Arsene has identified a problem with defence this season says Ivan, defence, really?

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No sh*t Sherlock, a problem with defence eh? Even a blind man using a rats arse as a wedding ring could see that, we on here have been saying it since we started Le Grove. Amazing, we have had jerk after AKB jerk on asking us if we know more than Arsene or are we scouts, well if it’s taken this many transfer windows to identify we concede too many goals, and defence is the problem, then yes to both questions.

I find it staggering that Ivan and Arsene announce it like they have just discovered the meaning of life, never a bigger statement of the obvious have I ever heard, we need to address the defensive issue! So what do we do first? Oh yeah, we sign a striker.

Not that I’m against a striker as we do have a forward line of crocks and it will be at least 6 months until Benik Afobe and Luke Freeman are ready, but the real issues we have at Arsenal are at centre back and more pressing at goal keeping, but if the manager thinks that Fabianski played well against Fulham, then I fear he hasn’t seen the real issue with our goal conceding problem. The crap keepers.

Also we need a defensive midfielder that can defend, has pace and will be as immense as Patrick was in his day. We need at least one winger, remember them Arsene, let me jog your memory, Overmars, Pires, Freddie and Reyes, now they were the last proper wingers we had and when we had them, we won things, coincidence, you work it out. And please no SWP on the cheap, he’s too old and not even good enough for England.


Theo is not a winger and nor is Vela, Arshavin or Bendtner, address these issues Ivan and maybe we’ll start to see some success, buying Silvestre did nothing but cost us money, keeping Senderos did nothing but lose us points, stop doing everything on the cheap and go out and buy some decent players.

I also keep hearing from Gazidas that Wenger will re-sign, I don’t care about that Ivan, I’m more concerned that we compete for four trophies next season and buy in some talent, I don’t care if Wenger signs or not, we did Ok before he arrived and we’ll do Ok when he’s gone, there are plenty of decent managers out there, plenty.

It’s funny, the very first Le Grove post was the day that Wenger signed a new contract and we were all delighted, how sad that his intransigence and obsession has led us to this, I’m fed up with being so negative but how many windows come and go with disappointment, I’m just fed up with it, and all we get from Arsenal is how clever they are with our debt, buying players doesn’t make you go tits up Ivan, buying players for silly money does though, as does paying average players crazy wages, and we have more than enough of them.

If we aren’t going to compete for 4 trophies next season, either buy us the squad we need to, or give me a rebate on my season tickets, I’m not that bothered about the Champions league, we’ll never win it anyway, let’s go for a domestic cup and with our best players, if you haven’t got enough of them, then go and buy some.

Oh and for those of you who said Cameron was a toff and Clegg was a working class boy, Clegg went to Cambridge and Cameron went to Oxford, so in theory we have an educated line up, a bit like the Arsenal eh! Who ever you wanted to win the election, at least it’s over and we can get back to speculating about the players we are about to buy.

Have a nice day Grovers, Pedro is back for the next few days and no doubt he’ll be more cheerful than me.

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  1. Franchise

    stu he played we rested nasri and bendtner i think

    and bendtner was in form (david would kill me)

    i might be wrong

  2. Keyser

    lauren – Thanks for that, that wasn’t a copy and paste effort was it ? Because for once when I’ve asked that question I’ve actually got an informative and well written answer, honestly.

    Are there any articles that I could read ? I’ve never heard that about Tapie and Wenger ?!

  3. Franchise

    rosicky and walcott started that game with denilson, song and cesc in the middle and bendy up top

    we made our usual 70mins sub when the game was goalless and nasri scored a cracker in the last 10mins

    the phillips equalised in 91mins

    What The F……?

  4. Hadley

    This is what happened to the other teams who built a new stadium in the last 12 years

    Leicester – RELEGATED
    Ipswich – RELEGATED
    Coventry – RELEGATED
    Bolton – RELEGATED
    Man City – RELEGATED
    Cardiff – On the verge of being wound up by customs
    Ajax – From Champs league to mid table

    There are more to this list research yourselves.

