26. Keyser

    incesc – If you know he’s trying to make himself look good, then you’re not a simpleton.

    Think about it though, there’s a difference between asking us to play the way we used to and finding the players in the same way, to play like that.

    His point is bullshit in that sense, because he knows how difficult it’d be to find players like that.

  27. incesc

    its probably best that all arsenal fans boycott any headlines this summer which include the words “barcelona” and “fabregas”.

    its going to go on and on and on and on and on…


  28. incesc

    and players like that such as alonso, ribery, torres and villa have hinted they would be open to moves to arsenal over since 2004…

  29. Keyser

    incesc – Players like what mate ? We had Vieira and Henry who were the best in their positions and we got them for 15 million combined, thats the difference here.

    Even then, we kept them long enough for them to play at their peaks in 2004.

  30. Keyser

    incesc – It’s not just a Vieira is it, it’s one for 3.5 million.

    It’s like Nasri for 12 million, and he gets called a fat ponce because he hasn’t what ? Set the world alight. So Mourinho can fuck himself, the only reason he says shit like that is to big himself up.

    He’s a good manager, but he’s also a massive egotistical cunt.

  31. nishanth

    Goals from midfield is a big problem for us.Cesc was in fine form this season but the likes of theo,rosicky and nasri really need to step up.

  32. Mayank

    Poor Cesc, he has to come out with a ‘I’m staying’ statement every month. Some people are okay with him leaving since they think it will bring an end to Wenger’s reign. We all know Cesc will leave but I think we’ll do well not to get sucked in every time.

    Also, about the Mourinho thing, he’d be the happiest man if his former clubs including Chlesea win nothing after he leaves. That’s the difference b/w Mourinho and Wenger. We should be more picky about whose ass we want to kiss.

  33. CedarBayDave

    yeah, head to head in Serie A and Roma won 1 and the drew the other.

    Inter are going to have about 20 shots in the last 35 minutes, so i am sure they will score. It would be amazing if Siena could get one though.

  34. Mayank

    I think we should have head to head in the PL as well. It’d add more excitement to the big matches and they won’t be as cagey as they normally are.

  35. incesc

    it doesnt really bother me how much players cost, doesnt really have any effect on fans does it. he soesnt have to get a vieira for 3.5 million.

    he should pay what he has to to get the best players he can.

    My memory isnt great so forgive me if im wrong but when he bought henry and gilberto they had already represented their countries in successful world cups?

    campbell was the best defendere in england…

    now he persists with denilson and other rubbish who have no power or drive…

  36. gambon

    Exactly Incesc

    When we signed Vieira we were 1/5 the size we are now financially.

    He spent £13m on Wiltord when we were a small club. Now we are huge and he wont spend a penny.

    The game has moved on but he hasnt.

  37. Stu

    Well change is afoot Incesc. Arshavin was the best player in russia, Vermaelen was the best defender in the eridivise and Chamakh is the best headerer in europe and one of the best forwards in france. We’re on our way!!!

  38. Catford

    Graham Hunter has just said on Talksport that he expects Barca to make an official move for Cesc within the next fortnight.
    I do get the feeling that this time he may be off!

  39. gambon


    The players we sign isnt the problem, its the fact that we always sell to buy.

    We have spent less money (net) than all other 19 premier legaue clubs in the last 5 years. Embarassing.

  40. Keyser

    incesc – If you want to discuss why we’re in this position, then it matters what they cost.

    They had represented their countires and cost 10 and 6 million respectively I think, look at players like Melo now or any of the young french strikers, as soon as they score a few goals they’re suddenly worth 15-20 million.

    Yeah he should buy quality a bit more often, but if that player doesn’t work out, we’ve taken a risk and it’s failed, the difference with other teams is if Zhirkov doesn’t work out at left-back, they’ve already got Ashley Cole there.

    If Bosingwa’s out injured, they’ve got Ferreira and Ivanovic.

    There’s only two ways to build up squads like that and thats either over time, which we’re doing, with young players, or by spending shitloads of money.

