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Today is a special day for Le Grove and the Grovers who frequent the site!

After nearly 3 years of posting on a daily basis, we’ve hit a landmark figure!

Yes, today is our 1000th post!

It’s been an exciting journey for Geoff and I. All we wanted when we started out was a place to blog, inspired by Eastlower’s reluctance to post everyday, Geoff’s disgust at the vitriol he’d face if he dared question the manager and my nerd skills in setting up a blog.

It was tough in the begining, I remember celebrating the first day we got more than ten comments, the day we celebrated 100 hits and the day we breached a 1000 comments! To date, we’ve had 7million odd hits and 600,000 comments. For a site that posts one article a day, those are staggering figures.

We never expected this…

So, today is a big day for us and we wanted to thank you all for making the site such a pleasure to run.  We’ve made many friends along the way both in the flesh and online. I hope we can count on your support for the next 1000 posts and I look forward to meeting many more of you along the way.

I hope you understand how much we appreciate your daily input. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s always great to hear intelligent opinion from both the right and the left wing of Arsenal Supporters. We set the post up so you the fan could have an opinion not get one and if that means you don’t like what’s happening you can say it without getting abused by the blog bullies.

Without you, the site would be just another Arsenal blog…

So, as a present, I sorted out a fixture in Wigan… sorry, it was the best I could do. I’ve also arranged for Arsenal to put in an outrageously good performance and for Robin Van Persie to score two goals!

I tried to get you a marquee signing… it’s just a shame our 1000th post didn’t drop in the transfer window… maybe next time eh?

Injury news is looking pretty bad. No Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Arshavin, Cesc, Denilson or JD. I think we’re going to have to suffer a day with Silvestre at the back with Campbell which is a shame. Maybe talk of moving Sagna into the middle isn’t so crazy? I’m sure he could handle Wigan and I’m comfortable with Eboue in at right back against weaker opposition.

In the middle of the park, it may be Eastmond, Nasri and Diaby. At least Eastmond puts himself about and has a bit of North London grit to his game. Or it could be Rosicky, Nasri and Diaby, or maybe even Merida, Nasri and Diaby, either way it will feature Nasri and Diaby

Up top it will be interesting. Robin will take his place up front as expected, but where does that leave Nik? Does he play Robin out wide with Nik in the middle, Nik out wide with Robin in the middle… or does he drop Nik and play Robin central with Eduardo and Walcott either side?

I’m not sure… seeing Nik out wide is like watching a fish up a tree (to quote Merse).

Anyway, the pressure is off… Wigan are all over the place this year, so I expect a big win.

Keep and eye on their Brazillian striker Roddysomethingorother. He’s a very good player and just the type of signing I could see us making. He’s fast, powerful, holds the ball up well and he can shoot. He’s been linked via the Inde.

After the Chav loss we are sort of back in the mix, that would have been great had we not lost to the spuds, so I’m not too excited, I would however at least like to finish 3rd. The thought of Spurs being in the Champions league fills me with horror, but then so does the thought of Adebayor and Kolo being in it, thing is, if we don’t beat Wigan we could be in that little battle.

So it’s important we get back to our winning ways and watching Robin back in action filled me with love, I just wish our manager was told by Pat Rice that 67 minutes subs aren’t mandatory. Sometimes you can bring them on earlier when things aren’t going to plan.

Finally, spare a thought to all those poor people that are stranded out in Spain, in the rain, it’s not fun and there no end in sight, Geoff is one of them and says watching the television for news of what’s happening is like watching the last few days of the transfer window!

Talking of which, we are being linked to Joe Hart, I would, I think had we had a half decent keeper this season we would be at least 9 points better off. Think about that over your fry up this morning.

Finally Alex Song says Fabregas has promised his team mates he will still be at Arsenal next season, he says Cesc loves Arsenal too much and talk of Barca is just cobblers, Alex you just earned yourself another 10 credit points from Geoff, thanks for sharing that with us, I so hope it’s true.

Right, enjoy your day!

I’m off to crack open an early morning celebratory Peroni!


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  1. GMR

    Well done Pedro/Geoff, its been a pleasure (one or two idiots aside).

    It finally seems our tight fisted board will be opening the purse strings this summer. If they don’t then I won’t be renewing my season ticket next summer & thats a promise.

