I’ve got the summer script in… sorry, but change ain’t on the cards

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I’m hugely disappointed with the way this season has panned out. I was hoping for a strong finish from our first team and to hopefully finish within a few points of the top two teams. Instead, we’ve blown chance after chance and we’re stuttering to a slightly improved finish on last year.

Like I said yesterday, Wenger can’t perform his usual trick of fielding loads of exciting kids in the last few games to get the world excited about project youth. He does that at the end of most seasons and the AKB’s use those kids as the reason he didn’t buy in the summer.

This season, we’ve got third place to win before such tactics can be employed.

I’ve been pretty disappointed that we haven’t seen more of Carlos Vela this year. If he reminded Wenger of Robbie Fowler before Christmas, surely he should have been given a run in the team? Denilson reminded me of a unfit crab before Christmas and he seems to get a good go in the team more often than not.

I’d have liked to have seen more of Fran Merida. He’s off to Madrid because he wants to play football. Why not stay here? Well, he seems to have gotten the Carlos treatment this year. Genuine talent, no games. I can’t understand Wenger’s mindset? I bet it’ll be the same with Jack Wilshere next  year.

So what makes Gooners think Wenger is going to splash the cash this summer? The AKB’s have the same faith as the realists every year that Wenger will strengthen where necessary.Here’s how I reckon it’ll pan out…

We get till the end of July… no signings (Bar Chamakh who we’ll be told actually cost us £10mill in wages because salary comes out of our £2mill transfer budget).

‘We’ve still got a whole month to go, stop your moaning!’, cry the AKB’s!

Then we get to the last week of August.

‘Wenger knows who he wants, he’ll get 50p off it he does it at the last minute’

5:30 deadline day. Arsenal register zero players, Wenger says…

‘If you look at the average age of my squad, I would say I do not need players. I believe in my team”

Why will he change his mindset this year? What would make him sign Gary Cahill with Rodwell as an understudy? What’s going to make him go out and buy Hugo Lloris… surely that would kill Chesney? Don’t get me wrong, Chezzers looks class, but he’s playing in the 2nd division and he’s dropped a few clangers. Do we really want to risk the Premiership on a keeper who is 19? I don’t…

Does anyone truly believe Wenger will accept he’s lost on Denilson (Who a mate of mine confirmed is a complete tw*t in a social setting)?

Will Wenger admit that actually, Theo isn’t delivering? Or toe Arshavin up the arse when he’s kicking off in the press every week?

Realistically, if you forgot for a minute that Arsenal are a Charity for young kids who can’t carve out professional careers elsewhere… who would you sell? I’m gonna put some names out there…

  • Denilson (Too average to comprehend)
  • Silvestre (Not good enough in his prime, certainly not good enough now)
  • Eddie (Not the same player)
  • Almunia (Spains #18)
  • Fabianski (Has a clanger ratio better than Cesc’s assist ratio)
  • Eboue (Too old to play back up)
  • Simpson (First Division at best)
  • Randall (Not good enough)
  • Merida (Gone)
  • Walcott (Kieran Richardson with more pace and costing us a bomb)

That’s a lot of dross that probably won’t leave. If we shifted them and signed some mid range hungry replacements, we’d be in a good position to compete… however… Wenger has got his excuse for this year already… World Cup inflation!

Our experienced players are too sloppy and our younger players don’t have the drive. Wenger should stop fantasising about the average age of his squad. He says he doesn’t look at a passport when he signs a player… well, we know he certainly looks at the birth certificate. Here’s an idea, why not look at their injury record and why not look at their quality?

No more Silvestre type signings please.

Does the set up need a fresh eyes approach? You can’t be a revolutionary for ever, can you? Does someone need to make a big decision at board level? I’m not suggesting we sack Wenger… but the board can’t go on pretending that this type of season is 1) An over-achievement 2) Was not preventable 3) That for a club of Arsenal’s stature should only be able to compete in two competitions.

Who has the balls to challenge King Wenger? Who sits him down in an office and tells him that he needs to have a rethink? Who bursts the Project Youth bubble? Can you see Gazidis, a Wenger choice for the job, having a quiet word? I can’t…

Are you the type of person who thanks your lucky charms you’ve finished in a respectable position and seen some good football along the way, or would you prefer to see a bit of risk? You know, maybe not get the chance to celebrate record profits, but maybe , just maybe, see a prize of sorts decorating the Emirates bare trophy cabinet.

…and you know what, I’m not snobby enough to pretend I wouldn’t love an FA Cup or a Carling Cup.

