FKB: Fans Know Best / Arsenal make biggest signing of the summer!

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Arsene Wenger eh?

Did you hear him yesterday? You know, saying he was concerned the fans wanted him to spend big. Apparently it’s not about spending big, it’s about quality. Ahhh, quality signings like Silvestre, Almunia and Denilson!

Arsene, it’s time you took yourself up a pseudonym on Le Grove and interacted with us in the comments section. We’ll throw some names your way, honestly, I reckon you could make a massive saving using our scouting network!

It was good to see Gazidis backing the manager as usual. This adds fuel to my theory on Wenger… if he didn’t have the money for the past 3 years, he has used his silence as a power consolidation tool. A bit of a dark theory you might say… well, where is the benefit in his vow of silence? There is none. If anything, lying to the fans has made his job twice as hard because if we’d been made aware of the situation money wise early on, we’d be far more forgiving.

If it comes out that this was the case in his book in ten years time, I won’t regret a single word I’ve said about him. He’s looking out for number one and that’s all that has mattered to him over the past few years. His personal battles should have been with the trophy cabinet, not his ideology versus the fans…

I’m dismayed that we’re being spun the same press script as last year already. What does sufficient funds mean? Why do we constantly have to be told that the money will be spent wisely… like we’re 8 year olds who’ve just had a birthday windfall? Who was asking for money to be spent on bad players with poor quality anyway? I’ll give you some examples of money spent badly.

  • Almunia, Mannone, Fabianski – New contracts
  • Theo Walcott – Β£60k a week
  • Silvestre – 2 year contract Β£50k per week

Less of the ‘fans don’t know’ rubbish.

Le Grove has called how the season will end 3 seasons straight, where is the credit for that? Instead you’d prefer to tell us and the fans how this season was an over achievement because people predicted worse!

When your child is sitting in prison for armed robbery, do you thank your lucky charms because his teachers said he’d be a murderer?

I’m getting sick and tired of The people who run the club forget we’ve been watching football for 20,30, 40 years… we know a good player and we know a bad one. You don’t have to be a horse to be a jockey. Football is a game we’ve all played. Now whilst we might not have hit the heights of top level football, lets not kid ourselves that’s an intelligence issue.

Telling the world Fabianski is a top class keeper no longer holds the mystique it used to. All it does is clarify the point that you’re losing the plot. Who are you to tell the fans he had a great game against Fulham?Β  We all saw he was diabolical, he’ll have known he played terribly and my guess is that he’ll take no pleasure from the last few games. He should have been pulled from the firing line after his first clanger.

Wenger’s art in years gone by was to take an amazing raw talent and turn it into something world class. He tried to take that technique into the average player band. He made Song average after 4 years, shame he failed with Diaby, Denilson and Almunia. His belief in his own convictions is killing the fans passion for the team and that’s a rocky road to disaster.

Will Gazidis man up and share his true thoughts with Wenger or is he a fully paid up member of the dwindling club of AKB?

Apparently Wenger will have his new signing wrapped up early in the transfer window. Wenger likes to do that to bed the players in… and to make sure the Emirates cup sells out. Gazidis should consult the last 4 years and see how many times he’s taken transfers into the last day. Yet another example of the de-fanification of Arsenal. We’re now customers, set demographics, walking wallets… corporatism has infected the blood stream of our club and it’s only going to get worse. seems to be more about tricking us into spending more money than being an infomation portal for the fans.

It was disappointing to hear that the down grading of the two cup competitions was here to stay. Apparently Gazidis said (at the AST meeting)we still had to prioritise competitions. For me, that’s not on. If we’re only playing for 2 competitions, season ticket prices should reflect that… and hey, maybe player wages!

Still, the best news of the AST meeting was that Arsenal have finally taken some advice from Le Grove and sought professional help on the injury front. They’ve got a company in who use GPS player tracking which helps the club manage players fitness with supreme accuracy. I have a friend who works as a physio at a London Rugby club and he said all the ruggers teams use the tech and it’s pretty special. I think Fulham use something similar and their record of player fitness shames ours. I’ll do some digging over the next few days and see what I can find out. Regardless of what happens this summer, that is a major step in the right direction. If we can keep a squad fit, that’d be the equivalent of 6 new players! Wenger will be pleased…!

As for the Arsenalisation stuff… couldn’t give two hoots. What good is a bunch of Arsenal posters in a stadium where you can’t stand up and sing?

Focus a bit more energy into bolstering the playing staff and filling that dusty trophy cabinet! That’d make us feel more at home!

