Arsene has identified a problem with defence this season says Ivan, defence, really?

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No sh*t Sherlock, a problem with defence eh? Even a blind man using a rats arse as a wedding ring could see that, we on here have been saying it since we started Le Grove. Amazing, we have had jerk after AKB jerk on asking us if we know more than Arsene or are we scouts, well if it’s taken this many transfer windows to identify we concede too many goals, and defence is the problem, then yes to both questions.

I find it staggering that Ivan and Arsene announce it like they have just discovered the meaning of life, never a bigger statement of the obvious have I ever heard, we need to address the defensive issue! So what do we do first? Oh yeah, we sign a striker.

Not that I’m against a striker as we do have a forward line of crocks and it will be at least 6 months until Benik Afobe and Luke Freeman are ready, but the real issues we have at Arsenal are at centre back and more pressing at goal keeping, but if the manager thinks that Fabianski played well against Fulham, then I fear he hasn’t seen the real issue with our goal conceding problem. The crap keepers.

Also we need a defensive midfielder that can defend, has pace and will be as immense as Patrick was in his day. We need at least one winger, remember them Arsene, let me jog your memory, Overmars, Pires, Freddie and Reyes, now they were the last proper wingers we had and when we had them, we won things, coincidence, you work it out. And please no SWP on the cheap, he’s too old and not even good enough for England.


Theo is not a winger and nor is Vela, Arshavin or Bendtner, address these issues Ivan and maybe we’ll start to see some success, buying Silvestre did nothing but cost us money, keeping Senderos did nothing but lose us points, stop doing everything on the cheap and go out and buy some decent players.

I also keep hearing from Gazidas that Wenger will re-sign, I don’t care about that Ivan, I’m more concerned that we compete for four trophies next season and buy in some talent, I don’t care if Wenger signs or not, we did Ok before he arrived and we’ll do Ok when he’s gone, there are plenty of decent managers out there, plenty.

It’s funny, the very first Le Grove post was the day that Wenger signed a new contract and we were all delighted, how sad that his intransigence and obsession has led us to this, I’m fed up with being so negative but how many windows come and go with disappointment, I’m just fed up with it, and all we get from Arsenal is how clever they are with our debt, buying players doesn’t make you go tits up Ivan, buying players for silly money does though, as does paying average players crazy wages, and we have more than enough of them.

If we aren’t going to compete for 4 trophies next season, either buy us the squad we need to, or give me a rebate on my season tickets, I’m not that bothered about the Champions league, we’ll never win it anyway, let’s go for a domestic cup and with our best players, if you haven’t got enough of them, then go and buy some.

Oh and for those of you who said Cameron was a toff and Clegg was a working class boy, Clegg went to Cambridge and Cameron went to Oxford, so in theory we have an educated line up, a bit like the Arsenal eh! Who ever you wanted to win the election, at least it’s over and we can get back to speculating about the players we are about to buy.

Have a nice day Grovers, Pedro is back for the next few days and no doubt he’ll be more cheerful than me.

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  1. rob green

    Good post!! I can’t believe they have just realised the defence is a problem!! Once again they make my blood boil!!

    ”it will be at least 6 months until Benik Afobe and Luke Freeman are ready’’

    More like 6 years!!

  2. Wiseman

    This blog is getting a bit repetitive eh? It takes me a while to notice whether it’s a new blog or yesterdays blog. I vote for new topics of conversation!!

  3. Pedro

    Top posting Geoff!

    But seriously, have you ever scouted professionally and did you really say the defence was shite 3 years ago.

    I think you should support the spuds and become a Labour MP.

  4. Pedro

    Wiseman, we report on the news… which is also pretty repetitive.

    Sadly, we can’t make it up… so you’ll have to go with the flow until Arsenal give us something interesting to talk about.

  5. Wiseman

    Obviously we saw the defense as a problem last year, that’s why we bought Vermaelen. Now it seems they have identified that the problem is greater than one man can handle!!

  6. rob green

    Wiseman 09:07 – The topics are relevant and you seem to be the only one who ahs that opinion!!

  7. gazzap

    Agree with the post other than the bit about Vela – I think he IS a winger. He definitely isn’t a striker, he gets swamped by the big centre backs.