So, we’ll do what we do every year. Renew our tickets, spend the whole summer having the same conversations we have every summer… then come the start of the year, roll out the blind faith until it all falls apart in exactly the same way as it always does.

Being an Arsenal fan post invincibles is a world of de ja vu so I might as well get the ball rolling…

‘Have we signed anyone yet?’

On a lighter note, I met with a guy from the FA yesterday who was adamant the Wembley pitch is a dream and the players complaining should get longer studs in their boots! Do you need any more evidence as to why the FA have so many problems? Oh, and Gooner talk has pointed out that our net spend since our involvement in the Premiership has been £1.7mill a year… anyone got that Champagne? Finally… check out our buddies post at Memoirs of a Gooner.

Have a low net spending day Grovers!

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  1. David

    its just shocking..

    We used to press press press and then we started holding off..

    The way we played against Utd was disgusting..

    We treated Rooney like he was Maradona ffs.

  2. zeus

    Well I’m convinced. We are not gonna win the CL while Wenger is here. Too many experienced sides in it to win with kids.

  3. Stu

    “Nice” perfectly describes Arsenal at the moment.

    From the manager who doesnt want to hurt some players feelings to that gowl who does the announcements at the emirates. We are set up to be a nice day out for the family and its sickening.

  4. gambon

    We could win the CL with a team like;


    Sagna Ciani Vermaelen Clichy




    As well as a LOT of work on the training ground.

  5. GoonerT1m

    a nice day out is great but its competitive support, Roy keane was spot on with the prawn sandwich comments, why cant we have the competitive edge and a nice day out?

  6. lauren

    David, I know that Denilson divides a lot of gooners.

    The thing is that he should not be viewed as a traditional DM – he is what Brazilians call a “transitional midfielder” – the same type of midfielder that Melo is on the national team (Gilberto Silva is the DM). In Italy Melo is a classic DM, not on the national team.

    It’s a difficult position to learn and to be proficient in. It requires balancing attack and defense. It’s a tougher role than a DM or AM. I do think Denilson has the ability to be a good one — someday. At least, I think he has the skills – I’m not sure about his football brain. Sometimes he shows it, sometimes not.

    And I’m not sure he can do it in England, or at Arsenal. He might prosper in Spain or Italy. And I’ve begun to lose faith in Arsene’s ability to teach him the discipline and focus the role requires. Arsene can’t even instill basic defensive discipline, cohesion and awareness in his players – never mind a role that’s much more complex.

    Dunga will never choose Denilson because he’s too small – Dunga likes players who look like boxers and basketball players (sometimes to the detriment of the national team).

    And yes, agreed re Barca: it’s the WORK RATE WORK RATE WORK RATE that distinguishes them. Tho that’s not the only thing – it is extremely difficult to take the ball away from them. That’s not the case with us.

    It’s true we did start the season with a good pressing game – but it fell by the wayside. Now, in a fast-paced, physical league like the PL, the pressing game can be very exhausting and makes our players even more prone to injury than they already are. Not even Barca keep up the pressing game every game for 90+ mins, and their league is less physically demanding. But they don’t have to. Depends on the quality of opponents and how much they’re controlling the game with their possession.

    So it’s something we should use with caution and judgment. But we simply have abandoned it altogether for some reason.

    Sorry for the long post.

  7. Stu

    Who said anything about going as far as hooliganism zeus.

    This club needs to become more ruthless and less forgiving.

    Rip teams apart when we are on top in a match. If a player is underperforming, drop the fucker and bring someone in who is prepared to work his ass off. And that fool who calls out the players first name for the Kids in the stadium to call out the second name. Not to mention he has a voice like a girl. And what about a shit Elvis song. I just dont think it gives off a very professional vibe,

  8. B.B.K.

    well that was a load of bollocks letting that mourinho cunt get the better of them,the ref was a cheat aswee.

  9. lauren

    “Rip teams apart when we are on top in a match. If a player is underperforming, drop the fucker and bring someone in who is prepared to work his ass off. And that fool who calls out the players first name for the Kids in the stadium to call out the second name. Not to mention he has a voice like a girl. And what about a shit Elvis song. I just dont think it gives off a very professional vibe,”

    Everything, agree completely with everything.

    I put on my earplugs when that idiot shouts out the players’ first names and when that ridiculous song comes on

  10. zeus


    I get you.

    Wouldn’t be funny if barca drew their next game and Madrid overtook them and won the league. To go from 6 titles in one calender year to none would be quite astonishing.

  11. Pat

    And Mourinho hasn’t lost at home since he was with his first club(not Porto) and they lost 2-3 playing with 9 or 10 men

  12. zeus

    Dont have a problem with barca just can’t stand their fans.

