Guess who just went in the marmite pot? / Hear about the funny AFC call I had!

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Geoff and I renewed our season tickets yesterday. It was a big ask, £2,600 each… but we knew if we didn’t, Wenger would break his frugal policy, sign 4 world class players and we’d have the greatest season of the last 5 years!

Geoff and I sitting on a laptop, cursing a bad feed wasn’t an situation we wanted to deal with!

So we didn’t…

I rang up and spoke to the lady on the phone, checked she’d received our details and I asked how the tickets were selling. She said they were doing really well which was fantastic for cash flow and I quote,

‘Hopefully that’ll mean we can buy some players’.

What a girl! It’s nice to know that real Gooners work at the club and they think the same as most of us!

I’m going to ignore the DVD pressing tart’s from down the road today. Let them have their moment in the sun. My boss put me in a good frame of mind yesterday, he said,

‘Pedro, you feel depressed now, but think about it. What would you rather be? An Arsenal fan, or a Spurs fan? When the dust has settled on that victory, they’ll still have to deal with the fact they are Spurs fans.’

You can’t argue with that. I’d prefer to live in a mud hut in the Sahara than wake up every day knowing the life choice I’d taken had lowered my expectations to such a level that winning one North London derby would cause me and my pals to petition for an open top parade around the crappiest parts of North London.

Anyway, repression is better than depression.

So, who has found themselves in a thick, gloopy pot of iron rich Marmite?


Can you believe it?

The impish genius from Russia has some how managed to work his way into the marmite pot!

Yep, the man who single-handedly injected the shot of creativity we needed to make the top 4 last year finds himself in the love / hate category. The man who scored 4 goals against Liverpool, the man who has treated us to delightful flashes of skill not witnessed since the days of Bergkamp, Henry and Pires, the man who is more entertaining than a night out with drinking with Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Eddy Murphy.

So how did this happen?

How could we do it to the little man?

Well, since the start of the season, the little man has demonstrated that what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in mouth size. The gobby little Russian has been spouting alsorts of guff in the press… ranging from his opinions on politics to his opinion on Wenger’s transfer policies. The fans seem to generally be of the mind-set that they are allowed to moan about the state of the squad but if a player does, they’re being disloyal.

I know that earlier in the season I 100% backed the Russian because what he was saying was right… however, I wasn’t too impressed when he trapped off a few weeks ago after we’d worked our way through a tough fixture list and were still firmly in the race. No one minds a hearing a well thought out moan up, but not when it doesn’t bear any relevance to what’s going on in the real world.

How about on the football pitch?

Well, could those 4 goals be the worst 4 things to happen for him at Arsenal? The last player to do that was Baptista and we all know what happened to him. Since those goals crept in, he’s failed to ever reach the same heights form wise. Perhaps we expect too much from him? Perhaps we saw him as the second coming of Bobby forgetting he’s only in his first full season.

Well, how about we compare?

Arshavin 45 app, 17 goals, 11 assists

Pires: 51 app, 8 goals, 7 assists

Above is a direct comparison of the two in their first games for Arsenal, I don’t think it’d be outlandish to say Andrey has a far superior record. Factor in that Bobby was never asked to play as a lone striker and you start to see that the Russian has had to contend with a lot.

People have bandied about the laziness factor without actually presenting any factual evidence to back the theory. I can understand that he could be perceived as anti-hard-work but like someone mentioned, no more lazy than Nasri. Everyone conveniently forgets that he’s been playing injured this season. I also don’t remember Hleb getting this much flak and he had an appalling record for productivity… yet we all cooed over his ability to assist the assister!

Andrey Arshavin for all his flaws is a superb player. He has bundles of raw talent, he has more ability than most of our squad combined and we’re all moaning about him like he’s let the team down big time. Nik B misses a shot from 5 yards and we all defend him because he works hard, Arshavin smashes a few over the bar and he has to go!

