Why Joe Hart makes sense / Why has Wenger bottled it?

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So Geoff has got the ball firmly rolling with the Joe Hart to Arsenal story. It makes sense for many reasons.

Firstly, he’s made 170 first team appearances at the grand old age of 23. He made his name at Shrewsbury Town making 60 appearances and after moving to City, he’s made a whopping 110 appearance! That is a huge amount of experience gained.

I think it would be safe to say, he’s cut he’s teeth elsewhere and he’ll have the mentality to slip straight into our team. He’s at the right age where we’ll get the best years from him. Gone are the days where a keeper has his best years post 30, we’re living in a era where great keepers give you fantastic service from 22 onwards. Casillas, Reina, Cech and Buffon all prove that point superbly.

The other reason it makes sense? Well, City have a relatively young Shay Given between the sticks. Widely regarded as one of the best in the Premiership. He’s not going anywhere fast. Chelsea are very unlikely to move Cech on. He’s regained his form and seems integral to Chelsea’s future plans. Manchester United might entertain the idea of Hart, but realistically, City would probably rather not sell to their greatest rivals and the young Englishman is unlikely to screw the team that gave him a chance.

That leaves Arsenal as the only Champions league team with a need. Remember, English people are naturally ignorant… Joe isn’t going to fancy learning a new language. So, while City may not want to sell, Joe will probably not fancy staying on for another season when there is a huge opportunity to be part of a great clubs set up for years to come.

For me, it would be stupid not to bid for him. Lloris is good, but you have to bed in foreign keepers and you’re still never guaranteed success. Other than that, there don’t seem to be too many good keepers around Europe to choose from. Unless of course we had the cash to prise Reina away from Champion’s Leagueless Liverpool…

Anyway, I’m demanding Joe Hart… If I don’t get him, I’ll throw a massive wobbly at the shareholders Q&A. I’ve got a nastier word I could share with Wenger about his current number one.

Talking of Wenger, the grapevine is suggesting he is going to dodge the Q&A with the AST. I’m not sure if I’ve read that correctly? I thought the shareholders had the QA? I’m sure the AST do a superb job… I’m not really sure what they do a great job of…  I’m just not sure they’d be the best people to ask questions of Gazidis? All they ever seem to do is tow the party line and agree with Arsenal.

Regardless of who gets the Q&A, Wenger has bottled it. Clearly not wanting to face horrendous accusations that his ex-Manc player is geriatric. A player who has more than justified his place in Man United’s hall of fame for infiltrating our camp for two seasons costing us plenty of points and trophies along the way. You don’t fool me Silvestre… even if you’ve hypnotised the rest of the team with talk that you read books…

Pertinent points aside. Wenger apparently wants to hold his Q&A in August. Could that be because he has a plan? Could Wenger be moving his grilling because in August he will have 3-4 world class players on board and we’ll all be double over joyed at his summer work?

I hope so. I don’t want to be celebrating the signing of a 6ft9 Bulgarian keeper famous for his spirit and mental spirit. I’d like some top quality in and some dead wood out. If that dead wood includes Denilson, Silvestre and Almunia, there wont be any tears or ‘thanks for the memories’ coming from this Arsenal Blog.

I’m hoping this summer will be a positive step in our history as a football club. The year the purse strings snapped. The year we announced ourselves as contenders, not tight pretenders.The year the fans were happy with our summer shopping!

There were plenty of unsubstantiated rumours about Wenger signing a new contract yesterday. I’m not sure how true they are but why wouldn’t he sign up again? He’s has no pressure to win trophies, he’s got more power than any other manager in world football and he earns a huge sum of money. Forget the criticism he gets… he probably doesn’t read it! Even if he did, could you imagine a man with youngish family packing in a job worth £6mill a year because of a bit of deserved flak?

I think it’s insulting to suggest such a thing.

Lets hope his new contract is geared towards trophy success if the financial hardships are over!

Before I go, did anyone enjoy the rumour about Dolphin head coming back to Arsenal for £10million? His agent must be struggling if the best leak he can muster is for a club his client severed all ties with after 3 months! Talking of rumours, how about the one about Cesc’s £3million bonus for staying with us? I think Geoff made the point… if we have a pay structure and we’ve kept Cesc in it… but paid him £3mill on top… that’s not really keeping to a pay structure is it?

It’s cheating… A bit like the celibate Catholic Priest’s eh?

