The Europa Cup is a waste of time, so why didn’t Fulham field an Academy team?

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So today we are being linked Simon Kjaer, Loic Remy and Mark Noble, a defender a forward and a defensive midfielder, I don’t believe it and I don’t want another French starlet wasting our time. The other two, hmmm maybe.

So many sites are hoping Gallas stays, why? I thought we had a crap defensive record this season and Gallas has been out of the business end for the last 3 seasons now, why do we want him to extend? Time to go.

Djourou I have always liked, but I hate his injury record, I think give him a go and if he gets another long term injury then he has to go as well. Let’s just sign a big old lump that can defend, if you want to know what sort of player we need, then take a look at Inter’s back line, something like that!

Ok a big well done to Fulham, getting to the final on the backs of Juventus, Wolfsburg, Shalke and Hamburg, terrific, they are beside themselves those fans and Hodgson is red hot favourite to get manager of the year, Fulham fans will have an amazing day out in May, just like the Villa and Mancs did with the league cup and just like the chavs and Pompey fans will at the FA Cup final.

Ivan, if you are reading you need to tell Wenger, we don’t care what cup, we’ll take any of them, do not disrespect us the fans or the trophies, we want what some of those fans have had, screw your stupid obsessive project, it’s a waste of time, didn’t you learn anything at Monaco? Play the best team we have, always, we don’t want to see a team of smart arse 17 year olds tearing around showing us how clever they are, and until they have a woopy-do trophy for the youngest team ever, stick with the grown ups.

I can’t take another season like the last 5. You really have the opportunity to get it right, make the signings we need, get rid of our hopeless keepers, get a top centre back and sign a DM.


Have a great day Grovers, the weather will be crap, but Monday is just around the corner and the game is televised, maybe we can win one, who knows!

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  1. Stu

    Anyone know what attack France are gonna be playing? Anelka, Gignac, Benzema, Henry have all had pretty shit seasons and i doubt it’ll be Gomis starting either because he is shit.

  2. Stu

    And how much did they spend on him? More than 20m wasnt it…based purely on 1 good season for a midtable team.

  3. zeus

    David Says:
    May 1, 2010 at 18:35
    I agree Mayank

    I think Cesc should play deeper and let Arshavin run things upfrontโ€ฆhe might have had an amazing season but we as a team are utterly fucked when heโ€™s not on the pitch.
    Let Arsha do it up front? After the disappointing season he has had where he can’t be arsed to do a little running you want him up there.

    AA23 will always be the huy that gives about a dozen goals and a dozen assists, he is far from Cesc’s level despite them being different kinds of players.

    I would like to see Cesc on the ball a little more though, like he used to be when he first came, very much a static playmaker he was back then. But hey, if he is scoring so regularly when pushed so far forward and he can still get so many assists mo point in moving him.

  4. leon

    i have never realy seen gallas as the kind of vocal leader that will put his arm round you it seems he just keeps him self to himself a bit of a loaner,he has just quietly got on with his job he has been very good i feel sole has been better realy very much a vocal leader real influence on younger players as well,if wenger can sort out the defensive problems they will have strong chance next season

  5. David

    Zeus Arshavin plays no 10 for Russia and became the 6th best player in the World playing behind the striker in his preferred position.

    He cant be at that bad if he plays his natural position like he’s been crying about since day 1?

  6. Stu

    I’d take Toures word over Gallas’ any day. Toure said Gallas went to Wenger and said they dont play well together and then WG wouldnt talk to him anymore…not even on the pitch.

    IMO thats a pretty shit thing to do. He’s a great defender but a story like that doesnt make him seem like a great teammate.

  7. David





  8. David

    Gallas is off anyways. He’s quite a complicated character…I cant remember his side of the story…didnt he come out with a book?

  9. gambon


    RVP is no winger, and certainly not in a 4-4-2

    Chamakh also isnt good enough to be our first choice CF

  10. thaatarsenalguy

    on a positive note, i’m actually feeling positive about next season. i think wenger has learned his lesson and will buy, i think our players will have a good summer and arrive back at the club ready to go.

