Guess who just went in the marmite pot? / Hear about the funny AFC call I had!

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How many top clubs have you managed?

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Geoff and I renewed our season tickets yesterday. It was a big ask, £2,600 each… but we knew if we didn’t, Wenger would break his frugal policy, sign 4 world class players and we’d have the greatest season of the last 5 years!

Geoff and I sitting on a laptop, cursing a bad feed wasn’t an situation we wanted to deal with!

So we didn’t…

I rang up and spoke to the lady on the phone, checked she’d received our details and I asked how the tickets were selling. She said they were doing really well which was fantastic for cash flow and I quote,

‘Hopefully that’ll mean we can buy some players’.

What a girl! It’s nice to know that real Gooners work at the club and they think the same as most of us!

I’m going to ignore the DVD pressing tart’s from down the road today. Let them have their moment in the sun. My boss put me in a good frame of mind yesterday, he said,

‘Pedro, you feel depressed now, but think about it. What would you rather be? An Arsenal fan, or a Spurs fan? When the dust has settled on that victory, they’ll still have to deal with the fact they are Spurs fans.’

You can’t argue with that. I’d prefer to live in a mud hut in the Sahara than wake up every day knowing the life choice I’d taken had lowered my expectations to such a level that winning one North London derby would cause me and my pals to petition for an open top parade around the crappiest parts of North London.

Anyway, repression is better than depression.

So, who has found themselves in a thick, gloopy pot of iron rich Marmite?


Can you believe it?

The impish genius from Russia has some how managed to work his way into the marmite pot!

Yep, the man who single-handedly injected the shot of creativity we needed to make the top 4 last year finds himself in the love / hate category. The man who scored 4 goals against Liverpool, the man who has treated us to delightful flashes of skill not witnessed since the days of Bergkamp, Henry and Pires, the man who is more entertaining than a night out with drinking with Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Eddy Murphy.

So how did this happen?

How could we do it to the little man?

Well, since the start of the season, the little man has demonstrated that what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in mouth size. The gobby little Russian has been spouting alsorts of guff in the press… ranging from his opinions on politics to his opinion on Wenger’s transfer policies. The fans seem to generally be of the mind-set that they are allowed to moan about the state of the squad but if a player does, they’re being disloyal.

I know that earlier in the season I 100% backed the Russian because what he was saying was right… however, I wasn’t too impressed when he trapped off a few weeks ago after we’d worked our way through a tough fixture list and were still firmly in the race. No one minds a hearing a well thought out moan up, but not when it doesn’t bear any relevance to what’s going on in the real world.

How about on the football pitch?

Well, could those 4 goals be the worst 4 things to happen for him at Arsenal? The last player to do that was Baptista and we all know what happened to him. Since those goals crept in, he’s failed to ever reach the same heights form wise. Perhaps we expect too much from him? Perhaps we saw him as the second coming of Bobby forgetting he’s only in his first full season.

Well, how about we compare?

Arshavin 45 app, 17 goals, 11 assists

Pires: 51 app, 8 goals, 7 assists

Above is a direct comparison of the two in their first games for Arsenal, I don’t think it’d be outlandish to say Andrey has a far superior record. Factor in that Bobby was never asked to play as a lone striker and you start to see that the Russian has had to contend with a lot.

People have bandied about the laziness factor without actually presenting any factual evidence to back the theory. I can understand that he could be perceived as anti-hard-work but like someone mentioned, no more lazy than Nasri. Everyone conveniently forgets that he’s been playing injured this season. I also don’t remember Hleb getting this much flak and he had an appalling record for productivity… yet we all cooed over his ability to assist the assister!

Andrey Arshavin for all his flaws is a superb player. He has bundles of raw talent, he has more ability than most of our squad combined and we’re all moaning about him like he’s let the team down big time. Nik B misses a shot from 5 yards and we all defend him because he works hard, Arshavin smashes a few over the bar and he has to go!

The dissatisfaction is lost on me. We should be looking at ways to get the best from his talent, not talking about chopping a top player out of our squad. Arsenal have a fantastic record of dealing with players with suspect attitudes. I hope that my sources are wrong and he stays next season. I would hate to see him line up against us and I would hate to have to go through a summer waiting to replace him only to find out Wenger sees Mark Randall as his direct replacement becuase he’s sees the Englishman as the next George best.

