Why Joe Hart makes sense / Why has Wenger bottled it?

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So Geoff has got the ball firmly rolling with the Joe Hart to Arsenal story. It makes sense for many reasons.

Firstly, he’s made 170 first team appearances at the grand old age of 23. He made his name at Shrewsbury Town making 60 appearances and after moving to City, he’s made a whopping 110 appearance! That is a huge amount of experience gained.

I think it would be safe to say, he’s cut he’s teeth elsewhere and he’ll have the mentality to slip straight into our team. He’s at the right age where we’ll get the best years from him. Gone are the days where a keeper has his best years post 30, we’re living in a era where great keepers give you fantastic service from 22 onwards. Casillas, Reina, Cech and Buffon all prove that point superbly.

The other reason it makes sense? Well, City have a relatively young Shay Given between the sticks. Widely regarded as one of the best in the Premiership. He’s not going anywhere fast. Chelsea are very unlikely to move Cech on. He’s regained his form and seems integral to Chelsea’s future plans. Manchester United might entertain the idea of Hart, but realistically, City would probably rather not sell to their greatest rivals and the young Englishman is unlikely to screw the team that gave him a chance.

That leaves Arsenal as the only Champions league team with a need. Remember, English people are naturally ignorant… Joe isn’t going to fancy learning a new language. So, while City may not want to sell, Joe will probably not fancy staying on for another season when there is a huge opportunity to be part of a great clubs set up for years to come.

For me, it would be stupid not to bid for him. Lloris is good, but you have to bed in foreign keepers and you’re still never guaranteed success. Other than that, there don’t seem to be too many good keepers around Europe to choose from. Unless of course we had the cash to prise Reina away from Champion’s Leagueless Liverpool…

Anyway, I’m demanding Joe Hart… If I don’t get him, I’ll throw a massive wobbly at the shareholders Q&A. I’ve got a nastier word I could share with Wenger about his current number one.

Talking of Wenger, the grapevine is suggesting he is going to dodge the Q&A with the AST. I’m not sure if I’ve read that correctly? I thought the shareholders had the QA? I’m sure the AST do a superb job… I’m not really sure what they do a great job of…  I’m just not sure they’d be the best people to ask questions of Gazidis? All they ever seem to do is tow the party line and agree with Arsenal.

Regardless of who gets the Q&A, Wenger has bottled it. Clearly not wanting to face horrendous accusations that his ex-Manc player is geriatric. A player who has more than justified his place in Man United’s hall of fame for infiltrating our camp for two seasons costing us plenty of points and trophies along the way. You don’t fool me Silvestre… even if you’ve hypnotised the rest of the team with talk that you read books…

Pertinent points aside. Wenger apparently wants to hold his Q&A in August. Could that be because he has a plan? Could Wenger be moving his grilling because in August he will have 3-4 world class players on board and we’ll all be double over joyed at his summer work?

I hope so. I don’t want to be celebrating the signing of a 6ft9 Bulgarian keeper famous for his spirit and mental spirit. I’d like some top quality in and some dead wood out. If that dead wood includes Denilson, Silvestre and Almunia, there wont be any tears or ‘thanks for the memories’ coming from this Arsenal Blog.

I’m hoping this summer will be a positive step in our history as a football club. The year the purse strings snapped. The year we announced ourselves as contenders, not tight pretenders.The year the fans were happy with our summer shopping!

There were plenty of unsubstantiated rumours about Wenger signing a new contract yesterday. I’m not sure how true they are but why wouldn’t he sign up again? He’s has no pressure to win trophies, he’s got more power than any other manager in world football and he earns a huge sum of money. Forget the criticism he gets… he probably doesn’t read it! Even if he did, could you imagine a man with youngish family packing in a job worth £6mill a year because of a bit of deserved flak?

I think it’s insulting to suggest such a thing.

Lets hope his new contract is geared towards trophy success if the financial hardships are over!

Before I go, did anyone enjoy the rumour about Dolphin head coming back to Arsenal for £10million? His agent must be struggling if the best leak he can muster is for a club his client severed all ties with after 3 months! Talking of rumours, how about the one about Cesc’s £3million bonus for staying with us? I think Geoff made the point… if we have a pay structure and we’ve kept Cesc in it… but paid him £3mill on top… that’s not really keeping to a pay structure is it?

