Loic Remy wants to join Arsenal, Fabianski needs more games and tonight we could cement 3rd.

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So the latest player to be linked with the Arsenal is 23 year old French starlet Loic Remy but do we want him? I don’t know a lot about him, but do we really need another French hopeful? I would sooner see us go after a out and out goalscorer. I know little about him, save he’s scored 13 goals in a poor side, but I’m sure Nikki B could get more in that league, if we were going to add a youngster to our forward line I would sooner have the Italian Inter player, at least he is tall.

Yes I know he’s trouble, but so is Arshavin.

Now Sol Campbell has joined his manager saying that Fabianski needs more games, there’s a surprise, Campbell wants a new contract and he happens to be agreeing with his manager. Now I think Sol is terrific, I would keep him, but Fabianski should go out on loan, I want Joe Hart next season.

Tonight the two upstarts play each other, I hate them both and would sooner have Everton or Villa there, but it will be one of them, to see the spuds go above us would hurt, but it may teach the club a lesson, however if I had to choose, it would be a City win or a draw so that we at least finished 3rd, having got just 1 point from the last 12 after us having the easiest run in says we deserve nothing, but I am an Arsenal fan and will take what we can get at the end of the day.

I think the last few games have showed us what we feared, Vela, Diaby and Eboue have to go, Diaby has skill but doesn’t have much else, Vela just isn’t that good and Eboue is in the way of a decent player, at best he’s cover at right back but even Sagna like Clichy can’t cross a ball to save their lives, so maybe we should cash in there as well.

Almunia is shocking and Denilson just isn’t good enough, Gallas is a crock and should be shown the door with Fish head, add to that mob the fringees that will never make it and I think we could bring in £25mil, put that with the £40mil from Ade and Kolo plus the transfer fund of at least £30mil, as that’s what we’ll get from the EPL this season and we would have close on £100mil to spend on ready made players.

There is no excuse this coming season, we clearly need new blood and we can afford it, we paid £130mil off our debt last season which is massive by anyone’s standards, our debt now is next to nothing and if you add in the property sales we have to come, then we have no debt, Arsene you have failed in project youth, learn from your mistakes. Please.

If teams like Blackburn, Stoke and Wigan can turn us over, then their players are at least as good as ours, if it were tactics that beat us, then our manager is clearly crap at tactics, either way there is no excuse next season, either our players are not good enough or our manager is inept, something has to give.


The Fabianski howler was so obvious, why on earth allow yourself to get sandwiched in between 3 big players? Don’t blame fat Sam, thank him for exposing the weakness everyone in football saw apart from Arsene Wenger. If we don’t learn from it then we have nothing to look forward to next term except an awful lot more of the same.

There are some out there that are happy with this season, well they can’t be Arsenal fans can they? They must be Arsene fans. I am planning some kind of demonstration this weekend, I don’t mean a ‘Manager out’ deal, I mean a ‘spend our money please’ one, if you think I’m wrong then tell me, if you think I’m right the give me some ideas. And nothing that will get me banned!

This is our club, this isn’t Monaco or Grampus8, this is the Arsenal. If the Arshavin comments are true, then please don’t sell him, let him spend 6 months in the stiffs, what is the point in continually increasing the players contracts when we allow them to leave when they want? That is naive at best and completely unintelligent at worst, it doesn’t even get manager loyalty, Cesc has a contract until 2014, so in my book he stays until 2014 and if we want to sell him, then do that in 2013, if he starts playing badly, then shove him in the stiffs, screw player power, they earn enough, it’s time to stand up and show them who is boss, MAN UP ARSENE.

If we were winning anything other than the Emirates cup, I could understand the extended contracts and the big wages, but people, we have won zip for 5 years, zip. So why on earth are we doing it and then claiming poverty, it’s shockingly bad management, and that means all of them, from Wenger to Gazidas.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we could be in third spot and tomorrow we go to the polls to vote out this shower of benefit paying, economy ruining half witted puss bags, this is not a political blog, I wouldn’t dream of advising anyone who to vote for, but remember tonight when you are snuggled up in your Arsenal quilt that David Cameron is a Gooner!