  11. zeus


    I wouldn’t put much credence on his 6th place finish. He had a good Euros and so his popularity rose and so he got the votes. Thats it, doesn’t mean he is the 6th best anything.

    My point is, this side only has 1 or 2 sure scorers. Fabregas is one and to an extent, I think we can expect gr8 things from RVP if he stays injury free (hehe….injury free….RVP…

    Fab4 is a good goalscorer, AA23 at his best only gives around 12 goals a season. Its a no brainer who is more effective behind the striker.

  12. Stu

    (hope this comes out well)

    — Cesc — CM —
    Barbie/Cham — Arshavin

    Arshavin wouldnt be stuck out on the wings so much if out left back pushed forward more, allowing AA to be more influential in the middle. If we do buy a new CM then they will have to cover the LBs forwrd movements. Otherwise Arshavin will be doing all the attacking work down that side on his own and all on th wing.

  13. Stu

    Anyway, theres no chance VP will be moved anywhere. This version of 4-3-3 we play is built completely around his creativity.

  14. David


    You dont know that because Arshavin has never played behind the striker for Arsenal..he was either wide left…or the Striker.

    Cesc is a fantastic AM but we dont have a deep lying play maker that this team needs…Would to the Almighty God that Wenger wouldve not been so fucking stingy and have bought Alonso…and we wouldve been sorted…but no…


    I believe our best years have been in the 4-4-2.

  15. Stu

    Our best years werent really a proper 4-4-2.

    It was more a 4-2-4 imo because Freddie and Pires were basically forwards with PV4 and Gilberto playing as defensive midfielders.

  16. David

    True enough they are close enough but I bet on paper it will look like a 4-4-2…but that is a far cry from say the 4-3-3 that we are all of a sudden learning.

    What is clear though is that players life Diaby and Nasri, Denilson et al, are not good enough and cant work hard enough in midfield in the 4-3-3

  17. zeus


    Your just splitting hairs there.hehe.


    How do you prefer Cesc as the static deep laying playmaker in the Guardiola mould that he was when he first came, or the AM he is now.
    And what a difference a year makes. A couple of seasons ago when Wenger tried to push Fab4 forward ala Gerrard for Liverpool, he was quite shite.

  18. David


    Arsenal havent had as good a season as Cesc has.

    I think the difference is that id rather Arsenal have a fantastic season than Cesc much in the same way that Rooney had to play wide left for the better of the team.

    You take Cesc out of our team now and you get the shambles youre seeing at Wigan and City.

    Because we’ve had to be too reliant on Fabregas who to be fair to him has had to have the form of his life to make us tittle contenders.

    Too much responsibility on one player.

  19. Stu

    Agreed. The midfielders we have not that arent undisputed starters (ie Nasri, Diaby and Denilson) really are holding the progression of the 4-3-3 back. It we had a proper, aggressive, box t box CM with Cesc and Song the midfield would be a lot more solid imo.

    And theres also the fact that we have noone to play the right wing role. Theo is far too inconsistent. Bendtner isnt even nearly a winger and Eboue shouldnt be starting anywhere past the half way line. We need directness on that side…Freddie would actually have been perfect for that role, if only he was 10 years younger ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Queen of Suburbia

    Being the student of men’s bodies that I (and apparently David is – Ashley Young??) am…One thing I have noticed is that we’ve got a few players that appear to be a little heavy around the middle. AA for one likes his carbs, and you can see that Nasri runs to heavy. Silvestre i’d say is a good stone heavier than he was in his mid to late twenties.

  21. Stu

    Nasri is a fat ponce… Arshavin is being force fed by the club Chef to try keep the comments to a minimum (with very limited success) and Silvestre is trying to expand his waist take the focus off his giant head (also with limited success).

  22. Stu

    I’d say thats photoshopped Gambon.

    His arms are a different colour to his face and why would he pose with this seasons shirt when he isnt joining until next season when there will be a new one.

  23. Mr B

    The age Cesc, Nasri, Diaby, Nikki, Denilson, Ramsey and LJW are is great for Weight training as Testosteroen and Growth Hormone levels are very high in the body and u gain Muscle very quickly.

    Why we dont look into it, I dont know? as it helps performance in so many ways, such as speed and better ball retention.