So what happens when Robin and Denilson read about this bonus? They’re going to be knocking on Wenger’s door demanding the same!

Still, I’m glad we’re going out our way to keep him… However, it makes a mockery of a 52 year contract if you have to bribe him each year to keep him though!

Cesc’s agent is Darren Dein… David Dein’s evil anti-Arsenal spawn!

We need his Dad back… sorting this mess out!

See you in the comments!

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  1. Henry14

    I posted this on the previous post and was just discussing it there.

    ‘(Arsenal boss Arsene) Wenger is also a good coach, but the Russian team is better suited to the other three.

    ‘I can’t imagine Wenger outside of Arsenal. I think it’s impossible. He is more than a coach. He works not only with the team, but also shapes the club.

    ‘He’s not only responsible for what happens on the pitch on Saturdays and Wednesdays, but for everything else – how the club works, who they buy, virtually what sponsorship contracts are signed and where to go for pre-season training. He conducts everything!’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1269097/Arsenal-star-Andrey-Arshavin-heart-set-Barcelona-marvelling-Champions-League-mauling.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0mHhxTM21

  2. Henry14

    This is why we will never get rid of him! He could never go anywhere else, he knew he would go to madrid and have pressure and probably get sacked!

    Wenger will sign and extension and we will never be rid of him.

  3. Henry14

    So we may as well sack Gazidis and keep the £1M a year we pay him – that’s a waste.

    He’s a £1M a year PA to Wenger!

  4. Geoff

    One day some one will buy the club, they will inherit a clean balance sheet, then plunge the club into debt.

    And that’s how clever our management are, they are costing us success to have someone that doesn’t like football to screw us over.

    How smart is that!

  5. Walking Wounded

    Hart would make sense, but we have bought England’s next best young goalkeepers in the past (A la Richard Wright) and that didn’t exactly work.

    I think buying a goalkeeper, is always a bit of a lottery but we need one who can communicate with the defense and command the area with authority would be ideal.

    In another note is Jack Rodwell a good signing for Arsenal? I really can’t work it out

  6. Henry14

    Geoff – who do you think the Eastern European rumoured to be buying Nina’s shares is?

    It’s been reported it’s a billionaire so it can only be a handful of people…

  7. Mark C

    Keeper is required – all I want is the best keeper, and Almunia and Fabianski to leave.

    Geoff – who would want to buy the club in full?

    No dividends are paid, and if the club were to make 50 mill profit – that should get invested in the team and not handed back to the owner.

  8. Henry14

    I like Rodwell but why aren’t we producing a player like this from our own academy?

    Our so called great academy.

    I mean we have 60 kids or something on our books and nobody anywhere near Rooney or Rodwell?

    The best English player we have ever produced we let go to Chelsea for the sake of £20K a week!

  9. Geoff

    Joe Hart commands his defence and is miles better than Wright.

    Rodwell reminds me of a young Gerrard, but we have so many young hopefuls, anyway we would never get him, and why would Everton sell? Only for a massive fee and we don’t do massive fees.

  10. Mark C

    Joe Hart will help us with the home grown player rule, as would Rodwell.

    Also, Almunia, Eduardo, Rosicky, Fabianski and Denilson – if they all left it would help us with the home grown player rule and remove some of the DROSS.

  11. finestcuts

    City will not sell us Hart because they’re spending hundreds of millions to overtake us. That is really what they aim to do. So selling us a player that could cost them points over the years is pointless to them. It’s a bit like going to war and selling your enemy a weapon he could use against you, money doesn’t come into the equation.
    Would he be a threat to Manchester City’s success if he played for Arsenal? The answer is categorically yes, it would be foolish of them to spend so much only to have it undone by selling a competing team what they need.

  12. Geoff

    Mark I’m pretty sure Denilson would be home grown but is major league dross, funny Wenger can’t see it eh?

  13. charybdis1966

    HI Geoff, I know it seems that the way the clubs finances look makes it very attractive to a purchaser, but is the alternative to saddle the club with debt to put off potential buyers? Yes, we look a ripe cherry for a oligarch to swoop in and make the board an offer they can’t refuse yet I’d be uncomfortable with large amounts of debt.
    Ultimately it is a combination of foot balling parameters on which my happiness with the club is judged and as you often say, there are no trophies awarded for having the most solvent balance sheet, debt-equity or interest cover ratios.
    I’d rather have seen a parade down Upper Street to the town hall with a trophy than be marvelling at a current ratio on 1.45, or whatever it is.