    Was it just misquoted on or did Wenger really say they would announce the deals they’d done once the season was over??

  2. Sam-gooner

    many many congrats people.u people are doin an excellent stuff.Keep up the awesome job!!Gunners for Life!!

  3. GMR

    As for Fran Merida I don’t want to see him near the first team since he’s signed for Ath Madrid, I would prefer to see players that are committed to Arsenal.

  4. sol

    GMR – I think he’s specifically talking about Chamakh, but wouldn’t it be nice if he pulled out another 1 or 2 on top of that.
    I really would love our transfer business to be done & dusted before the world cup – because I can’t handle another summer of refreshing news feeds!!!

  5. GMR

    sol – usually I’d agree, but the quote is:-

    “We will announce the deals after the league [finishes],” he said.

    “He is one of the players who has a good chance to join us.”

    That makes it sound more than one player.

  6. Doublegooner

    Happy 1000th Pedro;

    I will get my man to speak with ‘One Song’ & get his confirmation !

    At least Wenger has now confirmed he has money to spend. I do hope we add at least a couple of players over 24/25.

    I’m sure wednesday finally made his mind up that one or two do not have the fight after comparing their performances with the Giant that is Sol.

    If as expected Sol stays next year, he must be made Vice Captain.

  7. sol

    GMR – Possibly. But then if he doesn’t announces them til August, it’s still technically after the season finishes.

    I’d love to think it’s more than 1 ready to be announced, but it’s hard to be anything but pessimistic when it comes to ‘Arsenal’ and ‘Transfer Activity’

  8. finestcuts

    Congratulations on your 100th post. There has also been a landmark at Arsenal FC. Le Grove is going to have a field day, we’re back on the market and we are buying….repeat….WE ARE BUYING PLAYERS IN ALL THE REQUIRED POSITIONS!!
    Roger that?

    So pump your fists in the air, Chelsea we’re gonna get ya…..we’re gonna shake things up in summer, we’re buying and we’re buying the best!

  9. kelsey

    I often don’t agree with the views by you Geoff and Pedro, but it takes some balls to write a new and often contraversial post on a daily basis.A true commitment, well done.

  10. GMR

    sol – lol, I can’t help but agree. I really won’t get involved with newsnow and the rest this summer, it’s too painful, long and boring. If we don’t make the required signings we all know what next season will be like. Even if we do sign players there is no guarantee they’ll work out but at least it gives us hope.

  11. Our year 9/10

    Perhaps one of the Daily’s might have a look at both of you,as some of the articles in my paper the” Mail “are poor,well done.

  12. Mr B

    That bits scary. What does he mean like Al and Silvest.

    “However they cannot all go to Chelsea, it is as simple as that. There are top players outside of the ones Chelsea want to buy who are good enough for us.”

  13. skandibird

    THANK YOU Google; because without you I wouldn’t have ‘discovered’ Le-Grove. Well done Pedro and Geoff and thank you for allowing supporters to share their ‘views’, opinions and even photos. It has been my daily ‘routine’ to open Le-Grove around 9.30 in the morning at work, print it off and read it properly (we’re not allowed to view the Internet outside lunch breaks). I have linked your site to so many friends and colleagues (even abroad). Bones have been broken (mine & Geoff’s last summer)tears have been shared (AFC v Man U and AFC v Chelsea at home) it’s not easy being a supporter at times BUT how great to have such a free spirited blog that speaks its mind and doesn’t run with the norm; sucking up to those in charge; WELL DONE LE-GROVE!!

  14. Mrs K

    Congratulations Pedro & Geoff, I start work at 8.30 but i dont really start until i have read your post. Keep up the very good work.

  15. Buddy

    Congratulations chaps, I’ve been reading this post for a very long time and recently started posting.

    I started following this blog because whilst I didn’t and don’t always agree with what’s written, it’s always well informed and from the heart.

    Keep up the good work!!

  16. Buddy

    It could’ve been so different this season, even picking up Chamakh in January might have been enough to put us at the top now.

    Let’s hope this is the season Arsene realises his mistakes and spends some money to bolster the squad.

  17. ethangunner

    I’m off to crack open an early morning celebratory Peroni!

    shortly followed by your AA meeting 🙂 !

