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Today is a special day for Le Grove and the Grovers who frequent the site!

After nearly 3 years of posting on a daily basis, we’ve hit a landmark figure!

Yes, today is our 1000th post!

It’s been an exciting journey for Geoff and I. All we wanted when we started out was a place to blog, inspired by Eastlower’s reluctance to post everyday, Geoff’s disgust at the vitriol he’d face if he dared question the manager and my nerd skills in setting up a blog.

It was tough in the begining, I remember celebrating the first day we got more than ten comments, the day we celebrated 100 hits and the day we breached a 1000 comments! To date, we’ve had 7million odd hits and 600,000 comments. For a site that posts one article a day, those are staggering figures.

We never expected this…

So, today is a big day for us and we wanted to thank you all for making the site such a pleasure to run.  We’ve made many friends along the way both in the flesh and online. I hope we can count on your support for the next 1000 posts and I look forward to meeting many more of you along the way.

I hope you understand how much we appreciate your daily input. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s always great to hear intelligent opinion from both the right and the left wing of Arsenal Supporters. We set the post up so you the fan could have an opinion not get one and if that means you don’t like what’s happening you can say it without getting abused by the blog bullies.

Without you, the site would be just another Arsenal blog…

So, as a present, I sorted out a fixture in Wigan… sorry, it was the best I could do. I’ve also arranged for Arsenal to put in an outrageously good performance and for Robin Van Persie to score two goals!

I tried to get you a marquee signing… it’s just a shame our 1000th post didn’t drop in the transfer window… maybe next time eh?

Injury news is looking pretty bad. No Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Arshavin, Cesc, Denilson or JD. I think we’re going to have to suffer a day with Silvestre at the back with Campbell which is a shame. Maybe talk of moving Sagna into the middle isn’t so crazy? I’m sure he could handle Wigan and I’m comfortable with Eboue in at right back against weaker opposition.

In the middle of the park, it may be Eastmond, Nasri and Diaby. At least Eastmond puts himself about and has a bit of North London grit to his game. Or it could be Rosicky, Nasri and Diaby, or maybe even Merida, Nasri and Diaby, either way it will feature Nasri and Diaby

Up top it will be interesting. Robin will take his place up front as expected, but where does that leave Nik? Does he play Robin out wide with Nik in the middle, Nik out wide with Robin in the middle… or does he drop Nik and play Robin central with Eduardo and Walcott either side?

I’m not sure… seeing Nik out wide is like watching a fish up a tree (to quote Merse).

Anyway, the pressure is off… Wigan are all over the place this year, so I expect a big win.

Keep and eye on their Brazillian striker Roddysomethingorother. He’s a very good player and just the type of signing I could see us making. He’s fast, powerful, holds the ball up well and he can shoot. He’s been linked via the Inde.

After the Chav loss we are sort of back in the mix, that would have been great had we not lost to the spuds, so I’m not too excited, I would however at least like to finish 3rd. The thought of Spurs being in the Champions league fills me with horror, but then so does the thought of Adebayor and Kolo being in it, thing is, if we don’t beat Wigan we could be in that little battle.

So it’s important we get back to our winning ways and watching Robin back in action filled me with love, I just wish our manager was told by Pat Rice that 67 minutes subs aren’t mandatory. Sometimes you can bring them on earlier when things aren’t going to plan.

Finally, spare a thought to all those poor people that are stranded out in Spain, in the rain, it’s not fun and there no end in sight, Geoff is one of them and says watching the television for news of what’s happening is like watching the last few days of the transfer window!

Talking of which, we are being linked to Joe Hart, I would, I think had we had a half decent keeper this season we would be at least 9 points better off. Think about that over your fry up this morning.

Finally Alex Song says Fabregas has promised his team mates he will still be at Arsenal next season, he says Cesc loves Arsenal too much and talk of Barca is just cobblers, Alex you just earned yourself another 10 credit points from Geoff, thanks for sharing that with us, I so hope it’s true.

Right, enjoy your day!

I’m off to crack open an early morning celebratory Peroni!


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  1. ManGoonian

    Kinda ironic, Alunia has been solid the last few weeks, but gets dropped today…

    The game had a real end of season meaningless feel to it, even though both teams needed the points…. Weird as fook…