  14. Henry14

    Finest – and lets face they have to be bitter now they realise how mugged off they got that they paid us £40M for Ade and Kolo! lol.

  15. goonerT1m

    if the boss was switched on he would already have given and not need hart, now we wont get either, just some old crock mentalist from the bundesliga!

  16. charybdis1966

    Henry14 – I don’t think the Citeh lot are too unhappy with those two, certainly Kolo is getting a lot of plaudits for his recent form as I saw on various Citeh blogs on Sunday. With Adebarndoor they seem to be more divided however I don’t think have to sell anyone at all as money is not an issue and balancing of the books is the last thing the arab playboys will ever have to think of.

  17. Maximus


    I think he was just being sarcastic.

    But you are right … if you are contracted, and we are talking about a lengthy contract, why the need?

    Basil just being Basil, I’m afraid.

  18. 78692

    Arsenal forward Andrei Arshavin, a long-time Barcelona fan, still dreams of playing for the Spanish giants one day, the Russian international has revealed. “Even playing just one season for Barcelona would make a pinnacle of my whole career,” said Arshavin. (Reuters Press Agency)

  19. Big Dave

    Regardless of the transfer kitty, Arsenal will not spend £20 mill on a player.

    And now AA23 says he still pines for Barca.

    Don’t be so lazy and hide and you may just get their

  20. Walking Wounded


    It’s going to be a long blog if you post a link for every rumour that comes out.

    Everyone knows Arsenal are in need of some new players and we have announced that we have money to spend.

    Just wait to see how many players we are going to be linked with! Come Sept 1st I would like someone to compile a list of them all and I reckon we shoudl do a “Play your Cards right” game. I will start at 250, who wants higher or lower than that?

  21. Queen of Suburbia

    Rodwell I like. He’s a good player.

    I don’t think we can beat the academy up every time a decent player emerges from another club though! One or two will slip through the net…but the next generation does look very promising.

  22. John A

    As much as I’d like to see Joe Hart at Arsenal, I think the more obvious choice is someone like Frey, who at 30 yrs old would be the ideal stop gap until Chesney takes his rightful place as our number 1.

    I can also see Wenger keeping Flapianski as our no.2 for next season until Chesney is ready to take over as numero uno. Quite where this leaves Manonne is anyones guess, as I think all of our 3 current keepers are equally shite and should be shipped off to Barnet.

  23. Mark C

    Frey is nothing new.

    I think he is 3rd choice French keeper.
    His club have bee struggling.
    I believe he is around 30ish – but he was first choice and then lost out to 2 other keepers

    He is the same as Robinson at Blackburn – experienced, but not at his peak !!!

  24. Geoff

    Chary that’s the point, we don’t need to plunge the club into any kind of debt, just use the money we get from selling players.

    QoS I wasn’t sure.

  25. Duke

    I know all those rumours are bullshit, but signing Hart and Subotic would go a long way to making me happy this summer.

  26. charliegeorge

    From the artist formerly known as Maximus.

    New Gravatar, new username.

    It’s the same every year, linked to a million players.

    He’ll be too busy working for his beloved French TV, the ideal excuse to sit on his hands and complain about inflated prices.

  27. Walking Wounded

    Frey retired from International Football a few years back, but I don’t recall why.

    Experienced keeper who has never let anyone down and played at the highest level. I don’t think he will break the bank either.

  28. Mark C

    Geoff – I dont want Almunia – I dont want a keeper a bit better than Almunia – I want a keeper that will make a difference – a keeper that will earn 8 or 10 points a season.

    I dont want to see any howlers.

  29. Mark C

    we need a commanding keeper – who will come for crosses and install confidence in he back 4.

    We also need a big CB – Hangerland is ideal as Subotic or even Sakho.

    We then also need a powerful midfielder – Felliani from Everton would be great.

    No one would bully us, with those 3 in the squad (team) and our forwards can do what they are paid to do and score shed loads.

  30. charybdis1966

    That’s right Geoff- it’s down to the board of AFC to make sure we are simply not a turkey being fattened up for an oligarchs Xmas dinner.

  31. leon

    i have thinking about alot a year the move to emirates from highbury and at the old club the spending aws at least double and year later wenger completely changes his policy to deal with youth players all around the same time this club had around 400 mill in debt sorry i will never believe that wenger just changed is policy just because why he wants experiment with youth players and it just happens to be around the same time that they are paying of there massive debt.sorry but common sense tells me that wenger did change his policy just proof i think its more case that the board dont wenger that he would have limited budget until thr bedt is cleard that makes more sense.