The dissatisfaction is lost on me. We should be looking at ways to get the best from his talent, not talking about chopping a top player out of our squad. Arsenal have a fantastic record of dealing with players with suspect attitudes. I hope that my sources are wrong and he stays next season. I would hate to see him line up against us and I would hate to have to go through a summer waiting to replace him only to find out Wenger sees Mark Randall as his direct replacement becuase he’s sees the Englishman as the next George best.

Be careful what you wish for next time you say you wouldn’t mind seeing Arshavin leave.

You might find yourself green with envy when he’s lighting up another stadiums pitch on a regular basis.

P.S. Just to clarify, Le Grove has never called for Arsene to be sacked. I’ve seen the William Hill odds and they’re embarrassingly wrong! Firstly, Wenger probably won’t quit. Why quit a £4.9million job when everyone at board level backs you?

Secondly… Mourinho? Do me a favour! We wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole! He’s a loose cannon, Arsenal can’t manage that type of coach! If we ever recruited it’d be someone like Van Basten, Van Gaal or the restless Guardiola. Someone who’d enhance the brand, not decimate it!

Remember, it’s taken Chavski 3 years to get over the damage the special one inflicted on their reputation! A successful coach, but an intolerable press whore, a dull tactician and a narcissist… we could do better.

P.P.S. I have potentially 5 Wigan tickets, e-mail in if you’re interested.

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  1. zeus

    Oh and cudos to AA23 for calling out Colin Lewin’s bullshit. Fatigue……….pffffffffft. Shove that up your ass. The only useful thing this med team has done is save the careers of Ramsey, Eduardo and Djourou.

    They’ve done fuck all aside.

  2. rob green

    oh my god sorry!! i will say that again!! my keyboard is dyslexic

    Crouch could score as many as Bendy!! Bendy is no better than crouch IMO there is hardly anything between the two!! Arsenal create so more chances anyone could score!! Even me 🙂

  3. Zorr0

    Franch, so you reckon BBK and I will be bessie mates and I will be scrapping with A and MG on the floor of the Tavern!

  4. Franchise

    we needed bendtner to show how good he is against the likes of barca, spurs etc

    not good enough im afraid

    i dont even think its a case of not ready yet

    im 6’6″ and the ball doesnt get stuck under my feet as much as it happens to pro footballer bendtner

    the guy bar one header has scored chances that were put on a plate for him. Cant fault him for scoring those but I hope we will never be reliant on him to fire us goals to keep us in the chase for the league or to win cup matches any time next season

    he doesnt feel me with any confidence at all

    he can play his part as 3rd or 4th choice

  5. Pedro

    Fran, he scored in both?

    You can’t expect a striker of 22 to bang in all his chances… especially if the service is poor.

    He’s been good in the last few games, a top back up if you ask me.

  6. Franchise

    Pedro someone had to score against Barca and Spurs esp when both goals were served on a plate

    VP in 10mins showed how ordinary Bendtner is

    Bendtner is a very average CF im afraid

    comon we might as well give Jerome Thomas a chance if Bendy is getting one at Arse

    At least Jerome has pace

  7. nishanth

    Biggest problem with Bendtner is his touch.And with Van persie back Bendtner will be playing wide right and he is useless there.I can’t understand why we stick to 4-3-3 all the time.Even when we are a goal down we just play with 1 striker upfront.There is no harm in trying 4-4-2 when 4-3-3 is not working

  8. rob green

    Bendy is ok for backup. We need two class strikers in front of him though. We can’t rely on RVP even though he is class!!

    I can honestly see wenger not strengthening.

  9. Franchise

    Bendtner tries I agree but I dont get what ppl that believe in him see that I dont

    God Ive spent my whole life following and adoring Centre Forwards and nothing in Bendtner’s locker excites me

  10. Pedro

    Sorry Fran, I’m not having that! Most players look average next to RvP… he’s one of the best strikers in the world!

    Even your beloved Ade looks out of his depth against Robin!

    How can you say someone had to score? They’ve got a superb defence and he came up with the goods away from him.

    There always seems to be a reason Nik’s goals don’t count?

    Tap in, against easy team, someone has to score them!