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  1. gambon


    We only up our game when it matters?

    What like;

    Utd home and away
    Chelsea home and away
    Stoke (FAC)
    Utd (CL)
    Chelsea (FAC)

    We should be fine because were better than Fulham and they will rest a lot of players.

    The fact remains we are being caught by the teams behind us, and we’re getting no closer to the teams above us.

    Unless Wenger pulls his finger out, we will “do a liverpool”

  2. reVELAtion

    AA23 if you think we’re finishing first with miser wenger in change you’re having a laugh..

    Hard, cold facts are if we don’t spend 20m on a keeper and…

    30m on 2 centre halves, a centre forward (who cost fuck all) and a central midfield enforcer/defensive mid..

    Then with all the other teams strengthening we will be fighting 4th-7th…

    and if you think anything else you’re deluded…

    as soon as the wc starts any arsene drivvel on french tv or any statements regarding players coming should be ignored untill they are holding up the shirt on the main website.

  3. finestcuts

    Dutchman, we’ll beat Fulham. Roy Hodgson will not field any players he needs for the cup final, it’s not worth the risk.

  4. incesc

    “because the players will not want the shame of finishing below Tottenham”

    like how they turned up at white heart lane with an awful performance a couple of weeks ago? Do you really think spurs mean anything to most of these players? Spurs are just another team full of their mates, this arsenal team has no arsenal spirit.

    “because they have one last chance to make the boss believe in them being on the first team”

    They havent put an ounce of effort in for weeks when they were playing for the title, they know their boss will never drop them as if they will try hard on the weekend.

  5. reVELAtion

    drop them for whom? bar what we’ve got you can only bring in academy players or utter shite that shouldn’t even be wearing a replica shirt let alone a legit one 🙄

  6. nigerian gunner

    everything is distrastous for us even if we luckily get the 3rd spot…….i hope for the better though,but am happy adebayor will only play europa leaugue…at least he can sprint the lenght of the field 10 times if he scores against liverpool.ha ha ha

  7. gambon


    No we’re not.

    Not from a points perspective, and lets not forget the teams below us will outspend us.

    We are in real danger right now.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    This one goes out to all those Manchester City fans who may read this blog, & to all their mates who are now collectively, Dead Cities

  9. choy

    Shitty will finish 5th.

    Thats pretty decent.. Next year I think they’ll go for the title.

    They are going to absolutely rampant in the transfer market!

  10. hitman

    Where do you get that from AA23?
    As things stand we are more likely to finish 7th than 1st next season.
    Arsenal business plan is to do just enough to finish 3rd/4th every season and rake in the profits. No point wasting money on marquee players. It relied on fact Spuds and Villa, City etc werent very good and no threat to AFC. things have now changed. The chasing pack have impoved. We have declined (due to having poor players). There is no gap anymore.
    If the board dont spend big we will finish outside top four next year. The lack of spending in the last five years have been a false economy as it means having to overspend this summer. I dont thing wenger will spend big though. Be preared for europa league in years to come.

  11. reggie 57

    How the fuck can a mid table team like the spuds have 3 quality strikers and we have a injury prone forward and nick bendtner as OUR main strikers we dont deserve nothing imo!!!

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    It has been a total failure for shitty. Outlay of £200,000 million plus, they will sack the manager, & still have to spend another £100,000 on locals as the rules say now.

  13. choy

    GG9.. not really.. the target was to get into Europe at the start of the season and finish within the top 7!

  14. gambon

    City have Given, Bridge, Richards, Onhua, Lescott, Ireland, Barry, Bellamy, Johnson, WPhillips

    They have more home growns than us.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    choy thats what they say, but @ the moment the Shitty suga daddys will be pissed off big time. Its a failure.

  16. hitman

    reggie – cos old harry actually made some sensible buys. as opposed to you know who who never bought anyone.

