Why Joe Hart makes sense / Why has Wenger bottled it?

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So Geoff has got the ball firmly rolling with the Joe Hart to Arsenal story. It makes sense for many reasons.

Firstly, he’s made 170 first team appearances at the grand old age of 23. He made his name at Shrewsbury Town making 60 appearances and after moving to City, he’s made a whopping 110 appearance! That is a huge amount of experience gained.

I think it would be safe to say, he’s cut he’s teeth elsewhere and he’ll have the mentality to slip straight into our team. He’s at the right age where we’ll get the best years from him. Gone are the days where a keeper has his best years post 30, we’re living in a era where great keepers give you fantastic service from 22 onwards. Casillas, Reina, Cech and Buffon all prove that point superbly.

The other reason it makes sense? Well, City have a relatively young Shay Given between the sticks. Widely regarded as one of the best in the Premiership. He’s not going anywhere fast. Chelsea are very unlikely to move Cech on. He’s regained his form and seems integral to Chelsea’s future plans. Manchester United might entertain the idea of Hart, but realistically, City would probably rather not sell to their greatest rivals and the young Englishman is unlikely to screw the team that gave him a chance.

That leaves Arsenal as the only Champions league team with a need. Remember, English people are naturally ignorant… Joe isn’t going to fancy learning a new language. So, while City may not want to sell, Joe will probably not fancy staying on for another season when there is a huge opportunity to be part of a great clubs set up for years to come.

For me, it would be stupid not to bid for him. Lloris is good, but you have to bed in foreign keepers and you’re still never guaranteed success. Other than that, there don’t seem to be too many good keepers around Europe to choose from. Unless of course we had the cash to prise Reina away from Champion’s Leagueless Liverpool…

Anyway, I’m demanding Joe Hart… If I don’t get him, I’ll throw a massive wobbly at the shareholders Q&A. I’ve got a nastier word I could share with Wenger about his current number one.

Talking of Wenger, the grapevine is suggesting he is going to dodge the Q&A with the AST. I’m not sure if I’ve read that correctly? I thought the shareholders had the QA? I’m sure the AST do a superb job… I’m not really sure what they do a great job of…  I’m just not sure they’d be the best people to ask questions of Gazidis? All they ever seem to do is tow the party line and agree with Arsenal.

Regardless of who gets the Q&A, Wenger has bottled it. Clearly not wanting to face horrendous accusations that his ex-Manc player is geriatric. A player who has more than justified his place in Man United’s hall of fame for infiltrating our camp for two seasons costing us plenty of points and trophies along the way. You don’t fool me Silvestre… even if you’ve hypnotised the rest of the team with talk that you read books…

Pertinent points aside. Wenger apparently wants to hold his Q&A in August. Could that be because he has a plan? Could Wenger be moving his grilling because in August he will have 3-4 world class players on board and we’ll all be double over joyed at his summer work?

I hope so. I don’t want to be celebrating the signing of a 6ft9 Bulgarian keeper famous for his spirit and mental spirit. I’d like some top quality in and some dead wood out. If that dead wood includes Denilson, Silvestre and Almunia, there wont be any tears or ‘thanks for the memories’ coming from this Arsenal Blog.

I’m hoping this summer will be a positive step in our history as a football club. The year the purse strings snapped. The year we announced ourselves as contenders, not tight pretenders.The year the fans were happy with our summer shopping!

There were plenty of unsubstantiated rumours about Wenger signing a new contract yesterday. I’m not sure how true they are but why wouldn’t he sign up again? He’s has no pressure to win trophies, he’s got more power than any other manager in world football and he earns a huge sum of money. Forget the criticism he gets… he probably doesn’t read it! Even if he did, could you imagine a man with youngish family packing in a job worth £6mill a year because of a bit of deserved flak?

I think it’s insulting to suggest such a thing.

Lets hope his new contract is geared towards trophy success if the financial hardships are over!

Before I go, did anyone enjoy the rumour about Dolphin head coming back to Arsenal for £10million? His agent must be struggling if the best leak he can muster is for a club his client severed all ties with after 3 months! Talking of rumours, how about the one about Cesc’s £3million bonus for staying with us? I think Geoff made the point… if we have a pay structure and we’ve kept Cesc in it… but paid him £3mill on top… that’s not really keeping to a pay structure is it?

It’s cheating… A bit like the celibate Catholic Priest’s eh?

So what happens when Robin and Denilson read about this bonus? They’re going to be knocking on Wenger’s door demanding the same!

