As MI5 would say, there is an awful lot of chatter going on in blogland!

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Before I begin, let me dash all the hopes of Gooners everywhere, after the ‘I am going to buy’ porkies told by Arsenal, well now we’ve renewed our season tickets, the truth comes out, this is what he just said. ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum – then we will do it’ he also said ‘we will announce one player (Chamakh) before the World Cup, but after that we will see’

Well after all the hope he filled us with at the beginning of the week, and saying he would do all his buying early so the squad can settle in, leading us to believe maybe he would finally get in the players we need, he’s now priming us not to expect many new signings.

He normally waits a few weeks before he contradicts himself, even by his standards this is quick. It’s groundhog day!

Why don’t we help him, hopefully someone at Arsenal will read this, listen to the fans, we pay your wages.

Let’s draw up a shortlist to make it easier for Mr Wenger, let’s not make the same mistakes of the last few years, let’s make a statement that Arsenal football club intend to win some trophies next season.

The number one thing for me is to get a side that has a future, or one that will help develop this team for the future, and also one that will finally deliver and now, in the present. Stop all this I believe in this team cobblers, and stop telling us they have great mental strength, they don’t Arsene, remember Wigan?

I would always try and get an anglo spine in there as the one thing I feel we are good at in Great britain is building from the back, Jack Wilshere says we have many technically gifted youngsters coming through so we are good in that department, some of the fancy dan foreign players for me go missing when it gets tough, so I would look at the following players to bring in. (and don’t quote Theo, he will come good)

Numero Uno, the keeper, forget the rest, go for Englands future number 1, Joe hart, we missed out on Given, so let’s go for the future, he has presence, size and ability. I like him a lot.

At the back I would look at Richards, he’s available, he’s a Gooner, he’s a great right back with pace and he could also make an awesome partnership with Vermaelen in the centre, if not him then Cahill or Subotic, or both.

In the middle we are Ok save the defensive side, I would love Rodwell, but I can’t see us getting him, he would cost too much, so maybe a Velosa, not Melo for me. The future could be Eastmond but he’s not ready yet. Song needs competition and as I have always said, we need two teams, Denilson though has to go.

Up front I think we need to get shot of Eduardo, he hasn’t got what he had, so let’s move on, it’s a shame because I love him, but we have to think about the future, so bring in Villa, or even a cheeky bid for Benzema.

With that little lot we would have experience and youth and the youngsters could come through in time, when they’re ready, bring Wilshere back and give him the chances that Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Song and Flamini were afforded.

We have Chamakh coming and that is a good thing, but he needs service so maybe a winger, an out an out winger, not a forward or a midfielder. And I don’t have a clue who, perhaps you do?

That little lot would be within the budget if we used the City money, sold a few and spent the new money Wenger keeps banging on about having.

We do not need another lot of potential, we have that in spades, our defence leaks goals and that is down to the keeper and lack of confidence in the keeper, arch AKB Bob Wilson is even saying the duo we have, haven’t got what it takes, and he not only works for Arsenal, he works with those two as well.

I like all of our players, but like in business, you have to be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to move some of them on, we can’t keep throwing away the cups and the EPL, because the fans deserve better.

So in an ideal world I would sign Hart, Richards, Subotic, Rodwell and Villa. I would have said Hangeland but his stats this season are not so great and the boss believes in stats.

We only have two more games to go, but I can’t see us losing 3rd place even if we don’t win those games, because I don’t believe City and the spuds will win all of theirs.

Even if we win our last 2 games 7nil, it’s not good enough, we should have been doing that before, the chavs did didn’t they?

The final word must go to Gordon ‘the gaff’ Brown, this site is not political (unless of course Ghengis Khan came back and started up a party, then it would be!) but after a pensioner mentioned the dreaded word ‘immigration’ on Wednesday, Gordon was heard calling her a bigot, now I have been called that on occasion and it’s very hurtful, believe me, so someone dares to ask where all these immigrants are coming from and he calls her a spiteful name, now he’s sorry, ha, ha, he’s not sorry the chump, he’s just sorry he got caught, the prize plonker.

Have a nice day Grovers, we have much to look forward to this summer, that is of course if the boss finally spends the money the whole world now know he definitely has.

