As MI5 would say, there is an awful lot of chatter going on in blogland!

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Before I begin, let me dash all the hopes of Gooners everywhere, after the ‘I am going to buy’ porkies told by Arsenal, well now we’ve renewed our season tickets, the truth comes out, this is what he just said. ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum – then we will do it’ he also said ‘we will announce one player (Chamakh) before the World Cup, but after that we will see’

Well after all the hope he filled us with at the beginning of the week, and saying he would do all his buying early so the squad can settle in, leading us to believe maybe he would finally get in the players we need, he’s now priming us not to expect many new signings.

He normally waits a few weeks before he contradicts himself, even by his standards this is quick. It’s groundhog day!

Why don’t we help him, hopefully someone at Arsenal will read this, listen to the fans, we pay your wages.

Let’s draw up a shortlist to make it easier for Mr Wenger, let’s not make the same mistakes of the last few years, let’s make a statement that Arsenal football club intend to win some trophies next season.

The number one thing for me is to get a side that has a future, or one that will help develop this team for the future, and also one that will finally deliver and now, in the present. Stop all this I believe in this team cobblers, and stop telling us they have great mental strength, they don’t Arsene, remember Wigan?

I would always try and get an anglo spine in there as the one thing I feel we are good at in Great britain is building from the back, Jack Wilshere says we have many technically gifted youngsters coming through so we are good in that department, some of the fancy dan foreign players for me go missing when it gets tough, so I would look at the following players to bring in. (and don’t quote Theo, he will come good)

Numero Uno, the keeper, forget the rest, go for Englands future number 1, Joe hart, we missed out on Given, so let’s go for the future, he has presence, size and ability. I like him a lot.

At the back I would look at Richards, he’s available, he’s a Gooner, he’s a great right back with pace and he could also make an awesome partnership with Vermaelen in the centre, if not him then Cahill or Subotic, or both.

In the middle we are Ok save the defensive side, I would love Rodwell, but I can’t see us getting him, he would cost too much, so maybe a Velosa, not Melo for me. The future could be Eastmond but he’s not ready yet. Song needs competition and as I have always said, we need two teams, Denilson though has to go.

Up front I think we need to get shot of Eduardo, he hasn’t got what he had, so let’s move on, it’s a shame because I love him, but we have to think about the future, so bring in Villa, or even a cheeky bid for Benzema.

With that little lot we would have experience and youth and the youngsters could come through in time, when they’re ready, bring Wilshere back and give him the chances that Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Song and Flamini were afforded.

We have Chamakh coming and that is a good thing, but he needs service so maybe a winger, an out an out winger, not a forward or a midfielder. And I don’t have a clue who, perhaps you do?

That little lot would be within the budget if we used the City money, sold a few and spent the new money Wenger keeps banging on about having.

We do not need another lot of potential, we have that in spades, our defence leaks goals and that is down to the keeper and lack of confidence in the keeper, arch AKB Bob Wilson is even saying the duo we have, haven’t got what it takes, and he not only works for Arsenal, he works with those two as well.

I like all of our players, but like in business, you have to be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to move some of them on, we can’t keep throwing away the cups and the EPL, because the fans deserve better.

So in an ideal world I would sign Hart, Richards, Subotic, Rodwell and Villa. I would have said Hangeland but his stats this season are not so great and the boss believes in stats.

We only have two more games to go, but I can’t see us losing 3rd place even if we don’t win those games, because I don’t believe City and the spuds will win all of theirs.

Even if we win our last 2 games 7nil, it’s not good enough, we should have been doing that before, the chavs did didn’t they?

The final word must go to Gordon ‘the gaff’ Brown, this site is not political (unless of course Ghengis Khan came back and started up a party, then it would be!) but after a pensioner mentioned the dreaded word ‘immigration’ on Wednesday, Gordon was heard calling her a bigot, now I have been called that on occasion and it’s very hurtful, believe me, so someone dares to ask where all these immigrants are coming from and he calls her a spiteful name, now he’s sorry, ha, ha, he’s not sorry the chump, he’s just sorry he got caught, the prize plonker.

Have a nice day Grovers, we have much to look forward to this summer, that is of course if the boss finally spends the money the whole world now know he definitely has.

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  1. Keyser

    GoonerT1m – Try and stick up for what ? We’re 3rd ffs, you’ve done what, gone to games, watched all that shit, taken it all on board, analysed and considered it all and then what reknewed your season ticket again ?!