Be careful what you wish for next time you say you wouldn’t mind seeing Arshavin leave.

You might find yourself green with envy when he’s lighting up another stadiums pitch on a regular basis.

P.S. Just to clarify, Le Grove has never called for Arsene to be sacked. I’ve seen the William Hill odds and they’re embarrassingly wrong! Firstly, Wenger probably won’t quit. Why quit a £4.9million job when everyone at board level backs you?

Secondly… Mourinho? Do me a favour! We wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole! He’s a loose cannon, Arsenal can’t manage that type of coach! If we ever recruited it’d be someone like Van Basten, Van Gaal or the restless Guardiola. Someone who’d enhance the brand, not decimate it!

Remember, it’s taken Chavski 3 years to get over the damage the special one inflicted on their reputation! A successful coach, but an intolerable press whore, a dull tactician and a narcissist… we could do better.

P.P.S. I have potentially 5 Wigan tickets, e-mail in if you’re interested.

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  1. petrovic

    bendtner should not be playing for arsenal!what other top ten side would he get in?everton? no,fellaini and cahill are better.villa?no,agbhonlahore and carew are better.scum?no,defoe and pavluchenko are better.please educate me on what side he would get in.

  2. zeus


    Bendtner is much better than Carew. Thats taking it too far. I don’t really like B52 for Arsenal though, his lack of pace and his concrete control is shocking at times. And it seems to take him an absolute eternity to just pull the trigger.

  3. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    As I always rattle on that Wenger should perhaps stay but refresh his coaching staff I thought Id have a look into them. . .taken from

    None under the age of 45.

    Except Pat Rice, None have ever won anything to shout about.

    I like this spiel on our Trainer Tony Colbert:

    ”Tony ensures that players can withstand what is always a highly rigorous season for first-team regulars at the Club, as they invariably fight for honours on four fronts, whilst he also works with injured players to prepare them for a return to action in the best condition possible.

    A hugely experienced and highly qualified fitness coach, Tony worked with a range of sportsmen before joining the club and is an expert in football-specific fitness. He has also delivered lectures and developed a range of fitness training courses for health and fitness organisations – and has managed various gyms and fitness centres.”

    ”Tony ensures”….no he clearly doesnt or else Diaby and Denilson would surely be more energetic. . .! Bullshite.

  4. Cannon Man

    Although Cesc has flourished in a more advanced role this season, I think we’d be better off with him playing deeper to give Arshavin more freedom. This does not excuse Arshavin’s unwillingness to close down. If we want to make our possession count, we need Cesc to hold the team together. We have no natural wide players which is why Cesc is pulling the strings further up the pitch. Unfortunately, him reverting requires a better DM than Song which is another area in which we lack experience.

    A combination of players still learning their position and players not being well suited to the roles they’re being asked to play is forcing this 4-3-3 formation on the team. It often works, but 4-4-2 should not be reserved for when we are chasing a game only. We should have the versatility to play the system most suited to the opposition. Sadly, we haven’t and we rarely do tactics.

    My stance is clear. I’m positive our defence will be addressed and we look to have added a striker but if our midfield isn’t sorted, I’ll seriously question my support for the manager. The financial uncertainly that I believe hindered us previously, disappeared last summer and so this summer is crunch time. Enough of this perseverance with sub-standard players. Almunia=Shit, Walcott=Shit, Silvestre=Shit, Diaby=squad player at best (with a decent DM), Denilson=see Diaby, Bendtner=should be 4th choice striker, Rosicky=not the same player but needs more quality around him, Nasri=needs to be MUCH more incisive and stop doing a lot of nothing. FOUR of these players are first-teamers naturally suited to central roles. This is not good enough for Arsenal. To think we played Diaby on the left wing for two years when he was poorer than he is now. Again, not good enough for Arsenal. We’re not Villa. There shouldn’t be such an abundance of dross. The manager needs to buck his ideas up.

  5. Cannon Man

    Bendtner. Intelligence. Link up play. Piss poor. When he does leave the forward line for a one-two with whoever’s stupid enough to indulge him when he’s 40+ yards from goal, we have no one willing to meet the ball with their head in the penalty area. This is another reason why I didn’t like Ade. Bendtner is just a shitter version. He takes F..O..R..E..V..E..R to do anything. He operates in a different space-time continuum. Have you ever heard him described as looking sharp? Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

  6. Cannon Man

    Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Your telling me. Stamina is NOT equal to speed. I don’t care who can “run all day long” if they get overtaken by match officials.

