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Today is a special day for Le Grove and the Grovers who frequent the site!

After nearly 3 years of posting on a daily basis, we’ve hit a landmark figure!

Yes, today is our 1000th post!

It’s been an exciting journey for Geoff and I. All we wanted when we started out was a place to blog, inspired by Eastlower’s reluctance to post everyday, Geoff’s disgust at the vitriol he’d face if he dared question the manager and my nerd skills in setting up a blog.

It was tough in the begining, I remember celebrating the first day we got more than ten comments, the day we celebrated 100 hits and the day we breached a 1000 comments! To date, we’ve had 7million odd hits and 600,000 comments. For a site that posts one article a day, those are staggering figures.

We never expected this…

So, today is a big day for us and we wanted to thank you all for making the site such a pleasure to run.  We’ve made many friends along the way both in the flesh and online. I hope we can count on your support for the next 1000 posts and I look forward to meeting many more of you along the way.

I hope you understand how much we appreciate your daily input. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s always great to hear intelligent opinion from both the right and the left wing of Arsenal Supporters. We set the post up so you the fan could have an opinion not get one and if that means you don’t like what’s happening you can say it without getting abused by the blog bullies.

Without you, the site would be just another Arsenal blog…

So, as a present, I sorted out a fixture in Wigan… sorry, it was the best I could do. I’ve also arranged for Arsenal to put in an outrageously good performance and for Robin Van Persie to score two goals!

I tried to get you a marquee signing… it’s just a shame our 1000th post didn’t drop in the transfer window… maybe next time eh?

Injury news is looking pretty bad. No Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Arshavin, Cesc, Denilson or JD. I think we’re going to have to suffer a day with Silvestre at the back with Campbell which is a shame. Maybe talk of moving Sagna into the middle isn’t so crazy? I’m sure he could handle Wigan and I’m comfortable with Eboue in at right back against weaker opposition.

In the middle of the park, it may be Eastmond, Nasri and Diaby. At least Eastmond puts himself about and has a bit of North London grit to his game. Or it could be Rosicky, Nasri and Diaby, or maybe even Merida, Nasri and Diaby, either way it will feature Nasri and Diaby

Up top it will be interesting. Robin will take his place up front as expected, but where does that leave Nik? Does he play Robin out wide with Nik in the middle, Nik out wide with Robin in the middle… or does he drop Nik and play Robin central with Eduardo and Walcott either side?

I’m not sure… seeing Nik out wide is like watching a fish up a tree (to quote Merse).

Anyway, the pressure is off… Wigan are all over the place this year, so I expect a big win.

Keep and eye on their Brazillian striker Roddysomethingorother. He’s a very good player and just the type of signing I could see us making. He’s fast, powerful, holds the ball up well and he can shoot. He’s been linked via the Inde.

After the Chav loss we are sort of back in the mix, that would have been great had we not lost to the spuds, so I’m not too excited, I would however at least like to finish 3rd. The thought of Spurs being in the Champions league fills me with horror, but then so does the thought of Adebayor and Kolo being in it, thing is, if we don’t beat Wigan we could be in that little battle.

So it’s important we get back to our winning ways and watching Robin back in action filled me with love, I just wish our manager was told by Pat Rice that 67 minutes subs aren’t mandatory. Sometimes you can bring them on earlier when things aren’t going to plan.

Finally, spare a thought to all those poor people that are stranded out in Spain, in the rain, it’s not fun and there no end in sight, Geoff is one of them and says watching the television for news of what’s happening is like watching the last few days of the transfer window!

Talking of which, we are being linked to Joe Hart, I would, I think had we had a half decent keeper this season we would be at least 9 points better off. Think about that over your fry up this morning.

Finally Alex Song says Fabregas has promised his team mates he will still be at Arsenal next season, he says Cesc loves Arsenal too much and talk of Barca is just cobblers, Alex you just earned yourself another 10 credit points from Geoff, thanks for sharing that with us, I so hope it’s true.

Right, enjoy your day!

I’m off to crack open an early morning celebratory Peroni!


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  1. Keyser

    Heh, taig, I was in ‘the tempest’ (school production) in year 5, and the school nativity in year 1 but It was only a narrative part that.