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  1. rob green

    The first part of the blog up until the words ground hog day is why I want wenger out. I’m not going to put up with the lies and spill and the lack of signing each season!! It’s the same every season!!

    This time next season we will be saying wenger will now invest blah blah we have money now blah blah give him one more season blah blah!!

    At best wenger will get Chamakh on a free and sign one more player on the cheap!!

  2. gambon

    Almunia, Fabianski, Hoyte, Gilbert, Silvestre, Senderos, Traore, Pedro, Denilson, Randall, Merida, Walcott, Barazite, Sunu, Simpson, Murphy, Eduardo.

  3. Walking Wounded

    Congratulations to Fulham, and lets laugh in the faces of the Scousers!

    Fulham have played over 60 games this season and they still have fight and drive.

    If we could buy 20% of that fight and desire for £15 million then that would be a great signing.

  4. Meneurdejeu10

    Denilson is potentially a world class player.
    He does not get enough credit. People forget he was a captain at youth level. Very nice boy.

  5. Henry14

    This is exactly what i was talking about yesterday.

    He’s not even planning on strengthening the defence if gallas stays!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!

    We will get stuffed again next season.

    I wouldn’t be suprised – honestly if he re-signs sylvestre for another season.

    I can actually see it. It’s mind-boggling.

    All those people yesterday and the day before giving it the big one about how he is going to buy 3 players.

    It’s the same shit every year.

  6. Maqitlarge

    Ummm, season ticket renewal is June 1st for my seats.

    Thanks for the show of intent Arsene, and its not even May!!

    So it appears there are now three things certain in life. Death, taxes and Wengers contradiction come transfer window time.

    We need to mobilize ourselves guys. If we don’t stand up to the club they’ll carry on doing the bare minimum on the pitch to acheive maximum profits.

    I say boycot the Fulham game! Send a couple of blokes in to put up a massive banner describing our disappointment and good luck to Fulham in their chase ofr silverware!


  7. Wenger the liar

    “I still have faith in this squad”

    Wengers time is over.

    i am sick and tired of people that defend him.

    “You dont know the restrictions he has been working under”

    If thats the case then it is worse than his experiment, if he has serious restrictions he has been LYING to the fans – that for me is worse than project youth.

  8. Alfie Noakes

    Shit Gambon..

    That is a scary list of mediocrity.. Thats got to be about 10 – 15 million a year of waste in wages..

    I cannot see him NOT signing a keeper.. Its beyond a joke now. A keeper and a centre back.. He will be beyond laughing stock if he doesnt..

  9. chippy

    Richards = Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hes everythiing i despise, and is a proper big time charlie thats done fuck all in the game and already thinks hes won it all the bloke is a Priz prick that dosent deserve to wear The Arsenal shirt + the fact hes got the positional sense of a goldfish and he would lead to even more shocking goals,Still not overly convinced by Hart and He would block the development of a top prospect id be more inclined to go with a bit of experience for the next season or two,

    Subotic,Villa and Rodwell yes Please but will it happen not fucking likely with our transfer policy hed probably promote Gunnersarus on a wage rise and stick him on the flank,

  10. Walking Wounded


    “world class player”?

    “nice boy”?

    You Wot!

    He is garbage.

    The only thing he has done this season that makes him stand out from anyone else is shoot from distance, but I don’t think he is vey good at that.

    The first goal against Everton was quality, the rest were just lucky.

    Sell him to Birmingham, he would fit in there

  11. Meneurdejeu10

    For you guys that are season ticket holders and regularly go to matches, are there any banners that

    say sign players or buy DM or Denilson is not good enough or stop fooling us Arsene?

  12. rob green

    Something weird is going on. I can only access this post via newsnow. I cant access it via le-grove. When i click home on this site it shows yesterdays post

  13. Tom

    When AW said ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum”, all the hopes DASHED!!! I really hope it’s just a smoke screen!!! I hope he prove me WRONG this time!!!

  14. Wenger the liar

    Now I am waiting for Arshavin to come out with a response to Wengers comments, if it is in the slightest bit negative he will be off this summer.

    Wengers like the dad in front of you in the que at Tescos whose child is roll on the floor screaming cause he wants a cadburys cream egg – just give him a slap you stupid bastard, but no lets all suffer cause youre a weak fucker.