  2. kushagra india

    Gr8 post from overly positive tony attwood

    I agree with a lot that you say but it’s not good enough citing the 8 injuries. I made that point re the Spurs game and a Spud told me that, actually, Spurs were minus 6 or 7 too.
    When he listed them, I couldn’t argue. Lennon, Woodgate, Corluka, Jenas, Palacios with King back for his first game in a while.
    And they seriously turned Chelsea around yesterday: it could and should be in history as the most famous rout of Mr A.’s men in history. 6-1 or 7-1 was entirely possible. We got murdered by that lot at the Ems, so I think we need to start getting real here. Spurs are looking like Arsenal were in 1970 or worse, 1997, so I’d think about that if I were you…….after a great decade, there’s a danger that we’ll look like Spurs did around the same times if we don’t face up to reality and address deficiencies…….
    Dawson shackled Drogba. Ours couldn’t. Bale had penetration that none of ours show. Gomes was great in goal, Almunia isn’t. Huddlestone looked like England potential and he’s a big lad: our midfield lacks such presence when Song is out.
    Yeah, shit does happen. But as Sir Bobby Charlton once diplomatically said in the Man Utd down years before SAF turned up, ‘you don’t throw away a two goal lead. It’s not professional….’
    Robin was seriously pissed off at not getting on and I don’t blame him. The man was awesome for 20 minutes on Tuesday night, so why not run him out for 30 minutes plus today? It was 2-0. There was still a chance, albeit a slim one, of winning the title. Robin would be needed next week from the start against City so another 30 minute run out was indicated. He’d not suffer from that…….and Arsenal fans should be seeing him if he’s fit. He’s paid a lot of money, after all! By the fans worldwide shelling out on tickets, shirts, Sky contracts etc etc………..the manager’s the bank manager. The fans fill the coffers……important distinction.
    None of this means I won’t be there next Saturday. If I go and watch Spurs instead, it’ll be because a lifelong LFC fan started trying to tell me who I could- or could not support and did to me what Fiszman did to LBS – shaft me where it really hurt, in other words. And the reason I’d do that would be to say: you made your choice to shift clubs to crush my way of supporting my team. Now I will shift too, to the one club that you, as, in your eyes, the REAL Arsenal fan, cannot shift to. And you won’t do anything about it now, WILL YOU????
    It wouldn’t be anything to do with the Club, the manager, the players or the Board. To do with one person who doesn’t understand what the word betrayal means………and I’d do it sufficiently publicly that all and sundry would know what was happening, just to see if shafting me for the sake of it is the drug of choice in certain sick London circles………
    Now in my judgement there needs to be a clear out of two goalkeepers and a proper one brought in. We need a left-sided attacking midfielder with pace and who can cross a ball. We need an experienced Number Nine who scores lots of goals, plenty from 10 yards or less, some off the knee.For which I’d shift one of the current incumbents out….
    We need to bring in a long-term partner for Thomas the Tank, as Gallas can’t go on until he’s 50. Next season playing 25 games. The season after: 40+.
    And I’d bring in one international midfielder aged 24/5 who’ll go to the World Cup this summer. For which I’d shift one of the current incumbents out……
    I’d reintroduce some English steel into the side and I’d bring in three coaches/player coaches, former club stars, to work with the players in the areas necessary, namely defending and sticking the ball in the back of the net. Wenger’s a master in midfield, but Arsenal’s attacking technique isn’t good enough right at the top table, although as flat track bullies they were excellent this year until today. You watch Torres’ or Rooney’s way of making space in the box, you look at how two or three players create space for each other in the box in the really top sides, we don’t do it. It’s been the same for 4 years and it needs to get better.
    We need to address the pressing game when we need to win the ball back and you’ll see we aren’t as good as Barca, Utd, Spurs, Inter and others at it. It’s about shape, not 11 players doing their own thing. It’s about fluid adaptation, not rigid two lines of four with gaps in between to exploit. It’s about understanding the implications on your team mates of what you do and co-ordinating that through lots of practice so it is a well-oiled machine.
    We need to be better crossers of the ball and we need to score more from set pieces. We’re capable of doing it, but it’s not well enough drilled and so it’s not clinical on the pitch. It needs to get better.
    We need a keeper who dominates his area and marshalls his defence. There must be no language barrier. And if none of the four defenders is prepared to organise and if necessary shout, then we’d better bring someone in who will. Unless the ESP leads to a rock solid defence unit next year……..
    You’ll note from that that that I’m recommending incremental change, not a wholescale clear out. And a hard-nosed analysis of current training regimens to see how they must be made better. Because they do……
    I hope what I said is seen as really reasonable, within the bounds of acceptable opinion and isn’t saying ‘this is rubbish, that is rubbish, he’s rubbish’. It’s saying ‘this is where we are, this is how we must get better’. IMHO of course. And open to others pointing out where what I said is misguided, wrong and perhaps financially unrealistic.
    Isn’t it????

  3. Sam

    To all geniuses who say its not Wengers fault , then accept Wenger had no role in the unbeaten season , all our Cup wins and League wins all which used to happen 5 years earlier (shit it feels like more than 10 years), It was all the players brilliance nothing do with AW.

  4. Dutchman

    kuhagra, i totally agree with you! Wenger has to make other tactic, we don’t defend as a team. That’s the real problem, our players are invidual very good but as a whole team are we not organised enough.

  5. Sam

    hehe funny that some pro AW posters say 5-6 people in the team are not good enough just now, which is what the most people here have been saying all season long and then they are called non arsenal supporters.

  6. reggie 57

    Nothing on that scale will happen only when AW and his cronies have gone will you see signings like what gambon has mentioned!!

  7. Confidentgoner

    Watched the game a 2nd time and boy it hurts like hell.

