Theo has written an autobiography…

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Morning all!

Apologies for the post delay, I wrote one, then clicked back this morning and it was gone! A bit like Gordon Brown’s Labour seats! Sorry, that was a low blow, I just had a lot of fun this morning chuckling to myself about Jacqui Smith losing her seat. Possibly the most vulgar woman in Government. Well played to the people of Redditch!

Onto football, I don’t have much news on the transfer front. There are strong rumours about the move of hot-shot Edin Dzeko. I like the look of him and he seems like a Wenger type signing, however, with the arrival of Chamakh imminent it’s hard to see where an older version of Bendtner would fit into the squad… especially at £35million!

I spend a lot of time in the car for work and yesterday I had the pleasure of catching a 20minute Talk Sport interview with our very own Theo Walcott.

Basically he’s written some kids books in the build up to the world cup. Great idea I thought to myself. Very creative for a person of the football persuasion. The interview went on and more information was divulged.

The book is about a kid called TJ, Theo’s nickname as a kid. TJ is an aspiring footballer. TJ comes out of goal in his first match and scores a hattrick in his first ever game of football. TJ shares the same friends as Theo when he was a kid. TJ goes onto play for England in an important game and wins it for his country.

Hold on? Has Theo written an autobiography here?! The interview went on and Mike Parry joked they could he could take the story to the big screen, Theo thought about the question and said he’d definitely look into the possibility! Hilarious stuff, you have to love how up themselves footballers are!

What was interesting was Theo’s take on the season. He reckoned it disappointing and the age thing couldn’t be taken into consideration anymore as it was a tired excuse. You could tell he was itching to say we need recruits but he stopped short of saying that!

For me, Theo is in the wrong team. He should be playing for a club like Villa. I don’t think he has the same natural skill that our previous greats had. Maybe he could develop his game in a similar fashion to Freddie Ljungberg? Well timed runs and bundles of goals? I’m not sure… all I know is he needs to knock it up another gear next year or it’ll be time to start looking for a new club.

Sunday is the last game of the season, a traditional p*ss up outside the Arsenal Tavern is in the offing and you are all more than welcome to join us! The Arsenal Tavern is on the Blackstock road or out the station, turn left and follow the road to the end and it’ll be in front of you!

Come down, enjoy the sun, drink Peroni!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Stu

    His transfer fee sure David but the wages he would want would cost a lot. Its rumoured he wants 6figures.

  2. Rohan

    He ain’t cheap, David.
    So who thinks Chamakh will start ahead of Bendy next season? I’m not so sure..Bendy this season since he came back has been top class.
    I already know your response David so you needn’t bother.

  3. Rohan

    So who are y’all supporting in the World Cup. As always, I’ll be supporting the Dutch who along with Germany, Argentina and wait for it France will make it to the semis. Mark my words.
    Spain’s injury problems will hurt them. Brazil don’t excite me enough..Denmark could be a surpirse package though…England imo lack something, they fail to excite me..I have this funny feeling about France though, you never know with them, on their day they could do any team….

  4. Stu

    I agree though Rohan, Bendtner has been top class this season. Should be given no 9 when Eduardo leaves…just like he wanted last summer.

  5. zeus


    Of course he starts ahead of Bendy. RVP goes through the middle always, which means Bendy goes wide right.

    Chamakh is used to playing from the right with Bord. and he actually has pace to play out there, which Bendy does not.

  6. Rohan

    He took them to the finals last time..I just have this feeling about them. The Germans will somehow scrape themselves to the semis as always.

  7. Stu

    I doubt i will really support any of the teams because im not really a fan of international football anymore.

    I supported Italy when they won and as im sure everyone else did, i supported Spain when they won the Euros. So i think its quite obvious that whoever i support wins the thing (internationally of course 🙁 )

    I definately wont be supporting England anyway…thats for sure.

  8. Rohan

    To be fair, if I were English, make no mistake I’d want them to win but to see those cunts like Terry, Cole Ferdinand and Rooney glorified as god’s second coming in the British media for the next 10 years would sicken me.

  9. Stu

    I want england to win their group matches convincingly and then get thrashed by someone. Humiliated in fact so everyone will realise that England just arent good enough.

  10. B.B.K

    because i can’t stand that team of cunts playing for england.why would i support i bunch of cunts i hate week in week out just because they represent the country i am born in,nah fuck that.

  11. Stu

    I hope Theo doesnt get pick. But i hope none of our players get picked…except the ones we want to sell.