  7. ethangunner

    i haven’t heard nothing that most of us dint say about a year or 2 ago …

    same old same .. OLD wenger ….
    the team has the discipline 🙂

    yes the discipline to regularly fall out of cups 🙂

  8. B.B.K.

    For all the FC Arsenal fans and supporters in UK!
    23rd of April, at 14:00 pm we gather at the “Emirates Stadium” to voice our discontent with the current situation at the club. At the end of every season we hear the same stuff from Wenger and the board.
    “We were really close” “If we find an available player we will add to the squad” “Next season is decisive” “We are at the stage where we are developing players”
    Aren’t you fed up with it! We say “Yes”
    Something needs to change! 5 years without trophies. It is hard to take.
    We pay the highest ticket prices, we are told to believe in these bunch of players and keep faith. But enough is enough!!!
    The board says we’ve got the money Wenger says we don’t.
    Who is lying? It is obvious that we need reinforcement, yet Wenger says we cannot spend big money on real quality players. He says we’ve got the policy and we’ll stick to it. For how long?
    We’ve been sticking to that policy long enough to understand that it doesn’t work!
    23rd of April, at 14:00, EMIRATES

  9. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Good points Cannon.

    Id love to hear more on our defensive training. . Perry Groves was on a podcast this week talking about ‘Shadow play’ where players act out a series of moves whilst the manager or coach moves around with the ball in his hand. He then tells players to get into the positions they think they should be in and corrects them if they are wrong.
    Players hate this training as its boring but they do it alot at Fulham apparently. Would be interesting if AW does this – doubt it. . I imagine its more like a ballet class!

  10. leon

    people keepmaking out this team has whole lot injuries and i think so at all the probem is there is around 11 up comming players and only around 10 top class players and alot of fans including has lost faith in wenger long ago

  11. SFOGooner

    why all the warnings? There is nothing remotely inflammatory in the post … Just about poor arshavin ..

    I think the comparison is a bit misleading .. Bendtner is 22, but still gets stick for missing shots. Arshavin is in his prime, costs a lost of money, he should have better composure in his finishing ..

    As for Pires, I do not remember what his age was in his first two seasons, but I would guess lower than arshavin ..

  12. goonerpress

    Apparantley Cesc is pissed off with PHWs comment that he won’t get into the Barca team. PHW is a prick, as is the rest of the board and Wenger is well on his way to becoming one too. No ‘Decisive’, as he likes to call it, signings this summer and Wenger will also become a prick and join the group of pricks. If Wenger becomes a prick then I would like someone to buy out the club and get rid of all the pricks and bring in a new manager who wants to sign players and win trophies and is not so stubborn in his means of doing so.

  13. goonerpress

    B.B.K if I wasn’t attending Uni on that day I would definately make the trip. Try and get as many people as you can to gather, it sounds like a good idea and must be done.

  14. Cannon Man

    Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Thanks. Years ago when I played a bit of basketball, we did something similar to help us understand zonal defence, which is all a pressing game really is. We also worked on offence without the ball (effectively netball) in order to improve offensive movement.

    Just having a DM who can organise the midfield defensively makes a huge difference. Flamini and Gilberto never stopped talking. What’s bad is that its so obvious. WTF is really going on regarding defensive training?

  15. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing!

    Lets get one thing straight Arshavin is possibly our best player along with RVP. As much as i love Cesc he is not in there level yet, if AA goes then forget next season, do you think with just him in the side againt the lot up the road we would not of created more untill RVP came on the other night? He is truly world class and only had one full season with us, wait next year when he sweeps up everything!

  16. ethangunner

    we are an attacking team minus a clinical finisher ..

    i think you can see the obvious problem ..

    the defense does there job well enough , the scoring more than the opposition PART !

    is more the issue !

  17. goonerpress

    reggie, then we’re fooked mate. We just can’t get rid of the pricks can we? In all seriousness I’m all against a takeover and want the board to stay, as I love the way we are run. The only problem is the board are really pissing me off with constantly putting up with this shit and playing this money game between them. The only way to stop this is an takeover.