  15. gambon

    I love cadburys cream eggs.

    I may be in my 20’s, but i’ll still roll on the floor crying if it gets me one.

  16. Maqitlarge

    Wenger is such a fucking cunt its untrue.

    Earlier this week he said its better to have his squad in place before the world cup – that after he’s tried to unsuccessfully buy cheap in the last moments of the transfer window, numerously!

    Now its one signing before June 11th and he has faith in his squad.

    Sorry Arsene, we can still remember the Wigan game and we’re still feeling it. We’re tainted fans.

    But nothing this team has done in last few years (Wigan, Spurs x 3, Diaby v Man U, pathetic against top two teams) is as infuriating as you.

    You’re a fucking liar and you’re cheating us AGAIN!!!

    Go fuck yourself. I no longer back you. Give us back our Arsenal!

    Furious of London!

  17. chippy

    Bob Wilson = To experienced ,

    Gunnersaurus = has great Mental Strentgh and desire (In)

    Tom Watt = Tows the party line wont rock the boat Captain Material (In)

    Matt Lucas = Ideal Partner for Tom at the heart of the defence has comical timing which will lead to a glut of hillarious goals being conceded, (In)

  18. Henry14

    It’s so so so deflating. Honestly – i have renewed mine was the same deadline June 1st but i just did it as always straight away.

    Such a big part of me wants to say fuck it and stop going but i just can’t.

    Wenger literally takes my soul and sucks it dry, i cannot stand the man. The more and more i hear his fucking french voice talking about how he believes in his squad – i feel the rage building.

    Next season won’t be like this one, Man U and Chelsea will pull away from us much earlier – especially if they strengthen which you know they will.

  19. Meneurdejeu10

    For you guys that are season ticket holders and regularly go to matches, are there any banners that

    say sign players or buy DM or Denilson is not good enough or stop fooling us Arsene?

  20. chippy

    Haha the blokes turning into Comical Ali at an alarming rate, No wonder the Q+A was postponed wouldnt want any searching questions being asked would we,

  21. Wenger the liar

    But the funny thing is that the people who say that AKBs dont exist, you know the AKBs, will then turn round and say that Arshavin didnt have a good season, he was lazy, he was probably disrupting the dressing room – all the while bigging up the statistics of Denilson and saying that Diaby could be world class.

    What wankers.

  22. Maqitlarge

    H14 – when is the last time you heard or read what Wenger has said without any sort or indifference?

    His post match interviews are embarrassing and his press conferences contradicting the last.

    He humiliates us regularly!

    And say Man U get Dolphin Head and Milner. Two very possible signings. We’re nowhere near them. Thats before they get another stiker too.

  23. Maqitlarge

    This has upset me more that whats happened this season.

    He’s killing all hope for next season with his self imposed restraints. Un-fucking-forgivable!

    Its like he needs to be the underdog and he’s making damn sure he is. Too fucking scared to fail with a proper crack of the whip.

    And I’m normally a moderate!!!

  24. Wiseman

    I would like to see the Season Ticket holders have a protest on the last day of the season, pressurizing Arsenal to buy more players.

    Hey Season Ticket holders, do you feel strongly enough to do that?

  25. gambon

    Wenger cant handle the pressure of success.

    Its easier for him to just be an also ran buying no-one, spending £50m on world class players raises expectations, and he’s terrified of that.

    Therefore he sabotages our chances intentionally.

    He is a grade A Cunt, and should manage West Ham, not Arsenal.

  26. Maqitlarge

    How can he not realise he’s losing more and more of the fan base every passing transfer window, even every time he opens his mouth.
    Does he even fucking care?

    Like I said before I’m a moderate but if he doesn’t strenghen this team and admit its shortcoming this summer he’s lost me for good and I dare say a good deal like me.
    An early defeat to anybody next season will pile the pressure right back on him. Surely thats worse than the pressure of trying to win?

    He can’t live off 2004 for much longer.

  27. gambon


    He literally doesnt give a shit, he wont sign a new contract and will be gone in a year.

    He is lining his pockets, he probably gets a % of everything he doesnt spend.

    If he spent £50m he would probably miss out on £5m in his pocket.

