Duo aim to bring quadruple to Arsenal

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I’m writing this post whilst travelling through Lyon as a favour to the boss. We’ve heard Hugo Lloris had a house party last night and Toulalon was there. We’re going to knock on the door armed with a some gaffer tape and a roll of mafia carpet.

We should be stopping in Barcelona for lunch… we’ve had a tip off from Thierry that Yaya and Messi will be trying on suits at the local tailors. We’ll have them in the back of the van in no time.

We understand that having it away with people is illegal but we figure it’s the only way we’re going to get them back to the Arsenal.

 Never again question who Le Grove support.

Today will be a short one as we’re in transit and it is difficult to get online but we’ll do our best during the course of the day and we’ll make up for it with a bumper post tomorrow!

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  1. cliffeh

    ….oh and whilst your there, see if you can find Yoann Gourcuff too. If Cesc does leave us this summer then Gourcuff would certainly do a good job for us!

  2. CLPW

    Having watched this seasons arsenal games from behind the sofa.. Waiting for that inevitable moments of horror .. all season .. one horror show followed by another … we really need to let go of this young man Cese Fab go so that he really can achieve his ambitions as his compatriots are incapable of lifting the club above the mediocrity to which the Board and the Manger has aspired.

    I lay the blame fairly and squarely on Arsene Wenger as he is doing a wonderful job of mis-managing a wonderful club with the connivance of the Board of Directors and the CEO… I am agitated, wretched and broken.

    (1) AW has built such a strong and powerbase with in the club that no real challenge is offered to his decision making .. every years transfer funds are squandered on the extension to contracts on existing poor and mediocre players

    New incoming manager will take many more season to decouple the players currently on the gravy train .. now one has to ask which manager will be willing to take that burden .. the honeymoon will have to last at least three or four seasons ..

    (2) That power base that AW has built will bewilder, incapacitate and petrify the club.. if the manager were to suddenly leave as and when the inevitable car crash that is the failure of continuation of “Project Youth” is bared for all to see…

    There is no sign that Gazidis is capable or willing to confront and address those questions head on .. seems more comfortable being a sycophant reaching for those bedroom slippers .. oh what an easy life whilst we the fans take the brunt of ridicule of ever increasing season ticket prices for the ground hog day that is long term mediocrity

    (3) There were things that that should have been said that were not. This general election 2010 showed that at least there some politicians who dared to speak the truth .. there will be a period austerity. At Arsenal no such pronouncement after the building of the new stadium .. except the real and recognised achievement that is qualification champion’s league in third place in the league second only in term of achievement to winning the premiership. How these goals change every year .. year on year lower and lower.

    (4) The contempt that AW has shown for the honours and achievement of past great teams and for the supporters by the dismal way AW has treated the FA cup in last few years is unfathomable. Why are teams of from the past demeaned in such a lowly way and why are we being short changed? Why are the great traditions of an English club such as Arsenal manipulated in such a cynical manner?

    (5) Ok lets get on the pitch then ..

    How many players are on loan at other clubs and what are you hoping to achieve?
    What are some of current the players doing in our first team? They should be have remained in the European/African lower divisions?
    Where is our spine.. should it not be build on solid foundations .. perhaps using honest English stone.. even the Scots and Russians recognise their value .. we are after all an English club
    What on earth is going on in the Goal keeping department? The mantra that “he will come good one day” .. is an affront to our dignity .. a bit like saying that with prayer we will be able to walk on water .. no you numpty .. that is only reserved for Jesus Christ.
    What have you done to Ashavin .. why did you cripple him and order him a wheelchair?
    I really could go on here
    How do you recover from experience of defeat after defeat .. how do a “young” team escape from that particular ground hog day Mr Wenger?

    His inability to understand, empathise and communicate with the fans on so many matters and on so many levels .. the great spin doctor failing… he is starting to remind me of Mandy the one with the cape and fangs ..Dripping with blood .. our blood our sweat and tears .. our money… look mate you’ve had five goes at this … you are angry, stubborn and malevolent …go before history misjudges you or is rewritten .. your great achievements that can only be rightly accredited to you and you only.. least we even start to forget.

    Protest .. take to the streets

  3. Zorr0

    I love the fact the article got tagged with human trafficing! Should manage to get a knock on the door from Interpol now, lol.