  12. zeus


    Lol. England has a top manager this time round. Why in the world would say u want them to drop out and at the group stages at that.

  13. zeus

    England could have a good team in the next 10 years though or less. Wilshere, Afobe, Rodwell, Hart, JET….

    Some very good names coming through.

  14. zeus


    Very true. For all the talent the English team possess, its astonishing how far behind they lag behind the South American and the top European countries in terms of actual technique.

    Bravado they have in abundance, but actual technique is in some need.

  15. CedarBayDave

    I am an American, but I can’t even comprehend not pulling for my country with every ounce of my being during the World Cup, no matter what the odds are.

  16. B.B.K

    c.b.d that’s because the players in the usa are not all cunts like the ones in the england team.

  17. 78692

    PAL Semi-final- Man Utd 1 Arsenal 1 (a.e.t.) Arsenal win 5-3 on pens






    subs: McDermott, Ozyakup, Meade, Edge.

  18. leon

    i do hope now wenger has the funds he starts to revert to kind of signings when we at highbury i am not realy worried about names because most of wenger top signings have been pretty good particualy when at highbury if he just gets 2-3 top signings that realy help the squad, but that has to be in addition to replacing players which i feel will leave in gallas silvest merida fabianki or almunia, and maybe vela

  19. zeus

    On the England debate, wasn’t that the cause of the problem with the Spanish team pre Euro 2008 but on the player level.

    The English guys at least like each other with the exception of JT and Bridge.

  20. David

    CedarBayDave Says:
    May 7, 2010 at 19:40
    I am an American, but I can’t even comprehend not pulling for my country with every ounce of my being during the World Cup, no matter what the odds are.


    Im an American…and I’d rather route for England because of Arsenal.

    Does that make me a traitor? 🙁

  21. zeus


    That doesn’t make any sense. There are no Englishmen at Arsenal. And Walcott is only going to South Africa on vacation.

  22. incesc

    are you lot still actually interested in football after the last few weeks?

    spurs to get 3rd on sunday.

    worst season ever!

  23. el tel

    Funniest thing I have ever heard was the Shammers fans at the home of football in the past couple of seasons singing “Engerland Engerland Engerland”.

    How many of these twats live in Eastham or anywhere close to the shit hole. I don’t see too many English people around.

    When Teves was with them they followed thier Engerland rap bollocks with “Theres only one Carlos Teves”

    I won’t support England at the World Cup or in any football tournament, not because I am a traitor but I hate almost every single cunt who plays for them, not because they don’t play for The Arsenal either. The fact is they are just total cunts the whole fucking lot of em.

    Holland for me followed by Brazil/Spain. Pure Football.

  24. SUGA3


    fuck me, being confident that we get a draw against Fulham reserves is a sad state of affairs, as we should be pissing all over them…

    then again, we should be pissing all over fucking Wigan and B’burn…

  25. zeus


    I know. But just supporting a NT because the club you support is from that country when there is no one from that country in that club side is ridiculous.

    Indeed. A sad state of affairs.

  26. TheGooner

    “Signings have to be top, top class”

    Yeh, like that Lightbulb head cunt Silvestre.

    FUCK this.

  27. Confidentgoner

    I expect england to reach the qtrs. They are pretty strong on their day and the Capello effect.

    However, the 2010 WC winner is


  28. zeus

    Brazil my ass. You take Kaka out of the side and you have a pretty average Brazilian attacking team.

    Good defensively yes, but mark Kaka out of the game and your good to go.Brazil go out at the 1/4s again.

  29. Confidentgoner


    Kaka in Brazil colours is a different Animal. Am happy you noticed that the coach has improved their defensive game which previous Brazillian teams lacked. Now they defend well and can also outscore any team. Wish AW could learn from him!

  30. Thierry Henry is god

    Almunia is off as a Bosman this summer, if he gets a contract extension then I’m gonna become a Milwall fan.

  31. zeus


    Thats just a big misconception. Brazilian teams have ALWAYS been defensively sound. Just go back as far as you like and you see that they concede avery few goals.

    (Though, with only 7 games in the tournament to the final, you can’t concede very many goals)

    But going back to when they won in 2002, Scolari was criticized strongly for his pragmatic approach in which he set up his team. They were defensively strong then.

    In fact, Brazil have been strong defensively since they were destroyed by Cruyff and co. and since hence have abandoned attacking football such as shown by Spain now and Argentina at the last WC to the pragmatism that we have seen over the last 10-20 years.

  32. Thierry Henry is god

    Bosman = Contract at an end.

    Contract at an end = You don’t have any obligations left as a club.