P.S. Before we go, I had to partake in Charity walk for a friend’s company. Turned out it wasn’t a walk, it was an 18 mile trek up 10 peaks. Now, after some stern words with my friends company, it turns out the Charity don’t pay you to do this sort of thing… they actually expect you to get sponsorship. Whoops…

Anyway, if you’re feeling generous, stick a few quid on this page, I’ll be forever indebted!

Tony Adams, you’re excluded. I wouldn’t want to take money from a man so desperate he has to coach at Gabala FC in Azerbaijan.

Bad time Tony, bad times…

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UPDATE: Gazidis said the staff read the blogs… we told you that a while back. Normal corporate companies would have to pay hundreds of thousands to get the type of market research Arsenal can get for free.

Your voice on the internet is heard… that’s nice to know.

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  1. Pat

    when I watched United in the CL final I thought it was Men against babies. Wonder if Evra saw it that way too?

    Personally, I thought we played much better against Barca(apart from THAT 20 minute spell in the 180 minutes as a whole) than United did in the final

  2. ethangunner

    Chamakh needs aerial balls to score.Who the fuck is going to give him crosses?

    THEO ..

    he supplied 2 last game .. and is looking far better .
    if he wasnt injured for so long this season he would have come good , im sure ..

    yes he’s young and raw but he can make shit happen !

    and in a static crab team like this ! i say keep him
    at least he unsettles defenses .

  3. ethangunner

    jag ,

    im not on the same page as you , recruitment wise .. im sure the board is 100% to blame for this NO SPENDING POLICY

    but i do agree wengers faith in the marmites as against recognizing quality like vela – jack and ramsey in favor of song – denilson and diaby ..

    wenger has lost touch with reality ! 100% agreed .
    i think if he is given some money to spend he will do it ..

    but the question remains will he persist with fab2
    munia and the marites next season ?!

    if he is… he is a fuck wit , and he is dooming us to another fruitless season .

    he needs to address the fucking obvious ..
    even thou to half of you its not obvious πŸ™‚

  4. americangunner

    any of you seen diego lugano. He is uruguyan captain and plays for fenehrbahce. I think he is a great defender who can play across the backline, and also score goals. I would sign him up for arsenal in a heartbeat.

  5. ethangunner

    yes and you need to recruit natural leadership ,

    good call

    TV will be our new captain , or RVP if he stays ..stays fit πŸ™‚

  6. zeus

    Maradona you MUG!

    I can’t believe that squad. No Cambiasso, Zanetti, or Banega. Outside of Veron there is not one playmaker in this team.

    Goalkeepers –
    Mariano Andujar
    Catania (ITA)
    Sergio Romero
    AZ Alkmaar (NED)
    Diego Pozo
    Defenders –
    Nicolas Burdisso
    Roma (ITA)
    Marin Demichelis
    Bayern Munich (GER)
    Juan Manuel Insuarralde
    Newell’s Old Boys
    Gabriel Heinze
    Marseille (FRA)
    Nicolas Otamendi
    Velez Sarsfield
    Clemente Rodriguez
    Walter Samuel
    Inter (ITA)
    Ariel Garce
    Fabricio Coloccini
    Newcastle United (ENG)
    Midfielders –
    Mario Bolatti
    Fiorentina (ITA)
    Sebastian Blanco
    Jesus Datolo
    Olympicacos (GRE)
    Angel Di Maria
    Benfica (POR)
    Jonas Gutierrez
    Newcastle United (ENG)
    Javier Mascherano
    Liverpool (ENG)
    Javier Pastore
    Palermo (ITA)
    Juan Sebastian Veron
    Juan Mercier Argentinos Juniors
    Maxi Rodriguez
    Liverpool (ENG)
    Jose Ernesto Sosa Estudiantes

    Lionel Messi
    Barcelona (ESP)
    Martin Palermo Boca Juniors
    Gonzalo Higuain Real Madrid (ESP)
    Sergio Aguero
    Atletico Madrid (ESP)
    Ezequiel Lavezzi
    Napoli (ITA)
    Carlos Tevez
    Manchester City (ENG)
    Diego Milito
    Inter (ITA)

  7. ethangunner

    i think wenger knows his transfer cap ..

    eg. like alonso .. wenger values him at 15 .. bids at 12 .. hoping for liverpool to counter with 15 …

    they counter at 20 and wenger is out of the hunt …

    a quality player lost ..
    to another team willing to pay more ….

    i dont think wenger fails to recognize quality , he just cant afford it ..

    and thats due to the board prioritizing repayments over club spending ..

  8. americangunner

    RE: zeus
    Zannetti was told he will be “carrying the guide on” in 2006 world cup. But he was left out! And now again!
    I really feel sorry for this guy. IMHO he is one of the best defenders in Europe right now! The right back spot in Argentina team should be locked. No wonder why Maradona is a shit coach.!