    As Myles Palmer says, he’s the greatest spin doctor in the history of the game.

  28. Wenger the liar

    “he cant live off 2004 for much longer”

    In any other business you have a couple of bad months and youre out the door. At arsenal its a football club when it suits the argument and then its a business when it suits another argument. I am afraid you cant have it both ways.

    By the way this isnt aimed at you personally. I am just sick of hearing crap like “the arsenal way” in once sentance then talk of business model the next.

  29. Maqitlarge

    and you gotta give Myles that much. He spotted that years ago. He made a (Arsenal commentary) career from Wenger and he literally can’t hide his contempt for him.

  30. embryo

    Wengers a cunt, he’s got us all by the short and curly’s. he feeds us all this shit and we have no choice. i have my seasonm ticket renewel here, and i would love to tear it up, but i can’t because i love the club. and that fucking twat starts feeding us all the same old bollox. makes me so fucking angry

  31. Master P

    strange goings on with the post this morning….
    this blog has been live on my page from about 8.40 this morning….hmmmmmmmmm…



    well, technically 😉

  32. Maqitlarge

    WtL I agree mate.

    The business model is fine. The Arsenal way is fine.
    Those two things do not mean you can’t spend money you have to make the team competitive for the 55,000 fans who pay the most expensive ticket in world football.

    We’re losing a generation of fans to Chelsea, Man U, even Spurs and Villa. Not exactly great business that.

    A great business makes money. A great football club wins trophies!!!

  33. Walking Wounded

    All you blokes out there are calling Wenger a prize -C-U-N-T

    But there is nothing better than a top quality woman’s bits, so I’m confused….

    In these election fever times everyone is spinning what he is saying and unfortunately it seems that we are spinning out of control.

    My point is let’s not get depressed.

    Look at the opposite spin.

    He has stated he is going to spend money and to start with he is going to announce his 1st signing by June 11th, with more to follow.

    Please remember people the transfer window does not open until 1st July, and for him to talk openly about any transfers before then, will be deemed an attempt to “unsettle” the player, what we and Wenger have pilloried Barcelona and the like for years.

    Plus anyone that he specualtes that we are interested in, with the fact that we may have a large war chest, will see the price go up and other teams, such as Citeh, push the price up.

    I know that I am going to be planted in the AKBs, but there is no point stressing over something that we have no control over. As I said the Henry14, I will launch into a major Anit-Wenger tirade, if and when he fails to sufficiently strengthen the team.

    This close season is massive for Wenger. He has no more excuses to fail, as Gazidis does the negotiations now and there seems to de the money, and there definitely the need for fresh blood in the team.


  34. finestcuts

    Gallas isn’t going to sign because he wants 2 years and more money and I think he’ll get it at another club. It looks like Campbell will accept another 1 year deal which is good for us.

    I’m looking at it from this perspective, he says he’ll add 3 players max to the squad, but what about first team changes?

    It’s hard to predict Wenger’s future decisions but there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, he wants to make it look to sellers that they can’t overcharge him, that any player he buys he’s definitely not desperate for so there will need to be equal inertia from the seller to shift players as well as from him to buy them.

    Also, we have talented players coming through from the academy.

    Finally I believe Wenger will have analysed our past few games and decided which players we need to win a trophy. The aim is to overtake Chelsea and Wenger will get us what we need to do that.

  35. chippy

    The worst thing about it all is that if he was actually giving our really promising players a go here or there it wouldnt be so Fucking irratating,

    I mean is Wilshere really going to do any worse on the flank than say Rosicky,Eboue or even fucking Bendter as lets be honest in Merses words him playing there is like a fish up a tree,

    Bartley, Could he possibly do any worse than that ex manc cunt?

    Gibbs, Again he would be a far better option on the flank than the likes of Bednter,Eboue etc

    Vela, Would he have done any worse than playing Arshavin totally out of position,

    It dosent make any sense to me what so ever we are again in a stage of transition but with no actual transition happening, Nasri Nice player but what does he offer that we didnt already have?

  36. finestcuts

    Walking Wounded, for the Premier League the transfer window opens at midnight after the final game of the season.