  17. goonermichael

    Gambon we are closer than last season (as the mancs and chavs have less points) I wasn’t making a case for anything good though. In fact you guaranteeing me 3rd or 4th next season has reassured me as I think we could be out of it.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Shitty are just overpriced mercenaries playing for their bank balances. Full strength, no injuries as such coming into the final straight, & blew it, big time.

  19. reVELAtion

    gnarleygeorge9 Says:
    May 5, 2010 at 23:28
    Shitty are just overpriced mercenaries playing for their bank balances. Full strength, no injuries as such coming into the final straight, & blew it, big time.

    Funny that, i thought u was talking about us minus the injuries bit…

  20. reVELAtion

    i fathom to understand still, how rosicky got a 2 year extension, walcott got 60k p/w just because it brings him into line with other england internationals and why denilson, diaby & eduardo got extensions for doing, well, fuck all!

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    Mmmmmmmmm!! Rev when you put it like that (or as I have) you are right 🙂

    But, “spoilt” as well would have made it more Arsenal squad

  22. reVELAtion

    It also amazes me with all the shite at our disposal we have the 3rd highest wage bill in england…

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok, I’m off down to the sunny east coast 😎 Its been bad times of late, but seeing shitty get wiped goes some way to lifting the spiwit

  24. Stu

    Fulop GM. He wasnt even getting in the Sunderland squad. It just goes to show how shite our keepers are when a third choice at Sunderland is better than ours.

  25. Stu

    Ade wouldnt have done anything to help us win anything. Apart from his first few games at shity he has been distingtly average.

  26. paul mc daid

    senior players not being replaced has been very costly for us,i hate the whore,but he could off helped carry the load,kolo could off give us a little spark at different times.i suppose its just that they were not replaced thats got me thinking.

  27. reVELAtion

    A geriatric war veteran with prostetic arms is a better keeper than fabianski… I thought porto, wigan & stoke would take some beating then along came blackburn..

    What made the loss to blakburn even harder to take was that Sam Alladyce said basically ” arsenal’s keeper is shit. He flaps under pressure so we targeted that and it paid off”

    Wenger came out and said their goals w’ere “irregular and he couldn’t understand how they can put 2 men on a keeper etc.”

    Arsene, it’s called tactics you muppet, something you know fuck all about..

    I mean you can’t even make game winning substitutions or change formations when it’s going to shit. (Bringing on van persie when when we went 3-2 down to wigan instead of when we got lazy at 2-0 up, sums u up)..

    All we get is a hissy fit and arm waving, then more rhetoric bullshit about injuries, referees, lacking sharpness, mental focus etc..

    How about you’re just a shite manager.. Good coach for kids.. yes, good manager… NO!

    Asene needs to stop treating this club like a fucking experiment.. Since Vieira left he’s tried to change it with kids to justify the stadium move, then even tried to mug us off with a barca-esque formation thrust on us in pre season…. Why? because fabregas needs protecting in the centre of the park…

    Whatever happenend to crazy? yes, arsene do enlighten us…

  28. Stu

    Well Vermaelen did replace Toure so thats even. Adebayor wasnt replaced but considering we only play 1 CF now rather than 2 when he was here we didnt lose much.

    If you look at statistically (which is al you can really do when a player is at a different club) then Bendtner vs Adebayor is pretty equal. NB: 29games 18(G&A). EA: 34 games 18 G&A

    So really Bendtner has been more productive. Nothing lost at all.

  29. Keyser

    Stu – Basically what you’ve done there is cut your wrist, lean over the side of the boat and let little droplets of your blood drip over into shark infested waters.

  30. Keyser

    If you really care Jimbo, you should take them all hostage at half-time, your demands shall be Wenger’s immediate sacking, 5 guaranteed World Class signings, and a large Papa Johns Pizza.

  31. Stu

    Booing protest before kick off or chanting what people want changing would be far more productive…in terms of getting the message across.

    “Walkout” would be credited to the underground rush after matches.

  32. B.B.K

    now lets see what these cunts are made of,let them have there bit of glory and see if they can back there talk.