    I still blame Aw for the ff reasons:

    a) Distorted our mid by removing Eastmond leading to the 2nd and 3rd goal.

    b) Should have brought in VP for Rosicky, Swapped Theo to the LM and Bentner to the Rm, that was all that was needed at 70 mins.

    c) Ultimately not buying in the summer and in the window. These players are not strong enough.

    d) They are so lazy and like Daiby, tire before 80 mins. They are not under any tension of loosing their place as the manager accepts anything.

    From what I see, we will be lucky to come 4th and extra lucky to be third. We really need Aw to go for our progress and for his sake. He is finished and he can’t take us further. Time for a change!

  8. Moray

    Congratulations on the 1000th posting, Geoff and Pedro. Can’t wait for you guys to be able to post about us winning a trophy.

    I am interested in the surprise people here seem to feel about this Arsenal capitulation…strange, really, as we have seem to be in the habit of doing it every year.

    What the fuck do we practice in training, day in, day out. I really have no idea, as we don’t seem to improve on anything. And we are emotionally frail and prone to arguments within the team. Reminds me of the French national squad.

    Time to change before it’s too late.

  9. Dutchman

    zeus, that’s because hazard extented his three months ago and he will not run out his contract, also it will be a typical wenger buy and wenger has said that chamakh is not the only player who is coming in. So there are some deals on the cards. And kushagra, i think that he will sign probably 2 CB’s but it lies in the hands of gallas and cambpell 😉 and maybe he will sign a midfielder too. Believe me wenger will make some changes, i’am anti-wenger but i believe he will spend the money he has.

  10. Sam

    Maybe the landmark is the day which finally caused the change that many people want … Change in the philosophy at arsenal. AW should gracefully resign. Else it may and should get ugly for him.

  11. Dutchman

    I want to say to you guys. That wenger was never so dissapointed as the last two matches. And wenger was never so open to us ebout tranfers . And wenger has never said that the stadium is paid off for a big part and that he now have much money avaible. So he knows that there has to be some changes 😉

  12. finestcuts

    Hey ManGoonian, sorry to hear about your trip to Wigan…..are you coming down to watch us against Citeh as well?

  13. ritesh

    youth project did not get us trophies….maybe it worked on other benchmarks, but for me there is only one benchmark and thats the trophy cabinet.

    We lost our arsenal spirit…selling guys like Viera was a joke. Fabregas might be better than him, but Viera was bringing us teh trophies. Selling Sol, & so many because it was hampering the development of kids…its a joke….Ah wenger, quand tu nous tiens 😉

  14. Stu

    Any chance that City will sell Joe Hart, especially to us. Surely Given wont be their first choice for much longer. Hart is young, arguably just as good right now and getting better.

    I dont see City selling their possible future number one to a close rival.

  15. ManGoonian


    Thanks mate…. Yeah, I’ll be there next week as well…. Hopefully RvP wiull get more than a minute playing time! He can get reaquainted with Ade again then!

  16. ManGoonian


    It depends fella…. If hart is unhappy about being on the bench at City, they might seel him to us and just spend ££££millions on a new one…

  17. Dutchman

    finestcuts, it is strange that wenger has spoken so open about his tranfers with saying this”
    “Chamakh is one of the players who will come to us”(or something like that). He can’t lie about something like that,can he?? I think he will buy 4/5 players. What do you think?

  18. reggie 57

    Hows it hanging Mangoon? still cant believe that we choked on the last 3 games mate! you went to the game what was the opinion of the travelling support today mate?

  19. ritesh

    Congrats Geoff and Pedro on this landmark achievement.

    Geoff I like the honesty of your posts. Pedro, your posts are very academic.

  20. CedarBayDave

    this will be a very active transfer window. We will have many old faces gone and many new faces coming in. I would say a minimum of 6 new players.

  21. el tel

    Bring back Bob wilson for one year as gooalie coach with Seaman as his assistant to learn from the Master. Get rid of Gerry Peyton.

    Bring in Don Howe for one season with Martin keown as assistant, Don the tactician will teach Martin some tactical nous.

    Promote Stevie Bould to Wengers assistant and leave Paddy Rice in charge of the reserves.

    Restructure the whole of the Medical Team as being Gary Lewins brother simply isn’t working.

    Players out.

    The Keepers, the whole lot of them presently at the Club (Not Szechney)

    Diaby, Total Joke.

    Clichy, poor defender.

    Gallas, Because he wants out.

    Rosicky, He won’t get any better than he currently is.

    Eboue, just isn’t consistent enough and holding back better players.

    Walcott, totally out of his depth at the moment.

    Vela, He has no chance to make it at The Arsenal.

    Players in.

    David Villa, Cesc needs a friend and a decent player too.

    A Goalkeeper, Buy two and make them fight for their place.

    Senna, Van Bommel, Toulalan, Midfield steel.

    Two wingers, Hazard, the young lad at Inter, The Yank that Everton had for a short while.

    Chamakh, Done deal.

    Two centre backs, Hangelland plus another youngster.

    Keep Eduardo as he will come good again. Get Willshere back and give him a chance, with Ramsey back and young Eastmond looking good. We can move on.

    Maybe Spuds did have 7 players missing but we have had most of our big hitters out all season. The loss of Song has been immense to also lose Arshavin, Cesc,Terminator, Gallas, RVP just rips the team to shreds. It gets even worse when the cover Players also get injured.