  2. Gooby

    finestcuts Says:
    April 18, 2010 at 16:30
    Defence is Pat Rice’s job….he is the head defensive coach.

    that explains a lot…

  3. g.g.y

    What about those fans who were singing today “there’s only one arsene wenger” they must feel like right mugs now. I dont think the team or the manager deserve any more support this season.

  4. Jon

    So, where do we go from here? I’m quite lost now.

    I know I did say I was going to bed earlier, but I decided that I had to vent my frustrations a little more before heading off. See you guys.

  5. GMR

    What a depressing day to be a gooner. It’s such a humiliating lose and to concede 3 goals to a team that couldn’t even score against Portsmouth’s reserves just sums it up.

    I can’t see there is any way back for a lot of these players at the club and at the same time with Wenger in charge there is little to no chance of getting rid of any of them.

  6. Sion De Freitas

    I agree with pointing out his faults (which I do). I just don’t think that we should sack him or he should leave yet, I still think he can do it. And calling him a cunt and all this….I don’t like it, thats why I defend him.

  7. zee

    all three of our keepers are shite. Our captain today turns 36 later this year. As Pedro said recently, why are we relying on a guy who can’t play three times a week, alongside a manc reject? And why wasn’t the centre half issue addressed LAST summer? Vermaelen for Toure still left us short. He’s let Gallas, Sol, Silvestre and Senderos all allow their contracts tro run down. How can he fail to see a problem emerging? You’re basically saying you don’t want them as you’re not offering them good enough terms. So if you don’t want them, you don’t rate them. And if you don’t rate them WHY THE FUCK are they playing for Arsenal?

  8. gambon

    I can tell you about wengers comments;

    “we are a developing team”

    “mental strength”

    “taking my chequebook to the world cup”

    “super super class”

  9. tonyadamsisgod

    Why bother getting Bould in as No.2?? We all know it Wenger’s way or nothing at all. We need decisive change from the very top.

  10. tonyadamsisgod

    Its all about Wenger’s ego and being able to say I told you so. He doesn’t sign quality because he wants to prove a point. We had had Eboue playing up front on more than one occasion this year! The fucking experiment has to stop NOW!!

    We have players like Silvestre, Campbell & Co. because they are cheap.

  11. Zorr0

    Anyway, that’s enough therapy for now!

    This time last week things were so very different, what can happen in 7 days eh, we have had our hearts broken and our hopes shat on once more!

    See you guys later.

  12. Stu

    Fucking pathetic. Im glad i turned off when Fabianski gave them an equaliser and i ended up missing THEIR winner.

    Im leaning more and more towards wanting Wenger sacked. Either that or let him take the “honourable route” and step down.

    Its time for a change either way. We have gone stale as a club unfortunately and and today typified that. We were pathetic in attack and even worse in defence.

    Regardless of our monumental injuries we still should have hammered Wigan who honestly only started to prooerly threaten in the last 15 minutes.

    Once again this team cracked under the tinyest (sp) bit of pressure from a crowd whos record attendance was todays 22thousand. This team has no bottle and no mental strength…let alone a winning mentality.

  13. swinner

    wow pedro, that was some surprise you organised today… Embarassing and pathetic. We need a major overhaul of the squad but i don’t trust wenger to do it so he must go. Buy a keeper, 2 defenders, a defensive midfielder and a striker. Promote the best english kids who are willing to fight and get rid of all the clowns and dross. Was looking forward to booing adebayor on saturday but not sure if i can be arsed. Fed up.

  14. zee

    no heart no passion no winners. The squad isn’t good enough. we’ve actually done quite well to get to third with the players we have. city and spuds have more depth. We need more power at cb and in midfield to compliment the little wizards. Someone who’ll look after them and not be intimidated by stoke away. I’m sick of us being bullied by shite teams, not that we were today. Clichy to Real this summer?

  15. 78692


    HE WILL:-






  16. Dutchman

    and for the first time in my life, i hope that man u has to win a game. Hope that united beat the spurs, man city will beat us and the table will be this:

    arsenal 36 71
    tottenham 35 64
    man city 35 65

    arsenal will win against fulham and lose against blackburn

    tottenham-man city will be a draw tottenham will win against bolton and burnley

    City will win the other games

    arsenal 74
    City 72
    tottenham 71

    we have to win one game!!