  8. gazzap

    but Geoff is right that DM, CB ad GK are all key positions to fill. we cant even think about competiting for trophies unless we buy quality players in those three positions.

  9. gambon

    The thing is Wenger said the same last season.

    He said 38 goals is too many to concede, we need to reduce that by 10. Then we go and concede 41, its embarassing, he doesnt know what he’s doing.

    Get in Buffon, 2 CBs & a DM and maybe we can get down to 28 goals & 20 clean sheets.

  10. Wiseman

    Pedro – Yup, it does seem like news has been slow lately. I suppose that it is a drawback of having to post every day!

    However, there are plenty of topics that can be discussed without any breaking news… such as which Arsenal players are going to star in the World Cup!?

    So let’s start that one… I think Walcott will perform well, and Vela as well. Fabregas obviously, especially seeming that it looks likely that one of Xavi or Iniesta will be injured.

  11. Morse

    Wiseman, exactly, another year wasted when the answer was staring everyone and there dog in the face

  12. Mayank

    Haha! Yesterday I talk about getting Buffon in on 2 blogs (LG and AA) and today the press links us with him. Hacks! Hope it’s true though. Buffon alone can make a difference of 7-8 goals per season and add a good CB to the mix and you’ve got a solid defence.

  13. henry14

    Buffon would be a dream. I hope he can speak french though……..otherwise he’s got no chance.

    A lot of the papers in Italy are saying it’s a done deal i hear, although that doesn’t mean a lot granted, but he is making noises himself about coming to the prem.

    Who knows? It would definitley get bums back on seats next season.

  14. Meneurdejeu10

    Morning Gooner Nation

    A Defensive Midfielder is absolutely essential.

    Somebody over 6ft, 80kgs with pace and can tackle.

  15. ikon

    let them show some ambition in the transfer and sign buffon and the fans would renew their tickets in a whiff.

  16. Mayank

    Wiseman Vela, RvP and Nik are going to be big stars after the WC. Song, Nik and RvP are in the same group!

  17. charliegeorge

    Geoff – I just hope those bastards get to read it, the GUILTY PARTY comprising Wenger, Gazidis, Hill-Wood. I don’t know how many times we’ve all said this, BUT IT SURE AS HELL AIN’T BRAIN SCIENCE. Stop stroking your collective cocks and talking the talk. Either do your job or get the FUCK OUT! It’s embarrassing now.

  18. cliffeh

    The Buffon rumours seem to be gathering pace… Personally I would be more than happy to see the Italian inbetween the sticks. A keeper of his quality would would easily save you 12 points a season.

    Theres also a bit of talk about Arteta this morning?

  19. henry14

    In fact if Arsenal go out and buy Buffon, and big center half in the Vidic mold – for me it would give Wenger a measure of respect back.

    He’s 100% only going to buy 1 CH, he told Djourou he sold toure so he could play – so we know he will next season. Campbell will re-sign and then we have Verm, so if Gallas goes which i think he will – it will be 1 player in.

  20. Wiseman

    Rob Green – Maybe I the only one with that opinion, maybe not… I just through my vote into the hat. let’s see if we have a hung Le Grove?!

  21. Mayank

    Buffon’s one of the nice guys of the GK world along with Cech and Cassilas. But he can command his area. We’d get at least 6 years out of him. Shouldn’t get too excited though.
    Can he speak English or French… or Belgian?

  22. Rohan

    True Mayank, I really have a feeling Denmark will be the dark horses and if Bendtner’s firing can reach the semis…. They work hard all over the pitch and are well organized and solid defensively. I can see them springing a surprise or 2…
    I’ll be supporting the Dutch though. If only they had a decent CB or 2. Both their fullbacks ( van Bronckhorst and Van der Wiel) along with their midfielders and attackers ( RvP sneijder Robben De Jong Mark van Bommel van der Vaart most of whom are incidentally in the form of their lives ) are top class…. This could be their year.

  23. rob green

    I can see fabregas having a good and long world cup. Hopefully he wont be tired and due an injury when he returns to arsenal
    Walcott won’t be a starter I reckon lennon will be

  24. Rohan

    I don’t care if he speaks Swahili or is mute even. It’s fucking Buffon. He’ll more than bring an aura of invinciblity to our back line.