  32. bnsb


    Board members get fat turkey when they bail out.

    BTW read your match day report at the other place, good one!

  33. bnsb

    leon, the point as Geoff always points out is, at least we could have spent the money we received from sale and replaced players sold. That would have hopefully ensured a twist in the tail.

  34. charybdis1966

    Cheers bnsb, I was one of those behind the goal at the north end shouting “W***er, w***er, w***ker” for a full 5 minutes at Ademywhore while Given was being treated for his injury, my throat has only just recovered !
    It’s down to the board whether they take the short term profiteering view for AFC or they take the long term good view.

  35. Galviniho

    I am not too sure Joe Hart can handle being No.1 at Arsenal, its all good being a good keeper at Birmingham but many keepers in the past have failed ot live up to their hype once moving to a big club. Ben Foster looked good at Watford, Carson looked good at Leeds and so did Robinson but they are not top draw anymore.

    I would prefer an experience international keeper between the sticks for us next season.

  36. Geoff

    I saw Hart in the under 21’s tourno in Sweden and he impressed me, he even got banned, he has come on in leaps and bounds since, and frankly the two we have are so bad, we may do better with 10 men.

    So we can’t do worse that sign England’s future number 1.

  37. Arsenal Tom

    morning people, I dont see how people can think we ‘couldn’t’ get joe hart… does he wanna sit on the bench next season? i doubt it!

    give him the chance to be no.1 at a club like arsenal and he’d jump at the chance.

    its not about if the club want to sell, once the player wants to go its going to happen… just look recently at hleb fucking us over & lescott going to city

  38. jay4741

    just read the post, deluded if u think were gonna get Hart, city would never sell him to us and wenger would not pay £8-15m

  39. jerry

    Arsene may at last buy epl players though they may cost more. It’s better than getting players from Kosovo,Latvia,Lithunia,Scandinavia (no disrespect )These players may be the best players in the respective leaguees. They will be out of depth in the epl as a number of them have found out.The epl requires all kinds of traits . Skill,strength,tackling ,brute strength ,and running for 90 plus aet.
    Arsenal need players for the problem spots which everybody knows.No more kids please. Get the experienced guys and we shall see.

  40. Meneurdejeu10

    Mark C

    We are going to get a GK on a free transfer b/cuz we got Fabianksi and Chesnut waiting. I am giving you Arsene’s thought process.

    Sorensen most likely.

    The best GK in the world is available.

    Gianluigi Buffon aka Ross from Friends

    Buffon is classified in the epic category.

  41. charliegeorge


    It’s cathartic to speculate.


    a: we’d all go crazy;

    b: we’d lynch Basil to a pulp.

  42. leon

    bnsb that depends just much wenger has to spend my point is that i dont wenger had anywere near as much people think he has i suspect around 15 mill a season the problem for i dont think the board particauly peter hill wood has been very honest and just how much wenger has spend evon pundits know that wenger does have any wear near 30 mill a season

  43. Meneurdejeu10


    I’m hearing 16million and Bojan Krkic for Gael Force.
    I would bite Barca’s hand off for that deal. Bojan is gonna be an epic player if gets the chance to start regularly. Eduardo can then be sold. This kid is EPIC.

    If we want to sell tshirts, although Wenger believes it is not organic growth (all that love and supplement bullshit he talks about) we should sign

    10-15 million transfer fee and six figure wages.
    He is among the top 15 players of all time

  44. Queen of Suburbia

    Leon he has at the very least £35m available to him this season. Plus whatever is released from the Highbury flats (up to an extra £45m).

    I’d accept that he has not had much money before but this season he most definetly has. Thats a fact.

  45. Mayank

    I don’t understand all this talk of clearing the debt for the would-be owner…
    We can take one of the views not both. Either the would-be owner (WBO) wants to run a healthy business or not. Assuming he want to run a healthy business he would want minimum debt at the time of purchase and do anything necessary to maintain a good balance-sheet thereafter. If that is the case why would he pile the debt on us.


    The WBO cares for naught but his own pockets and will put all the debt of buying us on us. I which case why would he want a ‘clean’ enterprise to begin with. The more debt we have the lesser our assets and the lesser our cost. The easier it is for WBO to buy us.