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    Sabeel fell down a cyber cricket blackhole, the size of Indias cricket woes 😆

    I think bnsb has been sent to retrieve him.

  5. Rohan

    Aren’t Australia playing England today.?
    I saw Aus’s last match against Pak..holy shit, Mike Hussey is something else isn’t he……

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    1.6 billions people, but only 1.0000000000000000000000000000000001% have the skill to be a criketer 😆


    we’re in another World Cup final.

  7. Rohan

    It’s good to see the 2 best teams in the tournament in the final. England haven’t been playing half badly although imo at crunch time, they’ll prolly crumble.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    Actually no one gives a XXXX about it here, but still, some of us will watch it on Fox 1.15am. Who are we playing?

  9. Big Dave

    00:00 | Interviewed by Sky after the game lost to AC Milan, Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has declared: “I don’t know anything about my future, so it’s useful to say something now because I would talk about something that I don’t know. Arsenal? I repeat, I don’t know what will happen”.

  10. Rohan

    Buffon is coming..if he weren’t interested he would’ve said so. Vague replies such as that only reinforces the rumours. I hope… 😀

  11. Rohan

    Vermaelen’s better than Jagielka. We need someone more commanding a ball winner in the air. We’ve got Verm for cleaning up. A young Rio Ferdinand would be great.

  12. patthegooner

    I am going to be watching Per Mertersacker at the World Cup. He had a bit of a stinker in the Euros but he is a couple of years older (25) now and my German Colleagues still rave about him.

  13. Rohan

    Isn’t it written on his website that Arsenal are his dream club or something like that. He’s good but his lack of pace is a detriment. If we’re buying someone like him, I’d rather get Hangeland who has prem expereince.

  14. patthegooner

    Barca would say that wouldn’t they.

    I am sure if they have said it that Cesc will take with a pinch of salt.

    As for Mertesacker he is the first choice CB for Germany is which is not a bad thing, especially given that is what they are renowned for.

    I do remember a story where he said that Arsenal is his fav team.

  15. reggie 57

    Any one gonna watch the chavs victory parade?
    Thought not, we used to take part in them and do em better!!

  16. goonermichael

    Barca are cunts. All this thing about it being “the fan’s collective” pisses me off. They are still classless wankers run by cunts.

  17. patthegooner

    And can you believe that muppet Lord Triesman. Probably the best chance in ages that England could get to host the World Cup and he does that.

    I am equally pissed with the Mail on Sunday. What is it with the press in England. I know they are only doing there job, but you sense that they get a real buzz in destroying England’s chances in either hosting the competition or winning it. Fucking scum of the earth.

  18. goonermichael

    while I’m on a rant I read a quote from carragher saying he’s only agreed to be in the england squad because he’s missed out on cl football next saebon. Fucking scouse piece of dogshit

  19. 78692


    “Exclusive” Spurs beat Arsenal in race for £12m Turkish Winger
    May 15, 2010 — arsenalaction

    Arsenal Action can confirm that Spurs have beaten Arsenal in the race to sign Turkish winger Arda Turan.

    The player who has been linked with a summer move to Arsenal, will sign for Spurs after he returns from the USA with Turkey for £12m and on a 5 year contract.

    Spurs moved fast in the race for the winger, and have beaten off Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool in the race to sign the talented winger.

    Wenger, who has admits his admiration fo Turan in the past and his agent “Ahmet Bulut” recently said that “Arsenal are interested, and if they want him, Arda’s first choice is Arsenal.”

    But Galatasaray Chairman “Adnan Polat” confirmed that a secret contract with Spurs had already been agreed and the player will sign for spurs in less then 12 days time.

    Its seems that Arsenal waited far too long to get a deal on the table before spurs came in with a solid offer.

    This is not the first time spurs have beaten Arsenal in a transfer race, Spurs also signed Luka Modric from under the nose of Arsenal. Wenger had said that Modric was too lightweight for the premiership.

    Its would seem that Arsenal take an eternity to sign a player, We saw this with the Nasri and Arshavin deal that dragged on for weeks. Arsenal always seem to want to get the player on the cheap and always risk the chance of losing them. As the Arda deal proves.

  20. Rohan

    Arda Turan doesn’t have pace. I don’t want him..Tricky player yes, but imo Nasri is twice the player.

