As MI5 would say, there is an awful lot of chatter going on in blogland!

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Before I begin, let me dash all the hopes of Gooners everywhere, after the ‘I am going to buy’ porkies told by Arsenal, well now we’ve renewed our season tickets, the truth comes out, this is what he just said. ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum – then we will do it’ he also said ‘we will announce one player (Chamakh) before the World Cup, but after that we will see’

Well after all the hope he filled us with at the beginning of the week, and saying he would do all his buying early so the squad can settle in, leading us to believe maybe he would finally get in the players we need, he’s now priming us not to expect many new signings.

He normally waits a few weeks before he contradicts himself, even by his standards this is quick. It’s groundhog day!

Why don’t we help him, hopefully someone at Arsenal will read this, listen to the fans, we pay your wages.

Let’s draw up a shortlist to make it easier for Mr Wenger, let’s not make the same mistakes of the last few years, let’s make a statement that Arsenal football club intend to win some trophies next season.

The number one thing for me is to get a side that has a future, or one that will help develop this team for the future, and also one that will finally deliver and now, in the present. Stop all this I believe in this team cobblers, and stop telling us they have great mental strength, they don’t Arsene, remember Wigan?

I would always try and get an anglo spine in there as the one thing I feel we are good at in Great britain is building from the back, Jack Wilshere says we have many technically gifted youngsters coming through so we are good in that department, some of the fancy dan foreign players for me go missing when it gets tough, so I would look at the following players to bring in. (and don’t quote Theo, he will come good)

Numero Uno, the keeper, forget the rest, go for Englands future number 1, Joe hart, we missed out on Given, so let’s go for the future, he has presence, size and ability. I like him a lot.

At the back I would look at Richards, he’s available, he’s a Gooner, he’s a great right back with pace and he could also make an awesome partnership with Vermaelen in the centre, if not him then Cahill or Subotic, or both.

In the middle we are Ok save the defensive side, I would love Rodwell, but I can’t see us getting him, he would cost too much, so maybe a Velosa, not Melo for me. The future could be Eastmond but he’s not ready yet. Song needs competition and as I have always said, we need two teams, Denilson though has to go.

Up front I think we need to get shot of Eduardo, he hasn’t got what he had, so let’s move on, it’s a shame because I love him, but we have to think about the future, so bring in Villa, or even a cheeky bid for Benzema.

With that little lot we would have experience and youth and the youngsters could come through in time, when they’re ready, bring Wilshere back and give him the chances that Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Song and Flamini were afforded.

We have Chamakh coming and that is a good thing, but he needs service so maybe a winger, an out an out winger, not a forward or a midfielder. And I don’t have a clue who, perhaps you do?

That little lot would be within the budget if we used the City money, sold a few and spent the new money Wenger keeps banging on about having.

We do not need another lot of potential, we have that in spades, our defence leaks goals and that is down to the keeper and lack of confidence in the keeper, arch AKB Bob Wilson is even saying the duo we have, haven’t got what it takes, and he not only works for Arsenal, he works with those two as well.

I like all of our players, but like in business, you have to be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to move some of them on, we can’t keep throwing away the cups and the EPL, because the fans deserve better.

So in an ideal world I would sign Hart, Richards, Subotic, Rodwell and Villa. I would have said Hangeland but his stats this season are not so great and the boss believes in stats.

We only have two more games to go, but I can’t see us losing 3rd place even if we don’t win those games, because I don’t believe City and the spuds will win all of theirs.

Even if we win our last 2 games 7nil, it’s not good enough, we should have been doing that before, the chavs did didn’t they?

The final word must go to Gordon ‘the gaff’ Brown, this site is not political (unless of course Ghengis Khan came back and started up a party, then it would be!) but after a pensioner mentioned the dreaded word ‘immigration’ on Wednesday, Gordon was heard calling her a bigot, now I have been called that on occasion and it’s very hurtful, believe me, so someone dares to ask where all these immigrants are coming from and he calls her a spiteful name, now he’s sorry, ha, ha, he’s not sorry the chump, he’s just sorry he got caught, the prize plonker.

Have a nice day Grovers, we have much to look forward to this summer, that is of course if the boss finally spends the money the whole world now know he definitely has.

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  1. Wenger the liar

    Arshavins Twitter update:

    “That French twat has had a go at me today, I moved from Russia to England to encouter perestroika, would you adam and eve it”

  2. Maqitlarge

    Mayank, you put Diaby in the first team.