  33. Thierry Henry is god


    Pires is 36 and not really the player he was. He will always remain an Arsenal legend, but I don’t really think it would do him any good to come back as a player.

  34. Stu

    I shouldnt even claim credit for that because i didnt post that joke. Friend of mine stole my laptop. Liverpoo fan who wants Gerrard sold?? 😯

    Him from now on.

  35. Stu

    Because I think he is shit. Vermaelen has as many goals as him. Injury prone. Nearing end of career. I bet he will be brilliant for england in the world cup after a disgraceful season for us. Commentators think he can do no wrong. PS: Lucas is BRILLIANT!

  36. SUGA3


    having just studied the transfermarkt website, I am finding it astonishing that Denilson’s value has gone UP!

    un-fucking-believable, or maybe just spin ahead of transfer window 😉

  37. Stu

    Why do you think that. Guarentee you if you watch any of our matches he is better then mascherano or scumbag gerrard. Our fans are stupid, they think skittle is good even though silvestre is better. Lucas is the equivilent to yer best player who is way underrated…….. Song!

  38. gambon

    I think wenger runs the transfermarket site SUGA

    Trying to give the marmite brigade some confidence.

    I dont think any team would pay more than £18.50 for FlappyHandSki

  39. SUGA3

    Silvestre better than Skrtel? how about a straight swap then?

    go on, grab a bargain, U don’t have to pay anything extra 😆

  40. SUGA3

    what is frustrating, Fabianski has not improved one bit since he came here – same shit decision making, same physical and mental weakness…

  41. Stu

    Gladly, although wenger would probably make him brilliant. Fabianski should be given a chance btw. In the 4-4 last season he was like yer best player. If he was given regular football he would improve. Although ye defo need a new no.1 a crazy german preferably… at least ye are challenging for the title with no keeper or defence and not showing up against yer title rivals, thats fairly good in fairness

  42. SUGA3

    mate, I am Polish and when I say Fabianski is pants, then I know what I am talking about – I really want him to do well, just somewhere else…

    with him in goal, there is no top 6, let alone top 4 ffs…

  43. Stu

    Look at all no.2 keepers, kuszack foster cudicini cavilieri all decent but dodgey because of their lack of first team action. Look at hart, last season he was like a whore with his legs open all the time getting nutsed conceeding goals. But this season he has flourished with first team football. And he and fab are similar ages so ye just need to give him a chance, like us with LUCAS!!!!!!!

  44. Stu

    Me Again:
    Suga, he’s fucking mental aint he. Cant believe he rates Fabianski, especially after this season. As for Lucas, i happen to agree with him Lucas is underrated by most and its his reputation thats holding him back. IMO he has been one of their best this season.

    Anyway, im off to bed. Night.

  45. TheGooner

    “We have enough pride to finish the season well”

    We’ve finished the season is disgraceful fashion. No pride at all shown from the players.


  46. ethangunner

    suga what a whacked out thing to say ..

    im english and want theo to do well be he aint ..
    and under wenger might never be ….

    he currently isn’t good enough

    in fact there are several players who are not good enough ..

    and wenger needs to toss the bad apples or be doomed to make the same mistakes …

    and as for belief , if they proved wenger right we would have won something ..

    until the team mentality changes from CAN’T-DO to CAN – DO , we will always be left wanting at the critical stages …

  47. ethangunner

    and stop playing fab2 to show us you dont need to sign a GK next season …

    id rather he played vito ! at least i can watch him play to understand why wenger gave him a new 3 year deal , yet wont play him in any other position than 3rd choice .

  48. bnsb

    Good morning!

    Shawn Wright Philips?

    At least that would prompt the daddy to write something nice about us!

  49. Moray

    bnsb, India is the way forward for the UK, and specifically leveraging the historical, cultural and linguistic connections. I do a lot of business with India out here and they are a huge country on the up. Britain needs to get real and realise it desperately needs to do something to avoid an economic collapse, and increased trade with, and tourism from, India is a first step in that direction. Especially after Cameron’s stupid nuclear comments about China.

    Arsenal could do worse than promoting themselves in the subcontinent too, however our pre-season will be limited again to playing third division teams and the Emirates Cup against ageing opposition. And – as well as that – Sabeel has fucked off. Wouldn’t be surprised if he moved over to Chelse blogs instead ha ha.

    “I think we have been in the race this year with the team we had. We will be stronger next year just with the internal improvement and with the experience these players will have.
    “The additions will be minimal but if there are some they have to be really top class.”