Still, I’m glad we’re going out our way to keep him… However, it makes a mockery of a 52 year contract if you have to bribe him each year to keep him though!

Cesc’s agent is Darren Dein… David Dein’s evil anti-Arsenal spawn!

We need his Dad back… sorting this mess out!

See you in the comments!

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  1. David

    The problem is the keeper and our lack of effort in defending..player getting overtaken by refs…giving up chasing players when you lose the ball…fancy stuff in dangerous areas.

    Its quite clear we need experience…even Vermy gets caught out of position time and time again.

    Id rather get a 27/28 year old CB till the likes of JD and Bartley are ready.

  2. Keyser

    Pedro – Mate after all you’ve written on your own blog, you’re saying Hart’s the answer ?!

    ..and the only downside you can see to signing him is he’s a notherner ?!

    It’s pretty much my point, of all the players we could sign, how far would Joe Hart be from being someone we think might be a success..

  3. Jaguar

    TV hasnt had the best of games against better opposition, Pedro. He was always caught flirting with the opposition defender on the other half, at the time of a goal, when we played against better opposition.

    He is a great defender, but not the best of judges.

  4. Pedro

    David, I’m with you on that.

    I love TV… but he could do with a calm head playing alongside him. He could become a real great if he’s given a younger Sol to partner him.

  5. gambon


    Who’s exaggerating, Almunia is almost certainly the worst starting GK in the league.

    Lets not forget he couldnt hold a place down at Celta fucking Vigo before joining us, he then couldnt get in our team for 2 years, until LeSenile turned on Jens.

    Lets also not forget that he offered his services to England, and Fabio basically said “Erm no”

    He is a joke of a keeper, and a joke of a human being.

  6. Pedro

    Keyser, sometimes you’ve got to stop asking questions and put your neck on the line with an opinion.

    Why not tell us who you’d like to see in goal instead of thinking of 4 million reasons to disagree with Joe Hart?

  7. David


    Stop that! MyHill is a really decent keeper!!!

    He only dropped that clanger with us cuz he didnt expect bobble head to shoot from 40 yards out! I know i didnt!

  8. A

    no gambon, it’s like saying that it’s easier to dodge a bullet when you’re in trenches opposite the enemy with them firing a thousand bullets a second, than if someone shot you with a single bullet from point blank range when you werent expecting it

  9. Pedro

    Jag, I think TV is the type of signing we’d all be happy with every season. Young, passionate and potentially amazing.

    I’d prefer to stick out a dodgy year with him… than 4 with Denilson.

  10. Pedro

    A… you took an analogy and butchered it. Shame on you.

    I think Myhill is an ok keeper! There aren’t many I’d say no to these days!

  11. gambon

    So A, are you saying our keepers only face chances that are impossible to save…

    May i remind you…


  12. A

    no i’m not gambon, i’m saying it’s a totally different situation, having to maintain your concentration the entire time when all the play is up the other end, than when your goal is being peppered.

    yeah i know pedro, possibly one of my worstly and un-succinctly put analogies, but the point is there!

  13. Keyser

    Pedro – neck on the line ? Heh, wtf, what is it going to get me exactly, we’re discussing the merits of signing Joe Hart and you’re going on like I’ve personally insulted you.

    How is it 4 million reasons I asked if you could see a downside to signing him ? and if you can’t then it’s just a bit odd considering all the blogs you’ve written about youth, inexperience, quality and so on.

  14. Pedro

    Gambon, I don’t even want to dig out the Barca chip, the Man U chip, the Birmingham flap, the Spurs punch and slip…

  15. Jaguar

    TV anyday better than Denilson. But the signing would be nullified if we dont sign a competent and experienced defender to play along side Vermaelen.

  16. Pedro

    Keyser, don’t be so precious… you seem to be hating on Hart because he’s a Northern Chav… who do you fancy between the sticks next season?

  17. Keyser

    Even when we signed Wright, we were looking for someone to take over from Seaman, and we still had Manninger, if we’ve got the two worst keepers in the Premiership, fuck Hart, lets sign any of the other muppets they’d be cheaper aswell.

  18. Pedro

    … I have written blogs about youth… but being 23-24 in my books doesn’t qualify as youth. Having 180 games under your belt, 100 at Prem level also doesn’t qualify as inexperienced.

  19. Keyser

    Pedro – I think you’re being a bit precious here, im not hating on him just don’t think the sun shines out of his arse. All I did was ask for a downside heh.