  18. ethangunner

    Let’s hope this is the season Arsene realises his mistakes and spends some money to bolster the squad.

    wow was that a joke ?

  19. oldbird

    Amazing landmark – not sure how on earth you manage to find the time and inspiration every day. Always a great read – sometimes brilliant, sometimes annoying but rarely dull. Just like our beloved team/manager then. Thanks for it all times a thousand.

  20. cashmoe

    buddy chamakh himself said he wudnt dream of leavin his team till the end of the season so dat was a no go area !

  21. arsenalrule

    congratulations, and thank you. One of the best websites on the net, its been a pleasure reading your posts every day.

    lets hope we can win today and by some miracle we end up wining the league!!
    I’ve come to the conlusion that spurs in 4th is better than man city. Chances are spurs will get knocked out of the qualifying anyway. Plus man city would have far too much power/money in the summer, and then they could be buying/outbidding everyone.

    have a great day grovers!

  22. Gooby

    wenger talking about france said that he can’t see toulalan and gallas together at the back because they need a 6’3″ to come out for headers.

    why doen’t he think like that for arsenal

  23. kirby

    congrats for all you’re hard work.

    I can’t remember how I came across legrove best arsenal blog spot.

    we should win today because the pressure is off the birmingham result has finished us because i believe if we’d have beaten the scum on wednesday they wouldn’t of beaten chelsea Imo…

  24. Sahara

    Well done guys.
    Fantastic passion you have.
    And to express it on a daily basis takes hardwork and total commitment. And admirable word and essay skills too.
    Roll on the 2000th post.
    Good good.

  25. Keralite Gooner

    i hope we lose to shitty and they qualify for the cl, i dot want to see spuds in cl and winning it in first attempt…….woops……..

  26. bnsb

    City meet Spuds in their last game of the season. We would loose third only if if we loose all of our remaining four games. So third is assured more or less IMO. Not that i am proud of our third place 🙂

  27. GoonerT1m

    get in!!!..happy days …1000th post. Even gary neville and paul scholes celebrated by kissing each other on the lips in the derby, imagine them in the showers!!…yuk..immediate 6 point deduction from the epl for that one!!…come on the mighty reds we could be back in !!…thanks for all your hard work on the blogs..great read every day.

  28. incesc

    on the other hand

    beat wigan and citeh we are equal points on chelsea, they will have a game in hand tho.

    anyway lets win today

  29. B.Zs.

    Hey there guys!

    You’ve done a very good job with this blog, I think, all the readers are very pleased with this community, and with the posts. Always something new, always something funny.

    Really really thanks guys!

  30. kirby

    there is no way we will finish 4th I don know why everyone is so worried about it city and spurs have to play each other if we win today its over any way we aren’t gonna lose 4 games..

  31. olech

    Congratulations Pedro/Geoff on your 1000th post. I always look forward to LeGrove everyday and will continue to do so. Keep up the brilliant writing. Gunner forever!!!

  32. stonroy

    Thank you Le Grove for this amazing outlet to my joys and more importantly my frustrations. If it wasn’t for this site I would have shot some Manc cunt a long time ago:)

  33. Truth

    Congratulations Le Grove; Pedro and Geoff, even though I seldom post, I think I’ve read this site on most days over the last 3 years, so many thanks for all your hard word, and here’s to the next 1000th! Our season appears to have been characterized by a run a win’s punctuated by a couple of losses, so today we should get back to winning ways.
    C’mon Arsenal………….

  34. Micky Did It 89

    If there is even a tiny smidgen of truth in thr “being liked to” story about Joe Hart, or any GK, even Zebbedee (who I happen to think would be magnificent), then I am a very happy Gooner.

  35. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    April 18, 2010 at 10:56

    big up Geoff and Pedro
    pedro can park his peroni on my family table any time …

    Geoff is the richest and smartest man i know !

    pedro declined the leading role in clash of the titans ..

    Geoff was right like me all season 🙂

    there is that enough 100 quid boy ?

  36. angeausarsenal

    WELL DONE LE GROVE. Thank God on for you both and creating the community that has organically grown to become a worldwide phenomenon.
    You know you’re an addicted le grover when Le Grove is the top site on your Firefox browser.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Congratulations Pedro & Geoff on the landmark. Wigan need points so this won’t be a walk in the park.