It’s cheating… A bit like the celibate Catholic Priest’s eh?

So what happens when Robin and Denilson read about this bonus? They’re going to be knocking on Wenger’s door demanding the same!

Still, I’m glad we’re going out our way to keep him… However, it makes a mockery of a 52 year contract if you have to bribe him each year to keep him though!

Cesc’s agent is Darren Dein… David Dein’s evil anti-Arsenal spawn!

We need his Dad back… sorting this mess out!

See you in the comments!

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  1. David

    Well he doesnt do an awful lot wrong defending does he?

    I mean I know he’s small but doesnt get pushed off the ball as often.

    Maybe Im just Jealous because ive had to watch Sagna crossing the ball for 3-4 seasons

  2. gambon

    Sabeel is stuck in the past.

    He stepped into the quantum leap accellerator and vanished.

    (he was trying to get 1st on the blog)

  3. David

    Joe Hart for me is a better keeper than Lloris.

    Although Lloris pulls off some ridiculous saves….

    Im going for the one with actual premiership experience.


    I wont mind Buffon 🙂

  4. Pedro

    Gambon, he’s actually stuck on a blog I’m writing next week… poor Sabeel!

    I hope Le Grove didn’t get him the sack…

    Sixx Pac… Lahm is pretty damn good!

  5. sixx pac

    why are u toning down Jaguar. What happened to hypocrite, mug, wanker. Dont mind Pedro. He is just a dictator. Geoff is back so free reign baby

  6. David

    six pacc

    Whats with the obsession with sex…”sexist”…”sexual”…

    Call the number on your phone tonight. I know you dont want to but just do it. It will prob get things off your mind.

  7. goonerpress

    Yep, I agree with Joe Hart coming in as our new keeper. I also like the Rodwell and Subotic rumours flying about today. They are both gonna be superstars!

    On another note, Arshavins comments today have pissed me off. Does he ever shutup? He also dissed Wenger in the sense that he is good but Mourinho is a genius and that Wenger isn’t good enough for Russia. I hope Wenger takes action. If he really wants to join Barca, he can fuck off right now and make midget porn with Messi. Eden Hazard/Di Maria/Kun Aguero to replace him!!

  8. Confidentgoner


    Dpo you ever look up klm covered stats for Barca after any of their matches? Not sure you do.

    they always outrun their opponents. Credit to Guardiola and his team.

    One other point you keep making which I disagree with is that our players hardly play together. thats wrong. Chelsea , ManU also had long term injuries but had better options than us, yet our wagebill is of the same magnitude. After watching AW.I can safely conclude that he is not a good tactician.

  9. Confidentgoner


    Do you ever look up klm covered stats for Barca after any of their matches? Not sure you do.

    they always outrun their opponents. Credit to Guardiola and his team.

    One other point you keep making which I disagree with is that our players hardly play together. thats wrong. Chelsea , ManU also had long term injuries but had better options than us, yet our wagebill is of the same magnitude. After watching AW.I can safely conclude that he is not a good tactician.

  10. David

    Lol sixx..

    It a guy thing. Im thinking bout callin myself…although its an issue on my conscience now as its only Tuesday and I should at least wait till closer to the weekend?

  11. Jaguar

    Even if abuse him using the worst expletives,Wenger wouldnt listen to any of the critics,as he is a shameless bastard, who is only concerned about his money and love children.

  12. sixx pac

    I dont mind Arsh saying we need to buy. Infact it is good that he says it. But what the fuck? Its worse than Ade’s Milan is like Beyonce. Playing for Barca would be the pinnacle of my career. Even for one year. Shut up you Russian bitch. I’ll say again that Mr Arsenal has more talent in his left foot than u do in ur entire body. These players are just using our clubs as a stepping stone to get to a ‘ bigger’ club and it is insulting. I expect Arsene to sell the fucker for what he can get. Then watch him turn into another Hleb. Then go after the one that got away Arsene, the one u tried for but couldnt get. Go for Ronaldinho

  13. choy

    No.. why should we sell players who are still on a contract. We’ve made too many mistakes like letting players leave if they want to!