  21. gambon

    Im really worried that spu*s will overtake us next season unless we strengthen significantly.

    I would imagine they will spend £40m or so.

  22. Wenger the liar

    Boy o Boy.

    I moan a lot about the state of affairs, this is true. I would never take away from the achievments of others though as I wouldnt expect them to when we win something. Its actually quite embarrasing to see headlines and commentary, from arsenal blogs, slating Chelsea for their double. Its also quite funny when I see things like “and we play such great football” used as justification of this crap. I dont know where these people have been for the last two years but the football has got progressively worse. Having lots of possesion on the half way line or 30 meters from goal with no one that shoots from long range isnt the same as the incisive play we had with true tin openers in the squad.


    Its sunday, hope you all have a good day. Hopefully Buffon signs next week and not David James as I am starting to suspect will happen.

  23. Rohan

    What a signing of intent Buffon would be! I still want an attacking player other than Chamakh. An out and out winger if one of Eddie/Vela leaves would be nice.

  24. Gooby

    spurs have been spending over the last 7 years. they didn’t overtake us and never will. i think it will 3 senior additions this season, and the usual 2/3 youngsters

    i hope buffon and toulalan

  25. Cesc

    I think cesc will leave once Ramsey is ready to replace him but I don’t think he wil leave this summer

  26. Zorr0

    Not really Rob, if he leaves he leaves, even if he stayed at the club all his career, one day he would hang up his boots, just like DB10 and the club will go on. Same as it is not Arsene FC it’s not Fabregas FC either.

    I would be gutted though!

  27. A

    I’m not fussed about Toulalan Gooby, much rather Yaya, but would be absolutely ecstatic if we signed Buffon

    I agree Cesc, though not necessarily Ramsey, there will be him, Nasri, and Wilshere all vying for that role, although I’m sure two of those three could play together as well.

  28. Rohan

    Our future midfield is going to be Ramsey, Lansbury and Coquelin. FACT!
    Wilshere will play slightly ahead as an auxilary striker on the left of the 433.

  29. A

    I’d say right Rohan, always been much better on the right a la messi imo, than on the left.

    Big season for coquelin next season, didn’t kick on as expected this year

  30. GoonerJim

    Guys we are in for a long and torturous summer, wenger won,t sign the quality players we need. Cheap alternatives is the way forward for him, otherwise he,ll lose his fat bonus for making the board such a big profit. And Cesc will be off to Barca and for a lower fee then we all expect. We are Barca,s bitch!!!!!

  31. gambon

    Id say it’ll be Ramsey, Wilshere and a defensive mf that we dont know yet.

    I dont think it’ll be Eastmond or Coquelin.

  32. arsenal4ever

    Mertesacker was really bad against bayern yesterday!! Dont want him in the team!!! We need worldclass additions. Hangeland would be good IMO!! Hope we will get a keeper like Buffon but I can see Wenger is sticking to his shit keepers Almunia and Flapianski!!! Cesc should leave if Wenger cant or want bring in worldclass players!!!

  33. A

    arsenal4ever you say we need worldclass additions, then say hangeland would be good?!

    i agree we need someone top top quality, but hangeland doesn’t fill that description by any means.

  34. arsenal4ever

    @ GoonerJim. You are right but we arent barcas biich Arsenal is Wengers bitch!! He can do what he want even if we get relegated!!! Fuck; I wont him to spend big or go and fuck himself!! Hope the fans will show there anger at emirates cup!!! We arent ambitious anymore. Sad sad days!!!

  35. arsenal4ever

    @ A: Ok you are right about Hangeland but he is a premier league proven defender which isnt that bad at all!! So tell me which ones do you want to see at emirates if not hangeland?

  36. goonerT1m

    Pedro, how come my post got altered yesterday and the language was no where near as bad as it is today!!…how come I was singled out, do you often change peoples posts???!!!!LOL

  37. gambon


    No, i wouldnt dream of putting that kind of money into the club with the way its being run.

  38. Gooby

    the good thing about toulalan is that he is the kind of lad who would be happy to do the dirty work.
    i would be very happy with yaya too. in fact i don’t think lyon will sell toulalan

  39. Reece

    I want (Gary) Cahill. If we let Bolton have Jacky for another year maybe we can get Cahill at a cut price

  40. charliegeorge

    Spuds have a billionaire owner?