    You lot need to grow up and start living in the real world. Wenger has sacrifised so much for us, it’s not his fault we don’t have the cash.

    If Liverpool, Sp*rs or Everton build a new ground watch what happens to them

  5. Keyser

    See thing is, how do you dissect that game, do you look at it individually or bundle it in with others.

    Nasri could have scored another but fluffed a great chance, you’d expect him to finish that.

    Even the Phillips goal, do you look at that as poor defending or a freak accident, Birmingham had a player offside so Sagna makes the clearance which he stretches, volleys against Phillips and then it loops up and over Almunia who can only get a hand to it.

    That obviously wouldn’t explain away the obvious defensive blunders against Wigan or Blackburn, but for me that Birmingham game was decissive.

  6. Franchise

    haha Hadley nice one

    AKBs would go to the end of the world to defend Wenger

    why dont you do a research on teams who built a stadium and saw massive rise in revenue from gates in the first year of the move?

    thanks for the info 😉

  7. nishanth

    how the fuck did diaby get selected ahead of nasri??..also pato didn;t get selected for he injured?

  8. Franchise

    keyser at the end of 38 games the manager has to take the blame for everything. that is why it is called management if not no manager would ever be sacked in football or in the normal world if everyone can get away with making excuses for ‘failure’

  9. Franchise

    keyser how many freak accidents happended to us this year?

    too many IMO

    clumsy ppl do clumsy things

    ask Diaby

  10. RockyPires

    Wow some massive ommisions from the World Cup squads
    Brazil have left Alex,Ronaldinho and Pato at home aswell as their new kids.

    France leaving out Nasri,Paddy V,Mexes,Frey,Obertan,Benzema, FFS Cisse ahead of Benzema, somebody bring domnch to the head doctor.

    Argentina – Zanetti and Cambiasso

    Holland Ruud Van Horseface

  11. RT.Z

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he intends to strengthen his ‘average’ defensive unit after going another season without silverware.

    The Gunners last tasted success in 2005 but looked to be on course for a long-awaited trophy having put in a strong push for the Premier League title.

    A defeat to Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League ended any hopes of European glory before Wenger saw his team stutter at the crucial stage, allowing Manchester United and Chelsea to pull away.

    And the boss believes poor defending from his team cost them dear after conceding 41 league goals.

    Wenger said: “If you divide the season into two – going forward we have done very well but defensively we have been average.

    “When you concede 40 goals you don’t win the championship and I want to rectify that.”

    Wenger could lose William Gallas on a free transfer in the summer, however the Frenchman says he is looking to make additions in an attempt to tighten up the leaky backline.

    He added: “My transfer policy this summer will be to keep our strengths going forward, add one player, and add more defensive strength to our team.”

    Transfer targets for the London club are believed to include Fulham’s Brede Hangeland and Senegal defender Pape Diakhate, but Wenger feels his squad remains in a strong position.

    The manager did, however, express his disappointment at how the season faded away with results that left his team chasing to make up ground on the top two.

    Defeats to Tottenham and Wigan effectively ended their title hopes, while injuries to captain Cesc Fabregas and Gallas only served to hinder their challenge – but Wenger reckons his players are capable of making a stronger claim in 2010/11.

    Attitude and spirit
    He told Arsenal TV Online: “When you’re as close to a trophy and you don’t do it, it’s disappointing but overall if you look back over the season, I am proud of our attitude and spirit.

    “Unfortunately we got injuries in the final sprint of the season and it was a bit too much.

    “This season has shown that we have quality, spirit and we have also discovered players who have made massive improvements so there is a very strong basis to do extremely well.

    “Not a lot is needed when you come as close as we did this year having lost the big games. I think we have a massive chance to come back and win it. Let’s be consistent, come back next year and be even stronger.”

  12. Miki

    Hi Grovers!

    I’ve been pretty SURPRISED the other day.. I told a guy I met I was an Arsenal fan and he replied: well you don’t like to be euphoristic do you ?

    and he was right.