    I also think barca was the reason our Season is destroyed as getting smashed by them took its toll as it did in the Final in Paris.

  22. ManGoonian

    reggie reg;

    Apart from the football, I’m bleedin tip top whole mate thanks for askin!!!

    The atmosphere before the game was brilliant and there a load of “1 Arsene Wenger” chants as well during the game, which will piss a few off on here no doubt!!! 😀

    But, when that 3rd goal went in, it got a bit heated and there were a load of gutted Gooners calling the display and capitualtion a right effin disgrace…

    Diaby seemed to be having a real lazy day today, very casual in his approach…

    Sol was immense from where we were stood… And we had no idea that Wigan had scored their 2nd for ages coz it looked like Fabianski had it all the way….

    Just seen Andy Gray on Sky goin over it and he reckons it was a great comeback by Wigan more than anything else…. I still think we took it for granted we had the game won and just pissed about for the last 30 minutes…

  23. ManGoonian

    Yeah, Citeh are goona buy a solid gold bench for all their mercenary cunts next season…. At least Ade wont get splinters there next year!

    What did everyone make of young Eastmond today???

  24. reggie 57

    Mangoon whenever we play wigan they always seem to get their biggest crowd of the season! on the tv it looked as we had about half the support there,and as for the cunt banging the drum…….

  25. el tel

    well done Geoff and Pedders. This is still the first place I go to when I power up the PC.

    Cheers to you two Gents.

  26. el tel

    Like our Players Mangoon I am not up for a fight. Those Gutless Bastards need to worry about their jobs.

    But then I guess its easy being a footballer as you just move on to some other mug who will give you more money.

  27. el tel


    Proud that you went to see The Arsenal today mate.

    I listened to it on Radio 5 live. It is worse when shit cunt players like Robbie Savage get to take the piss, this nonentity of a person was cheering on Wigan all the time.

    I hate the pro English (British) BBC let their commentators get away with such bias.

  28. zeus

    Don’our hopes up. This may well be a remixed version of ‘we will sign super quality bla bla bla’.

    Chamakh on the free and 1 CB and Wenger’s madness continues. Oh and Diaby is sensational..

  29. Dutchman

    But he said one of the players! So, i believe he will sign at least three players. And i knew last season that wenger won’t make much changes but know i believe that we will buy some class players. And wenger’s words were obvious for me, he will sign players because he knows that this team is not good enough, this was the last chance for them. And what I have said, I’am anti-wenger but i believe that he will make changes 😉

  30. ManGoonian

    El Tel;

    I agree about how the barca defeat and the injuries have hamstrung us this season, although I remember back in August chatting about how I really did not wanna have to use injuries as an excuse for us not winning shit! And lo and behold here we are again mate… I do recognise that the injuries to key players have been way too severe and long term for us to cope with and simply signing players is not an exact science and no guarantee of success either…

    I do think that we went into the season at least 2 players light, but once the season got going and the window shuts, it is pretty pointless and a waste of energy going on and on about how we should’ve signed player x and y… But yep, injuries cost us, as did not having a deep enough squad…

    I think Clichy has come good again and should be kept, otherwise we will have to go out and buy a new LB (Gibbs will be a top player for us IMO tho), Diaby has come on a shit load and I would keep him, as I would Tomas and Theo too… Eboue might be off IF his contract is up, along with gallas and Silvestre…

  31. Gooby

    el tel

    i am looking forward to it. i think the real class in the making is ramsey. he can be a top top player. eastmond seem to have talent and wilshere is class.

    i expect chuky aneke to come good too, he is hell of a talent.

    sczeney looks like a bright prospect too.

    hope afobe develops well too

  32. ManGoonian

    reggie reg;

    That fat twat with the drum got a load of stick and to be fair to him, he took it on the chins!!!

  33. AA23

    We are going to get a real hiding next saturday so may as well get used to this feeling.
    2 nil and they fucked it up
    2 nil and they fucked it up…

  34. leon

    i may be wroung but its looking more and more likely edwardo is on his way does not evon make the bench anymore same vela.i feel with the likes of daiby nasri wilcatt its just inmajority they dont have any experienced players around them but have alot of ability i think edwardo vela merida fabianski silvestor gallas will leave. i feel he will get keeper 2 cbs dm player and 2 strikersits pretty clear he has little trust in either vela or edwardo and he playing breta week in/out

  35. Maciek

    ManGoonian I think Eastmond was ok today.

    I just want to say sorry for Fabiański. He has some mental problems.

  36. Chipo

    Just got back from Wigan. Horrendous traffic on the M1.

    Absolutely disgusted with the performance. We ground out a 2-0 margin, fine, but the last 30mins was some of the most embarrassing football i’ve seen.

    No desire to kill the game off, no fight in the tackle, no togetherness and ultimately no ambition.

    What’s the point in us believing in this team when they don’t believe in themselves? The players had no fight today because they knew the league was over.

    420 miles wasted. I want a refund.