    Then you come on here and tell everyone you’ve been robbed, mate you haven’t been robbed, who moans about all the crap you’ve posted and then thinks he’s been robbed when he reknews his ticket again ?!

    Wtf, if you’re that upset give someone else a chance.

  2. GoonerT1m

    the most annoying thing is he could put it right, i believe in this squad!! yes mate they are talented bu they have no fight and you cant coach that shit, 1 signing before 11 june, should be 11 signings before june 1 no !LOL.

  3. Keyser

    Suga3 – I dunno why I get sucked in, so if Wenger says we’ve got mental strength, you thought he mean’t some sort of magical power, where we’d fucking overcome everything and anything that was thrown at us ?!

  4. GoonerT1m

    keyser, what is 3rd, dont you want to be the best at what you do?, FFS mate i have every right to be pissed off when im lied to, dont you?, or you like being lied to do you?

  5. leon

    i feel 25 man rule force wenger to make some harsh decisions and i think only 17 of those can over 25 i think not sure,wenger has alot young players in sqaud who hardly play and alot of players on loam who wont make it,wenger will not sell both keepers,with new rule wil have no choice but tinker alot with squad and sell or put alot of players out on loan

  6. Keyser

    GoonerT1m – I’m pointing out where we are in the league, I want to be 1st, but if we’re not I’m not going to slit my wrists about it.

    If you’re that pissed off, give your ticket up, cancel it, tell them to give it to one of the people on the waiting list.

  7. Wenger the liar

    Arsene Wengers magic

    Hes got a magic hat

    And when he talks of a five year plan

    What he really means to say is that it could be an eight year plan and that the plan is not actually to win trophies but to reduce the debt to zero which in turn will make us a more attractive take over target to an individual that could then leverage the buy out by financing us up to the hilt and bring us right back to square one.

    Arsene knows.

  8. GoonerT1m

    some magical power to overcome everything that was thrown at us?!.wtf are you talking about, its about making good decisions, having a good keeper etc. WTF, yes and i will carry on coming on here ..its a blog and its supposed to be about voicing an opinion.

  9. Keyser

    Exactly GoonerT1m voicing your opinion, but when you put it on a public blog, don’t get upset when your opinion gets questioned.

    Unless you think this sites just a personal place for you where you can bitch and moan as much as you like.

  10. GoonerT1m

    keyser, im frustrated and want him to put it right, dont think i said i would stop going to arsenal although clearly many have, there should be loads of new fans next year, why don you try?

  11. Wenger the liar

    Wigan have just equalised, there is 60 seconds left on the clock….

    Time to bring on our best player.

    And some of you think that we waste that £5m a year we give Arsene.

  12. dennisdamenace

    “I believe in this squad”……….then you belief is misplaced, because this is a squad of fucking chokers.

    Half of them are only interested in making an effort when it’s Champions League night. The rest stroll through games when the real talented individuals are doing the business against the lesser teams when you can get away with three, four or five passengers, but when we come up against the big boy, and you need all eleven players to put in a shift, forget it.

    And, this is the “team” out glorious leader constantly bigs up, well what’s the biggest problem them, the underperforming/inadequate players or the mug that keeps picking them….+

  13. SUGA3


    problems identified? check. money available to spend? check.

    it’s not like it’s a mystery why we continue to fall short, shortcomings of this team are so glaringly obvious that not addressing them is negligence in my book!

    and negligence is a sackable offence…

  14. Dutchman

    WTF wenger, eduardo will come good?? Fuck off, wenger can’t be harsh, the players are like his children!!!
    Wenger does play players who are not good enough and he let them play but any other manager would have put that players on the bench but wenger can’t be harsh, he is the worst coach i’ve ever seen, wtf want wenger?
    Why is he lying to us, why? It’s like we are not a football club, what is wenger doing?? Want arsenal us to become crazy??

  15. Rohan

    I want Van der Vaart/Hamsik, chamakh hazard, van der wiel , a great GK ( hart would do though ), and a CB if Gallas stays and wenger can guarantee Djourou stays..
    Also, Senderos hasn’t OFFICIALLY left has he, he’s still on loan. I still have this part of me that hopes he has a future at the club.