  25. rob green

    i would love buffon but i cant see wenger getting him!! wenger will get a 2.5 mil goalkeeper from Togo that we have never heard of!!

  26. gazzap

    Even if wenger signs Buffon, dont let him get away with not signing a DM and CB – ALL these positions must be filled. No half way houses again – wenger keeps doing things by half.

  27. Wiseman



    Buffon is like one of the highest paid players in Italy.

    Wenger biggest issue is wage demands, not transfer fees.

    Thus it will NEVER happen. 100% sure of that.

  28. Mayank

    Rob Cecs isn’t a guaranteed starter either, so hopefully he won’t be fatigued. Can’t say about injuires our players are always looking to get injured on intnl duty.

  29. gazzap

    Mamadou Sahko is a left sided centre back at PSG and is more than gettable. Massive bloke, very physical.

  30. jimbo

    Don’t mean to be rude here, and I’m not arguing with anything you say, but why oh why do you post the exactly the same blog every single day?! It just goes round and round and round and the last few days I’ve given up reading as we’ve all heard it all before a million times from you guys. As I say, I’m not disagreeing with anything you put, but I fear for the site if you dont come up with more material. How long can we go on having exactly the same conversation day in day out??!!

  31. henry14

    Wiseman – now we know that they give payments to players to keep the wages low for the books i.e Henry and Cesc – they would probably do the same thing with someone like Buffon.

  32. Mo

    Seriously, Pepe Reina! Golden gloves 4 out of the last 5 seasons and easily the best keeper in the league.

    With Liverpool up shit’s creek without a paddle, how about bid they can’t turn down? 15mil should do the trick.

  33. Mayank it’s 1.5 hrs long. I’ve seen two parts out of 3.
    The AST raised a lot of questions that are raised here regularly.

  34. henry14

    Jimbo – have you read any of the other sites?

    What do you want us to talk about? Pick a subject about Arsenal that you want to talk about – that isn’t the manager, the players, transfers, the Q&A, what is wrong with the team, what is right with the team, speculating on things that will happen…etc..etc..

    I mean we could discuss the journey to the Emirates, how about the selection of food and beverages?

  35. Pedro

    Wiseman, I’ve never seen Buffon on the highest earners list? Where are you getting that infomation from?

    How do you know he wouldn’t take a reduction in pay if it was bonus linked? Or we bought him in and balanced his lower salary with a fee?

    There are plenty of reason Buffon would move to Arsenal.

  36. Daryl Tay

    Got it spot on. Until we get natural wingers like Pires and Freddie who

    a) know how to make intelligent runs (not runs like Eboue who run with no end in mind)

    b) know how to cross (unlike our fullbacks)

    c) know how to slot into the right holes and score rebounded goals

    then we’re losing an element to the game that otherwise would fit well into the Arsenal way.

  37. gambon


    Yeah I watched it last night, Ivan is impressive but i dont really believe what he says.

    – I was pleased he said Arsene knows the faults with this team.

    – Ivan said “we dont retain cash” which is either a lie, or Arsene has been refusing to spend every year.

  38. Pedro

    Jimbo, like I said earlier. We report on what goes on in the news. If that’s repetitive, blame Arsenal.

    Don’t worry about the site, it’ll be fine.

    Sometimes people don’t realise how hard it is to write fresh news everyday when there isn’t anything tangible to write about.

  39. jerry

    The problem with the defence has been everpresent since Lehman not Lehman Bros left the scene.In fact it happened in 2003 when the gunners were on the verge of back to back titles. However Upson left and there was no defensive cover since the gunners were injured/syced down all over the pitch and the guys in black did not take serious action.
    The defence has not been Arsene’s priority. He likes to play attacking soccer without realising or choosing to ignore the gunners weak defence.He wants to be like keegan/brazil. You score one I will score two without realising that teams can play anti soccer and win.It is that much harder to score.
    Whether Arsene likes it or not anti soccer is here to stay. Inter won playing anti soccer in the second leg. Arsenal cannot shakle Messi but Mourino did with flying colours.

  40. Queen of Suburbia

    I reckon it’ll be Green.

    If I recall correctly didn’t we have Robinson on trial before and didn’t he score the slowest reflexes on the reflex test in the history of mankind?