    He’s scoring goals, 9 in 11… that’s not to be sniffed at.

    He’ll never be Thierry or Robin, but that’s not where he strengths lies.

  11. rob green

    Bendtner should be in a mid table team. But again he is ok for backup!! The thing is we are all desperate and waiting for the players to become great and they wont

    From our current first team only
    clichy, TV, Gallas, Sagna, Nasri, Fagregas, RVP are good enough at the moment.
    The back line need a decent coach

  12. Franchise

    Ha Ade looked average beside VP u must be joking

    Ade scored some incredible goals at his time at Arsenal. Goals where he showed good control, pace and finishing

    comon take his Spurs goal for instance or his goal against Newcastle

    Ade was no Thierry Henry neither is VP but saying Ade looked out of depth beside VP is folly

    Bendtner is as average as they get

  13. Franchise

    Superb defence that was breached by Theo which brought about the chance for Bendtner. In 180mins against Barca I lost how many times the ball got stuck under Bendtners feet in good scoring positions. The guy is a numpty

  14. rob green

    I forgot sol in that list but he cant play to many games

    Surley Sol proves to wenger than we need leaders and players who have seen it and done it!!

  15. Franchise

    best football we’ve played since 2004 in the league was in 2007/08 IMO and Ade’s goals fired us and kept us on top. If only the likes of Bendtner contributed their quota who knows.

    bendtner has been out of action for a few months this season. he should be fresher than most he plays with against. I bet he is but he just lacks the know-how to look like ‘that’ on the pitch

    I dont rate the kid but he helped deceive us that he could fire us to the title

    well done to the dane

  16. rob green

    I hate adebayor but he was the best goal scorer we had since TH14. I can’t include RVP because he has never been a goal machine but he is world class it’s just a shame about his injuries

  17. Franchise

    Guys how many times since his return has Bendtner made a run behind the defence and got the ball through to him?

    he is never offside cos he never tries to get behind the defence. He is happy to play infront of the defence and link play. While that is fine I wish he would try get behind the defence more than he does this.

    I think lack of pace and poor control is his biggest problems

  18. Franchise

    DDM the annoying thing is injuries would ensure that 3rd becomes 1st surely at some point in Arsenal’s season

    its a shame about Vela cos the boy has got more class

  19. Arsenal Tom

    Bentner looks like he knows what he’s doing but he just hasn’t got the ability to pull it off.

    he looks kinda manufactured rather than a natural talent. he’s decent as a back up but our style of play suits CF’s cos they’ll always get chances and goals

  20. Franchise

    Most of Bendtners goals since his return have been scrappyish bar one or two headers its not that im complaining im just saying the lad is nothing special

  21. Zorr0

    Franch, that was a shite ball that Theo gave NB at the camp nou and he did really well to convert it!

    As for slating him for getting tap ins, well if he was that shit he would not be in the position to tap it in surely?

    For a 22 year old, even of his confidence, it has been a huge ask for him to carry the line for a top 8 Euro side over the last 2 months and 9 from 11 is good form.

    I am not suggesting he should be first choice btw!

  22. dennisdamenace

    I’ll put this another way for Pedro, if NB52 was playing for Wolves or Birmingham, and we were rumoured to be interested in him, on a scale of 1 to 10 just how excited would you be?

  23. Franchise

    Zorr0 I think we are exagerrating how bad that ball was from Theo it was behind him but still good enough to be volleyed which he did and which Valdez saved. He did get up on time to tap in the rebound

    the lad has long legs ffs 😀

  24. chozzer

    Everyone’s better once they leave because you don’t have to put up with seeing them miscontrol the ball every other time they receive it or be stupid (or lazy) enough to be offside 10 times in a game.

  25. Franchise

    Dudek won the CL for Liverpool it didnt mean that Benitez would immediately rate him highly and change his mind to replace him with better

    that is my point re Bendtner the kid is a trier and many times his lack of know-how lets him down

  26. Franchise

    chozzer this one is better it shows how Ade oozed with class in his goal scoring in 07/08. he had that finesse and charisma when he slotted home his chances

  27. Arse&Nose

    To be fair Fran, Adebayors 30 goal season came in a top team. We had the experience of Henry, Gilberto, Flamini, and Hleb.

