Why Joe Hart makes sense / Why has Wenger bottled it?

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So Geoff has got the ball firmly rolling with the Joe Hart to Arsenal story. It makes sense for many reasons.

Firstly, he’s made 170 first team appearances at the grand old age of 23. He made his name at Shrewsbury Town making 60 appearances and after moving to City, he’s made a whopping 110 appearance! That is a huge amount of experience gained.

I think it would be safe to say, he’s cut he’s teeth elsewhere and he’ll have the mentality to slip straight into our team. He’s at the right age where we’ll get the best years from him. Gone are the days where a keeper has his best years post 30, we’re living in a era where great keepers give you fantastic service from 22 onwards. Casillas, Reina, Cech and Buffon all prove that point superbly.

The other reason it makes sense? Well, City have a relatively young Shay Given between the sticks. Widely regarded as one of the best in the Premiership. He’s not going anywhere fast. Chelsea are very unlikely to move Cech on. He’s regained his form and seems integral to Chelsea’s future plans. Manchester United might entertain the idea of Hart, but realistically, City would probably rather not sell to their greatest rivals and the young Englishman is unlikely to screw the team that gave him a chance.

That leaves Arsenal as the only Champions league team with a need. Remember, English people are naturally ignorant… Joe isn’t going to fancy learning a new language. So, while City may not want to sell, Joe will probably not fancy staying on for another season when there is a huge opportunity to be part of a great clubs set up for years to come.

For me, it would be stupid not to bid for him. Lloris is good, but you have to bed in foreign keepers and you’re still never guaranteed success. Other than that, there don’t seem to be too many good keepers around Europe to choose from. Unless of course we had the cash to prise Reina away from Champion’s Leagueless Liverpool…

Anyway, I’m demanding Joe Hart… If I don’t get him, I’ll throw a massive wobbly at the shareholders Q&A. I’ve got a nastier word I could share with Wenger about his current number one.

Talking of Wenger, the grapevine is suggesting he is going to dodge the Q&A with the AST. I’m not sure if I’ve read that correctly? I thought the shareholders had the QA? I’m sure the AST do a superb job… I’m not really sure what they do a great job of…  I’m just not sure they’d be the best people to ask questions of Gazidis? All they ever seem to do is tow the party line and agree with Arsenal.

Regardless of who gets the Q&A, Wenger has bottled it. Clearly not wanting to face horrendous accusations that his ex-Manc player is geriatric. A player who has more than justified his place in Man United’s hall of fame for infiltrating our camp for two seasons costing us plenty of points and trophies along the way. You don’t fool me Silvestre… even if you’ve hypnotised the rest of the team with talk that you read books…

Pertinent points aside. Wenger apparently wants to hold his Q&A in August. Could that be because he has a plan? Could Wenger be moving his grilling because in August he will have 3-4 world class players on board and we’ll all be double over joyed at his summer work?

I hope so. I don’t want to be celebrating the signing of a 6ft9 Bulgarian keeper famous for his spirit and mental spirit. I’d like some top quality in and some dead wood out. If that dead wood includes Denilson, Silvestre and Almunia, there wont be any tears or ‘thanks for the memories’ coming from this Arsenal Blog.

I’m hoping this summer will be a positive step in our history as a football club. The year the purse strings snapped. The year we announced ourselves as contenders, not tight pretenders.The year the fans were happy with our summer shopping!

There were plenty of unsubstantiated rumours about Wenger signing a new contract yesterday. I’m not sure how true they are but why wouldn’t he sign up again? He’s has no pressure to win trophies, he’s got more power than any other manager in world football and he earns a huge sum of money. Forget the criticism he gets… he probably doesn’t read it! Even if he did, could you imagine a man with youngish family packing in a job worth £6mill a year because of a bit of deserved flak?

I think it’s insulting to suggest such a thing.

Lets hope his new contract is geared towards trophy success if the financial hardships are over!

Before I go, did anyone enjoy the rumour about Dolphin head coming back to Arsenal for £10million? His agent must be struggling if the best leak he can muster is for a club his client severed all ties with after 3 months! Talking of rumours, how about the one about Cesc’s £3million bonus for staying with us? I think Geoff made the point… if we have a pay structure and we’ve kept Cesc in it… but paid him £3mill on top… that’s not really keeping to a pay structure is it?

It’s cheating… A bit like the celibate Catholic Priest’s eh?

So what happens when Robin and Denilson read about this bonus? They’re going to be knocking on Wenger’s door demanding the same!

Still, I’m glad we’re going out our way to keep him… However, it makes a mockery of a 52 year contract if you have to bribe him each year to keep him though!

Cesc’s agent is Darren Dein… David Dein’s evil anti-Arsenal spawn!

We need his Dad back… sorting this mess out!

See you in the comments!

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  1. chippy

    Are we buying Rick Stein the son of ledgendary Jock ? Hed certainly do a better job at the back than Silvestre 🙂 That would bring a whole new meaning to the prawn sandwich brigade !!