As MI5 would say, there is an awful lot of chatter going on in blogland!

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Before I begin, let me dash all the hopes of Gooners everywhere, after the ‘I am going to buy’ porkies told by Arsenal, well now we’ve renewed our season tickets, the truth comes out, this is what he just said. ‘I believe in the squad I have and if I can make an addition – two or three maximum – then we will do it’ he also said ‘we will announce one player (Chamakh) before the World Cup, but after that we will see’

Well after all the hope he filled us with at the beginning of the week, and saying he would do all his buying early so the squad can settle in, leading us to believe maybe he would finally get in the players we need, he’s now priming us not to expect many new signings.

He normally waits a few weeks before he contradicts himself, even by his standards this is quick. It’s groundhog day!

Why don’t we help him, hopefully someone at Arsenal will read this, listen to the fans, we pay your wages.

Let’s draw up a shortlist to make it easier for Mr Wenger, let’s not make the same mistakes of the last few years, let’s make a statement that Arsenal football club intend to win some trophies next season.

The number one thing for me is to get a side that has a future, or one that will help develop this team for the future, and also one that will finally deliver and now, in the present. Stop all this I believe in this team cobblers, and stop telling us they have great mental strength, they don’t Arsene, remember Wigan?

I would always try and get an anglo spine in there as the one thing I feel we are good at in Great britain is building from the back, Jack Wilshere says we have many technically gifted youngsters coming through so we are good in that department, some of the fancy dan foreign players for me go missing when it gets tough, so I would look at the following players to bring in. (and don’t quote Theo, he will come good)

Numero Uno, the keeper, forget the rest, go for Englands future number 1, Joe hart, we missed out on Given, so let’s go for the future, he has presence, size and ability. I like him a lot.

At the back I would look at Richards, he’s available, he’s a Gooner, he’s a great right back with pace and he could also make an awesome partnership with Vermaelen in the centre, if not him then Cahill or Subotic, or both.

In the middle we are Ok save the defensive side, I would love Rodwell, but I can’t see us getting him, he would cost too much, so maybe a Velosa, not Melo for me. The future could be Eastmond but he’s not ready yet. Song needs competition and as I have always said, we need two teams, Denilson though has to go.

Up front I think we need to get shot of Eduardo, he hasn’t got what he had, so let’s move on, it’s a shame because I love him, but we have to think about the future, so bring in Villa, or even a cheeky bid for Benzema.

With that little lot we would have experience and youth and the youngsters could come through in time, when they’re ready, bring Wilshere back and give him the chances that Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Song and Flamini were afforded.

We have Chamakh coming and that is a good thing, but he needs service so maybe a winger, an out an out winger, not a forward or a midfielder. And I don’t have a clue who, perhaps you do?

That little lot would be within the budget if we used the City money, sold a few and spent the new money Wenger keeps banging on about having.

We do not need another lot of potential, we have that in spades, our defence leaks goals and that is down to the keeper and lack of confidence in the keeper, arch AKB Bob Wilson is even saying the duo we have, haven’t got what it takes, and he not only works for Arsenal, he works with those two as well.

I like all of our players, but like in business, you have to be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to move some of them on, we can’t keep throwing away the cups and the EPL, because the fans deserve better.

So in an ideal world I would sign Hart, Richards, Subotic, Rodwell and Villa. I would have said Hangeland but his stats this season are not so great and the boss believes in stats.

We only have two more games to go, but I can’t see us losing 3rd place even if we don’t win those games, because I don’t believe City and the spuds will win all of theirs.

Even if we win our last 2 games 7nil, it’s not good enough, we should have been doing that before, the chavs did didn’t they?

The final word must go to Gordon ‘the gaff’ Brown, this site is not political (unless of course Ghengis Khan came back and started up a party, then it would be!) but after a pensioner mentioned the dreaded word ‘immigration’ on Wednesday, Gordon was heard calling her a bigot, now I have been called that on occasion and it’s very hurtful, believe me, so someone dares to ask where all these immigrants are coming from and he calls her a spiteful name, now he’s sorry, ha, ha, he’s not sorry the chump, he’s just sorry he got caught, the prize plonker.