  28. rob green

    Bendy will never finish premier league top goalscorer I know that for a fact!! Arsenal should have a player who is capable of that!!

  29. David

    Franchise Says:
    April 16, 2010 at 15:51
    the kid nutmegged himself vs chelsea how do u do that?


    By being shite.

    But dont worry In 2 years time hed be twice the player Ade is.

    You just watch.

  30. dennisdamenace

    You see I’d get excited about the likes of a David Villa joining us, but there again I want only best for my club……

  31. David

    That game was comical. Id never seen anything like that in my life.

    Stopping a sure goal by tripping on the ball in a quarter finals of the Champions League???

    Its funny because the linesman was so confused he flagged him for offsides despite the fact that there was the defender behind him that cleared the ball.

  32. leon

    i have several comments that this team has huge amout of injuries let me see dj gallas verm aa fab ramsey gibbs sorry thats only 8 players now if you have squad 22 top class players it would hurt but you would beable to kope however this squad only has around 13 top class at most ramsey gibbs rvp fab were injuries due bad tackles.another problem is that because wenger has left it so long to solve these problems with this squad to solve in in one summer they need around 70 mill i just see a way round it,of couse it depends who leaves but get top class players needed will cost keeper,2cb top class,2 midfielders,wide striker and central striker but the fact is i can only see wenger bringing 3-4 players and i feel he needs 5-7 players

  33. Franchise

    guys there is a bendtner drinking game on facebook

    As an Arsenal fan I found it necessary to make Bendtners blunders more bearable and so I came up with this drinking game as a solution! Works both somewhat on your own (in which case ud be the last to shout) but even better in a group!!

    Everytime Bendtner misses from inside the 6 yard box – last one to shout ‘Again?’ sees off their bevy

    Evertytime Bendtner misses from in the area – 1 digit

    Evertytime Bendtner lays on the ground with face in hands – 2 digits

    Evertytime Bendtner has a tantrum cos he wasnt passed the ball – 2 digits

    Evertytime Bendtner scores – shout ‘finally!’ and see off your bevy

    Evertytime Bendtner passes the ball to no-one and complains no-one’s there – one digit

    Evertytime Bendtner is offside for no reason – 1 digit

    Evertytime Bendtner blocks off another Arsenal player’s run – 1 shot

    Evertytime Bendtner runs away from goal with the ball – 2 digits

    Evertytime commentators say about previous Bendtner goals (eg. Nicklas Bendtner, who scored 3 in the week at Porto..) – 2 digits

    Evertytime Bendtner is subbed off – 3 digits

  34. Franchise

    Zorr0 u right about NikiB but I dont want any1 telling me he is class or will become GREAT (that is a big word)

    I want him to stay I just wish we have Van P, Chamakh and David Villa ahead of him 😉

    U can tell me what you wish Im just kidding 😛

  35. Franchise

    Sorry guys one Adebywhore bid has led me to watching a series of them


    Watch him skin evra at 1:03

  36. Pedro

    David, because Ade has shite service at City! haha!

    For all your love of him… he’s played 2 more games than Nik, scored one more goal and had one less assist.

    Great value on for £24mill and £160k a week!

  37. Franchise

    Pedro fair play on his agent for getting him that much mullah

    The guy is on fine form ATM

    Would I prefer Ade or NikiB leading our attack? Ade all the way

  38. goonermichael

    David you hate bendy.

    I agree with Franchise he’s average at the moment. He isn’t 1st choice and shouldn’t be. The mancs are full of average players but they win titles. we need a few top class players who don’t get injured so often.