  33. reVELAtion

    Stu – Couldn’t agree more.. Whoever came up with the idea off leaving 10 mins before the end obviously have never been to the emirates… It’s half full around the 75 minute mark unless it’s an A/S class game..

  34. reVELAtion

    GM we’ll go into the seasom with a new GK…. It’ll be fabianski taking over the number 1 jersey..

    You’d think all the shite wenger drivvels up about Fabianski he was the second coming of jesus christ in gloves..

  35. B.B.K

    “Bordeaux offered me a contract extension that was virtually impossible to refuse. The financial terms were similar to Arsenal’s.

    “But I’m now thinking about winning new trophies, playing in the Champions League and going all the way in it.
    “I dream about having the European Cup in my personal honours list.
    ha ha you joined the wrong team m8 if you think that.

  36. reVELAtion

    whether or not arshavin said that bullox to the people it doesnt matter..

    All of those articles about slagging off his team mates, telling the manager to buy players, we can’t compete etc can’t all be fabricated…

    I’d expect comments like that from someone who was literally winning us games on his own.. Unfortunatly, Andrey You’ve been shit son.. So shut the fuck up and start putting in some performances…

  37. Stu

    IF we dont get the point against Fulham there will be war. Imagine losing 3rd spot to Spuds on the final day. It would be disasterous. The whole fucking club would get booed at the final whistle.

    Im hoping for a convincing win but again with a fuck up from either the GK or Silvestre because Wenger needs more convincing that any other person alive that Arsenal need new, better players at the back.

  38. reVELAtion

    going to the armoury and asking for a chamackh shirt doesn’t quite drum up the same enthusiasm or pleasure of asking for a villa shirt does it 🙄

    Arsene wenger’s so cheap “insert joke here”

  39. Stu

    Speaking of which…cant wait for the new shirt to be unveiled. Hope its something good. Back to the proper white sleeves. None of this stripes shit!

    In fact, i havent liked our home shirt for quiet a few years now.

  40. reVELAtion

    i’m not having this we’re broke bullox.. We have the most expensive match day, corperate and season tickets in world football..

    When i usually pay those sorts of prices i’m used to cummin! not being let down…

    If i wanted to be let down continously i’d meet “models” off of match.com

  41. reVELAtion

    AA23 – Wenger has brainwashed everyone so much all of a sudden a free transfer like chamackh “might be alright”

    Next it’ll be calls for shawcross and david james 🙄

  42. B.B.K

    aa23 shit like that happens you know,can you imagine it jheez,there first season it the comp they go on and win it s.n.m

  43. B.B.K

    Arsene Wenger is set to make £10million defender Pape Malickou Diakhate the first new signing of his Arsenal revolution.

    The experienced Dinamo Kiev centre-back is the Senegalese vice-captain and a player that the Arsenal boss has tracked for more than two years.

    Wenger has already captured striker Marouane Chamakh from Bordeaux on a free transfer, but the move for Diakhate signals the Frenchman’s intention to finally give in to calls to loosen the purse strings at the Emirates.

    It is also the first step towards strengthening an Arsenal backline whose frailties were ruthlessly exposed in the Champions League by Barcelona and in the Premier League by Spurs, Wigan and Blackburn over the past three weeks.

  44. reVELAtion

    strikes me as odd the shareholders meeting has been pushed back to august….

    why? Because by then we’ll have 3 cheap players that have come in and it’ll all be optimism for the forthcoming season instead of the spanish inquisition…

  45. reVELAtion

    BBK – Who the fuck is that? Some african plying his trade in the ukraine?


  46. reVELAtion

    lol like being the senegalese vice captain means fuck all… If we sign him i’m not watching arsenal until that cunt is sacked

  47. AA23

    you aint wrong, they could fluke a piss easy draw and win it.
    horrible horrible thought.
    Truth is though those cunts wont know whats hit them.

  48. reVELAtion

    almunia is the vice captain of arsenal *cringe*

    That alone should be an instant sacking offense..