  37. Maqitlarge

    WW – A reasoned view and one I’d normally take if this was teh first time we’d heard it. But its not. Every year we hear about our big warchest and transfer intentions aroudn season ticket renewal time.

    Then, gradually, the retractions come in. We all know what they are. We’ve just heard the first one (one signing by 11th June), two infact (faith in squad) of the summer. There will be more.

  38. Master P

    “Certainly, we will announce one player before the World Cup, but after that we will see.

    “I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition to the squad – two or three maximum – then we will do it.”


  39. Maqitlarge

    and no Wenger has no excuses to fail but it looks like he likes to give himself some.

    If we didn’t win trophies but signed the players we need we’d say fair enough. We live in a world with Chelsea and Man City. But we’re not going to find out it seems!

    Is he waiting for a pay cap to be impose before we spend anything?

  40. Master P

    Wonder when we will hear the line “Wilshere and Vela are like two new signings for us. I told you I’d surprise you”

    Probable june 12th, when Numchucks is in the bag

  41. John A

    Guys, didn’t DDM mention that Gallas was probably going back to France for personal reason.

    Surely that means that the tight fisted git will sign a replacement, maybe even 2 if Shitvestre goes as well.

  42. SUGA3


    no, he won’t – he may know what is needed, but he would rather gamble with fans feelings than money that are not even his…

  43. Walking Wounded

    Wenger does always look at the bigger picture and with the restricted squad sizes and possible transfer cap suggestions, it always seems to affect his decision making, but you cannot always look long term. The long term has to arrive at some point and that, for us, seems to be now.

    Mr Wenger…

    This is your last chance!

  44. Maqitlarge

    Did I actually read that he’s in contract talks with Sylvestre?

    Here’s a clue Arsene, they should go like this.

    “This is your p45. Good bye”

  45. Master P

    “There is a cut-off point for Gallas and that will certainly be before the end of May because we then have to look for someone else,” Wenger said.

    “We have more talks planned. What is for sure is that if Gallas doesn’t extend his contract we have to go out and strengthen his position.”

    promising, at best 😉

  46. SUGA3


    I only went to a few games and bought selected few pieces of merchandise, but it’s a contribution nevertheless…

    ‘Where is my money gone’

    oh, I know – we pay stupid money to bunch of useless kids and paedo scouts…

  47. Duke

    Two policemen knocked on my door earlier and asked me to come down to the station to help them with their enquiries.

    I told them to fuck off though, I mean, it’s not like they ever pop into my office to give me a helping hand with the accounts.

  48. Gunners The Stunners

    Congrats to Fulham. Hope this is their year in Europe as they have come a long way since the 1st qualifying round back in July last year.

    Good thing they’re playing the final on 12th May, only 3 days after their visit to the Emirates. Roy Hodgson will play his reserve team against us…

  49. Master P

    I’m hoping wenger isnt talking about signing 2 new keepers simply because it’s SO FUCKING OBVIOUS WE NEED THEM. Hence, he’s on the case

  50. gambon


    I may not go regularly these days but ive spent a few £ in the last few years still.

    The way the club is run from the board to LeSenile is an absolute joke.

  51. Mark C

    Intersting comments about Eduardo – I presume he is off.

    I also see Tevez wants to move – and Manchini will let him go.

    So Eduardo out and Tevez in – too easy.

  52. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, more of the same from the arsenal then!

    maq… i think the silvestre thing is wenger just being polite rather than saying ‘yeah he’s long gone’ when he saying about chatting to campbell whos older and gallas as well

  53. Henry14

    Corkgoon – he get’s taxed mate – 40/50% so he actually earns more like 3M a year and that’s his overall wealth – obviously he has spent money on houses, cars etc..etc..

  54. Maqitlarge

    polite? The man should already know he’s gone. If we have to play him then he’s in the shop window.

  55. Meneurdejeu10

    Arsenal will get Chamakh, one CB and a truly outstanding CM capable of performances of the likes of PV4 of yesteryear.

    Okay it’s just a dream.

  56. Arsenal Tom

    maq, its just arsenes way though mate… when talking about silvestre he cant say he’s going to be released then ask him to play for 2 more games!

  57. Walking Wounded

    Silvestre’s place in the squad should go to Bartley, but only as 4th/5th choice.