    Look at Drogba, he’s always wanted to leave chelsea, but they made him stay.

  14. gambon

    sixx pac

    I dont think anyone intends to use us as a stepping stone. Wenger sells them the dream (just like he does the fans)…then he cant deliver it cos he’s either lying or too stupid to know how to bring success.

  15. goonerpress

    Not directly choy, but in a way he is. He is putting him down by mentioning the three best coaches in the world and not including Wenger in them, and then saying he can’t coach Russia. It may not be direct dissing but you still list your coach amongst the best and always say he can do a good job for anyone. Even if the three he mentioned are better than Wenger in terms of trophies.

  16. sixx pac

    actually he was choy. If u dont want a coach to manage ur national team its obviously because u dont think you could win with him

  17. choy

    “I can’t imagine Wenger outside of Arsenal. I think it’s impossible. He is more than a coach. He works not only with the team but also shapes the club. He’s not only responsible for what happens on the pitch on Saturdays and Wednesdays, but for everything else – how the club works, who they buy, virtually what sponsorship contracts are signed and where to go for pre-season training. He conducts everything.”

  18. goonerpress

    I haven’t read that bit before choy. Where did you get that from?

    sixx pac Ronaldinho is a good shout and is currently performing well for AC, but for all the talent he has I think he is a bit too old now. Still a top player though! Creativity and intelligence never dies, he still has it.

  19. B.B.K.

    all this talk of rodwell is pure bollocks,the only place he will be going if everton are to sell is the same destination as rooney,as for the hart rumours don’t reckon city will sell him plus i don’t think we could afford him if they did sell.

  20. A

    I wouldn’t want Hart either BBK, there must be someone better in Europe somewhere, who would almost certainly eat into less of our transfer budget too

  21. goonerpress

    I was on about Rodwell btw.

    And I don’t think City would ask for too much, they don’t need it lol. I think they would rather go after one of our players in a swap deal.

  22. B.B.K.

    ”I also think that perhaps a season playing with the likes of Denilson, Diaby and, yes, Bendtner would drive a man mad like Andrei”

  23. Pedro

    Schwarzer is a pretty solid Keeper. I think we need a Premiership player whoever we decide to buy.

    I’ve just got a horrible feeling he’s going to go with Chezney.

  24. Jaguar

    Whats the fuss about Arshavin’s comments on Wenger. He is true. Wenger is just an over rated manager, who is not in the top five managers in the world.Fucking wanker.

  25. David

    I think Rodwell is worth the money.

    He’s got a very good engine and Moyes has him working hard in midfield.

    He’d put all our CM to shame against Barca with the way he fights to get the ball back.

  26. A

    As would Hart Pedro….

    Lehmann was a budget keeper, and he had a couple of amazing seasons for us.

    I’m not talking about budget keepers though, but just someone like Frey, for £8 mil, rather than Hart for double that, just because he’s English

  27. A

    Pedro he’s already basically said that Szczesny has very very little chance of being number one next season, even if he’s amazing in pre season

  28. Jaguar

    A was one of those people who said that derelict piece of shit,Diabolical is better than Fletcher.Speaks pretty much about the credibility of his statements.

  29. goonerpress

    B.B.K I dunno. They would probably want one of our top players, which means Fabregas, Van Persie, Arshavin, Clichy, Nasri or Song. Maybe even one of our youngsters like Wilshere for example. In that case I would tell em to fuck off. Almunia + £5m, take it or leave it.

  30. Pedro

    Jag, don’t start with all that bollocks…

    A, Lehmann was good…but I still didn’t think he was an amazing keeper. He was always clanger prone.

    Why are you worried about price? If we get Hart, we’ll have a top keeper who won’t want to leave for 16 years. You’d get almost double the career out of Hart over Frey… justifying the price.

  31. A

    David go and have a look at Everton blogs, they talk about Rodwell’s crab passing the same way gooners do about Denilson! Never passes forwards. Got a good engine on him though. I’d be very happy if we signed him, depending on how much we paid

  32. A

    i’d take him as a stop gap choy.

    Pedro imo Jens was the best keeper in Europe in the champs league final year, absolutely amazing, and in the invincibles year.