    Anyone think we could improve on Sagna? He’s ok, but his clearances when we’re under pressure are woeful and invites it all back on us again.
    I though for a while that we;ve settled with him, rather than strived for truely world class. His first season he was a massive improvement on Eboue at the time but compare to, well, Maicon. No contest!

  3. Mayank

    Gallas is a very good defender and so is Verm. Defence is all about communication and understanding. YOu don’t magically develop taht overnight. Vidic was pretty average when he came. But after forging an understanding he was part of one of the best defences in the PL.

  4. chippy

    JD is a Mythical creature a bit like loch Ness in fact i think old Nessies been sighted more times than hi, but apparently he looks good in training thats a relief to you all im sure,

  5. goonermichael

    Wouldn’t it have been better if gordan brown had said. “she was a bigot, give us a quick blowjob before we get tu the next meeting”

  6. embryo

    when Eddie came on in Barca he looked like he had lead in his boots, what position does AW actually think he’ll play next season??? GK??? the poor lad has shot his bolt, time to unload and if AW can’t see that he deserves burning at the stake

  7. Hollywood Hotsauce

    Wenker’s at it again. This guy deserves a PhD for Spindoctorism from the University of Alastair Campbell….

  8. Mayank

    Maqitlarge, Diaby if he can stay injury free and have a solid run in the team and form an understanding with Cesc and Song can be very good. He’s not as dumb as people make him out to be just overzealous at times and unaffected at times.
    A lot of people became disillusioned with him after the Brca game. But he has talent.

    As for Sagna he’s very good when playing off a hardworking RW. With Nasri and Theo he stays back much more. He’s defensively solid too.

    Both these players are good enough to be in PL winning squads.

  9. Geoff

    People sorry about the confusion with the order of the post, I have now sussed it out and put it in it’s rightful place!

  10. charliegeorge

    Why does it surprise any of us that Basil’s fucking us over again?

    He’s been doing it for what …. the last 3 or 4 years?

    Even Guardiola, as young as he is, got it spot-on post the Inter defeat:

    “In sport, the team who wins are right.”

    Heed those words Basil, HEED THOSE WORDS!

    You muppett!!!

  11. B.B.K.

    Before I begin, let me dash all the hopes of Gooners everywhere, after the ‘I am going to buy’ porkies told by Arsenal, well now we’ve renewed our season tickets, the truth comes out, this is what he just said. ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum – then we will do it’ he also said ‘we will announce one player (Chamakh) before the World Cup, but after that we will see’

    Well after all the hope he filled us with at the beginning of the week, and saying he would do all his buying early so the squad can settle in, leading us to believe maybe he would finally get in the players we need, he’s now priming us not to expect many new signings……….DID YOU REALLY EXPECT ANYTHING ELSE

  12. Mayank

    Nope but having a constant back-four who’ve played together will. So will a GK who inspires confidence. Even stopping one sure goal a match can have a great positive effect on the defence. If this defence is not working it’s not because of individual talent it’s because of lack of understanding. Gael was out for a considerable time hence Verm had not chance to form a partnership on that side. Hence we’ve leaked goals there. Getting in 2 or 3 new defenders will require another year for them to settle.

  13. bops


    who says so ?? we would be lucky if we had close to 50 Mn.. we have to be reasonable here and not wish for the stars..

    chamakh – 0
    gk – say 10
    cb – 10
    cm – 15

    for 35 Mn we can start ruling again..

  14. Walking Wounded

    You know how Mr Wenger never seems to play a player in their natural position, how does this one sound?

    Theo as Right back.

    Everyone criticises him for his lack of final ball and how he runs into cul-de-sacs etc.

    With the pace he has, with the fact that he has shown an increasing willingness to track back this season, the defending will sort itself out, add that tho the vision of the overlapping runs, I think there is a possibility there.

    For a bit of fun – another one.

    Consider Almunia as Goonersaurus, but then again I wouldn’t trust him not to kill anyone with that launcher thing.

  15. Wenger the liar

    There is a bigger problem now than just “we need a goalie” or “we need a striker”. There is a loser mindset that is ingrained in the players that has come from the manager, a not the winning but the taking part type mentallity that can only be changed with a change of manager.

    You can sign a goalie, a CB a DM and a striker but when the business end of the season rolls around the squads inability to deliver in the past will be like a rock around their necks.