    Being an Arsenal fan is not being very joyful often recently…
    cheap buys … stupid gambles on injured players.. will to do it and announcement of almighty season and trophies but nothing comes..
    At least Arsene shut it straight till you win something!!!
    Living on old successes is what aload Wenger to make fan patient.


    I say it .. and I m the first not willing to say it.. I will stop supporting Arsenal until they give them the right power to compete on a 4 trophy basis season.

    This year was not far good, but so far from excellent..


    Fed UP.. that’s how I feel.

    AW has so many young talents he could have used .. after the Ramsey injury I understand he’s afraid to injure young player with a bright future..








  13. Keyser

    Franchise – Thats far too simplistic, there are some things a manager can change, some that he can plan for and others that you just have to accept as part of life.

    Before you get on, it’s not making excuses, it’s looking for actual reasons, you’re thinking in extremes it’s not about getting away with it it’s about accepting that only one team can win the league each year. If everyone thought your way,you’d have 19 managers sacked a season.

  14. Stu

    Bayern moved to a new stadium around the same time as us and are in the CL final now and league champions.
    But they dont count because Germans do everything right …… terms of football anyway.

  15. RockyPires

    Give Diaby, Rosicky and NAsri a injury free preseason and we can then decide how good they are/not

  16. Keyser

    Franchise – Various conditions affect the team, it’s why I asked you about Inter, do you think it was simply down to tactics they beat Barcelona as opposed to us losing 4-1 ?!

  17. gambon

    So it looks like he’ll add Chamakh & defenders.

    I would expect Chamakh, 2 CBs & a GK then as he already said midfield isnt a problem.

  18. Keyser

    Stu – I think they had help from the local government and also had a ground share at the time.

    The other club i think invested quite a bit, but got into financial trouble, so Bayern paid a lot less than they normally would have, something like that.

    Also Bayern are an absolutely massive club.

  19. Paulinho

    “This season has shown that we have quality, spirit and we have also discovered players who have made massive improvements so there is a very strong basis to do extremely well.”

    Bullshit. What chance have we got when he literally starts making things up?

  20. GMR

    I would advise everyone to watch the Q&A with Ivan the other night. He was questioned about whether Wenger has had money previously & he wouldn’t give a straight answer. Also he pretty much confirmed the budget for transfers & wages is the 35 million that the AST came up with, now considering how much was supposedly left over from the sale of Ade & Toure, plus the fact the club have made so much money this past season, why is his budget so low??

    I really believe this is the first summer Wenger’s had cash to spend. However, whether he’s still the right man for the job when he refuses to acknowledge the obvious, such as poor goalkeepers etc, then thats a whole different question. I have my doubts to be honest but I’ll wait to see what happens over the next couple of months. Wenger has said he’ll keep his attacking options & add one (probably Chamakh) & he also said he’d add strength to the defence, so we’ll see soon enough whether it’s more rubbish being spouted.

  21. GMR

    gambon – he did say transfers & wages, and infact if you watch the videos he actually says it’s the transfer fees plus first years wages plus a bit of the wages from the 2nd & 3rd years of the contract.

  22. Franchise

    Manunited had their crazy moments so did Chelsea but overall their season’s were better than us like they were last year and the year b4 that and the year b4 that…………….

    we are not making enough progress and lord wenger is to blame

  23. Franchise

    having tactics is one thing

    having the player to execute is another

    and communicating the tactics properly is also another

  24. gambon


    No he says that the wages are usually more significant than the transfer fee.

    Then he is asked if Wengers budget has to include 1/2/3 years wages and he said no, but we carefully model what our expenditure will be in line with our revenues etc.

    Lets say £35m had to pay for wages and fees, well a “world class player” on £80k pw, would be £16m in wages, so lets say we want one top class £80k player, and one good £50k player, well thats £26m, leaving £9m for transfer fees, which is utterly ridiculous.

    I do agree that the wage bill shouldnt be increasing, well maybe a little due to the extra TV revenue, but in general we should be making room for wages by shipping out the dross.