    If Hart’s good enough, you could list a fair few, hopefully we get someone to partner Vermaelen and we have everyone fit for the start of the season.

    I want us to actually have some consistency so we can see how good this team really is.

  20. reVELAtion


    Buffon, Kjaer, Chamackh, Matuidi, Bojan, G. Cahill


    Fabiamski, Almunia, Silvestre, Senderos, Gallas. Campbell, Denilson, Diaby, Merida, Arshavin, Eduardo, Simpson

    (Rosicky has just signed a 2 year extension!?!?)


    Sagna Kjaer Vermaelen Clichy

    Fabregas Song Nasri

    Van Persie Chamackh Bojan

    Bench From: Szchesny, Mannone, Eboue, Cahill, Djourou, Gibbs, Henderson, Matuidi, Ramsey, Eastmond, Rosicky, Walcott, Wilshire, Emmanuel Thomas, Lansbury, Bendtner, Wellington, Vela

  21. Pedro

    Keyser, for me, a partner for TV is imperative…but having someone for the defence to trust at the back even more so…

    It’s not just Almunia’s clangers… it’s the fact the defence hate playing with him.

    That causes last ditch defending and nervousness…

  22. David

    Sorry Ive just seen this..

    And this guy should go far far far far far away from my club…

    He should fuck off so far..the fact that Wenger rates him at all…Christ Is Wenger alright?

  23. A

    well 83 in the league, still a fair few for a keeper.

    The point remains though, we will know NOTHING about his concentration, and capacity for clangers because of it, until he plays for a big club, and I wouldn’t be happy with us spending half our transfer budget in that situation.

    We need someone top quality NOW, experience, and someone who will help organise the defence.

  24. Pedro

    Right, I’m off to bed… I’ve got an exciting visit to a logistics show tomorrow.

    I fucking love my life!

    A pleasure as always!

    Catch you tomorrow!

  25. Keyser

    Pedro – It’s not hating playing with him, Vermaelen hasn’t had a proper partner all season, we went 3 deep into our leftbacks, we haven’t played an unchanged starting lineup more than once in 2 seasons.

    Everyone makes mistakes, I think if you have consistency around you, you’ll make less of them, unless we buy someone who has experience of say the Champions League and other high pressure situations I don’t want us throwing another youngster in there asking him to cope because just like Fabianksi I doubt he will.

    What would the point of that be ? 5 seasons in to the drought, I want us to keep the same players together for once and add to the team.

  26. B.B.K.

    David Says:
    April 27, 2010 at 23:56..Any other keeper apart from almunia would of saved that,at the time i said that goal could have been prevented his positioning was terrible getting lobbed like that from there is pathetic.

  27. Keyser

    gambon – Heh, keep the biscuit, when Hart actually plays in the Champions League you can dip it in your tea.

  28. A

    positioning was terrible bbk?!

    im sorry, but it’s just laughable to blame almunia for that.

    the rose one, ronaldo, bentley, but with the insua one his positioning was EXACTLY as it should’ve been, and it was just an amazing strike

  29. gambon


    Do you honestly think in his 170 games he has never played against a worse team where he hasnt had much to do?

    If wenger wants a new keeper he will have watched all of there performances for the last 2 years.

  30. David


    Gallas only got injured in February. Its not like he’s been out forever. We shipped 30 goals by February with Gallas and Vermy at CB.

  31. Keyser

    David – It’s still his first season in the Premiership and we still haven’t put out the same team twice.

    Where did you get the stat from ? Because we were also scoring record numbers of goals, it’s like compared to last season we’ve conceded 2 more goals, but we’ve scored 10 more already, despite us missing attacking players for just as long if not more.

  32. David

    We been bitching about our defense for years…its like someone said on here today we are all kidding ourselves until we sort out our defense which i believe Wenger needs help for…cuz he clearly just accepts it as “one of those things” as a result of “our philosophy”

  33. Sveinn G

    Hi all,

    I know what I´m going to say all of you will hate me!!!!

    But the story is that manshit will off load adewhore, but should we take him back???

    I know I feal like the rest of you…..but lets think… he will do more than wonders for us coming back!!!!

  34. Keyser

    David – People think it has to be one or the other, you’ve said today that we’re not good enough in the final third, we can’t have a poor attack, a poor defence and the poorest goalkeeper in the premiership.

    It’s all interlinked, Almunia kept Barcelona out by himself for the first half at the Emirates, but how long can you keep making those saves before you make that costly mistake.

    Against Birmingham, you could blame Almunia but then if Nasri buries his chance at the other end then it’s immaterial.