    If you gave me the choice of a new manager and no new signings or Arsene and spending £60m, I would take a new manager.

  16. SUGA3


    yes, Diaby has talent, but he is just a lazy fuck that can’t be arsed to put in a good shift because he is ‘better than that’…

    Légion étrangère drill sergeant for no.2 anyone?

    they speak French too!

  17. Mayank

    WW have you seen how Theo bounces off LBs. Now imagine him against 2 CBs. He has the skills necessary to be a RF and that’s what he is. A winger in a 4-3-3 is not your Valencia type player.
    Wingers are going out of fashion as it is.

  18. dennisdamenace

    Master P – Long time fella!

    Sorry, but i’m not in the mood today after yet more Arsene Wenger shite……

  19. Mayank

    WTL, the mentality you speak of can change within a number of games. Imagine a good start which includes beating City and Chelsea. Will the players still have a losing mentality?

    We saw the best and worst of Diaby this season. We’ve seen him glide past defences when the rest of our plans fail. And we’ve seen the Barca matches. He’s too close to being world class to abandon now.

  20. Walking Wounded


    Have you seen Theo’s shoulders?

    A sandwich with two burly CBs would break him in about 15 pieces.

    I only suggested it as an aside. SWP was fairly effective as a RB when he played there, so why not Theo.

  21. dennisdamenace

    I was told unequivocally that Gallas is going, that he does wnat to stay, but he’s going because he’s gor SERIOUS family problems, so wtf is Wenger on about, fucking crass bullshit from him, stalling before he has to buy. Fuck me if Gallas stayed he would STILL have to buy……

  22. rob green

    im sick of all the Arshavin talk!! he cant keep his mouth shut!! its not like he has come in and been on fire!! the russian mug!!

  23. Mayank

    I didn’t say he has skill only to play there I’m saying he needs to cut his teeth there. He’s not first team by any stretch though. He needs to learn how to get past players w/o using pace before he thinks of playing CF.

  24. SUGA3


    the only thing this team is lacking (managing wise, that is) is discipline – trust me, if AW made me his no.2 today AND gave me carte blanche to give them as much bollocking as I would have wanted after a fuckup, they would all be terrified to fail…

  25. Grandizer

    So Wengers says 3 players in maximum!!! Well considering we need a new goalie, a new central defender, another defensive midfielder, a striker, and a winger (who can cross cos I cant see chamamamack getting on the end of any of sagna or clichy’s crosses!!!) it looks like were already fucked for next season!! Add into the equation that nasri, van persie, diaby, gallas, rosicky, theo etc will definately get injured at some point cos their so weak and it looks like we will be seeing a similar squad to this season folks!!! …….I just hope wengers bluffing!

  26. Henry14

    Here’s one for you that you should prepare yourselves for – i would take a gamble that he re-signs sylveste to another year.

  27. SUGA3


    why slate AA for telling it as it is? this season he was played out of position, through injury and surrounded by retards, no wonder he did not set the league alight…

  28. Jaguar

    Which match against Barca did you see,Mayank?Diaby was a useless piece of shit in both the matches. He is no where good enough to be world class. He is just over rated by the AKBs.

  29. alexvincent

    To get to the final, he had to beat Chelsea, who are going to win the league, and Barcelona, the defending champions, and the best team in the world right now. Did you expect anything else but Inter to defend and try and grab one on the break?

    In the same vein, there is an art of attacking in football which Barcelona are capable of displaying but there is equally an art to defending which Mourinho appears to have perfected…sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses but you cant begrudge him. Other posters lamely claim that it is easy to put 10/11 men behind the ball and that anybody can do it…hmmm…actually not that easy especially against a team like Barca. As for me i respect the man…I have seen his teams in over 100 games attack better than Barca and defend “with their blood
    How many times has Mourinho beaten the better team? He is, despite being at times an insufferable man, a great manager and tactician, one of the world’s best.

    And I believe that its time wenger stopped protecting his players, let them take the heat. As Myles palmer rightly said this is creating a culture of also-rans within the club, a culture wherein the need or desire to win isnt felt by a vast majority of the team and its time to put an end to it. I remember jose substituting joe cole coz he was doing fancy things on the ball instead of getting on with the game, the same with balotelli. The difference between wenger and mourinho is this , wenger protects his players far too much while mourinho makes sure that the player is good and capable enough to do what he wants them to do, to do what is good for the team.