    Gallas needs to be replaced with a decent CB signing as Djourou still hasn’t performed for us, for whatever reason, on a consistant basis.

    Merida’s place in the squad will be used by Lansbury/Wilshere/JET depending on loans and the close season for each individual.

    Apart from that I read nothing of any substance about teams coming in for any of our players, so if he says 2 additions to the squad it will be Chamakh and one more unless we sell, which leads me to the following conclusion…

    We have to start singing the praises of Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Fabianski and anyone else we want to get rid of, so maybe a bit of positivity will encourage teams to take them off of our hands.

    Who remembers that Fabianski double save of a couple of seasons back. i thought it was up there with Gordon Banks save against Brazil!!! Quality keeper, just needs a regular start which he won’t get with the quality that is Almunia in his way!

    Lets see, it may work!

  58. gambon

    So lookingat it realistically, which team would be more successful?

    Wenger adding 2/3 players max,

    Or my team, adding a GK, 2x CBs, DM, Winger & Striker.

    Now its pretty clear which one is better, so embarassingly that makes me a better manager than Arsene?!!

  59. Henry14

    My major concern with all this is that he clearly can’t see the problems with this squad. He clearly can’t.

    Everyone else on the planet can but he can’t.

    If we signed 1 player just 1 and it was a top quality Goalkeeper or Center half then you can say well that’s what we need.

    But he’s brought another striker?

    The man is insane. Seriously we needed another striker when robin was out in Jan – but now he’s back it’s not a priority.

    I find the man just gobsmacking.

    I can’t get my head around him.

    He’s did this at monaco and got sacked eventually – so it’ll happen here as well.

    As long as hill-wood and fizman are at the club though – he will always have a job – guaranteed.

  60. Maqitlarge

    AT, I get that. Its nice.

    Lee Carsley has already announced he’s leaving Birmingham. Its not unknown. If he has to play he’s playing for another contract elsewhere.

    Anyway, as long as the result is the same! 🙂

  61. Corkgoon

    Henry14, i understand that he gets taxed. I know he bought a house and car. It still doesnt add up to a salary of 6M a year + bonus of up to 5m a year which is regularly stated as fact here. Im sorry .. it just doesnt add up.

  62. Wenger the liar

    Thank god wenger says that eduardo has a future at the club, who the fuck would vela talk to on the bench if he left.

  63. Arsenal Tom

    WW… im with you fab, but dunno if he’s read to be the no.1 yet.

    i want almunia to go, he has to for his/our/wengers sake cos if it carries on it could nasty for him!

    te double save was against wigan in the carling cup i think! i think the pressure of the PL gets to him, playing in the CC he knows theres no real pressure on the result

  64. gambon


    The biggest problem is that looking at our rivals;

    – ManU; Will sign 2/3 players
    – Chelsea; Will sign 2/3 players

    Both of these teams are already better than us.

    – Man City; Will sign 5/6 players
    – Liverpool; Will sign 2/3 players
    – Spurs; Will sign 4/5 players

    Which means all of our rivals will “outplay” us in the transfer market this season.

    You can expect to be fighting for 4th next year, like 08/09.

  65. Henry14

    Corkgoon – he hasn’t always been on 5m since he started – let’s say on average from his first contract to now of what £4M a year

    4m minus tax = £2.5m roughly x 11 = £20.5m

    Then what 3/4M on houses cars – surely £17M makes sense?

  66. Arsenal Tom

    maq… i hope so, even wenger with his love for frenchies and injury prone players will have to let silvestre go! it’ll be tough though… like letting cygan go!

  67. rob green

    If Gallas signs, we’ll bring in two players. If he doesn’t, it’ll be three.

    I dont think wenger will get a goalkeeper!!

  68. Henry14

    Gambon – totally mate that’s what i said in my first post – it’s crazy!

    Chelsea will spend big – you know they will.

    Utd are linked with lot’s of players already – and they will buy.

    Even without Ronaldo, Tevez they were better than us this season. In the head to heads murdered us.

    So they have lost the worlds best player and another that has scored 30goals this season and we still can’t catch them!!!!!!!!!!

    Yet Wenger says he is happy with the squad and he belives in them?

    I just honestly can’t get my head around it!!!!