  37. ManGoonian

    Diaby gave me his roach at the final whislte, took me 10 minutes to finish that fuckin thing!!!

    Didnt get to Red Robin mate, I went straight for the meths at the garage instead…

  38. AA23

    just admitting that if wigan can come back from 2 nil down in 10 minutes imagine what Tevez, Adebayor and David Bellamy will do to our cluelss defence.
    And Diaby is shit, we all know it.

  39. Gooby

    Diaby, nasri and walcott are squad player until they become winners.

    eduardo, silvestre, almunia, denilson, off

    in: chamakh, frey/hart, zapata/bonucci/cahill, inhler.

    a bonu would be good: hazard/jovetic

    i’d like us to bring brian may instead of sicky too

    AND hamsik.

    although my best choice mid player is De Rossi, but very unlike weger

  40. finestcuts

    Dutchman yeah I think he’ll get 5 or more players, I seriosuly do and good ones. Wenger has a Dark Side and he is absolutely furious………..
    Mangoonian, I’ll be in the area as well, drop me a line if you’re up for a pint b4 the game (re-direction address for obvious reasons)

  41. finestcuts

    Hey Maciek, he’s just not our type of keeper…..what’s there to be sorry about, he’s not you!
    I feel sorry for him……….there are Facebook groups like send Fabianski back to Poland along with his fans popping up…..he’s got no future with us, Wenger should sell him back to Legia.

  42. chozzer

    I’m sick of getting to the quarters of the Champions League every year and never winning it. Let’s have year off.

  43. Chipo

    we will lose to City next weekend

    we will lose to Blackburn

    we will draw with Fulham.

    we will come 4th.


  44. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab

    21. From IFFA
    Andrey, you, like all of us, certainly have a lot of relatives, albeit distant. Tell me, were there people among them who used your authority?
    Arshavin: In fact, I have few relatives. Although their number increased when I was transferred from junior team to the main squad.

    I thought we could all do with a smile!

  45. finestcuts

    We can beat Fulham…..London derby factor…..Citeh we might get beaten….we all know that……….but Blackburn…..yes they’re a threat because Fat Sam is the boss, but we gave them a spanking 6-2 earlier this season.

    We really need to stop playing Nasri in the attacking midfield role, he may have done well in that position in the French League bu in the EPL he is definitely no the next Zidane, or Lampard or Gerrard or Fabregas…or Arteta….Nasri should not be in there.

    Diaby should, and we should play 4-4-2.

  46. zeus


    I need some of that weed RIGHT NOW!
    As far as I’m concerned signings signify more than 1 and 2 is more than 1 is it not. Wenger has not invested all this time in average players to let it go now. A couple of additions top.

    Maybe 3 if Gallas goes. 1 GK will come in, and he def. is gonna keep the faith with the Clown and may very well send Fabianski on loan instead of cutting the cords all together.

    Don’t forget he will be busy doing commentary at the WC. No time to search for top top super quality players.

  47. ManGoonian

    Nice one finest, will do mate!

    And we will beat the new chavs next week, RvP will singlehandedly wup their mercenary arses! And then we will beat fat sam’s cloggers and stuff Fulham who will play their under 9s coz they will wanna keep their players fresh for the dairylea league cup…

  48. reggie 57

    Well done chippo you deserve a fuckin medal to do a 420 mile round trip and then put up with a shit performance like that !! for that il will give you a a big salute eyes right!!

  49. Stu

    FOrget Inler on a free. Get Van Bommel on a free…he is miles better imo.

    Frey/Neuer/Lloris/Hart 10-20m (depending on who it is)
    Kjaer 12m
    2nd CB ?
    Van Bommel

    All in all we could have a very productive summer for 30m or so.

  50. finestcuts

    Cool, look forward to it Mangoonian…….glad to see you have a positive spin on it.
    We need an RVP in times like these to pull the team through.

    Although it should not be like this. I fully expect Wenger to rotate some players for Saturday, 4-4-2 is preferred but really we should be playing 4-2-3-1 at the moment, we need 2 DMs, we have Eastmond and Coquelin, inexperienced but they’re meant to be super talented.

    Maybe start with Merida rather than Rosicky, Rosicky just seems out of his depth nowadays.

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    So what will it take for Le Gaffer to sod both keepers off, that is an update from the previously, Almunia must go. That Polish git did the same sort of shit on his last birthday.

    Now I’ve had enough.

  52. SongtheGreat

    lets just get rid of almunia,silvestre,eduardo,vela,rosicky,denilson,wenger..that should fix things…
    isnt there a kindergarten somewhere thats looking for new blood ?…

  53. Samir

    Van Bommel is 32
    Inler 25

    If I’m honest though I don’t watch either of them regularly enough to have an opinion on who’s best….
    Either would be nice… Anyone who can sort out our midfield will do tbh!

  54. Stu

    Yes there s a big age difference Samir but Van Bommel is a proven winner and is a great leader. I wouldnt know much about Inlers leadership skills but anytime i have seen him i havent been too impressed. He has a bit of a mean streak too.

  55. zeus


    Kjaer is 21 years old. Are we to believe that a 21 year old partnered with TV5 is gonna be our saving graces in defence next season?