    We need to create a winning team with the right mentality, everytime one of chelsea’s players’s is about to get a card the whole team comes together to protest ..all the 10 outfield players. Again look at fulham, a team with modest resources but in the last 2 years they have brought a dramatic change in themselves, in their attitude. That is what is needed. The togetherness, The need to fight for each other everytime, the desire to win.

    Football rightly said is an art, an art that has 2 core sides to it
    Attacking and defending.. And both combined successfully is football and To think that playing football without having a discplined defense “is art”, is a bit idiotic and its time wenger realised that.

    I do not admire mourinho or myles palmer, nor do i support all their views , But there is some sense in what they say too and its time we took notice of that instead of constantly ignoring them.

    And finally we as fans have a duty too, a duty to support our team no matter what. Its fine to give constructive criticism but lets try not to go overboard with it. This is our team, our arsenal…and let us never forget that!

  30. Mayank

    Suga3 that’s a bold thought but don’t you think the problem lies deeper than just fear or lack thereof.
    Discipline is 50% training and 50% understanding. Face it sometimes we need Verm to come tearing through it’s something the teams don’t expect and it disrupts rigid man marking as well.
    If we can manage the same back 4 for about 30 games we’ll be much better defensively.

  31. Maqitlarge

    Does anyone know if people at the club follow this site.

    I would love them to know just how completely disillusioned, disenfranchised and very nearly disengaged we, the most obsessed supporters of Arsenal Football Club are.


  32. Mayank

    Jag I said he was woeful in the Barca matches. It was the opposite end of the spectrum of his ability.
    Even you had accepted for a short while the Diaby was our MoTM in a number of matches. You just can’t call such a player shit out rightly.

  33. goonnneeeerrrrr

    Come Sept. 1, I’m gonna decide if I need to take a break from football till this man gets out of our club. I’m losing it 🙁

  34. Henry14

    Maynak – he’s not shit but he’s way, way, way too inconsistant.

    He’s 24 by the way – he should be starting to find that form and keep it if he wants to improve.

    The problem is Wenger doesn’t work on the things they are shit at – he only trains them on what they are good at.

    That’s his whole footballing philosophy!

    Hence these players don’t ever improve and when they move clubs – Helb, Flamini etc.etc. they all want to come back so they can do what they do best

    PASS SIDEWAYS, NEVER SHOOT and get treated like kings.

  35. Henry14

    I really don’t get what’s happened to him you know, i mean he turned so many players into true superstars and now he’s just flogging a dead horse with half the team!

    In fairness, he was never going to buy a DM because he’ll play Eastmond more next season you could see that a mile off.

    I am assuming LJW will be back so again he has another midfield option there

    and he’s banking on Djourou being a player (I can’t see it by who knows)

    Other than that the rest he loves – so he was never going to sell diaby, denilson etc..etc..

    You could always see it was going to only be a few players coming in.

    All he needs to do is buy a world class keeper, a CH or 2 and i think we’d actually put in a much better shift with the rest of the squad we have.

  36. Jaguar

    He has the ability against shit teams at home,Mayank.But he is shit against all the better teams. Why not flog him then

  37. rob green

    SUGA3 11:43 – if he has a problem he should keep it in house!! so your happy for jim to say he would love to play for barca etc

  38. ikon

    cannot believe he is upto same shit again.
    Btw I never thought Wenger would leave Fabianski out in the cold… and i dont think goalkeeping will be a problem if Almunia doesnt play.

    But I really think we need to strengthen the defense and the attack, we lack movement and finishing to the extent its sometimes embarrassing to watch.

  39. SUGA3


    once again: I want these overrated and overpaid primadonnas brought and pampered beyond any reasonable limits by Our Glorious Leader to be TERRIFIED of failure…

    I don’t want to hear any more of this ‘we don’t get enough credit’ bollocks spouted by the likes of fat ponce Nasri – fuck me, win something, you will get credit, if you don’t pull your weight then fuck off…

    salaries should also be more performacne related IMO – if you ge paid the same whether you win or not, you simply won’t be bothered, will you? there are only a few proper professionals in this squad…

  40. Mayank

    There’s a lot of difference in playing in a makeshit side and playing with the same bunch more or less for a number of matches. Nasri and ROsicky are both good players but if you have them play with a bunch of people who they haven’t played with you are going to suffer.