  17. Jaguar

    Now now now. What i have been saying whole season.
    1. Diaby is shit against better teams.
    2.we wont win anything with wenger
    3. Wenger is a mug when it cpomes to tactics.
    I was expecting a draw. But wengers love children even beat me.

  18. tonyadamsisgod

    rob green – Wenger hasn’t apologised for anything within his entire time at Arsenal. He is stubborn defined.

  19. nishanth

    Stu-It is really embarrassing.After watching eastmond play today i am wondering how the fuck denilson got chances ahead of him.I don’t know whether vela will do better than theo but he definitely deserves a chance.Vela hasn’t started a single PL game.Diaby has shown again that he not good enough.We are just rewarding failiure

  20. chocolategooner

    What a farce it would have been if that shower had some how fluked the league? The Bentner contribution of a single assist for Theo all game is shocking. As the point of attack he fails for the majority of the time on the pitch to either finish chances or offer relief to the mid-field or defence. He failed to win a single header under challenge the entire game. Effort, technique and contribution unacceptable.

  21. Bozin

    I am not even able to talk about this. What the fuck are we? Are we a football club or are we some circus visiting towns and making people laugh? We are pathetic, I don’t want to point fingers but wholesale changes are mandatory.

    Absolutely gutted, I’m off to cool down. Take care all!

  22. nishanth

    Franchise really had a point about Bendtner.There is really nothing special about him.But as a back up he is fine.But atleast he contributes a little.I can’t remember the last time diaby,rosicky did something useful

  23. tonyadamsisgod

    How much money do you think we have spent on Diaby, Denilson and Rosicky to watch them contribute fuck all at their time at Arsenal?? And Wenger moans that players are over priced. Yeah by cunts like you Arsene. Its because you pay such high wages to such amateur dross that the stars of the game earn what they do! Prick.

  24. nishanth

    Anyone watching portsmouth vs aston villa???
    Portsmouth who have nothing to play for are putting so much effort yet our players couldn’t bother trying when a win would have put us 3 points behind chelsea(Not that i think we would have won the title)

  25. nishanth

    I was worried earlier that we might not offer campbell a new contract.He might not even want to stay with us now

  26. zee

    nish – I love sol, i really do, especially among all the losers. I’d give him another year – although his legs are clearly going he’s decent cover and he’s lionheart among a bunch of spoilt fucking kittens

  27. sol

    Wenger said last season as this team matures they will learn from their mistakes!!??

    But NO!!! Last season we blew a big lead to draw 4-4 with the Spuds, and we’ve done it twice this season at West Ham and today. It’s clear our team is unable to go on from a 2 goal advantage. When we sit back on it, we look shaky and always come under pressure we cant withold. This is sue to negative team selection and negative substitutes. I can never imagine Wenger giving the players who preform badly a kick up the arse but sometime that is the only way.

    We need someone more aggresive tactically and vocally, and kick out the dross which takes up most of our squad!!!!

  28. zee

    anyone see wenger on friday again say, completely on the record, he doesn’t regard winning the cups as success??? Jesus Christ how do you expect people to watch when that’s your public opinion? Treat the fans with a bit of respect man. Does that mean all the images of cups around the stadium will be coming down?I’m sick of it, I really am.

  29. leon

    ha ha ha ha what a suprise i am glad this happanend this completly destroyed the mith this team as naywere near of winning anything,once again no vela no edwardo it beg question if does not trust these players why did he not buy another disrepect to eastmont but he be on loan for at least 2-3 seasons. now we have all seen what going on the cheap gets you

  30. nishanth

    I don’t think sacking wenger will be a solution.The like hillwood who are giving wenger the full support should also follow wenger out if he leaves

  31. CedarBayDave

    wooo fucking hooo

    I am off to hit my balls with a hammer. That will be an upgrade on what else I have done today with this fucking team of quitters.

    Let’s just make sure we win enough to get in the CL and clean house this summer. (yeah right)


  32. Simon McMahon

    wow WHAT A NEW LOW wenger has took us to.,
    today only one player played like it meant anything, 35 year old SOL the rest dont give a fuck , wenger has to go and take hill wood and fisman with him,
    three keepers at the club who are collectivly the worst three keepers in the league, a team with no fight , and today he has once again shown his lack of tactical knowledge, what did he think giving RVP two minutes from the bench, I do not want him being able to spend our money on more pathetically average ,couldnt give a shit players.