  24. zeus


    I’m just annoyed with Nasri. He does a whole lot of nothing and often goes missing. I’d rather not hear any comparisons whatsoever with him and Pires, thats all.

  25. David

    Yeah thats Photoshop alright…looks like an Arshavin photograph with Chamakh’s head on it.

    re Mourinho

    Jose is a fantastic character in football. The game is so much better with personalities like that.

  26. David


    Absolutely agree we need a box to box midfielder in this system…maybe even 2….if we had 2 we would prob be challenging on all 4 fronts 100% of the time instead of sacrificing the cups

  27. Stu

    Just browsing on Wiki. They have Traore down as youth system in the Transfer fee column for him. Did we not have to pay an amount for him??

  28. patthegooner

    And I hope we dont give Chamakh the number 10 shirt when Gallas goes (Disgrace he had it in the first place)

    Nope, lets save that shirt for a true world class signing.

  29. Stu

    Now that you mention it PTG, the fucker probably will get 10 because it’ll be free.

    The number allocation at the club is a joke really…

  30. Stu

    Should be:

    1: new GK
    2BS – 6NewCB – 5TV – 3KG?
    4FF – 17ADSB – 8newCM? (wishful thinking)
    9NB ๐Ÿ˜‰ – 11VP – 10AA

    Pretty much a combo of how it kind of should be and how arsenal have (could have) the numbers next season imo.

  31. Maciek

    Guys, could You please name me few left backs, who could replace Clichy if he is sold?

    For rb we do have Van Deer Wiel or Zapata. What about lb?

    Thanks in advance. Take care.

    P.S. Are we playing on Monday? At what time?

  32. Stu

    Monday, 5pm kick off live on EPSN (which i dont fucking have!)

    As for Left back, IF Clichy leaves, then i think it’ll be Gibbs. Cant think of any stand out left backs throughout Europe tbh.

  33. Zorr0

    Hahneman of Wolves the most successful save to shot ratio in PL at 80%. Maybe we should buy him, lol!

  34. Maciek

    Thanks Guys, but Gibbs? He isn’t ready. I see The spin doctor has done it again and has put his spell on You.
    He isn’t ready. Wenger has done it again. Even anti Wenger brigade think Gibbs is ready. Come on!!!


  35. Zorr0

    Maciek, take it from me, Gibbs is the future left back for Arsenal and England and it has nothing to do with spin or AW, it is to do with the boy’s talent.

  36. Stu

    Dunno about Kolarov Maciek but we dont need another african and i doubt Bayern would let Lahm go cheaply.

    Gibbs has the technique, height necessary and most importantly he is english so knows what it means to play for this club.

  37. Pat

    Lahm haha. No way. Doesn’t even stand out in the Bundesliga.

    Kolarov is good. Taiwo is shit.

    Wilshere looked good for Bolton today. It seems he became faster since going there. Had some great spins and passes. Everything good went through him and he’ll be a hate figure in the future. A bit of a cunt like Rooney was his age. I like it!

  38. A

    Gibbs is VERY nearly ready. If it wasn’t for his injury then I think he could’ve shown that he was ready, and Clichy would’ve been sold in the summer.

  39. Stu

    Heard about Wilsheres act of cuntishness today but missed MOTD so havent seen it. Dont suppose anyones got a clip of it?

  40. Maciek

    So You want us to play with Gibbs and Traore as our back up and expect us to win trophies? I see.

    It’s Your opinion. Just stop and finish this project youth program cos it’s crap.

    Good night Guys!

    We all know that with Wenger in charge nothing will change.

    Bring Capello or Hiddink or even Murinhio. They know how to win.

  41. A

    Absolutely Maciek, if Gibbs hadn’t been injured then I think he’d be going to the world cup, and absolutely good enough to be a left back in a trophy winning side. Traore I rate highly too, though it seems Wenger doesn’t. I’d have him over Fabio as back up anyways!

  42. Stu

    Right…but then again Evra never gets injured and if he does then O Shea usually fills in (if he hadnt been injured most of the season that is).