    Worried about the price because we HAVE to win the league next season, and even IF Hart becomes awesome, he’s not a level where he’s going to win us the league next season, so spending half our transfer budget on him would not be something I’d be at all happy with….

  33. Pedro

    BBK, the day the season finishes for us, I’ll start the rumour list in the side bar like I did two summers ago!

    I Think we were linked to 188 players that year?

  34. David

    Ive got a dangerous feeling about Schezzny being no 1 as well too.

    Fuck me….its like we all have the same fears with Wenger in the back of our minds.

    You always have to take what Wenger says with a pinch of salt.

  35. gambon

    “I dont think buying budget keepers works”…:

    – Almunia
    – Fabiamski
    – Rami Shabaan
    – Guillame Warmuz

    The evidence proves you correct.

  36. Pedro

    How have you come to that conclusion A?

    180 games under his belt, 23 years old and winning plaudits from all over the place.

    He’s at exactly the right level to win us the league. He’d save us those points we lost with Flappy and Almunia.

  37. Pedro

    ‘In preseason I have been surprised with Chezzers level. Ask Madrid if a 19 year old keeper is a risk.’

  38. A

    gambon how about jens and van de sar?!

    that evidence proves something else entirely….

    180 games playing for who pedro??

    how many games did richard wright, scott carson, fatty robinson have under their belt before people realised that they didn’t have what it takes??

    Playing in goal for a team that is the underdog the majority of the time, or in a lower division, is TOTALLY different to playing in pressure games at the top of the table, where keeping concentration when not involved is one of the toughest elements of the job.

    He has made mistakes this season, and made even more when he was playing for City, who dominated possession more than Brum did, and would almost certainly make mistakes if he was playing for a top team too, at least until he developed into a top keeper, and got used to playing for a big team.

  39. goonerpress

    B.B.K the only one out of them I would give is Arshavin, cos I think he wants to leave. But besides that, I would give them Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski, Diaby or Denilson. Fuck it they can have all of them for Hart, Richards and Kompany.

  40. A

    Pedro Wenger exagerates when he talks up his players, he wouldn’t talk down a player in public if he felt he was ready, what would that do to his confidence if he actually was?!

    Szczesny is at least a year away from being ready to play for us, he needs to go out on loan again next season

  41. choy

    Every Keeper makes mistakes..

    Hart would make less mistakes than both Almunia and Fabianski!

    Sign up Buffon I say!

  42. goonerpress

    What about Kasper Schmeichel? 23, 6ft2 and he was League 2 keeper of the year. I know City flogged him but he can’t have gone shit over night. He is good and would be cheap. Bendtner could also have a word with him!

  43. gambon

    Of course he would make mistakes, thats like stating that Wenger will lie to the fans, its inevitable.

    However he would be a huge step up on the chuckle brothers we have in goal at the moment.

    I would rather frey than hart, but theres no doubt Hart is a very good option.

  44. gambon


    Why would we want the best keeper in league 2 when er have the best keeper outside of the premier league already on the books.

  45. A

    lol gp he didn’t turn shit overnight, he was always shit! not even a premiership keeper let alone good enough for us. I’d rather Mannone

  46. David

    VDS was a great buy…probably a one off.

    But considering the amount of dosh Utd splashed on duds like Bartez and Roy Caroll and Taibi it even things abit

  47. A

    no gambon, there IS doubt about whether hart is a very good option, hence the discussion. It’s far from proven whether he would be or not

  48. A

    Exactly my point David, well put – Signing good keepers isn’t down to the money spent, you can spend loads and get a shit keeper, and you can spend little and get a good keeper.

  49. goonerpress

    B.B.K, I rate both De Gea and Asenjo. One of them is defo gonna take over from Casillas for Spain in the future, so they can’t be that bad. Two of the best young keepers in the world, in my opinion.

    And Van Persie? Fuckkk that! For Van Persie I want Hart, Richards, Kompany and Tevez. I might consider a Van Persie exit then.

  50. Pedro

    A, Birmingham haven’t been underdogs this season!

    They’re in the top half of the table. Higher than Firoentina are in the Italian League… which is far weaker than ours.