    I think we found Vermaelen after looking at him for months, going into the season we had Gallas, Vermaelen, and Djourou, just think Djourou got injured too late for us to find someone else that we’d really looked at, I’d rather we waited for the RIGHT player than anyone else.

    All the top four have conceded more goals than last year, except for Liverpool all of them have scored considerably more to.

    Also just wasn’t sure Gallas and Vermaelen had played all of our Premiership games up until February.

  35. craig

    arshavin you little fucking prick, go fuck off back to the russian league where you’ve played all your career you ungrateful fuck, he got the chance to play for 1 of the best footballing sides in the world, and all he’s done since he’s been here is talk shit, he can go fuck off the meerkat cunt!

  36. ethangunner

    totally agree joey hart would be ideal for the team , a huge leap up from the Spanish waiter ,and at 23 could be with us another decade …

    wenger would be mad to not make a bid .
    if he is successful or not is another matter …

  37. ethangunner


    he has hardly talked shite in the past!

    he has been fucking honest ,IF YOU ARE HONEST !!!

    or are you so retarded you cant see he has been trying to state the obvious !

    the obvious that has lead us to another fruitless season …

  38. ethangunner

    and who wouldnt want to play for barcalona ..


    not many footballers !
    i can tell you that!

    stating it isnt betrayal in my eyes ..
    and wenger would only do a swap deal anyhow ..

    and if he didnt it would be a 30m + transfer ..

  39. craig

    i respected his honesty at first, but there’s a line that needs to drawn at some point, the moment he got to arsenal, he was stating how he wants to play 4 barca, you’ve jus signed a 4 year deal an your talking bout playing 4 sum1 else this is the real world not fantasy league, i think he’s a gr8 player an i want him to stay, but i think he shud start concentrating on getting back to form instead of publicly criticising his club whether its just or unjust, freedom of speach is a gr8 thing but he got to learn wen to shut it sometimes!

  40. ethangunner

    also its wenger himself who has created this team of merc’s !

    remember that !

    if you do business so shrewdly on a constant basis
    and drain the club of all its experience, soon you are running a kindergarten and have to deal with immature shite ! do you blame one of the OLDEST, NEWEST PLAYERS ! having a gripe ?

    he probably only has 3 years left in his career!
    we all know he deserves trophies even if you mugs of fans don’t want one any time soon , and would rather fucking marvel for another year at another wengers magical mystery tour ..

    i just hope he spends!!! and fills the gaps this season , then our team will have a chance of silverware .

  41. ethangunner

    craig Says:
    April 28, 2010 at 01:57

    i respected his honesty at first, but there’s a line that needs to drawn at some point, the moment he got to arsenal,
    craig going on arsenals past 5 years if we have another 5 AA23 wont win shite !

    and like i said , wenger created this new squad vibe by culling the invincible’s so quickly ..

    its more like a band of merc’s than a cohesive army ..
    is it really that surprising ?
    when you dont win for so long ???

    expect more of the same if this madness continues !

  42. craig

    i reckon wenger has finally realised that he needs to strengthen, wen the whole team is fit its a great team but arsenal aint lucky wiv injuries, i hope we can get hart or frey for our keeper, hangerland or cahil for defence, melo for midfeild, and maybe an attacking midfielder, and wiv chamakh i think we’ll be very strong next season!

  43. sixx pac

    So Arshavin’s agent says that it was lost in translation. Ffs How hard can it be to translate from Russian to English.

  44. ethangunner

    if you buy and sell players like cattle what do you expect ?

    wenger imports so many names and then flogs them off at a profit ,not even giving half of them a real chance .. dont you think that sort of mentality doesnt go unnoticed when a player clears out their locker !

    whilst the rest look on !

    youll get loyalty from the players when you see some from the management !

  45. ethangunner

    i mean Spain is better weather , better for tax ,better for the football if you are joining barca ..

    as i footballer i couldn’t see why you wouldn’t put out a ‘come and get me’ cry …

    if wenger is stupid enough to not keep his main players happy then want else can you do ?

    also wenger always lets them go , AA23 isnt silly .

  46. ethangunner

    what will happen out of this ?

    either AA23 will join barca or he will get an improved deal …

    can you see any dis-advantage’s in him going to the press ?