  46. Arsenal Tom


    “The construction of the Emirates Stadium meant that for many years we could not spend a lot of money. Our financial situation has greatly improved. We are finally able to buy the players we think we need.”

    thats from wenger… there’s no money excuses now mate.

  47. Queen of Suburbia

    I love Clichy but that would be a very good offer and Gibbs is quality, ii rate him highly.

    Could we keep Ronaldinho out of the nightclubs though? I’d like a star that can contribute on the pitch as well as shift t-shirts being picky!

  48. Mayank

    According to most inside sources Wenger had money for the winter window and chose not to buy. Before that his hands were apparently tied.

  49. Sam-gooner

    Many of you are thinking denilson would be shown the door…r u guys crazy!!!!he is like a surrogate child of wenger,he will never leave in wenger’s era!!!

  50. Arsenal Tom

    rob, they can be persuaded/forced though… if the player wants to come to us, they’d let him go.

    we need to stop acting like pussies every transfer window

  51. charliegeorge


    Are you gonna do a China on me and censor views you don’t agree with?

    If you don’t know anything about Basil Fawlty, let me make a few points:

    He aspires to be something he is not;

    He is a cocksure anal-retentive control freak;

    He never owns up to his mistakes;

    He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I shall call him Basil as long as he continues to mimic these traits.

    And it isn’t meant to be funny.

  52. Meneurdejeu10


    We’ll tell him whenever you want to go out take Denilson and Walcott with you. That should kill his mojo.

    But he if comes no Nasri, and no Arshavin.

  53. MickyDidIt89

    How much wouldn’t AW pay for Given, and you lot reckon he’s going to splash out £10m’ish on Hart.
    Yeah right.

  54. Mayank

    QoS, I firmly believe that our board members are behind the times but are not the leeches they are made out to be.
    Their biggest fault is embracing the money making capacity of today’s football clubs without embracing the current business style.

  55. Queen of Suburbia

    CharlieGeorge – if this was China, i’d have had you left in the woods at birth. I’m fine with people expressing their views, in fact if people don’t then there is no point blogging but name calling of our manager or the players is the preserve of people who don’t support the club in my view.

  56. MickyDidIt89

    One other quick point. AFC like to balance the transfer books. We all want usual dross out, and kinda
    Hart type
    Hangerland type
    Alonso type
    Hazard type
    and Torres, of course.
    So my money says AA is a gonna.

  57. Joe

    Hart would have been a good move for Arsenal but he will be City’s number 1 next season. Given won’t be back for some while from his injury, if at all.

    Should have got him last xmas or summer!!

  58. Meneurdejeu10

    We refused to pay 10mil for Shay Given and paid 12mil for Theo all pace no skill Walcott, with 60K a week. SMH

  59. Mayank

    “I support Arsenal.

    You support Arsene.”

    Can this go in the ‘Clichy’s’ section. Its boring almost as boring as Arsene Knows.

  60. leon

    queen i seriously dought that i think it pretty claer for past few years including this year the aim was claer the debt and make profit and although they sold ade and sale of flats i dont think that money was made availeble ,but this was gets alot fans backs up knowone realy knows just how much wenger has to spend they have so cloak and dagger about

  61. Queen of Suburbia

    Mayank – i posted the other day that the club view that they have four pillars of growth.

    1. Match Day revenue which they are very good at, but could grow with longer cup runs.

    2. Broadcasting. We could only really grow this stream if we went down the Real/Barca negotiate your own rights route. Which I don’t see in the short term.

    3. Commercial – We perform poorly in comparison with our competitors.

    4. Retail – Compare our shirt sales to the £40m that Real have allegedly banked for Ronaldo shirts and you can see the growth potential if we have bankable players.

    As such, you can see that there are very good reasons for somebody to view Arsenal as an attractive acquisition and good for us in that in order to gain retail and commercial growth, investment would need to be made in the team and success.


  62. Arsenal Tom

    micky, it depends on the contract, apparently hart cant or shouldn’t be called back under the terms of the contract but are going to try and do it anyway.

  63. Meneurdejeu10


    I believe it is as per the loan agreement. With their quality squad, they must have loaned most players till the end of season.

  64. charliegeorge


    A great manager in the mould of a Ferguson, Shankly, Paisley, Sacchi, and countless others.

    Do you not know what it is to lynch someone, figuratively speaking or not?