  33. incesc

    “Spurs can catch us, Manchester City can catch us. We have to win at least one game.”

    thats the spirit arsene.

  34. Ml

    If spuds beat utd and city beat us we are fucked can’t believe this.
    We would have 71 spud 67 and city 65
    they win their games in hand against villa and Bolton
    gulp! spud 70 city 68
    we play blacburn fing alardyce will love it .say a draw
    city play spuds!
    Us 72 spuds win 73 city 68
    city win 71 spuds 70
    a draw spuds 71 city 69
    could go to last day !! What a fing mess we could have made for ourselves today!!!
    Realistically ud expect spuds to loose at utd and city if they won the other two that would give them 70

  35. leon

    nish your wroung this all wenger he is full control its not as if were asking to spend 80 mill in one season he could have bought a striker summer ,then next season buy top defender and in another season he could have bought a keeper but he has how many times has wenger said we need experience and his tackticks and team selection is very poor at times added to the fact the team clearly needs defensive coach this does need a new manager quite badly he tried his way and i realy dont see changing and its not working

  36. finestcuts

    Believe me, Wenger will go through all his notes now, and this is where it has come to an end for him, he will build us a new team. He’s beaten and he knows it.
    The only way to come back now is to say “I’ve tried my best but it’s time to make some changes”

  37. AA23

    Arsene knows
    He knows that this hasnt worked and he needs to buy better players. Some are worth keeping some can go.

  38. Ml

    This is the most gutted I’ve been against spurs we were shit but had a go , against Barcelona they’re just better than us
    but today the defence and midfield were a disgrace, surely there’s someone in the reserves better than silvestre.
    Wenger doesn’t teach defending , fing disgrace. Yeah we’ve got injuries but Portsmouth beat Wigan for f sack.
    Next week is huge against city, we should be out if site.never do things easy.

  39. Stu

    Pompey beat Spuds, spuds beat us. Pompey drew 0-0 with Wigan, Wigan beat us.

    I hope to fuck we dont play any of the same teams again this season.

  40. B.B.K.

    szczesny is definitely not ready to be our number one next season i think we should clear that one up right now.

  41. nn

    fuck. i am now wishing we had ade back. if wenger and bendyfoot didnt like him he must have been doing something right. diaby must never wear an arsenal shirt again after his disgraceful non trying coawrdly performance today. if your not good enough okay but to walk about a football pitch pulling out of tackles and being to lazy to even run is unexeptable. fuck diaby and steal some other fans hard earned money you cowardly theif

  42. Pat

    I’m sort of glad Fabianski made that mistake. I thought Wenger might be testing him in the last 3-4 games to see whether he needs to buy a keeper. Hope he realizes the obvious now.

    Lyon want Eduardo, who is worth around 8 million. Eduardo + 10 million(max) for Lloris please.

  43. zeus

    On if his side need a new goalkeeper…
    “Everybody has an opinion. I keep my opinion for myself and let everybody have different opinions. I believe you cannot say today we lost the game because of the goalkeeper.”


  44. leon

    stu i dont agree with that it just alot of these will become top class in few years time but they should be on the bench behind top class players if look closely at the squad we only have 10 top class at the most and 11 up comming players wenger has chosen to do things on the cheap this only has around 7-8 players down plus very poor tackticks

  45. Stu

    In fairness Zeus, you’d hardly expect Wenger to come out and say “yes that cunt Fabianski is shit, he cost us the win today. Its just a shame Almunia is shit too and i have to chose one of them”.

  46. zee

    diaby was strutting round like we just had to turn up. he’s the best example of the no-heart non-winner we don’t need. Add to that his lack of consistency and he’s always injured, sell him.

  47. zee

    yeh i can see wenger in his resignation press conference “I was gonna stay another year but it was the facebook group that finally got me out”

  48. Mitya

    I’m absolutely distraught and really can’t believe it.
    Second half was just awful, they sat back and let Wigan on, I was incredulous as I watched it. They played like they were scared of the mighty Wigan, why hold on for a 2-0 win, go for them. They were there for the taking. I couldn’t believe Wenger didn’t put Van Persie on at 2-0, to give us some impetus/get a goal/give RVP some match fitness.