  9. zeus


    Actually in ’06 Pekerman told Zanetti he would not go long before the WC started because he (Zanetti) had a problem with Juan Pablo Sorin. As captian, Sorin would well liked by Pekerman, so it was no to Zanetti then, plus Pekerman said he was a bad influence.

    Mario Bolatti I like but he is clearly not as accomplished a DM as Cambiasso.

    And sorry but Milito is not going when Maradona cuts the squad to 23.

  10. zeus

    I cannot tell the last time I’ve seen a flat back line. If the friendly V germany a few months ago is anything to go by, Maradona will be using four CBs across the backline.

    Otemandi-Samuel-Dimicheles-Heinze. Heinze is so Senderos.

  11. americangunner

    Re: zeus
    i might be mistaken, i took that quote from an interview of Zanetti i think i saw on uefa. He was talking about his world cup dreams etc. I might be mistaken though as i can’t think right cuz i am really pissed rite now that i won’t be seeing an excellent player. that guy deserves better πŸ™

  12. luke

    So were not spending because our wages are too high…what the hell is walcott doing on 60 K and Sylvestre on 50. I have to say, Arsh is probably a waste of wages as well. Hopefully players like Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Almunia, Eduardo, Vela etc (squad players at best) are not on high wages.

  13. luke

    Gazidis is a bit shocking. “Paying players for potential rather than achievements”. What the fuck…

  14. Rohan

    How the fuck did the likes of Zanetti and Cambiasso not make it? They have been part of the best team in Europe this term.Maradona really is a fucking cunt of the highest order.

  15. luke

    anyone have any idea as to how we are going to incorporate both Chamakh and RVP into the starting eleven. Seems to me both of them must play centrally and are wasted on the wing. Will chamakh even start?

  16. Meneurdejeu10

    We wont be sad if:

    New GK

    New CB to partner TV5

    20million+Toure+Bojan for Cesc

    ByeBye Gallas,Silvestre,Denilson,Senderos,Almunia,Eduardo,

    RB Sagna,Eboue
    CB TV5,CB,Sol,JD,Bartley
    LB Clichy,Gibbs
    DM Toure,Eastmond
    DM Song,Capoue
    CM Nasri,Ramsey,Rosicky
    #10 Arshavin,Rosicky,Wilshere
    CF RVP,Bojan
    CF Chamakh,Bendtner,Walcott

    I will be happy with a 4-4-2 with 2 DM in front of the back 4. Arshavin and Nasri can tuck in and float around with the full backs having full license to get forward with 2 defensive midfielders.

    We will compete with this team.


  17. bnsb

    Arsenal and Juventus have all but reached agreement on Gianluigi Buffon according to Italian daily Tuttosport. The goalkeeping legend, 32 but still in his prime as far as shotstopping is concerned, has been linked with a move to the Premier League for several weeks, and it now appears certain that the Emirates is the destination for the player who has won 100 caps for Italy.
    Tuttosport says Arsenal are set to seal the deal any time now for €25m and end Buffon’s nine-year stint in Turin. The agreement means that Lukasz ‘the Fumbler’ Fabianski is unlikely to appear again in an Arsenal shirt, happy news for the thousands of Arsenal fans still in therapy as a result of Fabianski’s antics this season.

    Read more:,sport,football,transfer-talk-arsenal-swoops-for-gianluigi-buffon-and-mikel-arteta-?#ixzz0nh1Fbn73

  18. Rohan

    If we get Buffon, it’ll be absolutely cosmic. imo, the biggest signing in our history in terms of the name itself?? FFS, it’s Buffon!!!!
    Having siad that, I highly doubt it..There might be some truth in it though given that it doesn’t seem to die down.

  19. Meneurdejeu10

    I luv u bnsb

    Buffon is the world class keeper.

    Buffon, Chamakh, one CB, and one or 2DM

    Denilson,Silvestre,Gallas,Senderos,Eduardo, Vela, Almunia out and Wenger is on the path to stardom again

    Fabianksi will not be sold

  20. Rohan

    If we get Chiellini and Buffon for Sagna plus 20 million, I’ll be one happy gooner. Get Van der Wiel in and we’re sorted…. For good measure add Hazard…

    Oh and a shout to SharkeySure who was on here earlier..long time.

  21. Meneurdejeu10


    I am assuming Fabregas is leaving for Barcelona.

    Fabregas for Toure and Bojan Krkic and 20million

    then Vela can go.

    Bojan Krkic is gonna be an epic player.

  22. Meneurdejeu10


    Bojan Krkic has Ballon D’Or type talent.

    We need to get him before Barcelona realize they’re making a mistake.

    Ibrahmovic prolly leaving to Man City bcuz they cant get Torres. Barcelona get David Villa.