  69. Arsenal Tom

    if al is number 1 come the start of the season i will be seriously put off watching arsenal.

    i actually hate him for being so shit

  70. Henry14

    Corkgooner sorry mate i meant £27.5 – my maths were out!

    To be fair – fuck knows. All i am saying is it’s probably roughly right.

  71. Duke

    Yesterday Gordon Brown called me a bigot.

    I was so shocked I nearly dropped my cheque from the Sun newspaper.

  72. rob green

    i think a goalkeeper is the priority i know we need a couple but a goalkeeper is the first thing he needs to do. Almunia is 32 i think he is sh*t and he wont get better!!

  73. Gunners The Stunners


    so you mean to say Wenger’s bank balance was £0 when he arrived at Arsenal and made his £17m in the last 12 seasons. I’m with Corkgoon on this one. It doesn’t make sense cos most of people here overly exaggerate whatever Wenger earns.

  74. Master P

    Does anyone think, looking at our squad, and the amount of criticim we pile on it, that finidhing 3rd – just – could be a good thing?

    This should serve as a massive wake up call for wenger to sign players where we need to.

    He has until the end of the transfer window to convince me that he is worthy of being the manager of Arsenal football club and make additions to the squad to turn us into serious contenders next season.


  75. Meneurdejeu10

    rob green

    Your namesake aint coming to us, neither is Joe Hart.

    You will get a heavy dose of Flappy in goal

  76. Meneurdejeu10

    Master P

    Say uhh. Third is the perfect position for him. He will say look at the transfer budgets and salaries of Chelsea and United. He will say it is a big achievement.

    He will say we lost to three better in Chelsea, Utd and Barcelona, injuries, low average age.

    He will sign his 2014 contract soon and be here for the forseeable future.

  77. Duke

    People are so unfair on the Labour Party.

    They have so many good ideas and policies to bring a brighter future to Britain yet voters seem determined to judge them on their last 13 years of government.

  78. gambon

    I love the way people are giving the daily mail any credit for knowinghow much Arsene has, they came up with that figure the way people are on here.

    Also, how much has Arsene earnt in the last 5 years while delivering precisley fuck all.

  79. Corkgoon

    Henry… no prob 😉 but thats my point exactly. who knows what he is on. I just think to state as fact, as is regulary stated here, that he is on 6M plus huge bonus for not spending, is unfair, and geared only to fan the frsutration of already (rightly) frustrated fans.

  80. gambon


    Then if anyone points out that our wage bill is the same as UTDs, he will say “Oh but they lie about their wage bill”

    And even more stupidly fans will start regurgitating that bullshit on blogs.

  81. Master P

    how to make an already-quite-negative statement 100 times more negative in one sentence.

    “Certainly, we will announce one player before the World Cup. After that we will see.”

  82. finestcuts

    They’re getting hits gambon, and they’re shifting papers…..

    And as for anyone supporting any part that subscribes in any way to Marxism (take away freedom from the people and tell them it’s for their own good)should be ashamed of themselves.

  83. Walking Wounded

    A hospital inespector was walking through a ward and pulled back a curtain to find a patient furiously masterbating. Disgusted she said

    ” What’s this man doing?” The Doctor replied

    “he has a condition where he produces so much semen that if he doesn’t constantly masterbate he’s sacks will fill up and he will be in excrutiating pain”

    Satisfied they move to the next cubicle where they find a nurse on her knees sucking off another patient. The Inspector said

    “Explain this one then?” The Doctor replied

    “Same condition but he is with BUPA!”

  84. Master P

    M’dejeu10…that makes for some scarily accurate reading.

    i hope the board tire of hearing the same excuse this time around

  85. Meneurdejeu10


    Gullible fans.

    Get those fukin banners up during Fulham match!!!
    – Our Midfield and GK is the reason we allow a goal/match
    – Theo Walcott is overrated
    – Wenger stop lying to us
    – Stop fooling the fans
    – Silvestre is not the only geriatric
    – Denilson is not good enough

  86. Maestro

    Micah Richards… are you mental? He’s been wank for 2 seasons now. Plus he’s going to Sp*rs this summer.

  87. Duke

    If Gordon Brown and Labour are re-elected, we are going to have to stop making jokes about Americans and calling them stupid.