    Sitting on the bench for 2 years does not warrant number 1 status or give u the right to be captain of any sort…

    Wnger having 9 captains in 1 season sums him up for me now,,

    The sooner he goes the better…

  49. AA23

    Chamakh might be alright is a fair point.
    He could also be shit obviously but he might bang in 25 goals for us.
    Once he’s in the shirt I’ll give him a fair chance.

  50. B.B.K

    aa23 even tho it is bollocks they have qualified for the comp they still need to get through the qualifying if they do that lets see what they got,they keep running there mouths now lets see if they can back there talk up.

  51. AA23

    its nice how chelsea are linked with Torres, mancs linked with Silva and we are linked with Malickou.
    Makes me feel very confident

  52. SUGA3


    well, it may still be us in the fucking qualifiers – while Spuds will fucking obliterate Burnley, I am not so sure about us getting a result against Fulham – B’burn and Wigan are both inferior teams to them…

  53. Stu

    Diakate is shite! He played against us for Kiev and did nothing to suggest he is a top class defender.

    We need proven quality at the highest level.

  54. Stu

    Also, being african means we will lose him for 2 months every 2nd season. That was a problem with Toure, so i see it being no different with this fucker.

  55. SUGA3


    this will not happen for as long as AW is at the helm…

    last season I knew what we were lacking but I trusted AW to sort this out – not so sure anymore…

  56. B.B.K

    AA23 Says:
    May 6, 2010 at 00:33
    its nice how chelsea are linked with Torres, mancs linked with Silva and we are linked with Malickou.
    Makes me feel very confident lollll

  57. freduardo

    so we need a home draw, i wonder will fulham be resting players on sunday?
    Christ has it come to this….

  58. Stu

    To make things even worse he is on loan at St.Etienne, so he isnt even good enough for Kiev to want to hold onto him.

  59. B.B.K

    i just can’t understand wenger anymore,he really has lost it big time,when you used to listen to him he was someone who you would want to listen to now i can’t stand the bollocks he comes out with.

  60. B.B.K

    fulham play 3 days later in the final even there reserves could beat us with the way things are going.

  61. Don smith

    I watched the blackburn match again and concluded that fabianski has got lots of potentials, he just need to be strong and get more games. Then he’ll be fine. He had a lot of good saves that day.

  62. reVELAtion

    tbh it’s best to just switch off on all things arsenal and reconviene after the world cup..

    Because the shit wenger will come out with on french tv and regarding targets “we’re no closer to signing anyone yet blah blah blah” will drive you mad…

    and these links at current are piss poor

    chamackh’s in but eduardo and vela need to go… Walcott will never be anything other than a 20 minute impact sub neither…

    I can’t believe in 5 years we’ve gone from a major force to a creche holding pen for the big boys in spain…

    And on that note i’m out.. This is going to be like the last 4 summers all over again…

    We’ll be linked with the villa’s, robinho’s, lloris, buffon’s, chiellini’s


    end up with sorenson, diakate, chamakch and old man campbell 🙄

  63. reVELAtion

    lol, sorry but worry whether or not fulham play a full strength team says it all…

    Knowing alot of the AKB who frequent the stadium there’ll be another wenger appreciation march for winning fuck all again too 🙄

  64. Stu

    Dont suppose anyone saw Akinfeevs shocking mistake at the weekend. Was like Lehmann vs Blackburn away when he got dropped for Coco, only right at him and he tried to punch it.

  65. reVELAtion

    i’ll take everything nasty i’ve ever said about wenger if he signs buffon or lloris i really would

  66. B.B.K

    i think your right revelation,after sunday that’s it switch the fuck off,wenger doesn’t seem to worry as much as we do so fuck it…

  67. B.B.K

    lorris nah, i want buffon i have come to that agreement with myself after seeing lorris in the semi’s,buffon is the one unrealistic i know,he’s the only one that can save us.

  68. Marty

    Good on ya Geoff,

    Please do some demostration, SPEND THE MILLIONS banner or something quirky!

    must be done.