    Like I said, Gallas is gone, whoever we get MUST be at least 27 years old with strong reading ability to compensate for TV5’s relative inexperience.

  56. Stu

    Fine Zeus get Kjaer and Hangeland.

    And anyway Kjaer starts for Denmark. They have promoted him to fill the void left by Martin Laursens retirement. He must be pretty good.

  57. ManGoonian


    What if he is 26 and a half?

    What type of books should he like reading?

    Oh and I thought the ref was a complete twat today n all…. There, feel better for saying that now…

  58. zeus


    Clearly not the books Diaby is reading. Wenger said he is quite studious.

    And you know what I mean about the defender thing. Even this Bonucci guy is a kid. How about just going in for Chiellini.

  59. zeus


    That was never an option. Wenger wanted him after the WC in 06 and he said no. TWAT. Wenger won’t go there again.

  60. koubagooner

    today,s game made me forget birmingham,s game and even spuds game , i still can,t believe what happened today at wigan i may dreaming or what ??

  61. ManGoonian

    Really dont rate Chiellini Gooby fella… But I dont see a problem in signing a 21 yr old CB if they are effin amazing!

  62. reggie 57

    Never will forget these last two weeks totally exposed Wenger as a sad deluded individual who’s frankenstein experiment has gone boss-eyed and left him looking like a very sick and tired old man!!

  63. ManGoonian

    Thats enough rakin over the carcus of our season for one night….

    Thanks for the group therapy fellas! laters

  64. Gooby

    neither do i MG. 🙂

    and i don’t rate mamahdou sakho either, he is not ready yet.

    alou diarra is a decent holding midfilder tho

  65. patthegooner

    I just pray that some good will come out of today.

    I think the difference this summer is that the fans won’t accept any lack of ambition in the transfer market. I know it has been going on for year after year, but the numbers of disilusioned gooners are growing in number, and I think the voice will be heard this year.

    Part of me wants Wenger out now and a fresh start with someone with fresh ideas, however that is not going to happen. And part of me does not want to see a once great man ruin his legacy and I want him to put it right starting with an overhaul in the summer.

    I do still think we will finish 3rd. I think Man Ure will kill the Spuds revival off next weekend and hopefully we can do the same with Man City.

    Wenger has to start the best 11 available to him though. I could not give a shit about RVP’s World Cup Dream, if he is fit he has to start. I would go with

    Sagna, Silvestre, Campbell, Clichy
    Denilson, Diaby, Nasri
    Theo, Bendtner, RVP

    We have to secure 3rd to rescue some credibility. Next weekend is not a must win, but it is a must not lose. If we can take points off Man City, we should be ok to secure at least 4th.

    Crazy thing is if we win next weekend and Spuds lose, then we are guaranteed 3rd!!!!

    Oh and Torres has just been ruled out for the rest of the Season.

  66. Dave

    worst fucking week ever.

    lose 2-1 to the cunts, then we lose 3-2 after being 2-0 ahead against wigan in the last 10 pissing minutes. FFS they have a tree for a logo as well. SHIT.

    our manager is fucking clueless and he sits there picking his fucking nose on the touchline all bloody game. GET RVP ON EARLIER FFS.

    just cannot believe this. 3-2 to wigan. this is outrageous. cunts the lot of em.

  67. Doublegooner

    Wenger’s buying record over the last four years is awful.

    Sagna – £7m(?) just about a success
    Sylvestre – £750k – FFS
    Rosicky – £7/9m – failure
    Nasri -£12 – failure so far
    Walcott -£12m failure so far
    Diaby – £5m – No value so far
    Adebayor -£9m – Profit only
    Eduardo – £10m – Mitigating circunstances
    Vela – £? – Whats the point !
    Denilson £? – Enough said
    Almunia £?- FFS
    Fabianski £?- Worse than FFS.
    Eboue £3m? – Limited value so far

    Song – £? – Now Maturing – possible future success
    Ramsey – £5m Def a future success if recovers
    TV – £9m – Success
    AA – £15m Success so far

    How many trust him to buy what we need to to win trophies ??

  68. colonel mustard

    this season:

    spanked by Chavs, Mancs, dismantled by barca……bottled at Birmingham…..gutless against Spurs……every clutch game failed..10 minutes day of clownism and gutlessness on a scale that is a disgrace to the great shirt. Overpaid faires in midfield. This team needs a history lesson on what it means to wear the shirt, if you dont get it fuck off….A new low in our every decreasing star.

  69. Doublegooner

    Colnel Mustard:

    Unfortunately, with th exception of Sol, there is no one who knows what it means to wear the shirt.

    Arsenal got rid of them all before they could teach these kids.

    Look at the coaching staff, Ricey knows but he’s past it. Adams, Dixon, Winterburn, Bould, Keown, then Raymondo, Wrighty taught DB, then TH, and the rest. Now these is no one to pass it on.

    Lets start this summer by installing a younger fresher coaching team that includes some of the recent old boys who todays players will relate to & if they dont then get Seaman to grab hold of them as he did to a certain right back when he got a bit cocky & Spunky grabbed hold of him & said ‘This is how we do things at The Arsenal’
    That new player soon fell into place.

