Duo aim to bring quadruple to Arsenal

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I’m writing this post whilst travelling through Lyon as a favour to the boss. We’ve heard Hugo Lloris had a house party last night and Toulalon was there. We’re going to knock on the door armed with a some gaffer tape and a roll of mafia carpet.

We should be stopping in Barcelona for lunch… we’ve had a tip off from Thierry that Yaya and Messi will be trying on suits at the local tailors. We’ll have them in the back of the van in no time.

We understand that having it away with people is illegal but we figure it’s the only way we’re going to get them back to the Arsenal.

 Never again question who Le Grove support.

Today will be a short one as we’re in transit and it is difficult to get online but we’ll do our best during the course of the day and we’ll make up for it with a bumper post tomorrow!

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  1. ethangunner

    with all the BS we’ve heard over the past 5 years ..

    the biggest one , is WE ARE NOT IN TRANSITION !

    can you trust anything the club says ill be more interested in what cesc has to say about a month or 2 after he leaves …

  2. ethangunner

    and if gallas goes im sure he will have a thing or 2 to say 🙂

    its all adds up to massive fun 🙂

  3. ethangunner

    we should sing it every home game just to piss those pricks , club officials , wenger etc ..off

  4. David

    Yea absolutely shameful Vela cant get as many games Bendtner did at the same age.

    Wenger really does have his favorites.

  5. sixx pac

    Grovers what would you like most

    1: to see a Sabeel comment as no 1 tomorrow

    2: to wake up to the news that Gigi has signed a pre contract.

    Its a tough call

  6. David



    We need a few boom’s in this place…Summer is starting to creep in and the comments are dropping.

  7. crc

    I saw this comment an another blog

    “I would like to add something quite interesting actually, im a friend of emmanuel Eboue yes eboue, i was talking to him last week before he headed off to africa for pre world cup training, i asked him whether he thought fabregas was leaving and he gave me a straight and honest oppinion that he isnt only due to the fact wenger has promised him and others in the dressing room some very highly remarked signings during this summer and if so fabregas is willing to see his whole contract out. i would like to hear your views , but in my opinion i see us having a very busy transfer window and i have high hopes for next season.”

    If Fabrigas did say he wants his future sorted before the WC, maybe it was in reference to this.

  8. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    May 17, 2010 at 02:56

    Yeah im leaning towards Sabeel too. I miss the fucker
    thats alright you will appoint you the NEW ‘FUCKER ‘

  9. David


    Pretty good comeback sixx

    So is this Chamark fella coming or what.

    What a slow summer….not winning sucks.

  10. ethangunner

    anyone who can mouth off like a right cunt betting 100 quid .. then not coming good is the text book

    description of a low life fucker 🙂

  11. ethangunner

    and i also know my mrs wouldnt want some tight ass cunt who cant even find 100 quid !


    and besides she dont like blacks 🙂

  12. charliegeorge


    What does it matter if Kroenke isn’t the full owner of all the outstanding shares in Arsenal?

    He’s still a billionaire; he can still pump money into the club.

    Why doesn’t he?

    Because like Basil Wenger, he’s a tightarse.

    If I had a few billion at my disposal, I’d be putting some of that into the club.

    Wouldn’t you?

  13. charliegeorge

    The bum-boys at Legendaire are giving it to Pedro and Geoff. Bastards! The fucking cocksmokers are out in force, licking Basil’s balls. Skid-marks on the underpants of society, the lot of them!

  14. ethangunner

    those twats at Loser-aire , at least had the intelligence not to bet we would win the league !

    they were smart enough to shut their mouths !

    but they are a bunch of delusional cunts !

    i cant imagine what the fuck they would be going on about ..

    their legendaire is a 3rd place loser..aire !

  15. ethangunner

    and their legendaire is about to let go of more important players .. gallas – cesc .. probably not replace dudu , unless you say chamakh is . but then i thought he was ade’s replacement ?

    so i also would be trying to talk about anything else
    but wenger , especially if he lets cesc leave !

  16. Yon


    I’m not a bigger fan of youtube videos on judging players (they had one for James Beattie) but I’ve actually seen this guy play (live) and he has ridiculous reflexes and command of his box. ONE to watch during the world cup!!!!!!!

  17. charliegeorge


    Yeah mate, don’t know about Chaka Khan though. Is he really the answer? Typical Basil Wenger signing – got him on a FREE!!!!

    Legendaire suck too much cock.

  18. rob green

    legendaire small little site looking for hits!! They don’t get a fraction of hits/comments as le-grove

  19. charliegeorge

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it were funded by Wenger and his cronies! Sing from the same hymn sheet as that other independent site, Arsenal.com. Goebbels would have been in his element.

  20. sixx pac

    didnt have to find a 100 quid ethan. She was way cheaper. She likes Blacks but she is afraid because of all the bruisings she got the first time