  25. 78692

    Guys, I watched a bit of Revista De La Liga before on SS2 presented by Mark Bolton and Guillem Balague.Balague said that Barca are definately signing Villa and Cesc before the Presidential Elections.The former signing within “days”

  26. Keyser

    Franchise – It’s an Inter team that is on it’s way to winning the league for the 4th consecutive season, a team that has had shedloads put into it, is full of experience and is probably playing at it’s peak, it’s got World Cup winners, Champions League winners and they barely scraped through against Barcelona by playing deep down and dirty.

    They made one change from the first leg, try and highlight tactical eneptitude if you want, but to compare our two games to Barca and theirs, asking why we didn’t play like them is silly.

    It’s all good and well comparing teams, but follow it through at least give what you say some balance, they were a poor refereeing decision away from going out.

  27. SFOGooner

    Didn’t AW talk about strengthening defence a few years ago after the senderos blunders against ‘Pool in the CL?

    So What’s new? Our 3rd and 4th choice CBs have always been average and they have always played the crunch games at the end of the season.

    Maybe we should start the season with the slyvestres and save the first choice guys for Feb/March ..

  28. GMR

    gambon – thats exactly why we don’t buy anyone. We can afford either the fee or the wages but never both, which is why our squad is packed with kids who were relatively cheap & don’t command massive wages.

    It should be a little different this summer, because as you said yesterday Gallas & Silvestre will likely leave, thats means the 35 million can be used for buying players & the wages are pretty much covered by the guys who leave, meaning only Chamakh will have any effect on the budget.

  29. gambon


    Yeah one of my big criticisms of AW is that he has too many people on the wage bill.

    He really needs to cull a large % of the squad, to improve quality and make room for wages.

  30. Franchise

    SFOGooner he has been saying the same ole at the end of every year

    he said in 07/08 that we were soft through the middle and he would address it with some super class signings

    did he?

    hell no no CB came in and we lost 3 DMers the following season

  31. Paulinho

    If he buys who I think he will (chamakh and not much else, a CB) then I think we will be out of the top four next season.

    We need to buy at least four or five players too maintain the status quo. This season has been more about spirit and perspiration rather than quality. I don’t think we can realistically keep relying on that.

  32. Cannon Man

    I think some people go a bit overboard when they talk of lack of spending at certain times. It was clear to me that we had funds to strengthen at the beginning of THIS season gone and I believe it was negligent not to, given our transfers out AND our pre-season injuries. What’s funny is when people who say there’s no excuse now, were saying we should be buying these 20m+ players as much as 5 years ago! I’ll make no excuses for the numerous fuck ups in terms of the team management but in seasons gone when we’ve needed two or three players from a VERY MODEST TRANSFER BUDGET, too many fans have screamed for players that would have left us unable to strengthen in other areas. Now I’ve not been the greatest fan of the board but so many discussions on our net spend focus on only our……net spend figure. Not many people break the statement down into its constituent parts to form a measured analysis e.g football turnover, amortisation, transfer payments due/owed etc. I know most people only care about “the football” but there is a much wider context in which the performance of Arsenal Football Club in recent years needs to be considered. People lie, numbers don’t. Apart from in Germany, football finances look pretty fucked.

    I also think its a bit childish to claim you know how much people are paid by plucking figures out of the sky or Sun newspaper. If you think the wage bill is too high – fair enough. But arguing about how much Walcott (absolutely useless “footballer” no doubt) is paid, as though you KNOW, is futile unless you can prove you do know. As for writing misspelt names, EVERY time you write, it just suggests deeper personal issues from where I sit. No offence intended but no one I associate with would take someone who does this CONSTANTLY very seriously – which is perhaps unfair but still the case nonetheless. It also sounds stupid banging on about a player coming from France or speaking French or being French and of African descent. Clearly a deeper issue drives this but each to their own. Surely there must come a point when…?

    Some say we shouldn’t have moved to the Emirates if it was going to cause so many ‘problems’. Fair opinion but the overwhelming majority wouldn’t agree. Furthermore the property developments and regeneration or the area surrounding the stadium were central to our getting planning permission to build the stadium – which most agree was necessary to ENSURE we didn’t suffer like many clubs will soon. Winning the League or CL while building the best stadium in the country (IMO) would have been a dream but no serious gambler would have touched that bet.