    Joe Hart has been exceptional. He’s made mistakes at City… but very few for Birmingham this year.

    He’s top class.

    You seem to think most keepers are not worthy of Arsenal?

  51. Pedro

    David, VDS was proven quality. He did a good job for Juve and a great job for Fulham. He’s been gaff prone though…

    What do we want, a keeper that we can get a bit of stability with, or a stop gap like Jens again?

    For me, we need a Seaman like signing… someone whose gonna stick around for a bit.

  52. A

    Pedro Birmingham have been underdogs most of the season, but have had a very good defence, that sits incredibly deep, and doesn’t let players get in behind them, which restricts teams to alot of long shots that gives Hart the opportunity to make spectacular saves.

    I’d be willing to bet quite a bit that they have had less possession than their opponents in well over half their games this season.

    Totally different kettle of fish to playing for a top team.

    I think that most premiership keepers would not make a difference for us, because there aren’t any that are actually that good. We’re just waiting for the next batch to come through it would seem

  53. Jaguar

    Getting a good keeper wont make a difference when you have players like Shitvestre in the centre of the defence and wankers like Diaby who tries to dribble inside our own penalty box.

  54. Pedro

    Well said Choy.

    I don’t think anyone was intimating that spending more money would equate to a better keeper… more that signing Joe Hart would be value for money and sometimes you have to pay a bit more for Premiership experience.

  55. David


    Utd bought VDS for 2-4m. I doubt there are any world Class keepers that will cost that much.

    I think the age thing is also something to look at.

    Yes we might get a stop gap in…but I’d prefer a good experienced head in there as a number 2 not a kid whose waiting to wet his appetite

  56. goonerpress

    Well a 52.7% clean sheet ratio doesn’t make him too bad. I agree Woj is a better proposition as he is a league above and has been impressive. Was just a suggestion anyway, I’d rather have Hart or Lloris. I wouldn’t waste time trying to do business with Jean Aulas though, so Hart it is!

  57. gambon


    As Pedro said he’s played a lot of games already, he is an international, and his fellow players have voted him best keeper in the PL.

    How bad can he really be?

    Almunia couldnt get voted best keeper in the conference, and as for Fabianski, im pretty sure he was a midfielder that wenger converted 2 years ago.

  58. B.B.K.

    It’s true tho you can sign all these players but unless wenger changes his tactics of not defending we are in the same boat race.

  59. David


    I couldnt agree more if i tried.

    Its time for this defense to get some stability that includes buying a life partner for Vermy

  60. A

    We’ll see if and when he plays for a top team gambon, which is totally different to what he’s done this season!

    Carson/Wright/Robinson were all hyped to fuck, and internationals, but they wouldn’t have gotten in the pfa keeper team because there were actual top quality keepers around then, rather than the current keeper vacuum we have in the prem

  61. Pedro

    A, Joe Hart is good at crosses, he kicks well, he dominates his area.

    If he’s a good shot stopper, bonus.

    He hasn’t been getting clean sheets because all he’s good at is shot stopping. I doubt Alex Mcleish or any Birmingham fans would be quite so damning in appraisal.

  62. A

    His job at Brum behind that defence, system, and set up is MASSIVELY different to playing in a big side though Pedro, and until he does that we’ll have no idea if he’s just another hyped up English keeper who will make the move, and totally flop, or someone with genuine talent.

    I wouldn’t be happy if we spunked half our total transfer budget to find out….

  63. gambon

    Lets not forget that after 25 odd games last season we had faced the least shots on goal of any team in the PL.

    Being a keeper at Arsenal is pretty easy.

    Also it highlights how incredibly bad our keepers are.

  64. A

    No idea choy/bbk, don’t watch enough of the European leagues, but certainly noone in the prem is good enough imo

  65. A

    gambon in alot of ways that makes it more difficult, not easy.

    Much harder to keep concentration when not involved for ages, which is why keepers look amazing at bottom half of the table clubs, then flop, or are never signed by top clubs

  66. Pedro

    A, Carson and Robinson were always clanger prone. Roboinson was also really fat and failed the reflex test at Arsenal.

    Richard Wright was a good prospect at the time… couldn’t handle the pressure.