Have a nice day Grovers, we have much to look forward to this summer, that is of course if the boss finally spends the money the whole world now know he definitely has.

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  1. choy

    pah.. same old same old..

    “we concede more than we should”.. End of season 2009

    “we concede more than we should”.. End of season 2010

  2. ardentgooner

    I don’t commnet often but i must say i am dissappointed at wenger’s comments and press conferences. Fucking idiot keeps saying the same shit. I thought after this year he would realise that the squad is not good enough.
    FUCK WENGER some one needs to stand up and say you buy these (chamakh,defender,gk,DM) some one like Abramovih who says what he wants…

    For the first time i want us to lose to blackburn and fulham just to make Wenger feel like an IDIOT for thinking the squad is good.

  3. zeus


    That would change nothing. Last season we were destroyed by Man Utd & CHelsea in the Cup competitions at the end of the season and I believe we lost to Chelsea again in the league in the run in. ( Can’t be bothered to verify)

    Either way we ended the season in shit form and I said what you said just now, this will get it into Wenger’s thick head, and what happened?
    He bought TV5 and that was that.

  4. Grandizer

    Aresene Wenger – “The squad is convinced we have a strong chance next year because we have room for improvement.”

    So thats what Almunia, denilson, Diaby etc have told the boss so that they dont get dropped or replaced. Wenger has to be the most delusional manager in the history of football. If I was as rubbish as Denilson id demand to be sold!

    I just wish Wenger would sign a player who actually owns a pair of bollocks!!

  5. ardentgooner

    i hope the supporters walk off from the Q&A or whatever he plans to hold before the season starts and show the board how disappointed we are ? is that possible?

  6. Maqitlarge

    So this is all a bit shit then in summary.

    After one press conference, Wenger has turned the most ardent of gooners into a buch of indifferent souls.

    Nice one. Mug!

  7. ardentgooner

    I have a better idea.. Arsenal first team should play the arsenal ladies team in a friendly.. I’m sure we’ll lose that one too..and then may be Wenger will buy?? πŸ˜‰

  8. leon

    does anyone realy think will come out in press conference publicly critise his own players it will never happen,i dont think you worry about wenger sais in press conference weather these players are good enough or not he has get best out of them i dont see why that will happen if publicly critisize them,since wenger has been at the club i never known him to names and positions he will sign never.i do feel wenger not rufeless enough but to be honest for the first 3-4 years of moving to this new stadium he has kept stoom when most pundits and quite people know he has hands tied with very limited funds but his tackticks also have let him down also.

    although i would love to see wenger buy 6-7 players all in one go that will never happen the 25 man rule puts that out of window anyway and he has never done any way,3-4 signings is more likely.its clear wenger is waiting see what happens with gallas and he wont sign 1 year contract i dont understand giggs schols have been doing that for 3-4 years now,i dont think it would end of the world if he left at 33 he picks up quite a few injuries,i feel some younger is better,i hope he does get keeper if not this team is doomed

  9. BillikenGooner

    Wenger has reiterated his ‘faith in the squad’. I assume that means the goalkeepers, too.

    So Chamakh is his signing to reveal before the WC. (safe, since he isn’t playing in the WC and can’t get hurt)
    Has a “1 in, 1 out” policy for our defense.
    So Djourou In, Silvestre Out.
    If Gallas leaves, he will be forced to buy someone. (probably lose out on his top 3 choices because too expensive, or United/City/someone else outbids)
    No one else, because he doesn’t want to stunt the growth of Denilson, Diaby, Walcott, Ramsey (may he recover fully), etc, etc.
    That will probably be it.

  10. leon

    if wenger payout and get a top keeper cbs dm it would give the team so much confedence to have someone like seamon as keeper and much points would give you

  11. zeus


    I get your point but the problem is Wenger is willing to gamble on players that time and again has not repaid the faith placed in them.

    Either that or he really believes the spin he does in the press room.