    I’ve both bemoaned and defended both the board and manager depending on the particular issue being discussed but many people attempt to EITHER gloss over their failures or undermine their achievements. Similarly we rarely see BOTH a player’s faults and merits being discussed by an individual. It shows a bit more objectivity and gives credence to your views. If you give credit where its due and criticise where necessary, you’ll perhaps find yourself that bit happier about the status of the club in general. We’ve got a lot of one-dimensional fans with little depth who struggle to think in straight lines – on both sides of the proverbial fence as it happens. Shall we call them all ponies? They’ll be more childish bickering about who’s the worst ponies no doubt.

    I don’t think many, if any, managers would have achieved what Wenger has on his budget. I also don’t think many, if any, would have agreed to the constraints he has either – which like him or not, says a lot about his devotion to Arsenal. As manager of the club, he has been a HUGE success (yes I said it) but I have my issues with him in terms of his micro management as outlines on here many times. He’s an imperfect employee working for imperfect employers. Simple stuff really. One thing is for sure. The future of the club is now MUCH MORE secure, which was BY NO MEANS A GIVEN. Without the recession, we’d be laughing. With better handling of senior squad departures, we’d have been pissing ourselves laughing. Despite the last 5 years, we’re still nicely poised though, which is more than you can say for some. Imagine what people would be writing now if we’d sold out to a LBO 5 years ago and were in Man U’s position now!

  33. Sam

    In that famous interview when AW and SAF were together on stage and Richard Keys was asking some questions.

    Q : Who is the most important person at a football club ?

    A : The manager is the most important.

    You all know who answered that.

  34. mike__

    78692 – Balague pretty much keeps saying the same storie every summer untill eventually they come true.

  35. Sam

    Buffon shows more passion for the game in that video than I have seen from Almunia in all his time at arsenal

  36. lauren

    keyser, no that certainly wasn’t a cut and paste job.

    You can read about the whole Marseille corruption scandal and Monaco/AW in a lot of places….all the Wenger biographies, wikipedia, the archives of the football sections of various newspapers…I got most of my info from the French press at the time, the memories are quite vivid as it was intensely covered and a huge topic of conversation in France back then. Esp. when Marseille went on to win the CL, which many people still believe should’ve been taken away from them.

  37. mike__

    i guess this ‘transfer linked’ they have on the official site must be a cheap way they have figured out to get more traffic to go to
    cant see any other reason to have it on there.

  38. TheGooner

    “we have been average in defence”

    Average is an understatement. With shite like Silvestre and Fabiankski/Almunia patrolling at the back, its no wonder we’ve been shambolic.

    We need Buffon in goal for next season. Now is the time to go for proven top class quality, no more bargain bucket signings. We need to make a big statement that we mean fucking business, and signing Buffon would do just that.

    Fuck how much he’d cost, whatever it is it would be well worth it. The guy would win us plenty of matches, unlike the utterly hopeless clowns we have between the sticks now.

    Come on Arsene, pull your fucking finger out and sort this mess out.

  39. Keyser

    lauren – Sorry, didn’t mean it to sound rude, just never had someone give an informative account, thanks, really.

    Unless you live through it, you never get a real insight and no-one seems to mention it as something other than as a second thought as if it wasn’t such a big deal.

  40. Norf

    Read this last month in the guardian – ‘Transfer payments are currently scheduled over the course of a player’s contract, which usually ranges from three to five years, in line with practice across Europe.’
    Does this mean that we haven’t yet received all the cash from City…and are still paying out for TV and SN? Confused…

  41. lauren

    keyser, no need to apologize, I didn’t take any offense to your question at all. Sorry if my reply implied that I did.

  42. mike__

    stu if that is the case and they are genuinely after these players then fair played, give them a dose of their own medicine.

    but if it is just to create traffic and give the web team stuff to do in the off season then not so good.

  43. Maciek

    Morse, I wish them well, but Atletico have Aguerro and Forland.

    I think Fulham will play for 0;0 DRAW AND then for penalties.