  39. Eaglegunner

    Evening all,
    Fran i agree with you….i’d take Ade all the way, though i’d keep Nik for the carling & FA Cup. 🙂

  40. Franchise

    if i were Wenger the long term plan for Bendtner would be to play third fiddle 😛 to 2 reliable CFs

    i just done see where he would get pace and control touch from

  41. goonermichael

    If walcott has become marmite he’s taken a step up. He’s useless but people complain about everyone else.

  42. Arsenal Tom

    ades better but only if he wants it that day/week/season, otherwise you’ve got a player who rivals robbie savage in the cunt stakes.

    nik might be as good but you dont get any serious shit from him

  43. Franchise

    exactly Eagle… Ade’s attitude did it for me but you could never doubt his ability

    he did excite me while he was on form though. Bendtner has been on scoring form since he returned. Im just about grateful for his effort no excitement still

  44. Arsenal Tom

    walcotts another one who needs people to play to his strengths, giving the ball to his feet is pretty pointless, its like hitting long balls to arshavin

  45. goonermichael

    he also pised you off everytime (most of the time) he was offside. the man is as thick as pigshit

  46. freduardo

    so what’s a step below marmite? or how do we describe that which is shite but escapes much criticism because its english?

  47. limestonegunner

    Bendy has the right attitude and confidence. He isn’t frightened by the return of RvP and competition for places because he believes in himself and will work hard to prove himself. Fran is right about his limitations, but as everyone has been saying he is good as a backup and I think he will improve somewhat because he will learn to read the game better, works hard, and believes in himself.

    I think some of the other young players could do with his attitude.

  48. limestonegunner

    My problem is that ahead of Bendtner we need two class players since RvP has a history of injury. Chamakh may be pretty good, but I’d like to see a better second striker. If we are already signing Chamakh, let him and Bendtner fight for third spot.

  49. CedarBayDave

    The fact is IMO until we can keep players healthy, we are screwed. There is no excuse for the amount of injuries that we have each year.

    Barcelona only has 21 first team players. If we did that we would barely have a starting 11 with 3 of them would be keepers.

    If we are just going to except that injuries are part of the Arsenal way, then we need to sign about 6 studs.

    1 GK (Lloris)
    2 Center Backs (need 4 solid ones, and Gallas and Sol only add up to 1)
    1 DM (Song is getting there, but we need cover)
    1 AM (one that will run at people like Ribery)
    1 Striker (David Villa quality)

  50. goonermichael

    Sorry Franchise Ihave mental block about the e on the end of your name.

    If there’s going to be an end of season drink I’d like to come even though I don’t have a ticket for the game. I want to give Geoff his cigar before it goes off 🙂

  51. zeus


    Spot on. So afetr getting LLoris, our first order of business has to be getting that shit medical team in order. It amazes me that we spend so much money on it and all we get is a top of the injury charts return.

  52. Rohan

    Bendy works best in a 442. I wouldn’t really mind us going back to it if Cesc leaves in a year’s time. Anyway, chamakh should give some bendtner some competition through which we will only see him getting Bendtner. I agree, he isn’t good enough to start as yet but he’s a great great second choice striker, a plan B if you like. He works hard and imo his intelligence and linkup play is highly underrated. I think he has 7 assists this season already and i can remember him setting up a few ( ala Hleb this season )Come to think of it, he has scored each of our goals in the last 3 games. Well played to the lad!

  53. Franchise

    Arse&Nose Ade’s touch was not that bad. I can remember a few commentators using the ‘great touch for a big lad’ cliche a few times on him

  54. freduardo

    players who seem to miss too much time injured to be relied upon imo.

  55. Franchise

    Ade was so good for us at some point he was compared to Drogba. Neither have the best of touches but they held their own big time and have scored some jaw droppers in their time in the league

  56. Eaglegunner

    Fran, he disappointed me with his attitude and i was glad to see him go but make no mistake about it he was lethal for us when he had his head screwed on. Bendy is an up & coming CF, but should not be leading the line for a top club like ours until he develops the killer instinct, poise & finess of RvP.

    Ade was an offside specialist but his touch was not as bad as that..