    However, the comment I saw above is the ridiculous, generic idea of ‘get mourinho in’. I don’t want him! Awful football, needs tonnes of money and if you think wenger is arrogant then prepare yourself. Not to mention unrealistic. Keep the faith.

    This season has marked progress, but is a missed opportunity and there’s been some awful matches.

  49. David


    Mannone is the better keeper…and that bastard just signed a new contract too.

    For what? Only fuck knows.

  50. Stu

    Yeah quick, everyone sign up to the facebook account so you can all be pathetic enough to think an online petition will get Wenger fired.

    I bet arsenalaction started it because they tried it a few months ago on their site and got a grand total of 16 signatures.

  51. zee

    lovely warm day against an inferior footballing side who wanted to play football against us. should have been perfect. this year’s title race was all about who’s least shit out of us, chavs and mancs. At least we’ve been put out of our misery now

  52. big dave

    No Song and we lose again

    Have backed Wenger but even I feel down and don’t think he should carry on anymore, we need new blood

  53. David

    Vitto Mannone signed a new contract…for what i will never know.

    But i wouldve played Mannone before fabianski

    I always said he was a shite keeper. Ever since the Semifinal of the FA cup at chelsea.

  54. David

    big dave to be fair Eastmond did a fantastic job. Makes me wonder why we have persisted with Denilson for so long.


    disgrace of a game that 2nd half was the worst 45 mins ive ever seen from us for 15 years, speechless, its probably a good thing long term, at least he cant come out and say he’s got faith in these pussies

  56. incesc

    “If I was club captain and sitting home watching that while injured I would be at the training ground the next day having some serious words over that display”

    i like this stylee

    if only


    all 3 of them are fucking useless and szhecny is bout 3 years away from being number 1, even if he does fullfill his potential

    i signed up to twitter the other day just to abuse almunia, thats how bad things have got

  58. Stu

    Yeah Eastmond was brilliant today. He was quick to close down and looked good on the ball. And he didnt get pushed over or left behind by the opposition.

  59. zee

    he cant make winners out of some of these kids, they don’t have it. What a farce going to places like the Nou Camp with Almunia captain! Can anyone seriously visualise Almunia lifting a trophy for us? Sol is superb, a proper leader of men, but he had that in him, wenger didnt give it to him. How weak must Sol think we are to sign him for free in Jan and make him captain. We had seven different captains last season. Seven. A club of our stature, making a 35 year old man, who’s been at the club a few weeks, whose last league appearance was at Morecambe, is our captain. No leaders, no winners, no fight, no heart. I’m bored of hearing about the six automatic picks who aren’t available. Our squad should be better. Far, far better.


    so should we add diaby to that list of players that need to fuck off for us progress, last month he has been a disgrace and along
    i couldnt care less if i woke to the news that diaby, denilson, nasri, walcott, eboue all were leaving
    ive had with them all

    nasri just aint good enough


    so should we add diaby to that list of players that need to fuck off for us progress, last month he has been a disgrace
    i couldnt care less if i woke to the news that diaby, denilson, nasri, walcott, eboue all were leaving
    ive had with them all

    nasri just aint good enough

  62. zee

    keep the younger less injury prone weed i reckon. although wenger gave Rosicky a new contract as well didnt he. what is he 29 and always injured? still give him a nice payday anyway, we as a club really owe him dont we. Dont give Gallas a new deal though, no, he’s 32, cant give him more than a year can you!

  63. finestcuts

    Llrois for Eduardo would be a good deal, we hardly ever play Eduardo anymore and I think the French League would give him a new lease of life. I still believe he is a quality player and would be great for Lyon, as I’m sure they do too.
    And they’re not going to be able to hold onto Lloris, they might want Almunia or Fabianski, but both keepers have to go. Lloris and Szczesny to battle it out for no.1, get 2 centre backs…..someone better than Djourou although I still have high hopes for him. It looks like Gallas will not be staying, he’s scratching his arse for too long instead of making a decision, he will probably get offered a big money salary for a club who are desperate but can’t afford a transfer fee, I don’t see Gallas staying on at cut price with a 1 yr contract.

    I do think Eastmond is good, although we should sell Denilson and get the best central midfielder possible.
    We should get 2 wingers, I think Rosicky is past his best and should be a squad player. Nasr and Arshavin are good but we need 2 more quality wingers. And 2 more quality strikers, Chamakh could be 1, and David Villa the other….and why not.