    We’re now getting to a position where we have some depth to the team and if we add a couple of players in key areas then we should do pretty well, still doesn’t account for what the other teams will do.

    Since 2004, look at how strong the mid-table teams are getting, ffs, Fulham reached the Uefa Cup final, Middlesborough reached it a couple of years ago, since 2004, look at how many teams have reached the Champions League final.

    People go on like these last few years have been the shittest ever, but we’ve reached the Champions League final for the first time in our history.

  41. Mayank

    Come to think of it it will make it more cagey overall… Inter have scored just 75 goals this season and are the highest scorers.

  42. sixx pac

    the reappearance of the icelandic volcanic ash has forced fifa to make a ruling ensuring no transfers on the european market

  43. Keyser

    gambon – You’re ignoring how the game has moved on, we were 1/5th the same size, but now everyone else is that much bigger aswell.

    Actually if you look at it, back in the mid-90’s Blackburn sustained their heavy spending for what a year ? Chelsea have done it for longer and spent soo much more in comparison.

    You keep saying that Wenger hasn’t moved on, but then ignore how the games changed aswell.

  44. gambon


    Thats got nothing to do with the head to head stat, its just a lower scoring league. Always has been.

  45. Mayank

    I’m not saying it does. The head to head thing will make the 1-0 win as good as a 3-1. So overall teams will be more cagey after scoring the one goal.

    TBH I’m a bit confused on how the mangers would handle it.

    I do think the second round of top fixtures will be more exciting though.

  46. incesc

    because we have won fuck all.

    I dont like a lot of the players, and they dont seem to care much about the club or the fans.

    we roll over without a fight every time we play a big club.

    The team has serious problem areas that everyone can see but the manager refuses to sort out

    and in the 5 years we havent had a proper captain, a proper keeper or a world class striker or a decent winger.

  47. A

    Really incesc?

    I’ve been a gooner for 17/18 years, and the period in the mid 90s, when some fans genuinly believed we’d be relegated, is just not comparable to now for me

  48. Keyser

    incesc – How did you feel about Graham’s last couple of years and before Wenger came along ? I was pretty young then, but how bad was the drinking and whatever ?!

    Thats what todays’ football is, some of it’s soul has been lost, because of all the money involved, but then you could argue that about players who’d go out on drinking binges and so on.

  49. Mayank

    incesc I wouldn’t say that in the last 5 years we’ve lost more fixtures against the big teams than the 15 before them. Don’t think so.

    We’ve shown a lot of heart on many occasions. Enough to make you well up at least for that time.

    I think the end of season collapses are a bit disillusioning though.

  50. incesc

    i felt more of connection to the players and the team back then, i did with the invicinbles as well.

  51. Mayank

    Are you sure that’s just the mind making the past seem rosy? It’s supposed to do that. Don’t want to sound patronising.

    Moreover you feel no connection to players like Verm, Song, Cesc, RvP, Gael, Eboue?
    Nor with the kids like JW, Ramsey, Gibbs etc.

  52. incesc

    players like alan smith, tony adams, parlour, merse, seaman, lee dixon, winterburn, keown, ian wright, thierry henry, vieira, bergkamp, pires…

    Knew what it meant to play for arsenal.

    Apart from rvp and fabregas i dont really see that personality in this team.

    Wenger needs a massive overhaul and to go back to his principles of old…

    why do some of our players put more effort into a champions league game than the north london derby?

  53. Rohan

    That’s more a commentary of football today. If I were a Chelsea fan I doubt i’d feel any connection with John Terry or Drogba.

  54. gambon


    I dont think you got my point.

    We have much more money than we used to have, yet we dont spend any more on players.

    As our revenues & profits rise so should our ability to pay for players.

    The game has moved on, but Wengers transfer policy is the same as it was in 1999, based around making a profit in the transfer market.