  12. leon

    zues 3-4 years wenger has most likely 15 mill a saeson for top teams thats not much you do with that,this common knowedge that wenger had promote youth players into first team squad and our rivals have had 30-40 mill,hopefully wenger will bring 3-4 top players he has stated he has funds for first time years so its up to him now

  13. Moray

    great, so it seems Wenger is content to carry on playing the same inconsequential crab football again next year. And that ridiculous 4-3-3 formation that is so easy for decent teams to counter attack. We have no real height, can’t cross the ball anyway, have half a team of central midfielders and no pace any more.

    Also, how will he address the poor training regimes which lead to so much injury, the poor defensive discipline and the very poor attitude of our squad?

    With three signings, he won’t even be able to sort out our defence, never mind the whole squad. And I expect more than three to leave, which means we will have an even smaller squad than this year. Oh great! And we don’t know how Gibbs, Rambo and Djourou will come back after long-term injury, or how many games VP will last next season before he breaks down.

    On top of that, we will certainly have injuries coming back from the World Cup to cope with.

    Oh God….how depressing, and we haven’t even finished this campaign yet…

  14. Gooby

    either wenger is sure chesney is the next big thing between the sticks or he sign a class keeper.

    any other option means wenger is a blind cunt.

    i am waiting

  15. thaatarsenalguy

    hey guys, I’m looking to sign up for a red membership on but it says unavailable… is there a waiting list or a specified time when you can subscribe?

  16. thaatarsenalguy


    – unavailable –

    Age Restrictions: Between the ages of 16 and 100

    lol i wish it was true at only 1 p

  17. zeus

    Been on all morning and just remembered that I didn’t even read blog.

    ‘So in an ideal world I would sign Hart, Richards, Subotic, Rodwell and Villa’.

    Richards? Rodwell? Subotic? Are any of those players even 23 yet. People are seriously underestimating just how inexperienced this team is.

  18. choy

    zeus.. i think we should sign players above the age of 25.

    Chamakh is 26.. so the attack is sorted.

    Its the Defense area that needs some additions.

  19. zeus


    So why are people clamouring for Micah Richards? He can barely make the Man City team. So what if he is English.

    Veloso? Really, are we so disillusioned with the current lot that we are gonna go in for Veloso.

    And this English spine debate is a just not true. The Invincibles had Campbell and Cashley was at fullback and that was about it.We did fine with that lot didn’t we.

    Our biggest problem is naivety and know how, we can’t look to these many of those mentioned in the blog, English or not, to help us out on that front.
    Subotic and TV5 would be a joke.

  20. choy

    Agree we need an older head beside TV.. and no I am not talking about Silvest.

    Is there a younger Sol somewhere?

    English players comparatively have a fighting attitude, they know the meaning of a derby. Hell even referees are slightly biased. I would take Parker from West Ham and maybe Noble too.. to play alongside Song and Fab.

  21. zeus

    I get that. The English passion and never say die attitude. God knows we need some of that in this team. But automatically being English and having that passion does not mean that you are going to make the team winners.

    A standard requirement for all players coming in is at least 25, at least 6 feet and quality.

  22. leon

    i think out of current squad we have we had 3 good cbs in verm gallas these 2 have been nothing short of exception same goes for
    cambell andevon song but the problem at back of the season verm gallas got injured and just cambell and silvest wich pretty much 1cb and half plus not having top class keeper i think if this can get some top defenders and a keeper,in terms of scoring i dont think this team has that many problems but have conceded almost 40 goals.i feel there quite a few top defenders out there but they cost but wenger has the money now so its up to him now

  23. Mr B

    Theres two things I cannt stand in this world. People who are intolerent of other peoples culture…… and the Dutch. πŸ˜€

  24. Stu

    Its not as if fight and aggression are only found in english players. It just so happens that they work harder to make up for their shortcomings in terms of talent.

    I dont see why a club of our size cant have talented and determined players. Its just a matter of buying those kind of players.

    But im pretty sure every arsenal fan knows Wenger just doesnt go for players like that. He prefers ability over aggression and Touch over tackle.

    Unless someone is brought in to change that or convince Wenger to change it then we are doomed…by that i mean we will still buy the same players. Unless you count Vermaelen as a change..