  16. SUGA3

    all these Wenger apologists are creaming their pants about doubles and Invincibles – first of all, it’s ancient history, second, he inherited his first back five and topped it up with a bunch of then World Champions, I could do that!

    first the Invincibles got dismantled way too quick, then after we have lost Henry who was capable of winning games on his own, AW has been exposed for being soft and tactically inept, try arguing with that…

  17. Wenger the liar

    Suga3 –

    It goes further than that mate. Fergie, if he doesnt win the league this year, after 3 in a row and 2 back to back CL finals will make more changes than Arsene.

    One has a loser mentality and one is a winner.

    The problem isnt the squad, the fundamental problem at Arsenal is Wenger- he has to go.

  18. SUGA3

    maybe AW was once capable of managing ‘characters’, but he clearly isn’t anymore!

    now he is surrounded with pussies and ‘yes men’ – you don’t win shit being in such setup 🙁

  19. Keyser

    There’s an idea, if you could do that, instead of telling us all about it on here, why don’t you get off your aSs and go do it.

    Heh, if you send in your CV now, sit an interview in the next day or two, we might see you on the touchline on Monday.

  20. Wenger the liar

    Suga 3 –

    I dont think he was capable of handling people as you put it.

    What I think is that Adams Bould et al taught PV TH bobby etc what it means to play for arsenal.

    Adams didnt take shit performances from the average players around him

    Vieira henry didnt accept average performances from the players around them

    and now we have too many shit players who should think themselves lucky to play for us but play like they are better than the club and a manager that couldnt motivate a man on fire to jump into a swimming pool.

  21. Wenger the liar

    The squad is convinced we have a strong chance next year because we have room for improvement,” Wenger said.

    Burnley have room for improvement too

    “I believe had we won at Tottenham, then we would have been level with Chelsea today. So of course that brings immense regrets.”

    I reckon if I saved my dinner money from junior school I would have more money that Mittal.

    “There is still an outside chance they will drop points and that we can finish within five points of them.”

    Our new goal is to finish near the eventual winners.

    Arsene Knows.

  22. choy

    I think Roy Hodgson and Fulham deserve a worthy applause.

    What a fantastic run.

    To quote from an Article from Martin Samuel,

    Yet it was Fulham’s triumph that they did not settle for a cameo role, that they took the project on, that they now stand on the threshold of the greatest night in the history of the club. And, in doing so, they proved a truth that is all too often forgotten.
    That this game is about glory and it is always to be found on the field, never the balance sheet.

  23. Walking Wounded


    You do realise that I have a caveat in our bet?

    All we need to do is get a new keeper, they don’t have to be any good.

    I give you..

    Andriy Pyatov of Shakhtar Donetsk and Ukranian 1st choice.

    That purveyor of all things true, Wikipedia, give him a good write up about how he dropped the ball for Messi and spills free kicks, but hey he has a record of conceding less than 1 a game, so it can’t all be bad. Who am I kidding?

  24. Franchise

    must commend red-nose for the loyalty he has repaid to loyal servants neville, giggs and scholes

    big shock to those that reckon wenger is the fairest of them all

  25. Keyser

    Suga3 – What smacks of desperation ? Mate, I dunno, sometimes I think people truly believe everything they write is gospel.

  26. Walking Wounded

    What does that say about Manure’s transfer policy when Old Rat-face Neville gets a new contract?


  27. Franchise

    u said it keyser. i was just referring to those of you that think Wenger is a human representation of God

  28. Maqitlarge

    slight change of pace.

    What’s your Tory canidate name?

    Your Grandmother/Grandfather’s first name plus the street where you grew up hyphenated with your first Headmaster/mistress’s name.

    I’m Eustace Almond-Taylor

    now give me your vote boy!

  29. useroz

    this would have been the 4th time i post… all previous 3 (with no foul languages or stuff like that all disappeared!)…

    till the kids bulk /toughen up, they should be kept away from the 1st team; it’s really that simple sometimes to fix a root cause

    many of these up/coming kids have skills/ talents (well, that’s what arsene and his cohorts been saying)… the only issue is they are all darn thin, literally and therefore got 1) taken out 2) broken into pieces (literally), or 3) brushed aside in the PL games… esp when you are playing the likes of drogba, essien, and of course shawrxxx!

    so if wenger isn;t buying ready made stuff, at least use the summer to ‘microwave’ and fast track his kids to be physically ready

  30. zeus

    Morning all. Just did a bit of a round up of news. Can’t be bothered to repeat any of the boring platitudes that normally gets talked about on here.