    My thinking is Wenger should find his 11 fittest players and make that the first team. We’ve seen what our first choice team can do and not many would say they’re not good enough.
    Sagna Song Arsh Verm Cesc(impact injuries aside) are players who rarely get injures Along with RvP who is too good to keep out of the team and a few more signings for the first team.

  41. Jaguar

    When Arshavin’s agent meant that he loves Arsenal and his stay depended on Wenger’s contract,he obviously meant that Arshavin wouldnt stay if the senile French pig head decide to stay at Arsenal.

  42. Henry14

    Not addressing the keeper and defensive issues is literally gross negligence. It really, really is.

    He’s clearly an intelligent man but he’s just blinded by his own ego and like so many say he has nobody telling him differntley or any accountablilty at all at the club.

    How have we got ourselves here?

    I could cry!

    I think we have to face facts that until someone buys the club and get’s control, Hill-wood and Fizman will never put pressure on Arsene.

    Not in a million years – he has a job for life under these clowns.

  43. Maqitlarge

    Nice piece Alex Vincent. I respect your views but i the case of your last point where us fans should always be supportive I, and I’m sure many others onhere can’t quite go along with that.

    Yes, on match days we should get behind whoever is wearing the red and white (or yellow, or blue or white FFS) of Arsenal. I’m with you on that

    But outside of that how can anyone who loves Arsenal be happy with the direction of the club and the bulshit thats coming out of it?

  44. Mayank

    He had a great game at OT Jag, apart from the obvious of course.

    Suga3 I don’t think a player like Nasri once hailed as the new Zidane will be happy with just picking up a cheque for the rest of his career. We have to incorporate a culture of hard work on the field of course but much of that is down to having a fit 11 and smart rotation. Not all players are Flamini. For most of this season rotation has been forced on us.

  45. dennisdamenace

    ATom – I get all this information from my “insider” at the club, only to hear all this bollocks from the horse’s mouth.

    Now i understand the mechanics of not wanting to letth world know we’re after x amount of players, and even more so that we have x amount of money.

    But, just keep you fcuking mouth shut. Does he really think this is what all Arsenal fans, particularly the paying ones, want to hear, more minimal investment in the first team. The final straw will be annoucing ten best fucking meals in London, oh and we’ve just signed two 14 year olds from Bot fucking swana!

  46. Wenger the liar

    Why even mention Djorou?

    For that matter why even mention RVP?

    These guys should not be regarded as part of the squad. AW should sit down and look at his squad and remove there names.

    RVP and Djouor have never played 3/4 of a full season ever.

    There inclusion in a match day squad/team should be regarded as a bonus and nothing more.

  47. Mayank

    Wtl, or you could say RvP hasn’t had a muscle related injuy for 2 years. Getting hit by a truck called Cheillini(sp) is hardly being injury prone.

  48. simon

    So that’s 1. Chamakh 2. Surely to Chr1st a GK

    And (only if Gallas leaves) 3. CB

    Not enough. Cambiasso showed against Barca just how vital a proper DMF can be. If we lose Song or Fabregas for any length of time (and let’s face it with us that’s a huge possibility), we’re done.

  49. leon

    i could well wroung but i dont think wenger first signings wont be in defence he will wait to situation with gallas and sole plays out that makes sense he might buy 1 cb initialy to replace silvest,it ithink will chamhk dm and a keeper,i given gallas until end may to make decision,also edwardo in opinion will find it very tough first team chances he looks well ot sorts.wenger makes his statment based on current squad knowing there will out going and with 25 man rule means there more than usual,some players in current first team squad will out on loan or sold ,plkayers like eastmond coqulin barazite vela.players that over 20 that have out on for than 2 years will be sold at 3-4 players i think will alot out going this season

  50. ikon

    Arshavin is a misfit imo, if you have clueless players playing around him instead of Messi, Xavi, anyone with that calibre would get frustrated.

    I think there is nothing wrong with that.

    And our hopes of going another season injury free to our one season wonder RVP depends on how well he is able to handle himself while away at friendlies.

  51. Geoff

    We should buy that truck then shouldn’t we, or is that too simple, we lack a centre back with presence, he is one, two and two…

  52. Henry14

    Leon – he won’t sell those players mate! Eastmond will be part of the first team squad next season as understudy to song. 100%.

    You have those boys on the Arsenal website saying Henderson, JET, Wilshere, Watt all want to make the step up next year.

    Wenger will give them a chance – he won’t sell them.

    Vela maybe but again doubtful.