  44. Pat

    Akinfeev never catches the ball, I’d rather keep the clowns we have than spend money on that crap, which looks shaky against European teams. As someone who watches the Polish league, I can tell you Akinfeev looks like Fabianski when he played for Legia. No thanks.

  45. Morse

    Maciek, I dont know, Hodgson got them playing some nice stuff when there up for it. Its definitely going to be interesting

  46. Maciek

    Pat, mate.

    Sell Fabianski and Almunia and buy Buffon, who can teach Wojtek Szczęsny a few things and make our kid be ready in 3 years time.

  47. Pat

    And Buffon would do for me. Either him or Hart. Lloris isn’t what we need because he regularly makes mistakes too. Very few class keepers on the market today. Pepe Reina I’d take in a heart beat.

  48. nishanth

    so we are linked to paul robinson now.He is probably the only keeper who is worse than almunia in PL

  49. Stu

    My pick to replace Cesc would definately be Gourcuff. He is tailor made for Arsenal. Fantastic touch, good with both feet, good dribbler and French. It helps that he is about 23 so the prefect mix between experience and youth. Being 6ft1 doesnt hurt either.

  50. Stu

    I hope Atletico win tbh. It would nice for Fulham to win, great for them in fact. Taking such a small club to such great heights and a fanstatic achievement for Hodgson but i hope attacking football prevails.

    Im a great fan of defensive football and being able but i prefer good football…to a certain extent.

  51. Stu

    Actually…i dont care who wins. Either way, im not to fussed as long as Simao doesnt score. Easily the most over rated player in the world.

  52. hitman

    Chamak, Buffon, Ireland, Arteta. That will do for starters.
    Something tells me we will only sign the freebie.

  53. Pat

    “Believe it or not, we didn’t even have the worst goalkeeper, (in the league anyway), even though we had two candidates trying to claim that honour with (you’ll love this) rumoured Arsenal target Rob Green making more errors contributing to goals than any other player. Sweet.”

    hitman, and no defensive players? I’d hive Juve Sagna for Buffon if we can get Van der Wiel in. Risky, but we get a good keeper and a RB capable of contributing offensively, which can negate the other teams left flank because they’ll be too busy worrying about VDW and our RW

  54. Pat

    And to be honest, Fulham were very, very reliant on home form in the Europe League this season. I just can’t see them winning this.

  55. Stu

    Seems as though the occasion is getting to Fulham a bit, particluarly Danny Murphy who is probably yet to play a good pass.

  56. Pat

    Those of you watching the game, this is what will happen if England were to meet Spain or Brazil, so be prepared.

  57. Pat

    Davies again like against Hamburg, good finish. Have to love the spirit Fulham have.

    If Aguero has really signed for Chelsea, I think he could become the best player in the PL. He will be up against average defenders and he is much stronger than many people think.

  58. Stu

    De Gea seems to let in a lot of easy goals. I know he is young and thats fine but at least make youself as big as possible when someone is gonna volley from close range because there definately wont be enough time to react to the shot.

  59. Stu

    Really Pat? Granted i dont watch enough Spanish football to outright disagree but any time i have seen Aguero he hasnt live up to the hype imo. I rate Forlan much higher than him.

  60. Maciek

    I see. I Spanish sabroso means tasty as far as I know.

    Well, Simao has scored a cracking goal against Liverpool in 2006 at Anfield, and that goal ended Pools CL hopes.

    And yes, he is average.

  61. Pat

    Aguero needs a new challenge. Watched him against Chelsea both games and any big game and he’s been a 1-man team a lot of the time.

  62. Pat

    A bit like Gerrard and Liverpool this season actually. Atletico struggling in the league as is Aguero.

  63. Stu

    Think i remember that goal. For Benfica right?

    Anyway, i just cant believe how highly rated he is. Average pace, pretty small, poor set piece delivery the vast majority of the time and isnt that good at passing whenever i watch him either.

  64. Maciek

    Yes, for Benfica, Stu.

    Do You like German squad for the World Cup?

    Do You rate Loew(sp.) as a coach?