    We should also adapt and play 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 when necessary.

    I’d play 4-4-2 against Citeh with what we’ve got.







    Nasri in better out wide, Eastmond looks like an effective ball winner and RVP with B52 up front with Diaby will be more penetrative than Nasri.

  64. Dave

    what an absolutely shower of SHIT.

    worst display ive ever seen in that 2nd half. fucking cunts.

    diaby…wow what a cunt. the lazy, gangly cunt. he can fuck right off.

    2-0 up with 10 mins left and we fuck it right up. everyone knew when wigan pulled a goal back that this would fucking happen. we just feel apart like a cheap suit.


    Fuck off wenger, and take that lazy bastard diaby with you. and denilson and sylvestre if theres room.

    Damn what a load of cunts.

  65. zee

    I just cant get over the fact that we’re so close to the top two and still wenger appears unable to motivate his troops – we’ve missed a massive chance this season. six years running of mancs or chavs winning the title, if only we’d addressed goalkeeper/centre half/striker issues.

  66. Val46

    Thanks for the memories Wenger nice stadium but please see sense and go please oh and by the way what does pat rice do ? Fucking laughed when the third one went in!

  67. finestcuts

    Zee, when you push the pedal to the backboard you can’t give it much more. The team just aren’t a title winning team so nothing you can say will change that. Wenger refuses to say what he said to them after the game but I am sure he went nuts.


    nasri is usless along with walcott, diaby, denilson, eduardo, silvestre, fabianski, almunia there are alot better players out there in their positions and look at how much that crop of shit cost us, worst squad since wenger took over

  69. zeus

    Aulas is no fool. Why the fuck would he want Eduardo in part exchange for Lloris. Might as well set our hopes on Frey.

  70. zee

    finest, no we’re not a title winning team. second half was scandalous today, it was as if we had nothing to play for. Players going through the motions. Diaby played like he wanted to be on a beach. He will have gone nuts, he doesn’t go nuts enough. The players aren’t good enough. As I’ve said I think we’ve actually done ok to get into third with the squad we’ve got. Despite no RVP (or decent replacement) since november we’re two places ahead of the mob who’re coming on saturday and they’ve got tevez, ade, bellamy and santa cruz.

  71. reggie 57

    1 Coach required to tell them cunts what way to close out a game? and not an italian one we have enough bottlers as it is!!

  72. incesc

    one manager to hold his hands up and leave with dignity is needed.

    even if he buys players now, i cant see it happening.

    he looks beaten, after spurs he looked beaten, no wonder the players werent motivated.

  73. Cannon Man

    Diaby and Nasri seem to benefit from Wenger’s unhealthy loyalty much more than other players. Diaby was at fault for the first goal because he failed to track the midfielder. He and Nasri, on SEVERAL occasions this season, have played as though they don’t care. They show no passion and rarely do anything incisive. Its scary because they are considered first teamers. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to put up with this kind of display and every time, Wenger fails to admit publicly that its not good enough – all to preserve his own reputation.

    Some harsh words in public won’t “kill” them if they have all this “huge mental fighting spirit strength” we hear about. Instead, being the petulant spoilt brats that they are, and I mean Diaby and Nasri, they take him, us and the club for mugs while earning wages that most hard workers their age can’t contemplate. Wenger has fostered a culture of complacency and Gallas was stripped of the captaincy for indirectly saying this and CESC, RVP and Arshavin have all said, on different occasions that we need experienced signings. They don’t want to carry all these ungrateful, spoilt, bottling bastards. Surely he can’t keep the decent players’ respect much longer if he stands by some of the dross we have. These four players, perhaps plus Sagna and Vermaelen, are the only real winners I see in our entire squad. The rest are either getting there, bottlers, or will never be good enough.

    For this youth project to make money, the young players who are not good enough need playing time to attract buyers. They should be on loan and no where near our first team squad. You can’t shirk your responsibilities when your on loan. There’s no mollycoddling. You’re on your own. We’re not Barca. Only Cesc, RVP, Clichy and now Song have shown real determination to nail a place in this team since being brought to the club. I’ve always said Song was limited but I would never have said he was lazy. He’s always tried. I just didn’t think he’d make it and to be honest, he hasn’t YET. Fact of the matter is, he’s not a bottlejob.