  53. Wenger the liar

    Mayank –

    Hit by a truck? what you mean the challange that wasnt even a foul, let alone a card?

    If my morris minor has a faulty engine, then the suspension gets fucked, then I have to change the gear box, then the exuast is knackered and then finally the tires need changing I dont think to myself that its a great little runner cause the Engine has been fine for two years.

    The bottom line with RVP is he has never played 3/4 of a season and he is struggling to play half a year, so why would you rely on this guy being your main striker?

    Hes a bonus when fit, nothing more.

  54. Mayank

    Bying Chiellini would be a great deal. Can we get him? Does he want to move? we’re superior to Juve in every way but he has a special affinity to the club. Juve seem to be skint so they won’t let him go easily.

  55. Henry14

    Maynak – pipe dream.

    Why even talk about signing players like that!

    We all know we won’t get a big name this season, we never do – so it’ll be suprise signings that people haven’t heard of like Vermaalen – or players on frees like Chamakh etc..etc…

    It’s literally pointless talking about De Rossi, Villa, Chiellini, Buffon etc..etc..

  56. Mayank

    A tackle doesn’t need to be a foul to do real damage. Van Persie was running at full speed and he’s one of the top 5 fastest runners with the ball. At that speed a kick to the ankle can do real damage.

  57. SUGA3

    hailed the new Zidane by whom exactly? sure, he is capable of a moment of greatness, but far too inconsistent…

    being played out of position does not help him, but I don’t want to hear any of these bollocks, he was in the side that capitulated at Wigan – Wigan, for fuck’s sake!!!

  58. Henry14

    Fact’s are we can expect 2 players and youth again stepping up.

    There is no other debate on signings.

    The issue is Wenger – end of story.

    It’s not even about how much he spends anymore, it’s about his tactics, the way he run’s the club, his training methods, the mentality he installs, the complete disregard for fans and there views – it’s all of these things now.

    Facts are another manger, Hiddink, Guardiola – whoever IMO could come in and do a far better job than him.

    Even with the same players.

    Install a winning mentality, second best isn’t good enough, teach defense, put up a FUCKING FIGHT!!!!!!

  59. Mayank

    Doesn’t matter by whom does it? If you were hailed as the new Armin Van Buuren ( I don’t like Techno he’s the only name I know 🙂 ) would you be happy to sit on your ass and collect a weekly cheque?

  60. Henry14

    No other manager in world football that was serious about there career would let a player like Almunia be there No1.

    That’s a fact!!!!!!

  61. Wenger the liar

    Mayank –

    Yeah mate thats great. The point is he is injury prone, would you bet that he will play a full season next year? would you bet that he will play 75% of matches?

    People that fail to learn from the mistakes of history are condemned to repeat them.

    That just about sums up Arsenes reliance on players that are injured.

    “with a fit RVP” yada yada yada

  62. Mayank

    To say RvP is injury prone is an easy way out. You have to ask yourself when was the last time he got injured due to injury-proneness. It’s all well to be ultra negative and call it being realistic but you just can’t not count a player like RvP on your list of assets.

  63. Maqitlarge

    Does anyone think there is a plan post Wenger? It could be as early as next year.

    Will they promote from within (Bould), speculate on an emerging talent or go for big cahouna sized experience?

    I’m for the latter. Bould would be bullied by the board and would never spend or attract the top players. Emerging talent is a risk (Blackburn with Paul Ince).

    Van Gaal, Hiddink or Moyes for me.

  64. GoonerT1m

    ITS A JOKE!!!WHY DO PEOPLE SUPPORT THIS IDIOT?…he wont change anything, ARGHHHHH! seasons all renewed ..sucked in again.

  65. Maqitlarge

    what am I talking about. Of course there isn’t a plan.

    We’re just a rich version of us in the early 80s (no DD).
    Go get Don Howe!

  66. Simon

    I think he’ll go for a new keeper, he can’t possibly believe what he’s got is good enough (not including Shezcheny?????????)

  67. Wenger the liar


    When was the last time he was injured doen to injury proneness?


    When you consider RVP and Djorou as first team squad members you end up in the position of playing Sylvestre center half against Barca and Eboue – Arshavin – Rosicky up top.

    RVP – Bonus when fit and nothing more.