    I really do rate him.

  65. hitman

    Tactics: modern definition -word now used as an euphymism for parking the bus in front of a superior team. Needs must. Something used by Jose and Roy. Not really clever or attractive. But hailed as messihanical if successful. Not used by deluded individuals.

  66. Pat

    As they say, mastering defense is a lot easier than mastering offense. If Wenger only focused a little bit on defense!

  67. Stu

    From The Beautiful Groan:

    •Our tally of 83 goals was our third highest in the Premiership era. The two seasons we bettered it (85 in 2002/3, 87 in 2004/5), our defence was not tight enough to capitalise, and we did not win the league. Every time we have claimed the crown, we have actually scored less than 80.
    •Chelsea’s record of 32 goals against is the first time in seven years that a side has conceded 30 or more goals and gone on to win the title.

  68. Stu

    Thats proof that a solid defence is far more important than a free flowing attack.

    Keep a clean sheet and 1 goals will win the match. But you can score 4 and still now win.

  69. Pat

    United fans seem really worried that Evra may leave. I’ve always seen him as a player who will stay on at United for a long time. If anything, I expected Vidic to leave.

  70. Stu

    Oh lol..never mind then.

    I had thought you meant players that mostly just pace. At which i would tend to agree. Im of the opinion that CLichy wont finish his career with us because once his pace goes he will be pretty shite. Same goes for Theo for the moment but theres a strong chance he will strengthen other aspects of his game and prehaps rely less on his only ability..his pace.

  71. Paulinho

    If you notice Clichy had a little purple patch against Barcelona but against Spurs and Wigan he reverted back to being listless and rooted to the spot at times.

    I would very much be in favour of selling him. He’s shot.

  72. Stu

    It was a dive imo because he didnt exaggerate the contact. There was contact and he got his footing before then twirling looking for a pk.

    He didnt fall at the point of contact, in which case there would have been a strong call for a foul, he fell after it.

  73. Pat

    Fulham will fancy their chances in penalties. Atletico have never won a penalty shoot out in Europe. They’ve had 3

  74. zeus

    Aguero pokes it wide with an open goal! Forlan breaks past Baird and fires across goal, there’s a scramble, and Aguero – at full stretch – can only divert it into the side netting!

  75. Pat

    I thought he played well at United at one point actually. SHould’ve scored more but he was explosive and really came good in Spain.

  76. Stu

    Zeus, i hope to fuck it doesnt take Theo until his late 20s to come good. Fucking hell thats way too long to wait.

  77. zeus


    4 more years b4 Unlucky Theo really comes good. Can’t be to the late 20s as his speed is too important to his game.

  78. Pat

    Football triumphs, thank goodness.

    Didn’t deserve to get past Juve. An awful penalty decision and a red card that wasn’t deserved for Juve.

  79. zeus


    NO. He is the only direct player in the squad and with our crab football, his directness and pace is invaluable. We will have to let him learn on the job.

  80. Stu

    Agreed Pat. Glad the spoiler tactics didnt come out on top against actual attacking football. Sad for Fulham though but oh well.

  81. zeus

    Saw this and found it funny………..
    WOW!!!! Arsenal have released an official Arsenal f.c bra, loads of support but no cup’s…..

  82. Stu

    And suffer along the way zeus? I would rather have the finished article on the wing than have Theo put in 1 good cross a match.

  83. zeus


    He is English and he has that English passion. Plus we almost paid Nasri money for him. Money doesn’t grow on tress, so yeah, you damn right we have to suffer a little. Where are we supposed to find the money to buy a winger………………………….AND 2 CBs,2 GKs.

  84. Stu

    Theo has passion? HA! Thats a fucking larf. He is about as passionate as a shoebox! He is one of the quietest players i’ve ever seen…probably why Wenger was so keen to waste money on him.

  85. Maciek

    I would take Forlan over Eduardo and Vela. I love Eddie, but since his injury he has lost his scoring ability.

  86. zeus


    For the record I’m not English.


    You don’t have to be loud to show passion. Cescisn’t very vocal either.