    If the boss feels its okay to give Gallas, Sylvestre and campbell new contracts and depend on Djourou to stay injury free, I’m not going to burst a blood vessle over it.

    Its Friday, so bring on the jokes.

  31. charybdis1966

    Thought so Fran.
    You know I am bound by oath to hate Sir Drinksalot – when the old jocko cunt finally retires the drinks are on me at the Tavern.

  32. zeus


    LOL. Just saw this gem:
    “Where we want to set ourselves a target next season is we have conceded nearly 40 goals – that is too many to win the championship, and is where we want to improve.”
    And he is only buying a defender IF Gallas moves on. HAHAHAHA.

  33. NiXKiX


    Probably the arsenal frenchmen also take this class… that’s y they never run during games…

    Yeah I’m talkin bout Diaby

  34. gambon

    ‘The squad is convinced we have a strong chance next year because we have room for improvement,’

    Year after fucking year you cunt Wenger.

    He thinks by saying “we will improve” then we will. Its the footballing equivalent of pulling the duvet over your head.

    Fucking mug!

  35. SongtheGreat

    A man goes hunting with a bunch of his friends on His land!! They have been hunting a while and his best friend says”hey I can see in your bedroom with my scope”. He says ” who’s that man in the bedroom with your wife? The husband says “what? r u joking? The friend replies,”no honestly. I can see them!! The husband says “Fine shoot her in the head and him in the private!! The friend replies”I CAN GET THAT IN ONE SHOT!!!!!!!!”

  36. NiXKiX

    ‘The squad is convinced we have a strong chance next year because we have room for improvement,’

    Is he telling is that “he” isn’t convinced?

  37. Arindam@KOL

    AW never fails to infuriate you :

    “Where we want to set ourselves a target next season is we have conceded nearly 40 goals – that is too many to win the championship and is where we want to improve.”

    As if you didnt ask for it. We all knew before the season began that we needed a keeper. Hell , we knew we needed a keeper since Lehmann left. The clown should have NEVER been #1.
    We needed good backup at defence after Phil was loaned out and Djourou went out for the season in May/June. What did he do ? Zilch

    And now the tall tal k of impoving defence . Give me a break.

  38. Paulinho

    For Wenger, although the difference on the back foot was all-important, the ‘goals for’ column suggests the Gunners are not too far behind.

    “You want always the team who play the best to be champions – they were the most consistent,” the manager conceded.

    “But in fairness, offensively between the two teams – in terms of goals scored – there was not much difference at all. If you look at the stats it’s quite amazing how close we are to them.

    “They made the difference with their defence this year conceding only 24 goals.”

    Wenger, May 2009.

  39. dennisdamenace

    Like ‘the squad’ is really gonna say “you know what Arsene, i think we’ve got as good as we’re ever gonna get mate, i think you need to buy a goalkeeper, two centreback, a central defensive midfielder, a winger and a goalscorer”………he’ll be talking to the fucking trees next….

  40. Paulinho

    Wenger – Defence has been the difference

    By Chris Harris

    Arsène Wenger believes that a lack of defensive solidity has stopped Arsenal from matching Manchester United this season.

    The Frenchman takes his side to Old Trafford on Saturday knowing that anything less than a win will make Arsenal the reluctant guests at United’s third consecutive title party.

    Wenger’s side will definitely finish fourth and are 18 points worse off than the champions ahead of this weekend’s game. Having crunched the numbers, the Arsenal manager has pinpointed where his team has fallen short.

    “I feel the 18-point gap is a reflection we have to take on the chin,” said Wenger at his pre-match press conference.

    “What people forget is that we were very far behind and we dropped too many points. Man United are world champions, European champions and will be champions of England. Everybody has to cope with that, not accept it and come back next year and beat them.

    “We have a very promising team who can deliver very soon. If you look at the statistics of the two teams for example, we have scored a similar amount of goals. In the passing quality in the final third and in the opposition half, we are as good as Man United. We have conceded more goals and that’s where the difference lies.

    “We have conceded 36, they have conceded 24, we have scored 64 they have scored 67. Offensively, I do not believe there is a difference. Defensively, there was a difference.”

    Wenger, May 2009.