  25. BillikenGooner

    I think the “English spine” stuff is just an easy way to say:

    We need a no nonsense, bigger, tougher, more defensive minded CB that isn’t fast enough to think he can run forward, but is just fast enough to be where he needs to be positionally… and might just knock some heads or crack some shins in defense of our players. heh

  26. Zorr0

    VDS, Vidic, Tevez, Ronaldo, Evra.
    Drogba, Essien, Carvalho, Robben, Mikel.

    All have fight. Not British. I would not let Richards within a mile of our squad.

  27. leon

    thats quite right verm and sole the only real no nonsense type defenders i have seen a long while i hope to more verm type signings

  28. Limestonegunner

    Great work by the Swiss Rambler. I think a few days ago YW posted about summer transfers and said Arsenal didn’t have 100 million to spend. I commented that we probably would have about 50 million, making a guess from reports about profits, the player selling last year, and housing sales. No one knows, but clearly 50 million is a reasonable estimate and the Rambler has done a very thorough job of detailing the parameters–must work in the Swiss banking or corporate sector! Ole didn’t seem to appreciate the comment I made then but he doesn’t seem to have commented on this again today.

    Those denying Wenger would deign to factor budget amounts in his player acquisitions and transfers seem to have forgotten that he is an economist and has embarked on his “experiment” out of some financial necessity. Now that he has more money, it would be entirely reasonable and rational to invest it into strengthening the team if possible.

  29. Limestonegunner

    Sorry guys, was posting over at ACLF and put the comment in Le Grove by mistake! But, the article on The Swiss Ramble is well worth the read, estimating 50 million available. ( Some dead ender, AKB’s can’t take the idea that Wenger might actually spend. I notice that those who have lost all faith in Wenger here don’t believe he would spend either!

    We’ll see–we’ve been through this cycle before, but it does seem that there is less debt so profits might be available this time. We certainly do need three players at minimum.

  30. leon

    i dont know if people know it or not but gallas is realy left back thats were i would prefer him he would never make the amout of mistakes clichy does

  31. zeus


    ‘2 or 3 MAXIMUM’ is Wenger’s mantra. And he almost never goes maximum. Chamakh and 1 if we are lucky.

    Dumb and Dumber in goal again next season, just so we all know who is boss.


    Its Friday, surely there are more jokes out there.

  32. Stu

    Cant believe the cheek of Rafa. Liverpool are shit because of him and imo he’s trying to force them into sacking him rather thah quitting so he can get payed to leave.

    Cunt basically saying he wants 60m to spend on new players but never gets any money. He must have forgotten the 40m he spent last summer.

    Its managers like him that make you realise how fortunate we are to have Wenger….kind of.

  33. zeus


    Why is it that whenever I say bring on the jokes, its always the ‘Wenger promises to bring top quality players’ or something of that sort. lol.

  34. B.B.K.

    reggie 57 Says:
    April 30, 2010 at 21:48
    Here’s a good un I heard that we will sign a 4 not 1 but 4 players in the transfer window……..joke of the day reg,quality m8 p.m.s.l…lol

  35. leon

    i believe liverpool have spent in acess of 200 mill over past few yaers,give credit were due wenger has had may be 15-20 mill to crape by this time has always managed to finish top 4 which mid division budget paricualy for at least 2-3 years now

  36. zeus

    Jonathan Turvey Quote from messi today: “One of the Arsenal players came up to me afterwards and said it had been an honour to be on the same pitch as me. I thought, ‘My God, that is a great thing to say when you team has just lost.’…Who do you reckon said that? Almunia? Diaby? Denilson?
    Just got that off Its up for grabs facebook site.

    Aint that some bullshit.

  37. Stu

    Not even 2 choy. More like 1 and a half…less even.

    Johnson is a defender that can only attack and Aquilani has missed most of the season. 20m well spent on each of them. πŸ˜†

    Reggie, name your source.

  38. Stu

    Ok fair enough Reggie, should have expected the sources name. But how do we know your source is to be trusted?