  70. LAzer

    Had to come on and gauge the mood on here. Didn’t watch the game once again, and we lost yet again. We have became a farce now, this was actually the absolute worst fucking way to close out the season. All we all wanted was trying and winning till the end, now we have two back to back losses and a half a team out. This is fucking pathetic really, a new low in my book.

    If we don’t have a clear out and show some serious ambition in the market Wenger will have shown himself the door…

  71. Gooby

    lownism and gutlessness on a scale that is a disgrace to the great shirt. Overpaid faires in midfield. This team needs a history lesson on what it means to wear the shirt, if you dont get it fuck off….A new low in our every decreasing star.

    colonel mustard: so true mate

  72. A

    “Sagna – £7m(?) just about a success
    Sylvestre – £750k – FFS
    Rosicky – £7/9m – failure
    Nasri -£12 – failure so far
    Walcott -£12m failure so far
    Diaby – £5m – No value so far
    Adebayor -£9m – Profit only
    Eduardo – £10m – Mitigating circunstances
    Vela – £? – Whats the point !
    Denilson £? – Enough said
    Almunia £?- FFS
    Fabianski £?- Worse than FFS.
    Eboue £3m? – Limited value so far

    Song – £? – Now Maturing – possible future success
    Ramsey – £5m Def a future success if recovers
    TV – £9m – Success
    AA – £15m Success so far

    How many trust him to buy what we need to to win trophies ??”

    lol that’s just a hilarious post

    Devastating loss today, just terrible, we looked spent and exhausted from the start, only theo looked like he had anything left in the tank.

    Fabianski is done too, wonder which keeper we’ll sign in the summer, noone I can think of who I’d absolutely want us to sign, and available.

  73. Gooby

    don’t worry B.B.K our great coach who KNOWS is getting phone calls from all the players arounf Europe who wants to join us :-p

    Don’t worry,

    plus we have already some new signings coming like fabregas, gallas and arshavin witch is great

  74. David

    BBk is right.

    Why would the top players want to join us when we dont win shyte.

    Whats the difference…We dont win trophies neither does Mancitty.

    And CIty pay the most $

    Forget the fact that they have Robinho and Adam Johnson

  75. A

    We have history, one of the best club set ups in the world, and a great record at developing players, that’s why some players would choose to come to us, and some would go to city, depending on what they’re looking for. We’re also much closer than city to winning the title aren’t we, and the champs league

  76. B.B.K.

    Not next season we won’t be closer to winning the league then city,now is the time to sign players who we don’t have to develop and as i say why would they want to join us.Finishing 3rd now is a worry as we wouldn’t have to qualify for the c.league they look to be fucking that one up aswell.

  77. el tel

    If we do lose to Shitty next week will Wenger fall on his sword?

    I must say that the body language of dear old Arsene is saying that it is hurting him as much as us fans at the mooment.

    I think the oppposite to what we perceive to be true is happening to our Manager and that is he is losing his temper far too often.

    The Players have seen him as the Ice cool leader of a great team a man who never loses his cool turn to a man who is showing much frustration on the touchline alone nether mind each and every day.

    The Players can’t understand what is happening to the Boss and therefore look leaderless.

    This man Wenger has taken much stick from every angle from not only the Arsenal haters of this country but also internally.

    He is not at fault for doing things on the cheap as there was no other coice and he has taken ALL the stick for this.

    Now before anybody calls me an AKB let me put things straight. Any Manager that thinks Coco the Clown the Tapas bar waiter can play keeper is deluded, to make the Clown vice Captain is just plain sick. There is no complaint from me regarding many of the injuries has the other teams really have kicked shit out of us but to play 1 weak player as Wenger has always done is wrong but to play 4 each match is reckless.

    At the beginning of the previous season I vented my spleen on the Keeper problem and took a pasting from many but check back and see. I said we will NEVER win anything with him in goal. I don’t want to be on here bragging about being right but any fan who watches football can see that he is useless.

    He has been chipped twice this season in matches with Everton and Barca, both times he was on his knees before the ball was struck, he is 6 feet plus tall yet looks 3 foot tall in goal. His handling is truly awful and he gets beat from long range and on his near post regularly. My guess is he lets in every 3rd shot on target. Truly shit.

    Clichy is also one of the worst left backs I have seen at The Arsenal going back to the Bob McNab days in the 70’s. I couldn’t give a fuck if he shows passion, he isn’t good enough.

    Gallas and Vermaelen are very good when playing together but we all shit ourselves knowing the partnership wouldn’t last the season.

    Sagna is good to average at right back, he is poor going forward and average at defending. The only excuse the full backs have is the lack of support from Theo or Andre or whoever else is playing those positions.

    The Midfield is good offensively but totally crap at defending, guys on here have been crying out for an enforcer for years but when we give away not only Flamini but Diara too then Wenger again has some answering to do. Diaby needs to be booted in my opinion and Denillson needs to be a back up only player.