  41. Walking Wounded

    At the AST meeting, when he was asked direct questions about the players, Gazidis stated quite rightly that he will not talk about individuals, but you could tell that he was fully aware of the keeping state of play.

    I am certain Wenger thought that we could fumble (great pun) through the season with what we had in goal, but I think they realise now that they made a mistake in not signing a quality keeper.

    but from what he said (and he was very careful not to release anything that he could be quoted on) there wuill be a slight change in transfer policy.

    Ivan knows Best. HEHE

  42. Geoff

    Jimbo, I heard that we are building a new stadium as we need to compete with Man City.

    Also Wenger has just signed a new and improved 10 contract and we are changing our shirt colour to Blue and white hoops.

    I’ll write a post on it tomorrow.

    Not that you’ll know as you won’t be reading it.

  43. rob green

    don’t see why people moan about the blog. If they don’t like it don’t read it. There are plenty of other blogs out there. It must be the hardest thing ever to write a blog when the season is over!!

  44. Mayank

    Ivan is a smooth talker no doubt. He’s basically said what many on here had been saying for a while. for e.g.

    We were skint but aren’t now. The property thing hindered us.
    The decision not to spend was taken by both the board and Wenger.
    The faults in the team are obvious and we shouldn’t think Arsene’s an Idiot.
    The attendance announcement if for the no. of tickets sold and Ivan is embarrassed by it.
    Chelsea changed the game as we planned it.
    We will be able to compete with Utd and Chelsea in a little time.

    I hope he wan’t lying when he said we’re looking to continue the multiple ownership model.

  45. John A

    Correct QOS – we sent fatboy packing after his unsuccessful trial.

    Great post by the way Geoff……and it’s Gazidis not Gazidas 😉

  46. Walking Wounded


    Lets talk about whats right with the club for a change then. the blog doesn’t ever really seem to go down that path, before it is dragged back to the “what’s wrong”!

  47. henry14

    WW – That’s because what 1 person thinks is right another thinks is wrong…

    But i’ll run with that – give me something positive to talk about?

  48. jimmy

    I don’t care whether Arsene signs or not . I am in complete agreement with this statement. Too many players are being played out of position.Problems have not been addressed and he thinks the fans are stupid.
    The thing is nobody is indipensable in this age. If AW were to go there will be top quality managers available.These guys would treat football as a game to be won by fair/foul/ugly means asone fan wrote. Who cares about pretty soccer if you don’t win anything. who cares about the ceaseless passing. play to win.

  49. choy

    Haha.. the same things?

    Of course we’re going to talk about arsenal 365 days a year!

    What do you folks want to read? Global warming and world peace?

    Wrong place for that!

  50. Pedro

    Wiseman, we paid Thierry Henry £10mill in his last season.

    We’ve never been afraid to pay big money to players when they deserve it.

    That salary is £100k less than Wenger gets a year.

  51. Wiseman

    I had a similar comment to Jimmy’s earlier, but I think i was a bit more eloquent.

    I then realized how hard it must be to come up with new content every day, especially when there isn’t much news.

    Although Rob Green, what’s a comments section if people can’t make comments! Good or bad.

  52. henry14

    Also – 4.8m is actually what – £90k per week?

    That’s not that much considering Cesc, Thierry, Arshavin and Gallas are all apparently on the same?

  53. Queen of Suburbia

    I know its not the acid test as that will come later, but our continued success at U18’s level does suggest that our youth policy (the organic phase!) is going to bear fruit doesn’t it?

  54. Pedro

    Talk about the under 18’s? Couldn’t think of anything more boring.

    Oh wow, we’ve got great kids… hardly big news is it? How many will make it out of that batch?

    0.5 I reckon… at a push.

  55. henry14

    I am not saying it’s going to happen by the way – but it is financially possible for Arsenal to get Buffon.

    Juve clearly want to sell, he wants to come to the prem, the papers over there are all saying it’s done….

    No smoke without fire and all that! ]

    It’s in the realms of possibility.

    Also let’s face it, Arsene and Gazidis know that they are on thin ice with a lot of fans at the moment, what better way of turning round and saying:

    WE TOLD YOU TO TRUST US and get people back onside?

  56. Pedro

    QoS, I’m not sure… but if he wants to go, it’ll be lower. Plus, I’m sure they’re looking to fund an £80mill spending spree this summer… the more cash they can free up, the better.