  69. AA23

    I’d prefer Buffon over Lloris too.
    Lloris is a good shot stopper but he flaps a bit on corners and crosses.
    We’ve had plenty of that

  70. Mohamed

    Great Post! AW is on a personal mission and not an Arsenal one. There is talk of extending his contract, and that is just suicide for Arsenal’s future. He has had his time and it is time for CHANGE. I bet you, we will be talking about this come next season. Just look at the evidence. We need to recapture our club back from the obsessed profesor. I love this club and I feel that it is in the wrong hands. Someone tell me what the dream team of executive have accomplished since they were hired. The very same job that was done by one man; David Dean. WE NEED HIM BACK MORE THAN THE NEW PLAYERS. WHY? ARSENE WENGER WILL STILL BE THERE. EVEN WITH THE NEW PLAYERS, THEY WILL ADAPT TO THE WENGER SYSTEM WHICH IS NOT A WINNING SYSTEM. JUST LOOK AT ANDREY ARSHAVIN LAST SEASON AND THIS SEASON.





  71. ikon

    Personally i dont think the overall run of the team will be any different if Arsene doesnt change the way he treats his players.
    Socialising the entire squad is like cushioning the blows for them, which does nothing but invalidates the entire team more and more.
    When Fabianski makes a mistake, Arsene makes him believe that he played the way it was meant to be played but was unfortunate not to be awarded fouls against him. This sense of sosocialization has to go.

    Buy any number of players but in the presence of such an attitude from the manager does nothing for the good of the team and the individuals.

    Btw how we have Bendtner has the first choice striker in absence of RVP(who is yet to prove himself completely) I will never know.
    And why the heck the manager keeps on saying Fabianski will be a great goalie, you will see, I will never know.

    If he thinks the apparent transformation of Song proved him right and gives him the leeway to stick with another underperformer against popular opinion, he isnt doing anything other than affecting the club’s chances of success.

    This…has to change.

  72. dennisdamenace

    It will serve this club right if we lose against Fulham at the weekend, and Spurs win their game.

    Those cunts who run our club, and i include Wenger in this, have run down our first team to the extent that Spurs are right up our chuff now, and not because they’ve suddenly become great, no, because we’ve gone fucking backwards…….

    Still, Arsene and his fucking boardroom cronies will rub their hand with glee when we all have to go to an additional game………….cunts the lot of ’em.

  73. dennisdamenace

    And, the only people that really seem to care about this current situation are the fans, i daresay even Arsene’s most avid supporter cannot be happy about the above scenario……….

  74. bnsb

    not because they’ve suddenly become great, no, because we’ve gone fucking backwards…….

    Not great but they were good, they held their shape much much better yesterday. We lost our shape too easily in many and occasion.

  75. dennisdamenace

    Talking of voting, it’s a shame we’re not setup like Barca, then we could vote all those penny pinching money grabbing cunts out of the club……….

  76. goonerT1m

    DDM- if only, sunday makes me feel sick just thinking about it, how can those jerk offs on the board sit there in diamond club, giving the manager a fresh new contract just because he makes a profit. Unforgivable… really.

  77. dennisdamenace

    gT1m – I’ve decided that i won’t be attending on Sunday, and i will leave my seat vacant, i hate the way our club is being run, i hate the way they use our loyalty to line their own fucking pockets, if Arsene had an ounce of decency and honour he’d take a new deal, but refuse a pay rise…….

  78. Meneurdejeu10


    We needed a 7th place Liverpool style finish in order for us to see major changes.

    The thing I hope for next year is to Prodigy Walcott to be marginalized. Hopefully his hopes will be dashed by not making the World Cup squad.

    Capello is a smart man.

  79. Meneurdejeu10


    Mornin mate. Im assuming you are a season ticket holder. If so, what was the full time feeling at the ground when Barcelona, Chelsea and Man Utd all massacred Wenger’s team?

  80. Geoff

    Dennis, you must read my todays blog then, it also has an air of protest about it, and you must go on Sunday, last game and end of season piss up, don’t let those wankers win.