    Ben Foster had rave reviews at Watford, but I wrote on here I thought he was suspect.

    Like Gambon said, he’s not just rated by fans and managers… he got voted the best in the Prem this year and his team finished 9th.

    That’s a pretty good CV.

  67. gambon

    Hart will cost say £12m, plus we will get £6m for the clowns.

    So it would cost us £6m, if our total budget is £12m then we may as well save it and build some more flats.

    The times of being cheap skates have to come to an end….buy the best player for the job, not the cheap option.

  68. Keyser

    gambon – Not really, depends on the sort of chances you give up as a team, if every one of those shots is from Pienaar like runs the goalie’s pretty much fucked no matter who it is.

    Where did you get that stat from ? Van De Sar I think’s faced fewer shots than most keepers, especially last season.

  69. Pedro

    Jag, when you come in with the silly inflammatory comments… I’ll delete them.

    You can make your point without the hate.

  70. choy

    Fack me A..

    You’re talking like Wenger.. you know the problem and you say you can’t find anyone better!

    If you were the manager.. we’ll still have Almunia as our no. 1.. Yikes :mrgreen:

    On that note.. Nite all…

  71. Pedro

    Keyser, our keepers treat a cross as a shot… would Scott Carson ever drop a clanger as ridiculous as the one Fab dropped against Porto?

    How about Almunia’s against United? Or the one against Birmingham?

    Those are the sort of chances you shouldn’t be letting in at Sunday league level.

  72. David


    I think thats the point A is trying to make really.

    The top keepers have a good defense and need to concentrate for the full 90minutes for that 1 or 2 saves they would have to make the whole game and he’s questioning Harts ability to do that since he’s not played for a top team.

    Thats a valid point and a question that can only be answered once he’s put in that situation.

  73. David

    Although the reverse is true..

    If you saw a keeper playing in division 2 and had fuck all to do the whole game and only made 1 or 2 saves…would you be able to say that he is World Class?

  74. Keyser

    Pedro – Shouldn’t be, but it happens, Cech dropped one right on Gallas’s head a couple of seasons ago, Van De Sar drops loads, but thats where the defence and the rest of the team comes in.

    Lehman was great for us, he made a few mistakes to, but then he had one of the best teams around in front of him.

    Come on, there’s loads of downsides to him.

  75. Pedro

    Buffon – Came from a crap team
    VDS – Came from a crap team
    Reina – Came from a crap team
    Cech – Came from a crap team
    Frey – Playing for a crap team

    How many top keepers currently playing for top teams came from top teams?

    Use of the word top quite prevelant there!

  76. Keyser

    David – Exactly, so afterall we’ve witnessed we want someone that we’re just going to have to put in the position before we know if he’ll make it.

    We might aswell stick with what we’ve got.

  77. Pedro

    Keyser… Fabianski has dropped a clanger in pretty much every game he’s played for us in the last year.

    It’d be a struggle to muster a half decent defence for him…

    Plus… I think most have been pleased with TV and WG this season… the problem has been the keeper, not whose in front of him./them

  78. Keyser

    Pedro – How long do you give him before you start writing blogs slating him saying we bought someone from a team that was 9th, another youngster, another person with no experience, someone who can’t even get into Citeh’s first team ?!

    Hart’s been playing well, but he’s not a straight forward success is he, come on.

  79. Pedro

    Keyser, what sort of a comment is that!

    We shouldn’t sign a player unless we can guarantee their success?

    That pretty much rules out Wenger’s entire transfer policy!

  80. gambon


    Stick with what weve got!!! Are you kidding me, we have the 2 worst GKs in the premier league.

    Even if we signed Myhill, who is a retard, we would have improved in the GK department.

  81. kirby

    I think we should risk it with hart. how ridiculous is it that we are shit scared of getting a new goalie and him turning shit, that is what having a goalie like manuel in goal for us…

  82. Pedro

    Keyser, he’s experienced, he’s the Premiership keeper of the year and he’ll be 24.

    If he plays like a cunt… of course I’ll be asking questions of him. I don’t think anyone would slate the signing.

    No one slated Wenger for signing Franny or Richard Wright did they? The signings just didn’t work out.