  88. Arsenal Tom

    one of the biggest problems is that we’ve finished close to the mancs and chavs this year so wenger will cite that as improvement where as really its because they have fucked up a few times (chelseas) and become weaker (mancs)

    expect something along the lines of the “we’re only 2% away” from them very soon

  89. Corkgoon


    the figures came from the Sunday Times Rich list which was issued last Sunday and widely regarded as pretty close to the truth. I agree .. if it was the Daily Mail i wouldnt have even considered it.

  90. dennisdamenace

    Brown is a fucking cunt, and he’s lost fucking touch with the indigenous population…………oh, and did i mention that he’s also a cunt?……….oh, and he’s fucking Scottish too…………cunt!

  91. Dutchman

    There are a few questions.

    Why did wenger tell us that we would spend big and that he saw the defensive weakness and he will strengthen that. And now he is not even going to sign a FACKING CB!! Only if gallas doesn’t extend his contract, there are always players who have to leave!!
    Wenger, i’am totally pissed on you, fucking cunt.
    I did believe you for one time and AGAIN you are just saying bullshit!! Every time the same, and i know we have the money, it’s only wenger who is making the mistakes!!! I hate him, i hope he will fuck off, i hate him! He is just like hitler, say things but don’t do it!! CUNT!!! If gallas stays we would have the same defence as last year and how many goals have we conceded?? Any manager would buy a big strong CB and would let silvestre and the other clowns. How can you not see that we need a goalkeeper. He said two or three maximum! That means two if gallas stays and three if he doesn’t. I hope that gallas will leave then, gallas isn’t the same player as 2 years ago, he must fuck off too. We need a big strong CB with leadership. And a GK who is worldclass and chamakh than. OK, that would do it but it won’t happen because gallas will stay and we only signed chamakh and a GK!! And our problems are not solved because we have a shit defence, only vermaelen is a real leader, he has to be captain!! But wait, we have almunia. O yes!!

  92. Walking Wounded

    Hopefully we will have mathematically secured 3rd by the time the Fulham game is upon us, rather than protest, we should offer a celebration friendly for Fulham and put out an alternative XI and make the match for free for the loyal fans (ie refund ticket prices for that match) and play a team without the players we want rid of, giving a brief glimpse of future first teamers. I know the players on loan won’t get a chance, but I sense that a bit of PR is needed.

  93. chippy

    Carnt see the scousers buying anyone unless a sheikh with alot of cash walks through the door they are financially crippled and thats not even taking into account no champions league money, Id be pretty sure if the yanks are still there next season Toress and Gerard wont be as they are there only real sellable assetts,

    As for spurs wasnt there a link to levy saying they had to slow down their spending so carnt see them buying 4/5

    Agree on United and The Chavs tho so it will be same old same old for us next year!!

  94. Arsenal Tom

    arsenal and PR? seriously!?

    arsenals idea of PR is gazidis talking bullshit about having loads of cash then 30 seconds later saying we wont be spending much money and hill-wood calling the fans stupid and our captain shit.

  95. Maqitlarge

    Wenger is a fucking Cunt. He’s lost touch with the indigenus fan base. Oh and did I mention he’s also a cunt? Oh…. and he’s French too….cunt!

    that was for you DDM

  96. Mayank

    Micah Richards? He makes a fuck-up every game. We won’t sign Villa for sure. A GK Chamakh Rodwell + Gallas’s replacement will be good.
    I don’t see how this squad will not be good enough… Assuming Gallas stays we have…

    Sagna – Gallas – Verm – Gael
    Diaby – Song – Cesc
    Chamakh – RvP – Arsh

    Eboue – Sol – DJ – Gibbs
    Nasri – Rodwell – Ramsey
    Theo – Nik – Rosicky

    IMO that’s good enough…

  97. Arsenal Tom

    WW… good point but they haven’t got a clue mate, and to be honest once the club has their ticket renewals they couldn’t give a shit what we think or say.

    so much for the ‘arsenal way’

  98. chippy

    Should have added the scousers are so Fucked theyve got a manager they dont want but cannot afford to sack but who wont leave either untill hes paid off they at least make me happy to support Arsenal lol