    If a player does not show the right attitude, he needs a kick up the backside, not excuses and spin. I’m sure some of our better players have renewed or would like to renew their contracts on the understanding that the squad is strengthened with real quality, not bargain basement young players. How long can that go on?

    I don’t like using the term but a lot of these AKBs fail to understand that Wenger is responsible for this squad and has made monumental errors that are not affected by a limited transfer budget. If that shambles of a midfield is not attended to in the summer, my feet will be planted firmly on the “Wenger can fuck off” side of the fence. Some of the excuses I’ve read on other blogs regarding the spurs loss suggest that people ARE primarily fans of Wenger and NOT Arsenal Football club. To them I’d say you have to take responsibility for the good and the bad. No one is infallible ffs.

    Right now, I’d take Wilshere and JET and Simpson over Nasri, Diaby and Bendtner. I kid you not. Those guys are fitter mentally and willing to do more to affect the outcome of a match. Forget injuries, these bottlers are beyond a joke.

  74. Confidentgoner

    You guys are too kind to the manager. The guy is just plain incompetent. A competent manager would have jigged the team in the second half when Wigan–of all teams were playing us off the park. Rosicky and Nasri were useless, add Daiby and you understand why they overan our mid.

    He should hae brought on VP much earlier, removed Rosicky who looked out of sorts and yes brought Eboue. At 2-1, I knew we would loose.. TGhe fgrench mug was busy bitching to officails…wtf!

  75. CedarBayDave

    Reenactment of what Wigan did to us


  76. leon

    fergi has alot these kind players in the team the only difference he made sure he kept players players like gibbs scholes carrick nevvel and heavy incluence on the young they dont let get to over confedent unless your messi most players i know dont realy become top class until 24-26 but these kind of players cost and wenger does want to spend its lack majority

  77. ritesh

    This Arsenal team is like the French teams of old… the platini, papin & co. They can beat you 5 – 0 one day and get beaten the next day.

  78. ritesh

    I think Fabianski made as many mistakes as Alminia the whole season in the brief spells when he started.

    A pity it was his b’day.

  79. Dutchman

    I agree Cannon Man, i have always said that Diaby would come good and a long time he looked good but he is too bad and lazy, and about nasri, ithink he will come good but he is not ready yet, he has incredible talent but he has to be motivated, he will come good. But other players that are just not good enough are:


    those players have to go
    And players like rosicky, nasri, eboue and bendtner are good squad players.

    I have never seen wenger so angry, he looks dissapointed, and i think he knows that this team is not good enough, he will make changes. He is never as open as he was today. He said that chamakh is coming and that he is not the only one, he also said that we have the money now because of the stadium is paid off for a part. He will make changes, i’am sure of that. But we need a total change in selection en tactic, maybe this




    inler,song,fabregas,nasri,rosicky,denilson,ramsey, wilshere(JET)


    eduardo, diaby, gallas , silvestre and fabianski



    eduardo 8m
    fabainski 3m
    silvestre,gallas free
    diaby 9m

    20m wins

    chamakh free
    hart 8m
    inler 11m
    Zapata 14m
    Samba 5m
    hazard 13m ( wenger said that chamakh is one of the players, i think that hazard is also one of the players who is coming to us)

    51m-20m is 31 million

    A manager with winners-mentality can do this

    Long comment, but AGREE???

  80. ManGoonian


    Stop slating Fabianski, he is just misunderstood!!

    Fuck me, just got back from Wigan, via the pub and that was fucking terrible…. The worst I have felt after a game since the souds 4 all last season…. Yep, even worse than the game on Wednesday…

    To throw away a 2 goal lead vs a shite team like Wigan who cannot score for shit, was a disgrace and this season cannot end effin quickly enough for me now…. And I’ve got 3 more games to go to as well!

  81. zeus

    Cannon Man

    Right now, I’d take Wilshere and JET and Simpson over Nasri, Diaby and Bendtner. I kid you not. Those guys are fitter mentally and willing to do more to affect the outcome of a match. Forget injuries, these bottlers are beyond a joke.
    U saved me from typing that, thank you.

  82. gambon

    Hazard will be £20m, not £13m.

    I woul have;

    Hart £8m
    Hangeland £10m
    Ciani £10m
    Toulalan £20m
    Chamakh £0
    Hazard £20m