  41. goonermichael

    A paedo’s taking a little girl into the darks woods
    She starts crying “I’m scared”

    He say’s
    It’s ok for you I have to come back on my own

  42. gambon


    Its a rare species of weasel only found in Alsace. It resembles a mug, and tends to lie & decieve a lot.

  43. SongtheGreat

    An elementary school math teacher asked her class one day, “If there are three birds on a wire, and a farmer shot one, how many are left?”

    One little boy said two, but little Sally, realizing it was a trick question, said, “None, ’cause everyone knows that if you shoot at birds they all fly away.” The teacher congratulates her on her correct answer.

    Little Johnny, however, disagreed. He said, “No, there would be one — the one that the farmer shot.”

    The teacher replied, “No, Johnny, you’re wrong, but I like the way you think.”

    “OK, teacher, I have a riddle for you,” boasted Johnny. “Let’s say three women are at a bar and they each order a single scoop ice cream cone. The first one eats it by gently licking it around the edges, the second slowly sucks the ice cream off the cone from the top, and the third gobbles the top and then sucks the rest out of the cone. Which one is married?”

    After a few seconds of contemplation, the teacher replied, “Well, I think it must be the third, the one that gobbles the top and sucks out the inside.”

    Johnny responded, “No, teacher, you’re wrong — it’s the one with the wedding ring. But I like the way you think.”

  44. Gooby

    David Villa is 30 he will never sign him.

    i think he doesn’t rate richards too, he is not the wenger type of player.

  45. SongtheGreat

    Little April was not the best student in Sunday school.
    Usually she slept through the class.

    One day the teacher called on her while she was napping, “Tell me, April, who created the universe?”

    When April didn’t stir, little Johnny, a boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. “GOD ALMIGHTY!” shouted April and the teacher said, “Very good” and April fell back asleep.

    A while later the teacher asked April, “Who is our Lord and Saviour,” But, April didn’t even stir from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and stuck her again. ‘JESUS CHRIST!” shouted April and the teacher said, “very good,” and April fell back to sleep.

    Then the teacher asked April a third question. “What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?” And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pin. This time April jumped up and shouted, “IF YOU STICK THAT F*****G THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME, I’LL BREAK IT IN HALF AND STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE!”

    The Teacher fainted.

  46. Gooby

    NiXKiX Says:
    April 30, 2010 at 15:45
    Has anyone ever thrown a shoe at Wenger during his interview’s and press conferences?


  47. goonermichael

    they told me 111111111000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times to stop exaggerating

  48. Gooby

    The squad is convinced we have a strong chance next year because we have room for improvement,” Wenger said in his press conference.

    “If you assess our situation, going forwards we have been very, very efficient – our goalscoring rate is very good.

    “Where we want to set ourselves a target next season is we have conceded nearly 40 goals – that is too many to win the championship, and is where we want to improve.”

  49. NiXKiX

    ur lying..

    Anyone wanna bet how long its going to be before he has a shoe thrown at him…???

    Personally… I would leave the sock in the shoe… “Special effects”

  50. Gooby

    wenger said that if gallas left he will bring someone, but when fish head fucks off??(and i hope he does as fast as possible) he didn’t talk about it, i assume that he may resign witch would be a sad day for arsenal fc

  51. NiXKiX

    Ur lying….
    Does any1 wanna bet how long its going to be before anyone throws a shoe at wenger???

    Personally.. I’d leave the sock in shoe for “Special effects” 🙂

  52. David

    “In my opinion, to recruit more than three new players in a transfer window, as Real plan, is taking a technical risk.”

    There you have it. It will kill the babies.

    3 players if we are lucky. 2 being a dream and 1 seems more realistic.

    Already cant wait till the end of next season so he can quietly fuck off.

  53. zeus


    Saw that earlier too. They even gave him the script. Huis words exactly mirror those of Wenger’s yesterday.

  54. Dutchman

    no, seriously, if we resign silvestre, that would be the worst thing what can happen. And a player only resigns if the manager it wants, so it would be a big fault by wenger!!!! But i don’t think silvestre will resign 😉

  55. SongtheGreat

    denilson,almunia,silvestre,wenger….nothing much to say really,besides from the fact that they are not good enough for The Arsenal..

  56. B.B.K.

    “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.
    The regular trick that Arsenal try to pull is to convince their supporters that everything is brilliant.