    Up front is a mystery to me. Walcott could probably play a Owen type role and score many more goals but he is hopeless on the wing so what does the Manager do? Bendtner is better than most on here give credit but he is still young and needs support. Eduardo needs to play before being judged but playing 1 game then missing 5 is never going to see him match fit enough. Andre should be up top with a partner never alone, another Manager mistake. Vela should be given a chance or sold and we should be told what is happening with him if he is playing around. RVP great when playing but 20 games per season is just shit.

    I don’t think the Mancs or Chavs are better than us but their Managers make less mistakes and when they have lost they sort out the problems.

    The Arsenal should make a protest to the leagues administrators for next season too regarding the blatant get stuck in or get in their faces comments that I heard yet again today on BBC radio 5 live from Robbie Savage, I have no problem with this if I hear it said about other teams or if we can get back to kicking the shit out of sides without punishment.

    When we lumped teams in the early Wenger years there was a card count from the commentators, things like this is Arsenals 57th card under Wenger, Arsenal are a dirty side yet Ferguson recently had 3/4 in a couple of games without anybody saying a thing. Did anyone say how many sending offs the Chavs have had after the Womaniser got sent at the Spuds the other day?

    Our Leaders need to help the players by strongly opposing these facts in League meetings otherwise we will get more of the same for years to come.

    We need to get back to our Arsenal roots quickly being resilient and hard to beat rather than a carbon copy of the Spuda 70’s and 80’s pretty boy teams.

    Will we be able to do this with Wenger as Boss? or should we move on to the next level with any top Boss other than Moaninho? Nows the time to let the Club know.

  78. el tel

    Good night BBK mate,

    I know its hard to take but keep the faith in ARSENAL. We were great before Liverpool and the Mancs and we will be great again with or without Wenger.

  79. AA23

    I still think quality players would come and play here just to play under Wenger.
    he should use his last throw of the dice now, take every fucking penny he’s saved this cunty board, use his influence and get quality in.
    He tried to do things the right way but it hasnt worked.
    Spend our money and go out fighting, he doesnt have much left to lose now.
    The way these players have let him down should mean he can pay them back in kind, he had a lot of faith in them and they failed, he should feel no remorse at all in getting rid of the shit.

  80. AA23

    I know its a terrible day but remember the way we were playing at the start of the season, flowing football that was battering the shit out of teams.
    I still say that without the injury to Van persie we would be champions right now.
    and its not as easy to replace a talent like Van Persie in january no matter how much we all wished it was.
    Our injuries have been off the chart this season.

  81. David


    I dont disagree with you. Injuries have cost us dearly.

    However 2 season ago we bottled it at Birmingham. Last season we bottled it at the beginning of the season and the tittle race was officially over by November.

    This season i was hoping we learnt from our mistakes from the last 2 season and it turns out that we are still a team that bottles it when it matters.

    The cylce continues.

    Also its a shame when you have players like Arshavin and Cesc out the team looks ordinary and out of ideas.

    You either play the talented youth players like Carlos Vela who did exceptionally well when he scored against burnley and never saw playing time or Craig Eastmond who was absolutely brilliant today.

    OR you persist with shite like Denilson.

    Wenger persisted with shite like Denilson. If you are all about project youth whats the point if you dont give these starving kids a chance to show their worth?

    Why should Diaby work hard when he’s undroppable.?

  82. ethangunner

    AA23 Says:
    April 19, 2010 at 01:11

    I know its a terrible day
    you should think so !!!

    , its the day you owe me 100 quid 🙂

  83. ethangunner

    if i was wenger i would still have us in 1 comp and gallas – fab- aa23 wouldn’t be injured , as they wouldn’t of played the 1st leg of the C.L or the 2nd , i would have reserved those players for attainable EPL fixtures and i would of just thrown the C.L !

    it was delusional for wenger to achieve both !
    and i knew the stupid muggins would attempt to make a dent in both comps ! not focus on winning something attainable !

  84. Cannon Man


    Sounds very good but I’m not confident that we’ll strengthen in ALL the areas that we need to unless some under-performers are sold. I’m just waiting to see what happens. I do think the youngsters under this lot seem to be of a higher grade than they were and some are ready to be given chances given the amount these lot have had. I just hope midfield is not neglected. We need more experience in midfield. These guys are not savvy enough to play 4-3-3 and our wide players are not particularly suited to it either. Too many square pegs coupled with lack of character has been our downfall this season. We’ve been able to field teams that most would expect to win, despite our injuries. They just bottle it continuously.

  85. gnarleygeorge9


    Arsenal are in more disary than Thai & Tasmanian politics. We have a hung parliament, & in Thailand they seem to want to hang the parliamentarians.

  86. ethangunner


    in thailand its all about one mans greed to regain power .. thaksin wants back in and is trying to discredit the current government Via the people ..

    its so pathetically transparent …

    he is currently in cambodia licking the current PM’s bum there .. they have always been partners in crime anyhow !

    AA23 – western union is fine mate 🙂

  87. bnsb

    Good moring all!

    El Tel, you are one of the few sane voices here!

    Adding two or three is not going to change our mindset IMO. We need deeper surgery, but how?