    Manninger for number 1! haha!

  57. gambon


    Yeah probably, but success at that level means getting 1, maybe 2 players from each generation into the first team squad.

    I read one of the youth blogs yesterday saying 7 of them will be regulars one day, that will never happen.

  58. Mayank

    Wiseman he’s 32 and playing for a club that might not win anything in his career, wouldn’t it be better for him to get another chance at the spotlight. Even if that means taking a pay cut.

  59. Wiseman

    Henry 14 and choy – You are correct, casillas and valdez are higher paid, my eye must have missed them.

    Pedro – We paid Henry that money because he had had been at the club so long we decided to break policy. Same with Cesc it seems.

    Wenger would never do it for a new player though, otherwise he will set a precedent for every new player to demand sky high wages.

    Still don’t think it will happen. Note that there aren’t any Arsenal players above Buffon on that list.

    Maybe Buffon will take a wage cut, but I’m sure other clubs like Man City would want to take him and pay him what he wants.

  60. gambon

    Buffon is a no brainer, we could sign him for £15m i reckon, then sell him in 3 years for £10m when Szczesny will be 23 and ready to be number 1.

    If we sell the 2 clowns that will raise £5m and cover his wages as id imagine theyre on £80k pw between them.

  61. Matt

    Buffon would be an amazing signing. I cant believe he is only 31, seems like he’s been around for ages.

    Although like Gazzap said, if we sign a real top class keeper, we need to strengthen the other areas otherwise that WILL be money wasted.

    If all of the below came in I would be happy as a pig in shit. If we didnt win anything with these additions or at least come a hell of a lot closer I would be amazed.


    Worst case, and probably the likley scenario is we only sign Chamakh. I cant for the life of me see that Wenger would bring in five new players in a transfer window.

    Come on Arsene, prove me wrong and I’ll eat my hat. Or at least take a bite out of it.

  62. Walking Wounded

    They are a chip of the old block though, letting in 3 against Nottingham Forest, quality defence!

    Alright then not the under 18s, try….

    What is right with the club?

    We are not Liverpool!
    Top players wanting to leave.
    Season starts in Early July
    Shit Stadium
    Shit Fans

    Ooh I’m feeling happier already.

    take five seconds before posting and think a happy thought, about Kelly Brooke or something, It’s amazing what a bit of positivity can do.

  63. Wiseman

    Mayank – If he wants to go, I’m sure Man City will be in the race. Shay Given is good, but Buffon is already a legend.

    We will either get Akinfeev or Lloris I think. Probably Lloris as russian’s also get paid bucket loads.

  64. Mayank

    If he’s coming to the PL Utd will be a better option. But do they have the money? Recent transfer activity shows otherwise.

  65. gambon


    It wouldnt set a precedent at all.

    If Denilson says “I hear Buffon’s on £90k pw” – he will say, yes but youre useless, so fuck off.

    The idea that giving one guy a good contract will make everyone want one is ridiculous.

    If we are a bigger club than Juve, and vastly richer, but cant afford Buffons wages, then something is very wrong.

  66. jimbo

    you’ve kind of missed my point here lads. I’m just saying if there’s nothing new happening, why bother repeating the same old story over and over again? Just let everyone who wants to carry on the banter from a previous entry until you have something new and interesting to write about.

    I just think reposting every day the same thing (wenger lost it, need new keeper, been saying so for 5 years etc…) get’s a bit tedious and almost seems like you’re revelling in the fact that what you said in August has come true.

    Perhaps a decent topic to discuss and write about would be the formation we are using and how it would be so much better if we reverted to 4-4-2? At least this way we’d have our players playing in their favoured positions

  67. Mayank

    If we can afford Akinfeev we can afford Buffon. Wat’s the point of going to a CL deprived club. He’s already pretty rich, he’d want to further his career not his bank balance.

  68. Walking Wounded

    What is it with Utd anyway?

    The Glazers have reportedly turned down an offer of £1.5 billion add that to the debt that they have values the club at over £2 billion.

    Where does that come from?

  69. Pedro

    Walking Wounded, will it change Arsenal’s transfer policy? Will it land me Kelly Brooke on a date?

