The BBC, Sky Sports and the spuds all say qualifying will earn them £50 million.

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A protest on Sunday? It's your call!

So add that to the £30 million we get from the EPL and that means that we earn £80 million before we kick a ball, and that every season. Hmmmmm. Gazidas said we don’t need ECL qualification to survive so presumably the £50million is all bunce? Or did I read that wrong, what Ivan said?

First of all, though it kills me to say it, I have to congratulate the spuds and their manager Harry halfwit, on their performance last night.

They needed to go up north and beat the ‘new chavs on the block’ at their gaff, and did so with ease, a team made up of Arsenal reject David Bentley and one that got away, Wilson Palacios, plus a whole host of ex Pompey players and the Southampton player we didn’t get, that is actually worth his transfer fee, Gareth Bale.

The big difference between their team and ours, is they know how to fight, Harry tells Bentley and Gomes to find another team as they aren’t good enough, and they step up a gear, our manager tells our hapless players it wasn’t their fault as they are young and the other teams are beastly and look what happens.

Ok that’s the spud bit over, but watch it Arsene, they can still finish above us, at that point I would just give up, I have on here been warning you all season, beware the chasing pack and always play your best team.

So we’ll now have to suffer watching Harry spend £60 or £70 million in the transfer market whilst we bring in a free transfer and maybe one other from the French second division and persevere with this team as it’s very young and has great mental spirit, Arsene if you were watching last night, you would have seen a team with great mental spirit and it wasn’t us.

Anyway onto the positive bit, Kolo Toure and Adebayor left us for silverware, ha, ha, you pair of muppets, enjoy the Europa league next season! Oh and that’s if you’re not both replaced by decent footballers, it was great at the end to see the hapless Adebayor keep getting himself offside again, happy days!

We asked you yesterday for ideas that we could use as a protest, a protest for not spending our money, one of our lady Grovers, Queen of Suburbia, suggested a mock £20 note with Arsene’s head on it, something you could print off and leave at the stadium. Nice idea but, I’m not allowed in law to mimic our currency and I can’t suggest you distribute anything at The Grove as that’s also against the law. The litter law.

What I have done though is a funny money note which tells the boss that it’s actually our money and not his and would he please spend some of it, so double click on it, print it off and put on your wall at home as a souvenir. Or you may want to share it with your friends if you go to the game.

Pedro sent me a link where Arsene mentioned his pay was linked to how much money the club makes, and that my friends is why there is a massive conflict of interest between buying the players we need and the managers salary, it’s simply wrong. Find it here.

Finally when the manager tells us he doesn’t need many signings this summer, he’s wrong, we need to get rid of the dross and sign some big lumps that know how to fight to win a game, and not keep playing rubbish keepers and gutless players who are only interested in their next extended contract, which is pointless as he lets them go when they want to.


The Arsenal board reward people that make them money, they also reward people that win them nothing, the manager walks into yet another improved contract extension for winning nothing, Arsene, have you no pride? The players get extended contracts for winning nothing and watching them play recently shows they have no pride, so I have to wonder why on earth the board run a football club, because ripping off the fans seems to be their only goal.

The goal of a football club is to win things, of course it should be run well, but all we do is make money, we’ve forgotten the other bit.

This is my last whinge Grovers, tomorrow Pedro’s back and we start the countdown, I’m going to the Fulham game to have fun, whatever happens I’ll always support the Arsenal, regardless of what this board and it manager are doing to it, it can’t last for ever can it!

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  1. Duke

    chippy, Le Grove or the UK?

    Just to remind you – if you vote after 10pm your vote will not count but you may still be charged.

  2. chippy

    Duke, Your on fire this morning 🙂

    Nah just joking how could i leave these pleasant green lands besides havent got any sun tan oil !!

  3. John A

    Yeah yeah yeah Pedders. Probably up all night watching the election and u forgot to write it. 😉

  4. Duke

    Morning Pedro 😀

    I love how everyone said they were going to vote Lib Dem and didn’t. Nick who?

  5. Duke

    ******BREAKING NEWS*********

    The votes have been counted and Robert Mugabe has declared himself the new Prime Minister

  6. Duke

    If your polling booth is in a school, have a good look round.

    If the Tories win tonight, it’ll all be luxury flats this time tomorrow.

  7. Duke

    bsnb, not funny, could actually fucking happen. The Tories were right, if you vote Clegg, you vote Labour.
    I still blame Scotland.

  8. bnsb

    Duke, yes, read somewhere that under your parliamentary convention the incumbent PM has first option of forming Government in case of Hung Parliament (not hang)

  9. Duke

    bsnb, that is right, but Clegg said he will work with the party with the most seats and he won’t work with Brown.

    Can’t see a Tory and Lib Dem coalition though. Clegg wants Brown out though. But Lib Dems and Labour coalition still doesn’t take the majority seats.

    Pretty much everyone is fucked.

  10. John A

    Pretty much everyone is fucked.

    Just like The Arse then Duke.

  11. Duke

    bnsb, those are pretty much shite parties…Tories might get another 10 seats, but that won’t make them the majority. The rest of the “Others” are stupid parties who won’t go into coalition because the leading parties won’t be able to give them what they want. Like the Green Party.

  12. CEL

    Some good copy from LG regarding the funding (or lack of it)via the board and AW. A nearby season ticket holder wonders if AW recieves a bonus if he spends below the Boards meagre budget target. Surely just a figment ?

    On another disturbing note. I noticed that Arsenal have 13 squad players on the injured list.

    There has to be a major enquiry as to how this is constantly happening. The “normal”level appears to be around 7 players per week.

    If we had a strong football orientated Board member,
    I feel sure that this issue would have been addressed by now. This injury crisis has been blighting the team for two seasons now.

    Broken bones excepted, many of these injuries appear to be the soft tissue type. Is this the product of overtraining or perhaps diet. I cannot recall in recent times, when Arsenal have had a big game and all the players were fit to play.

    Could someone supply how many games played by individual players during the invincible season.

    I can remember Tony Adams playing with a bad head wound (bandaged)against Ipswich (FA cup) some years ago, and scoring a headed goal.
    Although thinking about, Tony probably had lots of bad head days during his great career.

    Wenger has to be stronger here. Is it to much to ask these present players to get up of the cosy treatment table, their thoughts on the world cup,
    and concentrate on the last three points ahead.