    If they finish trophyless could they really attract Cesc considering we will end trophyless as well? haha

    Thats what its come to for me.

  13. zeus


    Are you joking? FFS, what is it with this special prick. If he takes over Portugal and win the world cup they will without doubt have to give him the keys to the COUNTRY.

    He would be the gr8est.

  14. Kreshnik

    totally agree BBK … the ref was an absolute idiot

    and I fuckin hate Alves for his diving … but that was never a fuckin dive and a penalty doesn’t get clearer then that

  15. Kreshnik

    lauren … parking the bus and racing on the break is nothing of new … it worked for them … especially having players like Etoo Sneider and Milito helps a lot … but really no big deal to their game

    ps. i really like Sneider, he’s a nonsense kinda guy and always gives 110%, and got a crazy shot

  16. zeus

    followed the second half on espn live texts.

    Dani Alves gets a booking for diving in the area! Sneijder made a mess of the challenge but it’s not clear whether he actually made contact.

    Is that accurate about the incident.

  17. Pat

    yep Zeus. Look at his record against SAF too. Its very, very impressive. He knows how to win, simple as that.

    I stand for more than that. Tradition, etc. Many United fans would take him, but they don’t want to become a negative team

  18. David


    You are absolutely 1000% spot on. i couldnt agree more with that.

    Arsene is less concerned with defending which is why it baffles me that he wants to continue with teaching young DM’s like Song and Denilson.

    Personally Song would be my back up and i would buy Classed Experience in there.

    I think we can all Attribute the teams laziness to wenger and their inability or unwillingness to work hard.

    Last year it was Ade that took the stick when clearly it was Wenger all along.

  19. lauren

    kreshnik, of course there’s nothing new about it, but it’s highly effective and doesn’t preclude having great attacking players to watch – like Milito, Maicon, Eto’o, Sneijder. Those are great attacking players to have in your team.

    And it’s gotten Inter to the semifinal – beating Barca convincingly at home.

    Something we certainly couldn’t do.

  20. zeus

    Mourinho subscribes to the same beliefs as dunga.

    When he was asked why he doesn’t play an espansive game like Argentina did with Riqelme or the gr8 Brazilian sides, he responded by saying that

    ‘coaches that played like that are experts in losing.’

  21. Kreshnik

    zeus … yes … apparently … since that stupid free kick in the euros … that’s the problem with Dutch players … love the Dutch team and been a fan since when I was 6 … but this shit is pretty common with them

  22. gambon

    You can win with attacking football, but there needs to be immense workrate & discipline.

    Michels, Saachi & Guardiola have reached the top with attacking set ups, not many others though.

  23. lauren

    David, I’ll have to disagree with you re Ade – up to a point.

    I agree that AW couldn’t discipline him enuf – but remember that Ade is one of the most improved players under AW’s guidance. AW made Ade into the player he is. AW is incredibly patient with players, far too patient. For AW to have gotten rid of Ade told me a lot.

    I agreed with letting Ade go. He was poison in the dressing room (he’s had trouble in every team he’s ever played in). He also did something I don’t forgive: we’re being humiliated on the scum’s home ground (CC semifinal) and AW puts him on to try to salvage something. What does he do? Does he try to rouse his teammates to concentrate, focus and fight? No, he goes over to a teammate and insults him. That’s not a team player.

    And he grew lazy. His work rate used to be his greatest asset but he stopped trying last season. Compare his performance in the CL at OT and Ibrahimovic’s. Both were lone forwards isolated up front up against one of the best CD pairings in Europe.

    However, only one of them fought for every ball, chased lost causes, busted his gut to win the game. And it wasn’t Ade.

    I also think AW thought Ade wouldn’t fit into his new 4-3-3 system, tho I’m not sure he’s right about that. And certainly some of our players find it very hard to fit into that system – like Eduardo.

  24. Kreshnik

    lauren … yep, totally agree with that … personally don’t enjoy those kinda teams tho

    and … Ibra is shit … absolute shite … Van Persie is way above him … if he could only stay fit for a fuckin season

  25. lauren

    “You can win with attacking football, but there needs to be immense workrate & discipline.”

    Agreed — 3 teams have done it this year against Barca: Rubin Kazan, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid.

    On Saturday, Espanyol successfully frustrated Barca innto a 0-0 draw with a very tough, defensive game.

  26. choy

    If you watch teams like mourinho’s over a season.. you are guaranteed to doze off at least in 10 games.

    Its not very attractive.. but it is effective.

  27. lauren

    kreshnik, believe me, I too prefer positive attacking football. I can’t stand Mourinho’s character and personality.