  43. A

    true stu, though i’d rather traore than o-shea as a left back too! I like Traore, obviously got a bit of a way to go in terms of his defensive concentration, but got alot going forward, and recovery pace, strength etc

  44. gambon

    Gibbs may be ready as LB.

    He needed to put a bit of work in on his positioning, which hopefully he will have by next season. He also needs a bit more confidence & directness going forward.

  45. Stu

    Purely as a lack back then sure. But O Shea doesnt have a set position. He is seen as the ultimate utility player and can play all across the back so I would rather an O Shea than a Traore….but point taken.

  46. gambon

    Traore has a higher potential ceiling, but o shea is a much better player in terms of consistency.

    The problem with Traore is he just cant defend.

  47. Stu

    Gibbs could also do with a competent CM to cover his runs forward…something Clichy and Traore didnt really get much this season with Diaby supposed to be covering the left.

  48. gambon

    I would love for us to have Gibbs & VanDerWeil in the FB positions, with 2 DMs infront of them.

    We would have more natural width than we currently do, and Chamakh/Nik would have good service, unlike you get with Clichy & Sagna.

  49. Stu

    Definately agree there Gambon. Both of them have great technique and seem to be good dribblers too so would surely offer an extra dimension going down the wings. And they are considerably taller than our current first choice FBs.

  50. A

    I wonder if Gibbs could end up as a back up for Diaby, someone who can play that box to box/winning the ball back/athletic midfielder role. Left footed so would give good balance there too

  51. gambon

    I think he could do it but i dont think he will ever be a world class CM, where as I think he will be a world class LB.

  52. B.B.K.


    v.d.weil cahill verm gibbs

    milner cesc

    van persie arshavin

    chamakh…………… for next seaon

  53. Stu

    Not considerable on his own A. But being 3cm taller than Clichy and vdWeil being 2cm taller than Sagna thats almost an extra half foot of height added to the defence. Or Traore rather than Gibbs and its more than half a foot. Every little helps ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Stu

    But just like with Theo, Cole isnt really a winger…not a good enough one anyway. And Cole basically just missed the whole season through injury. Do we really need/want another player with a long injury list.

  55. A

    very different option gambon, and good for different reasons. pretty opposite in terms of strengths and weaknesses. I wouldn’t mind us signing him at all, though would seem a bit weird as just very similar to rosicky, unless he’s off.

    think clichy is 5’10 isn’t he? Sagna 5’9, and Clichy inch taller I thought?

    bbk that team wouldn’t have a chance. don’t like the idea of hart, cahill, nor milner. I’d rather we signed a better keeper, vp is the central man, and gallas is better than cahill anyway, that would be a weaker central defence than this season!

  56. Stu

    Soccernet have Clichy at 173cm/5ft8.
    Wiki have him at 176/5ft9.5

    Either way he is shorter than both Gibbs and Traore.

  57. A

    Ah ok, that’s weird. yeah i knew he was shorter than gibbs, just not noticed it when they’ve played, i’d imagine wiki is closer to the truth. Traore though his height makes a difference, as does his strength.

    Against Liverpool Kuyt dominates most fullbacks in the air, but got no joy at all against Traore

  58. A

    Not gone yet Stu, although it certainly doesn’t look positive.

    My point though is that we need to improve on this season’s central defensive partnership, so if gallas does go, or he doesn’t, we need to sign someone better, not worse

  59. Stu

    I’ld be more inclined to believe Soccernet because anyone can alter wikipedia..but then again…5ft 8 does seem pretty small.

  60. Stu

    Well DDMs source says he’s going back to France for personal reasons.

    I dont think we need someone better than Gallas necessarily. More that we need someone to compliment Vermaelen and help keep the defence organised even when in possession.

  61. A

    Yeah I’d agree with that Stu, but someone at least at Gallas’ overall level, but more complimentary to Vermy.

    Wouldn’t be at all surprised if he did go back to France, he almost did last year. Would cut down on our transfer budget a bit which would be pretty annoying

  62. A

    The squad would have lost a player whilst getting no money in return, and that space would need to be filled with another player who would command a significant transfer fee….