    Joe Hart would be great, Gunnersaurus would even be better than Almunia, but Joe Hart would be a real asset IMHO.

  38. Goonerman

    Congratulations boys; wonderful site.

    You serve the club well; helping temper the fray while we achieve our main target of winning the PL. It is important to maintain healthy dialogue amongst all fans discussing the strengths and weaknesses of our wonderful club, manager and players while keeping destructive influences (Jaguar?) under control.

  39. ethangunner

    fair call GG

    the saurus could be converted to a great keeper 🙂

    maybe we should stop giving wenger money saving ideas 🙂

  40. ethangunner

    yes not sure why you would want to control jag , i think he was pretty spot on the money ..

    he might have been a bit brash about it ..
    but when 30 AKB are pounding you , both middle fingers up still doesn’t quite cut it !

    respect the mans opinion and dont insult him ! ..

    are the key things to consider !

    if all else fails fight fire with fire 🙂

  41. goonermichael

    Is project youth finally over? If it is I thinkk he’ll show a lot of people that he’s still a great manager. If not we’ll have to listen to 1000 days of jaguar 🙂

  42. Zorr0

    Well done Geoff and Pedro for all the work you put in.

    Rodallega and N’zogbia? Not sure that is the quality we need.

    Joe Hart? Well we need something, but Hart is 23 and just a few years older than Chesney, so maybe we could go with either a top top quality keeper like Lloris, who can be #1 for years to come, or a 28 year old keeper who Chesney can replace in a few years time.

  43. Zorr0

    Ethan, when Jag’s opinion is to call AW a retard, I think he loses the right for respect of that opinion.

    Like I say, why don’t those of you who want rid, do something about it rather than bitch and moan on here all the time!

  44. SongtheGreat


    for my this blog is a lifeline…and i would if allowed take a moment to explain..

    this is the true story..this is how we feel..we can be without being looked down at..have our own opinion…isnt it great…

    there are alot of things that gives color to my opinions…serving in Irak…loosing my best friends..muslims…beer…Gooners..

    still i bow down for ya all…in here i feel at home ..and to me You all are true Gooners and real fans…You all are the BEst..

    ill give you all a nod and Thank You…

    viva la Gunners

  45. goonermichael

    I just ignore jag. tbh he’s got a right to his opinion it’s just repetitive. I’d just love to hear bbk’s reaction if we actually won something

  46. goonermichael

    I watched motd last night.chavs looked battered. we could possibly overtake them. i think the mancs will do it now. they have the refs on thier side.

  47. SongtheGreat

    staggering news Goonermichale…but we have..we have won the hearts of millions…we’vw played to win…now lets get it right..we’re simply the BEst..

  48. goonermichael

    I’m on my 4th wife. I can’t remember my wedding anniversary let alone my divorce dates. actually the 2nd one’s name escapes me

  49. Arindam@KOL

    I think Wenger will either go for Sorensen (whom he tried to get in the winter break)
    OR ,

    an experienced keeper like Frey.

    PS : He has already said that Lloris wont move this summer.

  50. raif

    this is a great landmark P&G

    im really happy i found this site as its given me and other gooners a great tool to speak with the other arsenal masses and really see were the level of thinking is at,

    and long may it continue,

  51. Jay20h

    Wenger says that we are in a strong financial position. Same bulsshit every year.

    Headlines of “Wenger set to splash the cash” etc.

    Complete bollocks.

  52. vandejie

    Congrats Geoff and Pedro….

    I’m just a passive follower here..

    But I never missed your post since a year

  53. Dutchman

    Jay20h, Not Bollocks!! I’am sure that we have the money, look what he said, that there are topplayers who can join us because the players are not all going to chelsea, this is the first time i believe that wenger is going to spend it, he said that chamakh is one of the players who is coming to us!! SOunds good, he also said that the stadium is nearly paid off and that we can compete now.!! Woo, I’am facking happy with that!!! I believe!!

  54. Goonerman

    ‘respect the man’s opinion and dont insult him ! ..’