    What’s Kroenke?

    And what’s the difference?

    One loves his club, the other just does it to build his brand.

  41. A

    yeah i got that wrong jaguar, though no idea whay happened to stop the deal going through at the last minute.

    kroenke isn’t the owner, that’s the difference at the moment….!

  42. A

    nothing to do with money – with saha it was a case of milan not getting keirrison, so cancelled evertons deal for huntelaar, so they wouldn’t let saha go anywhere

  43. Gooby

    with silvestre and gallas off and cambell too old we will bring a CB.
    we need 2 of them imho but wenger will stick with
    new CB, vermy, djourou, nordveit, cambell.

  44. gambon

    If we were to sign Toure we wouldnt need another CB Gooby, just a partner for Vermaelen.

    I would expect Nordveit to go on loan in the lower half of the PL or Championship, along with quite a few others.

  45. GoonerJim

    When Cesc leaves, he will be the 3rd captain in a row to get transferred in 5 years.( 4th if we count gallas!) So the next captain will be…..RVP!!!!!!!!!! Ominious signs that he will leave within 1 or 2 years time too. Wenger sure knows how to pick a captain. Oh for the days of Tony Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. patthegooner

    Originally I though it was going to be Chamakh and no one else too,

    But I think fan feeling across the board has kicked the club into action. there can be no option to carry on as is for the coming seasons.

  47. incesc

    This Chamakh deal is never ending.

    it now takes wenger a year to get his man.

    so if we want buffon, we should probably be prepared to wait until next summner earliest.

  48. Stu

    Jim, i have noticed this too. Add Gilberto to the list because he was basically captain for a season.

    I think Wenger just gives certain players the armband in a bid to get them to stay a few more years. Cesc was never captain material, neither was Henry tbh.

    SO who’s next? I say we give it to Denilson, 😛

  49. Gooby

    looking forward to the WC. what a great competition it is.
    i think England will do well, capello is really a good coach

  50. Stu

    Gambon, i wouldnt be suprised if it had crossed Wengers mind to make himself captain but its against the rules.

  51. Gooby

    Capello will have to perform a miracle to win the WC with this lot.

    that’s why i am putting all my hopes in capello Stu 😀

    and yes senderos have been selected

  52. Keyser

    I said A cupboard, not My cupboard, Stu you weirdo I suppose you’d want Bendtner in your cupboard aswell.

  53. incesc

    who the fuck is arda turan anyway?

    i guess if he is any good he will end up at man u in 2 years time…

  54. incesc

    moronhole in the times on chelsea’s rivals being weaker than a few years ago:

    “Arsenal won [the Premier League] in 2004 in an incredible way and after that thought they could win in a different way. They cannot win it in a different way. Either they go back to where they were or they don’t do it.”

  55. incesc


    the old youtube clip of a player playing in a shit league looking good…

    do any of you actually watch turkish football?

  56. Stu

    He did fantastically well for Turkey in Euro2008. Seem to remember his scoring a few late vital goals.

  57. nishanth

    Saw him play against atletico madrid and he played well against them even though they lost.We don’t need him though

  58. incesc

    he is right keyser.

    we arent anywhere near as good as we were in 2004.

    not in the same universe as that team…

  59. Stu

    I mean Gilberto was 4.5m, Freddie was 3m, Pires 6m and Vieira was 3.5. They were all cheap and fairly young. Gilberto was the only one in his mid twenties.

    Its just a case of now we dont have the experience of winning in the squad.

  60. gambon


    No UTD didnt. And I think the best manager in the world probably knows what hes talking about more than our manager.

  61. Keyser

    gambon – What kids and fat ponces ? They had plenty of them. I didn’t say anything about managers, but I’m pretty sure they’ve won the league with Kids and Fat ponces.

    Why are you getting soo upset ?!

  62. incesc

    his argument is that it was easier for chelsea this year than when he was here as we are weaker, liverpool are shit and man u lost ronaldo.

    its exactly what he was saying.

  63. Stu

    Its basically his own way of trying to say he is fantastic because when he won the league it was harder.

  64. Keyser

    incesc – You’d have to ask him what he’s thinks this ‘incredible way was’.

    It’s not just that we’re weaker, it’s that Chelsea are that much stronger, I don’t think there has ever been a squad outside of Chelsea as strong as this years at least depth wise.