  65. Queen of Suburbia

    Charliegeorge. Don’t kid yourself, that isn’t the biggest difference between you and I. 😉

    I have no issue with people wanting to critique Wenger at all, i think he’s made plenty of mistakes too. It would appear that you have an issue with me wanting people not to call the manager of the club i support names though. Why would that be i wonder?

    Its impossible to support Arsenal without supporting Arsene as well. He’s part of the club, its like saying I like those 3 corner flags but not that 4th one.

  66. Mayank

    QoS, I recently spoke to a Nike retailer he told me the Man U shirt sales are down by almost half after the sale of Ronaldo.
    I think Arsenal are very poor in their marketing and could do much better.

  67. Walking Wounded


    I believe loan rules state that if a player is loaned to a team in the same division that if they are recalled then they are therefore ineligible to play again until the agreed loan period expires.

    If a player is loaned to a team in a different division, I believe they can be recalled at any time with no playing restrictions.

  68. Meneurdejeu10

    Sagna 15-20 million to Juventus: Take the deal

    Clichy 16million to Barca with Bojan: Take the deal

    Two CB: 20million or one + Sol

    DM: Rodwell or Toulalan or another SPECIALIST

    CF: Chamakh

    LF/RF: Bojan (in Clichy deal)

  69. charliegeorge


    “He’s hands were apparently tied.”

    Tied to his dick.

    Listen, I’ll say it slowly, if one billion euro fell from the sky into his lap, and players of the ilk of Torres, Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi, Villa, etc, etc, were all out of contract and begging to be signed, Basil would say:

    “No, too easy. I don’t want to be like Chelsea. I need a challenge. It would kill my kids. I have morals and we have a philosophy. Trophies are not important to me.”

    GET …. THE ….. PICTURE!!!!

  70. Grimandi

    Morning Guys, Wonderful Tuesday post! keep it up.

    Can Anyone tell why we already don’t have Hart.

    The equation was simples!

    We sold Ade + Toure for cash.

    We Should of asked for Hart Plus the dosh! Makes sense and at the time I think they would of taken it!


  71. Queen of Suburbia

    That what I don’t understand – its not just Arsene’s philosophy, its the clubs.

    If there was a strong body of opinion inside the club saying “for Gods sake spend some money Arsene” then we’d know about it. There hasn’t been. And in my view its because its not been there to spend.

    I believe it is now though.

  72. MickyDidIt89

    ATom, Men10, WW: Thanks. Personally, I dont mind City bending the rules if it keeps Spuds out of top four, but hey ho.

  73. Mayank

    Can we stop all the talk of lynching its’a bit sick really…

    And CG, that is excellent speculation and quite funny but you’ve that’s all it is.

    Blind hate is not an opinion.

  74. Queen of Suburbia

    If Wenger is to be believed at Fridays press conference, Hart is not one of the players we are trying to sign because he said the names the press were discussing were “all wrong”.

    Of course, you can never really tell for sure because its not sensible to sit there and say “yeah he’s the one i want” as that would weaken your negotiating position.

  75. jay4741

    the money been there all the time to spend (Its our stubborn manager with project youth that did not want to spend or strengthen in Jan/2010. How do u know the board has not said to wenger to spend money, everthing at arsenal has always been done behind closed doors like transfer fees are always disclosed etc, u talk absolute rubbish

  76. Arsenal Tom

    micky true, but if city get CL they’ll be chaos in the summer with them signing players.

    its not likely but my choice would be villa then liverpool before spurs/city

  77. Walking Wounded


    No one but the inner sanctums at the Emirates have ever known the actual budgets available for players, nor the policies adopted by Wenger or anyone else on the board.

    Let me Get the Picture from facts not conjecture.

    We make £40 million from Ade-bye-whore and Kolo in the same season as we clear the clubs overall debt by over £100 million. DO the Math

    Anyone actually go back 9 months to the start of the season and ask yourselves what were Arsenal’s expectations this season? It is only because everyone else has had a shocking season that we came so close and in hindsight if we had improved the squad at the cost of not paying off the debt then we may have won the League.

    The shackles of debt are off and lets be positive towards next season and see what happens.

    Arsene Wenger (using his real name) has admitted we need players, so sit back and relax and see what happens.

  78. Queen of Suburbia

    Jay school having a day off today?

    The money quite clearly has not been there “the whole time” to spend. Rumours were that we needed to sell a £20m player every season just to stand still.