  63. A

    If Gallas stays, we would need to sign one defender, but if he goes we will need to sign two defenders, but wouldn’t have any more money to do so than we did if he’d stayed

  64. A

    True, although not sure how much we would’ve gotten for him anyways. I wonder if Eduardo will go in the summer now. Would be a pity, but wouldn’t hold it against him. Though maybe he’ll stay, be fresh after a good pre season, and vela will have a loan at a premiership side next season? At least until January?

  65. Stu

    Well if we do sell Eduardo that should be a few million. We are sure to lighted the wage bill with so many foreigners having to make way for the new 17+8 thing. I dont think it would be too much hassle trying to put a few million together for a new defenders.

  66. A

    not sure how many foreigners we’ll have to sell, if any! Eduardo could go, especially with Chamakh coming in, and I reckon Almunia will be off should a keeper come in as expected. Then no idea!

    Wonder if Lansbury will be kept around next season as someone who could fill in in that Diaby role

  67. Stu

    Well we will have to sell some because surely any new players we buy during the summer will be foreign and to add foreigners then logically we will have to sell some of them too.

  68. A

    Core Squad of

    new keeper



    new defender
    new defender







    Then depending on whether they stay around or go on loan, Eastmond, Wilshere, Lansbury, maybe Wellington Silva in Jan

  69. Stu

    Dont know why but the squad looks a bit shit the way you’ve written it there. Maybe its Denilson being in there…

    Cant remember where i saw it but some blog or maybe someone on here posted a list divided into 3 or first team foreigners, first teamers who qualifies as homegrown and another group that i cant remember.

  70. A

    That’s 26 players named, take out mannone as under 21, so the other 25 named


    there are eleven home grown players

  71. A

    I was thinking that Stu, it does look pretty shit, or central midfield certainly does, really wouldn’t mind a signing in there, someone to compete with Diaby, a Melo would do even though not been overly impressed when see him.

    Going forward we’re very strong, defensively we’d be very strong if signed the right defenders, but central midfield we don’t have much depth

  72. Stu

    Not sure Vela qualifies since he is 21 now and spend 2 seasons on loan before even coming here.

    3 years before his 21st birthday, right?

  73. A

    Don’t think going on loan has any affect on whether a player qualifies, it’s when he was signed, although I was wondering about Vela, because he went on loan due to work permit problems, so does that mean we didn’t officially sign him as such until we got the work permit?

  74. A

    shit, forgot ramsey from that squad list, adds a bit to our central midfield, provided he recovers well, which is unlikely next season to be fair, will be usual muscle problems etc as always after long injury

  75. Stu

    Well it says the players needs to have trained at an english or welsh club for 3 seasons before their 21st bday i thought?

    Whether he was technically employed by the club at the time is probably irelevant because he wasnt being trained there.

  76. NiXKiX

    “Away from home, we have suffered a lot physically, and from inexperience.”

    Sound familiar?

    Wenger circa 2005-06 season..

    True genius ain’t he…

  77. Abdus Samad

    y do u have to take a dig at everything wenger does! How can u groom ur backup if they dont get any starts in league competitions ! and ffs dont compare us with fulham! yes its a big achievment for them to get this far but thats fulham! they have to field their best team in it ! In AW we trust ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. ethangunner

    In AW we trust ๐Ÿ™‚

    yes…. well.. that saying has been working well for u the past 5 years !


  79. ethangunner


    what a lot of cods .. the problem was he wouldnt spend last season to get a goal keeper and replace ade ..

    the problem might be defensively because of almunia or poor CD back up’s but really if we had a clinical striker fit all season i dont think we would be having this conversation ..

    also he is very keen to tell you the midfield of diaby denilson and song will be around next season , well if thats the case expect fuck all again next season ..

  80. DOGFACEhup


  81. Doublegooner


    In a 1 to 1 conversation Wenger had with a Gooner in the last few weeks he said this;

    1. Disappointed with Walcott – ‘just a 20 minute player doesnt think he will make now’

    2. Bendtner ‘ Not convinced he’ll make it’

    3. Wanted Shay Given – ‘but we couldnt match City’

    4. ‘Diaby is the most technical player in the club but lacks confidence’

    5. ‘Eduardo, Rocsicky, Sylvestre & Gallas will all be gone’