    So I hope they dont give Bojan to Valencia.

    We need to get him

  23. Rohan

    Is Bojan Krkic really that good?? From what I’ve seen, he’s good, OK but not Ballon D’Or material imo.

  24. NiXKiX

    Formation for next season

    ——— New GK————
    sagna– New CB— TV5— Clichy
    —— Fab4—– Diaby/New CM—
    —-RvP———- Arshavin

    Pretty good dont’ u think…
    If only they can stay fit for the whole season

  25. MickyDidIt89

    Morning all.
    Sag Verm/Sol Hangerland/Djour Clichy/Gibbs
    Hazard Song/Rambo Cesc/Nas Milner/Cole
    Theo/Cham AA/RVP

  26. NiXKiX

    @ rob
    I wish for the same my friend.. but i don’t expect wenger to get rid of him…. he will not get 3 new players in the first team. I hope and wish but dont expect… So i wont be disappointed.. πŸ™‚

    Kinda like a first date huh? πŸ˜‰

  27. Morse

    Diaby has flashes of brilliance but then slopes around doing feck all for the rest of the game, he’s so frustrating I sometimes want to slap him

  28. Morse

    How the fuck can Nasri not get in the French squad? I know he’s been pretty shit this season but the french side is crap and Nasri has buckets of potential

  29. NiXKiX

    The frech team wll progress only when the mangaer is kicked out.. He’s probably the worst in the world right now

  30. gambon


    Probably cos potential means fuck all, and Nasri doesnt deliver.

    It may also be cos he’s a fat ponce.

  31. NiXKiX


    It doesn’t matter… I’ll tell you the time table…

    Chamakh 1st week of transfer window….

    2nd week- last week…. 1000 link ups… Zero signings..

    Last day Wenger quote ” Team has grt mental strength, has grown.. Having Injured players back is like 3 new signings…

    End of next season… Win Fuck all…

    same as the last 5

  32. Morse

    gambon, It did make me laugh when some idiots from a certain other site were saying that Nasri could easily cover for Fabregas, some people are truly deluded and its slowly killing our club

  33. Rohan

    FFS, can any of ye take any joy out of supporting Arsenal. All everyone seems to do one here is complain.

  34. gambon

    Yeah good point Rohan, theres nothing to complain about, all the trophies we’re winning, the vast improvement of the squad, world class players like Denilson, Eboue, Diaby…..

  35. Morse

    Rohan, I’m not complaining I’m talking about football like I see it, whats wrong with that? Fans have discussed the problems with there teams since football began, its only this new breed of wengerites who think you have to be up the managers arse no matter what happens, even when the whole footballing world can see what the problem is

  36. charliegeorge


    Not lately, mate.

    A certain pontificator has sucked all the joy out of just that – “supporting Arsenal.”

    The sooner he decamps, the better!

  37. Morse

    Rohan is one of these wenger supporters, If wenger went to Real Madrid – Rohan would support Real Madrid

  38. gambon

    Well said Morse

    A team will never get any better if you arent critical of its weakness.

    If our manager had been such a soft touch 5 years ago we would now have Pennant, Bentley, Quincy, Sidwell, Svard etc in our team and we would be 14th in the league.

  39. Pedro

    Rohan, try your hand at ACLF for a few weeks, you’ll soon get bored of arguing how amazing Almunia is.

    … and here’s an idea, why not say something positive yourself if you don’t like the way the thread is going?

  40. rob green

    Rohan 08:50 – what do you expect no trophy in 5 years, Wenger making the same mistakes as he has for the last 4 years. He constant ball sh1t that comes out of his moth. The club keep saying they have money but he refuses to spend it. We have the most expensive season tickets!! Do you go arsenal?

  41. ethangunner

    there is no chance vela will go !

    3 years on loan … then 2 years in the wings …
    dont think wenger will throw it all away because wenger by his own hand restricted the amount of games he had ..

    i will be pissed however if he throws in vela or jack to sweeten a deal !

  42. Morse

    gambon, wenger has definitely changed alot. The invincibles would kick other teams back twice as hard, now our teams just whinge about it. It doesnt take a genius to work out that football is a physical game, especially seeing as wengers greatest team was very physical. Its so frustrating

  43. ethangunner

    vela oozes class , just wenger never gives him a decent enough run to get his eye in !

    how many shit games did song play prior to becoming AVERAGE AT BEST ?!

  44. ethangunner

    well i dont think vela will go anyhow .. unless he wants too…

    then wenger of course will let him leave !
    as he always does πŸ™‚

  45. kochen

    I think Milito really has become an amazing forward this season, it is just incredible how he is able to control the ball with a lot of defenders arround him. Another part of his success is Snyder, they play together really well.