    I despair at Dunga’s choices, tho not all of them.

    But we need some kind of compromise between Wenger and Mourinho.

    Guardiola has it, tho he doesn’t win all the time with it of course.

  28. lauren

    And I don’t think Ibra’s shit, I quite like him, he’s got some fantastic skills. But I agree RVP is better – more versatile, definitely. He just can’t stay fit!

  29. B.B.K.

    zeus Says:
    April 20, 2010 at 22:03
    BBK/Big dave

    Like Chelsea should have had 5 penalties last year. What goes around comes around.fuck that chavs deserve fuck all,barca deserved that pen

  30. lauren

    douglas costa is a very exciting young player but he’s one among a dozen young Brazilian players getting a lot of attention right now – and I fear some of them will turn out to be duds.

  31. David


    Ade’s a cunt and im happy hes gone let me just make that clear. But he was a decent forward for us and scored important goals.

    I cant explain his unwillingness to work hard for the team at the business end of the season its similar to all the players now…

    For Gods sake…I have never in my life imagined an ARsenal team would park the bus against Wigan atheletic and then to add insult to injury…lose.

    Its a Wenger thing. It has to be because who else can you blame…Ade did it…now the whole team seems to be fucking lazy…its a disgrace..but this isnt me bitching…Its just a hard pill to swallow that 1 half of laziness as someone said the other day…1 half of laziness undid a whole season of hard work

  32. zeus

    Only 10 times. I couldn’t nad can’t watch Inter for more than 10 minutes in almost every game. You can only watch if the other team makes in interesting.

    Could you imagine Inter v Inter. Thats like what one uses to torture terrorists.

  33. choy

    Well Ibra is def not the money barca paid.

    Eto is miles ahead of Ibra.

    Was that transfer made by Pep or the Board?

  34. Kreshnik

    remember that lauren … was absolutely gutted … the ade-whore showed that if Wenger wants to he’ll just fuckin do it … his problem is with kids that abide by his rules and don’t cause trouble, with them seems to me like he doesn’t judge pragmatically, unfortunately. Goes back to his fuckin principles that I really like, but are causing a cluster fuck. Get rid of the very worst, 6 to 9 players are there for everyone to see, replace them with 4-5 quality players and win the fuckin league already.

  35. gambon

    I dont find lots of 10m yard passes with zero penetration and awful crosses from the full back particlularly easy on the eye either.

    We havent played good football for a long time.

  36. lauren

    David, agreed – it’s this culture of coasting, choosing which games to work hard at and which ones for which you can just show up, it’s gone thru the squad except for a few players. There’s only one man who can be responsible for that.

  37. zeus


    Pep sanctioned it because ‘he wanted a plan b’.

    In that case just keep Eto’o and buy Chamakh or whoever. You don’t sell 30 goals a season.

  38. Stu

    That was never a penalty. Sneijder slid in but didnt touch him, Alves saw a leg on the ground and decided it was time to collapse in “pain”.

  39. David


    Its a bit unfair we played some attractive footy with Porto.

    When we get it right we get it right.

    My problem with this team is that bar Arshavin and Fabregas nobody has any clue what to do in the final 3rd.

    Its so shocking its ridiculous. Here’s a novel idea.

    Why dont you shoot the ball?

  40. Kreshnik

    zeus … I’m actually pretty happy they did that, and didn’t try to tap RVP … Barca fans are quite hot on RVP apparently … would fuckin hate it if they started trying tapping him … even though I know he’d tell them to fuck right off

  41. gambon


    Yeah we played some good football in about 10 games all season, mainly vs shit teams, we used to tear apart great teams.

    The Porto game was great, but one game out of 50?

    The problem is we need to improve in literally every area, but we all know Wenger wont sign more than 3 odd players.

  42. lauren

    I’ve enjoyed the discussion here, guys, thanks for letting a newbie mouth off. Sorry for the long posts. Ciao for the night.

  43. zeus

    Wellington is 16 I think. Its illegal for Brazilians to leave the country b4 16 to ply trade abraod. He is a long way of bbk.

  44. lauren

    Oh BBK, just saw your post. I’m very excited about Wellington coming to Arsenal, I like him a lot. And he’s physically tougher than Denilson – his brain is sharper, he’s less prone to being awestruck.

  45. zeus

    Even with our severe injury problems I don’t think we played as well as we could have overall this season.

  46. Kreshnik

    gambon … this time there is no fucking up … he either signs or goes … and then after he’ll sign he has to instill some sense of discipline

  47. Jaguar

    So much for Wenger’s ‘best team on the planet’,the cunts were raped by Maureen.Wenger,you fucking mug,this is what you call tactics,which you havent learned in 14 years,and what you will never learn,because you are too thick as a plank,you retard.