  70. Mayank

    Buffon’s wages should be similar to or lesser than Cesc, Arsh, RvP, Gallas etc.
    Why am I getting excited about this?

  71. jimbo

    Pedro – If we signed Buffon, i actually think it would be the most exciting transfer Arsene has made since Sol in 2002!

  72. 78692

    Arsenal and Juventus have all but reached agreement on Gianluigi Buffon according to Italian daily Tuttosport. The goalkeeping legend, 32 but still in his prime as far as shotstopping is concerned, has been linked with a move to the Premier League for several weeks, and it now appears certain that the Emirates is the destination for the player who has won 100 caps for Italy.

    Tuttosport says Arsenal are set to seal the deal any time now for €25m and end Buffon’s nine-year stint in Turin. The agreement means that Lukasz ‘the Fumbler’ Fabianski is unlikely to appear again in an Arsenal shirt, happy news for the thousands of Arsenal fans still in therapy as a result of Fabianski’s antics this season.

  73. B.B.K

    pedro without putting you out,is it possible for you to put a link up for your first ever post???????

  74. Mayank

    Buffon might be the 2nd best GK in the world. This is really a no-brainer. I remember reading somewhere that he’d finish his career at Juve though.

  75. Wiseman

    Gambon – Yes, but i’m not talking about Denilson wanting higher wages, I’m talking about the next time we are negotiating with a new player we can’t say we have strict wage policy if we make exceptions like we would have to with Buffon.

    It’s not gonna happen is all i’m saying. Unless Buffon decides to take a wage cut for Champs League Football.

  76. Walking Wounded

    No, but surely it felt better?

    We have got a summer of World Cup football to enjoy, plus Wenger with some transfers to make and, hopefully they will be exciting ones.

    If not then that’s when I get depressed.

    IG stated that we have been constrained not so much by a lack of money, but by the cost of players spiralling. We now can compete better, but he did state that we are not in the leagues of Chelsea, Man City or Utd, in being able to spend the money they do (and that’s not transfer fees that is mainly wages)

    So a barbecue summer with the World Cup and copious amounts of ice cold cooking lager, means good times and buy shares in Fosters.

  77. Mayank

    lol if we sign Chamakh and Buffon people might forget about the CB. It will be our first sign of intent in the window after Wiltord.

  78. Gunners The Stunners


    25m Euros? We will never pay this kind of price for any player. But we can feel good that every summer over 100 players are linked with us. Most of them are told they will be signing in the next few days and nothing happens in the end… 😀

  79. Matt

    My only concern would be that Juventus conceded a lot of goals this season – 53 compared to Inter’s 34.

    I know he has probably been playing behind a poor defence. Although perhaps thats another reason for him not to come to Arsenal!

  80. gambon


    We will never win the CL until we are willing to accomodate the kind of wages Buffon wants.

    Small club mentality.

  81. gambon


    Does that not worry you?

    We will never pay over 20m for a player, yet all of our rivals have done?!

    Why did we move stadium again?

  82. tomb

    I am relly concerned Cesc is going to leave us this season. I’m thinking yaya + cash may be in plus possibly arteta.

  83. Arsenal Tom

    morning all

    anyone see nasri’s not in the french 30 man squad but diaby is? seems a bit harsh

  84. BB

    I fear that the only way that Buffon will join us would imply a sale of Cesc .. we have to face up to this now..I found Wenger very cagey in his appearances recently .. like he has been stabbed in the back .. I fear the worst .. I have a bad inkling about this .. otherwise, there is no way that we will blow our transfer budget on a keeper .. not in a hundred years

  85. Gunners The Stunners


    Not at all, mate. We don’t need to pay £30m to get players like Berbatov or £20m for a crock like Aquilani. We only need a couple of experienced players to come in and do what some of the weaker links can’t do atm…

  86. gambon


    Pointing to 2 players that havent worked out is a bit silly.

    We need quality players, sometimes they cost money.

    You’re right, we wont ever spend €25m on a player, and that is why we will never have the success that UTD & Chelsea are having since we dismantled the invincibles.

  87. Gunners The Stunners


    Cesc is leaving this summer. I’m not sure but concerned a bit cos I saw on Revista La Liga last night. They had a couple of breaking news,

    1. Barca are putting final touches on David Villa’s deal and he will be announced as Barca player by next Wednesday.

    2. They will offer us £40-£45m for Cesc which is likely to be accepted as the player wants to play for Barca and a deal will be reached shortly after the world cup.