  68. SongtheGreat

    afternoon all..

    great post Geoff…im trying my hardest to stay away from comments..its going to be a long summer..chamakh is a done deal…after that who the feck knows…me im not convinced that anyone else important will be bought…

    that said im not that concerned with transfers..the only thing that we should worry about is getting wenger out…the sooner the better..i dont think he deserves to by our manager anymore…in fact i cant decide which i want out the most…wenger or almunia…both would be superb…

    have a great weekend all Gooners and Grovers..

  69. SUGA3

    and oh, Wenger is off to SA to work for French TV – sort out your own backyard first, once you do this, start planning a circus trip around Asia and States!

  70. dennisdamenace

    There is only one reason why that fucking bag o’ shite is (and will continue to be) Arsenal’s No.1, it’s because he’s fucking cheap!

    Why spend £10m, £15m, £20m on the real thing and £50k per week wages when you got this £20k a week mug in goal, you go pat him on the head Arsene and say thanks for saving my bonus……..

  71. leon

    henry players like eastmond coqualin needs beefup alot but barazite out on loan or sold same for vela if this season next,the players out on loan over 20 who have loaned more 2-3 times like simpson randall hoyte gibson are gone.over all i think alminia or fabianki, gallas silvest merida will go. if wenger brings dm player and chamkh then alot alot will depend on how much first team chances wenger can garantee players like vela edwardo and delinson,at the very least 3 players will leave plus some players loaned out

  72. SUGA3


    I am inclined to give him another season, however reluctantly…

    ideally, I would give him until the mid July to strengthen (and I mean GK, 2CBs a DM and 2CFs) or let someone else do this…

  73. SUGA3


    but when we were getting Rosicky and Gilberto, we were not in the dire situation we are now, were we?

    they say Neron fiddled watching Rome burn…

  74. GoonerT1m

    its like having your wallet stolen outside the tube station in broad daylight. what a total dickhead, i was feeling the same, they must have waited until they got a certain perecentage of renewels, he even brought his conference forward to spout that shit, unreal.

  75. Maqitlarge

    I’m not so sure that’d be a great idea Mayank.

    The job is more than just coaching the team. Its managing 22 (hopefully) world class player, keeping them happy. Its dealing with the press, SKY etc. Its attracting players. All that big job stuff.

    However, a successful Steve Bould would be AMAZING!!!

  76. SongtheGreat

    One day a blonde was horseback riding. Everything was going fine until the horse started going too fast and bouncing out of control. The blonde tried with all her might to hang on, but soon was thrown off.

    With her foot caught in the stirrup, she fell head first to the ground. Her head continued to bounce on the ground as the horse would not stop or even slow down. Just as the blonde was about to give up hope and was losing consciousness…

    The K-Mart manager came out and unplugged the horse.

  77. Maqitlarge

    thre been aot of talk about this bonus Wenger gets. Is there any evidence? Where did this all come from. How did it get out?

  78. Keyser

    GoonerT1m – Mate, come on, it’s exactly like having your wallet stolen, if you happen to actually go up to the would be mugger/ thief, say here’s my wallet, why don’t you help yourself to all it’s contents.

    Oh you want the wallet to ? Oh ok, have that, you’ll need something to put all my money in.

  79. SongtheGreat

    A farmer and his brand new bride were riding home from the chapel in a wagon pulled by a team of horses, when the older horse stumbled. The farmer said, “That’s once.”

    A little further along, the poor old horse stumbled again. The farmer said, “That’s twice.”

    After a little, while the poor old horse stumbled again. The farmer didn’t say anything, but reached under the seat, pulled out a shotgun and shot the horse.

    His brand new bride raised all kind of hell with him, telling him, “That was an awful thing to do.”

    The farmer said, “That’s once.”

  80. Mayank

    True Maqit, but his teams play the Arsenal way with a lot more defensive maturity(that’s expected of course), I’d like him to take over. Perhaps Ivan can handle the business and PR side of things.

  81. goonermichael

    A bloke gets home to find his girfriend packing her bags
    What are you doing?
    I’m leaving you
    My friends all say you’re a peodaphile
    That’s a big word for an 8 year old

  82. Keyser

    Suga3 – That’s what we’re going for with the youth thing, if we develop them over the course of several seasons through the Youth Academy, they should fit in a whole lot quicker.

    We just need a team for the now, so we can fit it all together.

  83. SongtheGreat

    ok then one more before i go…cheers all..remember dont drive without drinking…

    laters all,have a splendid weekend :

    Doctor, doctor, please kiss me,” says the patient.
    “No, I’m sorry, that would be against the code of ethics,” says the doctor.