  18. Cannon Man


    I think we’ve got issues in up front, in midfield, out wide, in defence and last but most certainly not least, IN GOAL!

  19. SFOGooner

    The problem with Arsh is, he is more selfish than Pires. So when he misses he gets a lot more stick ..

    Anyway if we had a clinical finisher in front of goal, nobody would even be noticing his misses ..

  20. goonerpress

    reggie, I love Dein. I would welcome him back at the club with open arms. It’s just the Usmanov part that is a little dodgy. Usmanov has some negative history but he is a very good businessman, as pointed out by the blog the other day. He is very clever and very active. I have also heard he’s a United fan which doesn’t do him any favours. If there is a takeover, I just want it to be the right man. I would rather this current board than anyother bloke coming in and proving to be a total scumbag. We ain’t winning anything with this board, but we are in very safe hands.

    Who is the richest Arsenal fan? There must be a billionaire that supports us.

  21. reggie 57

    Whats the point of competing then if you know there’s no chance of winning trophys?look at the chavs they have come from no-where and are on the verge of another title?would that have happened without their dodgy ruskie dont think so!sometimes you need to take the risk or we will fall further and further behind….

  22. Cannon Man

    Very rarely did Pires, Wiltord, Kanu, Henry and co fail to pass to a better placed team mate. Nowadays it happens all time, followed by head shaking and scowls. These guys don’t possess that team ethic. Saying that, Theo should have buried it when clear against Barca in the 2nd leg. His poor pass almost wasted the chance.

  23. David

    But it didnt. He passed. Bendtner scored. End off.

    Bendy has been a beneficiary from Theo and Arshavin’s hard work.

    Its not just Walcott. Its the whole team thats clueless in the final 3rd

  24. Cannon Man

    I don’t disagree David! Cesc, RVP and Arshavin are the only no nonsense players we have in terms of understanding that the primary objective on the pitch is to get the ball in the opposition’s net. The others’ cluelessness is what I was highlighting.

  25. goonerpress

    true reggie. There is a change needed, but we have to be careful about it. Along with Chelsea and Citys takeovers came a lot of negativity. In our situation, we don’t need to come up from nothing, they did. All we need is for our manager to spend a couple of quid, get a few quality players in and we can win the title. We need a composed GK, a powerful CB, a dominating DM/CM and a direct, sharpshooting striker.

  26. goonerpress

    Regarding strikers, Wenger has just said he is not interested in Hugo Rodallega and is not interested in strikers as he has done what he needed to do. Chamakh already signed up? Or is he just not going to sign a striker.

  27. reggie 57

    Yeah we all know that but wenger is being very cryptic in his press conferences about any new personel coming in,if any thing reading between the lines he stated that we dont need a striker? what the fuck is he on…

  28. Stu

    We dont need a striker provided Eduardo gets his form back, Chamakh settles immediately and Van Persie doesnt go to the WC and stays injury free next season.

    We already know Bendtner is gonna be brilliant next season so no worry there 😉

  29. SUGA3

    Eduardo has lost all his pace and ability – it may be just in the head, so AW should hire a fecking shrink and straighten him out…

    RvP should have started 2nd half against Spuds IMO, things would have looked different – he is Mr Arsenal and should be made captain, simple as: other players stepped up a gear when he came on, could it possibly be massive respect he certainly commands?

  30. zeus


    Thats what was planned last year, and the dude that runs arsenalinsider had another march showing full support of the manager. He even got face time on sky.

  31. dovski

    anyone read the telegraph sport supplement today ? big splash about us not winning anything, unrest in the stands and battles in the boardroom. couldn’t see the article online.

  32. Mr B

    Gunning for SIG’s title.

    P.S. Pedro remove dovski’s post…. I promise never to make fun of your haircut.

  33. David

    “It will be a decisive year next year for this team, that is for sure.”

    Well there you have it. He’s going to stick with them for another year.

    Wake me up at the end of next season when Wengers contract is up. Fucking bastard.