  39. choy


    Stop messing with us! :mrgreen:

    I hope to dear god it is true though, any ideas which positions?

    Including Chamakh, that means 3 more players?

  40. Stu

    Ajax have some good players though. Suarez, Pantelic, Stekelenburg, Van Der Weil and we got Vermaelen off them. πŸ˜‰

  41. A

    kesper schmeichel isn’t even close to a premiership keeper, might get a championship club to sign him if he’s lucky

  42. reggie 57

    I dont know any names or what positions but 4 players are deffo coming in……. and inm not geeing anybody up either!!!

  43. Stu

    I dunno A. Kasper is almost world class if you ask me. He was fantastic during his run in their first team and almost kept a clean sheet against us at the grove.

  44. goonerpress

    I agree Stu, Ajax have some great individuals that can have great futures at bigger clubs. Especially at Arsenal as we have a similar philosophy and style of play.

    And choy, Reg could be right you know. Wenger did say we are looking at 2-3 players and probably didn’t include Chamakh in that as it’s well known he’s already signed up.
    Maybe he isn’t good enough for us, but there are so many other keepers mentioned that may also not be good for us. You can never be too sure with a keeper unless it is a big name such as Casillas, Buffon, Lloris, Given etc. Big keepers generally come good after consistent seasons in a team. Almunia has had his time and has proved he isn’t good enough. Not saying we should go for Kasper, but just saying he could be one to consider if we ain’t gonna spend too much. Typical of us.

  45. Gooby

    Ajax have some good players though. Suarez, Pantelic, Stekelenburg, Van Der Weil and we got Vermaelen off them.

    yeah i know. but they sell all the talent, we became a selling club since vieira left.

  46. zeus

    Quotes from Alex Demetri Song Billong:

    “Of course, it is important to win trophies but, remember, we are still a very young team.

    “We know our fans want a trophy and we are very close to winning something.

    “My message to our fans is: ‘Believe in us. This team will get better.’

    “I am at the right club. Forget Barcelona, Arsenal is the best club.

  47. A

    because he was asked about it gp, as every manager was in their press conferences today, and every manager has answered in exactly the same way!

  48. David

    A Says:
    April 30, 2010 at 22:45
    chamakh, keeper, and two centre backs


    Id love a winger in January or an an attacking fullback but Id be very happy with that.

  49. reggie 57

    Is anyone watching prizefighter on sky? fuckin hell I could take on the lot of em and turn them over, they are useless!! πŸ˜†

  50. Zorr0

    Transporter trio are all good ‘leave brain at counter take popcorn’ films.
    I advise seeing Crank/2, because they are just absolutely mental; you find yourself looking at your mates asking if this is for real or has someone slipped you some recreational pharmaceuticals!

  51. incesc



    i prefer european cinema, where nothing happens but you feel like you could be clever because you actually sat through it…

  52. Zorr0

    Can’t stand foreign films, I can’t speak French, why do they think I want to read it at the bottom of the screen!

  53. incesc

    Zorro what did you think of avatar??

    i liked it in 3d but probably wouldnt want to watch it again on the tele

  54. Zorr0

    Never saw it mate, just did not appeal to me for some reason!

    Anyway, off to watch a different kind of foreign film; one requiring no subtitles, lol.

    Laters chaps.

  55. Stu

    Probably asleep MIKE.

    Was just glancing through some comments on a liverpool site. One of their fans wants to sell 47m worth of their players and buy 55m worth…including Clichy for 10m.

  56. ethangunner

    from earlier …

    it makes no sense to me to sign a 24 year old Italian goal keeper on a new 3 year deal then need a new goal keeper ?!

    i mean I KNOW WE NEED ONE ! .. but i cant think of why wenger would cut this kid a new deal , but never really actually plan on using him ! ?

    is he happy being number 3 ?

  57. ethangunner

    he is 24 with very little 1st team experience ..
    maybe he is signed for the stiffs ?

    i cant think of any more reasons to retain him ..?
    surely that young pol whos been on loan will be the stiffs no.1 next season …

    maybe vito is no.2 of the stiffs ?