  47. ethangunner

    i could even see him going to the chev’s or someone .. 4$!

    i think if wenger isnt keeping him happy , which he obviously is not , either by lack of signings or wages …

    but if i was wenger i would resolve this asap before they start sniffing about …

  48. ethangunner

    With a limited number of the 655 private apartments still available, it means that profits from future property sales will soon go straight back into the club and be available to Wenger, who is expected to move for key players, with Everton teenager Jack Rodwell firmly on his radar.

    The bank debt on Highbury Square has been slashed from £123.6 million in May 2009 to around £2 million today and will be wiped out within weeks. The apartments have cost just under £400,000 on average, meaning revenue from the remaining properties should generate around £20 million for the club.

    interesting read the best in weeks !


  49. ethangunner

    Wenger accepts that he must add to his squad after a fifth consecutive season without silverware but has admitted to financial constraints over recent years. “Due to the construction of the Emirates Stadium, for many years we could not spend a lot,” said Wenger. “Our financial situation has greatly improved. We are finally able to buy the players we think we need.

  50. ethangunner

    so in short ade and toure’s money went to pay off the highbury construction debt . where else could you get 120 mil from since may last year ?

    and now it frees up money , to lend ?

    every fucker told me they were exclusive from each other ! ? ! highbury dev. and the football !

    told you they fucking weren’t !

  51. ethangunner

    the worst thing in the world is a fast talking donkey who makes a bet then doesnt pay up !

    low-life .. i almost bet you wouldnt pay me with someone else to hedge my bet 🙂 . i was sure you had NO HONOR at all !

    only problem is your still hanging around ..
    fuck…. no shame AT ALL !

  52. ethangunner

    going out getting pissed most nights GG !

    down soi 6 🙂

    in a little bar called so what ….
    speaking to a jordy named steve …

    smacking the odd brown bum 🙂
    you know how it goes 🙂

  53. Rohan

    I want Buffon. 3 years and Chesney can take over from him. If that won’t give the defence confidence nothing will.

  54. bnsb

    so in short ade and toure’s money went to pay off the highbury construction debt . where else could you get 120 mil from since may last year ?

    EG, The money went into bank. Only money fr5om sale of flats went into repayment.

  55. dennisdamenace

    I wouldn’t touch Newsnow with yours gnarley….

    Full o’ shit site…..

    Nothing but wind ups, and disappointments…..

  56. Big Raddy

    Morning GG et al.

    We would have taken Lyon. They were poor. And we would have done Bayern with our full squad.

    Good shout re Hart, but absolutely no chance whatsoever of MC selling to us. Why should they?

  57. Gooby

    yeah i know.

    but this award should be handed to players under 22/21

    i was expecting rooney to get both this year anyway. *fat cunt*

  58. MickyDidIt89

    BR: yes he is. It is known as Padstein locally. He has the Seafood Restaurant. Bistro. Two shops. Good man and a great chef.

  59. Geoff

    Not sure theirs will either Raddy, Hart is good, but he’s not blinding, I just want someone that commands his back line and isn’t error prone!

  60. Big Raddy

    And Chesney is only a year younger than Hart and getting rave reviews (albeit at Brentford). This time next year the Pole will be in the team of the season!

  61. Big Raddy

    And on another issue. There is an assumption that AW has signed Chamakh, yet nothing has been confirmed. He would be great, but even greater would be David Villa. And why not? AW inferred that he had approached Valencia about signing him in January. Valencia have stated that Villa will leave this summer and neither Real or Barca need him (though Ibra has not been a huge success).

    Is it possible that Villa could come to THOF? He is the perfect player for us, intelligent, lethal, pacy, strong and Cesc would love it.

  62. sixx pac

    I honestly dont even know Stonroy. I think AA23 and Mangoonian bet him we would win the league. I think i bet him we would beat Barca

  63. sixx pac

    yeah Villa would be great but i think wenger was lying in january. I remember on the cesc fabregas show they asked him which player he would like Arsenal to sign and he said Villa. Wenger was right there

  64. stonroy

    Villa will never came. He is not value for AW, he’s nearing 30 and will be top dollar, he will go to Chelsea or Citeh if he come over.

  65. MickyDidIt89

    BR re Villa, I reckon much will depend on Utd and Chelsea’s shopping lists. Also, if City get CL place, then they would also come into the reckoning. Surely if Benitez is off to Juve, then Torres would hardly want to stay at Pool.

  66. MickyDidIt89

    The tragey is that I dont believe AW sees a proven striker as a priority. I strongly disagree, in that RVP WILL be injured again.

  67. gnarleygeorge9

    If Le Gaffer had any sense of a bad situation, he would be bringing in a top rank keeper. The rest will just bloom from there.