  34. leon

    stu thats huge gamble on a player who hardly ever plays who knows whats going on with edwardo the last time played was against barc but only 10 minutes same goes for vela rearly plays he is not 17 he is 21 plays last minutes cant do anything with that the bottom line i have simply lost faith in wenger i realy cant see him making the major signings needed

  35. SUGA3

    fair enough…

    since I have not been too much time on LG since the infamous Spud defeat, excuse me:

    F*ck, sh*t, c*ck, a*s, t*tties, b*ner, b*tch, m*ff, p*ssy, c*nt, b*tthole, Barbra Streisand!

    and to think that I was looking forward to it all day…

  36. limestonegunner

    I think you are right on the CB issue. We need a complement to TV. I am concerned Wenger will assume Djourou will partner with TV and he’ll look for another young CB as back up.

    I don’t know that Dj would be a bad partner, but I’d prefer him as a backup fighting to get in.

  37. limestonegunner

    Mr. B,
    Speaking of SIG–it’s been days at least since we saw a post from Sabeel. Hope he hasn’t gone into serious post-Tottenham shock.

  38. SUGA3


    are you sure about Dzeko? I would rather get Loic Remy tbh 😉

    with Szczesny in line an ready in a year after another loan spell to be a regular cup keeper it may be a good idea to buy someone older and demote Coco to no.2?

  39. RayGooner

    This is what needs to be done:

    Starting with the goalkeepers:
    Almunia out – replacement Hugo Lloris (Lyon)
    Keep Fabianski, he can at least improve his game, unlike Almunia…

    The Defence:
    William Gallas out – replacement Brede Hangeland (Fulham)
    Mikaël Silvestre out – replacement Johan Djourou (back in after missing a whole season) + we keep Senderos, and Kyle Bartley should be ready to get some games next season…

    The Midfield:
    Denìlson out – replacement Felipe Melo (Juventus)
    Fran Mérida out – didn’t play much anyway…
    Aaron Ramsey will be out for the start of the season probably – replacement Jack Wilshere (back from Bolton loan spell) + Craig Eastmond should get some more chances…
    Eduardo out (he has lost all confident on a football pitch, i really feel sorry for him) – replacement Marouane Chamakh (Bordeaux) + Loïc Rémy (Nice) to cover for injury prone van Persie…

    This would make this team:

    Hugo Lloris
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Vito Mannone

    Bacary Sagna
    Emmanuel Eboué
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Brede Hangeland
    Johan Djourou
    Philippe Senderos
    Gaël Clichy
    Kieran Gibbs
    Sol Campbell
    Kyle Bartley

    Cesc Fábregas
    Alexandre Song
    Felipe Melo
    Samir Nasri
    Andrei Arshavin
    Abou Diaby
    Jack Wilshere
    Tomás Rosický
    Aaron Ramsey
    Craig Eastmond

    Robin van Persie
    Marouane Chamakh
    Theo Walcott
    Carlos Vela
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Loïc Rémy

    Good enough for me!

  40. Confidentgoner

    Wenger is a bottler and his attitude transmits to the players. It is OK to screw up and show no fight, as long you show you tried to pas the ball. For AFC, we now need to move on. Aw will not take us beyond where we are now. It is a sad end but life is like that..

  41. Gooby

    yeah RayGooner

    that’s a very good team indeed. the only problem is keeping everyone happy. with low-injury record next year it could be tough, but c’mon that is never happening to us. we will get at least 50 injuries p/season

  42. goonerpress

    Great team RG.

    SUGA3 not sure about Dzeko, that’s why I mentioned Benzema aswell. Loic Remy sounds good though. Would be cheaper and is a Wenger type signing. Looks like Chamakh is in, John Cross is confident he will sign. And you have a point on the GK scenario. Has made me think about getting James or Coupet or someone.

  43. patthegooner

    Like the look of that RG

    Unfortunately there is a major stumbling block

    Arsene Wenger.

    What will actually will happen is something along the lines of this

    Keeper. No change Almunia will still be number one

    CB. Gallas, Senderos and Silvestre will leave. Djourou will be like a new signing, Cambell will stay. Nordveit and Bartley to see more games.

    Midfield. No Change, Eastmond is one year older, Diaby, Denilson are also one year older. Wilshire back from loan

    Forward. Chamakh to come in, no other changes.

  44. leon

    ray senderos isgone out of contract not comming back the rest is fine accept wenger never spend that kind of money

  45. SUGA3


    what properly pisses me off is lack of reaction from AW – get up Arsene, throw the jacket, go mental, let them be scared of failure…

    fuck me, Spuds away, they were there for the taking – I watched 2nd half at the sports bar in Brussels and the Spuds were going mental fo the final 15 minutes – had we started second half like that, we’d have won 1:3, simple as…

    why not play RvP the entire 2nd half?