  57. Rohan

    The only reason Adebayor is fondly remembered by SOME ( looking at ye Fran ) is because he had the ability to come out with an absolute stunner out of the blue- a goal of the season contender type….

  58. CedarBayDave

    Torres is David Villa quality.

    FFS – I’d love to make a move for Peter Crouch, since we love to cross the ball no matter who is in the middle.

    I will say RVP looked better than he did before he was injured.

  59. Rohan

    Ade missed a few absolute sitters too… It’s just that when Bendy misses sitters, he misses them all in one game.

  60. freduardo

    it was adebayor that disrespected or fell out with Gallas too wasn’t it? that time Gallas said it was a 25 year old or something. the guy was horrible for team spirit and harmony also imo. though Willie G is no saint…

  61. David

    If the service was so great why werent they banging in the goals like they are now?

    As if we’ve forgotten that these lot have never played together before and all those times that City were struggling to find form who was the player coming up with the goals?

    Say the name with me….Adebayor.

  62. zeus

    Hahahahahaha. I’m not gonna lie, whenever the name Bendtner comes up, that goal line clearance v Liverpool is the first thing that comes to mind despite his more recent exploits for us.

  63. Rohan

    RvP with all his gifts is a poor goalscorer imo. With his talent, he should be knocking in 30 goals a season…He is a scorer of great goals, not a great goalscorer. We need one more striker, one who can guarantee us 25 goals a season. Bendy isn’t that person YET, hopefully Chamakh with our service can be…..I expected Arshavin to get 15 goals atleast this season but he has frankly disappointed imo…

  64. nishanth

    Gallas’s injury could have been avoided if we had a proper backup CB.He hardly got any break throughout the season.He was bound to get injured

  65. nishanth

    Bendtner’s positioning is great inside the box.But he clearly lacks the composure.I can’t imagine Bendtner’s controlling a through ball from cesc and then slotting it past the keeper calmly.I don’t think he has scored many goals in that manner for us.Maybe 4 or 5

  66. David

    Fair enough Rohan,

    Dont need to argue with me to look at the highlights and see that our best chance came to Bendy in any game this season and he fucked it up. *cough*

    Dont even have to look too far. Theres a description of his fantastic miss on Pedro’s report.

  67. Eaglegunner

    Thats why he still runs past the ball….bet you when he’s with his woman he misses…..well…you know the rest ;-0

  68. zeus


    I honestly believe RVP can be that striker IF he stays fit, but he won’t.

    If you notice, he has started to take those great goals and added the mundane tap ins to his game. He is not a killer like Torres for sure though. Agreed we do need a main goal scoring threat. But the more I think of the needs of this team, the more it looks like all these needs can’t be done in 1 transfer window.

  69. David


    Funny you should say that.

    I distinctly remember a fantastic through ball to Bendy. Most have been 3 yards out. He controlled the ball it took a century and then a defender crept in and cleared it off his foot. From 3 yards out. How shite to you have to be?

  70. nishanth

    Zeus-I think getting a keeper,STRONG CB and getting keown back as coach will be good enough for us to win the league.Looks like chamakh is definitely coming.

  71. David

    The RVP situation makes me very very very upset.

    It just makes me hate Bendtner all the more.

    If Fabregas was fit like he was at Aston Villa…do you play a half fit Fabregas and sacrifice him so that our tittle hopes can be alive? Or do you persist with DenilSong in midfield and bring him on in the end?

    Wenger played Fabregas. Fab4 scored 2 fantastic goals. Injured himself. We got the 3 points. End off.

    Why play Bendtner when RVP was fit? To boost his stats?

  72. zeus


    Not with our injury record. If he isn’t gonna spend he might as well sort out the back room staff. Lewin only seems to be there because his father did a good job before he went on to the English NT.