  55. Rohan

    imo, we HAVE shown heart and spirit. You can’t knock any of Cesc, RvP Vermaelen Song Bendtner Clichy for not giving their all. I still maintain a few key signings will make a whole lot of difference.
    Even if we just get a new keeper, us having Cesc RvP Song and Verm fit for 85 percent of the season and not having more than 2 of them injured at any specific amount of time will make a hell of a huge difference…
    Oh and you might wanna put Arshavin in that list too.

  56. incesc

    but john terry (cunt) wouldnt accept the sort of performance some of our players put in at the end of the season, lampard and drogba wouldnt either or sorry to say this ashley cole…

    they would be shouting at denilson, nasri and diaby…

  57. incesc

    and i think all chelsea fans feel a massive connection to terry. Hi sattitude is that he would die for the chelseas cause, and thats whaat you want as a fan.

  58. Keyser

    gambon – No, I get your point, you don’t seem to get mine, Chelsea, Citeh, and some of these other clubs haven’t spent years building up clubs, teams and squad, they’ve done it over a couple of seasons with huge investment.

    So it doesn’t really matter what Wenger spends, if he’s only looking at our team like you’re suggesting, uness we’ve got as deep pockets, we’re going to have to think of other creative ways to get to that stage.

    Since it’s harder to find unknown players, we’ve decided to concentrate on younger players, and we’ve got several good ones coming through, and now we’re in a postion where instead of needing hundreds of millions we can hopefully buy a few key players for 15-20 million and mix them with the younger players.

  59. B.B.K

    wenger needs to sort it out,if cesc goes so should he,it’s not on the chav cunts doing the double and making us look like cunts.

  60. Mayank

    Incesc don’t you think the whole youth thing has been done so that we get world class talent who grew up at the club.
    You can’t assemble a team of gooners who’ll be world beaters, you’ll have to grow one.
    Think of this period a necessary sacrifice to let you have the cake and eat it too. 🙂

  61. B.B.K

    seeing them cunts on the bus makes my blood boil parading around wenger you cunt sort it out or fuck off.

  62. incesc

    theyve grown up together yes but sadly they arent that good and they lack fight and spirit and a winning mentality.

  63. Mayank

    That’s why JT asked for his wages to be the highest in the squad and thought about moving to Chelsea. You won’t find people like Tony Adams who don’t read the contract today no matter which club you support.

  64. incesc

    adams was drunk half the time


    in his book he said when he came off the sauce he started checking his contract more and asked for what he thought he was worth…

  65. Mayank

    I know Gambon, no-one can have a completely homegrown squad but you can get to Barca’s level. The camaraderie rubs off.

  66. Keyser

    gambon – It doesn’t have to be solely from the Academy, if we get even 3-4 players from their we’re doing well.

  67. incesc

    barce started winning stuff agian when they spent big on ronaldinho, eto, deco, giuly…

    to compliment the academy players

  68. Keyser

    Yeah, if you look at the Youth Academy squad some of those players reminded you of the teams of old. Players like Lnasbury, Bartley, Wilshire, then we’ve got Gibbs, Ramsey and so on.

  69. Rohan

    I really hope Lansbury makes it. Ramsey Gibbs and Wilshere are already certs to make it imo.
    I don’t know about Bartley though! Does he have a realistic chance? It’s difficult to tell with defenders. Look at Senderos for one. At one point I’d have been willing to bet my life that he’d be an Arsenal legend.

  70. Mayank

    JW seems a bit arrogant though. It’s a good thing for a dribbler but he shouldn’t get carried away.

  71. Rohan

    A, Barca have practically the whole of Catalunya to choose from..The talent pool isn’t even comparable, hence us having to bring in youngsters from abroad and us having a massive foreign scouting network.
    We have one patch in North London. That makes a huge difference imo…

  72. Rohan

    Yeah Mayank, I heard that too….Ramsey seems much nicer..That injury really couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy..Hope he makes it back with no ill effects. Apparently it’s nowhere as bad as Eddie’s was,so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  73. A

    yeah to an extent rohan, though they still bring in alot of foreign kids as well, though do have more catalan players to choose from

  74. Rohan

    I seriously wish Chamakh would sort out his hair before he comes to us. I effing hate greasy cunts like that. 😀

  75. Mayank

    Ramsey’s a rugby kid isn’t he, I think he should cope mentally. Physically I’m sure he will.