  46. SUGA3

    no motivation, casually knocking the ball around and Wilshere had a great game for Bolton against Chavs…

    now they just discuss Homer Jay – he would have scored more goals than Eduardo for us this season IMO…

  47. Stu

    Is that a suggestion or has something been mentioned SUGA? Would love it if he told those cunts to fuck their shit national team.

  48. Stu

    Thing about WIlshere is that at Bolton he has all these tough bastards surrounding him and he is able to go about his game knowing that if he gets picked on then his teammates will kick back even harder and LJW will be left alone.

    If he was playing for us and got kicked Wenger would just spread his arms and then sit back down. Noone would stand up for him and thus Wilsheres influence would be kicked out of him…if that makes sense.

  49. patthegooner

    And you can pretty much predict the summer

    End of Season: Wenger will once again publically admit where it all went wrong. Us fans will think, fuck he does know what he is doing and given that he has acknowledged where it went wrong he will buy the players to fix it…

    End of May: Wenger will publically state that he is looking for 2-3 super super class players and that he wants them signed before world cup

    June: World Cup starts, no new players, but Wenger has taken his cheque book and is on the lookout for new players

    July 1st: Worst kept secret in football. Chamakh joins.

    Mid July: Pre Season Friendlies start with no other players on the horizon. Wenger says he is still looking but only at the right price.

    End of July: Gooners everywhere are hitting F5 in the blind hope that there will be a new face to be unveiled at the Emirates Cup. Alas it never happens but Wilshire has another blinder in that Tourney.

    August: Wenger starts to talk about belief and players being a year older. He is still looking but he feels we will win something even if nobody arrives

    September 1st: PC World runs out of replacement F5 Buttons for keyboards. No new players but there is a headline on about Denilson’s hopes for the season and how he will make the CM slot his own following Cesc’s broken leg away at Bolton the previous week. Diaby, Almunia, Rosicky, and Eduardo get new contracts.

  50. Mr B

    Did u see LJW tackle Neivel and have u seen his tackling lately.

    By next season he will be able to take care of himself.

  51. David

    I say we need one more signing at CF and Flogg off Eduardo.

    One more class signing at CF.

    Vela should go out on loan.

    And bring in 2 CB’s.

  52. patthegooner

    David, for me we should be looking at

    1) New Keeper. We will fuck all next season if Almunia is still classed as our no.1 (Which he will be)
    2) New CB. Only one for me and someone like Subotic. Give Sol another year and let Gallas and Silvestre go. That gives us TV, Subotic, Sol, Djourou and Song if needed. That is plenty
    3) Inler, Melo, fucking anyone to ensure that Denilson does not play the holding role.
    4) Ribery or Similar on the wing. Move Theo up front and with Chamakh coming in, we are covered for strikers
    5) New RB. Cash in on Sagna or Eboue and get Matthews in from Cardiff or De Wiel from Ajax

    Players out: Almunia, Rosicky, Eboue/Sagna, Gallas, Silvestre, and some fringe kids that wont make it.

  53. limestonegunner

    paththegooner, brilliant stuff. I’d like to think your last two posts that have such a ring of truth are down to amazing prescience but, alas, it’s more like deja vu!

    The only detail missing here is talk from the board assuring that money is available at the start of he summer. Then after the world cup PHW remakrs that prices are inflated following it and that Arsenal won’t be bullied into overpaying and that Arsenal have to be very careful in our spending.

  54. Mr B

    I think eastmond should be promoted ahead of Denilson.

    Why didnt Wenger persist with him I wonder???

    So does anyone think the 98 team could have won this season and why???

  55. Mr B

    In Arsène Wenger’s first full season as manager, Arsenal went on a storming run during the final three months of the season to take advantage of having three games in hand over leaders Manchester United and clinch the Premiership title after overhauling United’s 11-point lead. Two weeks after being crowned champions, Arsenal went to Wembley and beat Newcastle United 2-0 to clinch the FA Cup. In doing so, they became the only team to match Manchester United’s record of two “doubles”, though it was achieved with an entirely different squad to the Arsenal side that had been double winners in 1971. Throughout the season, the team played a new form of a combination of continental football flair with traditional English defensiveness, epitomised best by the standout success of Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira in attack, and David Seaman and Tony Adams in defence.