    Ethangunner – he has a right his opinion. Correct. But he does not demand respect when he calls our manager and players names eg Wenker.

  55. Jay20h

    Dutchman, I honestly think that there will be very little money spent. Hope Im wrong.

    Ok so we have money, but I can still see Arsene peristing with predominantly the same side next year. Denilson will still be with us. Almunia the fecking clown will be between the sticks once more.

    Also begging that we dotn go down the route of signing 16/17/18 years olds with “great potentisl” and all the other bollocks.

  56. Zorr0

    What the fuck has the emirates cup got to do with that? Did anyone mention that at all? See what I mean though, just nonsense really!

  57. Dutchman

    Jay, look at what he has said,
    “we were never in a stronger position”
    “we can compete with chelsea”
    “Chamakh is one of the players who have a good chance to join us”
    I don’t know why you think that we have little money, but i’am sure that we have enough money and wenger is never so open against the press as now. I’am sure we have the money but the question is will wenger spend it?

  58. tonyadamsisgod

    Congratulations Peaffro!! That’s quite an achievement!! I don’t know how you two fuck tards managed it!! 😀

  59. tonyadamsisgod

    Zorro – That phrase is best used when the intended victim fits the bill perfectly i.e. Geoff & Pedro. 😀

  60. ethangunner


    Like I say, why don’t those of you who want rid, do something about it rather than bitch and moan on here all the time!

    jfk style assassination ? tri – angle of shooters ?

    lone gun man … john lennon style ?

    what do you suggest 🙂 ?

  61. ethangunner

    cmon zorro we are just bloggers ..

    jag got it right ovr all his expression was possibly was excessive , but then so was the abuse he took !

    dont worry i was in a similar boat to ade !

  62. Stu

    Eastmond until this season was shit. Most people thought he was going to be released because he was a wank rightback..

  63. Zorr0

    Ethan, I just think that it is very difficult for those on LG that want a change of management to do anything about it, so I understand the need to vent on here, but I would just like to see a bit more reasoned debate. But Jag just slags off AW and I do not think the men deserves to be called a retard, whether you have lost faith in him or not.

    People could try and organise what seems to be an increasing number of malcontents into some kind of group, I mean if the AKB’s can do it why not the other end of the spectrum?

  64. Zorr0

    Stu, I have to hold my hands up and say I thought Eastmond would not make it at the club, but that was as a RB. His conversion may have saved his AFC career!

  65. Gooby

    Stu Says:
    April 18, 2010 at 12:51
    Eastmond until this season was shit. Most people thought he was going to be released because he was a wank rightback..

    the first time i saw him was this season, and he looked to me as a very good DM in the making.

    you agree?

  66. vavavoom

    Congratultions on yor landmark. I dont post much, but read everyday, and think you are the best blog in the world 😉

    Loving your work.

  67. goonermichael

    ‘I have noticed that Arsene Wenger said in public that he wants me, but at the moment all I know is from the press. If an offer has come to the club, I don’t know about it,’ Rodallega is quoted as saying in the News of the World.

    When did Wenger publicly say he wanted him?

  68. alex

    The clown has been dropped! does this mean he’s gone in the summer?


    Sagna Campbell Silvestre Clichy
    Nasri Eastmond Diaby
    Walcott Bendtner Rosicky

  69. rsr123


    * 21 Fabianski
    * 03 Sagna
    * 18 Silvestre
    * 22 Clichy
    * 31 Campbell
    * 37 Eastmond
    * 02 Diaby
    * 07 Rosicky
    * 08 Nasri
    * 14 Walcott
    * 52 Bendtner


    * 24 Mannone,
    * 27 Eboue,
    * 30 Traore,
    * 32 Merida,
    * 43 Henderson,
    * 11 Van Persie,
    * 12 Vela

    Ref: Lee Mason

  70. Tariq


    03 Sagna
    18 Silvestre
    22 Clichy
    31 Campbell
    37 Eastmond
    02 Diaby
    07 Rosicky
    08 Nasri
    14 Walcott
    52 Bendtner
    24 Mannone, 27 Eboue, 30 Traore, 32 Merida, 43 Henderson, 11 Van Persie, 12 Vela

  71. Jon

    That’s most probable Alex. It’s the only viable thing to do after such a performance from him this season…