  73. leon

    only time will tell but most say i am highly dought that wenger has ruflessness needed to make major changes and looking at the squad which realy scary to me the only players i would are top class gallas clichy sagna verm cambell fab nasri risicky aa rvp up comming players song delinson troae gibbs diaby ramsey merida wilshire vela thoe bretna edwardo looks spent force thats 11 up comming players and wenger has pinned his hopes on all these young players

  74. americangunner

    i became a fan of EPL a few years back when i started watching football/soccer.i have to admit the first person i liked in league was gerrard, cuz of his long range shots. But gradually i fell in love with arsenal and its been 7 or 8 years i have been watching almost every arsenal game. I might not be like most of you guys here who are lucky enough to go to emirates and see the team play, but i really love this club. This year, i had had to take embarrassment from my friends who kept telling me that Arsenal had no chance against Barcelona, MANu, Chelsea, and City. and again and again i have been making the excuse that Arsenal had too many injuries. I missed my history class so i could see arsenal whoop spurs…but oh dear.. we lost to spuds..tbh i don’t see this team winning against city either. I like Wenger but i really hope he changes this youth policy and buys shitload of players in the summer..otherwise, we might end up like liverpool, competing for 6th place.

  75. nishanth

    David-I think it happened against barca.When milito challenged him.I rate Bendtner but at this point he should be our 3rd choice or 4th choice.

  76. nishanth

    David-RVP was out for 5 months.Starting him wouldn’t have been a great idea.But he should brought him on a little earlier.

  77. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    I want a “Thumbs down – I dont like” option on stories!! Fkn propaganda site!

    Its really scandalous to hear Wengers comments about injuries to blame and next year being a big year for the team . . BORING! Heard it all before with no positive action.

    I do hope he goes to the shareholders meeting again and gets abused. Selfish bstd!

  78. limestonegunner

    This lengthy talk about strikers is a bit of a bore if we credit the Chamakh rumors. Wenger said recently strikers weren’t on his target list as we were already sorted–a reference I suppose to Chamakh.

    More pressing is the defense where it does look like we will have to buy to replace Gallas. Expect us to buy 1 center back and promote one of the kids (Nordveit?) to replace Silvestre. Perhaps Sol will play another year, so we’ll have TV, Djourou, New CB, Sol and Kid.

    Who will this CB be and what qualities ought he have to complement TV or back up TV/Djourou?

    I hope it will be a top purchase to pair with TV–someone tall, good in the air, and a stay at home CB. I fear it will be a backup to Djourou.

  79. limestonegunner

    Of course, this is not to say that talking defensive center backs is a thrill a minute, but at least it is more relevant to this summer!

  80. nishanth

    Walcott’s end product is just woeful.And he just isn’t ready to battle it out there on the pitch.It really pisses me off when he keeps backing out of challenges.I don’t think playing him as a forward will help much.Current formation suits him but he has disappointed so far

  81. limestonegunner

    As a history professor, I am quite disappointed that you missed class for the football game! It is late in the semester–you can’t afford to miss classes with exams around the corner, can you? I I understand this derby is high intensity for us gooners, though and hard to miss. I had to attend meetings and watched it later on recording.

    But I agree with you that we are in danger of losing to City if we feel we don’t have much to play for and given our record against top sides in the PL this season.

    Study hard!

  82. nishanth

    Good point.But a high intensity game against the spuds is not the game he should be starting in.Even if Bendtner was not available i don’t think RVP would have started.

  83. David


    Its one of those we have to agree to disagree.

    If it was fabregas in the same situation Wenger wouldve started fabregas 10 times out of 10 as we have seen in the past.

    But he felt Bendy was a competent solution. Fuck i cant believe i used competent and Bendy in the same sentence.

  84. zeus


    Would rather see Bartlett TBH, Harvard can’t even get a game in Germany.

    We need a Rio Ferdinannd type. TV5 seems to me a bit of a Vidic about him. We need someone who is gonna read the play behind him when he goes forward with aggression to try to win the ball.

    Height, pace, power and strong reading skills. I have absolutely no idea who that could be, but I don’t have scouts all over the world do I?

  85. nishanth

    Lol David.I guess you have point.
    Anyway lineup against wigan
    Eboue Sagna Sol Clichy
    Merida/Diaby Nasri
    Theo/Rosicky Vela/Eduardo