  56. RayGooner

    Chamakh is free
    Rémy will cost in the region of £10-11M
    Hangeland maybe £12M
    Melo £14-15M
    Lloris £13-14M
    Total: around £50M

    We will get some money from the sale of Almunia, Denìlson & Eduardo, say around £16-18M

    and also Wenger should be able to get at least £35M from the board…

    There must come a day when even Wenger will splash the cash!
    I’m thinking he has stretched this team out now for 4-5 seasons thinking they would progress better than they have done and for each season that has gone he feels more and more pressure…
    He is stubborn but even he has to admit this hasn’t worked out like he’d hoped it would…
    At some point you have to admit your loss and start again with some new blood….
    I am confident he will splash the cash this summer…

    One other reason for this is cause now he also feels the teams just below the BIG teams are closing in, like City, Villa, Everton and “sadly” Spurs…

    Speaking of City…
    City in particular has done better than I thought they would, they drew 7 games in a row at one point in the league, if they had won just 2 or 3 of those they would have been right up there with us…(they could actually come very close to us if they beat us at the Emirates)…
    It’s 9 points clear now, but they have one game in hand and if they win that one and beat us, well then it’s just 3 points…

  57. patthegooner


    I think the fossil PHW has already come out with the line about us having money availble this summer. His words are:

    ‘We have got more money than we’ve had for a long, long time and we would like to spend it.

    You are right though, it is deja vu and I am not playing it this summer. I am not going to allow myself to have yet another summer ruined by Wenger’s Spin. If he was British he would give Brown and Cameron a run for their money in the election next month. They all have the same thing in common. Promise the world and deliver jack shit.

  58. Mr B

    Suga, I dont think wneger knows how to keep any of them on their toes.

    The only ones on their toes are the experienced ones with personal drive.

    The rest have either won the youth worldcup or FA cup.

  59. David


    I love it! All of it! Only missing Bendtner to fuck off ofcoarse but…I’d take that!

    Ribery is a dream…but Hazard or Ozil. And this Inler fella is out of contract this summer or in his final year i presume?

    Denilson shouldve never kicked a ball for Arsenal again since Liverpool last year.

    And i dont understand why people are correcting the fact that Almunia is 3rd choice Captain?

    Fuck sake the fact that he’s that far up the pecking order is a problem in itself is it not?

  60. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    PTG. . I will add to your comments on the Groundhog summer ahead. .

    Wenger will quote that we don’t need much added up front as we scored so many goals this year and we have RVP back and Eduardo is looking sharp after a long lay off (shame it wasnt goals against the big teams)

    Gibbs – New signing
    Djourou – New signing

    He wont have got any new players except the Moroccan by the time the season starts and we will have a strong start to next season (like Everton this year) so AW will say he is happy with the squad and cannot find anyone better than what he has.

  61. Mr B

    Denilson [edit] Honours

    São Paulo


    Copa Libertadores 2005
    FIFA Club World Championship 2005


    League Cup: 2007
    Brazil national team


    2005 South American Under 17 Football Championship

    2005 FIFA Under 17 World Cup

  62. patthegooner

    I think Sagna has had a shocking season.

    I would just like to have an equivalent talent to Clichy/Gibbs on the RH Side. I dont think either Eboue or Sagna are good enough for us.

    Ready made will cost too much here, so I would keep one of them, sell the other and buy the next big thing to play there.

  63. Mr B

    Diaby was capped 14 times for the France U-19 side, captaining the team in their successful U-19 European Championship campaign in 2005. In February 2006, he made his début with the France U-21 squad.

  64. patthegooner

    Martin Hayes, yep a stong start and then as soon as we play either of Man Ure, Chavski, Man Shitty, Liverpool Away or Spuds Away it will all start to fall apart, and then the Ground Hog Day starts all over again prior to the Jan Transfer Window.