  76. Keyser

    I don’t think it’s arrogance, it’s that aggressive/ tenacious thing, you know players that would do anything for the team, be a nice guy around them, but then be a right narky little player on the pitch and a twat to opposition players.

  77. incesc

    they bought ronaldinho, one of the best players in the world and achieved instant sucess, they have now built on that by continually buying the top players they can.

    not really rocket science is it…

    wenger seems to make it seem like rocket science i guess.

  78. incesc


    london has a “few” kids in it im told, that arsenal can look to recruit from…

    Is the populaton of london bigger than catalonia??


  79. Keyser

    incesc – They hadn’t won anything for 6 years or something, built a good core of players and then added quality players to them, players like Ronaldinho, Deco, Giuly and Eto’o have all left but their still winning because of that core of youth players they brought through.

  80. incesc

    ronaldinho was a one man winning machine when he first arrived, if he hadnt they would have won fuck all.

  81. incesc

    my mates brother player for arsenal when he was young.

    got a tenner a game if i remember rightly…

  82. Keyser

    They do those Soccer Schools now, and if you’re good enough you’ll get noticed, though you still have to be incredibly lucky because people with connections will generally get further.

  83. Rohan

    There are a good few clubs in London competing for any given young kid. On the other hand in Barcelona, they’re the only decent option or atleast the first option for kids within miles….

  84. Rohan

    Yeah there’s an Arsenal Soccer School in Dubai. Silvestre had popped over a couple of months. Bad PR imo, that would just dissuade anyone from joining. 🙂

  85. Keyser

    Yeah you have to live within 90 minutes of the ground or something if you want to play for the Academy here, I don’t know about the rules in Spain, but pretty sure they don’t have the same rules.

    Also I think it’s easier for the South American players to get visas and stuff to countries like Spain, well at least it should be for Brazilians moving to Portugal.

  86. AFC Lambo

    Pissoff and learn how to spell. Get a fucking life .you are always on here talking shite… mug

  87. zeus

    Loved the post, but if you could Pedro, when on your way back, make a stop in west London and do some not so pleasant things to Cashley Cole if its not a bother.

  88. zeus

    Catford Says:
    May 16, 2010 at 15:31
    Graham Hunter has just said on Talksport that he expects Barca to make an official move for Cesc within the next fortnight.
    I do get the feeling that this time he may be off!
    Oh for fuck sake Catford. What affiliation does Graham fucking Taylor have with FC Barcelona, you tell me that.
    You’re getting worked up because this failed coach turned commentator ‘has a feeling’ that barca will make a bid? Pffffffffff
    Well I have a feeling that I will bone Adriana Lima tonight, pity it won’t come to fruition.

  89. sixx pac

    I gotta feeling. That tonight’s gonna be a good night
    That tonight’s gonna be a good night
    That tonight’s gonna be a good good night

  90. Maciek

    I have a plan:

    Buffon- 5m plus Sagna
    Zapata- 10m
    Cetin- 7m
    Van Der Wiell-10m
    Milos Krasic- 16m
    Money for transfers plus money from the sales of Denilson, Fabanski, Almunia, Silvestre,Eduardo, Diaby, Rosicky.

    What do You think.

  91. gambon

    Whoever wrote that Arsenal Times article is a fucking idiot, cos we’re really gonna do a leeds/pompey if we spend £12m on a good keeper aint we.

  92. gambon


    I would say;

    Buffon – £20m
    Top class CB – £15m
    Toure – £10m
    Van Der Wiel – £10m
    Hazard £18m

    Sell –


  93. Maciek

    Thanks Jaguar, mate.

    It’s nice to know there are people who want to see an improvement.

    Shame only 99 out of 100 can see it and this 100 is Arsene W.