  88. Walking Wounded

    £20 million wouldn’t blow our budget!

    In the AST meeting it was implied that what the press was reporting was roughly what our budget would be, and that is in the region of £40 million

    So Our most important position to replace would take half our budget.

    Two more additions to the squad plus some money from selling some of our players like Eduardo, Denilson, Fabianski etc, and we will bring spend £30 million on two or three more players.

    Doesn’t seem too bad, as long as we can sell the dead wood.

  89. NiXKiX

    Some players do take pay cuts… eg Arshavin took a paycut to join Arsenal. He even offered to pay some of the transfer fee to join Arsenal

  90. B.B.K

    exactly i posted the question last night about cesc,what are we going to do we need alternatives,the mail have got us linked with arteta but i can’t see everton letting that happen.

  91. gambon


    Dont believe everything you read in the papaer, or rumours that are spread on blogs.

    Arshavin didnt take a pay cut, and certainly wouldnthave paid the fee himself.

  92. Grimandi

    Morning Grovers!

    We should be going after quality players not the average premier league players.

    Garry Cahill is not good enough for Arsenal, cant get into the England team and some of you may point out he plays along side SHIT KNIGHT, but he makes far too many mistakes. Instead I would say Hangeland, Naldo or Thiago Silver.

    GK – Joe Hart/Buffon in the top 10 best keepers around. I would also throw craig Gordan into the hat, has been fantastic for sunderland.

    DM – Yaya/Melo strong in tackle, good passing.

    WG – SWP pacey and cheap, can play both flanks.

    ST – Benzema not getting first team footbal, Wenger likes him. He said last year the only striker I wanted has gone to Real Madrid and the fact that wenger was saying he will want to sign real players makes me think he still wants benzema.

  93. Gabzevo

    ALL u dudes who dont care if Wenger signs or not are Dumm asses, the guy has given the last 5 years or so of his carrer to the club, he knew he would not have the cash to spend like all our main rivals but he stayed and KEPT US COMPETITIVE (with a new world class stadium and limited budget for transfers), dont know what you mean in your artichle when say we have to compete for 4 trophies next season.DUDE come on we’ve been competing what do you call Semi’s and Quarters in the last 2 seasons of Chaps league , Arsen still hasen’t fell out of top 4 spot EVER, since managing the club. Most of you doom sayers ( I really doubt you support Arsenal and feel you just write to wined us up) all said we would be finishing out of top 4 this season( selling Ade and Toure and not spending on replacements- well once again we in the top 4), up until 3 weeks ago we were still in title race, i’m not saying our run in the end was not disapoining , it was but only because we came so close . and to have been in the race is an achevement . i have no Doubt we will be challenging again next season- WEATHER WE WIN SOME THING OR NOT I DONT CARE I LOVE THIS CLUB AND WILL DO SO UNTILL THE DAY I DIE. WINNING A TROPHY WILL BE THE BEST THING EVER BUT I WILL NOT LOVE THE CLUB ANY LESS IF WE DONT(or bich and moan about nothing – the day we are out of the top 4 with CL to look forward to will be a reason to moan) . BECAUSE WE STILL PLAY BEAUTIFUL FOOTBAL. and for a Gooner fan to say they dont care about pretty footbal is abit rediculous. No comlaints to the way the Invincibles won the league (oh that was such ugly footy wasnt it) we have been spoiled in Arsen’s tenure , with trophies and good enjoyable footbal, he is still the only non British manager to win the league double, STILL THE ONLY MANAGER TO GO AN ENTIRE SEASON WITHOUT LOSS-something he predicted non the less. ALL i’m saying is he could have left us high and dry to persue Trophies else where BUT he didnt cause he has a vision , AND I WANT TO SEE HIS VISION REALISED. To all you who dont care about pretty footbal and just want trophies – there are plenty teams out there that share your same sentiment(they still end up trophyless) why dont you follow and support them your lives would be less stressfull( no Wenger to bitch about) and you wouldn’t be doinn my head in about the club i love . SO TELL ME HOW THAT WORKS OUT FOR YA