    You can’t make an investment the size of the Emirates without reigning in other costs, its impossible.

  79. Arsenal Tom

    we’ll never fully know what the situation was.

    maybe wenger saw man utd loosing tevez and ronaldo, chelsea not doing much and though just getting vermaelen would be enough to be competitive and stand us in a better position for spending this year.

    maybe he only had 10m to spend after the ade & kolo sales.

    its too late and pointless bitching about what he should have done

  80. Jack

    From what I can see, Almunia has made 234 appearances in his career, although this stat is from Wikipedia and it’s only “correct” as of the 16th of April, it can’t be far off. Compare that to Joe Hart’s 170 appearances at the tender age of 23, it’s actually staggering that this guy is our No.1….Almunia is 32, almost 33, and hes not even played 250 games! If this has already been mentioned, I apologise, I couldnt be bothered with reading all the comments.

  81. jay4741

    If we can’t get a World Class Keeper

    wenger loves the bargain basement

    What about the beast from Burnley for a 1m bargain,
    Or James at pompey couple of mill

    got to be better than the clown & flappy

  82. charliegeorge


    I disagree. You can support Arsenal without supporting – for your benefit, CRINGE – Arsene.

    He has his own interests at heart, not yours, not mine.

    He hankers to be remembered in history for HOW little he spent building a winning team … not the fact that supporters can boast about having won something.

    He pillories the advice of Arsenal greats, giving THEM and US short shrift.

    He has not won anything for FIVE years, yet he’s supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    This isn’t brain science; it’s managing a football club.

    I’d rather that fourth corner flag manage Arsenal at this rate.

  83. Gooby

    hello all

    although i hate the geriatic manc cut i was suprised with him against shitty where he played quite good imo.

    Joe Hart to replace waiter
    Diarra to make denilson backup
    not bad if we add a CB too

    milner is not a bad option as he can also play on the wing

  84. Queen of Suburbia

    Trying to maintain some perspective. Prior to the Fabregas, Arshavin injuries the pay off the debt rather than buy in the transfer window very nearly worked.

    A bit more concentration at Birmingham (+ a better GK) and the league was winnable. A few less injuries all at the same time and the league was winnable, a more professional performance at Wigan and we’re right in the mix.

    The line between success and failiure this season was very narrow.

  85. gnarleygeorge9

    Listen can you all calm down for a minute? Anyone know what sort of new strip the boys will be wearing for next season. The one they’ve got is too Charlton, & we played like them @ times.

  86. Hollywood Hotsauce

    “He’s not only responsible for what happens on the pitch on Saturdays and Wednesdays, but for everything else – how the club works, who they buy, virtually what sponsorship contracts are signed and where to go for pre-season training. He conducts everything” – from Arshavin interview. Says it all really…

  87. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t think Milner is an option Gooby, £20+ Million plus its generally understood the reason M.O.N. threatened to walk out of Villa is that a deal has been done with Manchester United.

  88. Grimandi


    How about Naldo from Weder Bremen!

    great in the air

    brazilian and can plan on the deck

    will give vermi a good balance as right footed

    Giant at 6’6 and wll dominate most strikers!

  89. Arsenal Tom

    hollywood… hardly surprisingly though seeing as the genius’ on our board let the club run for a year without a CEO!!

  90. jay4741


    Very Narrow (lol!)

    Every big game or test against a decent team we lost season. If you cant be the top teams ur never gonna win.

  91. gnarleygeorge9

    How about Tim Cahill. He is 4 times better than NB52 @ heading goals, is always busy, & more importantly is Australian so he is a superior athlete.

  92. charliegeorge

    What ever happened to the 30 million Fiszman went on about?

    And that was before the Ade/Toure deals.

    We are all complicit in this. All of us. We just bend over and take it up the arse.

    Honeatly, we need to do what the Spurs fans did to Alan Sugar.

    This ain’t a football club, it’s the fucking KGB.

  93. Jack

    gnarleygeorge9, I’ve heard and seen it reported that we’ll be playing in a kit much similar to the 1971 double winners kit to celebrate our 125th anniversary.

  94. Arsenal Tom

    id have scotty parker… 8m ish, tough, never say die attitude and actual ‘mental strength’ and would be perfect for a few years till eastmond is ready

  95. gnarleygeorge9

    Thanx Jack. Thats just the tonic I needed. Aaaaahhhh!!! The all white sleeves. At least they will look like proper Arsenal footballers then.