    Ten minutes later the patient says: “Doctor, please, kiss me just once.”
    “No, I’m sorry, I just can’t” he says.

    Five minutes later, she asks again: “Please, please kiss me!”
    “Look,” says the doctor, “it’s out of the question. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be f***ing you.

  84. SUGA3


    that’s a big IF, isn’t it? at the same time, our first team is not improving while most of the teams we are supposed to compete with are…

  85. chippy

    oh and we’ve just signed two 14 year olds from Bot fucking swana!

    I can assure you thats not true ive heard the deal broke down after the Botswana botserwendatchy Pound plummeted against sterling it would have made the invest now a little over £3.40 from the original £1.16 and pack of quavers,

    Wengers thought to have had misgivings as that sort of money could be better spent on an artificial insemanating device in Swaziland,

  86. Keyser

    Suga3 – A big IF ? Lifes a big IF, you could spend hundreds of millions and end up 4th/5th/6th like Citeh.

    It relies heavily on us spotting the best talent out there early enough and we’ve done pretty well with that, we just need to keep them together long enough to experience the success that comes with it.

    We haven’t done that bad this season, better than last season at least.

  87. SUGA3


    but we will never know unless we spend some wonga, no?

    if we continue to fail due to not spending and believing in the dross we have, maybe now is the time to change?

  88. Keyser

    Suga3 – Dude, dross ? Why exaggerate all the time ? We need a couple more top quality players to supplement the squad if we face the same injuries again, you never know we might have an average season injury wise and keep most of them fit for once.

  89. SUGA3


    we have not improved compared to last season, it’s the same old story…

    if anything, we got worse, as we fared better against the teams we are supposed to be on par with last season – I don’t buy into this ‘finer margins’ spin, we should be pissing the league this season if the ‘mental strength’, ‘quality’ and all that crap was to be believed…

    Chavs and ManYoo dropped more points than last season and we started beating shit teams like we are supposed to, big deal…

  90. Dutchman

    Do you guys also think that it is rediculous that wenger is saying that he won’t extend his contract as the team doesn’t show any ambition to win something!!
    He is the man who have made this team, how the fack can you say that, so wenger you have to change things than, you big fat cunt. How wenger??

  91. GoonerT1m

    certainly there was a big improvement in defence!!, attack, when RVP got injured we had a solid back up didnt we?, a 4 ft midget as a central striker and the goalkeepers certainly improved didnt they, where were the semi finals we normally loose BTW?, improvement, sorry where?..which team did you follow this year, what games did you got to?

  92. Wenger the liar

    How many testimonials are there going to be this summer, in all divisions?

    Arsene Wenger is going to buck the trend of modern football by keeping a squad together for 16 years, from the age of 16-32.

    Arsene Wenger is a genius.

    Arsene Knows, everyone else is wrong.

  93. SUGA3

    Diaby, Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Eduardo, Silvestre – should I carry on?

    the above are not a trophy winning material (read: dross), unless it’s Carling fucking Cup, and there are teams they would struggle against anyway…

  94. GoonerT1m

    yup dutchman, he’s like a child pretending to everyone he might not sign an extension!, get real he will never leave, come on new owners where are you???

  95. Keyser

    Suga3 – What’s the point in discussing anything if you expect us to piss the league every year ? Honestly so from the season we had last year, you thought we’d suddenly piss the league this year ?!

  96. SUGA3


    Arsenal 38 20 12 6 68 37 31 72

    2009-10 (so far):

    Arsenal 36 22 6 8 78 39 39 72

    yes, we are scoring more goals but we have conceded two more with two games to go – so what does OGL do? buy another striker…

  97. Keyser

    GoonerT1m – Fuck me, list all the things you want, you weren’t really robbed were you ? You must feel like a right muppet.

  98. SUGA3


    to be honest with you (believe me or not), I thought we would be fighting for the title against Chavs and that it would go to the wire…

    I saw two possible outcomes: us coming up trumps with the above mentioned dross shipped out and quality replacements brought in or us coming just short with no action taken…

    yet once again, when push came to shove, we shat ourselves – again!

    now tell me who is at fault if not the manager…

  99. SUGA3


    one more thing:

    ‘we should be pissing the league this season if the ‘mental strength’, ‘quality’ and all that crap was to be believed’

    how you read this like I think we should be pissing the league every year is beyond me, really…