  48. Mr B

    Great Post Pedro!

    We are turning into Valencia without the debt. Infact Valencia have a better record in europe.

    Sometimes it shocks me that this is the same guy that essembled the invincibles.

  49. Mr B

    The problem is not that we arent wining anything.

    The problem is that, we are not giving ourselfs a fair chance of wining anything.

    We are understaffed at every level. In every competition, because we are suppossed to be competeing at the highest level.

  50. Mr B

    All of our resent success was based on being able to gridout results.

    The current team concedes, too many goals and cannt gridout a result.

  51. A

    zeus wellington silva is 17, and 18 in January, which is when he can join. Brazilians can’t be sold and move to a club in Europe before they’re 18, not 16

  52. Jaguar

    We are overstaffed at the CM,Mr B


    We have zero width,our wingers are the square pegs in that senile mug Wenger’s obsessions.

    I say it again.We wont win anything with that over rated senile mug Wenker.

  53. Jaguar

    Wenker bought an unproven toddler in January,when everyone was crying for a striker,who would have won us the premier league.

    Fuck off you French waste of space,Wenker.

  54. gambon

    Spending money on a 16 year old brazilian while we have the 2 worst GKs in the premier league was a bit silly.

    The first team should take priority, once thats sorted then strengthen the youths, not the other way round.

  55. A

    isn’t like that though gambon. We didn’t not spend because we lack the money, signing wellington silva had nothing to do with anything else, certainly wouldn’t take priority over the first team

  56. Jaguar

    Oh is it A?So,why didnt we sign a striker in Jan?

    I am surprised you still believe the crap spouted by that French spin merchant, Wenker.

  57. A

    No idea Jaguar, probably because we waited until the last minute, and it fell through, but whatever the reason, only an idiot would claim that it was because we signed wellington silva!

    Striker would have made fuck all difference anyways, what we needed was a centre back, and perhaps cover for song/diaby

  58. hitman

    inter performed better than arsenal cos they have better players. simples. and their manager had game plan.
    thats what you do when you come against better opposition.
    our board should demand accountability from wenger for the poor performances. but they wont cos they rely on him to bring home the cashflow.

  59. Jaguar

    You are partially right,A.We needed cover for Song,not for that overrated piece of shit Diabolical,that wanker who costed us about 10 points this season.

  60. Mr B

    Ashley Cole was suppossed to miss the worldcup. He’s returning for the next game.

    Who pays our medical team exactly? 😀

  61. Mr B

    My oh My!

    “I feel we have made huge steps forward this year compared to last year and the year before that,” he told the Gunners’ official magazine.

    “We are not far away. We were fighting for the championship and missed the key moments against Barcelona to knock them out of the Champions League quarter-final.

    “I know we have to answer the demands of the people. But this year I feel we have appeased our fans a lot. We have always shown a great attitude, a great response when needed.

    “We have convinced people that we are making progress and improvement. When you listened to people at the start of the season they were writing us completely out of the race, so we have improved a lot.”

    Do I need to say who?

  62. colonel mustard

    In fairness jaguar, personal feeling aside regarding Arsenals situation at this time. name calling and rudeness regarding Wegner is over the top and not really on.

  63. zeus


    ‘m sure you and Pedro had a talk about going OTT in your criticism of Wenger. No need to be nasty.

    And I said this already but everything in the post is true but hey, what are we gonna do. Wenger is 60 he can’t really go much longer can he?

  64. David

    Im still sad…and still upset at that Wigan defeat…and my mates are still having a laugh. 🙁

    Fuck sake…3 goals in 10 minutes against a relegation team.

    Am I supposed to be happy they are safe from relegation or what?

  65. dennisdamenace

    “We are not far away. We were fighting for the championship and missed the key moments against Barcelona to knock them out of the Champions League quarter-final.”

    Can someone explain to me what key moments they were, coz i must’ve fucking blinked!! Is he really that deluded to forget the first 70 (yes SEVENTY) minutes at our place whare they could scored double figures…..

    And as for “fighting” for the championship, i take it he means when we threw the games at Brum, Spudz and most painfully Wigwam, well if that’s his definition of fighting no wonder we always kicked the shit outta the French in the past……

    More fucking Arsene FC fucking bollocks, and the saddest thing about all this is that certain mugs on here will buy into it….

  66. Jor-el

    Not one single original or informed thought.


    Sorry, Pedro, and you’re the rational one.

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, write a blog and sneer at the doers.