    It’s our team not theirs.

  81. charybdis1966

    Morning all, so the doomsday scenario has come to pass – the Spuds are in the Champions league and the threat to our third spot is now palpable.
    I don’t know why but I’m feeling quite angry at our team and manager – they have contrived to lower our standards down to that of the Spuds and we now find ourselves in a scrap for the automatic Champions League spot (3rd place.)
    I don’t even feel like following Sunday’s results as I have an awfully sick feeling in my sotmach that we will stuff it up on sunday and Burnley will roll over and die against the Spuds.
    Next season can’t come soon enough – the last 3 weeks have sucked all the joy out of supporting my team, but hey – Theo can get his £60k a week and by his girlffriend a ferrari, so all is well.

  82. dennisdamenace

    M10 – TBH i was so dissapointed with last years bullshit, i decided to renew, but share my ticket because i truly can’t be arsed to watch dogshit like Denilson et al embarrass our great club. So, i share my ticket with Franchise, and as a result he got those three home games. However, speaking to my brother and fellow Gooner season ticket holders the mood after the Barca game was of pride in the team and their efforts in salvaging a draw, but after the other two games it was of abject disillusionment….

  83. Meneurdejeu10

    Is it me or do Diaby, Song and Fabregas try to avoid passing it to Denilson?

    The true mark of a MF is your ability to receive the ball and pass both under pressure

  84. Geoff

    Chary, remember you corrected me two years ago for spelling centre back wrong, well girlfriend only has one ‘f’ in it!

    Ha, ha!

  85. goonerT1m

    DDM- i feel the same, however i am hoping for the ability to respectfully protest on sunday. We must be able to show in some way that we appreciate what the manager has done in the past but he MUST now prepare a proper football team that is capable of competing honestly in ALL competitions. leaving before the so called lap of thanks on 80 mins would be a good way i believe, i am sure there will be others!

  86. charybdis1966

    LOL, you remember that Geoff – that’s an elephantine memory you have there sir!
    Anyhoo, I was only stammering as I’m still shaking in disbelief at the Spuds being in the Champions League.
    Yet another bad day to be a gooner.

  87. dennisdamenace

    Trying to find a positive slant on tings here – maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that Wenger doesn’t spend any money, better to leave it in place for the next manager, i just don’t trust him anymore to do the right thing……..

  88. dennisdamenace

    I feel it as a personal insult the HE deems it appropriate to not compete for the two domestic cups! Who the fuck is he to make that decision, who gives him the right to deny Arsenal supporters the chance of cheering on their team at Wembley. He often talks about the Arsenal way, wtf does he know about the Arsenal way, the Arsenal way was nurtured during many, many hard fought cup games, particularly in the FA Cup, the history of the FA Cup goes hand in hand with our great club, and HE denies us the FA Cup because his two bob squad isn’t good enough to compete for all four trophies, and yet HE sanctions a wage bill of over £100m a year to win TWO trophies….

  89. Meneurdejeu10

    Gallas and Toure are both reactive players who rely on athleticism.

    Spurs have a world class GK in Gomes and world class CB in half-man half-amazing King.

    Would you classify Djourou as a proactive one who senses danger or a cleanup man?

  90. charybdis1966

    Well, they often say’s it’s the darkest just before the dawn GoonerT1m; let’s just hope in our case it’s not “ the darkest just before it goes completely black.”

  91. goonerT1m

    Agreed- opinions are changing quickly against the manager, its simply unacceptable to carry on like this, there will be demo’s on sunday for sure, it will be impossible for him / they to ignore.£1,500 a year for this crap makes no sense and the club will start to shit themselves over the long term damage.

  92. Baafuor

    I totally agree with you on everything and more especially the demonstration.I think boycotting the first half of the Fulham game will be perfect.Otherwise any other form will do.This demonstration has been long over due and its about time we showed Wenger, Gazidis and co that we are not stupid and can’t be taken for granted!

  93. boozy

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    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………clichy…….vermy…….naldo………..reo coker