  65. SUGA3

    I recall 2nd half image of Wenger sitting on his arse with Rice and Spud assistants on the edge of the area barking orders…

    fuck me, if you can’t drill them, hire a drill sergeant from French Légion Étrangeré 😆

  66. limestonegunner

    RG, I am a bit worried too about City, and I am sure Arsene is as well. Not having to play in the qualifying round but being able to count on the income from the group stages is critical to him and the board. It was one reason he prioritized finishing third, as some think, over the FA cup semifinal game last year.

    City will also be a big threat next year with CL football. Supporters who think Arsenal can sit on their hands and count just on the squad improving because they will be older are missing the point that teams behind us have money and plan to push forward.

    You might be right that Arsene will splash the cash, but paththegooner’s scenario still strikes me as closer to the truth. I do think he will sign a new CB and Chamakh, however, that’s probably where it will stop.

  67. patthegooner

    Oh and I fucking hate that comment about not finding anyone better than what he has got

    Almost as much as they are a year older

    and almost as much as

    I have belief in this squad, they show great desire

  68. Confidentgoner


    ANy other coach would have brought VP at half time seeing the need for the 3 points. Wenger is clueless and hardly understands TACTICS. Its funny I had been saying this for 2 years now!

  69. patthegooner

    And dont forget Liverpool

    They are up for sale now, and if they get a good investor in that is willing to go mad buying players to complement the likes of Reina, Benayoun, Gerrard and Torres, then the top 4 next year will be a fucking real battle.

    Personally if Man Shitty get 4th, I am putting money on them winning the PL next season. There squad is already looking pretty strong. add 2-3 more WC players and they are in with a real shout especially if they get the right man in charge.

  70. patthegooner

    And I reckon there is some truth in the stories today regarding Clichy.

    I said a while back that I could see Arsenal cash in on him given that Gibbs, Traore and Pedro are just behind. Dependant on who signs him, you could be looking at 15m and I think Arsenal have a policy where they sell their developed players……Shame Denilson is not on the wanted list.

  71. Mr B

    I think the captaincy should go to RVP as he is calm as well as commanding or VERM as he give everyone a kick in the arse.

    Fab great player but still too young.

  72. Gooby

    i think denilson had a good game vs the spuds, he wasn’t out of place like always.
    diaby had a shocker, nasri failed to create he was clueless.
    silvestre was shite, bendy did nothing, theo as always, sicky was shite

  73. CedarBayDave

    if RVP and hopefully Chamakh are in form next season, we will all be hailing how much improved Sagna, Theo, Arshavin are. These are players that feed off of having a dominant striker.

    All will benefit, but I believe these 3 the most.

  74. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    A quote from that DMail article from Aug 2009,,,,

    Journo:”So you are not pressuring the board to accept outside money?”

    AW:I agreed on a structure to the club four or five years ago, I believed it could work and we are at the period now when we will see whether I was right or not. That is why this season is so interesting.

    Yes Arsene it has been an interesting season. . and you were wrong.

  75. SUGA3

    cool 😉

    we went to Fat Boys – saw only the second half as we went out for a dinner and it took us some three hours…

    was not the best pleased – took a few people along with me and it was a tiny bit embarrassing, I expected fight and there was none: the only two that deserved the shirt were Sol and RvP – could go to war with these two…

    the rest of them? well…

  76. Mr B

    By my estimation we can blood true world class youngsters each year but expecting them to deliver at the highest level Barca is unrealistic.

    Barca have the likes of Messi, Pedro and Busquets comming through and learning from the best.

    Expecting a team full on youngsters + experience like Al and Silvest (and would be a bad experience for any youngster) to perform at the highest level is madness.

    The least Wenger could do was not to send the kids backwards.

  77. Mr B

    As bad as Ade was I doubt NB will ever be as good as him.

    The way Wenger produces someone comparable to the barca youth in the same position, I’ll respect his reputation as a coach….

    I’m not holding my breath.

  78. Gooby

    Pedro is very similar to inzaghi

    always finfd himself in the right spot, works well off the ball and beat offside traps. He plays with heart and seems to fight like if his life depends on it. he also got that killer instinct, doesn’t move around and lose time. he just puts it home

  79. Mr B

    Listen AKBs Wenger learnt his art from us.

    “There is no better psychological education than growing up in a pub… I learned about tactics and selection from the people talking about football in the pub – who plays on the left wing and who should be in the team.”
    —Wenger on his childhood

    Cannt realy count on his credentials can u???
    He probably makes his selections based on ACLF.